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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Monday Night Wars Edition

Eddie G Takes the IC Title
from an Unconscious Chyna

ECW's "Old School" Steve Corino
To Go For NWA Gold in Tampa

Chyna Doll: Part 2

Article about Joan Laurer by Liz Wilson

APW News

Volume 5, Issue 594 - September 5, 2000

APW News

All Pro Wrestling Report by Jermz

Jones/Morgan To Work In Front Of WWF Officials

APW Boot Camp graduate "Shooter" Tony Jones & Head Camp Instructor "Funboy" Donovan Morgan will be working this Wednesday night down in Santa Ana, Ca. for Rick Bassman's UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). It is rumored that WWF officials will be on hand to scout some of the indy talent working on this show. Chrisstopher Daniels will take on WWF Superstar Kurt Angle while Taka Michinoku will go one on one with the former "Suicide Kid", "Miracle" Mikey Henderson. Also The Ballard Brothers will be on the card and the APW wrestlers opponents will be... ...for more information please visit, the official site of UPW.

APW Top 10 (as of 9/3/00)

Tag Team Top 5

APW Upcoming Shows

Here is the calendar for APW shows for the remainder of the Y2Kaos Tour...all shows start at 8:00pm. For more information on the shows, email or visit Shows are subject to change. 10/7- San Francisco State University
10/14 - Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo
10/21 - Natomas High School in Sacramento
10/27 - Kennedy High School in Richmond (tentative)
10/28 - Breakaway Sports Center in Galt (Halloween Hell 4!)
11/4 - San Leandro High School in San Leandro
11/18 - Livingston High School in Livingston
12/16 - Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo (Christmas Chaos 2000!)
12/30 - Breakaway Sports Center in Galt (Y2Kaos Bash!)

ECW’s "Old School" Steve Corino To Go For NWA Gold in Tampa

TAMPA — In less than a week, internet rumor became a reality, when the National Wrestling Alliance announced that ECW’s "Old School" Steve Corino would be the eighth and final competitor in the upcoming tournament to crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion at Tampa’s Fort Homer Hesterly Armory on Tuesday, September 19th.

In his weekly "It’s Good to Be King" column at, Corino referred to the NWA World Title last week as just that — a world title — and the comment caught the eye of NWA President Howard T. Brody. Brody then presented an open invitation to Corino in his own weekly column "Notes from the President" at, in which he called on Corino to take the NWA World Title challenge. Corino’s response? [which came out earlier today]

"I can't get over the e-mails I have been getting asking me if I am going to be involved in the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament ... This situation is very intriguing. The NWA World Title is a title that is very ‘Old School.’ Just look at who has held the belt over the last 95 years; Harley Race, Tommy Rich, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Jack Brisco, Terry Funk and of course ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. It is no secret that I believe in tradition and if I did win the NWA Championship, I wouldn't even think about doing what someone did to the title six years ago. So, Mr. Brody if you want the ‘King Of Old School’ in the tournament, I am there. But, be prepared that when I win the tournament, I am preparing to be the first man to win both the NWA and ECW World Titles and hold them together."

By noon the two spoke and by midday the deal was signed as attorneys for both sides hammered out all the details and legalities.

On September 19th, Corino joins a field in Tampa that already includes: Hector Guerrero, Joe Malenko, Kevin Northcutt, Dan "the Beast" Severn, Fidel Sierra, Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, and Kendall Windham. Except for Malenko vs. Valentine, first round pairings have not yet been announced.

The rest of the "Tango in Tampa 2000" card features: an NWA Florida Heavyweight Title Match with newly crowned champ Adam Windsor defending against the former champ, NWA legend Dory Funk, Jr.; a six man tag team contest with "Classy" Chris Nelson, Big Vito DeNucci and Leo von Stroheim meeting the trio of Lex Lovett, Pepe Prado and Cyborg; and a "Lights Out! First Blood! Match" between former tag team and business partners Steve Keirn and B. Brian Blair. A special referee announcement is for this match is forthcoming.

Tickets for "Tango in Tampa 2000" are only $10, $12 and $15 and are on sale on-line at,, or, at all ticketmaster Ticket Centers including Kmart and select Spec’s Music, or through charge-by-phone at (813) 287-8844 in Tampa or (727) 898-2100 in St. Petersburg.

In a related story, NWA Florida President Martin Yoffe announced earlier in the week that former NWA North American Heavyweight Champion and Florida wrestling legend Buddy Colt, has joined the group and will serve as the group’s new hands-on commissioner.

Editor's Note: Here is the second installment of an article about Chyna from Talk Magazine.


from Talk Magazine, June, 2000

By Liz Wilson

Part 2

Around this time she met her first "real boyfriend." His name was Ron. He was an alcoholic. They met in AA. Joanie didn't have an alcohol problem herself; she just attended meetings with her stepmother. Dad had convinced her that AA was a perfectly worthwhile interest for a young lady. "Like an extracurricular activity," she says.

Ron was 18. But he wasn't like any of the boys at school. He never issued any cruelties, never called her names. "He had issues of his own," she says. "He had hurt of his own." Joanie spent her senior year in Madrid, having won a United Nations scholarship for students with special prowess in languages. When she returned to Rochester, Dad told her she'd won another scholarship---this time to the University of Tampa. She remembers his saying he was taking care of everything, "all the paperwork."

"My muffin," he told her, "I knew you could do it." Looking back, Chyna says, "I don't know how he did it." She graduated from Tampa after four relatively happy years. When she wasn't studying, she was working out.

By graduation, she had built the muscular foundation for the character she'd later become. Her financial prospects were less robust. "People started suing me for my student loans," she says. The problem was, Joanie hadn't known she had any student loans. She says her father never told her. "She said the student loan money went to me instead of the school," says her father. "I was an investment banker with the VLGP," otherwise known as the Von Laurer Group, an investment firm that secured financing for "developing countries around the world."

When not brokering international deals, Laurer says he took on extra work as a bookkeeper and landscaper to finance his youngest daughter's education. "Not to mention I did her homework from time to time," he says. "I don't know where this is coming from," Laurer says when asking about Joanie's portayal of him as a debtor and a con man. "I'm sorry that she's doing all of this. It's something she'll have to deal with later in life. It's going to be physologically devestating later on."

Then Joanie got a call from her older sister Kathy, who was living in New Hampshire. Kathy told Joanie it was time to grow up. Kathy got her sister a job selling beepers and cell phones in Lawrence, Massachusetts. For Joanie it was having great family again. She loved hanging out with her sister. She became one of the best beeper salesmen in the country. But it wasn't enough. The big girl with the underbite still wanted to be a star. She wanted to be on TV. She wanted to be seen. Joanie started training for the fitness pageants then airing on ESPN. That's how she met Garry Blais-a bodybuilder at World Gym in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He was doing his routine when he spotted Joanie, then a redhead, working on her legs."It's a weird feeling I can't put into words," Blais says now. "She just stood out. She had an energy. It radiated off her. I loved her instantly. I loved her inside out: personality, physique, her ambition, her sense of humor."

Joanie liked Blais's sense musculature, his thick black hair, even the gap between this teeth. But more than that, she saw in Blais an expertise she could put to great use. She asked him to train her. He was only too willing. Soon they were living together. "He just saw something in my body that other people didn't," she says. "Gerry thought I was the coolest thing. I loved the way Gerry loved me. He just cherished me."

Their relationship was a bizarro production of Pygmalion. He taught her how to eat, how to carry herself, and how to get really big. Joanie was 155 pounds when they met. Blais's method would add 30 pounds of muscle. It wasn't the look fitness pageants wanting. She even received a letter to that effect. "Just to piss 'em off, I'll get bigger." That's what Blais remembers her saying. Then, as Joanie prepared a belly-dance routine for the next contest, she asked "Why do you think they'll remember: the bimbo blondes bouncing around to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack or to the freaky 185-pound redhead with a sword dancing to Arabic music?"

She didn't win. She didn't even place. "She didn't care," says Blais. "She was noticed." Her urge to perform could not be discouraged. She even got a did doing singing telegrams. "I would have these panic attacks, like, my time is running out," she says. "I was supposed to be a star."

She would come home, dead tired, thinking, I can't continue selling beepers. On one of those nights Kathy and her fiance were on the sofa eating frozen yogurt. It was just after 9PM on a Monday. The WWF's Raw is War was on the USA network. It wasn't the kind of wrestling Joanie remembered from the Rochester War Memorial. This was show business. Joanie and Kathy started goofing around, pretending to pull each others' hair. But inside, Joanie couldn't have been more serious. "That was it," she says. "I was going to be a wrestler."

All those years after watching her brother roll around the miniature schnauzer pen, she found the real Killer Kowalski. He ran a wrestling school in Malden, Massachusetts, renting space from a martial arts school. Kowalski, now 73, is a devout vegetarian with cauliflower ears. He stands six-eleven, still close to his 285-pound fighting weight. (ED. NOTE - Don't, DO NOT, believe everything you read.)

"Make 'em notice you." That's the first commandment at Killer Kowalski's Institute of Professional wrestling. Joanie was noticed the moment she walked in. There were only a couple of women students, and nobody had seen an aspiring girl quite like Joanie, whose rapidly increasing dimensions spoke highly of Blais's training methods. "She was so big," Says Kowalski. "I figured she'd be a heel."

"Protruding jaw, flat-chested, she wasn't a Playboy bunny," says Richard Byrne, who runs the martial arts school and promotes his own independent wrestling shows. "I told her, 'You've got something nobody else has- a look. Play up the gimmick you have.'"She had a hook, but more than that, a supremely diligent desire. She broke her tailbone, a forearm, a rib, her nose. She kept coming back for more. "I would clothesline guys until my arms were black and blue," she remembers.

"Joanie would try anything," says Kowalski. "She learned quickly. Very athletic."

"I saw myself as this super heroish female with muscles," she says.

Joanie Lee, as she now called herself, made her debut as part of a mixed tag team in a highschool gym-part of an independent circuit whose venues included various middle schools, armories, and the IBEW hall in Waltham, Massachusetts. She made $25. There couldn't have been more than 100 people in the crowd. "I wore a pink bathing suit," she remembers. "I went to the fabric store and got this silver sequined thing and I sewed it around my waist. I was so nervous and so excited I couldn't hear anything. Such an adrenaline rush."

"You can hear the crowd pop as soon as she comes to the ring," says Steve King, her tag-team partner that night. "The way she was slapping people's hands during the entrance, they just seemed to respond to her. She wasn't the average woman wrestler that had big fake breasts. A lot of girls try to get away with doing wedgies and hair pulling and crap like that. But she actually got in the ring and worked."

In wrestling parlance, Joanie had "gotten over"-- she had connected with the crowd. Everything that made her an outcast in real life made her a natural in the ring. "She walks down the street and people have to look twice," says King, whose fiance Theresa was Joanie's opponent that first night at Middleboro High School. The two women became close. before the wedding, King recalls, Joanie walked through the Burlington Mall to meet other bridesmaids. "Everyone's head turned," he says. "People were stopping her, saying 'I know you from somewhere.'"

To be continued...

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Nitro Report

The program opens with a preview of the big triple cage main event for this card live from Dallas, Texas. The World Title wil be decided once again tonight - the one who escapes the WarGames 2000 cage will be the new World Champ.

But first there is a World Tag Team Title defense for the Filthy Animals - the Insane Clown Posse are the challengers. ICP have surprised us in the past with their ability to work, but I don't expect any title change here tonight...unless they get some help. They start strong but are almost immediately taken off their game by their much more experienced opponents. Shaggy catches us by surprise by catching Juvey coming in off the top with a drop-kick, but it still isn't enough. Juvey and Rey-Rey are back in a flash and on top of things again. ICP makes one more attempt to turn the tables but it is all over for them a moment later when Violent J is caught in the middle of a double drop kick, suffers a nut cracker and then is pinned by Juvey while Misterio keeps Shaggy 2 Dope busy on the apron. A running gag backstage has the Team Canada forcing Major Gunns to excercise her butt off in order to become a "real" Canadian.

As we return from the break, the triple cage has been lowered over the ring and Vince Russo is leading his thugs down the ramp. Russo enters the cage but leaves his goons on the outside. He starts his rant with a slur on the Dallas Cowboys, who lost a game to Philadelphia yesterday. He explains the rules for the WarGames match, the winner will be the one who makes it to the top cage, grabs the World Title and then climbs back down and out the main door. Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Russo himself will face Goldberg, the Cat, Booker T and Sting. He reveals that the Cat has been temporarily stripped of his powers by an injunction. He also lets us know that the four "heels" (as he calls them) will have to win qualifying matches to qualify to compete in the WarGames match. He also guarantees that he will walk out as the Champ at the end of the program. This brings Kevin Nash to the ring, who looks a little disgruntled over this business of Russo claiming that he will be the Champ. Nash first states that his World Title will only be on the line if he says so. Russo disputes that, reminding Nash that he, Russo, is the boss. Nash says, " may be the boss, but I am your daddy." and takes him by the throat. At this point, Sting rises up straight out of the mat! Russo wants Nash to take him on, but the latter just leaves. Sting makes it clear that he intends to win the match himself then starts chasing Russo toward the top of the stack. Steiner and Jarrett come in to protect their mentor but Sting fights them off. Russo gets to the top and then climbs down the outside. Sting would seem to be trapped by his enemies as Russo escapes, only to almost run into Goldberg on the ramp, and we go to commercial.

Back in his office, Russo is getting yelled at by his troups. At the announce table we are introduced to WCW Live host, Jeremy Borash, who is substituting for Scott Hudson, who's wife is giving birth tonight. Congratulations to the Hudsons from all of us at Solie's. The Harris Brothers come out unexpectedly (?) and demand that a video of them harrassing Kronic in a bar be shown.

Shane Douglas is meeting with Russo and demanding another match against Goldberg tonight. He wants to use members of the Natural Born Idiots as hs back-up but Torrie insists that he can take care of Goldberg on his own. He stupidly agrees. After they leave, Russo tells the Idiots to watch the fool's back.

Sting's opponent(s) for his WarGames qualifying match is both Muta and Vampiro. The two bad guys game plan is spoiled when Muta accidently sprays Vamp in the face with his green mist. Stings pins Vampiro and qualifies. Afterward, Vamp and Muta almost come to blows but ICP steps in and separates them. Backstage, Stevie Ray is protesting over the fact that he has been set to wrestle in one of the qualifying matches tonight. You just know that he has been matched up against his brother...

Backstage after the break, Jarrett is trying to convince Nash to stay the course with the Russo team. Nash is not buying it.

Next up, Stevie Ray comes to the ring for his match against...Booker, of course. He is reluctant, but says that he will take the match, but not for Russo, for the fans. Booker arrives and tells Stevie not to worry about it. Obviously, Stevie takes him at his word because he attacks as soon as his brother turns his back. The match is very fast paced and high impact. Stevie passes up at least two occasions to get the pin, but Booker does not. He gets the Bookend and the pin. Afterward, Booker questions his brother about his sneak attack - Stevie calmly tells him that it was to remind him that he has to keep his guard up. Booker accepts that answer and they embrace. Backstage an out of sorts Kronic encounter the Jung Dragons and ends up punking them.

Three Count are in the ring as we return, but before they can start singing, Kronic stalks in and destroys them. Thank God! They then challenge the Harris Brothers, but Jeff Jarrett shows up instead. He tells them to forget that match. Their opponent, instead, is the Cat in his qualifying match. Miss Jones accompanies the Cat wearing a neck brace. Miller takes a moment to try and convince Kronic to help him beat Jarrett up instead of fighting him. As Clarke follows him out of the ring, the Cat slips back in and tries to roll Adams up...but fails. Now the handicap match is on for sure. Miller is creamed...which means Kronic is in the main event! Backstage, Russo realizes he has snookered himself...

Now its time for Shane Douglas' qualifying match against Goldberg. The Monster makes his classic ring entrance (the Clinton style "long walk" from his dressing room, surrounded by security) and Shane looks like he's ready to wet himself. As usual, Goldberg shows himself to be a lot better wrestler then we expect, using a leg takedown to a submission hold as his very first maneuver. The fight goes immediately to the floor where Douglas manages to slow his opponent down a little by working on his bad arm. But it is not enough, the big guy out powers his opponent fairly easily. The Idiots run in and Goldberg destroys the lot of them, while, outside the ring, Douglas is wrapping a chain around his fist. Unfortunately for him, he is speared as soon as he re-enters the ring...and jackhammered for the pin. In the back, Russo is tearing his hair, realizing that he will have to face Goldberg in the cage later tonight.

After the break, Russo is trying to get Nash back on his side. Nash says he has his own agenda - to win the title, or barring that, to prevent Russo from winning the strap. At a local gym, the MIA's attack Team Canada and dump them in the pool. Meanwhile, Russo is sending his troups (the Idiots) out to gang up on Big Vito. That should be fun...

How come we never get to see the Nitro Grrrrls routines anymore? In the teaser between breaks, we see them doing a dance in oversized mens dress shirts, then opening them to reveal they are wearing nothing but black underwear underneath. Miss Pamela interviews Arn Anderson, who says he plans to bring Rick Flair to David's wedding.

Big Vito faces off against all six members of the Idiots in the next match-up. They engage in a verbal sparring match before the contest - with the Idiots being short on ammunition. Whoever appointed Mike Sanders as their spokesmen...well...knew the others don't have a brain between them. Weilding his stickball bat, Vito holds his own for several seconds then is overwhelmed by the numbers. But after taking it for a moment he comes right back and flattens the lot of them...then is caught again. Sanders takes the pin after Vito is squashed, then they go at him with his own bat. What courage, what fortitude, what jerks!!

Kronic, Sting and Booker are interviewed backstage and pledge to work together in the cage match. Conspicuous in his absence is Goldberg. Jarrett is the first man to the ring to face the #2 draw. The rest will come out at two minute intervals. Before we find out who Jarrett's first opponent will be we, go to commercial. I am amazed to see that it is almost 9:40. This program has gone by very fast indeed. By the way, I have been reading some pundits postulating that WCW is making a mistake by throwing out a blockbuster show in a week when the competition is delayed for two hours. Are these folks nuts or what? This is excellent strategy to grab an audience when it is available...

Jarrett's opponent is Sting for the first round and old Jeff is in for it during the early going. He eventually recovers but then Sting reverses a whip and throws him into the waiting ladder. Steiner is the next one out, wearing some kind of face brace. The bad guys immediately gang up on Sting and he is pummeled for the next two minutes. The next competitor is Kronic...both of them!! Steiner heads for the top of the cage. Somehow he gets a hold of some bolt cutters. He is trying to escape to the top when Brian Adams catches up with him. Kronic teams up on Steiner while Sting is beating up on Jarrett again down below. Russo shows up next with the Harris Brothers in tow. They climb up the outside while Russo enters the cage. Kronic are now taking on the Harris Twins while Sting is now beating up on Russo down in the first cage. I don't see Steiner now. Big Sexy is the next one out. Oh I see, Steiner is back downstairs. Nash tries to help him to his feet but Sting splashes them both in the corner. Then they step aside and Sting misses his second splash. Nash then turns and attacks Russo - but Jarrett is there to try and calm him down. Meanwhile, Booker T is on his way to the ring. He downs Steiner then takes Russo down. But then Nash hits him from behind and Booker is down and taken out to the floor by Steiner. Everyone is in the bottom cage at this point and Goldberg is on his way. As Goldberg enters and is taken dwon by Russo with a baseball bat, Booker is making his way to the second cage. Nash grabs a pair of handcuffs and neutralizes the monster. The rest head for the top while Nash waits by the door. His stated strategy is to waylay whoever comes down with the belt. Booker makes it to the top and grabs the belt, Jarrett is coming up behind him - but Booker uses the belt to whack Jarrett, then does the same to Steiner. We see now that Sting has been handcuffed at the second level. Steiner and Jarrett catch up to Booker abd Steiner grabs the belt - but then he drops it and Russo has it. The Cat runs in suddenly and downs Russo - then Nash grabs the Cat and jack knifes him! Goldberg suddenly breaks his cuffs and hista Nash with a back kick, then huiwst Russo and takes the belt. All he has to do is step out of the cage to be the Champion! But then Bret Hart shows up and slams the door in Goldberg's face. Steiner and Jarrett are right on hand to attack Goldberg. Meanwhile, Nash suddenly hugs Russo, and then, with the acquiecence of his team - steps out of the door and retains the World Title.

RAW Report

RAW is live from Lexington, Kentucky and opens with the Helmsley-McMahons coming to the ring for a way overlong segment (about 25 minutes, to be exact). Stephanie wears a pink - cow spotted top. HHH admits that he has done some pretty terrible things during his time in the WWF but denies that he ever beat up his wife. He pauses to chide the crowd for calling his wife names. He agrees with the crowd that he himself is an a$$hole. He vows to sit in the ring until the person who called the police on him fesses up. Commissioner Foley appears, not admitting anything, you understand. He states that he intends to find out who the guilty party is, then speculates about who it might be. He hints that it might have been Stephanie, invoking the name of Kurt Angle and trying hard to stir the pot. Stephanie denies it vociferously. He then suggests that HHH called the police on himself! Hunter turns the question back on Foley himself, but that's not getting anywhere either. Foley then suggests that it was Angle and orders him to the ring. Angle comes to the ramp and denies the charge, comparing himself to Richard Jewel. He suggests that the culprit is Chyna. Foley then invites Chyna out to explain herself. She admits to thoroughly enjoying ramming Stephanie's head into the mat but denies culpability. She brings up Eddie Guerrero's name, and Foley casts suspicion in that direction. Of course, Eddie G arrives and denies it as well. Foley then decides to let the fans decide who is guilty. He names each one in turn. It seems to be a toss-up between Stephanie and Kurt Angle as far as the crowd is concerned. Foley has decided that it is Angle when Test and Trish show up. Test admits that he was the one who called the cops in retaliation for HHH ruining his wedding last November. Foley then makes a match between Test and HHH. Test ends the conversation by insulting Stephanie and Hunter runs up the ramp only to be back attacked by Kurt Angle then punked by Angle and Test. Backstage the Rock arrives.

After the break, Maivia makes his way to the broadcast table for the first match of the evening. This is a #1 contenders' match between Kane and Chris Benoit. Kane is so huge and has so much ability - I just can't imagine Benoit winning this one without some help. Benoit does manage to turn the tables after a bit - but then he switches his attention to the Rock at ringside and breaks his concentration. It happens again a few moments later when Benoit confronts Maivia at the announce table. Kane attacks from behind and then goes after the Rock. The match is thrown out and then Maivia lays the Rock Bottom on Kane on the floor.

The Dudleys are next in a table match against the Acolytes, who show up with Kaientai in tow for some reason. The Dudleys use teamwork to put Faarooq down and then go after a table. But Bradshaw puts the kybosh on that idea. Back in the ring, the Dudleys manage to get the table set up but then are on the receiving end until Kaientai accidently hit Bradshaw with a flagpole clothesline. After they lose the match, the Acolytes put both members of Kaientai through the table.

In the back, Eddie G begs Foley to let him be part of the Chyna/Angle IC Title match in order to protect his lady friend (Eddie, Eddie - has anyone ever told you that she is bigger then you, essa?. Foley agrees and makes it a three way dance. Eddie G starts the match by attacking Angle before he can get into the ring. Inside, Chyna rushes the corner and is whipped over the top rope to the floor. Eddie beats the tar out of his nemesis then Chyna returns to the frey with some fire of her own. Soon a chair gets brought into play and Eddie is dropped on the outside while Chyna and Angle continue to do battle until he knocks her out with the title belt. As Eddie is trying to help her he accidently pins her and wins the title. He holds the belt behind his back as he helps her from the ring. Backstage, Hunter orders Stephanie to stay away from the ring while he takes on Test.

Backstage, Eddie is trying to convince Chyna that he didn't pin her on purpose. She believes him.

Test finally gets a chance at revenge for having HHH ruin his wedding as he takes on the Game at the top of the second hour. He finds himself facing both members of T&A. He manages to eject them both then almost gets Trish in a Pedegree - but Test is back and breaks that up. Throughout the contest, Albert continues to interfere from the outside, making this more like a handicap match. But all is for nothing as Hunter gets the Pedegree and the pin. Stephanie runs down clapping her hands and with a big smile on her face. They embrace and we go backstage where Commissioner Foley is asking Mideon to give his word that he won't streak any more matches.

The Right to Censor introduces a new member tonight. Val Venis? Well, Val isn't too sure of that. In fact he comes to the platform and denounces the group. Steven Richards points out that Val is already come a long ways toward being one of them by changing his character from a Porn Star, and changing his trunks from black to white, and dumping his girlfriend Trish Stratus. Val disputes that as well so Richards issues a threat to end the conversation. So Val is next, huh?

Backstage, Crash is rehearsing a speech when the Boss Man shows up and pushes a banana in his face. Dean Malenko tries to intervene, for some unknown reason, and gets the same treatment.

The Boss Man gets a title shot against Hardcore Champ, Steve Blackman in the next match. Boss Man gets hold of a kendo stick but he is no match for Blackman and his batons. So Boss Man brings out a fire extinguisher and sprays it in Blackman'sface. The fight goes to the floor where Boss Man holds the advantage using a leather strap. They fight to the backstage area and onto the caterer's table. Dean Malenko and Crash attack the Boss Man with a trash can and hot coffee, giving Blackman the pin. Blackman shows his gratitude by attacking Crash. Backstage again, Tazz confronts Mick Foley - he wants separate matches against Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler. Foley says no to that - but does set up a tag match pitting Jericho and Lawler against Tazz and an un-named partner who Foley claims is a multiple time title holder in the WWF. Well, lets see, that could be any number of people from the Rock to Crash Holly...

Bull Buchanan and the Goodfellow are back to face off against Val Venis and his partner...who ever that turns out to be the Road Dogg. Hmmm...looks like we may see Val in a shirt and tie sooner than we expected... The match goes by in a hurry then as Val and Bull fall out to the floor for a brawl, the Dogg gets a rather abrupt pin on the Goodfather. Outside Val is DDT'd on the floor and then the RTC guys haul him away. They drag him out and load him into a white van, then drive away!

Next up, Lawler/Jericho vs. Tazz/Mideon? - and wearing a speedo and a fanny pack yet!! Tazz is so surprised when his partner shows up that Lwaler is able to pin him immediately! After the break we see that Lawler was attacked from behind by Tazz with a leather strap.

JR informs us that Steve Austin has a statement to make at SmackDown this week.

Edge and Christian defend their Tag Team Title against the Rock and the Undertaker in the final match of the evening. Kane comes down to the ringside area to provide commentary? Yup. Since Lawler's seat is empty anyway... The Undertaker rides his bike to the ring, as usual. The Rock makes his usual entrance as well, perching on the outside corner and smelling the air. Something tells me the Champions are in for it - not to say that I expect them to lose the titles...because I don't. But it sure looks that way through most of the match. Fortunately for the Champs, they are an excellent team - while the challengers are not a team at all. Kane's commentary at ringside is pithy to say the least. He kind of reminds me of when the Assassin used to sit at the desk, making self-centered comments having little or nothing to do with the match at hand. In the ring the Undertaker is isolated for a long time. In fact the Rock has yet to see any action. As the Rock finally gets the tag and has the drop on the Champs, Chris Benoit runs down and gets into it ringside with the Undertaker. The referee is distracted by this ringside action which allows Edge to use a chair on Maivia. The pin fails, but the Rock is reeling. He still manages to get a spine buster and would have gotten the pin if Kane hadn't fragged the referee out to the floor. Edge then slips back into the ring and gets the pin.

That's it folks. Until next time...

At least that's the way I see it...

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