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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Monday Night Wars Edition

Kevin Nash wins
the World Title for the 5th Time

A Conversation
with Gordon Solie: Part 8

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 592 - August 30, 2000
Editor's Note: Sorry this is late. I was working in San Francisco all last night and so had to wait until tonight to watch the video on Nitro and RAW

We open today's edition with the final installment of our exclusive interview with the late Gordon Solie.

A Conversation with Gordon Solie

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 8

Jeremy Hartley: You know, the art of interviewing is lost and I think part of that is because you no longer have these traveling bands of people coming into the territories. Back in the days of the traveling NWA Champion you had...of course, nobody wanted to be over-exposed in a certain area so they would move on, new people would come in to take their place, and then if they had a good draw they would come back in - and they had to maintain this level. Quite often you couldn't stay around for too long and if you did then they shipped you out. I think now you've got these huge, huge, multi-million dollar contracts in this business, where they pay you this money and if you can't work, if you can't inreview, if you can't you said, Eddie Graham - if he had to deal with those people he'd ship them out. Nowadays you can't do that, you've got a lot of wasted air time and a lot of wasted ring space with people that were really never taught how to give a good interview, how to work a good match and this is one of the important reasons why I have this site up - I talk to folks that train guys - of course Les (Thatcher) trains folks in Ohio now, tries to break guys into the business the right way and it frustrates me as a young fan to sit here and watch an interview that has no bearing, no timing whatsoever...

Gordon Solie: Well, that's because everything is now "bottom line", how much money is this going to draw. The individual is not nearly as important as the size of the gate and they also stretch the imagination now beyond logic - logic is no longer a figure, it's a traveling rock & roll show with the pyrotechincs and the dancing girls - you know, stuff that would make Vince McMahon, Sr. and Eddie Graham and Cowboy Lutrell and Jim Crockett and a few others...they've got to be spinning in their graves. And if you want to "bottom line" it - if they are really interested in is the dollars, then today's guys are extremely successfull. You can't argue with it if that is your entire criteria. But if you're interested in preserving the integrity of the sport, then I think they've lost it entirely - I just think it's gone the opposite direction. And the hell of it is, guys like Cactus Jack and Arn Anderson, Terry Funk and all, are still taking their lumps out there (Editor's Note: this interview took place before Anderson retired) -their still abusing their bodies horribly. So their paying the price for some accountant or book keeper who checks the bottom line and says, "Well, this one is a success" - without any consideration as to how many careers did they shorten this past week...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah. You know I want to touch a little bit upon the Cauliflower Alley Club which I brought that up with Lou Thesz who, of course, is the President of the club now. I was at my first club function in March (1998) and I flew out to Los Angeles, it was one of the first plane trips I took alone because I had to get out there I had to see what it was about. After talking to Lou he inspired me to go out there, and it was an incredible display of people there - to say that I was in awe would be a vast understatement - men like the Kowalskis, Pat Patterson, Verne Gagne and even people before them...and to just be this young kid just learning, learning, learning... You were honored by the club, I believe it was in '95 or '96, I'm sure you'll set me straight on that. What does the Cauliflower Alley Club mean to you? What does it mean to Gordon Solie?

Gordon Solie: Well, It means an awful lot. I'm a member of the board too. The original concept of the club was great. Mike Mazurki, Art Abrams and several others got together initially started off as just a once a month lunch type gathering, and it gradually grew larger and larger and has become better and better known. Of course now we have a a lot of exciting things going on. There is going to be a Hall of Fame in Iowa, and a lot of guys have jumped in and really put a lot of life into it. Art Abrams did a fantastic job in all the years that he served. Art was a truely dedicated man to the sport and to all of the wrestlers. Lou Thesz has done a beautiful job as President. Red Bastien has been working tirelessly on it, and one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet, there have been a whole slew of people. Ella Waldech, I'm very proud to say that I nominated her for the board and she was elected. She became the first woman board member. But we're catching up in wrestling as well as everywhere else. It's a fine organization and I am very proud to have been honored by them - they have done a lot of good for kids going into college who have been good young wrestlers and who probably couldn't have gone to college if the Cauliflower Alley Club hadn't slipped them a scholarship. I'm looking forward to being up in Philadelphia, I guess it's in October (1998) for the East Coast meeting.

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah, I guess they have a West Coast and an East Coast gathering every year...

Gordon Solie: Yeah, I've missed the last couple of them out in Los Angeles. My wife was first diagnosed with cancer in March and so I just couldn't go. She then passed away just four month later and last year I just didn't have the will, it was just to close...all I could think of in March is that was when she was diagnosed. But this year I plan on getting up to Philadelphia.

Jeremy Hartley: You know when I was there in Los Angeles, your name came up a couple of times, and there was nothing but respect..."I hope we get to see him next time..." and you know the whole weekend was amazing. The roast of Lou Thesz and the rest of the awards. Of course, Art Abrams had just passed away so they honored him and his widow and his son and that was very powerfull. I plan on attending again this coming year, either going again to the West Coast or maybe even going out to the East Coast to talk to some of these guys - it's really an amazing society of wrestling.

Gordon Solie: You know you made an interesting comment there, you see, that's another thing that I look upon in my career - the fact that I was "let into" that society, allowed inside the society has made me very proud and pleased with the fact that a community that was as tightly knit as they were has said, "Hey, here's a guy who is a non-wrestler but he's got our respect so bring him in..." That in itself, you see, is now gone. I mean, hell, you can walk down the street now and the average fan , and I see it all the time...I have a favorite little watering hole. and a fan will come in there and start telling me what's going to happen next week - "...whose got this gimmick going and whose got this gimmick going and next week their going to switch..." and I'm thinking, "Whoah!" That was the secret and the mystique about the sport years ago was that idea was to try and keep the fans guessing. They could try to figure it out, that's fine to try and figure it out - but never let them get there.

Jeremy Hartley: Well, and back then you had people who could weave stories. Having worked in your later career with announcers who more into just putting themselves over...was that one of the reasons why you got out of the business as well?

Gordon Solie: Well...not really. I've known a couple of them who were that way. Let me give you a little example of something. Howard Brody and Hiro Matsuda told me that they were going to get Bruno Sammartino down to be my color man and I was really concerned because here was a guy who was a real legend and I was worried about whether we would have chemistry. I know Bruno and all but not well...we knew of each other. So I sat down with Bruno before our first match and said, "Please understand - you have a free run. I'd like to explain to you my philosophy of how I announce." I said, "I've used this example before, but I am the drum roll to the high wire." I said, "The high wire is just as dangerous to the man up there on the high wire with or without the drum roll. The drum roll can add a little to the suspense but it cannot detract from the danger of what the man up there is doing as he is sixty feet above the ground with no net. That's my attitude. The name on the marquee is 'wrestling' it's not Gordon Solie so that's my philosophy about it Bruno, I just wanted you to know where I am coming from." And he looked at me and said, "Well, we're coming from the same place." That's important. We sat down at the microphone and went in cold with an hour long show We'd never worked together before, and the first match, which was about 15 minutes long, we stepped on each other a little bit, then we fell into a rhythm, into a pattern and the next 45 minutes went like colockwork. When we were done we both said, "Okay, lets redo the first fifteen minutes..." because it was a little rough. And after that we never had to recut a thing. But yeah, I've seen guys...we had a guy who started out as a ring announcer who tried his hand at announcing. And he was deplorable because all he could think of was getting himself over. You know it's so much easier to get over with people if you put what you're doing over. In other words, if I go out there and I'm watching the Bucks play football and I'm calling the game and the quarterback goofs left and right. For me to sit down and start criticizing the quarterback...I can say, "Well, he slipped in trying to back peddle he tripped and fell..." but for me to say, "Well, the guy is so addled he doesn't know his left foot from his right..." is totally wrong. Why should I be the expert? I don't know what's going on in his mind. So, put over the sport, and you'll get over. And that's, I think, what a lot of these guys are forgetting about.

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah...

Gordon Solie: The people aren't tuning in to see or hear a specific commentator. They're tuning in to see the participant in the sport, whatever the sport happens to be. You know, I watch auto racing - I'm an auto racing devotee - and you don't see these guys criticizing race drivers. There not trying to get themselve over, they're trying to get over the guy whose out there in that automobile risking his life.

Jeremy Hartley: You know, now that you mentioned that, because I've listened to some auto racing a time or two and I can't recall ever remembering a time when the commentating overshadowed what was going on.

Gordon Solie: No, of course not.

Jeremy Hartley: That's an interesting point, I've never thought about that but you're absolutely right.

Gordon Solie: It's the "background music" - and hopefully the "background music" will add to the suspense, like the drum roll for the high wire act will add suspense to it, but it doesn't detract from it.

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His previous interviews with Bob Blackburn, Lou Thesz, Bob Ryder and Buddy Landel are currently to be found in the "Interviews" section. You can also hear any of these interviews in RealAudio by visiting Jeremy's web site, Up Close Wrestling

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Nitro Report

The program starts with a video tribute to the last known rendition of the nWo, then switches to the parking lot where a limo pulls up and disgorges Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, the Natural Born Idiots and Vince Russo. Nitro is live from Las Cruces, New Mexico. The announcement is made that "the band is back together". The Dark Carnival (in the persons of Vampiro and ICP) comes to the ring to face Three Count. Muta joins the broadcast team, where he mutters gibbrish as Mark Madden pretends to translate. In the ring, Three Count starts out strong but then its all downhillfrom there. They are defeated handily and then Tank Abbott comes down to kick some butt. He ends up getting punked by all parties in the ring until the Demon runs in to lend a hand. Muta joins the frey. The odd couple are being punked again when Sting runs down with his bat and clears the ring. We see the reconstituted nWo (apparently) approaching the arena as we cut away to sell something.

Russo and Company makes their entrance as we return. What the hell is going on here? Didn't Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash just have a falling out? And didn't both of them clash with Russo recently? Since when are Steiner, Nash and Jarrett allies? Am I losing it...or are they? Russo makes it clear that they are uniting against Bill Goldberg, then hands the mic to Jarrett, who sings his own praises then those of his companions. Steiner has his say - more of the same really - and insults directed at Goldberg. Big Sexy refers to himself as "the Puppetmaster", claiming that he has been putting on an act to suck the fans in. The fans start chanting Goldberg's name. Nash states that he will become the World Champion at the next PPV. But Russo interrupts him to say that that isn't true, because Nash will become the Champion tonight! And Jarrett will be the referee, and Steiner will be the special enforcer. Booker T appears and has something to say about that, in effect, "bring it." This brings the Cat to the ring to assert his authority. He and Booker walk right into the ring and get punked. The Filthy Animals run down and do battle with the Idiots in the aisle then make it to the ring and are destroyed. They are all left laying. The big screen lights up and shows Goldberg digging a hole somewhere. He points into the camera and threatens bodily harm on Russo - he plans to plant him! Russo looks scared, even though his companions seek to reassure him.

In the back, the Cat is being loaded into an ambulance - while backstage in his office, Russo is freaking out as his protectors desert him. The phone rings - it's Goldberg saying he is on his way. In the ring we have a three way catfight scheduled featuring Paisley, Tigress and Major Gunns. This seems more like a handicap match when you consider that Tigress and Paisley have been chummy lately. In the first few seconds, Tigress gets a two count on Major Gunns and the ring announcer says the match is over...but it isn't...huh? The scene switches to the backstage where the Idiots are guarding Russo's door. Ray Ray shows up and returns Stasiak's "Lex Flexor" then the rest of the Animals run and use mace to punk the Idiots. Konnan opens the office door and tells Russo he better get some more back-up.

In the parking lot, Jeff Jarrett pulls a couple of guitars out of a pick-up truck load of guitars. In the backstage area, Mike Awesome is being interviewed in a leisure suit. He challenges Rick Steiner to a match as a warm up for his coming fight with Jarrett at the Fallbrawl. What is it with this guy and his weird gimmicks?

Kronic went up against the harris Brothers in a "House of Pain" cage match. The idea here is that you beat your opponents into submission then handcuff them to the cage and beat them some more. At one point Kronic threw one of the Harris Boys at the wall of the cage and it came loose! All four left the ring to brawl on the outside. One of the Harris's then reached across the rail and punched out a fan!! Security swarmed in and we cut to commercial.

Team Canada comes to the ring and Lance Storm throws out a challenge to the MIA. He wants a "prisoner of war" match. The winner gets to take one of the losers team "prisoner". I suppose that means one of the wrestlers will change sides. MIA shows up and the General agrees but wants a table match with A-Wall as their representative. Storm holds the fort for his team, and the match ends abruptly when Elix Skipper hits A-Wall with his flag pole and sends him crashing through the table at ringside. Storm grabs Major Gunns as his prisoner. Backstage, Sting agrees to a match with Muta.

Next up: Ric Steiner vs. "Leisure Suit" Mike Awesome. Steiner is, of course, tough as nails, but Awesome is...well...awesome. He downs Steiner on the outside and then fishes a table out from under the ring. He props it in the corner of the ring then tries to powerbomb Steiner through it. But Jarret runs in and whcks him with a baseball bat. Steiner hits an over-the-head suplex and gets the pin.

The World Title match takes place at the top of the second hour. As mentioned earlier, Jarrett is the referee and Scott Steiner is in attendance. Russo joins the announcers. The combatants - Kevin Nash challenging Booker T. Steiner has to be convinced to leave the Jarrett, who is making a show at being a fair referee much to Russo chagrin, and Booker is taking the fight to Nash. It turns around after a bit - but with no help from Jarrett. Russo is having a hissy fit at ringside. Steiner gets up on the apron and Jarrett orders him away from ringside...meanwhile he is missing a pinfall attempt by Nash. Russo is really upset now. Nash continues to dominate the contest as Russo suffers apoplexy at tyhe announce table. In the ring, Booker is coming back. he gets the Ax kick and it looks bad for Big Sexy. Booker hits a missle drop-kick and goes for the pin - but Jarrett is busy ejecting Steiner again. Suddenly, Russo hands a guitar to Jarrett and he whacks Booker with it! For some reason, Russo feels like he has to brufsh the pieces of the guitar out of the ring. It was all a set-up. Nash gets the jack knife and becomes the five-time WCW World Champion.

The bad guys are celebrating while a discouraged Booker is leaving the building. General Rection tries to stop him, but it is Goldberg who convinces Booker to stick around. Shane Douglas makes an appearance high in the stands and delivers a rant challenging Kidman to a Scaffold Match at Fallbrawl. Crowbar comes down the stairs and hits "the Franchise" with a trashcan lid then hesitates to look at Daffney down below so that Douglas is able to come back. Crowbar is tossed off the balcony and falls about 20 feet onto a gimmicked table. Douglas and Torrie then go to the ring where Douglas continues his rant. He throws out an open challenge...and Goldberg shows up! Suddenly Douglas is back-pedaling. He tries to attack as Goldberg enters the ring but is trounced in a thrice - like everyone who faces the monster. The crowd goes into a feverish Goldberg chant. Goldberg now has the mic and says, "Hey Russo, guess whose in the building..."

Backstage Nsh is taking a shower when Booker attacks him with his own Tuitle belt and leaves him laying. In his office, Russo is trying to get Steiner to stick around and protect him but the latter has other fish to fry. We get an announcement of the pending nuptials of David Flair and Miss Hancock - in two weeks on Nitro.

Jeff Jarrett returns to the ring for the third time tonight to take on Big Vito. Vito dominates the opening moments of the match, getting a two count early on then delivering a big elbow off the top corner. Jarrett makes a brief comeback but Vito is on a roll and recovers quickly. He hits a big headbutt off the top and gets another two count. Moments later, Jarrett blocks a Big Vito Special then hits the Stroke for the pin.

When we return, Jarrett and Awesome are brawling in the parking lot. Jarrett is slammed into the back of his own pick-up truck.

The Natural Born Simpletons makes their way to the ring for their usual stupid rant by spokesman Mike Sanders. He challenges the Animals to 5 on 5 ellimination match. One of the Animals is Tigress for this one. The Animals are outweighed here...but there aren't any wrestlers on the other side that I can see. Seems pretty even to me... Palumbo uses his size advantage against Juvie - so Rey Rey gets involved and Palumbo is in for it. He tags in reno, who is also overmatched. Jindrak does no better until the Disco Inferno enters the frey. He has a momentary comeback - then Disco hits the Chartbuster. Konnan comes in (for the first time in several months, I might add...) but only spends a few moments before tagging Juventud back in. 8 men end up brawling on the outside and get counted out. Mike Sanders is left to take on Tigress, who slaps him then delivers a low-blow and another punch. Sanders ends up in the corner and is bronco busted. He comes back with his reversed whatever it is and wins the match. In the back Goldberg lays Steiner out with a steel pipe (I wish they would stop referring to it as a "lead" pipe - lead pipes don't ring when they hit the floor. Three down...

Russo is begging Vito to protect him. Vito responds with the "kiss of death"... The next scene shows the two of them heading for the ring. Russo doesn't seem to have understood what just happened. Russo is defiant, saying this is his show and his people. Goldberg stalks down to the ring. Russo threatens Goldberg with firing. Bill just barks at him. Russo lays a slap on Goldberg, then orders Vito to attack "this piece of garbage..." Vito does just that...attacking Russo with his stick! Goldberg turns to Vito and says, "Just like he said...take out the garbarge." then he leaves the ring and stalks away. Vito hoists Russo on his back and walks out with him.

The next match is the Great Muta vs. Sting - a rematch from their Tokyo Egg Dome match in 1991. They meet in the aisle and go to town. Muta takes the early advantage as they brawl up the ramp but then Sting comes back and they head back towards the ring but not into it. Muta comes back with a round kick and then fight back up the ramp again. Vampiro and ICP appear above the entryway and then a cloud of steam rises, confusing the Stinger. Vamp jumps off the rigging and attacks Sting with a singapore cane. But Sting comes back and battles both of them. He follows Vamp up the scaffold where ICP grab him from behind. Sting is punked behind a scrim.

Out in the desert, Bret Hart shows up as Goldberg brings Russo out to bury him He offers to help Bill, but then when the latter turns his back, Hart whacks him with a shovel and the program ends. As disjointed as that all seemed - it actually held together very well...

RAW Report

Commissioner Foley opens the program laying out matches for the evening. After what happened Sunday night with the McMahon-Helmsley longwinded opening monologues are likely to come from that faction (Thank God!!) RAW is live from Greensboro, NC. In the arena, Y2J makes his usual entrance to join the Acolytes in a 6 man tag match against T&A and Chris Benoit. Jericho runs up and attacks Benoit on the ramp to get things started. They fight back to the ring where Jericho takes the advantage. Faarooq and Test then tag in and face each other, with Faarooq coming close to taking a pinfall - then Bradshaw takes over and Test is isolated for a while. JR tells us that Kurt Angle suffered a concussion last night and won't be around tonight, while Shane McMahon is also out injured and MIA. Meanwhile, HHH hasn't seen Stephanie since last night. In the ring, Jericho eventually pins Albert off of a Lionsault.

Backstage, HHH and X-Pac confer. Helmsley is subdued and beside himself but X-Pac is content to make bad jokes. After the break, the Road Dogg is seen with HHH - he is much more sympathetic, but counsels HHH to not worry about it.

Next - Kurt Angle's music plays and the man makes his entrance. He makes a speech about what happened last night, claiming that he suffered a concussion and doesn't remember what happened at the end of the evening after he was Pedegreed on the Spanish announce table. He claims that he was told what happened after that - that he rescued Stephanie and took her to a medical facility after the PPV. He accuses HHH of hitting his wife on purpose, calling him a "borderline criminal". This brings "the Game" out to dispute Angles interpretation of the situation. Helmsley is calm and makes a statement of his own. He just wants to know where his wife is, and he threatens bodily harm if he doesn't get the information he requires. Angle claims to not know where Stephanie is, he can't remember anything, remember..? Hunter isn't buying it and demands again that Angle fess up. Angle insists that he is telling the truth...then suggests that Stephanie is staying away is because she is afraid of her husband. HHH knocks him out of the ring and then is restrained by a phalanx officials who swarm into the ring. Backstage, Eddie G and the new IC Champ talk about what just happened - but Eddie G is more concerned about Chyna's pending rematch against Val Venis for the title.

That match is next. Val comes to the ring without his usual companion. He holds Trish Stratus responsible for his current status. He dominates the opening moments. Meanwhile, Trish appears on the ramp to watch but maintains her distance from the ring. Val continues to hold the advantage over the Champion. She finally comes back with an elbow out of the corner. She almost gets the pin out of a DDT. Moments later she rushes the corner and eats corner buckle. Val strangles her in the corner until Guerrero interferes and then distracts the referee. Chyna delivers a low blow which sends the challenger to the floor. He has to fight Eddie off then is returned to the ring by Chyna and turns the tables. But then he spots Trish on the ramp and leaves the ring to confront her and send her away. Guerrero drags him back and tosses him into the ring, where Chyna rolls him up and pins him.

Backstage, Angle seems to be getting some of his memory back...he remembers him and Stephanie in a hotel room...

Right to Censor makes their unfortunate appearance as we return from the break. Again Richards calls this area of the country the Bible Belt. Rikishi is the opponent tonight for Steven Richards, who is wrestling his second match in recent memory. Rikishi takes charge immediately and is ready to administer the stinkface when Bull and the Goodfather try to interfere. The big Samoan drives them all out of the ring and they retreat, leaving the good guys to dance their dance.

Backstage, Chyna pays a call on Hunter and counsels him to try and make things right with Stephanie. They embrace as Eddie G walks in the door and pitches a jealous fit. Hunter expresses the thought that perhaps everyone around him has lost their minds.

Edge and Christian come to the ring to tsalk about the TLC match and congratulate their opponents. They call the Hardeys out to shake their hands (the Dudleys are not here tonight). A pair of little people come out carrying step stools - some joke. Christian claims that they were what made the match great...then the Dudleys music plays and a second pair of midgets come to the ring with what looks like a childs table. They stage a "re-enactment" of the match then pose for 37 seconds as the little guys dance around them. This brings the real Hardeys out to attack. They use the little props as stepping stones then drag some real ladders out from under the ring. Edge is treated to a "ladder sandwich" then both Hardeys climb up for the coup-de-gras - but Christian drags his brother out of the ring and saves him.

Eddie G is pitching a fit backstage when Kurt Angle arrives and suggests that Guerrero challenge Hunter to a match.

Steve Blackman comes to the ring after the break as stills from his match the night before are shown. He is here to defend his title against Tazz, who pauses on the platform to curse out JR and the King. He is threatening to make victims out of Blackman, JR and Lawler. He drops Blackman and then leaves the ring to confront the announcers. But Blackman is right back - throws a garbage can to Tazz then kicks it in his face. back in the ring, Blackman is all business. He dominates the action and tosses Tazz out to the floor. Tazz hits Lawler and they get into a fight but JR hits Tazz in the back of the head with a trashcan lid then Blackman dives onto him and gets the pin. Officials hustle Tazz away before he can cause any more trouble. In the dressing room, Eddie G bursts in and challenges Hunter to a match. HHH accepts.

Lita comes down to defend her title against Jacqueline. Gosh, two actual female wrestlers - when was the last time we saw a match like that? This is no catfight, as these two veteran grapplers go at it. Jacquie is stronger and has more experiance, but Lita is a very competent high flyer and no slouch in the mat wrestling department. Jacquie shows some high flying moves of her own as the match progresses and controls most of the match. In the end, Lita wins on a moonsault. As she is leaving the ring area she encounters Edge and Christian. Thus distracted, she is caught and dragged back into the ring by Jacquie, then spared to the mat by Edge. The Hardeys run out but can't seem to prevent it from happening.

Mike Cole interviews Kane, who has decided to be the monster he has always been pegged as. Backstage, Chyna tries to talk sense to her man - but he is in a snit and determined to fight his supposed rival for her affection. The match itself is a pretty good one. Guerrero is a tough nut and easily keeps up with his considerably larger opponent until he misses frog splash - then Kurt Angle runs in and drops both of them with a chair to the head for each. Chyna enters the ring with a chair of her own and drives him off. Angle turns back on the ramp and smirks.

Next up a mixed tag team match featuring Saturn/Terri vs. The Kat/Al Snow (w/Head). Immediately we geta catfight (it wouldn't be RAW without one...) The Terri delivers a suplex. But she stops to showboat before following up and is thwarted. The men tag in and we have a wrestling match at last. Saturn delivers some great suplexes of his own and has Snow on the defensive from the get-go. In the middle of the match we get a steaker! Mideon runs in wearing a thong!!! Saturn is nonplussed and distracted - and almost pinned - but he escapes and knocks Snow to the floor then wins the match by putting the Rings of Saturn on the Kat.

At WWF NY, the Dudleys are upset over Edge and Christian's antic earlier - but we can't really hear what they are saying. Kevin Kelly interviews the Rock, who ignores Kelly's question and proceeds to humiliate him as usual. He then says, again as usual, it doesn't matter who challenges him for the title.

The main event is for the World Title - the afore mentioned Kane/Rock match-up. This is a slug-fest, pure and simple. Neither of these guys could actually wrestle their way out of a paper bag when you come right down to it. Toaward the end of the contest, the referee was knocked down. The Rock got the People's Elbow but the official was out of it. Kane hit a chokeslam while Maivia was distracted trying to revive the referee - but the Rock kicked out and then came back moments later with the Rock Bottom...and a two count. The fight then went to the floor where Kane knocked Mavia over the safety railing then took him on among the crowd. Suddenly the Undertaker road onto the scene and Kane turned his attentian away from his match. The two Scarey Brothers battled in the ring then UT got the chokeslam then returned to his bike which sported the mask he tore off Kane last night. Maivia returned to the ring and went for the pin but failed. He delivered another Rock Bottom and got the pin this time.

I'll be back this weekend. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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