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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

The Ultimate Warrior Appears on Nitro

Volume 3, Issue 349 - August 17, 1998
Here's a letter from Ervin Griffin:

Hello everyone!!! First, I just want to say thank you for your kind words regarding the on-going Ric Flair series. This series has been mind-bending at times but it has been worth it. Of course, I can't take credit without thanking Matt Benaka because he's the one that made this series a real success in a major way. You see, most of the history of Flair that I know only goes back to 1985. Matt helped me with history before that on Flair (other than what is common knowledge). For that, I thank him and that is why he shares the marquee with me on this series. I hope that Matt and myself have not only provided some interesting insight to Flair's career, but we hope that we have brought back some good memories as well. This, by far, has been the greatest series that I have worked on and it is appropriate that we have done it on possibly the greatest wrestler and performer of all-time (with the possible exception of Hogan) and it is not over with yet!!!

Now, the beginning of pt. 6 of my Starrcade story is up and running with Round 3 of my "Luke Peep Show" on it!!! The continuation of Pt. 6 is in the works and may be up as well by the time you read this. By the way, while I am writing the contest along with the card, there is still time to vote on who do you want to win this thing.

Go to

You can also check out for round 1 and for round 2

I hope to have all of round 3 up by this monday (you may be reading this letter by then). You can look at these rounds and make your decision off of that.

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Nitro Report

Without preamble we enter the arena to the strains of Voodoo Child. Hollywood Hogan makes his way to the ring with Eric Bischoff, the Giant and the Disciple. Nitro is live from Hartford, Connecticutt - and the announcers take pains to point out that this is the only live wrestling program on tonight.

Bischoff performs his usual synchopatic introduction then Hogan goes into his rant. Everybody loves Hollywood, Hollywood is the ruler of the wrestling world, yatta, yatta, yatta...the usual dreck. Then he calls Goldberg out and challenges him to a Title match tonight. As Hogan continues his rant, the crowd takes up the Goldberg chant. Then Hogan switches gears and says it will be the Giant who takes on the Champ for the Title. He expects the Giant to hand the Title over to him after the match (dream on, Hollywood boy...) Cut to commercial.

We finally get the opening montage after the first commercial. Mean Gene stands with JJ Dillon at the foot of the ramp. War Games is explained for this year - this will be a three-team affair unlike the two-team versions of the past. Dillon names the (expected) captains for nWo - Hogan, Wolf Pack - Kevin Nash and WCW - Diamond Dallas Page. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls cavort in the ring as we return. Tony hawks the latest Nitro Party tape.

Steve McMichael vs. Sick Boy - Tony is still talking about the fact that the competition will be airing a taped program. He lets slip that we can expect to see a World Title bout about ten seconds long on RAW tonight. Sick Boy keeps his distance to start this match - he has good reason to be cautious because Mongo creamed him during their last confrontation. There is no denying that Sick Boy is a much more talented wrestler then his opponent. As the match progresses he seems to be gaining ground until he goes for a quick elbow drop off the second rope and misses. Mongo hits the three-point tackle, Sick Boy then escapes for a moment then walks right into the Tombstone piledriver and is pinned.

Mean Gene calls DDP to the ring for his weekly interview. Okerlund wants to know who Page will pick as his partners. He talks about sombody who he went "out West" to talk to, but fails to identify the person (although he may very well be referring to the Warrior, who is rumored to be debuting on Nitro tonight). He then goes off on the nWo concerning their treatment of Kimberly and himself. Bret Hart comes out to interrupt and ends up getting challenged to a match. Hart says "sure" (in so many words) and offers to make it a US Title bout. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is at the foot of the ramp and calls Raven out for an interview. Before Okerlund can get the first question out, Horace strides out with his Stop Sign and challenges Raven to another match tonight. Raven says it will be Raven's Rules and he will pick the partners. He wants Kanyon for Horace and Saturn for himself. Saturn and Kanyon show up. Kanyon agrees to the match but Saturn doesn't until Raven asks him is he is afraid. Saturn says, "Fine, I'll be your partner and when you reach for a tag I'll knock you head off..." JJ Dillon blows in to say that there will be none of that. Anyone who deliberately causes his partner to lose will be suspended for 90 days.

The Dancing Fools vs. High Voltage - HV is right on top of their game tonight. They parlay their power advantage into an early lead but then Meng runs in and starts beating on eveybody. He grabs Disco in the Death Grip, throws him down then does the same to Kaos. Rage gets it next, then the referee gets a little too emphatic and suffers the same fate. Next it is security personnel, first one is downed then a second one sprays mace in Meng's face - but even that fails to stop him. There are bodies lying all over the ring as we cut to commercial. The hints are getting stronger that it will be the Ultimate Warrior who shows up as DDP's surprise tonight.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Konnan - Guerrero comes down in street clothes pulling his flight bag behind him. He claims that he has been mistreated and challenges Bischoff to fire him. He says there are a lot of young wrestlers here who are being held down because of other wrestlers that get "paid a lot". He rants on then challenges others in his situation to also speak their minds. He tells Bischoff that he wants to be let out of his contract, throws coffee on himself, then leaves. I guess there won't be a match (duh...) Cut to commercial.

Kanyon/Horace vs. Raven/Saturn - this sort of "odd-man out" tag team match was discussed earlier. Raven and Saturn are in trouble from the get-go but they are still an effective team compared to the oppositon where Kanyon carries the bulk of the match. Raven has to tag himself in and out but he is right on the ball throughout the contest. Kanyon is reeling in no time. Raven gets in for the third time of the match and goes for a chair. He hoists Kanyon onto the corner and tries to bulldog him onto the chair. But Kanyon holds the ropes and then rides Raven's head onto the chair seat. Now Horace finally gets in and wins the first three exchanges then drops a big splash. Saturn prevents the pin. Horace goes back to work and Saturn gets involved a second time. He and Raven are squashed together in the corner and then Saturn lands headfirst on Raven's abdoman. Raven is out of it and Saturn is being doubleteamed. This ends when Horace tries to use the Stop sign on Saturn but hits Kanyon instead. Saturn is there immediately to put the DDD on the surprised Horace and pins him. The Flock comes in and Raven starts the punk job on Saturn. Kidman objects and gets DDT'd. Horace stops them then administers his own Full Nelson suplex. The match was pretty good but these guys need to sort themselves out... Cut to commercial.

The Wolf Pack enters as we return. Lex Luger starts the rant parade then hands the mic to Sting. Stings says he's "red & black for life" then hands off to Konnan. Konnan goes through his usual litany then it's Nash's turn. Nash predicts that War Games will be "the end of the black & white as we know it..."

Scott Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Scott (the Putz) Putsky - I see a squash coming on. The Putz gets in a couple of licks but he is history in about 2 minutes. They need to get Meng out there to attack Norton... Cut to commercial.

Here comes Hogan and his crew again. Hogan wants to know who is out there that he can't handle (referring to Page's surprise partner). The lights start flickering then go out. The Warrior's voice comes over the PA then the man himself appears. He is finally identified as "The Warrior" - Hogan is in shock. He claims he thought the Warrior was dead. In the background the Disciple is asking to be allowed to challenge the newcomer. The Warrior paces back and forth then says "It seems as though no formal introduction is required" - Hogan takes off his nWo shirt and offers it to the Warrior - who basically says "use that to clean up the mess you just made all over yourself." He goes on to rant in his traditionally incoherant fashion - Hogan is speechless - but he is probably just confused by the Warrior's rambling speech - which goes on - and on - and on... Then makes his point - that he (the Warrior) was never defeated by Hogan and that he (the Warrior) in fact, defeated Hogan during their "Ultimate" confrontation. He names the Disciple as Hogan's "Barber" and then asks Bischoff who he is. Bischoff says "I run this company - and who invited you?" The Warrior comes back with the statement that he came without invitation, and if Eric knows what's good for him he will pay Warrior his appearance fee. Then he starts to ramble again. Hogan stands there and takes it stoicly as the Warrior continues to insult him. He ends his rant with an invitation for Hogan to see what happens next week when the Warrior "launches a revolution" then vanishes in flashing lights and a puff of smoke. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls... then cut to another commercial.

We come back to more nWo music.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Dean Malenko - this is th culmination of the confrontation between these two last week over the weekend. Before the match starts we go to yet another commercial!! We are closing on the end of the second hour and there have been only 4 matches so far. The Warrior's snore-fest lasted 13 minutes...

Hennig is outside the ring ass we return. Malenko hauls him back in by the hair. It proves to be a mistake as Hennig immediately turns the tables. But Malenko comes right back to reassert himself. The match see-saws. Then Rude gets involved and turns the tables with a vengence. Malenko is reeling but then comes roaring back with a flurry in the corner. Now Hennig is on the defensive again. He puts a finger the eye to reassert his advantage but still is not making much headway until Rude gets up on the apron and distracts the Ice Man. Hennig blindsides him, then applies the Fisherman's Suplex and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Every time we come back lately we get nWo music it seems. This time it's Buff bagwell and Scott Steiner, who wears a body cast/bacndage affair on half of his body. They bring a "Doctor" with them (some clown in a hospital gown and surgery attire). Steiner is claiming that all of his "injuries" are attributed to Rick Stener's attack a couple of weeks ago. The "Doctor" appears to be on something as he gazes around the arena in a rather confused fashion. Rick interrupts this ridiculous charade to say he's going to be ready to tear Scott apart on September the 13th at Fall Brawl, no matter what kind os injury he claims to have. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls...

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Chris Jericho vs. Stevie Ray - triangle match for the Television Title - apparently Jericho has been confirmed as the TV champ but now has to face a triangle match to keep it. Jericho tries to get Chavo to cooperate with him but then throws him to the wolf (Stevie Ray). He keeps trying but now Chavo is arguing with him and not being a team player. For a while Stevie just lays back and watches them fight. Then it turns around and they are cooperating. They reverse him into a double suplex then hit him with a double-missle drop-kick. During the next exchange Chavo is ejected from th ring, Stevie misses his target and puts the referree down, then produces a weapon and uses it on Jericho . The Giant comes out and chokeslams Stevie then splits before the referee comes to. All three are being counted out but Chavo starts to get up. Jericho grabs the referee and pulls him on top of himself so that he doesn't see Chavo stagger to his feet and then fall out of the ring. The referee finishes his count and Jericho retains his title. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the Warrior's departure earlier tonight.

Bret Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page - US Title match - they go to commercial before DDP makes his entrance.

The match begins as we return - DDP hits the ring and gets right into it. He dominates the early going and takes it to the floor where he continues his assault. back in the ring, Page cements his advantage and holds it until Hart administers a low-blow. Now it is all Hart - he is relentless once he gets on top. He goes through his repetoire of heel moves, including dragging DDP's forehead along the top rope. DDP comes back with a cradle but can't get the pin. Hart is starting to show some frustration as he goes back on the attack. DDP keeps trying to pull himself to his feet as Hart slams him into the corners then executes a piledriver. DDP kicks out. Hart reprimands the referee then goes back to work. Page is still pulling himself up then suddenly comes alive in the corner. He surprises everyone with a cat-like leap onto the top rope to launch a flying clothesline. Hart next whips him into the referee in the corner. Hart takes a set of brass knucks out of his trunks and uses it while the ref is down. He then slips the weapon into Page's trunks and pulls DDP over on himself! The referee revives and makes the count but Hart kicks out. He then grabs a Sharpshooter, but is too close to the ropes. DDP escapes then gets the Diamond Cutter. This time it is Hart who is saved by the ropes. The ref backs Page off then Hart tells him about the weapon. The ref searches Page and finds the weapon. DDP is disqualified. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. The Giant (w/the Disciple) - World Title match - Michael Buffer makes the introductions after a little byplay with the Nitro Grrrrrls. Tony is still harping on the shortness of RAW's main event - okay Tony, we get the picture... Goldberg's entrance seems to be delayed a bit. We go backstage and watch him leave his dressing room with a security detail and make that long walk to the ring. The Giant herds the Champ into the corner to start then picks him up and slams him. But he pops right up and returns the favor with ease. A fan holds up a "I hate Goldberg" sign just past the Champ's right shoulder in the shot. The Giant pounds on him again then executes a Russian leg sweep. A seris of headbutts has Goldberg reeling. He is tossed out where the Disciple lays into him. The Giant comes out and hoists Goldberg on his shoulder then tries to run him into the post but Goldberg slips off and reverese the impact. Back in the ring Goldberg spears his man, but then the Disciple attacks before the Champ can get the Jackhammer. The DQ is called. The Disciple gets the Goldberg treatment then Hall shows up with Nash right behind him. Nash tries to hold Hall for the Champ but he ducks away and Nash gets speared again. Nash and Goldberg are nose to nose as we fade to black.

RAW Report

Steve Austin pounds on "Mr. McMahon's" dressing room door as we open the program then we go to the opening montage.

Highway to Hell music plays and a hearse comes backing into the arena. Austin gets out and throws open the back door then drags a coffin out, reaches inside and retrieves a "cold one" which he then opens and consumes on top of the hearse. He heads for the ring to make a statement. He demands that McMahon come to the ring. He says he has 23 more beers to consume. Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco appear on the platform then are joined by Sgt. Slaughter. Finally Vince appears and leads his troups to the ring. He denies the Rattlesnake's assertion that he (Vince) is glad that Austin and UT are no longer the Tag Champs. Austin's speech is laced with profanities and is bleeped out on at least one occasion. He wants UT in a match tonight. He plans to stuff UT into the hearse after he beats him.

Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart vs. Dan Severn - triple threat match - the King is saying he is going to have the President (of the US) on the line later. Shamrock and Severn are in the ring when we cut to commercial.

Owen Hart makes his entrance with other NOD members as we return. Severn stands aside and lets the other two duke it out in the early going. Now the referee and Severn are having a conversation while the fight goes on fast and furious. He doesn't even make a move when Owen almost gets a pin. I almost think that Severn doesn't understand the rules of this match. He finally interferes when Shamrock goes for the pin. Shamrock is distracted in his anger and gets blindsided by Owen. Shamrock finally gets a submission hold, at which point Severn grabs a Dragon Sleeper. Owen goes to work on Shamrock while Severn continues to hold his opponent helpless. Steve Blackman runs in to fight Owen off - Severb releases the hold but then grabs Blackman in the same maneuver. Owen attacks the helpless Blackman. The two of them (Severn/Hart) leave together high-fiving each other. When Shamrock regains his feet is his livid with rage, starts threatening everyone. Cut to commercial.

Replay of scenes from the last match.

The Godfather comes down with a better then usual looking batch of "hoes"

Kama vs. Bart Gunn - Brawl for All Semi-Final - the Godfather eschews the usual offer in favor of promising to kick Bart's a$$. Any intimation that these matches aren't worked goes out the window with this match. Neither man lands more then two punches in the first round but somehow Bart is ahead. Bart is going for takedowns instead of sticking to his "devastating" left hook. The second round sees much more action culminating in a knock-down of Kama at the end of the round. Bart then knocks Kama out at the beginning of the third round. He will face euither Bradshaw or Droz in the finals. Blackman and Shamrock are throwing a tantrum in the back as we cut to commercial. We here Lawler making some technical aside to Vince as the screen goes black.

Michael Cole is in the back to talk about the Shamrock/Blackman/Severn/Hart situation.

Gangrel vs. Brian Christopher - we saw this newcomer (formerly known as the Vampire Warrior on the Indie circuit) make his debut on Sunday Hight Heat last night. He appears to drink blood then spits most of it into the air before his match. Edge checks out the guy from the stands. Scott Taylor is on hand to provide distraction but has little affect on the outcome of the match. Christopher is squashed in a hurry with a brainbuster DDT.

Michael Cole interviews Shamrock who goes berserk and scares him away. Cut to commercial.

Cole is interviewing DX in the back when the Nation runs in and a melee ensues. They have a street fight later tonight.

DOA (w/Paul Ellering) vs. Scorpio/Faarooq - Lawler gets the "President" on the line again. His little discourse is laced with veiled references to oral sex, etc. More of the same from the ultimately tasteless WWF. The match is being ignored because the announcers are too busy talking about DX and NOD in the back. Scorpio seems to have DOA's number as the match progresses, but then the motorcycle gang asserts their size advantage. Faarooq prevents a pin then the camera takes us back to watch some of the brawl going on backstage. In the ring the match is going against Faarooq and Scorpio. As Faarooq takes control of things the backstage brawl spills out on to the ramp. The referee is distracted, the twins make the illegal switch and gets the surprise pin. Cut to commercial.

DX vs. NOD - street fight rules match - DX makes there re-entrance as we return. HHH makes his silly intro then NOD heads down toting a ladder and other weapons. DX makes liberal use of a trashcan to take the early advantage. The fight spills out to the floor as Lawler is telling us we'll "never see anything like" this Public Enemy style match "anywhere else." NOD appears to be turning the tide now as most of the action rturns to the ring. The Rock almost gets a pin on Billy but the Road Dog hits him with a cookie sheet. Dubba J hits the ring area and gets it on with X-Pac the Southern Justice follows him in. DFX are outnumbered now. In the ring, HHH is out of it and being triple-teamed. The ladder is brought in and Helmsley is run into it in the corner. Maivia then uses the ladder to beat HHH down. Helsmley is bleeding about the face as he lays under the ladder and is pinned. The referee is still trying to rouse him as we cut to commercial.

Tiger Ali Singh makes his offer to a member of the crowd to humiliate themselves for money. This week he offers $500 for someone to lick the feet of his unwashed servents feet. A young fool takes the challenge. Abu pulls off his socks to reveal what looks like oatmeal squashed between his toes in an effort to simulate toejam. Yuck.... Cut to commercial...please...

Sable vs. Jaquelyn - arm wrestling match - Sable brings the Bikini Contest tropy with her. I don't see how Sable can win this contest - Jaquie has huge arms. Jaquelyn appears about to lose when she knocks the table over on Sable then breaks the trophy over her back. Mero then comes out, followed by the oddities, who clear the ring.

Val Venis promises revenge against Kaientai. Cut to commercial.

Droz sits for one of his inane monologues.

Darren Drozdov vs. Bradshaw - Brawl for All Semi-Final - this seems much more like a legitinate contest as both guys throw wild punches at each other. Both are landing some wicked gloves. The second round starts out more cautiously but almost immediately comes undone. Droz gets a takedown at the end of the round. Bradshaw tries unsuccessfully for a takedown in the final round. Bradshaw gets the duke and will fgace Bart Gunn in the finals next week. Cut to commercial.

Dustin Runnels preaches about not watching the next segment but reading a book (preferably the Bible) instead. His sponsoring group, Evangelists Against Television, Movies and Entertainment, makes an anagram that reads, E.A.T. M.E.

Sable comes to the ring and calls Jaquelyn out. Jaquie choses not to come out but challenges Sable and a partner to a mixed tag match at Summerslam. The Oddities attack thm in the dressing room. Cut to commercial.

Val Venis vs. Kaientai - gauntlet match - Val Venis comes to the ring carrying a pink watergun which looks quite phallic. The rules of this match state that Val will face the opponents one at a time. If he beats them all he gets Yamaguchi in the ring for five minutes. He runs through the first two in short order. Togo gives him a little more of a fight but gets powerbombed. He comes back however and keeps attacking until he is caught in a tilta-whirl backbreaker. Another powerbomb sets up the Money Shot and a third pinfall. Taka comes in a house afire but gets caught in mid-air and suplexed. Venis gets an atomic drop then tries to clothesline his opponent over the top but misses and tumbles to the floor. Taka throws a suicide drive and connects. back in the ring, Val reclaims the advantage - it looks like Taka is going down. But no, he comes back as Venis misses a big move. Taka's Michinoku driver is blocked but he comes right back and gets the pin anyway. The thugs swarm in to punk the big Valboski then Mrs Yamaguchi gets in a slap. Val escapes and unloads with his water gun to drive the attackers away. lawler suggests that it is something other then water.

Replay of Austin's appearance at the top of the show.

UT's music plays but he doesn't enter. Instead he appears at the ring with his back to us. Austin comes out to discover that his opponent is Kane in the Undertaker's outfit. Austin is surprised but regains his composure and takes the initiative. They fight to the floor and around the ring area then back towards the hearse. Austin regains control and throws Kane into the back of th hearse and slams the door. He goes to the driver's side only to find the Undertaker in his seat! UT drives away and we fade to black.

It will be interesting to see who wins the ratings this week...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything thats been said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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