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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Weekend Edition

A Conversation with Gordon Solie: Part 6

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 590 - August 26, 2000
Editor's Note: We open todays edition with the sixth installment of our exclusive interview with the late Gordon Solie.

A Conversation with Gordon Solie

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 6

Gordon and Jeremy were talking about how he developed his demeanor in a period when a lot of wrestling commentators poked fun at the wrestlers and their craft, Gordon was told to treat it "...seriously as his paycheck"!

Gordon Solie: I was admonished to do that and that's the way I maintained it ever after...I never found anything particularly humourous about doing this sport, it was very serious business and he was right - I worked for that paycheck every week...

Jeremy Hartley: Right, that's serious business (laughs)

Gordon Solie: Although at that time, the money was not...

Jeremy Hartley: (laughs) you were saying that Cowboy and Eddie Graham were partners for a while, you don't hear a lot about Cowboy, you hear about Eddie Graham - a big mind in the business - but I guess you could say that Graham was Cowboy's protege..? Did he groom Eddie to become the new owner...uh once he "passed" etc., etc.

Gordon Solie: Too a degree, yes, but Eddie was one of the great, great minds in the sport. Eddie brough a sophistication to the sport that had never been seen before. Eddie would tell the wrestlers that when they came into our area the rules and regulations for wrestling in Florida, and one of his admonishments every time was, "...and there's one thing you don't don't touch the announcer. You leave him alone. He's not going to insult you, he's not going to mess with don't mess with him." A lot of these guys were used to being in a territory where they could push the announcer aside or grab the mic out of his hand, you know, and treat them basically like a piece of dirt. These guys obviously didn't respect the announcer, and didn't expect the announcer to respect them. And Eddie would always close it out too by saying, "You know..." If anybody questioned him on it, he'd say, " you plan on drawing any money with him?"...and that pretty well put everybody in their place.

Jeremy Hartley: yeah...

Gordon Solie: You put a 270lbs. super hero in wrestling, and he's standing next to a 5 foot eight and a half, 160lbs. announcer. The announcer's having to hold the microphone up over his own head just to get the words from the wrestler - what sort of a contest would that be in the would be nothing at all. The wrestlers were all told never to touch me - a couple of them did...and I can remember in one case, a guy - he was about 6 foot 7 and he forgot where he was - and all he did was ruffle my hair, just reached down and ruffled my hair. He was gone in two weeks...

Jeremy Hartley: Wow..!

Gordon Solie: Eddie was very adamant about that. Well, it makes sense, you don't see NFL football players jumping on the announcer - you don't see it in any other sport, so why should it happen in wrestling??

Jeremy Hartley: Could you talk about some of your color men, like Roddy Piper, for instance.

Gordon Solie: Oh yeah...he was one of the best. Ole Anderson was another guy...he would come along and talk on the sidelines. Of course Ole and I were on the same know we both wanted to protect the integrity of the sport and to guard the logic of the sport. Buddy Colt was another great one that I had - I guess the greatest I ever had was Coach John Heath because I loved it when he'd come on the show with me. Because I got a virtual education...there was an article in our Tampa Tribune recently where they asked what things are missed most these days and which are missed least in the Tampa, Florida area and Championship Wrestling and myself were mentioned. And I don't remember how they phrased it but they said, "...we miss his vast physicological knowledge..." - but I got all of that from Coach John Heath, because John would sit down with me and we'd start doing a show and he would start talking about the deltoids or the trapezius muscle or the latisimus dorsii - you know and he's the one who got me into the anatomy aspect. And then I begun to do a little study on the anatomy - learning about the quadriceps fimorus muscle and the curciate ligiments and all of this - the places where injuries were most likely to occur and - again is a good thing when you think about, today is pretty commonplace because we are so much better educated now. But, when I was doing it, it was really sort of a pioneering effort - the body builders knew about it, physicians knew about it. I'll never forget I got corrected by a Med student at the University of Georgia. I mentioned one day about the thirty-three vertabre - I guess it was a piledriver or something and mentioned the "effect that could have on all 33 vertabrea..." I got a nice letter from this kid and he said, "I watch your show every week and enjoy it.." and so on. Your knowledge about anatomy and all but I would like to remind you that there are only 26 movable vertabrea, the last 7 of them are fused..." And so I went on the air the next week and commented that I got a letter and I stand corrected that, yes there are 33 vertabrea but 7 of them are fused and immovable from the standpoint of independent action. So that's another point - why not admit my mistake? Not quite like the apology that (President) Clinton gave the other night.

Jeremy Hartley: You know there was something that was an important milestone, not just in wrestling history but in television history and that was when wrestling was beamed on the satelite, and of course you were right in the thick of it. It must have been very exciting to be being beamed off the Earth and into space - but what did you see happening? What was that like? Did you notice any changes..?

Gordon Solie: Oh yeah, it was amazing. Ted Turner and I would talk about it - before we went on the satelite we could never break a million people, we could never break it. And this was also before the meter, this is back in the days of the old "diary" system for checking audiences. For some reason we had never been able to break a milion - we went to the meter system, we'd been on the satelite just a short time, anyway - we just couldn't break the barrier. I'd see Ted almost every Saturday because he loved wrestling and he's come down and watch the show, or come and watch part of it, what have you, and after the show we'd chat. We went on the metering system and the audience almost doubled the first time around - and the impact still hadn't hit me until my wife and I flew on a vacation out to San Francisco and then up to Seattle. We got up in the Space Needle in Seattle to have lunch, and I was sitting there with my wife and we were kibbutzing back and forth and enjoying the view and all of that. And I said, "Well, this is one nice thing - this far North and West we won't have to worry about anybody interrupting our meal..." and I hadn't said the words, "...interrupt our meal..." when a kid about 15 or 16 came over to the table and said, "Can I have your autograph please Mr. Solie?" And then it began to hit me that it wasn't Atlanta and it wasn't Florida and it wasn't the East coast - this was all over the country. And then I started getting commentary from Japan and from all over.

Jeremy Hartley: Right...

Gordon Solie: Then of course...Turner is a genious, and although I was not working for him at that time I did end up working for him, you know, up until '95 when I retired...I said that before and I said it after - the guy has led the field in the broadcast industry, he's been 5 years ahead of himself all the way down the line. When he first bought a piece of the satelite I heard a lot of people say, "Well, he's nuts..." yeah, well he was "crazy like a fox" - he's set the standard now, you know, MSNBC, FOX and everybody else - they've all emulated him, exactly what he did. And he recognised wrestling then, because I was the lead in for his Atlanta Braves which became the "Nation's team", you know...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, that's right. They'd have the Braves games right after that. Now were those shows done live, or did you tape those programs?

Gordon Solie: No, those shows were taped at 10 in the morning and then playe back around 6 in the afternoon.

Jeremy Hartley: And that was in an actual studio at the time?

Gordon Solie: Right...

Jeremy Hartley: And how many people...because I noticed they did this in Memphis as well, those fans were vocal! I mean, they made more noise then quite often the packed houses, I mean they loved their wrestling...

Gordon Solie: Well, they were right on top of it, and they were much easier to control. We didn't have to hold up "applause" signs or "boo" signs or what have you (laughs). These people reacted very normally and naturally and they were in very close quarters, you know we could only put...I don't know, maybe a hundred and fifty would be the most we could get into that little studio.

To be continued...

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Thunder Report

Thunder came to us on tape from the Tulsa Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and opened with some scenes from Nitro, as usual. Switch to the Cat's office where Chuck Palumbo is poking around in Miller's drawers and demanding a spot in the main event tonight. The Cat compromises with him and tells him to get Kevin Nash and go after Booker T and a partner of the Champ's choosing.

First up - Kwiwi comes to the ring with Paisley. His opponent is one of the Misfits, Cpl. Cajun. Kwiwi appears to dominate the early going in this one, but the Corporal holds his own. As the match progresses, Lt. Loco gets excitied and has to be restrained by his comrades. Paisley, who was sitting with the broadcasters, took the opportunity when Cajun strayed to close to slap him in the face. After a series of back and forth pin attempts, Kwiwi gets the win with a legit pinfall. Afterward, Paisley and Major Gunns got into a cat fight. Meanwhile, Kevin Nash is shown arriving.

The cat fight is still going on in the back as we return from the break. They end up challenging each other. Meanwhile, Miss Jones, the Cat's assistant delivers a contract to Lance Storm to defend hsi US Title (Canadian Title, whatever...) in a three way dance against Mike Awesome and Capt. Rection.

The Natural Born Thrillers are back and their spokesman, as usual, is Mike Sanders. He insults the local crowd then crows about the virtues of his group. This brings the Filthy Animals to the platform and Konnan to answer for his faction. Disco gets in a pretty good line about them being "Genetic Jacka$$e$". Suddenly Big Vito runs in and starts laying about woth his stickball bat. It is unclear what his beef is with the Natural Born Chumps. The Animals run in and chaos ensues.

Backstage, Booker asks Vito to be his tag partner and Vito agrees. In the Cat's office, Mike Sanders is trying to poison Miller's mind against the Disco Inferno - he doesn't succeed. Meanwhile, Crowbar is rehearsing a speech to make to Daffney, but fails to deliver it when she shows up talking about her date the night before with her secret admirer.

The Jung Dragons come to the ring for a rare match (mostly they seem to just do backstage vignettes with the Cat). Their opponents are the aharris Boyz in a handicap match. As usual these days in WCW, it is hard to tell which tem is actually the handicapped ones. The Dragons are crushed pretty thoroughly. Kronic attacks the big guys afterward and they brawl into the stands. At this point, Lea Meow shows up for the first time in months and gives the Dragomns a verbal dressing down then tells them to follow her out of the arena.

Backstage, Norman Smiley makes a deal with IM Smooth to take the Hardcore Title off his hands.

Daffney does cartwheels on her way to the ring. Crowbar takes on Reno in a match that just points out how much more talent Crowbar has then his rookie opponent as Daffney stands by screaming. Crowbar is still lovesick, of course, but he manages to make Reno look pretty good (believe me, Reno himself had nothing to do with it). In the middle of the match, Daffney's "secret admirer comes out and guess what...he looks almost exactly like Crowbar. The distraction cost Crowbar his match - then the stranger enters the ring with a pipe and drives Reno off. Daffney and the stranger then leave with Crowbar looking on in complete confusion.

Lt. Loco invades the Cat's office and gets ejected. Meanwhile, Talentless Tank tells Three Count that they are fired. He plans to carry on in the record business without them. But first they have a match tonight against the Dark Carnival. Mike Tenay interviews Mudasia in her home where she is recovering from the injuries she suffered at the hands of Goldberg. She reveals that she is a former bodybuilder and has been training at the PowerPlant. She is insulted when Tenay suggests that her role in the wrestling business has been as an "arm piece" for Scott Steiner. Tenay appears to be a bit hostile toward her - she takes offense and sends him packing.

Backstage, Booker and Big Vito are engaging in a friendly game of stickball when Kevin Nash and his cohorts attack. Norman Smiley is talking to himself about losing the Hardcore Title when the Dark Carnival surround and assault him. In the ring, Tank sends Three Count packing then sings(?) his new "hit song" by himself. The Dark Carnival show up and they enter the ring for their 8 man match. Talentless Tank is apparently brainless as well - antagonizing his partners just before a match. Nonetheless, Three Count handle the bad guys easily as Tank stands in the corner waiting to get into the fight. When Tank finally gets into the ring he also makes mincemeat out of the competition until Three Count come back with baseball bats...and attack Abbott!! He is punked and pinned.

Backstage, Prime Time is on the phone, talking to someone about the coming three way dance match as Capt. Rection listens in from behind a door. Skipper implies that something may be afoot regarding Awesome. Paisley and Kwiwi talk to Mean Gene about nothing in particular.

Norman Smiley has an "I Quit" match against IM Smooth and is determined to lose - but he can't say "I quit" because Muta's chop to the throat has rendered him incapable of speech! Smooth is expecting to win the match and begins to think that Smiley is trying to go back on their deal. He gets mad and forces Norman to defend himself. Eventually he beats the big guy down with a trash can. Smooth comes back, and Smiley is still trying to give up as Smooth gets angrier and angrier. He finally tells Smiley to "say 'I Quit'" and in the process, says the words himself, thus losing the match.

Now Mean Gene is trying to talk the Cat into firing Disco - what is up with that..? The announcers have been joined by Tigress, who is one segment early to commentate on her boys match. She sticks around for Paisley vs. Major Gunns. Paisley dominates the early going and displays some good technique for a relative rookie in the ring. As Gunns turns thinhgs around, Tigress jumps onto the apron and jacks Gunn's jaw - giving Paisley the win. Tigress and Paisley leave together - apparently it was a set-up.

Now it is the Animals who are trying to get rid of Disco!!! Outside the office there is a long line of wrestlers interested in the same idea. Meanwhile, Prime Time is still sewing discension in the Canadian ranks.

Mike Sanders takes on Disco is what everyone seems to want to be a loser leave town match. Disco is all over his rookie opponent from the get go. Sanders, who has exhibited about as much talent as Elix Skipper, and considerably less then Talentless Tank, is all at sea in this one. Like him or not - Disco is a formidable wrestler. All Sanders does well is talk... A Chartbuster puts him down but at that moment the Thrillers attack the Animals on the platform. Disco is distracted and misses his chance at a win. Sanders comes back with his wierd looking reverse back breaker and wins the match.

Lance Storm insults the American crowd before the next match, insisting that all our dreams center around becoming Canadians! His anthem is interrupted by the General's music. Then Awesome arrives and the two Americans quickly form a pact against Storm - apparently Skippers machinations were for nought. The two of them take turns walloping the guy. Things are going swimmingly for the Americans until the referee is knocked down. Skipper runs in to deliver a cheap shot with his championship ring on Awesome. Storm gets his half crab, while Skipper holds the General outside the ring. Storm retains.

Stevie Ray leaves the ringside area for the next match involving his brother in a tag team match.

The main event is the aforementioned tag team contest pitting Booker T/Vito vs. Chuck Palumbo/Kevin Nash. Jeff Jarrett decides to show up before Booker and Big Vito. He goes to the ring, guitar in hand. As Vito makes his entrance, Jarrett joins the broadcasters. Vito goes on the attack before his partner appears so that Booker has to run down and get involved in a hurry. Booker cleans house as Jarrett makes snide remarks at ringside about Goldberg. Booker takes the first tour in the ring then tags in Vito who has both opponents reeling in a moment. They eventually overpower him and he is isolated. Palumbo is a showboat and is sure to screw up eventually. Vito is isolated for quite a while but holds up admirably. Suddenly the rest of the Thrillers run in and Booker is hauled to the floor and his knee is attacked with chair shots as the program fades.

SmackDown Report

The usual replay of happening on RAW open the show, taped Tuesday night in New Orleans. Mrs. Helmsley makes an appearance at the top of the program looking approriately woebegone over her recent loss of the Womens' Title. She makes a ridiculous speech about how she has earned everything she has had in life and how she was robbed of the title on Monday night. The crowd pelts her with a "Sl*t!" chant. She characterizes the current ladies champ as a "low-life bimbo" and then demands a rematch tonight. Kurt Angle shows up to second that opinion, making a little speech of his own. Of course, he works in an insult directed at the local crowd. Then he lights into HHH for letting her down - bringing Mr. Helmsley to the ring in a snit. Commissioner Foley appears on the platform and denies setting Stephanie up, but says that after thinking about it, he admits that maybe making the Rock the referee was not the best idea. He then displays a set of gold medals, saying that he knos that she is attracted to men who wear medals... He makes the rematch of sorts - a tag match pitting Stephanie and her partner against Lita and the Rock. He leaves it up to her to choose which if her men will be on her side...

Backstage, after the break, HHH and Stephanie sit down to discuss strategy - but she wants Angle in on the talks, and convinces her hubby to go for the idea...reluctantly...

The Goodfather comes to the ring accompanied by the Right to Censor to face Rikishi. The big guy comes out to the platform all on his own...and moons them! Then he calls out his friends...the two remaining garden tools. This brings GF to the ramp where the fight gets underway. In the ring, Rikishi dominates the first few exchanges, then GF comes back. His buddies think that are going to get involved by harrassing the ladies, but Too Cool run down and protect them. In the ring, Rikishi makes short work of his opponent. Steven Richards runs in and jumps on the big guy's back but he is squashed in the corner and almost stinkyfaced. The five of then celebrate afterward with a victory dance.

Chyna and Eddie G confer backstage, they agree that they will be happy regardles of which if them wins the IC title at SummerSlam.

T&A, Trish and Val Venis come (no pun intended...) to the ring next - the guys have a six man match against Steve Blackman, Eddie G and Chyna. The crowd loves it when Chyna faces Val on a couple of occasions. She is eventually dragged out to the floor where Trish provides distraction so that Chyna can be punked. Meanwhile, in the ring, Blackman is taking Test out and pinning him.

Kurt Angle tries to convince Stephanie that HHH is too impulsive and angry to help her out tonight. He urges her to choose him as her partner. Out back, Tazz is screaming at someone in a white car that has grafitti all over it. He has a pipe and yells, "Come on out! Just another victim..." whatever that means... The King then reveals that it is his rental car - the guy in the car is Jim Ross, who locks himself in the car. Tazz smashes the passenger side window then drops the pipe. Lawler runs out and finds JR holding his eye (I understand he actually did get hit by a sliver of glass that cut him - though apparently not severely). Tazz attacks the King as he tries to help his fellow broadcaster. This is why, when you look at Goldberg's accident a few months ago, and several other incidents involving glass, they really shouldn't try these dangerous stunts. Is a wrestling storyline really worth having someone possibly lose their eyesight? I think not.

The Millenium Bug makes his appearance next and comes to the ring for a rant aimed at Chris Benoit. He shows some doctored still photos of Benoit's head superimposed on various bodys - a guy in a rowboat, a guy riding a goat, a bride, and a donkey. This brings the man himself out to applaud his nemesis in a mocking fashion. He vows that Jericho's sense of humor will not help him in the ring at SummerSlam. He shows a picture of his own - showing him sending Jericho into dreamland with a Crippler Crossface, he calls himself the best technical wrestler in the WWF and challanges Jericho to "prove me wrong..."

Backstage, the NewNew Age Outlaws are trying to resolve their differences. They agree to put them aside to prepare to face the Undertaker tonight. As if right on cue (fancy that...) UT tries to ride them down with his motorcycle.

On Bourbon Street, Kaientai are doing some kareoke to the cat calls of the local bar crowd and the Acolytes.

Undertaker makes his entrance for a handicap match against X-Pac and the Road Dogg. X-Pac pauses to spit on the dead man's bike - enraging the big guy. He is devastating in the ring, sending X-Pac to the floor and then dealing out punishment on the Dogg. In the middle of the match, the Dogg just walks away, leaving his partner to his fate. A big powerbomb and a pinning combination.

Backstage, Stephanie is telling her husband about Angle's theory - that HHH is too hot headed to be much help. His response is to fly into a rage - thus proving the Olympic Hero's point. He stalks off to find Angle.

Saturn comes to the ring accompanied by Terri Runnels. His opponent is Al Snow, who can't seem to make up his mind whether he is cracked otr not these days, but in this instance is challenging for the European Title. Snow dominates the early going but then is distracted by Terri and loses the initiative. Back in the ring, Saturn is firmly in charge. As Snow starts to mount a comeback, Terri distracts him again and gets thrown to the floor - but her work is done. Saturn takes advantage of Snows pre-occupation and gets the pin.

The Tag Team Champs come to the ring to engage in a little six man action with Chris Benoit as their partner and against the Hardeys and Y2J. The action is fast and furious and ends rather abruptly when Jericho gets a pin on Benoit. The good guys are punked for a moment and then the Dudleys run in to break it up. Jericho and Benoit end up struggling on a corner and fall through a table. Backstage, HHH catches up with Angle and tells him to stay out of his business. He starts to tell Angle that he will make the decision, but Stephanie appears at that moment and says that she will make the the flip of a coin.

Back in the bar, Bradshaw is doing the Kareoke now while Faarooq engages in fisticuffs nearby. Backstage, Kevin Kelly is with the Rock for his weekly humiliation. Maivia says it is fitting that Stephanie is here in "the Big Easy", and states that she is just that... He says that it doesn't matter who Stephanie picks as her partner. In another part of the building, Stephanie flips the coin...and Angle wins. HHH stalks off again...

So here we are at the main event for the second time this week, involving Stephanie in the ring. HHH watches in frustration from backstage as his wife makes his way to the ring followed by her partner Kurt Angle. Maivia runs up and attacks Angle on the ramp as Lita does the same against her nemesis. The two girls end up in the ring as the two men brawl on the outside. Moments later Maivia and Angle take center stage and the Rock dominates the proceedings. He starts to put on a sharpshooter, but Stephanie distracts him. She ends up on the floor having run into the steel steps. HHH runs out and shoves the officials away then calls for a paramedic. He picks her up and carries her away from the ring area as the two men continue their brawl in the ring. In the dressing room the EMT's finally appear and HHH leaves to go out and "help" Kurt. Back in the ring, the Rock is all over his opponent with a series of pinfall attempts. They leave the ring and fight up the ramp where HHH meets them and attacks the Rock. The two bad guys doubleteam Maivia, then attack the referee - who declares a DQ. But they don't care. Maivia makes a comeback but he is outnumbered. HHH drags Lita into the ring and the two of them menace her in the corner until the Hardey Boyz show up to take them on. Angle is disposed of and HHH is punked by all four of the good guys and girls. Angle starts to re-enter the ring but then thinks batter of it and slinks away, leaving HHH on his own. Helmsley is Rock Bottomed as Lita and her friends leave the ring. The People's Elbow is applied as Angle arrives at the dressing room, apologizes to Stephanie, hugs her...and then kisses her!! And she kisses him back!!! The program fades as she pulls away and realizes what just happened.


We are told that tonight's main event will be Rhino/Justin Credible vs. Rob Van Dam/Kid Kash - but the two bad guys are at each other's throats backstage. Rhino demands a World Title match...after they take care of Van Dam and Kash. Francine looks like hell - having had her nose broken and her eyes blackened during a house show the night before.

But first, Jerry Lynn makes his way to the ring against some jerk called Bilvis Wesley. Where does ECW come up with these people? Before the match can get underway, the referee (Danny Daniel) makes a speech telling Lynne that he's tired of getting knocked down ansd sometimes stretchered out of the ring after every Lynn match he officiates. He mentions that he has heard there is a bounty on Lynn...and gets knocked down for his trouble. Rhino runs in and spears Lynn then puts him through a table...and then the match gets started. Since the referee is still down, Bilvis' companions (the Prodegy and Prodegette?) attack Lynn - but he comes back and is ready to take the pin when the recovered official disqualifies him for hitting a referee. The crowd roars, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" - like they think they are on the Springer show or something.

Next up, clips from HCTV features Tajiri vs Psicosis in a high-flying match that is much more wrestling then brawling. The crowd eats it up and applauds both competitors vociferously. Both of these guys are nuts - just the kind of wrestlers the ECW crowd adores. This matchg is rife with false endings and spectacular moves. Even Psicosis' famous top rope leg drop is unsuccessful as Tajiri continues to kick out. In the end, Tajiri scores a hard fought pinfall.

As we return from the break to find Tajiri lip-syching to one of "That Guy"'s rants. Mikey Whipwreak shows up and does an utterly tasteless bad impression of the late comedian Chris Farley. Thank God it's short.

We return from another break in the middle of a match featuring Road Kill/Danny Doring/Tommy Dreamer against CW (not an...) Anderson/Simon Diamond and their partner Slinger who stops the match to propose a pose down. This comes to nothing, of course, and the match continues until Doring an Roadkill use some fancy teamwork to put Slinger away.

The main event started very early in the program - about two minutes after the half hour. But, of course, we get another commercial after the introductions...

The match gets underway after the break. Now there are only 15 minutes remaining in the program. It is a good match-up - the high flying good guys against the power and guile of the two champions. Kash and Van dam definitely have the better tag team coordination and the two of them take turns splashing their opponents out on the floor. Unfortunately, Van Dam is injured during his splash, leaving his diminuitive partner to face the opposition on his own for a moment. By the time RVD is back in the match, Kash is being isolated. The World Champ brings in a chair and runs Kash's head onto it then gets a two count. Kash comes back with a snappy moonsault which lays both of them out. He manages to tag in his partner who in turn cleans house. Moments later all four are in the ring, continually saving there partners from the pinfall. RVD ends up wuith Justin on his shoulders, then Kash hits a flying Frankensteiner and Rhino is going down. RVD hits the 5 Star Frog Splash - but Justin saves his partner's butt. RVD goes for it again, but this time Justin upsets him and knocks him off the top rope to the floor. Justin goes for a piledriver on Kash but the latter reverses it into a Money Maker. Justin is out of it, but Rhino saves him then finishes the piledriver on Kash. Rhino is about to win the match when the Sandman runs in and hits him with a cane. Justin returns and hits Sandman with another cane. Then the newly faced Steve Corino rushes in on Rhino. Van Dan recovers and hits Rhino with a Van Terminator in the corner, then takes the pin.

I hope to be bqck on Sunday for the PPV - but there is a possibility I might have to work. Until then...

I'll be back on Monday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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