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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Saturday Edition


from the New York Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1878

Volume 5, Issue 580 - July 15, 2000
Editor's Note: This morning's edition gets underway with perhaps the oldest article I've ever published in these pages. A story from the New York Times dated 11/24/1887 about a wrestling match between someone named McLaughin...and someone else named McMahon...


from the New York Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1878

CHICAGO, Nov. 23 - The wrestling match between McLaughlin, of Detroit, and McMahon, of Chicago, which took place in McCormick Hall this evening, called forth an enormous crowd. The contest was for $1,000 a side, collar and elbow hold, best two in three. The general opinion before the match was that McMahon would win, and this belief found its backing in thepools at the rate of two to one and in private bets, with large odds on McMahon. As to size and weight, the two men were not equally matched, for McLaughlin weighs 243 and McMahon 204 pounds, but, while the former has the advantage of size, the latter is possessed of superior skill and dexterity. His record gave additional weight to the favor in which he was held; and while his adversary towered a half-head above him, and gave every evidence of muscular superiority, McMahon made up in superior staying qualities and science, which comes of continuous practice. The two men were in excellent trim in every particular, and were enthusiastically received when they appeared upon the stage preparatory to the first fall.

Beginning their preliminary fencing, several minutes elapsed before temporary advantage was gained by either, and then only a trip by McLaughlin. This was followed by several others and two fouls, in the latter of which the two men displayed great muscular power. McMahon's favorite trick was the inside lock, which he applied with great rapidity and dexterity, but it availed him nothing beyond the demonstration of his superior strength as matched against McLaughlin's herculean powers. The little man gave his adversary some very good work, but was not sufficiently quick in his movements. Finally, when attempting to gain his favorite position, McLaughlin took advantage of his opening and threw him squarely and neatly. Fall for McLaughlin. Time - 22:00.

In coming out for the second fall the contestants showed much vigor, and entered into the work with a heartiness that gave great zest to the occasion. With dogged obstinacy and stubborn determination to w9in, both men entered into the preliminary fencing, stepping lightly and gracefully about the stage, and endeavoring to get the advantage. Seven trips followed, during which McMahon was several times brought to his knees, and McLaughlin likewise given a taste of science and muscle, but neither one would give way, and the fight waxed warm. The Chicago man, resorting to his favorite tactics, finally succeeded in bringing McLaughlin to time, and with the rapidity of lightning laid the Detroit man flat on his back, amid the deafening yells of the spectators. Fall for McMahon. Time - 25 minutes.

The next and deciding fall was the most stubbornly contested one of the evening. Both of the wrestlers brought every resource into play, of muscle, skill, and science, and alternately achieved trips. It finally culiminated in one of the most warmly contested struggles ever witnessed. Fencing skillfully for an opening, and endeavoring to get an outside lock, McLaughlin for an instant left his guard open, and McMahon, taking advantage of what he could not capture by mere strength, caught his adversary's left toe with his left foot, and with the quickness of lightning laid McLaughlin's two shoulders on the stage. This act was received with deafening cheers, and the great crowd at once broke out in the most uproarious demonstrations. The fall was declared for McMahon. Time - 30:00.

This won the match and secured the championship belt to McMahon. The contest lasted over two hours and a half, and was not over until after 11 o'clock. There appears to be no question as to the honesty of the contestants in the endeavor of each to win, and those who witnessed the match are well convinced that it was square in every particular. Large sums of money changed hands on the result. The referee was F.F. Clark, of Boston; the umpires, Brink, of Detroit, and Brennan, of Chicago.

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Saturday Morning Report Report

Thunder (on tape from Charleston, SC) opens with Kanyon conferring with the limo driver "Smooth", then cuts to the announcers who tell us that Mike Tenay was seriously injured by Scott Steiner last night during an interview. On to the ring where Tank Abbott leads his three lamer friends to the ring and guarantees they will get to perform their entire song tonight without interruption. He then stands with his back to the ring so that the Jung Dragons can run in and attack. When he finally turns around and sees whats going on, Muta runs in and blindsides him then rolls him into the ring. Suddenly we have a eight man tag team match happening. This is a short, rather fast moving affair which ends abruptly when Talentless Tank gets in one of his famous punches. In the back, Kanyon wants a match against Jeff Jarrett from the Cat. Miller says he's already signed a match with Jarrett for Buff Bagwell, but since he isn;t here yet, he agrees to give the match to Kanyon if he'll autograph a copy of his book.

After the break the former Tag Team Chumps attack MIA with their Lex Flexors then menace Major Guns, who deals with each of them in turn with low blows that leave them both on the floor and gasping. Back at ringside, Stevie Ray has joined the broadcast team in place of the ailing Mike Tenay. The match in the ring is the Demon (led to the ring by Vampiro) vs. Pvt. Stash (Van Hammer). As big as Torborg is, Stash towers over him and obviously has the power advantage (and certainly the experience edge). He seems to control most of the match but in the end falls prey to the Demon's "Love God" slam. After the match the lights go out and the masked figure who we (and the announcers) assume to be Sting makes an enigmatic appearance. Backstage Kidman and Lance Storm share a bit of verbal sparring and then walk out of camera range as Kanyon lays a Diamond Cutter on an innocent security guard.

After the break we see David Flair in a blue suit walking and talking with his new girlfriend - she apparently is dressing him these days.

Lance Storm again demands that the Canadian National Anthem be played, which doesn't set well with Kidman. The latter makes fun of his partner as the music plays. The opponents are the "new rookie sensations" (Tony's words, not mine..." Jindrak (I'm told that is how its spelled, I still can't tell them apart...) and O'Hare. At a critical moment in the match, Kidman and Storm collide and Kidman ends up getting Senton Bombed and pinned. Afterwards, Storm stands his partner up and then kicks him on his butt. Backstage, Vampiro delivers a rants against Sting for his intereference.

While Big Vito is being interviewed by Mean Gene, Miss Hancock talks David into challenging for the Hardcore Title. David interrupts the interview to start beating on Vito. They brawl out to the ramp with David in command and there, Vito manages to make his comeback. As they arrive at the ring, Vito has taken over but inside, David reclaims the initiative with a chair shot. Vito comes back with a whack of his stick ball stick and finally takes control of the match. He is about to take the pin whenm Miss H jumps up on the apron to distract him. He kisses her and she bites his lip! During this exchange, David is completely out of it. Afterward, Vito sets up a traffic cone pointed at David's crotch then delivers a golf swing to the other end of it (ouch!!!). He sets up a table and puts David through it, then pins him.

In the back, the Cat is on the phone with James Brown (yeah...right...) when Jarrett storms in and hangs up the phone. Jarrett expects to take the night off but Miller disabuses him of that notion, telling him that not only does he have a match with Kanyon, but if he loses, he'll also lose his title shot at the next PPV.

General Rection and Cpl. Cajon have a tag match to determine #1 contender status against the former Tag Team Chumps. The best move of the match was accomplished by the Cpl. when he turned a gorilla press into a face jam on Sean Stasiak. General Rection then took over and cleaned house. What followed was a series of near falls which wore the General down so he tagged his partner back in. Now the Cajun man was hitting on all 8 cylindars and he gets a series of near falls.The General tags back in and hits a big elbow drop followed by his moonsault. He goes for the pin on Palumbo but Stasiak dealt a Lex Flexor shot on the referee!! After the ref recovered he saw Cpl. Cajon holding the weapon and assumed that he had used it - thus he dQ'd the MIA team.

The World Champ makes a statement after the break, praising Jeff Jarrett for being a great technical wrestler, but damning him because as a man..."you suck!" He goes on to promise to be a fighting Champion and then rants a little at Scott Steiner. This brings Rick Steiner out to have a word with Booker. He tells Booker that what his brother did on Monday was wrong and that he sat his brother down and gave him a talking to. Then he offers his congratulations and his hand in friendship. They shake hands, Booker rather cautiously. Steiner then turns to leave but as soon as Booker turns his back, Steiner comes back and attacks him. This brings Stevie into the ring to attack Steiner, which brings security to the ring to arrest Stevie! Steiner returns to the ring and dons the World Title then goes out for a chair. But before he can do more damage, Mike Awesome comes to Booker's rescue again, then hands him back his belt and shakes his hand.

In the back, Crowbar pays Daffney a compliment and appears to be smitten, while in another dressing room, Torrie primps then joins her man on his way to the ring. After the break, the Cat makes a deal with Kidman - if he'll stay out of the next match, Miller will give Kidman a shot at Lance Storm tonight.

Shane Douglas and Torrie come to the ring where Douglas rejects the idea of a mixed tag match because he doesn't want anyone else to lay a hand on Torrie. Crowbar and Daffney come out with other ideas and Crowbar starts right in beating on Douglas, then Daffney tags herself in and goes over and slaps Torrie. The latter gets mad and tags herself in and we have a cat fight for a moment. Then the men are back in. Douglas again suffers and tags Torrie back in! Daffney is delighted and tears into her opponent, who gets close enough for Douglas to "tag" her on the butt. Douglas starts to menace Daffney, but she back kicks him in the groin, hits a jaw breaker then tags her partner back in. The men go at it again for a few moments then Douglas "Franchises" Crowbar for the pin. Afterward he beats up on Daffney...the cad...

After the break we get a look at the fatefull interview that earned Mike Tenay his injuries. Scott Steiner is first upset that Tenay refers to Steiner's move the Frankensteiner as a Hurrancanranna then goes on to rail against the fans, saying he doesn't need the fans. Tenay makes the mistake of suggesting that Steiner's hatred might stem from his childhood. Steiner grabs the announcer by the throat and squeezes hard until Mudasia pulls him off. They leave Tenay choking and gasping for breath. We are told that he suffered damage to his vocal chords and was hospitalized.

The Cat is hearing Japanese music again and is soon surrounded by the Jung Dragon, who again fall prey to the attack of their victim.

Kidman jumps Lance Storm on his way to the ring. Once they arrive there the match is a see-saw battle that goes about a mile a minute. Storm manages to keep Kidman pretty well grounded and thus minimizes his opponent's greatest strength. When the critical moment comes, however, Storm is trying to get in a chair shot but ends up being DDT'd on his own chair and pinned. Out back, Kanyon meets Judy Bagwell and offers to escort her into the building. They start in and Kanyon looks toward the camera with a big grin on his face.

The grudge match between Mike Awesome and Rick Steiner is a...well...awesome fight which ends abruptly when Awesome hits his powerbomb and gets the pin. Steiner attacks Awesome after the match which brings Booker T out to return the favor by fighting Steiner off.

The main event sees Positively Kanyon taking on Jeff Jarrett for his World Title shot at the New Blood Rising PPV. Booker T has now joined the broadcast team along with his brother who came back after his "arrest" earlier on. I can't figure out how Kanyon keeps that wig on his head - he must pin it on or something... The match is pretty evenly fought, but we know who will win because nobody is going to throw Kanyon in to carry the main event on a PPV. When Jarrett goes for his guitar shot, the referee grabs it away, then Kanyon gets in his shot with the brick-loaded book. It looks like Kanyon will run away with it but Jarrett gets his foot on the rope. The next moment he is out on the floor attacking the World Champ then Tony Schiavone! Stevie Ray wallops Jarrett, who returns to the ring as Buff Bagwell shows up ringside being prevented from attacking Kanyon. Jarrett uses the distraction to put Kanyon down and pin him as the program ends.

SmackDown was taped Tuesday night right here in my home area of the East San Francisco Bay in Oakland, CA at the Coloseum and opens with Too Cool and Rikishi making their way to the ring to face Val Venis and T&A (w/Trish). All the talk tonight revolves around the fact that although Commissioner Foley is 10,000 miles away, but is still ordering the match on tonight's program. With Val to lend his ring generalship - it appeared that T&A were alittle more on top of things then they usually are. The critical moment in the match was when Trish Stratus jumped up on the apron to provide distraction only to have Lita ans the Hardey Boyz run in and drag herback to the floor. T&A abandoned the fight to rescue their manager thus leaving Val to face their three opponents alone. The ending was ineveitable. Afterward, the Hardeys and Lita joined the guys in their victory dance.

HHH and Stephanie came to the ring to talk some trash concerning Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. Boring stuff. Wastes about ten minutes.

The NewNew Age Outlaws went up against the Hardey Boyz for a shot at the Tag Team Titles in an action packed match that saw plenty of airborn moves a such. With that red dye in his hair, Jeff Hardey always looks like he's already been busted open before he even gets into the ring. There were quite a few false endings to this one and then T&A brought Trish down to get some payback on Lita. The distraction thus set DX up to take the win and the #1 contender slot.

Dean malenko came to the ring with his girl friends - Al Snow came out with his...only his were inflatable! In fact this contest is between two of the WWF's most accomplished mat wrestlers. In fact at one point during the match, Snow actually went for Malenko's own finishing hold and the latter was forcerd to resort to punches to the face to keep out of it. About this time, Steven Richards made an appearance and made off with all four of the "girls". In the end, Snow hit a superplex off the top only to have Malenko grab his legs and pin him off of his own move.

Next up, another of Mick Foley's gimmick matches, a handicap contest pitting Chris Benoit on his own against Eddie G and Chyna. Both Guerrero and Benoit are extremely intense and so they started the match with a flourish of lighting move and countermove until Benoit is tossed to the floor, where Chyna flattens him then drops him on the ring steps twice! Back inside he immediately turns the tables on Guerrero and has the latin star reeling from piller-to-post. But Eddie G is far from out of it as he proves moments later by hitting a flying DDT off the top rope. Benoit makes a brief comeback but then Eddie hits a big superplex and both guys are down. Now Shane McMahon shows up and pulls Chyna off the apron causing her to hit hard on her tailbone. Guerrero hit Shane with a baseball slide which sent the latter flying into the announce table. This turned out to be all the opening Benoit needed to slap on the Crippler Crossface. Eddie got to the ropes but Benoit refused to release the hold. This brought the Rock running in to flatten Shane then chase Benoit out of the ring. Edge and Christian ran in to defend their fellow Canadian but the Rock cleared the ring easily.

The Rock delivers a rant worthy of...well...the Rock, on Chris Benoit. He offers Benoit a title match at Fully Loaded, not because he is the WWF's most complete wrestler, not because he deserves it, but because Benoit has made it...personal. At this point Benoit interrupted the rant to attack and slap on the Crossface while Shane talked trash in the Rock's face. After the break we found out that Shane and Benoit split immediately after the incident.

The Acolytes finally get their Tag Title shot tonight against Edge and Christian, who appear on the platform before the match and try to beg off. Edge is shamming a back injury due to his encounter with the Rock earlier, so Christian offers to "defend their honor" in a singles match against one of the big guys. He gets Faarooq and has reason to regret his rash decision. At one point, they are on the outside and Faarooq picks up the ring steps and hits his opponent with it. Later Edge tried to bring the ring bell in and use it but Bradshaw got a hold of him and dragged him out to the floor before he could do any damage. His interefernce did, however, give his brother the chance to take a surprise pin.

Kurt Angle encouters Stephanie backstage and after a conversation, impulsively hugs her. HHH catches the tail end of this action and isn't happy about it. Stephanie lays it all off on Angle, who is headed to the ring for a match with Kane. The match is all we expect of it - Angle gets pounded soundly while he is unable to mount any offense of his own. He avoids a chokeslam with a series of shots to the big guy's knee. But it is only a momentary respite. Angle's attack on the knee of his opponent finally bears fruit for a moment as he hauls Kane over to the ring post for more punishment, but then HHH intereferes and throws the match the other way so that Angle is squashed.

Steve Blackman defends his Hardcore Title against 11 time former champ, Crash Holly. For thos that don't know there is an unconfirmed report that Blackman gave up his title to Crash and then reclaimed it the same night on the 2nd in Tampa, Florida. if any one was there and can tell me whetgher or not that match took place, I would appreciate a message. Oh, by the way, Blackman won.

HHH had a no DQ match against the Undertaker for the main event tonight. "The Game" tried to pearl harbor the big guy but he was unsuccessful and then ended up on the receiving end for most of the match. He can't seem to get anything right. A stab at a bulldog gets turned into a sidewalk slam. He gained a little ground only to run right into an upraised boot. Then he bailed and headed up the ramp with the Undertaker in hot pursuit. This being no DQ, of course, they were free to brawl for as long as they wanted out on the floor. They ended up on the announce table and then Stephanie had the temerity to grab UT by the hair. Thus distracted, the Undertaker was easy prey for a massive chair shot or two. HHH finally is in control for the first time in the contest. Back in the ring it is all Helmsley for seeral minutes - but getting the Undertaker to lie down is seemingly inmpossible. UT makes a comeback and ends his series with a big powerslam, but HHH comes back with a face jam but the big guy is still coming. Kurt Angle then came down determined to get on the Undertaker's good side. Unfortunately for him...and UT...he misses his shot and gets UT full in the face with HHH's sledge hammer. HHH wins the match and Angle is really in for it at the PPV.

ECW on TNN opens with Raven coming to the ring amidst a vociferous "You Sold Out!" chant. His response is, "I just wanted to say thank you..." Of course Cyrus and Scott Anton have to break up this touching moment with their usual nonsense. That started a chant that said, "Thank You Raven! (clap, clap)" Cyrus rants some more and now the chant turns to "USA!" for some odd reason. Cyrus accuses Raven of stealing his gimmick from the Jackel! Right... More "Thank You Raven!" chants. Raven wants to know if this is going somewhere, then turns to go while Cyrus is still ranting. He grabs Raven, thus distracting him so Anton can attack him from behind. Raven is punked as Rhino also sjows up. This brings in the Sandman to rescue his old friend - and then the Sandman's wife jumps on Cyrus until the security guys break it all up. Raven is left lying on the floor as Sandman is cheered in the ring.

Rob Van Dam appears in a promo after the break saying he will introduce a new move at the PPV - the "Vanterminator".

The Pitbull has a little run-in with some jerk with blue hair and his girlfriend Jazmine St. Clair in the mens' room. Turns out the guy is a slimmed down Blue Meanie!

Mikey Whipwreck takes on Tajiri in the next match. Whipwreck does better then I expected him to, actually. Keeping Tajiri on the defensive through much of the match. A shot of green mist rather abruptly turns things around for Tajiri and then he slaps on the Octopus and takes the duke.

Simon and Swinger come out with their usual band of clowns and can't figure out why they are consdiered a comedy act. CW Anderson tells them to get rid of the entourage and then tears into them to show them how its done. Suddenly Bobby Eaton runs in and starts beating on Anderson, Simon and Swinger. He is overwhelmed and punked. Hell, I don't know what that was all about either...

Steve Corino comes to the ring with Jack Victory to face Jerry Lynn in a mystery partners tag team match. Each of them will select a partner for the match just before the contest. Corino chooses Rhino who runs to the ring and the fight is on before Lynn can name his partner. But wait, Lynn has a beer in his hand...can it does! The Sandman is his partner and runs in with his cane to lay into the bad guys. The fight goes to the floor right away - Sandman fighting with Rhino and Lynn taking on Corino. After some spirited battering they all return to the ring where Corino and Lynn are pretty much out of it but Sandman and Rhino continue to go. Later, when Lynn is back in the match and is about to put a piledriver on Corino, Cyrus runs in and hits him with a microphone. They all fall to the outside and Sandman and Rhino again take center stage until Spike Dudley runs in and helps Sandman put Rhino down for the three count.

Thats about it except for the PPV promos. I'll be back on Tuesday night with the RAW and Nitro reports. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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