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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Sunday Special Edition

WWF SummerSlam

Chyna does it again!

Holds the IC Title for the third time!

Steve Blackman takes back the Hardcore Strap

APW Carnival Of Carnage 2 Report

by Jermz

A Conversation
with Gordon Solie: Part 7

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 591 - August 27, 2000
Editor's Note: For our special SummerSlam edition we also include some hot All Pro Wrestling results sent to us by our APW correspondent, Jermz.

We open today's edition with the seventh installment of our exclusive interview with the late Gordon Solie. In this part of the interview, Mr. Solie surpised the heck out of yours truly by mentioning the Solie's site and myself by name.

A Conversation with Gordon Solie

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 7

In the last installment, Gordon and Jeremy were talking about what it was like to announce matches in the confines of a small studio.

Jeremy Hartley: Now when you were doing your announcing did you have the sound being piped through so that eveyone could hear it or were you secluded, so to speak, I mean how was that really done?

Gordon Solie: On the studio stuff I was always basically right there at ringside, I was wide open...

Jeremy Hartley: It's amazing that more people didn't try to get involved...but once again there was a respect for the business and a respect for the announcer. We've been seeing lately the celebrities involving themselves in the wrestling business lately, I remember that there were wrestling matches involving for instance, Jack Dempsey years and years ago, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman, whatever, did you ever see, when you were in Atlanta or in Alabama or any other place that you worked, any memorable celebrities either from other sports or Hollywood try to get involved or was it more of just the wrestling aspect?

Gordon Solie: Well, we had were talking about the Dempsey thing, and the way that all came about was back in the 20's, I don't remember the exact year, but there was a classic boxer vs. wrestler and Cowboy went against Jack Dempsey in Atlanta, I believe it was, and Dempsey shattered Cowboy's jaw, blinded him in one eye. Cowboy remembers nothing from the third round on because Dempsey caught him, you know, going in and that's the secret to a boxer vs. wrestler match - if you can catch the wrestler coming in - whop him good one time and it's over. If you don't and the wrestler gets too you it's over for the boxer. But back to your question, there have always been other sports celebrities involved in one way or another with wrestling, however, now you talk about the Andy Kaufman thing, you talk about the Jay Leno thing...I have no quarrel with a Karl Malone who wants to get into the ring because - #1, he is an outstanding athlete - I have no quarrel with Rodman although I deplore his actions, but he's an athlete. I have no quarrel with a football player who wants to get into wrestling, God knows I've known a bunch of them. You know, Ernie Ladd, Wahoo McDaniel, Verne Gagne - you can go right down the line...great football players who became great wrestlers...

Jeremy Hartley: Comment, if you would, about how corporate America seems to be wanting to run the wrestling business these days.

Gordon Solie: Well now you've hit on a key word. See wrestling used to be run by wrestlers, now it's run by corporate entities, and that's where I finally bailed out. I finally had had enough of the corporate crap and decided to get the hell out of it.

Jeremy Hartley: Now I happened to catch a couple of shows and that was where you started doing some voice overs for I believe it was the Japan show? It was on Euro Sports I believe, Ring Warriors. And of course they had Howard Brody and those folks had a couple of shows streaming audio on the Internet and I was able to listen to those shows, but talk a little bit about, if you don't mind, the wrestling in Japan and Europe.

Gordon Solie: Well, first of all it was a much tighter form of wrestling. When we were doing those shows they were shipped in and edited. I was doing them with Sir Oliver Humperdink at first, then later they brought in Bruno Sammartino and we did several shows together. They would say, "Do you want to see these matches in advance?" and I said, "No, I don't want to see them in advance, I want to be able to call them as I see them..." And the thing that I found so pleasing was, that be not having seen them ahead of time, I could not tell who was going to win. The matches were so close that many times the person that I had picked in my mind as the winner didn't win. I'll never forget one kid that I was watching. I had never seen him before and he really didn't look like a wrestler he didn't have the etched muscles and all of that - he was sort of built like an early Don Curtis, long and rangy - but I was watching him in his match and instinctively I began to go with this kid because he was doing a lot of things naturally that a lot of other guys really had to work at - he just seemes to have it - an lo and behold he ended up winning the Junior Heavyweight Championship over there. The matches over there earn everything you get over there. You didn't see the horrible mismatches, and that really used to get to me, you watch some fine young kid grossly outdistanced by their opponent - there was no contest. For me to sit down and say, "Boy this is going to be a great contest..." I felt like I owed my viewers more honesty then that.

Jeremy Hartley: Right, now do they still do these shows? Or has that since become a thing of the past?

Gordon Solie: Well, they kind have misled us, the people that set up that production on the Internet because they said thay could get it up to 30 frames/minute and they really couldn't get it past about 24 - and that was if you have a real high-speed modem. The most I could get at home, and I had the best modem available, the best I could get was about 19 frames...and so it looked like the old time pictures. The audio would stream farely well but you couldn't get the pictures - so we're on a temporary hiatus now. I don't know what their plans are now, but as Colin Powell said when they asked him to run for President - I really don't have the "fire in my belly" for much of it. I would love to go back and do those matches because I think I could get back to announcing the kind of wrestling that I could enjoy...

Jeremy Hartley: Right, and that is very important. You should be able to do what you enjoy doing and there is just not a lot of that going on anymore. Unfortunately the Ring Warriors never really made it out here on any Television...

Gordon Solie: It was really never pursued.

Jeremy Hartley: Right. They sell the videos sometimes, every now and again I see them but a lot of people don't know about them. We can only hope that the Internet Technology gets to the point where they can really do it right. With RealAudio now you can get CD quality sound through a 28.8 modem and who knows, maybe they will get the video to work in the coming years...

Gordon Solie: Well they will, its just a question of time. And (does an "old coot" voice) as old as I'm getting sonny...(laughs)

"I don't sit down to the computer every day by any stretch. I'll get onto a site occasionally and see what Earl Oliver is putting out."

Jeremy Hartley: (laughs) Now, do you get the chance to see some of whats out there on the Internet?

Gordon Solie: Well occasionally. I don't sit down to the computer every day by any stretch. I'll get onto a site occasionally and see what Earl Oliver is putting out. (Editor's Note: GASP!!) I didn't even know that Solie's Vintage Wrestling existed until someone told me about it and I dialed it in. He is so nice about putting that little disclaimer at the bottom that I decided not to disturb him in using my name. He's doing it with respect...

Jeremy Hartley: Absolutely, and he's now on an audio feature on my site - he's doing what we call the "Time Machine" piece where he talks about some wrestling that he witnessed, some matches that he's seen - so he's featured on my site - a straight ahead audio pro-wrestling site where I have interviews with Lou Thesz and Don Curtis and others and features from other historians. Mike Lano and Tom Burke have sent me some things - so there's no real text there, except for the pages themselves - that's where this interview is going to be going - I've had a ball putting it together and, you know, a shameless plug for Earl - he's been a big help, and Scott Teal as well...the "What Ever Happened Too..." man. He's another great person for wrestling history.

Gordon Solie: Well what is yor site?

Jeremy Hartley: My site is at, all of the interviews are there in the RealAudio. It's interesting to listen to - I have about 15 programs up there now. I started back in December and it's amazing how styles change over time. Did you ever go back and listen to some of your old stuff...or could you? Of course now, with video tapes, everything is so at the ready. You pop in a tape and you can watch or hear anything you've done. ere you ever really able to critique some of your own work? Or did you just develop your style gradually?

Gordon Solie: Oh yeah, I used to critique it on a weekly basis. I would see where I had blown something, or if I didn't feel that I had done te opponent or competitor justice... I did it on a weekly basis. I don't go back and look at it now. But for a while there I tried to watch it as a viewer would watch it - to see if I carried the action. Of course my wife used to get a kick out of me because I'd be in the livingroom watching the show and have a little "toddy" - all of a sudden whe'd hear me say, "God Damned dummy!" he'd ask, "What's the matter..?" and I'd say, "Oh, I just goofed..." Then she'd say, "Well don't watch it if it upsets you so!" But that was the only reason I did watch it, to make sure I do get upset if I see myself doing something stupid.

Jeremy Hartley: Sure, there's a lot of folks that are going to see what they want to see, they may not see some of the flaws and the imperfections. But I really believe that that is one of the things that separates the announcers of the past from the announcers of today. The guys from the past really gave a damn, the really classic ones, about what they did. You know I told this to Les (Thatcher) the first time I met him - too often these announcers they talk at you. It's as if they are just silhouettes of themselves and their just going to say what they want to say with no regard for the viewer or the listener. Yourself, Lance Russel, Les Thatcher and even Jim Ross for a time, would talk to you and with you. Red Barber used to do that, even in Pittsburg, Bob Prince - they seemed to talk with you. Did you notice that as an announcer? I know you tried to educate them but did you also try to "get them into your home" so to speak for two hours a week?

Gordon Solie: Absolutely. The fact of the matter was that any time I would break a new kid in, a wrestler I mean, I would tell them, "Now, you're going to be standing with me in front of a camera. When that red light goes on, think about that as your very best friend, or your very worst enemy represented by that red light and forget about the camera, just concentrate on the fact that is your best buddy or your worst enemy and that red light sympolizes that for you." Some kids picked up on that real quickly, others, because there was still the jitters to contend with - I had a guy who is a big top draw star now, who walked out on me after about a minute and a half of a three minute interview. He said, "That's it." and walked away. And so I kept talking. The director grabbed him of course and he came back after about thirty seconds and we finished off the three minutes. But he said to me later, "Well, I'd never done a serious interview before..." So you see once again, you get that difference of the guys who figure they've got to go out there and give them all this hype and bullshit. Yet if they would just get out there and talk... That's why Arn Anderson is so good. Because he's believable, he makes sense. Les Thatcher is that way when he does a show, Lance Russel was that way, I know I was. You don't have to do all of that stuff. You don't have to scream for sixty minutes because if you don't have any "lows" then you can't have any "highs".

To be continued...

All Pro Wrestling "Carnival Of Carnage 2"

Antioch, Ca. Saturday August 26th 2000

APW returned to the Antioch Fairgrounds for the second installment in the Carnival Of Carnage series. Honky Tonk Man and Vic Grimes were two of the biggest stars on this show. Grimes returning for the first time in over two years, and Honky making his APW debut. All the usual stars of APW were also on the card, names like Westside Playaz 2000, Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan etc. This was a big show, the first for APW in three months, and they wanted to get back on track by putting together a great show for the fans in Antioch.

*Interview With The Shoot Club*

Shane Dynasty led his group of 'shooters' to the ring, and cut a very good promo, putting down the man whom he idolized as a child, Honky Tonk Man. Dynasty said that maybe if Honky would lay down for Murdoch in tonights main event, they would consider shaving his head, and adding him to the Shoot Club. HTM didn't take too kindly to these guys asking him to throw the match, and made his way to ringside, and let Dynasty know that the fans would be seeing a match, because he doesn't lay down for anyone.

After HTM made it clear that he would give Murdoch a serious run for the title, Chad Collyer had some things to say. He told Dynasty that he only joined the Shoot Club back in April because they promised him the Internet Title. However, he didn't win that tournament, and now feels like he would be better off without the shooters at his side. Collyer fired Dynasty right there on the spot, but paid the price by taking a beating at the hands of Boom Boom Comini & Tony Jones. Collyer was saved however, by The Snott Brothers, who ran to the ring with their fan club president Betty Beefcake. The referee called for the bell, and the match was on...

*SNOTT BROTHERS - George C. & Seymour (with Betty Beefcake) vs. THE SHOOT CLUB - "Shooter" Tony Jones & "Hardcore" Comini (with Shane Dynasty)

The match started off slowly, with Jones mat wrestling the Snotts, and really taking them to school. Jones used some of his technical experience to wrestle his opponents to the mat, and then tagged in Comini, who looked like he was having a good time just toying with them. Comini, who is about as big as both Snotts combined, choked, punched, slapped & chopped the brothers from corner to corner. About 5 minutes into the match, George C. Snott hit the Tommykaze on Jones, and was able to make a hot tag to his brother Seymour. Seymour hit the ring with a series of dropkicks and right hands, but got caught off-guard by a Tony Jones german suplex that knocked him out. Comini then hit a top rope splash, all 330 pounds of him, crashing down on Seymour Snott, and got the count of 3. Winners: Shoot Club in 6:54 ( * * 1/2 )

*Interview with Vinny Massaro*

"The Innovator" Vinny Massaro came out and let the fans know that he was tired of seeing wrestlers such as Nova, Crash Holly, Donovan Morgan, Michael Modest etc., stealing his moves. He let his mother know what was going on, and she called on his cousin, Buddy Cetello, who is a lawyer on the East Coast. Cetello hit the ring, dressed in usual lawyer attire, and told the fans that they should be ashamed to cheer for wrestlers who steal moves. He said if he sees another wrestler using one of his cousin Vinny's moves, he will immediatley serve them a subpoena. Cetello was actually very good on the mic, he got some good heat, and it looks like this is going to develop into a very interesting angle.

*Ma'och vs. "Big Bison" Mark Smith*

This was Smith's farewell match, as he will be leaving APW and moving back to Colorado soon, to be with family. Smith looked in very good shape, and really took it to Ma'och. Interesting enough, this was also the opponent for Smith's debut match, back in May of last year. This was actually a very good match, hilighted by some stiff clotheslines & chops by Bison. Ma'och broke the rules on more than one occasion, and really seemed to be the underdog here, without his manager Cherry Bomb at ringside. The pace was fairly slow, and the momentum swayed back & forth throughout the contest. Ma'och used dirty tactics to keep the advantage in his favor, until about 5 minutes into it, when Smith made a big comeback, and used a burst of energy to have his opponent begging for mercy. vBison hit his finishing move, the Buffalo Stampede, but before he could put Ma'och down for the final slam, he reversed it into a russian legsweep, and went for the cover...1...2...3! Ma'och had defeated Bison Smith in his final APW match. It was sad to see Bison go out with a loss, and most of the fans didn't even realize it was his goodbye, but i did, and i will really miss Mark Smith in the ring. He was a nice guy, and did a lot of good things in APW. Congratulations on Ma'och getting the win, but with it being Bison's finale, i wish it could have ended differently. Winner: Ma'och in 6:35 ( * * 1/2)

*Massaro/Perez pre-match...

After Massaro had made his way to the ring, accompanied by his new manager, Buddy Cetello...Perez came out in street clothes, and let the fans know that he could not wrestle tonight, due to an injury he sustained while training at the APW Boot Camp. Perez told us about a beginning student he has had his eye on for awhile, and he wanted this man to take his place in the ring against Vinny. This unknown rookie, who was introduced as Myaki Frantz , (possibly the brother of Jardi???)...had never been seen around APW before. He was a beginner in the Boot Camp, but Perez felt he was ready to take on Vinny Massaro in his debut match. Massaro agreed, and the match began.

*"Innovator" Vinny Massaro (with Buddy Cetello) vs. Myaki Frantz

Massaro started the match off, attacking Frantz from behind. He layed some stiff chops into his chest, but that was about it for Massaro's offense for the next few minutes. Frantz twisted off the top rope, and then hit the flying head-scissors to take Vinny off his feet. Frantz went wild with the highflying aerial moves, totally suprising the entire arena, flipping and flying through the air with ease. Swinging DDT's, moonsaults etc. This youngster could really work. Vinny took a break on the outside, but was met with an Asai moonsault over the guardrail that sent Frantz into the crowd!!! This was absolutely amazing!!! Where did this guy come from!?!?

Once back in the ring, Frantz climbed the ropes again, but Cetello shook the ropes, and crotched him on the top turnbuckle. Massaro then picked him up, and hit him with the 2nd story Bitch Slap. That move allowed Vinny to toy with Frantz, using his power to slam him around the ring. Vinny hit a new move, if you have ever seen Christopher Daniel's use the "Angel Wings", you would love this move, it was a 2nd rope "Angel Wings"...definatley one of the top moves of the night. Vinny hammered away on the young beginner, hitting him with the original Bitch Slap, and just about every move in his arsenal. Then came the sickest of them all, it was a suplex, into a michinoku driver! I have no idea what he calls this one, but he dumped Frantz right on his head, in the sickest bump of the night by far! Vinny went for the cover, but stopped the count at 2, to continue the beating. This brought out Jardi Frantz and JJ Perez to break up the match, and put an end to the beating this rookie was recieving. The referee had no choice but to call for the bell and award the match to Massaro by DQ.

Definitely a valiant effort put forth by Myaki Frantz, but his highflying tactics weren't enough to beat Massaro on this night. A very good match, with tons of high-spots and great moves. Winner: Vinny Massaro in 6:35 ( * * * 1/2 )

*THE BALLARD BROTHERS - Shane & Shannon (with Cheerleader Melissa) vs. "Funboy" Donovan Morgan & Kid Chrome

Before the match began, the Ballards asked Morgan/Chrome to denounce their US citizenship, and become Canadians so they wouldn't have to wrestle. However, Morgan/Chrome had different ideas, and stomped on the Canadian flag to begin the match. This was a very good tag team match, it kept the fans interested the entire time, as they cheered on the American heroes. The Ballards are great as a team, and Morgan/Chrome showed they have been working well together, as both teams put up some very potent offense.

Action spilled to the outside, and Morgan hit a somersault over the top rope, and down onto both Ballards. He was follwed by Cheerleader Melissa, who was trying to help her men out, but instead landed on The Ballards when Morgan was able to move out of the way. Melissa was very impressive, showing that she could give WWF's Lita a run for her money. The action went back and forth, with both teams taking the advantage for a couple minutes each. The Ballards cut the ring in half about 6 minutes into the match, and wouldn't let Chrome make the tag. They double teamed him, and even used Melissa to distract the referee to they could use some cheating tactics. The referee kept missing the tag to Morgan, and forcing Chrome back in the ring to take a beating at the hands of the Ballards. The action in this match was non-stop, and finally, after taking a serious beating, Chrome was able to muster up enough energy to climb to his corner and make the tag to Morgan!

Donovan came in and cleaned house! He tore into the Ballards, hitting them with everything he had. He nailed a top rope hurricarana, but the pinfall was broken up by the other Ballard Brother. Even the Michinoku Driver wasn't enough to get the victory. Chrome was on his feet, and it was now a free-for-all, as all four men were in the ring.

Finally Morgan was able to reverse a slop-drop into one of his own, and get the pinfall and the victory. This was a very exciting match, it had some old school psychology mixed with some highflying and great double team moves. Not perfect...but still a great overall match! After the match, Morgan hoisted Melissa up on his shoulders for the Doomsday Device, but she was saved by the Ballards, and all three of them retreated to the dressing room. Winners: Morgan & Chrome in 11:35 ( * * * 1/2)

*Interview with Style & Substance*

Jason Deadrich, Terri Nicole Ash & Michael Modest came out to the ring, and after putting down the city of Antioch, they said Chad Collyer (Modest's opponent) was in no condition to wrestle, after the beating he had taken at the hands of the Shoot Club, and the match would be called off. However, Collyer made his way to the ring, and let them know that he would take Modest on tonight. Modest seemed none too happy about this, and took to insulting Collyer, and questioned how tough he really is. However, Collyer's undying quest for the Worldwide Internet Title (held by Donovan Morgan), forced him to get in the ring, and finally get the match with Modest underway.

*"Natural One" Michael Modest (with Jason Deadrich & Terri Nicole Ash) vs. Chad Collyer*

The referee began to count Modest out, as he walked back to the dressing room, saying he wouldn't wrestle tonight. Modest got furious and shoved the referee, yelling at him to stop counting. The referee told Modest to get back in the ring and wrestle the match or be counted out. So the match began...

The Antioch fans were all over Modest, who was definatley drawing the most heat of the night so far. If you like mat wrestling this match is for you. These are two of the best indy mat wrestlers around, and they put on a great match. Collyer worked on the arm for the first 4 minutes, but Modest always found a way out of his armbar. Tons of exchanges & near falls throughout the match, to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Modest used S&S's outside interference as a distraction to help him gain an advantage anytime the referee was turned toward them.

Modest loved teasing the Antioch fans, even going so far as to pulling out a table, and positioning Collyer for a powerbomb, but releasing him and flipping off the crowd instead. Modest wrestled his way through Collyer, and Collyer wrestled him right back. This is what old-school psychology is all about. About 12 minutes into the match, Collyer fired back and took advantage. A few high-risk dropkicks off the top rope got him a two-count, and the near falls just kept coming. Lots of roll-up's and counters were reversed as both men fought their heart out in this grueling main event. Collyer's tombstone piledriver got a two count, as did a brainbuster. Then it was a swinging DDT on the Natural! Modest kicked out again.

Collyer climbed the ropes, and was shaken off by Deadrich. Collyer was straddling the top turnbuckle, and Modest perched himself up top, and hit a top rope fishermans suplex! This move was executed perfectly, and Modest got the pinfall and the victory! A very good match, physically draining for both men. The fans weren't pleased with Modest's getting the victory, but they couldn't complain about the action in the ring for a full 16 minutes. These guys poured their hearts out, and put on a great match.

Winner: Michael Modest in 16:50 ( * * * * ) *APW Tag Team Championship*

*WESTSIDE PLAYAZ 2000 - "Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson & "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande (with ICEBOX) vs. Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz & "Vicious" Vic Grimes

This match was just pure brutality! After it was over, it looked like World War 3 had just gone down. This show was proving what APW President Roland Alexander always says, APW shows have a little something for everyone. If you like technical, old school, lucha, hardcore...whatever...APW has it.

Vic Grimes (without the mask...bu with the pizza cutter), had lost a lot of weight since his APW days, and seemed to move around the ring with a little more ease. He also had a lot of charisma, and was very comfortable in the ring...something wrestling in front of thousands of "Philly-Fanatics" every night can do for you. The first few minutes of the match were in the ring, with both teams trying to get the early advantage. It featured a few crazy dives by LeGrande and Frantz, trying to set the tone for the match. However, as it went on, the hardcore crazy antics of Vic Grimes really seemed to rub off on everyone. The most amazing thing happened after Grimes tossed all the WSP2K's onto each other on the outside of the ring, and as they tried to get up, Jardi Frantz did the unthinkable and hit a Springboard Shooting Star Press (ala Dokko Chan). This move was totally unreal, one of the most amazing things i have ever seen!

Grimes was also very comfortable on the mic, as he kept getting it, and putting down the fans and the WSP2K's in the middle of the match. Grimes & Frantz were giving the Playaz a run for the titles, no doubt. The match went back and forth, and the crazyness didn't stop. All four men spilled out onto the floor, and fought through the crowd, Frantz ran up the wall, and amazingly hit a moonsault off the wall onto the Bad Boy. Grimes then showed new APW fans, what the good old Vicious one was all about. He set up a table at ringside, and placed by WSP2K's on it, and he and Frantz did a double flip from the top rope, and put them through the table!!! Totally crazy move! The mayhem continued as Vic powerbombed Boyce through another ringside table.

The action was fast and furious, and the Playaz were drained. Keeping the titles was looking very bleak for them. Was this team of Frantz & Grimes too much for them to handle??? Frantz hit a 450 splash after a Vic Grimes powerbomb, but Thompson broke up the count. The fans were on the edge of their seats this entire time. This was like a good old fashioned Gym Warz match, back and forth, hardcore move after hardcore move. Bomber then superplexed the 340 pound Grimes off the top rope, and then LeGrande superplexed Frantz onto of him, busting Grimes nose! Blood ran from his nose, as the fight went on. Bomber and Boyce tossed Frantz to the outside and went for some double team moves.

Both men hit Moonsaults, and then it was back-to--back Frog Splashes, followed by two consecutive Swanton Bombs! Grimes was layed out, flat on his back in the middle of the ring. The Playaz were back in control. Frantz made the save, but he got caught in the ring, and the Playaz hit the Double Blockbuster, and put Frantz down for the 1...2...3! The match was over, and after this grueling hardcore title match, the Westside Playaz 2000 were still the APW tag team champions. What a title defense!!! One of their toughest to date!

Winners: WSP2K in 23:48 to retain the APW Tag Team Championship ( * * * * )

*APW Universal Championship*

*"Filthy" Frank Murdoch (with The Shoot Club) vs. Honky Tonk Man

After HTM sang and danced for the fans, Frank Murdoch came to the ring, and he was all business. The fans were clearly behind Honky, as they booed Murdoch and called him names. One thing was clear about this match, both of these men can wrestle! They worked great together, and this was a perfect old school match. It took a few minutes for them to get started, as Murdoch kept leaving the ring, and complaining about the fans. HTM kept the fans going, but Murdoch stayed out of the ring, until Michael Modest came out, with Deadrich & TNA. They set up seats in the aisle, and were going to play guards so Murdoch didn't leave the ringside area anymore. Murdoch had no choice now but to get back into the ring and wrestle.

The match began at a slow pace, just how Filthy Frank likes it. He worked over Honky's left arm, but got it reversed on him, and HTM went to work on Murdochs arm. Murdoch took the advantage when Dynasty choked HTM on the ropes, while the referee was distracted. Filthy Frank was all over HTM, using every dirty move in his book to keep the former IC champion on the mat.

Meanwhile, Modest was doing a very good job of keeping The Shoot Club in line, not letting them interfere too much. This was a one on one contest, and the best man was going to win. Murdoch applied his finisher, The Claw, about 9 minutes into the title match. HTM fought his way out of it after about a minute, but got caught with it again. Murdoch's claw was relentless, and it was taking every ounce of energy HTM had. This time, Honky was in the claw for a good three minutes, before the fans were able to cheer him back to his feet. HTM "Honkyed Up", and fought his way out of the claw!!! He pounded on Murdoch, until Boom Boom Comini got into the ring to distract the referee. Tony Jones went to hit HTM with a kendo stick, but accidently hit Murdoch!!! HTM hit his patented "Shake, Rattle & Roll" and went for the pin...1...2...3!!! The fans went wild as Honky Tonk Man got the victory, and became the NEW APW Universal Champion!!!

The Shoot Club was none too happy about this, and they stomped a hole in HTM, until the ring was cleared by Chad Collyer, who had come back to seek revenge on the Shooters. Collyer raised HTM's hand in victory, and HTM raised the APW Universal Title above his head in victory. The show goes off, as The Shoot Club walk back to the dressing room a beaten bunch, and the Honky Tonk Man once again has gold around his waist. Winner: Honky Tonk Man in 13:03 to become the NEW APW Universal Champion!!! ( * * * 1/2 )

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WWF SummerSlam Report

The program starts with a little movie called "Crimes of Passion" featuring Freddie Blasse watchin sepia-toned clips of recent goings on while Wagerian opera plays in the background and strange masked women cavort from time-to-time. Weird...

SummerSlam 2000 comes to us live from Raleigh, NC (deep in Horsemen country, as a matter of fact...) JR is back in the saddle, apparently none the worse for wear after his run-in with Tazz the other night. The Right to Censor comes to the ring to start the show. Steven Richards seems surprised that people "here is the bible belt(?)" are booing him. This is a six man match pitting Too Cooland Rikishi against the God Squad. The good guys take over the ring for a little pre-match dance with the two surviving garden tools, then RTC invades and the fight is joined. Too Cools superior team work stands them in good stead in the early going. The Goodfather is knocked to the floor and decides to take it out on the two girls by shoving them down. Back in the ring, he grabs the advantage for ther first time. The announcers are telling us that so far HHH has failed to appear at the arena. In the ring, Scotty is being isolated, but only for a bit - then Rikishi comes in against Richards and RTC loses their cool. They are stackd in the corner and squashed. Buchanan makes a short comeback but Rikishi puts him back down then Scotty goes for the Worm. Unfortunately, Richards re-enters the ring and stops that in its tracks then takes the pin.

In scenes from earlier on Heat, Kurt Angle and Stephanie both refuse comment on recent events, each wonders where HHH is and then asked about each other. Mike Cole interviews Shane who is a little concerned about his coming Hardcore Title defense and has no time to comment on his sister's tribulations.

The NewNew Age Outlaws face off against each other in the next match. This match is pointless - I have to question why it is taking place on a PPV. It seems hastily conceived just to give these guys something to do tonight. It is up to X-Pac to make his opponent look good in this one, just as it is up to all of the Road Dogg's opponents to do the same. The crowd is subdued for the most part. The fact that X-Pac wins on an X-Factor after delivering a low-blow doesn't bode well for their continued relationship. In fact, the Dogg comes back after the match and puts his former friend down with a pump handle slam.

Eddie G and Chyna are of one mind concerning their mixed tag team match for the Intercontinental Title - while Val Venis and Trish have some problems seeing eye-to-eye. There is an annoying knocking sound that keeps happening - even the King comments on it. In this match, the IC title can change hands if either Val or Trish are pinned, so the pressure is on the bad guys. In fact, Trish is kept almost entirely out of it until she chooses to contribute a cheap shot to provide distraction for her man to regain the advantage. There is an extended period where Val and Chyna are matched up and then Eddie comes in and almost gets the pin immediately. Venis turns the tables a moment later and then the two of them butt heads and both go down. Val recovers first and tags in Trish who goes for the pin and fails. Trish is taken down then Chyna comes in and the crowd goes wild. This situation lasts only a few seconds then the men are at it again. They fall out to the floor and the two women are matched up in the ring. Chyna puts Trish down and pins her to win the IC Title for the third time! In the back, Stephanie is admitting that Kurt Angle is a good kisser...

After a raft of recap videos, Tazz makes his way to the ring wearing a JR style cowboy hat and pretending to be blind. Lawler attacks him on the floor then shoves him into the ring and the fight is underway. The King is on the offensive from the get-go and his skills are considerable, so Tazz is in trouble right away. He manages to roll away, however, and takes control of the match. JR mentions that this is Lawler's first SummerSlam match since his 1993 contest against Bret Hart. The fight goes out to the floor, where Lawler reassumes command but then, back in the ring, he is headbutted in the mid-section and loses the initiative. When he eventually makes a comeback, he is pretty hot and unslings his shoulderstraps to show he means business. He gets the piledriver, but Tazz gets right back up and slaps on the Tazzmission. JR promptly jumps up and smashes a glass pitcher over his head to give Lawler the win. The King basks in the glory of his victory after the pinfall. JR then reveals that it was all part of their "plan".

Backstage, Shane is trying to be interviewed again, but Steve Blackman shows up and Shane flees to the ring for the Hardcore Title defense. He waits for the challenger looking scared. Blackman carries a trashcan and a kendo stick to the ring. Shane is very reluctant to lock-up. Blackman tosses him his cane - Shane tosses it right back as if it were a hot potato. The next moment, Blackman is chasing Shane around the ring and then into the stands where he catches up to him and proceeds to batter him on the steps. Shane comes back with a side kick but it is not working for him as Blackman re-asserts his control. Back in the ring, Blackman uses a trashcan lid on the knees and then the back of the head of the Champ. He then fishes more plunder out from under the ring. Another trashcan and some martrial arts batons. He places the can over Shane's upper body then rings his bell repeatedly. Shane would like to give up but he is too out of it at the moment. He has had almost no offense since the opening bell. Blackman grabs a leather strap and starts choking Shane out - but then T&A run in and attack him. Of course this is legal in this match. T&A prop a trashcan in a corner then run Blackman into it. Test then hits a big elbow off the top onto a trashcan lid placed on Blackman's chest. They hold Blackman while Shane lays in some punches but then Blackman escapes and all three of them scramble to re-assert their control. Shane puts the strap around Blackman's neck and together then drag him out to the sidelines, where they attempt but fail to drop a big PA speaker on him. Blackman gets his hands on a kendo stick and almost nreaks away but ids hit from behind by Shane. Blackman chases Shane as he climbs up into the rigging. Soon they are at least 50 feet above the arena floor and Blackman is catching up to his quary. He still has his kendo stick and Shane takes a spectacular high fall onto a collapsable table covered with sound chords. Blackman makes a less spectacular leap and falls on Shane then takes the pin to regain the Hardcore Title.

In the dressing room, Stephanie is frantic over her the condition of her brother but all Kurt Angle wants is a hug. Mick Foley interrupts the tender moment to lead Steph to where her brother is being treated.

Next up - the Millenium Bug takes on Chris Benoit in a 2-out-of-3-falls match. The match gets underway and almost immediately they fall out of the ring to the floor, taking the referee with them. Benoit is run shoulder-first into the ring post but it doesn't seem to slow him down as they return to the ring and continue the battle. Benoit gets a big shoulder breaker but again Y2J is up again in a flash. The next moment, Benoit slaps on the Crippler Crossface and Jericho taps out and loses the first fall. Benoit tries to go right back to it but Jericho struggles away from it for a moment before again being put into the hold. This time he resists the urge to tap out and makes it to the ropes for an escape. Benoit is still working on the shoulder and neck, trying to set the hold up yet again, but Jericho stays near ther ropes. They fall out to the floor again - this time the referee follows them out and insists they return to the ring. Back inside, Benoit is still hammering on the injured shoulder, ramming it repeatedly into the corner. He then tries for a series of German suplexes - but only gets one - then Jericho escapes and executes the Walls of Jericho to win the second fall. Now it is sudden-death time for both competitors. A spinning reverse elbow from the top rope almost gets Jericho a pinfall, but Benoit escapes and the match goes into see-saw mode. Benoit starts to climb the corner but Jericho is playing possum and comes back to life in time to catch his nemesis there. He its a Frankensteiner off the top but hurts his shoulder again in the process and so misses an opportunity for the pin. He goes for a Lionsault moments later and hurts himself yet again. In a series of reverse roll-ups, benoits uses the ropes to get the pin for the deciding fall.

Backstage, HHH finally arrives. We get to see the kiss footage for the upteenth time tonight...

At the announcers table, Lawler is still sitting there with his straps down. He looks kind of obscene actually...

Next up, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs (oh my!) match pits Edge and Christian against the Hardey Boyz, against the Dudley Boyz. This is for the Tag Team Titles, by the way. The straps are suspended over the ring for this one. Edge and Christian are the first ones to attempt to use chairs but they are thwarted and humg on their own pitards. They recover nicely, however and manage to bring in a ladder - although too small a one to get to their title belts. Moments later Jeff Hardey and Devon are climbing side-by-side ladders but the current champs break that up. Now there are three ladders in the ring as Matt tries to climb up - but he is knocked off and hits another ladder on the mat. Devon climbs a ladder in the corner and drops a headbutt on Christian. Devon goes out for a table while Bubba keeps Christian down on the mat. They put the 3 D on Christian, then leave him in the ring to pursue another victim. They construct a pyramid of tables out on the floor, but before then can use it, Edge attacks them with a chair - then the Hardeys put Edge down. Now Matt climbs the ladder in the corner and drops a leg on Edge. Jeff leapfrogs the ladder to drop[ another one but manages to land wrong and hurts himself. Now Matt has a much bigger ladder out on the floor and attempts to splash Bubba on a double table, but Bubba escapes and Hardey is creamed. Matt throws the ladder into the ring and then positions it for his climb to the belts. Edge, Christian, Devon and Matt all end up on the ladder then all for fall or are pushed off to the mat. Bubba sees his opportunity and starts up the ladder - all five of the others are all down and out - or so we thought. But Edge and Christian manage to push him over - he crashes throught the pyramid of tables on the floor. Now Edge and Christian are going up opposite sides of the resurrected ladder - but Lita runs out and pushes the ladder over. She urges Matt to take a stab at it. He is almost there when Devon pushes the ladder over and Matt crashes through what remains of the stack of tables. Edge then spears Lita out on the floor. Now Jeff and Devon are climbing opposite sides of the ladder. They each reach a belt but the ladder is knocked out from under them and they are left hanging! Devon falls to the mat then Edge and Christian use the ladder to knock Jeff down. They climb the ladder and retain their titles. JR says that the crowd is giving the participants a standing ovation - but we can't see anyone on their feet...

Backstage, Hunter is confronting his wife, who claims that Angle took advantage of her in her weaked state after her injury. She reaffirms that he is the man she loves - he tells her to stay away from Angle after tonight.

The Kat comes to the ring witn Al Snow and Head to face Terri in a thong-stink-face match. The latter comes out all on her own and strips to a very skimpy thong bikini - but Saturn runs out to cover her nakedness with a towel(damn him!) In the ring, the Kat strips down to her own thong and the catfight is on. The Kat seems better prepared and Saturn has to help out his friend to keep her in the match. In the middle of the match, Snow throws Head to the Kat and she smashes Terri across the face with it. In the corner she applies the Stnk-face and wins the match. Silly stuff, indeed...

The scene switches to WWF NY where the Acolytes are whooping it up with the fans and toasting Vince McMahon.

The next match is the Scarey Brothers going up against each other. This is another pointless exercise - like the X-Pac/Road Dogg match earlier - it seems a little trumped up too me. The "American Baddass" makes his usual entrance on a motorcycle. This is by far the least effective entrance this guy has ever used. It makes him seem like another member of the old DAO group. Kane's classic entrance is much better. Tonight he wears a conventional singlet instead of his usual one-arm-uncovered get-up. UT meets him on the ramp and they brawl to the ring. He tries to tear off his brothers mask - but is thus distracted and made vulnerable to Kane's return assault. UT then gets in a couple of chair shots and puts his brother down - and starts ripping his mask again. He actually manages to tear a portion of it off - but again he is distracting himself and suffers for it. Kane attempts to brain UT with a set of steps but UT escapes the blow then returns it to put Kane down. Kane is bleeding as UT redoubles his efforts. Back in the ring, Kane uses a low blow to buy time. He ses his own blood and goes bererk, pummeling his brother until the latter comes back with a spear, then tries again to remove the mask. He finally gets it off entirely and Kane runs away covering his face with his hands. I guess the Undertaker won the match...right?

Backstage, Kurt Angle is tryin to call someone on his cell phone. In another dressing room, Stephanie takes a call from her "mom" then hands the phone to Hunter - who is hung up on. Was that Angle..? Well, for sure there will be no cooperation between HHH and Angle tonight.

Time for the main event. HHH vs. the Rock vs. Kurt Angle, no DQ for the WWF Heavyweight Title. Angle arrives first and states that a lot of people are expecting an apology from him - and he gives them one. He's sorry he didn't kiss Stephanie sooner! He goes on to hurl an insult at HHH - the next one to arrive on the scene. Hunter is livid and the match gets started before the Champion makes his entrance. At this point, the bell hasn't even sounded yet because all of the participants are not here yet - but Hunter and Kurt don't care about that, or probably about the title. They fight right onto the Spanish announcers' table. Still the Rock has not appeared. He might as well just wait until these two take each other out...and that is exactly what he seems to be doing. HHH has his sledge-hammer in hand when Maivia finally puts in an appearance. He ducks the hammer and starts working on Helmsley. Angle is still down out on the floor at this point, EMT's are counciling him as the fight goes on around them. In the ring, HHH has taken control of things. Outside, Angle is loaded onto a stretcher. HHH pauses to watch this and gives Maivia a chance to recover. HHH abanodons the fight and runs after the stretcher - pushes away the EMT's and then rolls the stretcher back down the ramp. He pounds on the Olympic Hero a couple of times and then the Rock runs up and attacks him from behind. The EMT's are tryin to settle Angle again as the brawl continues nearby. Now Stephanie is out to see to Angle - she leaves with him as he is wheeled out of the arena. Back at ringside, the two remaining combatants are preoccupied and miss this bit of byplay. Here comes Stephanie back to the ring area. HHH turns and tells her, "You're not supposed to be here..." then returns to the battle. Moments later he tells Steph to go get the the title belt. She enters the ring and swings but catches Hunter instead of Maivia. Moments later she manages to distract Maivia so that Hunter can regain the advantage. She is escorted away from the ring as the battle continues. The Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but HHH reverses it to a neckbreaker - then retrieves his sledge. He misses his first swing but then hits Maivia in the mid-section with it. Now it is all HHH as he attacks Maivia's already injured mid-section. Out on the floor, Hunter runs the Rock back-first into a ring post then grabs the sledge hammer yet again. This time the referee grabs it away. The fight vcontinues on the outside with HHH doing all the battering. Back in the ring, Hunter drops knees on his opponent's mid-section repeatedly. On his feet again, Maivia fights back but HHH lays in a knee to the stomach to turn the tables back his direction. He makes a big mistake by climbing the corner, where he is caught and superplexed. Bot guys are down for a moment as the referee lays in a useless count (this is a no-count out - no DQ match. Backstage, Stephanie pleads with Angle to get up off the stretcher and help her husband!! Back in the ring, the Rock is trying to make a comeback, though he is obviously in pain. He goes for a puin but fails. Both are getting up slow. Here comnes Stephanie dragging Angle toward the ring. Inside, HHH gets a Pedegree - but Angle drags him out to the floor then climbs in and goes for the pin himself!! He fails and continues the fight - going for the pinfall a second time...and failing again. He gets a belly-to-belly suplex and another two count. On the outside, HHH is lying on the floor while Stephanie ignores him to watch the match. Meanwhile, Maivia gets a DDT and a two count. HHH is trying to return to the ring when Angle is flung into him. Maivia gets the Rock Bottom but HHH drags Angle out and posts him. He tells Steph to give him the hammer. She throws it in but Angle gets it first. Stephanie comes in and is accidently knocked out by a punch from Hunter. Angle knocks HHH down with the hammer and goes for the pin - but the Rock saves HHH then pins him himself to retain his title. Steph, HHH and Angle are all out in the ring as the Rock celebrates his victory then splits. Angle recovers and pulls Steph from the ring as Maivia perches on top of the scaffolding. Angle carries Steph to the back as HHH still lies unconscious in the ring.

This week I will be presenting at a publishing trade show in San Francisco all week so at the moment I'm not sure how much wrestling I will be able to see. If I don't manage to publish a Monday Night Wars Edition, I will certainly try and catch up on things in the weekend edition on Saturday. So until next time...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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