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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Monday Night Wars Edition


Lance Storm Now Holds 3 Titles!!

Adds WCW Cruiserweight Strap to his collection

Volume 5, Issue 584 - August 1, 2000
Editor's Note: I returned from a weekend camping trip this afternoon to the incredibly sad news that Gordon Solie had died over the weekend. The first email I opened when I returned was a letter from a reader complaining that I "...couldn't take time out of my busy schedule" to mention Solie's passing on my website. I am happy to relate that there was only one such letter. The over 80 emails I received on Thursday and Friday (when I wasn't here) were incredibly positive, in some cases, moving, tributes to this fallen giant.

This special edition is dedicated to the "Dean of Wrestling Announcers" for whom this web site is named, and who all of us here at Solie's felt a special kinship.

There will never be another like you, Gordon. Rest in peace, my friend.

I also received the following letter today:

I like this idea an awfull lot! I will create such a place on my website - and I thank you for giving me an idea which might help work off some of the grief I am feeling right now.

In fact, I like this idea so much that I am hereby soliciting for any information on articles or interviews, pictures of Solie, memories, etc. I'd like to make this new section of the web site a collaborative effort with Gordon Solie's fans. Write to me at with your suggestions and contributions.

Finally!! The Rock'sand Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

Monday Night Wars Report

Nitro opened with ten bells in memory of Gordon Solie, then went to the WCW logo followed by a tribute to Booker T, then to a scene from earlier today, Booker being driven to the arena by his wife, who pleads with him not to go in there tonight. Nitro is live from Cinncinatti, Ohio. Cut to the arena and the man himself makes his appearance at the top of the program. Booker can barely suppress his grin at the reception he receives. He swears again that if anyone wants his belt they will have to kill him right there in that ring. He appoints himself the spokesman for the people and then promises to deliver on the Sting/Booker match we all missed last week. This brings on an appearance of Dubba-Jay, protesting that he should get the shot tonight. Before we know it, Booker says, "lets do it now!" and the fur starts flying. During a ringside brawl, Jarrett manages to slide a chair into the ring and the rest, is as they say, history. As Jarrett is tying the Champion up in the ropes with a figure four, Sting runs in and attackws Jarrett - then unmasks! It is Sting! He ejects the "chosen one" and then accepts the match. Jarrett gets his heat back by dragging Booker's wife over the railing and smashing a guitar into her head!

After the break, we see Booker's wife being hauled away as Sting tells Booker to go to the hospital - that he will take care of Jarrett.

Buff Bagwell is up next. His story is that a certain someone has been beating up on his mother and he wants it to stop...then his mom joins him at ringside... She joins the announce team as her son takes on Big Vito. She, of course provides distraction for his opponent because of Bagwell's solicitude toward her. She even comments on the fact that her being there was probably not helping him any. In fact, Buffy can't seem to keep anything together in the match for quite some time - and eventually he even abandons the match to check out a cameraman who looks suspicious, and is surprised and pinned.

Backstage, the Kiwi, who I now recognize as one of the guys we used to see on WCWSN all the time, intimidates the Cat into giving him a match with the Artist tonight. In another part of the building, Miss Paulshock is interviewing Kanyon, who threatens her with a Kanyon-Cutter, but Mean Gene intervenes (hey! that rhymes!) and he gets cut in a very clever cut-away camera shot.

Backstage after the break, Buff comes apon the carnage from a moment ago and stalks off to find Kanyon - finds him - and DDT's him on the concrete floor!!

Kiwi meets the Artist in the aisle and they brawl into the ring. The Artist is wearing street clothes for some reason. The Kiwi proceeds to kick butt!!! The announcers are going nuts, especially Madden. The Artist makes a good account of himself, as always, but the Kiwi eventually pulls off the victory. Paisley is clearly smitten...but then we already knew that... Backstage, Scott Steiner bursts into the Cat's office with a steel pipe in hand and demanding a title match tonight. Miller protests that Booker isn't in the building. Steiner says, "I don't care - make the match!!" in a very threatening manner. The Cat stands right up to him...after he leaves...

Backstage, the Misfits in Action are given their marching orders. They are at war with Canada, according to the General. Lt. Loco has a match with the Hardcore Canadian Champion Lance Storm. Miss Gunns has a Hardcore match against Miss Hancock later tonight.

Lance Storm tells the crowd that he has renamed the Hardcore Title as the "Saskachiwan Hardcore International Title. He has a match challenging Loco for the Cruiserweight Title. The Misfits join the announce team as the Lt. eventually succombs to Storm's attack on his injured leg. In the end, Guerrera puts himself right into Storm's finisher. Lance Storm Now Holds 3 Titles!! Kevin Nash now makes an unexpected appearance. Storm decides to bull up to Nash and is summarily ejected, then we cut to commercial.

Nash makes a speech telling us about a situation he had with a nameless Canadian who refused to lose in his own hometown then goes on to rant at Goldberg, telling him about how he used to eat NFL linebackers for lunch when he was a bouncer. He also promises to bring Scott Hall back no matter what management believes. Scott Steiner appears, pipe in hand, in case I forgot to mention it - he has been cutting a swathe backstage - he attacks Nash after a short rant and security storms the ring to seperate the two old bulls.

Backstage, the Cat offers a Straight Jacket match to the demanding Kevin Nash, against Steiner.

Jeff Jarrett now makes his first official appearance of the evening and calls Sting out. He attacks the painted hero during his strobe light effects but Sting is way ahead of him and thwarts him at every turn. He chases him up the ramp delivering chair shots then drags him back to the ring where Jarrett takes a shortcut and turns the tables. He drags Sting to the cornwer and drapes his legs over the apron - then batters them with a chair! He wraps Stings legs around the cable and slaps on the figure four. The referee counts him off, so Jarrett keeps applying the boots to Stings knees. Even half crippled, Sting is too much for Jarrett, who finally has to get a chair involved again, laying out the referee in the process. He fails to hit the Stinger who then puts a Scorpion Deathdrop on Jarrett onto the chair to win the match. So now both Sting and Booker are limping into their scheduled Title match later tonight.

After the break, Booker T returns to the arena and encounters Terry Taylor, who informs him that Jarrett has just been hauled away in an ambulance, and that Sting is waiting for him inside.

Kronic defends their Tag Team Title against Vampiro and Muta and the Rookie Monsters (Gimcrack and O'Hare, whatever...) The former Tag Team Chumps join the broadcast team for this one. The two rookies have to be crapping their pants to be in this match. Vampiro and Muta were not about to sit on the sidelines, however, as they got physically involved several times before officially tagging in. Later, Muta locked a leg lock submission hold on Adams, but Clark broke it up with a chair to the back. Clark and O'Haire went for the pin at the same time, but the referee counted Kronic's pin, letting them retain their titles. After the bout, as the rookies pled their case to the champions, Kronic took the titles over Jindrak and O'Haire's heads.

Backstage, The Cat tells Shane Douglas that he is wrestling Billy Kidman in a "Viagra on a Pole Match". "The Franchise" got mad, but Torrie pulled him out of the office. In another part of the building, Booker thanked Sting for taking care of Jarrett and asked the former champion if he still wanted the title shot. The Stinger agreed that it was "Show Time". Pamela Paulshock Interview: Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire

Kidman and Douglas don't miss a trick as their bitter feud raged on. Late in the match, Torrie got on the apron to distract the ref, but Kidman went up the pole for the Viagra. Douglas caught Billy with "The Franchiser", breaking the bottle on Kidman's head. As the ref turned around, he saw Shane with the remains of the bottle and awarded him the match. Douglas put the boots to Billy after the bell then stuffed his mouth with the pills.

Backstage, Hancock and Gunns exchanged words before getting the hardcore match underway. They fought in the women's shower and made their way to a catering table. David Flair and the former Wall (no Sgt. AWOL) are getting into it in the ring when the two fighting beauties finally make it to the frey. Miss Hancock's face is smeared with what looks like flour as she takes Gunns out with a serious looking scoop slam.

Apparently Billy had enough viagra to impress the Nitro Grrrrls...

The Nash/Steiner match started up at 15 minutes before the hour. This is the Straight Jacket match - the winner locks his opponent in the jacket, then beats on him until he gets tired. This is pretty much an even match between the two - but Steiner has his "Freak" to provide distraction. As Nash begins to take control, Mudasia tries to hit him with a chair. He powerbombs her! Then Rick Steiner runs in and turns the tide. Between the two of them, the Steiners get Nadh into the jacket. It is obvious that Rick doesn't know how to tie on a straight jacket. Scott is too concerned with Mudasia to care.

Sting vs. Booker for the World Title is the main event - the Champion shows a slight limp as he approaches the ring where his challenger awaits. Sting isn't exactly 100% either, of course. Sting offers a handshake before the match, Booker accepts. Ib the battle, it appears that Booker is much worse for wear at the moment. He is almost immediately trapped in the Scorpion Deathlock, but escapes by reaching the ropes. It happens a second time, and then he bails to the floor. Sting follows him out and continues the pressure. Back in the ring, Booker uses his upraised knees to block a splash and pays the price, but sucks it up and delivers an axe kick - which hurts him again. Sting falls out to the floor and someone - it looked like Vampiro - drags him under the ring! Then he shoves him out and Sting is busted open. The challenger returns to the ring and manages to fight his way back into control of the match. Booker struggles for a bit but eventually delivers the bookend and get the pin. Afterward, Sting drags the Demon out from under the ring and punks him. This brings the rest of the freaks to the ring but Sting holds them off until Jeff Jarrett comes running down from the stands. The freaks battle Sting away from the ring, lock him in the Demon's casket then set it on fire. Meanwhile, Booker T is hung suspended by his injured leg and then delivered of a big guitar shot by you know who...

RAW is deep in WCW territory tonight, live from Atlanta. And begins with the NewNew Age Outlaws coming into the ring and making a big entrance. Then a tape for earlier in the day was played of Steve Blackman complaining about how Mick Foley set him up with Al Snow to fight DX in a hardcore match. While NNAO weren't looking, Snow and Blackman hit them in the back of the head with street signs and the fight started. The match was even the whole way. It included a stick fight between X-Pac and Blackman where X-Pac lost his stick. There was also a bowling ball to Road Dogg's groin by Snow. In the end Snow hit Steve with a can lid and X-Pac was able to make the pin.

Triple H comes out, without Stephanie McMahon by his side, to the ring with roses and apologizes to her and called her out. Stephanie comes out but was still mad at him. By this time, of course she could have seen the tape and found out what was really happening...bu noooooo... She tells him that he has not been paying attention to her lately, but Trish doesn't seem to be suffering. He apologizes again and tries to talk sense to her. He reminds her that he has been defending her honor in his obsession over Chris Jericho. She eventually won't last long... This brings Commissioner Foley to the ring crying crocodile tears (obviously put on...) and mocking the "happy couple". He reminds Stephanie of what she saw last week - then shows that tape again. In the ring, HHH is trying desparately to keep her on track as Foley has a good laugh. Foley reminds us and him that HHH walked out on a scheduled match last week. He levels a fine of $5,000 and calls it a warning - if HHH ever walks out again he will be fired. The he sets up a "husband and wife" tag team match pitting the Helmsleys against Lita and the Rock.

Edge and Christian defend their Tag Team Titles against the Hardey Boyz on the program. Lita is in the Hardey's corner but seems content to stay out of this match. Old JR pays tribute to his mentor, Gordon Solie, during this match. As the match progresses it becomes necessary for her to break that intention but it doesn't help them that much. The Tag Champs use chairs to get themselves disqualified then lay into Jeff hardey big time, hitting him simultaneously in the head from both directions with their chairs. In the back, Shane is pumping up his troups. Commissioner Foley spoils the party by setting them up some matches.

Out in the concourse, the Godfather's garden tools are pleading their case with the fans. Meanwhile, Trish comes to apologize to Stephanie, who accepts her apology to her face but then throws a fit as soon as she leaves. HHH is back in the doghouse. In another part of the building Jeff Hardey is being treated by medics. During an interview with the Tag Champs they are attacked by Matt Hardey.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit's opponents for this week are the Dudleys. The early going of the match is a route because there is no real tag team continuity between Angle and Benoit. The Dudleys', on the other hand, are a seasoned team. In fact, Benoit carries a lot of the freight for his team. He gets a Crippler Crossface on Devon but Bubba breaks it up. Aws Bubba is about to cover Angle, Shane flew in from the coast and took him out. Moments later Angle pulled the referee between himself and Bubba in the corner - thus distracted, Bubba was attacked by Benoit - but the two Dudleys caught him in a 3D! The Big Shiw then ran out and destroyed both Dudleys so that the unconscious Benoit could be rolled over to cover Devon for the pin.

Hunter and his little woman are practicing wrestling holds when she asks him to show her the move he was teaching to Trish last week. He gets himself into trouble by comparing her body to Trish's - then he blows it by calling her Trish!! She walks out and Hunter is in the same position he put his partner in last week. He follows her out to her car but is unable to talk her out of leaving.

Steven Richards and his "God Squad" come to the ring amidst boos and cat calls - and the protestations of the Garden Tools at ringside. The "Goodfather" makes a plea for his mentor's positions then Richards launches into his own rant touting his "right to censorship" then has the Garden Tools removed from the ringside area. I have just realized that they are dressed like those Jehovah's Witnesses guys that ply neighborhoods with their tracts. The Acolytes come out and lay down their own "rights" before hitting the ring. Oh, I see, this is a tag match - the Acolytes vs. GF/Buchanan. The match is short. As Richeards and the Goodfather are attacking Bradshaw, Faarooq pins Buchanan in the ring.

Mikey Cole is at the Republican Convention, urging fans to vote.

Rickishi comes to the ring to finally face Tazz one on one in the ring. He is heavily taped about the ribs. They meet in the aisle and the battle is on with a vengence. In the ring, Rikishi is in control until Tazz delivers a low blow to change the tide of the encounter. He then proceeds to choke out his enemy - but he is unable to control the big guy. Eventually, Rikishi slips in a belly-to-belly suplex to regain the advantage - he stink faces his enemy. The refree distracts Rikishi while Tazz removes the nearest turnbuckle cover. The latter succeeds in running the big guy's head into the bare corner then slaps on the Tazzmission. But Rickishi fights it and he succeeds in delivering a Samoan Drop for the win. The usual dance rave after the match...

Commissioner Foley entertains HHH in his office - the latter wants to get his match postponed because Steph has gone home. Foley offers a compromise - Trish as his partner.

Mikey Cole is at the Republican Convention, urging fans to vote, part II.

In the arena, Eddie G and his squeeze come to the ring for a Tag Team match against Saturn and Val Venis. Venis is still suffering from his encounter at the last PPV - his ribs are taped heavily. Eddie faces Val at first then Chyna comes in against Saturn and just wipes the floor with him. She takes care of Venis, temporarily, but then the two of them team up on her and she is isolated. She eventually fights back and ejects Venis then slaps a full nelson on Saturn. She reliquishes the hold to tag in Guerrero, who furthers her attack and then catches Saturn in a Frankensteiner and pins him as Chyna restrains Val.

Mikey is back with Linda McMahon, who has been hobnobbing with politicians, telling them that WWF fans are going to elect the next president...sure they are...sure...

Backstage, Hunter hopes that Steph is back when there is a knock at the door - but it is just Trish. He sends her packing.

The next event is Kane against the Big Show - but of course, Shinola-Mac and his cronies assault the Big Red Machine. The Dudleys come down to even the odds a little and the bad guys flee the scene.

The combatants for the main event are shown heading toward the ring. Neither team looks all that happy to be together.

HHH doesn't want Trish anywhere near him as he makes his entrance. Her supposed sin is enhanced when she gets top billing during the announcement! Lita enters on her own then waits at the bottom of the ramp for the Rock to join her. This match is much more of a contest between the two women rather than a real tag team match. When HHH finally gets in it is against Lita. He tries to put on the Pedegree, but the Rock broke that up. Moments later the two women are at it again. They fight each other to a draw and then the men tag in at last. Hunter pounds the Rock into the corner then argues with the referee when he tries to break it up. Maivia comes back and the fight is still evenly fought until he slips in a Rock Bottom. Trish jumps on his back and rakes his eyes, but the Rock comes back and catapults HHH into Trish in the corner. The women are back in and Lita gets the win - then the Rock comes back in and whacks HHH with a chair. Hunter and Trish end up laying in a compromising position, to say the least.

That's it for now. I'll be back on Saturday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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