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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Weekend Edition

Thunder and SmackDown Reports

A Conversation with Gordon Solie: Part 3

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 587 - August 11, 2000

Wrestling Legend Johnny Valentine Needs Your Help

I received this message from Mike Lano this week, concerning the health problems of wrestling legend Johnny Valentine:

I'm taking forever with the autobio on Johnny's life- entitled RIB, to help raise some money for this totally stiff, hardcore wrestling great. But his bills, pain, deteriorating health grew increasingly worse the last 2 months to the point I suggested his wife write the following and set up a p.o. box near where they live for anyone interested in helping.

His wife Sharon has been ulcerating, worrying that they can't pay for the medical bills, hospitalizations, etc as his condition and pain levels have taken a rapid downturn and she feared he wouldn't live another year. They have lived modestly since the plane crash wiped out all he had-with no aid from anyone.

After the Crocketts NWA/plane accident with which he apparantly didn't receive a dime(he was too proud to sue) he was left with no savings, no retirement and no medical coverage of any kind. Here's what I asked Sharon and Johnny to put together. Johnny's a very proud man, but at this point needs any financial aid from his fans, along with cards and letters of support:

There where few greater stars than Johnny in his day literally working every territory-whether it be his trips to Japan-particularly New Japan(his legendary matches with Inoki), his days on top in Buffalo, Toronto, New York, Ohio, L.A. as Cowboy Rocky Valentine, Texas, St. Louis, Florida, Georgia, Detroit where he helped book for the Sheik, Washington, Calgary, Montreal; you name it- he headlined there and often with his best friend since 1954, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.

Solie's would like to add our best wishes for the Valentines and would urge that wrestling fans support this effort to ease their financial burdens.

I received this letter on Wednesday from Tim Quinn:

Ted DiBiase Newsletter


Ted DiBiase is coming out with a newsletter set to debut sometime this month and go monthly around November or December. The newsletter will feature interviews with past and current wrestlers as well as keep people in touch with what Ted is up to.

So far, we have Nikita Koloff (first monthly issue) interviewed, and Dory Funk, Jr. has consented for a future edition. Also, we are talking with Sting, Ivan Koloff, Aaron and Chuck Norris, Superstar Billy Graham, Eddie and Hector G. and many others for future editions.

Anyone who would like to receive the newsletter can email me their name and postal address and I will put them on the mailing list.



Editor's Note: I am going out of town this Friday night and won't return until Thursday night the 17th so I publishing the weekend editon and then that will be the last issue until the following weekend, when I will publish whatever I can come up with on Friday the 18th :-)

In honor of our esteemed namesake, I am going to leave Mr. Solie's picture up at the top of the page for a while. It seems only fitting that I should also reprint Gordon Solie's last major, in-depth interview which was conducted by my friend Jeremy Hartley, on the telephone, in late 1998 and lovingly transcribed by yours truly. It was originally published here in the Solie's newsletter beginning on September 27, 1998.

A Conversation with Gordon Solie: Part 3

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 3

This interview, which is the one most eagerly anticipated by yours truely, was conducted in late September by telephone. It is of considerable length and so will be broken up into several segments over the next few months.

Jeremy Hartley: Something that seems to be a common thread through these interviews, Les Thatcher commented on this as well. That was that if you were an announcers you didn't necessarily know about the inside of the business. Judging from what you're saying, if this gentlemen walks off the set, if this guy Saul said what he did to you, nobody must have really expected it. I think a lot of fans, younger fans especially, my generation, think that, "Oh, all the announcers were cued in to the business once they first got in..." - but that wasn't necessarily true, is that right?

Gordon Solie: Well that's absolutely right. In fact I got some news for you, there were a hell of a lot of wrestlers who started their career that didn't know anything about it. You'd be amazed because either so many of these fellows are still in the sport or are still around, I certainly don't want to mention any names but I know of a lot of wrestlers who stepped into the ring, that had never had a professional match before and they counldn't win to save their lives simply because they weren't good enough to win. There's an awful lot of guys that broke into this business the hard way.

Jeremy Hartley: hear occasional stories, and of course a lot of them get blown out of proportion, but the common thread is that it took them to places that they have never been (laughs) to put it mildly.

Gordon Solie: Yeah...

Jeremy Hartley: Now here's a question: being only 23, I must admit I didn't really see any of the Championship Wrestling from Florida, which of course is a staple in wrestling history. You hear of a lot of these territories, I'm not going to get into naming all of them but one common thing was that Florida seemed to be a territory where people wanted to go - so what made wrestling in Florida and Championship Wrestling from Florida such an important promotion in wrestling history?

Gordon Solie: Well I think first of originally began...when I first got involved with wrestling in Florida, there was no wrestling in the Summer months, it was only in the Winter months. It would start up in October, November, around in there and it would run through May, maybe June, and then it would shut down for July, August and September. This was before Florida became a Summer tourist area as well as a Winter tourist area. So in the Winter time we could always count on guys like Argentina Rocca and Gorgeous George, Baron Leoni, the Roberts name them...we got them all down here. Buddy Rogers, they all would come down because they wanted to spend a couple of weeks in Florida, in the Winter time and make a few bucks while they were here and they could also write it off as business. So that's how it started - the guys wanting to come to Florida - but then gradually we became the great testing ground because when Eddie (Graham) and Cowboy became partners, Eddie insisted on one thing to the guys who came down here, "Here, you will wrestle..." He didn't go for a lot of the high-flying high jinks - and he was very very careful about how people traveled, where people went after the matches. In other words, the guys that were very popular were not allowed to go to the same bar where the guys who weren't so popular went. There was a total separation. So when you were in Florida and you were wrestling, you know, you were popular or unpopular, you stayed with your group. You did not intermingle.

Jeremy Hartley: Oh how times have changed...(laughs)

Gordon Solie: Well yeah. Nowadays, after the matches on a Pay-Per-View you go to the local hotel bar where everybody is staying and they're all there partying together - it's very disappointing. It only proves a point, you know...but we became a testing and proving ground. When the television came in, of course the television show was a "one-hour commercial" - and it was all geared towards promoting next weeks matches. So because the promoters around the country, particularly if they had a young, green kid who had great potential - they would send him down here to get fine tuned. And that's exactly what we would do. We fine tuned a bunch of them.

Jeremy Hartley: Now, if you can remember some of the great matches that you were able to witness during your tenure in Florida, I'm sure you could fill volumes but if there is anything that sticks out in your mind, some of the folks who came down and you were able to watch them at their best...

Gordon Solie: Well, I'm glad you sort of re-phrased it because I've got..I guess in my lifetime, I've never stopped to figure it out but I imagine I've called over 20,000 matches in my career - so to call out the specific matches would be very difficult - I can certainly tell you some of the great matches, or great competitors that I've seen in matches. The first thought that comes to mind is Lou Thesz - Lou would come to town when he was Champion always dressed in a business suit, always was impeccably attired, was an extremely couteous, deferential champion - he, in my opinion, never overstepped his bounds. The sports editor of the Tribune, Cowboy would call Pete Norton and say, Hey Pete, Thesz is coming to town in two weeks." and Pete would say, "Fine, I'll call Palmasea golf course and get us some tee-times..." and Palmasea was the social hub of Tampa, but Thesz was immediately welcomed. But gosh, he'd get into the ring and he was such a consumate master. Then you've got Don Curtis and Mark Lewin in tag team combination - I've watched them in some fantastic matches against, if I remember correctly, the Von Breuners the Infernos and others. Lewin and Curtis were so good. Eddie Graham and the Great Malenko were some all time clasic matches, and of course, I think the all time classic classic would be the Jack Brisco - Dory Funk, Jr. matches.

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, and they had quite a series between them...

Gordon Solie: They did. Just for my own research, so that I could talk about it on the air, I got Jack and Dory to weigh themselves before a match one night in St. Petersberg and after the match I went back to the dressing room and got them to weigh themselves again and Jack had lost 8 1/2 lbs. and Dory had lost 9 1/2! It was a two-out-of-three falls match and went two falls to a draw one hour...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, and that was not uncommon between those go an hour...

Gordon Solie: No, they were phenomenal athletes, phenomenal competitors and every so often you get that magic you know... But I could go down the list - I mention these people and I am leaving out dozens and dozens of other great competitors. Jacob Grove, Hans Mortier was his name - he was one of the few that I got to know his real name. I did not socialize much with many of the competitors, I didn't feel it was good to mix...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, that's the question I was about ready to ask was did you have some kind of a camraderie with any of the guys.

Gordon Solie: Yeah, Don Curtis, Eddie Graham, Hans Mortier, the Great Malenko, Jack and Jerry Brisco, of course, the Funk brothers, Dory and Terry, Charlie Leigh...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, I'm sure it was something that many announcers can't really say and I think it was because, as we touched upon earlier, you had respected what they did and respected their craft - I watched some old Georgia Championship Wrestling lately and the common thread through it was, "Let me tell you something Gordon Solie..." It seemed like they would go in and beat somebodies brains out and then sit down and have a conversation with you (laughs) - they seem to really trust you on the air, and I guess from what you're saying, off the air as well.

Gordon Solie: Well, I don't think I ever deceived any of them. I think they respected me as a broadcaster as much as they knew I respected them as athletes. I think that was very important to them because there were a lot of people back when I first got into the business that really didn't respect these people as athletes, they respected them as big, rough brawler-type guys but they didn't understand the beautiful intricacies of the sport. I had a promoter who came out from California, was watching the matches - came up to me after the TV show was over and said, "Boy, you do a tremendous job." and I said, "Thank you very much". "However," he said, "it would never go over in California." And I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, you're talking above everybody's head." Well, of course, he was appealing to a certain ethnic group in California - but when you're on television you're appealing to all groups. And coinsequently...when I first got into radio, one thing I was told by a seasoned professional, "Please remember that when you go on the air, your audience mentality is age 14 - not physical age but mental age."

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah...

Gordon Solie: And I thought, "Well isn't that strange..?" That can create a real elitist attitude. Then of course, with the advent of television, I knew that everybody was watching TV, I might have college professors, I might have doctors - these aren't mental age 14 people - so let's not talk down to them to anybody, let's talk too them, and let's not be afraid to stretch them a little bit. If they are not terribly educated, throw a word in there occasionally that might cause them to say, "What the hell did he say?" and pick up a dictionary and look it up. So I felt that it was an opportunity, and this is sounding very self-aggrandizing but, I felt it was an opportunity to entertain and to, very frankly, educate - and I don't mean that to sound elitist, I realized from talking to the fans and all of that here was an area that I wasn't covering, and they were questioning - and I would go about trying to figure out a way to cover it so that there would be a logical explaination for what was going on.

Jeremy Hartley: Right.

Gordon Solie: The first time that I was doing a show, a guy took a swing, and I forget who they were, couple of prelimninary guys, and it was a very awkward roundhouse right and missed this guys chin by, I'm going to say eighteen inches, and the guy was going backwards and fell on his back. I said, "Wow! He missed with that hard-swinging right hand" I said, "Thank God he did - that would have torn his head off, but did you notice this guy was in such a hurry trying to back away that he fell backwards..?" Well, Cowboy raised hell with me. He said, "What the hell are you doing?" And I said, "What do you mean?" And he brought up the incident, you know. I said, "Well, did you see it?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Did he miss?" He said, "Yes." I said, "And don't you think everybody at home saw him miss too?" He stopped, and he said, "Yeah, you're right." And from then on they never questioned me. If something happened and I saw it, then don't insult the audience by telling them, "Whoa - what a savage right hand..."

Too be continued...

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Weekend Report

Thunder we get a three way dance for the World Tag Team Title with Jindrak & O'Hare, the Former Chumps, and the current Title holders, Kronic, who are under siege in the early going - but that situation can't really last all that long... The Brians are in control for most of of the match because the other four don't trust one another. Jindrak does a Frankinsteiner and lands on his head - but Adams pretends he's the one that's hurt. In the end, Stasiak gets creamed...and pinned. The "Bothers in Paint" show up to provide distraction so that Juventud Guerrera and Rey Rey can run in and steal the Tag Title belts again. (...and yes - I did mean to say "Bothers")

The Cat sends Mike Awesome out to represent America against Lance "Mr. Canada" Storm in a flag match. The Jung Dragons do their schtick with Miller, who group-slaps them in his best Three Stooges style. Oh yeah, and Jarrett is stalking around with a guitar as usual.

Backstage Crowbar is on his way to the ring with Daphne, and is clearly smitten by the lady. He goes to face "Prime Time" Elix Skipper (late of the PowerPlant), who thinks quite a lot of himself, but so far hasn't delivered in Prime Time for my money. At ringside, IM Smooth shows up with a bouquet of spring flowers for Daphne, who is ecstatic and...screaming about it. In the ring, "Prime Time" is completely missing his spots...Crowbar literally has to lay down for him. How disappointing... This is why "New Blood" isn't always the best idea...

Jimmy Hart is the first guitar shot victim of the evening. Mean Gene interviews Buff Bagwell and shares a chuckle with him at the expense of Kanyon, who shows up and wants a tag match with the two of them vs. himself and a mystery partner. Why not..? In the ring the show is no better - Three Count dancing and singing with Talentless Tank wallowing around in their midst. This evolves into an 8 man match with the Lamestreet Boyz and Tank vs. the Misfits (w/Major Gunns). In the middle of the battle, Miss Hancock and David Flair come out to harrass Major Gunns. This confusion is all resolved when the Lamers haul out a ladder and use it under cover of distraction to win the match.

Backstage, the One with the Gunns throws out a challenge for a mixed tag table match featuring her nemesi David and Miss H against herself and her partner, A-WALL.

Another PowerPlant whelp ("Above Average" Mark Sanders?) challenges Norman Smiley to a hard core match. Smiley tries to decline but the youngster is all over him...for about three minutes. Then Smiley gets fired up and turns the tables. Nearby, Jeff Jarrett is harranguing one of the backstage crew. He suddenly turns and smacks Sanders with his guitar. Norman goes for the pin, so Jarrett broke a second guitar over his head. Sanders wakes up and realizes that he needs to get Smiley to the ring in order to win the match. He loads the woozy former Champ into a wheelbarrow and hauls him to the ring, after some pretty feeble byplay, pins him accidntly.

The Ugly Canadian struts to the ring with his three defaced title belts and launches a rant against his opponent in the flag match, Mike Awesome - and incidently, also his opponent at the coming PPV. He refuses to defend any of his titles outside of Canada... His match with Awesome turns out badly for the latter when his big woman turns on him and whacks him with the American flag. She turns out to be a Canadian. Backstage, Kidman tracks down Siren and plants a big wet one on her.

Oh boy - time for the cat fight of the evening. Major Gunns and Sgt. A-WALL taking on Miss Hancock and Slick Ric's prodigy. Flair traps the Sgt. in the corner with his "Nature Boy" chops...right. You know how long that lasted. From there on, Flair is destroyed systematically while the two girls go at it out on the floor. In the clutch, Miss H proves to be the more ruthless adversary and eventually wins the contest by throwing the Major into a propped-up table and breaks it. In the ring, David suffers the same fate as the Major.

Kanyon consults with his partner, who remains out of view and doesn't say anything. The next match is Kidman vs. Siren's boyfriend (of course). This one barely gets underway before Torrie and Shane horn in. Billy is punked royally until Big Vito (?)...that's right folks, Big Vito rescues the Kid-Man.

The Artist is stalking Paisley and finds her with Kwiwi. A melee ensues. Meanwhile, in the arena, Jeff Jarrett, intimidates the ring announcer (David Penser) into reading a letter claiming that Jarrett is going to take out his ire on everybody in the building because Booker T took the night off. Jarrett brains the ring announcer then rants at the World Champ. In a pre-taped interview, Booker T recalls the night he won the WCW World Title and talks about his reign so far as the Champion. About 30 seconds of one of Tony's questions is blanked out - whether on purpose or not is in not made clear. He pledges his undying allegience to the fans. Tony tries to get him to talk about his attitude vis-a-vis being the Champ, and steers him toward a comment about Vince Russo. Booker side steps the question and goes on to talk about his recent knee injury during an encounter with Goldberg. He denies that he is pushing himself too far with weekly title defenses. He again asserts that in order for him to lose the title his opponent is going to have to kill him in the ring. Can you imagine what Vince McMahon would do with that..?

Oh Okerlund in a tag match again. I thought we'd seen the end of that gambit back in 1986... He is partners with Buff Bagwell to take on Kanyon and...Mark Madden!!!! I think that might make it all right... Of course the wrestlers start the match. Judy Bagwell is with the announcers table. I can't decide which is more ridiculous, Judy B or Madden. Mean Gene in the ring suddenly doesn't sound so bad. Madden minimizes his participation until he suddenly lays a flabby forearm on Bagwell. He is chased from the ring and leads his pursuer right into a trap. Back in the ring, Bagwell fights his way out of trouble and then flattens Madden with a clothesline. Kanyon is getting ready to fly when Okerlund shakes him off the corner. Their is a desparate struggle for the two wrestlers to tag out, then Mean Gene and Madden are going at it! Madden thinks he's won after delivering a foot to the groin...but Okerlund is wearing a cup!! He pushes it in Madden's face - the latter dies of cootie inhalation... Gene Mean is punked in the corner until Stevie Ray restrains Judy B, then runs in and breaks it up himself.

The Cat is in the ring to take on Vampiro & Muta - he introduces his partner...Sting! The fight erupts in the aisle and Miller joins the frey taking on Muta. A few minutes into the match on the floor, Sting goes for a Stinger splash against the railing...and misses badly. He is putty in Vamp's hands for the next few minutes. Muta and Vampiro isolate the Stinger, who of course is a long time adversary of Muta. Miller strains on the apron to get the tag but the referee is distracted and the tag is disallowed. A little later, Sting goes for the splash again - but this time Vamp gets his boot in the way. Miller finally gets the tag and shows his karate fighting pedegree by cleaning house for several moments. The Demon is headed to the ring as Sting is felled by Green mist, but the Cat succeeds in pinning Vampiro. Sting is out of action as the Cat is tied in a knot and the program ends.

Having Sting in as a surprise guest in the main event was a great touch...

SmackDown comes to us on tape from the Continental Airlines Arena outside of New York City. Commissioner Foley makes his appearance at the top of the program. He is immediately accosted by Kurt Angle, who deems himself to be the #1 contender for the WWF World Federation. This brings HHH and Stephanie to the ring to lodge their protests and demands. Stephanie makes a bid for sympathy over being Rock Bottomed the other night, but the Commissioner nips that notion in the bud. Foley makes a match for Summerslam - a three way battle for the title - Rock vs. HHH vs. Kurt Angle. Then he makes a tag match for tonight - Kurt and Hunter vs. the Undertaker and the Rock! Backstage, Val Venis has some words with Chyna and precipitates a brawl between himself and Eddie G.

Edge and Christian have a little disagreement backstage about Edge's sunglasses, which mimic the ones that Christian usually wears. Edge is entertaining some of his friends from his new movie - Highlander: The End Game. This is followed by Chris Jericho's entrance. He is here to participate in a tag team match with Eddie G vs. Val Venis and Chris Benoit. With two virulent feuds going on within this assemblage, the action is intense. It is interesting that Jericho and Venis are a lot alike in that their intensity seems "put on" while Benoit and Guerrero both seem to project the "real" thing. Of course, T&A ran out to help out the bad guys at the appropriate moment. Jericho was caught fast in the Crippler Crossface, which Benoit refused to release immediately after the decision.

X-Pac is up next for a rematch against Rikishi. Gonna get squashed again... He has told the Road Dogg to stay out of it tonight. At 424 lbs., Rikishi is close to twice his opponent's weight. I can't imagine what Waltman could be thinking... In this one the big Samoan thwarts his every move for the first several moments then X-Pac grabbed a shaky sleeper. The big guy sank to his knees, but then fought back to his feet and escaped. X-Pac next goes for the bronco buster, but is side stepped and creamed in the corner with a big splash. He assumes the position...and then uses a low blow to block the stinky face. He goes for a sunset flip in the corner but Rikishi stops him cold and squashes him (I told him so...) Uh oh, here comes the Rock. Backstage, Edge's actor friends are getting bored with their host...they want to meet the Rock. Gangrel walks up and they latch onto him...and leave.

Saturn and Terri faced the Kat and Al Snow in a spirited mixed tag team match. Saturn thouroughly destroyed Snow for about 3 minutes at the beginning of the contest, then Al Snow turned the tables and was going strong until the Kat accidently threw Head to Saturn. It all fell apart at that point and Saturn pinned Snow in a flash.

Next up - the Dudleys have a shot at the Tag Team Titles vs. the perpetually disgruntled Edge and Christian. The Tag Champs are all full of themselves as usual and decide to award edge an "Oscar" for his work in the Highlander movie. The Dudleys are the crowd favorites, of course. In the tradition of the Bushwackers, they are loved for their rustic charm... Devon is a bit overshadowed by his more intense partner, but he really is an accomplished athlete with great timing...until Edge turns the tables. Even then, Devon comes back with a spectacular flying tackle. Bubba is tagged in and the fur starts flying. The Champs are forced to rescue each other from pinfalls. Devon goes for a table but before it can be dragged out, Bubba is struck down by a chair shot and the match is thrown out. At this point the Hardeys show up with ladders! They set them up as the Dudleys are positioning tables for the finale. Jeff Hardey then splashed Edge from the top of a ladder while Bubba put Christian through a table.

Tazz stalks right over to the King and gets in his face. Lawler stands up and gets floored by a shot with a metal water pitcher! Mike Cole yells for some help - Lawler has been cut...but wait! There he is in the ring pounding on Tazz! Officials swarm. They can't be kept apart, yatta, yatta... The King is busted open, blood is streaming into his left eye, but he is livid and swinging into action. Tazz allows himself to be restrained as we cut to commercial.

Steven Richards and TRCT have a match against Too Cool tonight. Richards spouts psuedo political rhetoric as the match plods on in the ring. Mike Cole argues with him. Nobody calls the match until Bull Buchanan goes for a cover. As the match goes longer it favors the smaller team with their better the Bull and Goodfather apply their superior weight and power to turn the tables, then squash them like bugs...

"Joe" is spreading malicious gossip again - to Kurt Angle at this point. Albert and Trish come down to challenge the Hardcore Champion, Steve Blackman. Albert uses his size advantage to take the early initiative, then fishes a trash can, a chair and other things out from under the ring. Blackman gets control of the trash can and it becomes nip and tuck for a while. There is a fine display of baton twirling by the Champ, then a fire extinguisher gets involved before Blackman finally takes the pin. Val Venis runs out and punks Blackman.

"Joe" is with HHH now, spreading the story that Shane is Hunter's real adversary... Chris Jericho starts tearing up Foley's office, demanding a match against Chris Benoit. He is granted Summerslam...

The injured Garden Tool, Victoria, is interviewed in the hospital. She appears to be nude under the sheet. They question America's values that such a thing could happen to an innocent garden implement. Meanwhile, Shane and Stephanie both bow out of tonight's festivities involving HHH and Angle. Kevin Kelly has his usual humilliating experience, trying to interview the Rock.

The main event is the big tag team battle pitting the Odd Couple (HHH/Angle) vs. UT and the Rock. On paper this match is a wash in favor of the Rock and Undertaker. Kurt Angle is still a rookie after all, and he and Hunter have no cooperation agreement whether they are partners or not. The Rock and UT function smoothly as a team throughout the match. In the middle of the contest, Stephanie limps out to the ring area, still favoring her back. She grabs at Maivia's leg to distrract him and give the advantage back to her husband. She is showing a lot of leg tonight in her micro miniskirt... Hunter and Kurt are finally cooperating and things seem to be going a little better for them. The Rock is being isolated. Then Angle mistakenly drops an elbow on his partner...Hunter bails and Angle is creamed. Stephanie begs her man to return to the ring, but he stalks off to the back. She returns to watch the carnage with fascination. Then unthinkingly crawls into the ring to aid her friend - UT grabs her, but HHH runs back in and rescues her. He gets chokeslammed and People's Elbowed!


Lou E. Dangerously opens the program with a rant from the Huntington, VA Civic Center. He receives a reception of raining trash. He is trying badly to emulate his famed "family member" Paul E's "Danger Zone" spots. The camera cuts away to allow the regular announcers to introduce themselves then back to Dangerously's silly rant. Steve Corino and Scotty Anton come to the ring as Lou E's guests. They're not too impressed with Lou E. Boxes of popcorn and drinks show that the fans are similarly unimpressed. Corino complains that he and Anton have been passed over for the Tag Team Titles and he takes credit for the current World Champ's title reign. As they rant, Justin Credible enters the ring and insults Corino to his face. Corino reiterates his claim to keeping Credible in power - and then suggests that Credible's catch phrase is lame. As the argument escalates, Rhino makes his appearance. Moments later it all breaks down and we cut to the opening montage. Is the a stab at turning Corina face?

Backstage, Loe E is trying to cover his butt with the network.

Danny Doring and Road Kill come to the ring for a match with a couple of jobbers but the camera switches to the backstage area where Credible is trying but not succeeding in trying to intimidate Kid Kash. Back to the match...Extended squash city.

"That Guy" is with Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreak. They try to teach the Japanese star some lessons about Mmerican women using Electra as the example. He sprays her with green mist in a sensitive place...

CW (not an) Anderson talks over strategy with his two reluctant partners. We get video footage of him beating up on women. What is funny about all of this is that there never was a wrestling Anderson family. Ole's last name isn't Anderson, his brothers Lars and Gene were no/i> his brothers, and Arn is only related to him via marraige (Arn is Ole's son-in-law).

Next up Tajiri vs. Easy Money with a couple of his friends hanging about ringside. On paper, Money doesn't have a chance. In fact, in actual fact...he doesn't have a chance. Oh...he has a moment or two, and his friends get involved, of course, but Tajiri isn't about to sunk by these clowns. A tornado DDT and a kick to the head prove decisive. Tajiri is punked by his overwhelming opposition until Mikey runs in with a flaming torch and chases the thugs away.

Kid Kash gets his shot at the World Title in the main event. Joey Styles calls the match while Joel Gertner makes snide comments relating to his own sexual prowess and his desire for Francine. Kash is a fair-to-middling high flyer and manages to throw Credible somewhat off his game. Out on the floor, the challenger is firmly in control but back inside he is reversed on a whip and everything goes the other way. Credible calls for a chair then drives the Kid's face into it. He then grabs a mic and starts taunting the guy over the PA system as he beats on him. You know, that catch phrase of his is lame! Credible dominates the rest of the match but has a devil of a time taking the pin - then Kash hits a big Frankensteiner off the top rope and turns the tables - but Francine interferes to prevent the pin. Rhino then runs in and the match is thrown out as the Challenger is pummeled until Rob Van Dam intervenes.

I'll be back in a week. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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