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The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

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The image above shows a wrestling card, 2 1/2 hours long - consisting of three matches. Joe's 90 minute match with Gorgeous George is billed as the main event.

By all accounts, Joe was quite a guy, as was acknowledged by this certificate, naming him as an Honorary Citizen of father Flanagan's famed Boys' Town.

Here is a poster announcing the return match challenge for the National Light Heavyweight Title, a week after Joe won it. It is not clear whether or not he retained the title.

The lovely Miss Margaret Evans adorns this ladies wrestling card, which also features a mens' match for Joe vs. someone named Cortez.

This magazine article tells The Story of Wrestling, while this one attempts to lend credibility to the "King of Sports" by citing an endorsement from boxing champ, Jack Dempsey.

This much earlier card (1946), shows Joe at the bottom of the bill, while this one, a little later shows him moving up. This article talks about Joe being in a double main event.

And finally, what may have been Joe's first official indication of his coming illustrius career - his wrestling ID card, issued by the Indiana State Athletic Commission made it legal for him to compete in professional matches.

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