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Solie's Saturday Morning Report

DDP Takes the WCW Title for a Third Time

Then David Arquette Won It!!!

Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW Title
Then Loses it to Justin Credible

Dean Malenko is the New WWF Light Heavyweight Champ

Matt Hardey wins the WWF Hardcore Title
Then Loses it to Crash Holly

Rhino is the new ECW TV Champ

ECW World Title to be
defended at PILLMAN Event!!!

The Way I See It...

Weekly Review by Earl Oliver


Part 2 from the Allentown Morning Call, April 26, 1984

Volume 5, Issue 564 - April 29, 2000

ECW World Title to be defended at PILLMAN Event!!!

After weeks of speculation on which talent from ECW would be appearing at the 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Event, PILLMAN 2000. It has just been confirmed from their head office that Paul Heyman has agreed to let the ECW World's title be defended at the show between Raven and Justin Credible. The situation is considered very unique as this is the first time that a major company's world title will be defended at an independent card. Also, finalizing his confirmation for the show is "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.

Other talent additions for the event will include appearances from former WCW Nitro girl "Fyre" Teri Byrne, and WCW ring announcer David Penzer.

Other matches that have been signed so far are: A non-title matchup between current WCW Cruiserweight Champion, "Hard Knox" Chris Candido and Kidman. The WWF Radicals (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, and Perry Saturn) will be opposing each other!!!

With all the independent action, as well as the main event matchups, there will be a total of 16 matches for this year's show. Don't miss your chance at attending a jam-packed night of wrestling!!!

Tickets for the event ($30 ringside and $20 general admission) are currently on sale and can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets or through their website at Editor's Note: We begin this edition with the second part of another Solie's Classic Reprint, this one from the Allentown Morning Call in April of 1984 courtesy of J. Michael Kenyon and the WAWLI Papers.


Allentown Morning Call, April 26, 1984

By Joe Kita

part 2

While CWA wrestlers might be young and sometimes unproven, their characters are vintage professional wrestling. Consider the 'Concrete Cowboy,' a bearded 6-foot 9-inch, 310-pounder who could probably hogtie his native state of Texas. A former movie stunt man and Mick Jagger bodyguard, this good ol' boy has been known to wrestle grizzly bears, eat 23 hard-boiled eggs in 10 minutes and turn a car on its side if he loses a decision.

In a sport where good and evil are clearly defined, the 'Cowboy' is as nasty as a razor cut. He has kicked an opponent off a stretcher and is fond of blowing his nose on fallen adversaries. To escape the hatred this usually engenders, the 'Cowboy' says he likes to watch television in the nude while munching chili and ribs.

Complementing the 'Cowboy' is Dr. Jack Stone, his manager. "That's without a 'D' on the end," he emphasized from behind reflective blue sunglasses and a Confederate hat. Stone lists San Quentin, Calif., as his home address and is fond of dying his hair purple and sniffing from an Elmer's glue bottle at ringside. As loathed as the 'Cowboy,' he was once bitten on the leg by an effusive fan.

Joining this lineup of the reviled are Damien Kane, whose eyes look like they belong on the Alien; the Borzak brothers, who claim that Larry Holmes' Drive will one day be renamed after them with only Cadillacs being allowed to drive on it; 'Sweet Daddy' White, who carries a cat-o-nine-tails; 'Bull' Butcher and Jack Valiant, who reportedly got kicked out of an Easton restaurant for throwing sandwiches; and, as always, the 'Masked Henchman,' a sinister creature whose identity is unknown even to his mother.

All are brawlers with a license to do the unacceptable. They affect crude, base and sexist behavior. The 'Cowboy' doesn't mind if you photograph him with his finger up his nose. Offsetting these black-vested, wild-haired villains, who consider tattoos fine jewelry, are the handsome, God-fearing "good guys" who are usually brightly dressed, clean-shaven and adept at the most difficult of wrestling moves. If it was possible to ride into the ring on a white horse, they would.

One of the CWA's most gallant knights is 'D.C.' Drake, whose very name conjures thoughts of Capitol Hill. A former prison guard who sports a 54-inch chest and 21-inch biceps, he is a champion of justice and a hero of the young. A graduate of Phillipsburg High School and an idolizer of Bruno Sammartino, he is living his childhood dream. He doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink and seems forever on his way to visit an ailing tot in the hospital.

Eddie Mirenda, a childhood friend of Drake's and the CWA's co-rookie of the year, is another Christopher Reeve type. Also a prison guard, he is a 22-year-old advocate of clean living and rigorous training. His wide-eyed, puppy dog personality is especially appealing to female fans, one of whom sported an "Eddie" T-shirt at the Friday night fights.

Similarly adored is humble Hawaiian Mike Kaluha, who bounces into the ring wearing a lei and lightning bolts on his tights. Approach him for an autograph and he'll be as gentle as the South Seas; cross him and he'll erupt with volcanic force.

According to Drake, the crowd ultimately determines what personality a wrestler adopts. Sometimes, he says, a promoter will pit a budding wrestler against a villain to measure fan reaction. If the spectators yawn and head for the concession stand, then he probably lacks the pizzazz to carry a match. On the contrary, if they cheer and whiten their knuckles in support, his white horse will be waiting outside.

To be continued...

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The Way I See It...

Nitro came to us live from Rochester, NY. After the usual recap of recent events, the camera found Sting and Vampiro engaged in an intense backstage brawl.

The first match of the evening was a Hardcore Title defense by Terry Funk against Bam Bam Bigalow. This fight barely got started when Ernest Miller tried to interfere, but was immediately turned back. Funk ended up with a trash can over the top half of his body while Bigalow mysteriously hesitated and stood poised to hit him with a chair. Ernest Miller then appeared again (apparently late...) and delivered a side kick that flattened Bigalow and gave Funk the win. The announcers then showed us video of what happened right after Nitro went off the air last week. Bret hart hit Hogan with the chair - as we all well know.

Kidman came to the ring with Torrie and with his ribs heavily bandaged and made a self-serving speech and ended up sending out yet another challenge to Hulk Hogan for yet another match. Bischoff, Kimberly and Jeff Jarrett arrived backstage and caught the end of Kidman's performance on a monitor. Bischoff seemed incredulous - "what is Kidman doing out there..?" he asked.

The three of them went right to the ring after the break. Kimberely was wearing a very revealing bustier in black. She offered Diamond Dallas Page "the last gift he will ever get from me..." Page came to the ring to question her taste in companions - she responded with a prepared speech demanding a divorce and handing him the papers. Page attacked Bischoff which got him guitar whacked. Suddenly David Arquette (actor and 1-800-AT&T spokeman, star of "Ready to Rumble") barreled into the ring and jumped Bischoff. Before anything could happen to the wimp, Chris Kanyon ran in and helped DDP mop up. All of this resulted in a challenge issued and accepted. Bischoff agreed to give Page a World Title shot if the actor could beat him (Bischoff) in a match later on in the program.

The new Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido came to the ring with Tammy, who assumed her accustomed role as spokesman for her man Chris. The occasion was a tag team match against TAFKAPI and Paisley. In no time the two men knock each other out so that we can have a cat fight. The men get back into it and tumble out to the floor when Tammy surprised everyone by throwing and inside-to-out suicide dive which took both of them down. After some spirited byplay signifying nothing, somewhat experienced wrestler Tammy pinned complete rookie Paisley. Sting then decided to make an appearance - he stalked right to the ring and put the Scorpion Death Drop on Candido! He launched back into his demand that Vampiro face him in a match - and added a stip - he wanted a first blood match. Backstage, Page and Kanyon were pumping up the skinny boy for his match against Bischoff.

Team Package was in the house and strolled down for a match against the Brians (Chronic..yeah...yeah...) for the number one contendership. This one barely got started when the current champs ran out and attacked Flair and Luger with baseball bats. They then handed the bats to the Brians - who turned right around and attacked Buff and Barf. Backstage, Bischoff dressed Kidman down for booking his own matches. "Let us take care of it...", he said.

Kidman appeared with Mike Awesome at his back to wait for Hogan to make his entrance. Hogan ran right down and right into the lion's den. After an initial set-back, Hogan poured it on and turned the tables. From that point on he dominated the proceedings. In a flash he had his weight belt off and was flailing about with it. It became clear that Hogan had no interest in pinning either of his opponents. Kidman seemed pretty much ineffective as he was favoring his injured ribs. One punch from Hogan sends him flying time after time. Awesome was more effective but even he seemed overwhelmed through most of the match. In fact, as big as we know Awesome is - Hogan dwarfs him. Kidman finally got a chair shot from behind out on the floor to change things back around. While Kidman pounded on Hogan in the ring, Awesome dragged a table out from under the ring and set it up inside then delivered an Awesome Bomb on Hogan - destroying the table. Awesome fished another table out from under the ring as Kevin Nash watched on a backstage monitor. Hogan was laid out on the table and Kidman splashed him from the top corner to break a second table. Nash waited until it was over before making his entrance then running right into the fire. This time Torrie Wilson delivered a low blow to end his drive. Awesome dragged Nash to the corner and reinjured his ankle for him.

Bischoff appeared to put on a little bulk since the last time we saw him outfitted to wrestle. He faced wimpy actor, David Arquette - who looked as skinny as Bischoff used to. Arquette had no chance from the beginning, or so it seemed. Suddenly he speared Bischoff and Uncle Eric went down hard. Arquette then did his impression of Scott Taylor's "Worm" before Jeff Jarrett ran in with his guitar...and whacked Eric by mistake! This set Page up to face Jarrett later in a Title match in a cage. Arquette celebrated in the ring with his buddies while Sting lurked about in the rafters (like he actually expected to find Vampiro there).

Big Poppa Pump came down with one less girl then usual (she was being used in the previous skit for some reason) and lauched into one of his slightly obscene rants which ended with a challenge to Booker T. Booker answered the call in street clothes, pleading with Steiner to not take things so personal and says that he was just doing a job for Bischoff. He entered the ring then allowed himself to be distracted by the girls so Steiner could attack him on the blindside. The fight degenerated into a roll-around-on-the-floor diversion as we cut to commercial.

Vince Russo told Buff and Barf (who seemed to be headed out of the arena) that they would have to face Chronic for the titles...

...and that match was next. Russo came to the ring with Douglas and then joined the broadcast team for this one. In the match, the Tag Champs were seemingly at a disadvantage from the get-go. When it began to look hopeless, Russo entered the ring with his baseball bat, spoiled the action, but took a pretty hefty bump in the process.

Talentless Tank Abbott made his way to the ring to dispatch his weekly victim. Tonight it was internet reporter Bob Ryder who took the assault. This brought Jeremy Borash in to accept some licks as well.

The semi-main event was a cage match for the WCW World Title with Diamond Dallas Page challenging the current champ, the Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett. Actually the fight started out in the aisle and took almost three minutes to finally arrive inside the cage. The cage was roofed and locked but sat on the ring apron to enclose the squared circle. As things started to go badly for Jarrett, Mike Awesome ran up and after a hesitation, tore the cage door off to lend a hand. However, Kanyon ran in and neutralized Awesome long enough for Page to get the Diamond Cutter and the pin to win his third World Title.

The main event was a first blood match pitting Vampiro against brother in paint Sting who rappelled in from the rafters and then got caught in his harness giving his opponent the chance to attack first. Not that it really helped the Dead Man. Sting regained the advantage very quickly so Vamp fled from the ring only moments before what appeared to be a bucket of blood was released from above the ring to drench Sting and stun him long enough for Vampiro to take back the initiative. Members of the New Blood then ran out and helped punk him then reattach him to his zip line so he could be hauled back toward the rafters as the program ended.

RAW was live from Horsemen country, Raleigh, NC. First up, Kirk Angel came out to explain his motives for going after the Big Show at the next PPV. He says it's because he doen't like big a$$e$. His opponent on the program was Rakishi Phatu. Talk about a big a$$... Angle had very little success and eventually had to toss the referee into harms way and even that didn't help. The Big Show ran in and ended the action by attacking Angle, who had already been disqualified for his actions earlier.

Out back the DX Express bus arrived and disgorged the Helmsleys plus Shane.

Trish Stratus needs to take some acting lessons and then come back later...

The McMahon-Helmsley faction made their entrance for their bi-weekly rant. Shane started out by apologizing to HHH for attacking him last week (when the latter threatened to Pedigree Linda). The hugged and made up. Stephanie then took the mic and complained about the fans calling her names. They obliged by calling her names... HHH got into the act as well, apologizing for being unfair in some of his business decisions (firing Earl Hebner, etc.) This brought the Millenium Bug out to tell HHH to stop being so boring. He referred to him as "Trip" as he proposed a rematch between them for the World Title tonight. He spiced his speech with insulting comments about Stephanie. HHH declined the match but Shane proposed a tag team contest instead. Shane and HHH vs. Jericho and the Rock. Jericho's answer was to grab the title belt, then turn and clock the champ with it when he ran out to get it back.

Backstage during the break, Chris Benoit attacked Jericho and retrieved HHH's belt.

Road Dogg came down for a singles match for a change to challenge Benoit for his IC title. For some reason he mentioned Dennis Knight's name right at the end of his intro speech. (Editor's Note: I later found out that Knight, who works as Midian, is one of the most popular wrestlers in the locker room, and is loved by all of the workers, as well as management. Recently, he has been suffering pain in his stomach and has been getting medical attention to see what the problem is. He is in the hearts of the wrestlers, and that is why Road Dogg gave him a shout out Monday night.) Benoit made his entrance and then Edge and Christian showed up to provide commentary. They state bluntly that they are there to perform a "run-in" in hopes of costing Road Dogg the match. Tori came down to help out the Dogg. She ended up distracting the referee while Edge speared the Dogg. Benoit took the pin shortly thereafter. The Dogg got punked afterward. Tori ran in and got slopdropped (speaking of Dennis Knight).

Backstage, Kirk Angel tried to hire the Acolytes to beat up the Big Show but they threw beer at him and sent him packing.

After the break he convinced Stephanie to order a handicap match with Bossman/Buchanan against the Big Show.

The Hollys faced the Hardeys in what turned into to an impromtu Harcore Title match as the Hardeys started trying to pin Crash after they had been defeated. Tazz ran back down to join the fun and then Bob Holly ran back to partcipate. In the hubbub, Matt Hardey managed to pin Crash and take the title.

The Big Show faced the Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan in a handicap match which saw them get some offense before the giant started throwing them around the ring. Kurt Angle ran out to change the odds amd delivered a low blow, thus getting his team DQ'd. The Acolytes ran out to attack Boss Man and Bull and they all ran off as we cut to the parking lot where Vince McMahon's limo pulled up.

At the top of the second hour, Vince McMahon entered the ring to make a speech and show some video of Steve Austin destroying the Rock's Lincoln Town Car about a year ago. Undoubtedly trying to drive a wedge between Maivia and the Rock. He pointed out that it was the Rock's rental car that was used to run Austin down late last year. His thesis is that neither of them can really trust the other. This is pretty weak stuff, actually. I hope McMahon plans to do better.

Eddie Guarrero and his "mamacita" engaged in some hanky-panky behind a screen as we headed to the ring to watch the Godfather enter with some garden tools and his new apprentice, Al Snow. Their opponents for the evening were each of their former partners, D'Lo Brown and Steve Blackman. Snow seemed to have picked it up a notch now that he has a partner with a personality (no matter how lame it is...) In a moment of confusion when the Godfather and Blackman were brawling on the outside, Brown put Snow down and pinned him. Afterward, GF ejected his erstwhile partner rather than let him dance with the girls.

Eddie G and his lady came to the ring for a match against Val Venis (not Chyna, Eddie...) Somehow (I can't imagine how) Eddie got Val to look at Chyna long enough to give himself an edge in the opening moments. It didn't last long as the very talented Mr. Venis made a quick comeback. But then he was knocked to the floor where Chyna laid a big shot on him then had turn and to fend off Essa Rios and Lita. While she was busy, Val got his Money Shot and the pin. The two latin stars then attacked Eddie G until "mamacita" chased them away.

It seems like we see this match at least once a week these days...the Dudleys took on Edge and Christian. The fight was fast and furious, and mostly dominated by the Dudleys. Christian appeared to be the designated drubbee in this one. In the midst of his beating, Trish Stratus was rolled out on a table by her tag team. The distraction to Bubba knocked him completely off his game for a while. He was isolated for a bit then Devon tagged in and changed the momentum. In the end, Stratus distracted Bubba right when he was supposed to be contribu ting to a 3-D. Edge and Christian won the match after being thoroughly trashed early on.

Mike Cole barely succeeds in getting 10 words out before the Rock silences him and takes over with a typical Rock rant. Eybrows flying, he says that he doesn't know whether he can trust Austin but he does know for damn sure that neither of them can trust Vince!

The Millenium Bug made his way to the ring for the main event, a tag team match pitting himself and his partner, the Rock against HHH and who? It appeared at first that Helmsley didn't have a partner - but then he came up with Chris Benoit to stand by him plus his own referee - Shane, and with Vince in their corner. Benoit and Jericho started the match and then Maivia tagged in. He dispatched Benoit and then invited HHH to step in. HHH held off for a while but eventually got into a slug fest with the Rock. After a while, Jericho was led into an isolation pattern as the Rock patiently waited for his chance to get back into it. Finally jericho dragged himelf to the corner and tagged in Maivia, who proceeded to clean house. Benoit and Jercho brawled on the floor while the Rock wrapped things up - except that Shane abandoned the match to try and end the carnage outside. Vince ran in and delivered a big low blow on the Rock, thus allowing his son-in-law to take the pin.

Thunder opened with the requisite recap video then took us to Syracuse, NY, where Thunder was taped on Tuesday night. Out back we saw Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff arrive with Kimberley in tow and David Arquette in their clutches. They drag him right to the ring and then call Diamond Dallas Page out to ransom him. Page and Kanyon showed up but were warned to stay away from the ring. Jarrett then proposed a tag team match between himself and Bischoff vs. Page and Arquette with the World Title at stake. While they are contemplating this, the new Tag Champs appeared behind Page and Kanyon...but then Team Package appeared behind them and effectively took the Tag Champs out of play. Jarrett and company split still holding Arquette prisoner. Page went to the ring to confront his wife while Kanyon went after Jarrett and Bischoff. In the ring, Page decided against visiting physical violence on Kimberley and got a crotch shot in return.

Mean Gene spoke to Ernest Miller backstage, warning that Bischoff and Russo were not happy with his actions of late. The Cat didn't care - he only wanted to dance.

Backstage after the break, Bischoff and Jarrett continued to torture their helpless (and somewhat wimpy) captive.

The Cat got Bam bam Bigalow in his face for messing up Bigalow's Hardcore Title shot last week. Miller argued that he was just getting patback for Bigalow's own transgressions - and Bigalow started to buy it...until Miller added an insult against the big guy's mom. Miss Handcock arrived to take some notes during the match. In the ring, Miller was knocked down and then played possum while Bigalow went out for a chair. With the referee providing distraction, Miller slipped on one of his "dancin' shoes" and then beaned his opponent with a side kick and took the pin. Bigalow came back with an attack but the match was already over.

Backstage, the bad guys continued to torment Arquette while they w aited for Page to accept their challenge.

Shawn Stasiak (the Perfect One) took on Kanyon but his real opponent was Curt Hennig who made an entrance before the match got underway and joined the broadcast team. Exactly what does "miffed off" mean, Tony? Kanyon seems to be using less of his "innovative" offense these days, but his wrestling is solid. At ringside, Hennig was displaying a set of brass knuckles and promising not to use them...moments later he ran in and clocked Stasiak, giving Kanyon the win. Hennig then re-entered the ring and got in Stasiak's face. Meanwhile, Mike Awesome ran down and attacked...Kanyon..? He eventually went back to the ring and helped Stasiak eject Hennig. DDP showed up at that point and ran down to rescue his friend Kanyon. He put the Diamond Cutter on Stasiak while Awesome bailed. Page took this opportunity to accept the challenge for his title.

Kidman came out and issued an open challenge after boasting about putting Hulk Hogan in the hospital. Hogan's music started to play and Horace Hogan appeared to avenge his uncle Terry. He actually did a pretty good job of it in the early going, but then he threw Kidman to the floor and lost his advantage. Kidman returned to the ring and dominated for a few moments, then the match went into see-saw mode. As Horace again pulled ahead, Eric Bischoff appeared ringside. Hogan was unfazed as he went to the floor and brought in a chair to batter his opponent. Moments later he went for a table and set it up ringside. He was ready to powerbomb Kidman when Torrie decided to use her testicular claw on him. Horace shrugged her off but this gave Bischoff a chance to deliver a chair shot then Kidman put Horace through the table.

TTA (Talentless Tank Abbott) came down for his bi-weekly rant and victimization. His target was Marc Mero - but the fight was broken up before anything really could happen. Backstage, Carrie (aka Sting) appears to have been covered in blood for a whole day (the announcers say two days, but we know this program was taped on Tuesday) and is moving around in a trance.

As we returned from the break, DDP found David Arquette lying in pain somewhere in the backstage area.

The Wall faced Sting in a "Table match" - meaning that the winner will be the first man to put his opponent through a table. Tables surround the ring, by the way. The Wall got the first chance, going for a running powerslam, but Sting shoved him off and avoided the blow. Moments later Sting rather suddenly won the match by tossing his opponent over the top rope and through one of the tables there. This brought Vampiro out to attack him in concert with the Wall. But the Stinger fought them both off.

After the break, Sting was shown wandering around in the parking lot still looking dazed (or else very intense...)

Vince Russo came to the ring with his current Tag Champs and tried hard to insult the crowd - who really didn't take the bait. Bagwell assumed the microphone and tossed out some insults toward his PPV opponent, Lex Luger. Douglas then took over and delivered his rant at Ric Flair. Flair's music played and Team Package appeared on the platform. The announcers seem amazed that they don't appear to be intimidated - on the other hand the guys in the ring are, and they show it by assembling a phalanx of security between the two groups. Flair embarked on a rant that praised Hulk Hogan and dissed the New Blood as the upstarts that they are. He also disabused Douglas of the notion that he is the Franchise (saying that only Sting can claim that title). Flair proposed that Russo put himself in the ring with Flair for five minutes if Flair can beat Douglas. Luger directed his first comments at Bagwell, accepting his challenge for the PPV and then delivered a blistering attack on Russo. VinnieRue's answer was to tell Luger that he (Russo) holds Liz's contract. He then ordered the security guys to try to grab Liz. That precipitated a fight, during which Russo captured Liz and had her spirited away.

During the break, Liz was shoved into a car and driven away. Meanwhile, DDP was trying to bolster the confidence of his tag team partner.

The Chris and Tammy show came to the ring so that Tammy could do a little strip tease, taking off a feathered robe. The match was Tammy against Paisley. Cat fight alert! I say that because Paisley has shown us so far that she doesn't know how to wrestle. In fact, Tammy went right into some chain wrestling before shoving her opponent to the mat. Paisley came back with a big slap that decked Tammy! At that point, the cat fight ensued. Later, Paisley did exhibit some acrobatic skill as she threw a roundoff back handspring and delivered a wimpy back elbow. Tammy tried to come back with a northern lights suplex but Paisley turned it into a DDT and took the pin.

Booker T got Mike Awesome as his opponent on the program. He also got Scott Steiner as an interested observer (and a special commentator). Again I am noticing that Mike Awesome doesn't look so big going up against the WCW talent. He and Booker of are roughly the same size - Awesome appears to have a little more bulk but is about the same height as his opponent. I dare say that Stevie Ray would dwarf him. Awesome aquitted himself well in the match, managing to dominate Booker through much of the fight until the latter turned a sleeper into a suplex. Booker was ready to come off the top when Steiner ran up and used his US Title to whack him in the back. Awesome got an easy pin then Steiner entered the ring and applied a Steiner Recliner. The Motley Misfits (Van Hammer, Hugh Morrus, Chavo Guerrero and Lash Leroux) came to his rescue.

Bret Hart revealed in a pre-taped interview that he has had a life-long quest to beat Hulk Hogan in order prove that he is the "best there is..." yatta, yatta... He accused Hogan of refusing to "pass the torch" and of ducking him (Hart) since they have both been in WCW.

The main event was a very strange tag team match wherein the WCW World Title was on the line. The wrestler who got the pin would be the new World Champ. Huh..? This was even weirder when you consider the combatants - DDP, David Arquette, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bishoff. As all four arrived at the ring we noticed that there was no referee. Then she appeared. Kimberley was the ref! As the fight got underway, Arquette tackled Bischoff and sent him out to the floor then followed him out while the two wrestlers battled in the ring. Page dominated Jarrett, but of course, Kimberly refused to count Jarrett down. Bischoff and Arquette had disappeared for a while and then Bischoff came back and joined his partner. As DDP was losing ground, a battered Arquette ran back in and speared Bischoff then covered him. Jarrett was covering DDP at the same time but Kimberley was out of commission (having been kissed into submission in the corner). Micky Jay ran in and started the count. Page kicked out - Bischoff didn't. Arquette is the new WCW World Champ! Aurrrrrgh!!!!!

SmackDown opened with a mixed tag team match pitting Eddie G and Chyna against Essa Rios and Val Venis. Chyna is one of the most amazing characters I can remember in wrestling. She has actually crossed the barrier into competing on an equal footing against men. WCW tried to do something similar with Jaqueline a few years ago but they didn't give it time to be developed the way Chyna was in the WWF. She competes at that level because she has earned it. I always contended that once Shawn Michaels left, the most interesting character in DX was always Chyna. In this match, the good guys (Eddie G and Chyna) got suckered by the extra person on the outside (Lita) and had the victory stolen from them. This builds up to a one-on-one match between Guerrerro and Essa Rios coming up on Sunday.

The Rock made an entrance as we returned from the break (this is his program after all). How long as he been doing this act now? Does it say something about the average wrestling fan that this guy can do the same bit and wrestle the same match time-after-time-after-time and still be so over with the crowds? Nah...I love the Rock, it's just something that he has, something about his presence in front of the audience. In this rant he implored management to tell him what kind of crazy gimmick match they plan to put him into next. His bottom line is that he doesn't care what they do, "...just bring it!" he says... The M-H crew (who arrived on their bus before the last break) appeared on the platform and HHH made an effort to answer the question. He starts comparing the ideas of different members of the family (without actually spelling them out)then suggested that Maivia take the night off and rest up for Sunday. He said his faction plans to take the night off...except for Road Dogg, who has a match against Christian later. Vince put in his $.02, having to stop and admonish the chanting crowd to "shut up!" then announced that Shane will be the referee in the match between HHH and the Rock on Sunday. Things really started to heat up when Maivia announced that he expected Steve Austin to make an appearance on the program! The bad guys didn't believe it and spent the remainder of the program trying to convince themselves that he really wasn't going to show up. Meanwhile, the Rock split in a limo, fueling speculation that he as going to pick up the Rattlesnake.

Scotty-To-Hotty offered up a preview of his PPV match this Sunday by accepting the challenge of Dean Malenko and ended up turning the PPV cards around by losing his strap to the challenger. Malenko used the ropes for leverage to take the pin. So that means Taylor will be the challenger on Sunday.

Out in the bus, HHH got a page from "316". Vince said he still didn't believe that Austin would show, "...but I have a funny feeling about tonight..."

T&A took on the Hollys, who finally have that Hardcore Title controversey out from between them. It was good to see Crash in a match which wasn't interrupted by someone else trying to pin him...They still showed their usual quarreling nature as Crash insisted on delivering the coup de gras and then missed a splash to hand T&A the victory. As the winners left the arena they were set upon by the Dudleys, who flattened the team and then dragged Trish back to the ring for a tableshot. Trish resorted to her new strategy, kissing Bubba Ray on the top of his head to distract him while her men recovered. Backstage the McMahons are getting spooked by a Stone Cold cardboard cutout.

The Radicalz faced the Millenium Bug and Tazz in a bigtime tag team match-up on the program. This one was loaded with action and ended when Jericho hit a Lionsault (the announcers actually called it that...) on Benoit and got the pin.

Road Doggs match against Christian presaged the Tag Team Title match coming up on Sunday between the current Champs and the NewNew Age Outlaws. On paper this would seem to be pretty one sided as Christian is a pretty decent wrestler while Road Dogg has almost no talent aside from talking. But of course, this is the World Wrestling Federation where anything can happen, so the Dogg managed an unexciting win over his opponent and then administered an aftermatch beating for no good reason. The referee reversed the decision in the end.

Tori ran in to tell the MH faction that she had found Austin, "...right under out noses." They found a boombox playing the rap version of the Stone Cold theme in a closet...

Kirk Angel came out to clear up the misunderstanding that he hates the Big Show, he said he likes the Big Show and thinks he's very talented..he just doesn't expect him to amount to anything. This match saw Angle compete in a 5 man tag match with Boss Man and Buchanan vs. Rakishi and the Big Show who wore his "Big Nasty Bastard" t-shirt for the occasion. Angle saw fit to stand back and let his stooges handle the rough stuff, rather than Rakishi's butt in his own face. In fact, Buchanan was the goat, taking the butt press and the chokeslam before he was pinned. Rakishi and his new dancin' friend were about to trip the light fantastic when the Boss Man attacked from behind. The Acolytes ran down and chased the bad guys away so that the big guys could finish their dance. Backstage, Shane and HHH mistook an arena employee in the bathroom for Austin. The poor goof got fired even though Shane probably isn't his boss.

Al Snow wants to team up with Steve Blackman again but the Lethal Weapon isn't buying it.

The Hardcore Title was on the line in a brother vs. brother match between the Hardeys. Nobody commented at first as Saturn quietly took up a post near the ring. Bob Holly soon arrived as both Hardeys decided to bring ladders into the ring at the same moment. Tazz showed up just before Jeff Hardey was tossed to the outside and landed on the three bystanders. Matt bombed the four of them and the floor fight was on. Matt Hardey was knocked down in the ring moments later and Crash Holly ran in to pin him and retake the title. Backstage, a contractor showed up with a truck load of concrete and instructions to pour it into a Corvette!

Steve Blackman took a shot at the Godfather in a match heavy on the martial arts until Al Snow ran in and used a set of numchucks on Godfather to get his former partner DQ'd. Backstage, Vince McMahon discovered a live rattlesnake in his bag while out back a limo pulled up and the Rock got out.

The McMahons came to the ring after the break and challenged Steve Austin to show his face. HHH took over the mic and challenged the Rock to face him. Maivia appeared on the platform seemingly in more of a mood to talk then fight. He allows as how he has been greatly amused by their collective antics during the evening then revealed that Austin is out in the parking lot. Austin made a speech on the big screen and then sat down in the cab of a giant crane and droped a girder on the DX Express - causing it to explode..?? The vehicle blazed away as the program ended.

ECW on TNN opened with Tazz coming to the ring wearing the World Title. The crowd seemed much more for him then they did before he left for the WWF. They chanted, "Welcome Back!!" The scene then switched to Styles and Gertner in the ring welcoming us to Cyberslam 2000. After the opening montage we returned to the ring where Cyrus and his henchmen had taken and "Mr. Network" was trying to convince the TV Champ to hand over his title to Rhino. Unfortunately for Cyrus, Tajiri no speaka the english... He was unwilling to cooperate. Cyrus started losing his temper, turning red in the face even but Tajiri was adamantly against the idea and responded with something that was bleeped out. Rhino tried to attack but Tajiri was way ahead of him and grabbed the advantage before the Rookie Monster could react. As Rhino started to recover we cut to commercial.

The match was still in progress as we returned and Tajiri was still dominant. But soon we realized that Rhino was playing possum as he suddenly turned and struck out with his boot. Tajiri recovered quickly however and slapped on the Octopus. Steve Corino moved in to interefere and got green mist to the eyes - but Jack Victory was there as well, and their combined distraction allowed Rhino to recover and finish the match. Rhino is the new TV Champ. Rob Van Dam ran in to clear the ring...a little late. Cyrus took a moment afterward to book matches for the next PPV - Rhino to defend against the Sandman - RVD against Jerry Lynn. This brought JL to the ring to call Cyrus a "network stooge". He then stuck around to complain that while he and Van Dam had been injured about the same time, all he heard people talking about was Van Dam. His language was quite insulting actually, which caused RVD's companion Scotty Anton (Riggs) to advance menacingly only to be decked by a well placed forearm from the "New F'n Show".

"That Guy" was seen running down his usual style rant as Mikey Whipwreak lurked in the background when we returned form the break. The then laid down in a coffin and let Mikey close the lid... After another break "That Guy" is back, playing with a ouigi board this time.

Next we got clips from Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Corino - both were shown battered and bloody before it was over. Dusty was actually moving around pretty good for being older than dirt... Corino won the match with some help from his sidekick. The scene shifted to more Corino action, this time almost putting the Sandman away until the latter's wife shpwed up wielding her husband's cane. Switched again to scenes from a mixed tag match featuring Lance Storm and Dawn Marie against Jazz and Nova, which the bad guys won but Storm was injured during the match and auled away afterward.

They didn't show us the match between Tazz and Dreamer but they did show us the aftermath - Tazz embracing and then surrendering the spotlight to his opponent. Dreamer was in tears as he thanked the fans for supporting him. Guys from both sides of the locker room came out to congratulate him, including Raven, who surprised everyone by offering his hand in friendship. As we were all basking in the moment, Justin Credible ran out and spoiled the celebration. Credible wanted to give up his Tag Team belt (convenient, since his partner is injured and out of action) and challenged Dreamer for his newly won World Title. Dreamer entered into the fight with a vengence and dominated the early action in and out of the ring. As things progressed, however, Credible pulled ahead, although Dreamer was far from out of it and still showed flashes of offense. Even Francine was there to back up her former boyfriend in the wake of his reunion with Raven. But then she turned on Dreamer and delivered a low blow - allowing Justin Credible to take the title.

That's it folks for this week. Unfortunately I am again called out of town this weekend and will not be able to cover the WWF PPV on Sunday. I will be back next Saturday with another edition. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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