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Millionaires Club Gets revenge on Thunder

Millenium Bug is the IC Champ Again

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Weekly Review by Earl Oliver


Part 3 from the Allentown Morning Call, April 26, 1984

Volume 5, Issue 565 - May 6, 2000

ECW World Title to be defended at PILLMAN Event!!!

The very lovely Torrie Wilson has been added to the talent roster for the 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Event, "PILLMAN 2000." She will not only accompany Kidman during his matchup against Chris Candido, but she will also be available for the photo session that day. Tammy Lynn Sytch in turn, will accompany Candido for the bout. Other matches signed thus far are: Raven and Justin Credible for the ECW World's title and the main event has been configured as a tag team encounter. It will be Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit (along with Woman) against fellow WWF Radicals, Eddy Guerrero and Perry Saturn. The remainder of the card will be announced very soon. In total, the independent action along with the main event matchups should add up to around 16 bouts.

Other stars already confirmed for this year's event include: Here is the list of confirmed talent that will be appearing at "Pillman 2000": "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Vampiro, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, The Road Dogg, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Lord Steven Regal, Missy Hyatt, Terry Taylor, Jim Cornette, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Stampede Wrestling official J.E. Hooker, WCW referees Charles Robinson and Scott Dickinson, ECW's ring announcer Steven DeAngelis, along with WCW ring announcer David Penzer will be serving as a guest ring announcer. Cincinnati Reds will be in full swing (no pun intended) as outfielder, Dmitri Young will be a guest referee for a selected matchup' as well as, relief pitcher Danny Graves, and 1st baseman Sean Casey, will be serving as special guest managers for some of the participants.

Tickets for the event are $30/ringside and $20/general admission and can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets, or though Be sure to check out for all up to the minute details leading up to the show.

Editor's Note: We begin this edition with the conclusion of another Solie's Classic Reprint, this one from the Allentown Morning Call in April of 1984 courtesy of J. Michael Kenyon and the WAWLI Papers.


from the Allentown Morning Call, April 26, 1984

By Joe Kita

Part 3

While such lively roles and the attention they generate make professional wrestling seem like a glamorous career, it is, in reality, only partially so.

While Drake once made $4,200 for a 25-minute bout in the Philippines and the 'Cowboy' signed his first contract for $1,000 a week, some wrestlers might earn only $50 a match, forcing them to hold full-time jobs elsewhere.

Sweet Melanie, for instance, is a petite female wrestler with a 7-year-old daughter. On April 13, she drove from Warrington for her scheduled catfight at the Easton VFW. When her opponent, Nature Girl, didn't show, she had to drive home five hours later with her needle on empty.

"Guys like Eddie (Mirenda) may think it's glamorous, but that's just because they're starting out," said the 256-pound Drake, who had his first bout in 1980 against 'The Hangman' in Jersey City. "It's glamorous only in the respect that I like people and I love seeing kids happy. But it's not everything I thought it would be. You're the butt of a lot of criticism and that gets tiring after a while. You have to be dedicated. I've been on the circuit. You go from one hotel room to another and some of them are nasty hotel rooms. I was in the Philippines the end of November and it was 10 days of constant traveling . . . working 12-15 hours a day. The 15 minutes of what you see is only the tip of the iceberg."

"I went to a wrestling camp," explained the 'Cowboy,' who estimates he's grappled more than a thousand times in his seven-year career, some of which was spent with Titan. "My first bout was somewhere in Southern California... some high school, I don't remember. They all start looking alike after a while, just pills and pimples. When you start out, you struggle. But if you're smart, you don't struggle for long. You got to hustle yourself. I make a good living now, I take care of mine.

"It's not easy to survive," he continued, after outlining the broken bones he's had over the years. "You got to be hungry . . . the eye of the tiger. Should I wake up tomorrow unhappy, I'll quit. I can go back to my ranch, back to the rodeo or back to doing movie stunts. Most people think wrestlers have the IQ of small appliances, but I've been to a few different colleges and picked up a few different degrees. Besides a degree in insanity, I have a doctorate in psychology, but that's for later down the road. I've put my time in and so have most wrestlers. They know which end of the pencil to sharpen."

If wrestlers are as intelligent as the 'Cowboy' hints, then they must have realized that the Easton VFW is a long way from Madison Square Garden. On this Friday the 13th in April, the crowd could be counted by hand. Some of the wrestlers were delayed by Route 22 construction and the first bout was postponed for an hour and 10 minutes past the original 7 p.m. starting time. To pass the time, there were hot dogs, soda, wrestling magazines or a even a quick bit of bowling at the lanes in the VFW basement. Despite the delay and the fact that Twin County cameramen rearranged the fans to fill their TV monitors, the fans were patient.

"It's cool . . . it's neat . . . it's fun," chorused a troupe of young boys, tugging at each other in 'Hulk Hogan' impersonation. "I'm 9 and I've been a fan since I was 1," said a youngster. "I have over 300 wrestling books," said another, "and my mom's afraid to come into my room because I have this big poster on the wall."

"I hate the 'Cowboy'," a young boy added, softly. "But don't tell him."

Generally, pro wrestling fans are an earthy people quick to make gestures and voice their feelings. Many times they are as entertaining as the wrestlers. In the corner of the room is a fan with a fishing license hanging from his hat and a Polaroid swinging from his wrist' over there is a fellow wearing a wide tie and shoulder length hair who calls himself 'E.T.' and says this beats bar hopping' in the front row is a peaceable grandmother who loves dancing, bingo and back breakers' toward the rear is a 300-pound teen-ager who dreams of being in the ring' and if you look closely, you'll spot 6-year-old Lisa Lamb in her barettes, blue jeans and black "Mongos" T-shirt.

"This is fun," she says sweetly, "but I want to be a teacher when I grow up."

While the fans are diverse, a number of things unite them. Most noticeable are the smiles that stretch their faces for most of the evening - reflecting the enjoyment they derive from the resounding snap of bodies on the board.

Second is their critical acclaim for the CWA, which they feel gives them an opportunity to witness the sport they love at reach-out-and-touch-someone distance. Finally, they admit that pro wrestling is not all fact.

"I only believe some of it," shrugged Evelio 'E.T.' Torres of Easton, "but it's still enjoyable."

See where it all started...

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The Way I See It...

Nitro (live from Birmingham, Alabama) opened with David Arquette and his wife (Courteney Cox) discussing his situation. She seemed very concerned for him - and so should he be... In the recap, I have to say that Arquette's spear looks more formidable than Edge's... The scene switched to the parking area where DDP's and Bischoff's forces were about to collide. Suddenly a car drove into camera range and smashed into the bad guys' vehicle, Hulk Hogan gets out and the melee ensued.

Norman Smiley's "mystery partner" came to the ring wearing a mascot's uniform with an enormous mouse head mask on his head. Whoever it was, he had a tremendous gut. Screamin's opponent Crowbar, wedged the guy's head between the ropes and he was stuck there throughout the match. Crowbar and Smiley battled inside and outside the ring. The highpoint of the match was when the two of them threw flying tackles at the same moment and hit mid-section to mid-section knocking both of them out of action for a bit. Eventually, Norman freed his partner in time for the goof to help him win the match.

Backstage, Arquette and Courteney were again in conversation when Kurt Russell walked up and told Ms. Cox that they had to go shoot their "nude love scene". When told that Arquette is the WCW World Champ, Russell cracked up and walked on.

In a promo video, Sean Stasiak tried to duplicate the old "Mr. Perfect" basketball spot by breaking the NBA freeshooting record. We would return to him throughout the evening as he shot basket after basket - most of them nothing but net...

Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon and the World Champ came to the ring for a rant session. Arquette started out thanking the fans for their support then stated that it was his intenetion to relinquish the Title. He put it up for grabs during the big triple cage match at the PPV this weekend. Jeff Jarrett and company made their way to the ring. Miss Liz was with them but obviously unwillingly - she was leashed to Vince Russo! They disputed his pronouncement and Bischoff announced that the cage match would be a three-way dance with Arquette involved. Suddenly Lex Luger ran in and chased Russo from the ring (he went, dragging Liz with him). Bischoff continued his rant, booking a match between Arquette and Talentless Tank! Abbott showed up and it all broke down. This resulted in a challenge from Abbott. He and Page go at it - if he wins he gets to take on Arquette. In the back, Luger was looking for Russo and his woman.

The Wall took on Horace Hogan who is one of the few who almost matches the big guy in size and power. Given that and the fact that he is a much more experienced wrestler made this a pretty competitive match. This was another of those table matches. Kidman ran in and distracted Horace, giving the Wall the chance to get the first table shot and win the match. Kidman and the Wall then cooperated to punk Horace until the latter's uncle showed up and chased them off. Mike Awesome ran in behind Hogan and he was forced to fight all three of them. Same result as last week...

The next match was a three way dance featuring Scott Steiner, Hugh Morrus and Jeff Jarrett. The action started with Steiner ans Jarrett ganging up on Morrus, obviously this was a set-up against the Morrus and his motley Misfit partners. But Steiner wasn't happy when Jarrett tried to take a pinfall and so he attacked Jarrett. Morrus tried to take advantage of their falling out but ended up in the Steiner Recliner. Jarrett hit Steiner with a guitar which caused Steiner to fall over with Morrus on top of him - Morrus won the match! After the break, Biscoff fired the four Misfits anyway.

Earlier in the program, Vampiro had challenged Sting to come face him in a graveyard. That match was up next. Vamp stalked Sting from hiding as the latter walked through the graveyard calling Vamp's name, then attacked him with a shovel and a tombstone and dragged him over to a newly dug grave and knocked him in, dropped a wheelbarrow on him, then split. Looking back at the grave, we saw Sting's hand emerging.

DDP faced Tank Abbott at the top of the second hour - a strange choice to counter the beginning of RAW if you ask me. Backstage, Kanyon and Arquette discovered that they had been locked into their dressing room. Back at the ring, Page was dominating the action until a disguised Jarrett hit him with a bottle of something. The Talentless one took the pin. David Arquette was in deep trouble. So was Page, who had to be stretchered away to the hospital. Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan and Mike Awesome were brawling backstage again.

Kidman delivered another of his self-centered rants. The crowd did not appreciate his speech, so he told them he was going to stop talking...but he didn't. He issued an open challenge to any "old, nothing happening, washed up" athlete. Kevin Nash watched this on the monitor and decided to take him up on it. Kidman railed away until the Wolf Pack music struck up and he was struck dumb. Nash took the youngster apart until Konnan and Rey Misterio ran out and changed the odds. But Nash recovered quickly and cleaned house, then went back to beating on Kidman until he split as well. Nash limped up the ramp chasing Konnan and Misterio who fell all over themselves running away from him. They jumped into a pickup truck and tried to drive away but were blocked. Nash was closing in on them as we cut to commercial. After the break we saw video of Nash slapping the crap out of the Misterio.

Vince Russo came to the ring with Liz on her leash and called Lex Luger out. Luger came out with Flair, who was jumped by the Tag Team Champs as Luger continued to the ring, where security troups converged on him. Luger was handcuffed and then punked by Buff and Barf. Russo then released Liz, handed her his baseball bat and ordered to her to whack Luger. She whacked him instead then split. Before the bad guys could react, Kronic (the Brians) hit the ring and tried to attack the Tag Champs. They ended up fighting wih the security guys instead. The police showed up and used mace to subdue the two giants.

Meanwhile, Nash was tearing up the pick-up with a crowbar. Konnan was out cold in the front seat and Misterio was trying to hide underneath.

Vampiro came to the ring to gloat about his victory over Sting. In the middle of his speech the arena went dark and then Sting's music played. Sting rappelled from the rafters with his bat in hand and started wolloping the dead guy. He started to leave but then turned back and dealt out some more punishment. Vamp was left laying in the ring.

Backstage, Russo walked right into Liz's dressing room and got the taste slapped out of his mouth for his trouble.

Next up, Tank Abbott got his match against the World Champion(?). Kanyon tried to accompany him but was sent back. Arquette jumped on Abbott's back but was shrugged off then powerslammed. Arquette tried to come back with a spear but just bounced off (Edge would have bounced further...) Out back, DDP drove up in the ambulance that took him away earlier. His music blasted forth which distracted Abbott. Page appeared from out of the crowd and blindsided Abbott with a Diamond Cutter then put Arquette on him to get the pin. A sign in the audience read, "Arquette 2-0 - Whose next?"

After the break we saw what happened to Jeff Jarrett as he was trying to go rescue Abbott - Scott Steiner caught him and squashed him like a bug. Backstage, "the Perfect One" was about to beat the free throw record when the original Mr. Perfect attacked him and spoiled his count.

Hulk Hogan got Mike Awesome in the ring towards the end of the program. Awesome must be crapping his pants to be in this angle... As has happened previously, Hogan dominated the youngster at first then Awesome recovered and the fight was on. Outside the ring, Hogan got in some chair chots and then started using his weight belt on Awesome. Then Awesome turned the tables and used the buckle to pound on Hogan. But Hogan turned it around and got some more shots with the belt then suplexed Awesome on the floor. The fight was firmly in see-saw mode as Awesome got hold of a chair. Back in the ring, Hogan turned the tables and beat Awesome piller to post. Kidman ran in and tried to deliver a chair shot but was caught and downed. Bischoff arrived as Hogan left the ring to attack Awesome again. Kidman came off the top corner with his chair and Hogan went down. Awesome rolled him back inside and took the pin. That wasn't the end however, Hogan, busted and bleeding returned to the ring and cleared it. A fan ran in and had to be ejected, and then Hogan was subjected to the Bloodbath. New Blood members rushed in and finished punking him as the program faded.

RAWwas live from the Baltimore Arena. Edge and Christian, fresh off of retaining their titles at the Backlash PPV, come down to provide commentary on the opening match - the Dudley Boyz vs. T&A. The Tag Champs are noticibly more cocky then previous. They started talking about "doing a run-in" almost immediately. This was a grudge match after what the Dudleys did to Trish Stratus during the PPV. In the ring it was clear that the Dudleys are the much better team. At ringside, the Tag Champs were putting out an open challenge to any team that wanted to try for the straps. Then they did their run in - Christian distracted the referee while Edge took out Devon so that T&A could win the match.

The Helmsley's came to the ring right after the break, trailed by the rest of the faction. HHH had his left arm in a sling (separated shoulder) and looked different then usual, in other words. HHH took the mic and got the crowd to agree that they were glad to see him as the ex-champ. He was emphasising his consenents again ("...the Rocka didn't getta the jobba done..." like he was talking about a StarWars character in Italian or something.) He went on to predict that the Rock's title reign would be a short one. Stephanie added her two cents, saying she was proud of her loved ones, and especially her husband. Vince lit into the crowd with a big "Shut UP!!", then into Steve Austin, saying that the Rattlesnake would be in for gross bodily harm if he were to show up during the program. He had words for his wife Linda as well, even threatening her, should she appear on RAW. He also mentioned that he intended to deal with Earl Hebner, whom Linda reinstated Sunday night. He then pointed to the steel cage hanging above the ring, and promised that WWF history would be made during the show, and that it would involve the new Champion. backstage, Crash Holly drove up and was assaulted by the parking attendant, who tried to take his title! Holly pulled his usual Houdini impression and escaped.

Too Cool was back, Brian Christopher having recovered from his knee injury. They faced the Hardey Boyz. Too Cool is a hell of a team (and really fun to watch) and dominated the early going...until Matt Hardey upset Scotty's attempt at the worm with a slop drop. They managed to come right back, however. The Hardeys had all they could handle just preventing each other from being pinned. Scotty got another chance to go for the worm and succeeded the second time. In the end, Grand Master Sexay took the pin on Matt in his first match back off of surgery. After the match they danced on their own - their usual dance partner has found someone new these days. Backstage, Vince ordered the Stooges to bring him Earl Hebner.

Hebner was brought before the promoter after the break - Vince ordered Patterson and Brisco to guard the door. McMahon was coldly furious and warned the referee to stay out of his business.

Next up - the Kat and Jaqueline took on Terri Runnels and Ivory. For the opening of the match, Ivory and Jaquie gave us a wrestling exhibition, then Terri was tagged in and ganged up on. Terri tried to retreat up the ramp but the Kat jumped her and brought her back. In the end, Terri and the Kat faced off (neither of them is a wrestler) and the two partners took turns distracting the referee while the other one knocked her opponents partner around and rearranged the one attempting a cover. The Kat pinned Terri to win the match.

Earl Hebner came out to the ring after the break to his own ring announcement. The match was X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho, a contest booked by Vince a few moments before. Jericho had some words for his opponent before he hit the ring. In the match, X-Pac seemed to not be able to get anything right. Time and time again Jericho outwitted him, although he did finally get in a bronco buster on his opponent. X-Pac then refused to let Jericho out of the corner so he and Hebner got into a shoving match and X-Pac was disqualified. The Road Dogg ran in and shoved the referee, who shoved him on his can. A raft of officials ran in to restrain Hebner and Jericho, who were going ballistic at the antics of DX.

Back in the parking lot, the Rock arrived at the arena. He made his way to the ring after the break and delivered a blistering rant against the McMahon-Helmsley faction. This brought the lot of them to the platform, where Vince announced that Maivia would have to defend his World Title against...Shane..? In a cage match - no pinfall or submission. The winner to be the one who escapes the cage first.

Edge and Christian arrived for their Tag Team Title match by coming down the aisle instead of through the crowd. They were cocky and full of beans as they issued an open challenge. The Big Show and Rakishi accepted - the Show has bleached his hair to match his partner and wore Rakishi style tights - called himself "Show-kishi"! They beat the tar out of the champs, who had to resort to a bell-shot to get themselves disqualified to hold onto their titles. They tried to split but the NewNew Age Outlaws caught them and turned them back to suffer the wrath of the two big guys.

Essa Rios got another shot at Eddie G on the program. Lita came to the ring in Chyna's prom gown but it didn't seem to faze the amazon. In fact she calmly helped her man retain his title then stripped the dress off her nemesis. The two victors had a good laugh as the vanquished duo fled up the ramp, Essa Rios copping a feel from his valet under cover of trying to conceal her assets from the crowd.

Tazz challenged Chris Benoit to come out and face him for the IC Title. Of course the Wolverine didn't have to be asked twice. These two are a perfect match for each other and went at it with a vengence until Perry Saturn came out and distracted Tazz. Benoit took a quick pin and the Tazz attacked Saturn out on the floor. Meanwhile, Hardcore Holly ran in and attacked Benoit, then he dived on both Tazz and Saturn leaving all three laying.

Backstage, HHH interrupted a pep talk from head referee Earl Hebner then tried to intimidate the little guy.

In the middle of an interview, Steve Blackman attacked Crash Holly backstage and the Title defense was on. Blackman got hold of some sticks early on and took the advantage. Back at the ring area, Crash turned the tables back but then a bunch of football players starting getting involved! We never saw how the match ended as we went to commercial.

The Rock defended his World Title in a cage against Shane McMahon. This was perhaps the only kind of match that Shane might possible have won against the Rock...and the Stooges showed up in referee shirts in hopes of helping make it happen. Vince got involved shortly after the match got underway - trying to drag Shane out of the cage. But Maivia turned it into a tug-of-war which Vince couldn't win. Meanwhile HHH stuck a stick through the cage to poke at the Champion. When Maivia delivered a DDT and then tried to climb out, HHH poked himj in the gut to cause him to fall back inside. But the ROck got hold of the stick and used it on Shane. Pat Patterson did his thing as the inside referee and prevented Maivia from leaving the cage with a low blow, then tried to shove Shane the rest of the way over the top. Shane almost got out but the Rock grabbed him by the hair and prevented it. He then delivereed the Peoples' Elbow and tried to leave but had the door slammed in his face. HHH entered the ring and attacked Maivia. Suddenly, Earl Hebner was seen heading down the ramp. Gerry Brisco tried to stop him but he got past him and managed to slam the cage door on Shane, who was attempting to leave. The Rock practically vaulted the cage wall to escape and retain his title.

Thunder was on an hour early Wednesday from the legendary Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis Tennessee (taped Tuesday night). It opened with the Millionaires Club backstage along with a few of their hangers-on (Horace Hogan, Kanyon, the Brians and others) waiting for the New Blood to arrive. The mayhem ensued as soon as they did and a few scores were at least partially settled as the old guys dragged their enemies out of their car and beat them down.. Vince Russo was livid after his guys took the beating and ordered them to accompany him to the ring where he set up a series of matches under "New York" rules - no DQ, no referees and participants to count their own pinfalls. Flair made a short defiant staement and then the old guys charged the ring forcing the bad guys to flee for their safety.

Jeff Jarrett challenged Chris Kanyon to take him on in the first of these no DQ matches. Kimberly took the mic and basically credited herself for all of DDP's success. Jarrett and Kanyon started their match in the aisle and then took it into the ring where Kanyon pretty much dominated the action. Jarrett gained a brief advantage by tossing his opponent out of the ring but then Kanyon started to make a comeback. Just then DDP ran in and delivered a Diamond Cutter on Jarrett, setting Kanyon up for an easy win.

Backstage, Russo warned the Wall not to let him down...

Russo dragged Liz to the ring area and joined the broadcast team. This match was the Wall vs. Lex Luger in a Table match - naturally, the Nature Boy came out to watch his partner's back. Russo kept distracting the Package but at the same time Flair was trying to get Russo at every opportunity. In the ring, Luger got the Wall into the Rack but Russo cut that short by cracking him with his bat. As Luger dropped his opponent the latter fell through one of the tables at ringside so Luger won the match despite Russo's best efforts. Afterward Russo challenged Flair to five minutes in the ring then shoved Liz in front of him as Flair charged the ring. Liz managed to deliver a low blow on Russo which allowed Flair to get his finishing move on Russo. The Tag Team Champs ran in to attack Flair but then the Brians appeared to even the odds. Flair was down and Kidman came out to the platform to tell him, "I'm going to make your a$$ famous..." This led to the next match...

...which was Kidman vs. Flair in yet another "New York" rules match. Kidman came off as very cocky throughout the contest and it tripped him up on several occasions. Konnan and Rey Misterio ran in to attack Flair, but then Kevin Nash appeared and stymied them both. Hulk Hogan ran in and chased Kidman from the ring then Mike Awesome ran in only to be on the receiving end of Nash's jack knife powerbomb. Nash declared Awesome to be the winner due to "Outsider" interference.

Diamond Dallas Page was waiting in the ring for a match with Vampiro when Sting cut the dead man off and punked him then gave him a little of his own bloodbath medicine. He then rolled Pages opponent into the ring so the Diamond man could Diamond Cut and pin him. One more for the Millionaire's club...

Backstage Russo was having a cow at his boys while in the other dressing room the Millionaire's Club was celebrating their victories over the New Blood at every turn.

Mike Awesome came out hoping to do better this time...holding his aching back as he hobbled down the ramp. He grabbed the mic and revealed that he was to face Sting in the next match. The lights started to strobe and Sting appeared on the platform then headed for the ring. Awesome attacked the Stinger as soon as he entered the ring and it looked like maybe the New Blood would finally get a victory...but no, Sting made a big time recovery and was all over his opponent. Awesome tried to escape to the outside but the Misfits climbed the railing and started beating on him then rolled him into the ring where Sting hit the Stinger Splash then slapped on the Scorpion until Awesome tapped out.

There was more chaos in the bad guy's dressing room but Russo was considerably calmer as he sent Scott Steiner out to face Hulk Hogan. Big Poppa Pump couldn't pass up the chance to make one of his faintly obscene rants directed at his opponent. Hogan ran down and the fight went right into the crowd where Hugh Morrus lent Hogan a hand. Back in the ring, Hogan and Morrus doubleteamed on Steiner - these New York matches were no DQ so anyone could get involved. Steiner gave up and walked away, Morrus counted him out of the ring and another victory was chalked up for the Millionaire's Club. In the back, Eric Bischoff was heard to tell someone on the phone to "...get over here." Steiner arrived backstage and was all over Russo and Bischoff for failing to watch his back.

Buff and Barf came out after the break. In the back a mysterious limo pulled up but we didn't get to see who was in it. The opponents for the Tag Champs were the Brians (Kronic...whatever...) who started by eliminating Bagwell then ganging up on Douglas. Buff recovered and brawled with Brian Adams on the outside while Douglas took on Brian Clark in the ring, Then they all changed places. Eventually, Buff got his Blockbuster on Clark and Shane tried to make the count but Adams prevented it. The "Franchise" was subjected to Kronics' version of the H Bomb and he was pinned. Kronic walked off with the Tag Belts afterward. Backstage, Bischoff was telling his troups to trust him because he had a plan...

After the break we saw the New Blood heading into the arena with weapons in hand - pipes, 2x4's, hammers, bats, etc. They invaded the ring and Bischoff made a speech. He told the Millionaires' Club that if they wanted guerrilla warfare...they could have it. Ric Flair appeared on the platform leading the old guys - his proposal - an over-the-top last man standing battle royal to determine the World Title contender for the Great American Bash. Bischoff accepted and the melee was on. This time there were referees to call the eliminations. Somehow, most of the weapons failed to come into play. I noticed that Curt Hennig was playing a key role - running over to change the odds everytime one of the Millionaires got into trouble. Kanyon was almost the first one eliminated by Mike Awesome, but he managed to swing back in under the bottom rope. The match started out 11 on 11 but then Harlem Heat, the Marmalukes and the Harris Twins and Norman Smiley joined the bad guys side. Hugh Morrus was the first one eliminated. The ring was so full of bodies that most of them could barely move. Outside the ring, Flair was starting to take people out with a lead pipe. Kanyon was the next one eliminated. Flair finally entered the ring where Tank Abbott giot the pipe away from him. Hennig was thrown out and also Horace. At this point it was about 20 to 8 in favor of the New Blood. Most of them were just milling around, however. Kronic were eliminated just as we cut to commercial.

Sting was in possession of the lead pipe as we returned and was laying about with it energetically. Buff Bagwell was eliminated and the Package started beating on him outside the ring. Meanwhile, Vampiro eliminated Sting but the latter then dragged Vamp out over the top and they brawled on the outside. Now Madusa and Aysa were seen joining the frey on the side of the Millionaires. Mona then ran out and attacked Aysa. Abbott appeared to be unable to decide what side he was on at this point. Leave it to him to not get the concept of this match. Hacksaw Duggan came stalking in with his 2x4 and started eliminating bad guys right and left. He eliminated Abbott and chased him away from the ring. In the back, someone emerged from the limo but we were not allowed to see who it was. Back in the ring the ranks were really thinning out now. We continued to watch the lower legs of the mystery man until he emerged from the entryway - it was the Macho Man!!! He went straight to the ring and started attacking the New Blood!!! He eliminated Chris Candido then went after Shane Douglas, then he left the ring. DDP and Jarrett were eliminated simultaneously. All that were left in the ring were Flair, Hogan, Kidman and Douglas. Tony was saying, "Isn't this ironic..." Well, no's called booking... Now Bret Hart ran out with a chair and waffled Hulk Hogan, eliminating him. Hogan didn't seem to care as he conitinued to attack Kidman on the floor. Flair and Douglas were lef as Russo entered the ring with his bat and...hit the wrong guy!! Flair used the bat to eliminate Douglas and win the match. Jarrett and DDP were seen climbing a light tower - Page was thrown off. Meanwhile Savage came in to raise Flair's hand while Hogan was suplexing Kidman. But Bischoff hit Hogan with a bat and he crashed through the announce booth. Savage came out to help Hogan up and things were in chaos as the program ended.


On SmackDown recaps of Monday's action opened the program which was taped Tuesday night at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia. Again, Earl Hebner got his own entrance introduction - in his home town this time. First up, a rematch between current IC Champ Chris Benoit and the Millenium Bug. The two got into a slug fest and rolled right out of the ring in the first minute of the match. Back inside they engaged in a chop-off, then Jericho delivered a powerbomb. The match continued in see-saw mode until Benoit eventually took control. But his advantage was short lived, Jericho recovered after a couple of exchanges. Benoit suffered a bloody nose early on in the match and was bleeding profusely throughout the contest. Benoit ended up bathed in the stuff. As Jericho was ejected from the ring, Benoit picked that moment to try and intimidate the referee. Not a good move. Hebner shoved back and the distracted Benoit was surprised and pinned. Jercho is the Champion again!

The MH Faction made their entrance after the first break. Vince made a speech putting down Earl Hebner, and by extension, his home town. He decided to book a wrestling match with Hebner as a competitor. The match was made for Hebner and the Rock against the NewNew Age Outlaws plus HHH...for the WWF Title (hmmmm...where have I heard this scenerio before..?)

Backstage, the Tag Champs were getting facials to try and clean up after being "stink-faced" by Rakishi.

Eddie G and his "Mamacita" faced Essa Rios and Lita in an intergender Tag Team contest. Lita proved to be reluctant to even enter the ring when faced with their opposition. But then she stole Chyna's roses and tossed them out to the crowd. Still she remained hesitant and managed to keep herself officially out of the match until right at the very end, when Chyna was temporarily laid low. Chyna recovered and Lita was powerbombed, then pressed slammed face first, rolled over and pinned.

Kirk Angel came down to deliver his bi-weekly rant and then stuck around to take on Hardcore Holly, who dominated the early going with a concerted attack until the fight spilled to the outside, where Holly was smashed into the ring steps. Back inside, Angle's superior wrestling skills were beginning to tell the tale, but then he hurt his knee (supposedly). The referee got between them and provided distraction so that Angle could conme back on the blindside and take the pin. Afterward, Holly suplexed his opponent onto a chair.

Edge and Christian faced Rakishi in handicap match. I'm not really sure which side was handicapped, actually. In no time Rakishi had wiped out the affect of the facial that Edge had subjected himself to. A double team effort put the Champs in the driver's seat for a while but then Edge launched himself right into the ring post. The Champs were counted out of the ring giving Rakishi the win - but then they took it out on the victor with a bell shot. Too Cool ran in and cleared the ring so the boys could do their dance.

Backstage the Dudleys had a little confrontation with Stephanie and Tori, who called them "pathetic". Devon restrained Bubba from laying hands on Stephanie (the boss's daughter and all that) as the girls turned to go.

The Hardeys had a match with T&A and dominated the action against the bigger, slower team. T&A had their moments, but they were clearly doomed from the get-go. They punked their opponents in futile protest afterward.

The Big Show came out as Show-nan the Barbarian - complete with horned helmet and fur breeches and boots. His opponent was Bull "aka Sacrificial Lamb" Buchanan (does anyone remember this guy was Recon of the truth commission?), who came to the ring with a metal baton to take the immediate advantage for about...oh maybe half a second. The angry giant then delivered two chokeslams on the hapless Buchanan and pinned him.

Backstage, Vince started out sweet-talking his recalcitrant referee, but it was evident that he was being sarcastic (I think...)

Dean Malenko attacked Crash Holly in a kids romper room backstage and the Hardcore Title match of the evening was on. It proceeded to the ring where Saturn decided to join the frey, causing a falling out with his Radical team mate and distracting both of them so that Crash could get the pin on Malenko. The two Radicals started brawling afterward.

Backstage, the Big Show asked Shane what he thought of his antics of late - Shane didn't like it, and was insulting about it. The scene switched to the Rock with Earl Hebner and Kevin Kelly. Maivia delivered a rather abreviated rant.

The main event started with about 18 minutes remaining in the program. The Rock and Earl Hebner vs. DX with the MH Faction at ringside. HHH proved to be the weak link as Maivia tore off his sling and started working on his injured shoulder. Naturally, the Rock chose to keep Hebner out of it as much as possible. So he was outnumbered greatly throughout the contest. Especially on several occasions when he tossed out to the floor to be worked over. When they finally got Hebner into the ring it was no use because he wasn't the legal man. In the midst of chaos, Chris Jericho suddenly arrived and waded right into the middle of the melee. He ended up in a slugfest with Vince McMahon of all people. In the ring, Maiva hit the rock bottom on X-Pac and pinned him. Afterward the bad guys ganged up on the good guys and punked them. Hebner was bleeding from the nose and mouth before it was over. Then HHH delivered a pedegree on the poor man onto a steel chair. Rakishi ran down and waded in followed by the Big Show who paid Shane back for his unkind comments with a big headbutt. Even the two big guys were overwhelmed by the numbers. Maivia recovered for a moment then was put down again - then the Dudleys ran in and chased the Faction from the ring area. The good guys then did a number on the Stooges who were left behind in the confusion. This included a Bubba Ray table shot on Gerry Brisco. Hebner was stretchered out of the arena by EMTs with Maivia's assistance.

ECW on TNN opened with a recap of the World Title situation before the opening montage. The program was taped in Phoughkeepsie, New York. Joel and Joey were in the ring for the introductions then brought tyhe new World champ and his female companion, whats-her-name. Styles questioned Justine Credible about what he did to the World Tag Team Titles. Before he could fully respond, Lance Storm and his squeeze appeared and strolled to the ring. The Impact Players seem to have dissolved before our very eyes. Storm was coldly livid as he demanded a shot at the World Title. One little slap to the face caused the all hell to break loose and the two started rolling around the ring. Naturally, on cue, Francine and Dawn marie got it on as well. They were separated and then Raven ran in to attack Credible. Storm took Raven out and then Jazz ran in and slammed Dawn Marie - only to take a boot to the face from Storm. Kid Cash appeared out of nowhere and fought with Storm while Tommy Dreamer ran in and started brawling with Credible out on the floor as we cut to commercial.

They were still brawling around the arena as we returned as Storm and Kid Cash continued to wrestle in the ring. Dreamer and Credible disappeared from view so the cameras concentrated on the match in the ring, which Storm dominated. A little distraction by the girls eventually gave Storm the chance to hit a side kick then a piledriver to win the match.

Electra and Paul E's little brother treated "That Guy" to a little debauchery - the purpose off which wasn't really clear.

Scotty Riggs (Anton...whatever...) faced Jerry Lynn in the second match of the evening. Lynn seemed to be holding his ribs a lot, looks like that old injury hasn't quite heeled yet. Anton's style shows us a lot of economy of motion but proved very effective against Lynn in this one. Lynn was basically all over the place, while Scotty just waited for him to come in then would wallop him. We watched this match in snippits as we went commercial twice during the fight. Suddenly Rhino ran in and gored Scotty right into a table he had set up in the corner earlier. He then piledrove Anton which allowed Lynn to take the pin. Cyrus then appeared and attempted to enlist Lynn on the side of the "Network". But the "New f'n show" was having none of it as Rhino continued to pound on Anton in the ring. Rob Van Dam ran out to attack Rhino and chased him from the ring leaving Cyrus in deep doodoo for a moment until the rest of Cyrus' entourage charged the ring.

The next thing we know, Tajiri was in the ring and on the receiving end of a rant from Steve Corino. Tajiri's answer was to pop the top off a can of beer - the signal for Sandman to make his usual rambling, beer swilling, cigarette smoking way to the ring. As usual, this halts all action in the ring (does anyone understand why that always happens..?) This takes a full five minutes or more to complete. This turns out to be a tag match...sort of...really it is a match between Rhino and Tajiri with the Sandman brawling on the outside with Steve Corino. Later they adjourned to their corners and the both tagged in and went at it some more. Theirs was a see-saw battle as Sandman's wife Lori showed up with a length of guardrail which Sandman dragged into the ring and used with a vengence. Corino was probably starting to regret getting into this fight. Lori proved that she could swing a mean cane. Meanwhile, Sandman got a table set up in the corner just in time to step aside and allow Rhino to throw himself through the piece of furniture. Sandman and tajiri set Corino up on a table and then Tajiri laid a flying stomp on him to break the table and then take the pin.

And that was it, except for an ending rant by Gertner.

I'll be back on Sunday for the WCW PPV. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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