Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Dixie Moulton

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Solie's Classic Wrestling Images
from the Collection of Dixie Moulton

This collection of snapshots were taken at local AWA house shows in the Rockford, Illinois area by Dixie Moulton from 1976 through 1985. They were donated to the Solie's site recently. Thanks Dixie!!

There are many more photos in this collection and I will be putting more and more of them up during the next several weeks, so come back and see us again, yah hear?

The images are presented one at a time to speed loading. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page after each viewing. Enjoy.

Ray "the Crippler Stevens" is pictured above with a headlock on an unidentified wrestler. Nick Bockwinkle can be seen in the corner in the background. Stevens was the mentor of my late uncle (also named Ray but who went by the nickname Rip) My uncle took his own "Crippler" moniker in tribute to his teacher, and later passed it down to his son, Larry.

Here's a surprise, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan about to enter the ring as a competitor!

Here's another familiar face from WCW Nitro, Larry Zbyszco looking buff and sporting a full head of hair.

Former Olympic wrestler and current Team USA coach Brad Rheigans stretches the legs of his hapless opponent in this scene.

A young Andre the Giant lays a heavy forarm onto the chest of Jesse "the Body" Ventura.

Still sporting a fare amount of baby fat, a young Curt Hennig poses for the camera.

"Dr. D" David Schultz was once an up and coming wrestler in the WWF until he slapped TV correspondent John Stossel and was fired. I have not seen him in the ring since.

I'm sure everyone recognizes this Mexican star. Tito Santana is shown here shortly before departing the AWA to enter the WWF.

A mainstay of the AWA was "Rock & Roll" Buck Zumholf, shown here with his trademark boom box. He was last seen as a shortlived jobber in the WWF.

Nick Bockwinkle grimaces in pain because of Jim Brunzell's reverse chinlock.

Here's Road Warrior Hawk and Paul Ellering. The Road Warriors, who were the first team to hold World Tag Team Titles in NWA, AWA and WWF, started their transisition from monster heels into faces during their AWA tour.

Terry Boulder (aka Hulk Hogan) and Baron Von Raschke were an unlikely tag team in the AWA.

Here's Lord Alfred Hayes, who was a top announcer in the AWA before he went to the WWF.

From inside the cage we glimpse The Masked Superstar (Bill Eady/Demoltion Ax).

Sherri Martel (Sensational/Sister Sherii) (no relation to Rick Martel) held the AWA Womens' Championship three times.

Mr. Saito at leisure in the corner.

Known as the "High Flyers", Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell held the AWA Tag Team Titles twice, in 1977 and again in 1981.

A very young Adrian Adonis shows that he was somewhat of an oddball as far back as 1978. Hulk Hogan can be seen in the background of this shot.

Another shot from 1978 shows the then current World Tag Team Champs, Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson.

Jesse Ventura poses here with his tag team partner the "Outlaw" Bobby Duncum.

Steve Keirn of the Fabulous Ones allows himself to be inspected by the referee, something he would never have allowed in his later, WWF incarnation as the diabolical swamp rat "Skinner".

Larry "the Axe" Hennig, father of Curt strikes a fierce pose.

The popular tag team of Igor Vadik and Rufus Jones share a moment as they prepare to do battle.

Seen here in an unaccustomed role as special referee is Tom Zenk.

A reader identified these next two for me:

Here Billy Robinson strikes a defiant pose.

Looking quite "backwoodsy" is Rick Renslow, who was also was called Renslow "The Alaskan".

G. Earheart has correctly identified this "mystery" wrestler as Ricky Rice - Dixie Moulton as confirmed his identity and supplied the information that young Mr. Rice was only in the promotion for a short time and had been trained at Verne Gagne's wrestling camp.

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