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An Interview with Afa
of the Wild Samoans: Part 3

presented by Solie's Classics Reprints series

Volume 5, Issue 514 - October 10, 1999
Editor's Note: I am going on vacation this week and will be out of reach of the Internet from Monday morning until the following Sunday. Therefore there will be no Monday or Saturday editions of the newsletter and I will also have to postpone the Solie's Wrestling Radio broadcast until I return home. I don't expect to be home in time to do an Interactive report on the WWF PPV but will try and see the encore broadcast and get a report up as soon as I can.

An Interview with Afa of the Wild Saomans

Conducted by Bob Ryder for Prodigy

Part 3: Conclusion

RYDER: Are you still involved in any way with the WWF?

AFA: I am kind of. Vince McMahon has helped me with my training center here in Allentown. He helps me promote it. I was the only one sanctioned by the WWF, but now I see they are running commercials for the Ultimate Warrior too. Vince helped plug my gym and he did a couple of commercials that ran in this area.

RYDER: Your gym is in Allentown?

AFA: Yes.

RYDER: What is the name of the gym?

AFA: The Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center.

RYDER: If someone wants to get in touch with you, how would they do it?

AFA: They could call 610-435-1666.

RYDER: We get alot of questions wanting to know how to get involved in the business, and how to find a school. How much does your school cost and how does the training work?

AFA: It costs $3500 and is a 6 month to a year course, and I'm one of those guys who if you aren't ready in a year I won't let you go. I want to make sure you have enough experience to wrestle. Some guys take the money, but I want to make sure my guys are ready.

RYDER: Do you have any prospects that we should be watching for?

AFA: I have a couple of them that are starting out with WCW. One of them we called Kid Flash, and he will work in WCW as Billy Kidman. Another one is Chris Canyon. I have a big guy that the WWF is very impressed with. He's 6'6", 350 lbs, used to play with the Philadelphia Eagles and he is a great prospect for the WWF. His name is Hardrock Hamilton.

RYDER: Living in the Pennsylvania area, you are right in the middle of some hot independent and regional activity. What do you think of ECW?

AFA: I tell people look at Extreme...that's Afa and Sika. We were extreme. I have nothing against ECW. I know some of the people that work there. I helped Paul E Dangerously when he first started out. He was working with a magazine as a photographer. I helped introduce him to the business. Wrestling in the old days were extreme, but nothing like these guys. I've got my own organization now....TransWorld Wrestling Federation and we focus on the same audience as the WWF. We aim for family audiences.

RYDER: So you are running shows in that area yourself? What towns?

AFA: Mainly right around here in Pennsylvania.

RYDER: Who are you using?

AFA: There again, Vince has helped me by letting me use some of his talent. For example we had a show last week that had Yokozuna, Owen Hart, King Kong Bundy, Typhoon, Savio Vega, Luna Vachon. That was about 10 minutes outside of Allentown.

RYDER: What kind of crowd?

AFA: We had a great crowd. We always do. So far so good. We had a show a couple of months ago with BamBam, Bob Backlund, Doink the Clown. It was a great crowd.

RYDER: I guess this also gives your students a chance to get some work.

AFA: Absolutely. And that's important. Besides the actual training, you really need to be in front of a crowd. You can only train so much in the gym. You have to be in front of a live crowd. These shows give the kids a chance to meet people they have watched on TV and to get to know them and learn from them.

RYDER: What do you think about the current 'war' between WCW and the WWF?

AFA: I think it's childish. They shouldn't be worrying about each other and should focus on giving the fans the kind of wrestling they want to pay to see. The fans don't want to see promoters trying to knock each other out. I think they should spend more time focusing on trying to please the fans and less time trying to cut each others throats.

RYDER: Back to Yokozuna for a minute. How is he doing. We've heard he is trying to lose some weight. Is he doing OK?

AFA: He's in a program trying to lose some weight and to recuperate. He's been off for awhile...sometimes being on TV too much can hurt, so laying low and trying to get better physically will help. He's a young boy and just got too much weight too fast. He doesn't feel good carrying that much weight, but he's doing OK.

RYDER: Afa, thanks for being with us.

AFA: I just want to thank you very much for calling me, and for more information about the training center your readers can call me at 610-435-1666 or write to me at 719 Jordan Parkway; Whitehall PA 18052.

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Heroes of Wrestling PPV Report

This one of the few PPV's where I actually watched the half hour preview show just to see all these guys in their video promos. Dutch Mantell is the man doing the spiel. Capt. Lou Albano is somewhat lighter weight these days but as over the top as ever - he will be in Jimmy Snuka's corner for his match against Bob Orton. Jake the Snake stands at a blackboard and menacingly shows how he will crush Jim Neidhart. George "the Animal" Steele and his manager Sensational Sherri emerge from a closed room with her fixing her attire as if they have been in some passionate embrace. Stan Lane attacks Tully Blanchard in the parking lot as he gets out of his car. In an interview right afterward it sounds at first as if Tully has decided to drop out of the event, but then he gets angry and promises to kick Lane's butt. Great stuff!

The program goes to the ringside area about 2 minutes before the start of the PPV. The promos keep saying that Gordon Solie will be the host, but I have heard from several aources that he will not be participating. I guess we'll know for sure in a moment.

The show starts with a splash screen memorializing Gorilla Monsoon.

No sign of Mr. Solie. Dutch Mantell is the color man along with some dork I don't recognize named Randy Rosenblum doing the play-by-play.

Crisper Stanford is the ring announcer.

SST (w/Carl Adams/Sika) vs. Tommy Rogers/Marty Jannetty - SST are Samu and Fatu - the original guys. We get a rant from their manager before their opponents are introduced. He gives up the mic so Stanford can introduce them. Samu starts the contest against Jannetty and shoves him repeatedly into the corner. Jannetty comes roaring back and hits a drop kick then knocks Samu to the floor. Fatu runs in and Rogers joins his partner to clear the ring. Samu takes a second drubbing from Jannetty then Rogers is tagged in and Samu wants to shake hands. Rogers goes for it and gets kicked in the gut. They mix it up then both sides exchange. Jannetty vs. Fatu. I remember the latter as a much slimmer wrestler who called himself the Tonga Kid back in the eighties. He succeeds in turnuing the tables and Jannetty is isolated. He is knocked to the floor where Samu uses a chair on him. Rogers tries to protect his partner but the referee keeps ordering him to stay away. Back in the ring, Jannetty ges some seeparation and manages to tag out. All four are in the ring in a moment then Rogers faces Samu on the outside while Jannetty battles Fatu on the floor. Samu puts Rogers away with a spinning face buster.

Michael St. John questions Sherri about her relationship with George Steele.

Greg Valentine vs. George "the Animal" Steele (w/Sensational Sherri) - Valentine delivers a rant, demanding (but not getting) a standing ovation from the crowd. Steele enters with Sherri and Valentine bails to chase after the manager. They lock up for the first time and Steele immediately starts gnawing on the Hammer's arm! After a break, during which Martel consults with her man, Valentine goes to work on Steele in the corner. The next moment Sherri is over there choing out Steele. He can;t see her because Valentine has wrapped his shirt around his head. The Animal gets the short off his head and slips out his infamous "foreign object", uses it on Valentine then slips it to Sherri for safe keeping. But then she slips it to Valentine! I smell a Sensuous rat... She continues to pretend to be on his side but then strikes everytime he turns his back. Finally she hits him with a chair and Valentine takes the pin. Afterward, Steele figures out that he has been duped and tosses Sherri over the top to the floor. After Valentine and Sherri leave, Steele throws several chairs into the ring then enters and chews up a turnbuckle pad.

St. John talks to Julio Fantastico who promises to kick 2 Cold Scorpio from piller to post.

Julio Fanstastico vs. 2 Cold Scorpio - Lou Albano joins the broadcast team for this one - this is the only match on the card that features athletes of not quite legendary status. In fact, Fantastico is a relative newcomer. Scorpio is in great form tonight, pulling off standing back handsprings and the like. Fantastico is all talk apparently - he is definitely on the receiving end throughout most of this match. He finally catches Scorpio on the apron and gets a flurry of offense but Scorpio roars back. The fight goes to the floor and then disappears into the crowd for a bit. The Scorpio drags his opponent back to the ring. Fantastico finally turns the tables and has the upper hand for a while - but then Scorpio out thinks him and turns the tables back. He's going for a top rope move but his opponent shoves the referee into the ropes which upsets Scorpio's balance. After some more struggle, Scorpip gets loose and hits a somersault leg drop and then a second one with a twist to take the pin. After the match, Capt. Lou finds out that he has been made the commissioner of the Heroes of Wrestling... he breaks down and cries.

King Kong Bundy talks with St. John - he's gonna moidelize Yokozuna (to hear him tell it...)

The Iron Shieik/Nikolai Volkoff (w/Nikita Bresznikoff) vs. Luke & Butch - the manager of the bad guys wears a Soviet army officer's uniform (apparently nobody told him that the Soviet Union went away a few years ago. Volkoff sings his Russian anthemthen the Sheik does his famous Iranian club demostration using pipe fittings. His incomprehensible rant features the names Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund. The former Bushwackers/Sheepherders makes their entrance playing their WWF characters but their team name seems to be "the Men From Down Under" these days. Volkoff and th Sheik attack before the bell and grab the early advantage. Luke and Butch regroup and go ino team mode to turn the tables and clear the ring. Now Volkoff and the Sheik decide to leave because the crowd won't get off their case with the "USA" chants. Back in the ring, Luke faces the Russian Superman. Volkoff is a bit flabby looking but seems to have hardly lost a step. He was always a slow, deliberate wrestler and his style suits him in these later years. Luke is being isolated as the Sheik takes over the assault. Bresznikoff keeps interfering while his men keep the referee distracted. Volkoff gets a back breaker on Luke and Butch has to run in and save his partner. Moments later the big Russian misses a knee drop and Butch gets the tag. All four come into the ring and the New Zealand contingent takes control until the referee tries to eject Luke. While he is occupied, the bad guys double team Butch. A weapon comes into play but Luke gets it and then Volkoff headbutts the Sheik who goes down and gets pinned. Afterwards the two losers almost come to blows but then settle their differences.

We see a replay of the attack by Stam Lane on Tully Blanchard in the parking lot followed by Blanchards verbal response wherein he shows a flash of his old fire.

Tully Blanchard vs. Stan Lane - this could be the best match on the card for my money. Former Horseman vs. Former Midnight Express. Lane comes to the ring and grabs the mic to do his own introduction, Michael Buffer style. The former Horseman and multiple NWA US Champion comes to the ring in a fury and chases Lane out to the floor. He waits calmly for Lane to return then chases him out a second time. Lane comes back and immediately grabs control of the match. But only for a moment. Blanchard is on fire and turns the tables very quickly. He knocks Lane to the floor once again then goes after him. They brawl at ringside where Lane agains takes control, then return to the ring where Lane continues his assault. He grabs a modified sleeper but then releases the hold and elevates Blanchard in order to drop him on the top rope, neck first. He continues to pound on Tully, who bides his time waiting for an opening. The fight goes bakc to the floor and Blanchard makes his comeback. He slaps a figure four on Lane out on the floor. Lane reaches across and rakes the face of his opponent to escape. Back in the ring, Blanchard grabs a sleeper but is backed into the corner. Lane goes for a piledriver but gets back dropped instead. Lane comes right back and gets a belley to back suples then goes for a bridge cover. The referee counts to three and Lane thinks he's won but then the referee reveals that Tully got his right shoulder up and beat the count. Blanchard wins.

St. John is with Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy who share the interview. They seem to have joined forces.

One Man Gang vs. Abdullah the Butcher (w/Honest John Cheatum)- this match has the potential to be the bloodiest contest on the card (assuming they allow us to see some blood...) The Gang attacks Abby before he can get into the ring. He then grabs his chain and uses it on the Butcher's forehead. Already, Abdullah is starting to bleed from the top of his head. The fight goes to the floor and the Gang gets a chair shot. Now he is bleeding profusely - it dribbles down his face. Back in the ring, the Gang is using the chain again. The chair is in the ring as well but the referee won't let him use it. The Gang is all over his opponent whp has yet to get any offense. Just about the time I write that last sentence, Abby suddenly strikes out at the Gang's throat then pulls his infamous fork and starts using it on his opponent. In no time, the Gang wears the crimson mask as well. Abdullah throws away the fork and then drops a big elbow off the second rope. The competitors fall out to the floor and are counted out. Security personnel get involved and they go down as well. Abdullah and the Gang brawl up the aisle and disappear through the entryway.

A survelence tape from the casino shows us that Jimmy Snuka and Bob Orton got into an altercation over a card game.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (w/Capt. Lou Albano) vs. "Cowboy" Bob Orton - this is one of the genuine feuds going all the way back to the early eighties when Orton was Roddy Piper's sidekick. Orton was never what you would refer to as "cut" - but Snuka has slipped a long way from his glory days. Orton dominates this match, being the better mat wrestler and closer to his old shape. He grabs an armbar and holds on for dear life. Snuka is going nowhere. The crowd starts chanting "Bob You Suck!" as he pounds on Snuka's shoulder. A fan at ringside tries to shove a piece of paper into Albano's hands for an autograph but the Captain ignores him. Snuka suddenly comes back with a big headbutt then bulls him to the corner and chops him down. He whips him piller to post and lays in some more chops. They criss cross and collide head-to-head then both go down. Snuka recovers and goes for the top - but Orton jumps up and upsets his balance. Orton tries to go for a superplex but Albano grabs Snuka's ankle and prevents the move. Orton falls to the mat the Snuka throws the big top rope flying body block and gets the pin.

Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart vs. Jake "the Snake" Roberts - Neidhart seemingly never changes. Same bulldog physic, same thick head... Roberts, on the other hand is considerably long in the tooth. He threatens to turn the snake loose which causes Neidhart to leave the ring. Then Roberts turns and strides back up the ramp leaving the snake on the apron. He comes back without his shirt on - should have left it on... He wears baggy black pants and snake skin boots. They lock up and Roberts gets an armdrag. They lock up again and Jake is bulled into the corner. The Anvil starts to open up an Roberts. He grabs a wrist lock and forces the Sake to his knees (I didn't even know that Snakes had knees...this one does). Moments later Jake goes for an early DDT but Neidhart ducks it and leaves the ring. Meanwhile, the snake is starting to escape its bag. Roberts puses to tuck it back in then suddenly pulls it out. Neidhart bails. This is largest version of Damien I've ever seen (they say it's 14 feet long!) Roberts plays with his snake while Neidhart circles the ring - then he puts the snake away. King Kong Bundy comes out and consults with his new partner. He provides distraction so Neidhart can turn the tables. Neidhart grabs a reverse chinlock. They struggle for a bit then Jake fights to his feet. Over in the corner, Bundy is harrassing the snake. He jumps on the apron as Jake hits his signature short arm clothesline then Bundy enters the ring. Jake is punked. Here comes Yokozuna... He climbs ponderously to the apron as the two attackers retreat. Then they attack Yokozuna in concert. The referee declares this match a Tag Team match as Yokozuna routs his attackers. Jake is back in the ring but is still on rubber legs. He is dragged back out to the floor where Neidhart delivers several chairshots. Then Neidhart returns to the ring an Bundy takes his place using the chair on Roberts. Neidhart and Bundy appear to have acquired an un-named manager who looks sort of like a mini Bundy. Roberts is being isolated as both Bundy and Neidhart remove one each of his boots and clobber him with them. Finally, Yoko is tagged in and disables Neidhart. But behind him, Bundy is splashing Roberts and gets the pin. The bad guys leave and Yoko Samoan drops the manager then Jake releases the snake on him. The screen then goes blank for a moment then we get one more look at the ring and it's all over. I guess they decided they didn't have enough time to run the Yoko/Bundy match so they folded into this one.

This was an okay card but I glad I didn't pay $30 for it.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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