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The Von Erich Family's Sad History: Part 7

from the Dallas Observer, Nov. 20-26, 1997

Volume 5, Issue 574 - June 24, 2000
Editor's Note: As I announced on Monday night, I am going out of town this weekend on business. I have since then been asked to extend my stay in Denver by one more day, which will mean that I won't be returning until Tuesday evening. For this reason there will be no King of the Ring report and I will be cancelling the Monday Night Wars edition this coming week. The Weekend Edition will appear as scheduled and I will have some commentary concerning those programs in that issue.

This rather hefty edition opens with another chapter in the Von Erich Family saga and then part 2 of Ervin Griffins commentary. Enjoy...


(Dallas Observer, Nov. 20-26, 1997)

By Robert Wilonsky

Part 7

In 1993, his mother told The Dallas Morning News that Chris' death was, in all likelihood, almost an accident. She believed he was "toying with the weapon when the gun went off," and she didn't believe "what he said in the note he left was with conviction."

Kevin also never thought Chris meant to kill himself. To believe that a beloved brother had died by his own hand was just too difficult for him to.

By the early 1990s, Kevin Von Erich was almost wiped out by wrestling. The business had changed dramatically since the birth of Jack's WCCW. Now he had the mighty WWF and WCW to contend with, each with their cushy cable-TV deals and marketing gimmicks. The regional promoters were dying in the main, losing their audiences and their wrestlers--to the Vince McMahons and Ted Turners of the wrestling world.

Jack had enough of wrestling after Mike's death. He no longer wanted to book his sons, and his business sense began to fail him. Fed up, he turned the promotion over to Kevin and Kerry--who then teamed up with a Tennessee based promoter named Jerry Jarrett. The brothers ended up suing Jarrett, claiming he had swindled money from the WCCW and cut the brothers out of bookings in the very organization they had helped build. Jarrett said that he had rescued the WCCW, that the brothers weren't showing up for bookings, and that when they did, "they were not in a physical or mental shape to wrestle."

The suit was eventually dropped, but Jarrett likely had a point. Kerry was then in the WWF, and Kevin had exhausted himself trying to keep up the promotion in his brothers' absence. Sometimes he would wrestle three times a night in three different small towns; he became the franchise, the sole heir. Either Kevin fulfilled the obligations, or the family went broke. He found himself shooting up more and more with painkiller. He limped during the day and faked his way to victory in the ring. He took matches he shouldn't have, risking more concussions and injuries.

"Money was the only thing I got out of it," Kevin says. "But money was good, because it was money for the family. The family was hurtin'. With my brothers going down, the family needed me. So you just dig down and get it up, pull it out."

A bad concussion caused Kevin to be banned from wrestling in Texas, so he decided he'd just fight in Japan instead. "Over there, there are all those shooters," recalls Kevin, "and they like to kick you in the ribs and in the head. Well, the first night, the first match, my back was to the mat...and I got kicked right in the ear, and it was a terrible. And so I had headaches, I was throwing up all the time, so the Jatpanese matches are what made me get out of it."

Kerry was also in no shape to wrestle, much less walk. The motorcycle accident he suffered in 1986 had cost him his foot--and, in the process, turned him into a drug addict. By 1991, his wife of a decade, Cathy, left him and took their two daughters. She demanded he pay $2,500 a month in child support--which was nowhere near what he was spending on cocaine.

He was arrested in 1992 in Richardson for forging prescriptions for Vicodin and Valium. After a stint in the Betty Ford Clinic, he received a 10-year suspended prison sentence. Four months later, on January 13, 1993, the cops pulled him over and found cocaine and a syringe in his car.

February 18, 33-year-old Kerry went out to his father's house, secretly took a pistol he had given to Jack as a Christmas present, borrowed his, and drove out into the mesquite. He put a single .44-caliber bullet in his heart.

Kerry had warned Kevin he was going to kill himself--though Kevin couldn't bring himself to warn his father. Why upset the old man if Kerry was just kidding? But it wasn't as though Kerry hid his suicidal longings: He gave hints, left notes, and whispered to those around him that he was thinking of ending his life. But no one believed someone as strong as Kerry, who was the closest of all the sons to Jack, would actually become the thirdboy to kill himself. Such things just don't--can't--happen. Only they did.

The last time Kevin wrestled in Dallas was shortly after Kerry's death. The management at the Sportatorium scheduled a Kerry Von Erich memorial match and asked Kevin to attend, though he wanted no part of it. He was sick of, sick to death of it. His family had disappeared in just a few short years--no way in hell he was going near the Sportatorium, a place invested with memories that were beginning to rot.

"I sure hated that, but I did come back and wrestle," Kevin says. "It was hard to get into that ring. I can't explain it. It was hard to do it...It brought up those memories of the brothers and all that."

To be continued...

A Reader Responds II

Opinion by Ervin Griffin


Last time, I said that WCW has had a lot of problems since around 1997 when they were at their peak. I also think that championships are a source of the problem too. They almost mean nothing anymore in WCW or WWF. But, I am breaking down the main champions in the world heavyweight, secondary and tag team divisions. Bear in mind, these are my opinions only and do not reflect the views of Earl Oliver or anyone associated with Solie's Vintage Wrestling:


WCW: Jeff Jarrett
WWF: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Both are heels and both have been multiple world champions in a short time. Both have factions backing them up. Triple H has the McMahon family (save Linda McMahon) and DX while "The Chosen One" has Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and The New Blood in his corner. Jarrett is a much better performer thought Triple H is very much improved there. Hunter, to me though, draws more heel heat than Jarrett. You really want to see him get the crap kicked out of him. Jarrett draws heat only because of his opponents, not really because of anything that he does. In terms of championship quality, I have to say (IMO) that Triple H is the better of the two. True, while both men use their entourage and other illegal means to their advantage, Triple H has actually won some matches on his own. In fact, with the exception of the first time and the fourth time he won the WWF title, Triple H won matches virtually on his own. Jeff Jarrett has yet to win a World title match in WCW without the help of the New Blood. Jarrett has patterned some of his style after Ric Flair but Triple H fits the mold better than Jarrett does. That mold is a "cheater than can win his own matches when he choses too". Flair perfected this art and both men are following it. Still, at this point, I give Hunter more credit than "The Chosen One".


WWF Intercontental Champion: Chris Benoit
WCW United States Champion: Scott Steiner

This one's dead even here. WWF I-C Champion Chris Benoit and WCW United States Champion Scott Steiner have simply been awesome but for different reasons. Benoit's combination of mat skills, power and high risk skills reached true maturity during his latter days in WCW and they have continued into the WWF. His match with Chris Jericho at the recent WWF Judgement Day was, in the view of many, the best match on the card. "Big Poppa Pump", while not the agile muscleman he was earlier in his career, is still a site to look at. The element that is scary with Steiner is that not only is he big and powerful but he can wrestle in a legit contest too!! That's pretty frightening when you consider that he could just overpower most of his opponents. Between these two, I have to call it a draw. Benoit is quicker and more speed but Steiner is crafty and has more strength. Both are great secondary champions that could easily be the world champions one day (Benoit was briefly WCW World Champion).

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS WCW: Perfect Event (Shawn Stasiak/Jake Pulombo)
WWF: Too Cool (Brian Christopher/Scott Taylor)

Hands down here!! While Pulombo and Stasiak have more power, that's all they really have over Too Cool. TC is more over with the crowd than the former two and is a more experienced team. The best team in WCW right now is Kronic and really they should have the belts. Had they been champions, I would've picked WCW over the WWF here but with Perfect Event as champions, its WWF all the way as just about any of their tag teams would kill those two!!

Hey, if anyone has an opinion on this, e-mail Solie's mailroom or e-mail me directly at

Ervin Griffin is Solie's resident wrestling historian. His articles on the careers of the Road Warriors, the Midnight Express, Sting and Bret Hart and his History of Starrcade can be found in the Articles section of the web site. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Weekend Report

Thunder opens with the requisite video recap of Nitro then cuts to the Campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana where the program was taped on Tuesday.

Rick Steiner appears on the platform and heads to the ring to face his erstwhile partner and friend, Talentless Tank. But first he makes a speech, dissing Abbott for deserting him on Monday during their Tag Team Title match. He means to end their partnership on a violent note. As the match gets started the Talentless one surprises us by going into a submission wrestling style. This is Steiner's own style and is not really effective on him - so Tank coldcocks him. But then he walks away allowing Steiner to recover and rise to his feet rather shakily. Amoment later we realize that Steiner is playing possum - as Tank moves in, Steiner ducks his follow up blow and then hits a belly-to-back suplex. Abbott is doing some shaking of is own at this point and moments later the Dog Face Gremlin applies his off-the-top bulldog and takes the pin. Unless I am mistaken this is only the second time Abbott has been pinned since entering WCW - the first time was by Goldberg. As the announcers are summing up, Abbott suddenly comes into camera range and launches himself over the broadcast position, causing the announcers to scatter. Abbott dragged a fan over the railing and beat on him until security personnel hauled him away.

In the back Jeff Jarrett meets the Cat arriving by limo and tells him to make a Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner match for the Bash. Miller demures, saying he would rather make the match for tonight in order to keep the ratings up in Eric Bischoff's absense.

The Tag Team Chumps are in the control truck again. Palumbo pushes the wrong button and causes a pyro effect to burst from the corner posts in the ring, causing David Penzer to fall down in surprise.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring to sing his own praises. The Cat and Awesome are with him. He addresses Hulk Hogan concerning their upcoming World Title match, saying that he plans to bring his own "fat lady" to sing just for Hogan. Awesome takes the mic and rants away at Scott Steiner, reminding him that he has a bad back and threatening to put him out of wrestling. The Cat takes over and tells us what is in store for the main event tonight. I can't believe how much this guy has improved in his new role. He has finally become the kind of heel you love to hate instead of the kind you just want to turn off... He books a tag match for Kevin Nash/Scotrt Steiner vs. Jarrett/Awesome.

Backstage, Capt. Rection lines the Misfits up and gives them their marching orders for the evening. They have some kind of mixed tag match against the Filthy Animals. He reminds them that the Cat's no interference rule is still in effect so they need to maintain discipline. In another part of the building, Terry Funk has taken Johnny the Bull under his wing and is "training" him for hardcore wrestling. Tonights lesson involves how to take trash can shots (ouch!)

The mixed tag match is a three way dance piting Tigress/Rey-Rey vs. Chavo/Major Guns vs Paisley/The Artist. It looks like the match is going to start between the Guns and Tigress, but then Tigress steps out tabbing in Misterio. So she sweet talks him then delivers a low blow. The fight gets started in earnest at this point and becomes a bit to fast to call. Some of the highlights are Paisley putting a very effective scoop slam on Tigress and then Lance Storm running in right after the Artist gets the pin on Misterio. Storm clears the ring except for the Artist, who gets a bit of offense before the former ECW Tag Team Champ ejects him as well. As Tenay put it, "Storm struck like lightning on Thunder..."

In the back, Dale Torborg (aka Demon) finds Vampiro's hearse and searches it for his missing fiance. He finds her ear ring.

Vampiro is making his entrance after the break when Torborg attacks him on the ramp and drags him down to ringside. In the ring, he continues his assault, pausing to shout, "Where is she?" from time to time. Vampiro makes some space between them then produces the second ear ring. This gives Torborg pause. Vamp tells him that he has Aysa and that nobody will see her again if anything happens to him. He tells Torborg that he likes him, because they are a lot alike. He seems to be inviting Torborg to join him in "sick freakdom". He orders Torborg from the ring telling him not to look back at the cost of never recovering his girlfriend. Backstage, Shane Douglas suggests to the Cat that he book a handicap match - Bam Bam Bigalow and Chris Candido against Buff Bagwell. The Cat agrees but appropriates the idea as being his own...

After the break, Vampiro has Torborg drive the hearse as they go in search of Aysa. Vamp tells Torborg that he has to "go through everything she went through since Monday..." This scenerio is strangly familiar - a take off on a European movie I saw once in which the murderer of a man's fiance forces him to experience what she went through in order to find out what happened to her. The movie was later remade in America with Beau Bridges as the psychotic killer...

Tonights Hardcore Title match is between Vito and the Wall fought under the new Hardcore rules which dictate that all matches must start in the backstage area and then make their way to the ring, which is pre-littered with weapons. Vito is surprisingly effective against the big guy in the opening moments and even dominates the first few exchanges in the ring, but the Wall makes a comeback and the action goes into see-saw mode. In the end, the Wall was trying to mount the corner when Vito caught him there and managed to powerbomb him through a table in the ring to win the match.

Backstage, Goldberg responds to a discreet knock on his door by his security phalanx by man-handling two of them then ordering the rest to stay behind as he stalks toward the ring. In the ring he delivers a rant directed at his opponent for the PPV, Kevin Nash, calling him a manipulator and a game player and lumping Scott Hall in the same catagory. His new tag line is, "Fear This!"

In the back, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash arrive together, unaware that they are being observed by Goldberg in his limo.

The handicap match is hardly that since Candido has his arm in a cast. This starts out essentially as a singles match between Bagwell and Bigalow with Candido interefering from time-to-time. Eventually Candido gets into the ring, but mostly just to take part is double team moves with his partner. In any case, Bagwell dominates most of the match and is getting into position to put the blockbuster on Bigalow when Douglas runs in with a pipe and whacks him. Bigalow applies his "Greeting from Asbury Park" and takes the pin.

In the back, Daffney arrives and is immediately hugged by her "fiance". She pulls away and slaps him then tells him she saw him with Miss Hancock on Monday night. He protests his innocence rather feebly... Later he convinces her that it was a stagehand she saw with the "other woman".

"Positively" Kanyon comes to the ring and starts reading passages from "his book" which refer to Booker T in the most unflattering terms. This brings Booker T to the ring (yes, that's what they are calling him again) and the fight is on until Kanyon delivered a "book shot". Booker goes down like a shot then Kanyon reveals that the book has a brick in it. Out back, David Flair and Daffney are getting ready to leave the arena when he says he has to go back and take care of something. He leaves her in the car and goes to the control truck, where he accuses the engineer of trying to undermine him then shaves his head and the Tag Team Chumps look on laughing.

Backstage, the Cat takes Shane Douglas to task for interfering in the handicap match and threatens to fire him...but then relents and agrees to keep him on if he will face Kronic in a three-way-dance. In the control truck, the engineer gets tired of the Chumps razzing him so he gets up and leaves, locking them in the truck. Uh oh...that means the Chumps have control of the board... Mayne they'll screw up the audio so we don't have to listen to Three Count's debut of their new "hit" single. No such luck...we end up listening to almost the whole awfull thing. Everyone in the back hates their song except Talentless Tank, who is groovin' to the beat. Suddenly the music ends and Kronic attacks the threesome. In the back, Tank is outraged. Back in the ring, Kronic is tearing their victims apart. Having cleared the ring they then challenge Shane Douglas to come on down. Douglas appears but is reluctant to enter the ring. In fact he turns and starts to leave...but Buff meets him on the ramp and drags him back and delivers him into Kronics' clutches. This is supposed to be a three way - but really it is a handicap match, as could have been expected. Adams eventually takes the pin. After the match we here cartoon music and the Tag Team Chumps appear on the Jumbo-tron maiking fun of the guys in the ring. Kronic heads for the truck and at that point the Chumps discover that they are locked inside as we cut to commercial.

After the break, the engineers unlock the truck and allow the Brians to storm in. Meanwhile, somewhere in the dark, Vampiro and Torborg have arrived at their destination. Torborg leaves the car and finds a grave with an open coffin. Vampiro hits him with a shovel then brings Aysa to stay with his unconscious form while he drives away. She is bound at the wrists and is yelling for help as we cut to another commercial.

The main event is the big tag match featuring Nash/Steiner vs. Jarrett/Awesome. The Cat comes to the ring and then joins the announce team for this one. Steiner gets his shot at Jarrett first and simply detroys him with suplexes and forearms to his skinny chest (figuratively speaking, of course). Nash then takes over and Jarrett is really on the receiving end. The good guys seem determined to isolate the World Champ and are largely successful. Awesome finally gets in against Nash but doesn't fare much better then his partner. In the end all semblance of order breaks down and Steiner ends up pinning Jarrett. Then he puts the Steiner Recliner on him which brings the Cat into the ring. He threatens a side kick but Steiner drops the hold and spears him. Then he applies the Steiner Recliner on the Cat. Awesome comes in and attacks then Nash recovers from a bump on the floor and together they drive the bad guys from the ring. Goldberg appears on the platform and shouts, "My time, we do it on my time..." Nash is leaving the ring and heading after him as the program fades.

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SmackDown was taped on Tuesday in Memphis, TN at the Pyramid and the WWF went back to its tried and true formula of opening the program with an appearance by the McMahon/Helmsley Faction for their initial rants for the evening. HHH is against the idea of putting his World Title on the line at the PPV - but he is resigned to it, and mentions that the way the match is structured will work against his opponents. When Vince gets his chance to speechify he lays down his idea that "family" is the most important thing - more then money, or titles, or even health or happiness. He then expresses his confidence that his family is capable of meeting any he books a match for himself Shane and HHH against the Rock, Kane and Undertaker! HHH is livid - Shane leaves! Gets in a car and threatens to drive away!!

The opening match was an intergender tag team contest. T&A/Trish vs the Hardeys/Lita. What a confrontation...three very talented wrestlers on one side, two big men (one fairly competent) and a girl whow hits a girl, on the other. This match is a farce so of course the ending matches the fight. After sneaking in and out of the ring to avoid a fight throughout, Trish gets caught and squashed in a three car pile-up. Lita is about to take her out when Albert grabs her and chokeslams her, then rolls Trish on top for the pin. He then hauls her away, being carefull to keep his hand off her butt as he passes into camera range.

In the back, Gerald Brisco is looking for his fellow Stooge with murder in his eye.

Edge and Christian show up dressed as the old fat Elvis and the old fatter Elvis right after the "real" King, Jerry Lee Lewis is shown in the audience. Their opponents, Too Cool, come to the ring dressed as...uh...Too Cool. Actually this is a singles match between Christian and Grand Master Sexay. As usual, both tag team partners get involved throughout the match so it really is a two-on-two contest of sorts. The match is pretty evenly fought - in the end it requires a double reverse to end the thing - "Edgevis" puts one of his wimpy spears on young Master Lawler (it actually looks more formidable with him wearing all that girth!) but then Scotty wallops Christian with the ring bell giving Grand Master the win.

Backstage, Terri tries to convince Dean Malenko to join her in a mixed tag match against the Kat and a partner. He is busy getting a massage from three lovelies, but abandons them to follow Terri. Meanwhile Brisco is looking for Patterson in the ice machine... HHH, Shane and Stephanie are trying to figure out what Vince is up to.

Eddie Guerrero defends his European Title against the Big Boss Man on the program. About half way through the match, the Boss Man decides to pick on someone more his own size - so he goes after Chyna down on the floor. She gives as good as she gets but he is bigger and decks her. Meanwhile Val Venis runs into the ring and attacks Guerrero giving him the win by DQ. In the back, Terri is taunting the Kat while a strange looking "woman" reads a magazine in the corner. Actually, she doesn;t so much look strange as strangely like...Pat Patterson...

Rikishi ggets another shot at Chris Benoit's Intercontinental Title and despite Benoit's relentless attack on the big guy's already injured shoulder, the Samoan star manages to pull it off! As Benoit went for the Crippler Crossface, Rikishi spun out of his grip and countered with a belly-to-belly suplex then sat on him off the second rope. Benoit never even moved as he was counted out. Rikishi is the new IC Champ! After the match Too Cool joined their pal in the ring for a victory dance - but Benoit goes berzerk with a chair and breaks that up in a hurry.

Hardcore (the Bigshot) Holly comes to the ring and challenges Chris Jericho to come out and face him in the ring. Jericho is quick on the uptake, of course, and skips the usual clever rant to run straight to the ring and attack his tormentor. His assault is short lived as Holly almost immediately takes the advantage and dominates most of the match. In fact, Jericho doesn't seem to be able to steal a march on Holly and any point in the contest. It looks like Holly has been studying video on his opponent. The Millenium Bug finally starts to mount a comeback, but Stephanie runs down and whacks him with her Womens' Title belt. That slows him down for about 4 seconds, then he comes back with a Lionsault and takes the pin. Backstage the Kat is having trouble making Taka Michinoku understand that she wants him as her partner for the mixed tag match. She finally grabs him by his sweat shirt and just drags him toward the ring.

Dean Malenko runs into the ring and attacks Taka right out of the chute, taking him out to the floor and suplexing him onto the ramp. Taka is unable to continue and is carried away! This leaves the Kat to face Malenko and Terri alone...a perfect opportunity for Jerry Lawler to insight his hometown crowd by abandoning his post (funny how he just happened to be wearing wrestlig tights) and going to the rescue of his real life girlfriend. The crowd goes wild as Lawler turns into the King they all remember - pulling his strap down and going to town on the Light Heavyweight Champion. With Malenko out of the way temporarily, Lawler drags Terri into the ring then throws her down so the Kat can pin her. Malenko recovers and attacks the King from behind, setting him up for Terri to put the bronco buster on him. But the Kat tuns the tables with a low blow that sends Malenko tumbling to the floor then pulls Terri off by the hair. Lawler is left grinning raptly in the corner...

Backstage, the "Fink" is being...well...a fink - he tells Brisco where to find Patterson then suggests a way that he can get in there to grab his former friend.

The New New Age Outlaws come to the ring as video of their recent "dumpster" atack on the Dudleys is shown. The Road Dogg is here to face Devon Dudley in a singles match. It looks like Bubba is still hurting from his previous rib injury, but that doesn't stop him from setting up a table on the floor as the match gets underway. In the end the Dogg won the match after much cheating, won the fight and thre table didn't get used. The Dudleys attack after the match and try to put Tori through a table in the ring but the NNAO broke that up. Afterward, the Bubba took out his ire on the ring announcer - and the table in the ring does get used after all.

Backstage, Brisco is dresed up in a long black wig and grabs his pet referee to follow him into the ladies dressing room. He attacks Patterson and the ugliest catfight you ever saw gets underway. Fortunately, Patterson throws powder into the frey which partially obscures the sight. As they fight out into the hall, Vince comes along on his way to the ring. He is not in a good mood and decides that there will be a Hardcore Title Evening Gown match at the PPV this Sunday.

The Rock is interviewed backstage and promises to become the World Champion again on Sunday in his own inimitable way.

The main event is when we expect to finally find out what Vince was thinking of when he made this ridiculous match. And sure enough we do. Before the match can get started he abruptly changes the rules, calling it a handicap match and sending all of the Faction's various allies in to attack the Unholy Alliance in the ring. In no time it is a 9 on 3 situation with T&A, Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian, Boss Man and the Bull all joining in the action. In no time the ring is cleared and the Rock is laying in the ring, being set up for Shane's flying elbow drop then Vince delivering his rather clumsy version of the People's Elbow to take the pin. The Faction lifts Vince onto their shoulders as he apes the Rock "smelling of victory" and the program ends.

ECW on TNN opened with Bill Alfonso shouting the news that the next ECW PPV will be in Los Angeles, along with his boy RVD then we cut to a scene from earlier in the evening as New Jack took another of his spectacular leaps onto a hapless victim, then to another promo - this time with New Jack shouting about going back to his hometown for the PPV before subsiding into quiet menace to say, " me..."

For a change we find Joey Styles with Cyrus in the ring. Cyrus starts telling the cameramen to shut their equipment down because there isn't going to be any wrestling tonight on TNN. Okay. Well...goodnight...

His point is that there is only one announcer present because Joel Gertner was sent to the hospital last week. Styles needs to produce a color commentator to save the show. Cyrus counts down from 10 and at 3, Styles yells, "How about Joel Gertner??" Gertner runs in and Cyrus bails and go down to talk to Francine - he wants her to go kick Gertner's butt! She enters the ring and snatches the mic from Styles and starts ranting at the announcers. She dares Gertner to hit her but he demures...preferring instead to call out Tommy Dreamer for that honor. The announcers bail as Dreamer hits the ring and Francine starts back-pedaling - now she wants to talk...or more correctly, she wants Dreamer to say something since he hasn't spoken since the day he lost his World Title. Dreamer lets Jazz do his talking - she runs out and punks Francine.

Chili Willi and Mamaluke are getting it on as we return from the break. I can't say that I've ever seen either of these guys before but both seem to be pretty talented. The match is over in a flash when Chili Willi drops his opponent on his face. Little Guido and Big Sal run in and drop Willi on his head, then Balls Mahoney runs in and attacks - but he is overwhelmed by the odds. Big Sal hits him with a big head butt off the second rope...and then Mikey Whipwreak runs in (trailed by "That Guy") with a lighted torch to drive them all away. Huh..? What was that..?

Another bunch of strangers have an argument backstage one of them I recognize as the Musketeer because of his costume. Oh yeah, there's that guy who pretends to be an Anderson... What's his name again..? Thats two segments that made no sense...

Scotty Anton and Cyrus cut a promo regarding the former's match at the PPV against his former best friend, Rob Van Dam. They clap the lights on and off as Scotty rants.

Steve Corino is headed to the ring wsith Jack Victory in tow as we return from the break. His opponent tonight is Yoshihiro Tajiri, who beat him up pretty bad at a PPV a while back. Before the match can get underway, Cyrus interrupts from the floor and then comes to the ring for another rant. Are we seeing just a little too much of this loon tonight..? He tries to intimidate the referee into favoring Corino in the match. The ref refuses to go along and gets punked for his integrity. As he falls out of the ring, Cyrun yells, "Hold me back..." Then he introduces a special referee - Jerry Lynn! The new "reffing" show... I just realized it is 42 minutes into this show and this is the first actual match we've seen (the one earlier we just saw the end of...) As the match progresses, it appears that Lynn is being consistent and not favoring either wrestler. Meanwhile Tajiri is starting to run away with it. Corino is on the receiving end and is bleeding from the forehead. The match is shaping up as a repeat of the bloodbath that took place at the PPV. In desparation, Corino finally manages to put Tajiri through his own table then counters Tajiri's backhandspring elbow with a chair to the back. At the critical moment, Tajiri tries to spray green mist into Corino's eyes but gets Lynn instead. Tajiri then grabs his opponent in the Octopus and Corino is submitting - but the referee is blinded - so Jack Victory intereferes giving Corino a chance to go for the cover. Cyrus hurridly towels the liquid out of JL's eyes and he seems to be reluctant, but does count Tajiri out.

The rest of the show consists of a very short promo from Rhino.

And that's it. I will be out of town now until Wednesday so the newsletter wil be back next Saturday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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