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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Vince Russo Reveals He is the WCW Champ!
Then Relinquishes the Title

Booker T Recaptures the Gold!

Reno is the New WCW Hardcore Champ

Mike Sanders Wins the Cruiserweight Strap

...after Kevin Nash powerbombs Elix Skipper


By Jeremy Quittner

APW News

by Jermz

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 600 - October 2, 2000
Editor's Note: A little further down the page we present another of our Solie's Classics Reprint series, but first here is the latest news from my favorite local Northern California indy promotion, All Pro Wrestling. Thanks Jermz!

APW News

by Jermz

Upcoming Shows

APW in San Francisco at SF State University Gymnasium (1600 Holloway Ave.) Saturday October 7th 8:00pm

-APW Universal Champion and former WWF Intercontinental Champ The Honky Tonk Man will defend the title against West Coast wrestling veteran, Ed "Moondog" Moretti

-15 Man Battle Royal. Winner will recieve a title shot at Internet Champion Donovan Morgan next month.

-APW Tag Team Champions, "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande and "Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson, aka The Westside Playaz 2000 (with ICEBOX), will defend their belts against "Shooter" Tony Jones and a mystery partner that manager Shane Dynasty will unveil the night of the show.

-"Funboy" Donovan Morgan will defend the Worldwide Internet Title against "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz.

-"Innovator" Vinny Massaro with his manager Buddy Cotell ESQ. will take on APW rookie sensation Kid Chrome.

-The Ballard Brothers along with Cheerleader Melissa will go against their rivals, The Snott Brothers, accompanied by Betty Beefcake.

-Making his APW debut, Chris Cassanova will have a huge test as he takes on former Universal Champion Ma'och.

For more information on this show visit or e-mail

Horowitz makes APW debut

Former WWF superstar Barry Horowitz will be debuting for APW at the Vallejo show on October 14th. He will be taking on Internet Champion Donovan Morgan in what should be an outstanding match. Horowitz is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the business today, and APW is looking forward to using him in the ring next weekend. We will have to wait and see if Horowitz will be patting himself on the back after his match with Morgan is over with.

If so, we may see yet another former WWF superstar walking out of the arena carrying APW gold.

Also on the 10/14 show from Vallejo, Ca. APW will be holding their first ever "Lethal Lottery". Much the same as WCW did a few years back, 15 names will be tossed into a hat, and wrestlers will draw their partners at random. A Tag-Team Battle Royal will then be held, and the winning team will recieve a title shot against the Westside Playaz 2000. This show is shaping up to be a good one, as some of the participants to have already tossed their names into the hat include Michael Modest, Tony Jones and Vinny Massaro, along with Horowitz & Morgan.


from Newsday, Monday, September 18, 1995

By Jeremy Quittner

NEW YORK - People love to tell the story of how, 10 years ago, when Abe Coleman was 80, the former professional wrestling star was taking a walk and was jumped by two teenagers who tried to mug him in Forest Hills. He gave one guy a right hook and the other guy a left hook and knocked them both unconscious. "They didn't know what they were getting into," snorted Lawrence Weinman, 75, of Forest Hills. True, Coleman could hold his own in any fight, but it's his humanity that his friends like to remember. "He's got more love in his little pinky than everyone put together. He's pure love and he's loved," Weinman said. Yesterday at Coleman's 90th birthday party at the Torath Emeth Jewish Center in Flushing, nearly 100 relatives and friends poured out their own expressions of love as they paid tribute to Coleman as a legend and as a friend.

"I don't believe I'm 90," Coleman said. "I still weigh 200 pounds." Coleman was dressed in a gray pin-striped suit. A doting cousin buttoned down his collar and straightened his tie when he walked in. Conan the Barbarian dolls held balloons in the center of tables laden with baked goods like rugelah and challah. The Johnny Love Trio, minus Johnny Love, played Elvis Presley songs and "Hava Nagilah."

Many of Abe Coleman's old wrestling buddies were on hand to celebrate his birthday, which is actually Wednesday. Although no two people told the stories the same way or remembered the exact location of where things took place, the names echoed with the bygone sounds of the wrestling ring. "He fought Jim Londos in Mexico City for two hours; it ended in a draw," said Al Samson, who was born with the surname Vass but was known during his brief wrestling career as "Mr. Brooklyn."

Names such as Joe Savoldi, the Dusek brothers, Ed (Strangler) Lewis and the Garibaldi brothers still seemed to be mixing it up in the Coney island Velodrome as they passed from people's lips. "You look at Abie's cauliflower ears," said Samson, 60. "That happens from the headlocks, all the blood is forced into your ears."

At 5-foot-3 and 200 pounds, Abe Coleman was dubbed the "Jewish Tarzan" and the "Hebrew Hercules" by sports publicity people in the 1930s. He was born in Zychlin, Poland, in 1905 as Abba Kelmer, one of 16 children, some of whom were killed during the Holocaust. He came to the United States in 1925. He has lived in Queens since 1941.

Coleman said his first professional wrestling match, fought in Brooklyn in 1929, earned him $25. Later in his career, he earned about 10 percent of the profits, or $10,000 to $12,000 for a match. He worked consistently throughout the Depression and had a reputation for helping his family and friends. "During the Depression, he supported the family," said Harold Coleman, 75, Coleman's nephew from Princeton, N.J. "He was the fountain of wealth for anybody who needed help. And we had a large family." Coleman also was known for bringing the drop-kick to the United States wrestling world and for perfecting a double-wristlock.

"I went to Australia in 1930. I used to watch the kangaroos kick," Coleman said. "Then I used it in the ring. They called it the drop kick." He married his wife, June Miller, in 1936, and he loves to tell the story of how they met.

"I was wrestling at Madison Square Garden in the spring of 1936. I was thrown out of the ring and landed right in her lap," he laughed. Friends said Miller died some time ago but were not certain of the date. They had no children.

Family and friends talk worshipfully about Coleman's physical prowess, remembering the time in Long Beach, for instance, when his car got blocked in and he supposedly picked it up and moved it by hand. But the stories seemed part of a past that has mostly vanished. "Wrestling in those days was very different," said his niece, Ruth Caster. "They won honestly. It wasn't theatrical like it is today."

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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Part 1 (Mid-Week and Weekend Report)

On Thunder we expected to get the answer to the big question - "Who actually won the World Title on Nitro Monday?" In fact it was the first thing Tony said as the opening pyro burst forth in Wilkes-Barre, PA. But we didn't get the answer right away...first we had to put up with Disco Inferno's shenanegans. The guy was wearing black framed shades and looked like he had on one of those "Groucho" glasses without the mustache (what a nose on that guy!) This got him a challenge from Konnan who proceeded to "hit a guy with glasses". In the middle of their match, Alex Wright, with a shaved head, ran out and interfered to give Disco the win. The Dancin' Fools are reborn, apparently.

Backstage, Mike Sanders let Security Chief Doug Dillenger know that he has been put in charge of things by Vince Russo for the evening. His first order of business was to establish a Hardcore Title Tournament to begin tonight and featuring several of his stablemates.

Lex Luger made another appearance on the program and seemed to be ready to try and rescind his actions on Monday night. He calls it a mistake. General Rection showed up and forgave him - which led to a punk job as Lance Storm snuck into the ring and launched an attack. This ended up creating a tag match for the four of them. So what are they going to call Luger? Sgt. Flexy..? Corporal Package?

In a Cruiserweight development. Juventud Guerrera and Rey Misterio agreed to compete in a "best of five" series which includes the match they had Monday night. The second match took place later in the evening, during which Juvie managed to injure his knee and was unable to continue. I guess that means they are now 1 and 1...

Meanwhile, in the semi-final of the Hardcore Tournament (yes, that's what I said), Johnny the Bull took on Sgt. A-Wall. A-Wall won the match fairly easily - probably not what Sanders had in mind...

Tonight it was Mike Awesome's female guests (Mudasia and Lea Meow) who got into a fight...and destroyed his Lava Lounge set yet again...

The second semi-final Hardcore Tourney match was between Crowbar and Reno. Crowbar still sported bandages on his injured ribs and was also pre-occupied (according to the storyline) with his unrequited love for Daffney, who is said to be in Australia this week with her boyfriend - but he started coming back to himself after a few minutes. He was still hurting but ignoring the pain as much as possible and continuing to fight back. His vast advantage in experienced started to show as he took charge of the match until Johnny the Bull interfered. Reno won the match and will face A-Wall next week for the Hardcore Title.

In a pre-taped interview with Mike Tenay, Vince Russo appeared carrying the World Title belt and claiming to be the Champion. He ended the short talk by telling Tenay to get some wrestling gear and be ready to compete in the ring on Monday night.

Is it just me or does Scott Steiner's face protector put you in mind of Vader's mask?

Konnan got the line of the night Thursday during the Luger/Rection vs. Jarrett/Storm main event when he referred to "...Lex Luger's patented three moves..." I wonder if he meant that or didn't realize what he's said... By the way, not too unexpectedly, Luger turned on his partner before the match ended.

Commissioner Foley gave Steve Austin a warning on SmackDown this week. He told the Rattlesnake that, although he respects Austin's desire to lay his hands on the miscreant that ran him down last year, he (Austin) needs to realize that Foley holds the power in the WWF and that he (Austin) needs to follow Foley's rules. Yeah right...Stone Cold is going to go for that... One strange scene showed Steve Austin confronting X-Pac and the Road Dogg who were talking together back in the locker room...wait a minute...didn't those two have a big falling out just a week or so back? Later in the program, Road Dogg took Hardcore Champ Steve Blackman to an extended Title match until he ran into Austin backstage - who delivered a chair shot before Blackman pinned the challenger.

Well, for a moment there on Thursday I almost thought that the WWF was going to give me my wish and set-up a wrestling match between Kurt Angle and Chris such luck. Instead, Foley put them both in a tag match as partners against HHH and the Rock.

Lita and Jacqueline had what started out as a bang up match for Lita's championship, but it was soon spoiled by their male companions (the Tag Team Champs and the former Champs) who first got into a brawl at ringside and then invaded the ring. Lita came out on top, much to Edge and Christian's chagrin.

I heard this week that Tazz has been confirmed as a regular part of the announce team on the new version of Sunday Night Heat on MTV. The WWF seems to be desparate to get this guy over. On this program he combined with the newly arrived Raven to take on the unlikely pairing of Jerry Lawler and Chris Jericho. Tazz was put over by the King once again - though it was rather backhanded since, in fact, it was Raven pinning Jericho that won Tazz's team the match. By the way, X-Pac, who seems to be still looking for something constructive to do, managed to insert himself illegally into this match without any discernable affect on the outcome.

In a mixed singles match, Chyna took on the mastermind(?) behind the Right to Censor, Steven Richards. Eddie G was on hand, of course, to neutralize Richards' companion, Val Venis. Unfortunately for Chyna, her man didn't do a very good job as Val managed to interefere early in the match. Towards the end of the fight, with Richards slumped in the corner, Chyna stripped down to her bra and panties - apparently making her own statement about censorship. Shortly thereafter, she won the match.

Despite the commissioner's planting himself at the top of the ramp - Steve Austin still managed to interfere in X-Pac's challenge for the European Title and put the stunner on both competitors plus the referee.

The main event was the afore mentioned "odd couples" tag team brawl featuring HHH/the Rock vs. Angle/Benoit. As was expected, Benoit and and Angle were unable to function as a team, thus almost giving the victory over to their opponents, who have had some time to mellow since their own wars of several months back. In the end it was Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley who accidently provided the distraction which allowed Angle and Benoit to take the surprise win.

ECW on TNN finally saw Cyrus actually do a punk job on Joel Gertner at the top of the program. Even more astonishing was that Joey Styles chased Cyrus off with a chair! Moments later, Styles warned Lou E Dangerously to stay out of the coming PPV between Cyrus and Gertner at the pain of "meeting the man behind this character..."

They showed us the Three-Way-Dance that was interrupted last week pitting Justin Credible vs. Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn. Interestingly, a considerable amount of this match saw one guy lying in the ring while the other two lay out on the floor somewhere. There were also a number of instances where either Corino or Lynn would throw himself off the top rope and crash down on both of his opponents out on the floor. At one point, Lynn appeared to have the match won but crooked referee, Danny Daniels refused to finish the count. This caused another referee to run in and attack Daniels, leading to a referee vs. referee brawl at ringside. Francine also got involved, of course, and nearly cost her man the title when she managed to distract Justin so that Corino could hit him with a super kick. Dawn Marie ran in at one point and a catfight ensued. Dawn Marie was hustled away and then Francine set Corino up for a pile driver and the pin. (Does anybody remember when Credible used to wear a jock strap on his head in the WWF and call himself Aldo Montoya?)

Sunday Night Heat debuted on MTV this Sunday with Tazz (sombody tell this guy to lose the stupid laugh...) and Michael Cole in the announce booth from WWF New York and the wrestling from various arenas around the country. William (Steve) Regal made his wrestling debut, looking in the best shape he's been in in quite some time and taking on Crash Holly, who gave Regal a run for his money...before losing to a Regal Stretch (or whatever he calls it these days).

This program included a performance by the rock band Disturbed playing their composition "Stupify", which required the censors to bleep about every 5th word. Later they performed the new Steve Austin theme music. It will be interesting to see how long this new format lasts - whether it will be the rock fans objecting to the wrestling, or the wrestling fans objecting to the hard rock/rap music that will bring it to an end...if such should happen.

Former Light Heavyweight Champ Taka Michinoku took on current Champ Dean Malenko in the first apparent example of Malenko's booking strategy for the Light Heavyweight division. The wrestling was fine (Malenko retained his title) but Malenko's "James Bond" personna has about as much chance of success as a snowball in hell (or any of the past characters he has tried to put over since joining the WWF).

Part 3 (Monday Night Wars)

Nitro came to us from San Francisco (literally in my own backyard) and featured a statement from Vince Russo of his intention of reliquishing his World Title to the winner of a Title match on the program between Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. Moments later, Goldberg showed up in the arena and went to the ring, followed closely by Russo, riding in a "Popemobile" type vehicle with a plexiglass bubble to protect him. He proclaimed that Goldberg would have to beat his old winning streak of 176 straight in order to get another shot at the World Title - and if he loses even one, he is out of WCW. Goldberg started to do a number on the vehicle, at which point Meng made his reappearance in WCW to save Russo's butt. Guess who Goldberg has to face first...

A little later on the program - Pamela Paulshock reported that the Cat had decided to reverse Russo's decision and declared a World Title match between Sting and Booker T instead! Hmmm...things are getting interesting...

Reno won the Hardcore Title by losing the tournament final to Sgt. A-Wall and then having Temporary Commissioner "Below Average" Mike Sanders reverse the decision. Sanders also announced another change in the World Title situation - there would be a tag match among the four announced contenders, with the winning team facing each other for the Championship. Is this confusing enough yet..? Nope. The teams were Jarrett/Booker vs. Steiner/Sting! In the end, Jarrett delivered the guitar shot on Sting then took the pin. It was Jarret vs.Booker T for the main event.

In another stupid gimmick match, "Below Average" Mike Sanders won the Cruiserweight Title by pinning Elix Skipper after Kevin Nash powerbombed the Champion in a handicap powerbomb match for the title. Shortly afterward, Goldberg got his second and third wins of the evening by pinning both of the Harris Twins.

Buff Bagwell also made his return to WCW on the program - as the supposed father of Stacy Keebler's baby!

The main event was a very weird, San Francisco 49ers match - meaning that the object was to find the gold. Four boxes were suspended above the corners of the ring. Three of them held weapons - the fourth held the title strap. You get the picture... Surprisingly, the first box opened by Jarrett contained...a blow-up sex doll?? The second opened by Booker - a framed photo of Scott Hall! The third box itself was used as a weapon by Jarrett - the contents weren't revealed immediately. The third box contained a coalminer's glove - retrieved by Booker but not used quickly enough. Jarrett got it off of him and used it for a body shot. The title apparently sat in the fourth box, still suspended as the fight continued in the ring. In the end, Howard Stearn regular Beatleguese prevented Jarrett from getting his guitar from under the ring then delivered a series of low blows - allowing Booker to recover the belt and regain the title.

RAW was broadcast live from Washington DC and featured a tag team match among Kane/Chris Benoit vs. Rikishi/the Rock and a #1 contender's match pitting HHH against Kurt Angle. Both matches came about as a result of the usual overlong opening promo. Is it me or is the WWF becoming completely predictable?

Of course the Steve Austin-wants-to-catch-the-culprit/Commissioner Foley-needs-to-put-a-stop-to-Austin's rampage storyline continued. In tonight's installment, Mick Foley brought Billy Gunn out and introduced him as a prime suspect then left him in the ring with Austin. Billy denied the charge, while admitting his situation was indeed suspicious, and then revealed that he saw the driver of the car and that the driver had blonde hair. Austin allowed that he believed Billy...but he never liked him much anyway - so he stunned him! Later, Austin questioned the Brooklyn Brawler, who had been Billy's driver from the airport on the night in question. The Brawler threw himself onto a table to avoid a Stunner...when Austin offered to shake his hand... Still later, Austin interfered in a match featuring RTC, Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, stunning everyone in sight and then stunning the Commish when he came down to lodge a protest and threaten Austin with a fine or suspension.

The best fight of the night on either program was probably the impromptu brawl between WWF Womens' Champ Lita and her nemesis Jacqueline. This took place in the backstage ladies' locker room and the garage area of the arena and was a pretty amazing dustup.

The main event was the #1 contenders match which was crashed by Chris Benoit and Stephanie (after she had promised Hunter that she would stay out of it). Angle won the match after HHH took a chairshot from Benoit - which was meant for Stephanie. The "Happy Couple" then had an argument and Stephanie was left by her husband in the ring sobbing Kurt Angle...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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