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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Rikishi says he ran down Austin!

Cites the WWF's record of holding racial minorities back

Jerry Lynn takes the ECW World Title

All Pro Wrestling
at San Francisco State University

House Show Report by Jermz

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver


from the Washington Post, December 9, 1932

Volume 5, Issue 601 - October 9, 2000

All Pro Wrestling at San Francisco State University

San Francisco, Ca. October 7th 2000

By Jermz

It was last Halloween when APW was last at SF State University, and they returned by putting on a big show. The roster had dwindled down in the past few months, with the retirements of Vanilla Frost, Bison Smith, Johnny Rocket, God's Gift To Women & JJ Perez. The Honky Tonk Man was being brought back to defend his title, as well as Moondog Moretti, to challenge for it. The Ballard Brothers would also be flown in from Southern Cali. The lineup looked very good on paper, perhaps one of their best of the year...but by the time the show was over, the face of it had totally changed. The attendance was somewhere between 400-500, and they were pretty vocal for the most part, however, they were dead at times as well.

15-Man Battle Royal

Sorry to report that i got to the show about 15 minutes late, just as Jardi Frantz was being eliminated from the match. Once i got settled down, the match was down to the final four...Robert Thompson, Boyce LeGrande, Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard. The two experienced tag teams worked against one another, using double team moves to get the upper hand. The match went back and forth, and looked like it was going to end up in the Playaz hands, when they hit a 2nd story suplex (Boyce suplexed Ballard off Bombers shoulders). However, the Ballard brothers would sneak in and save one another everytime the Playaz attempted a pin. The Ballards then took advantage, and used some double team moves on WSP2K. Bomber and Shane Ballard were wrestling on the ropes, trying to toss each other over, and they were assisted by Boyce & Shannon Ballard, and both men were eliminated. This left Shannon & Boyce as the final two in the ring. Boyce took the advantage, and hit a beautiful swanton-bomb from the top rope, but couldn't toss Ballard out, as the Canadian landed on the apron and hung on for dear life. Boyce charged Ballard, and he bent over and backdropped the Bad Boy over the top rope and down to the floor. Both of Boyce's feet touched the floor, and to everyones suprise Shannon Ballard had won the Battle Royal! He will now go on to challenge Donovan Morgan for the Worldwide Internet Title on November 4th in San Leandro.

Winner: Shannon Ballard ( * * * )

Special Announcement From Roland Alexander

APW President Roland Alexander came out to the ring, with 20% owner Jason Deadrich to make a special announcement. Alexander went through his story of coming up in the wrestling business, and how he created APW from scratch. He talked about everything from the Boot Camp to Crash Holly to Gym Warz etc. He really expressed his love for the sport, and his love for APW. He then announced that he had been having some health problems, and needed to step aside for a while. He wasn't very specific about what problems he was having, but Roland would be turning over the job of commissioner tonight. He let Jason do the announcement. Deadrich announced that Gabriel Ramirez had been appointed the new APW commisioner, and would be handling all the in-ring decisions, suspensions, fines etc.

Gabe came out and told everyone that he never thought he would be doing this, when just 4 years ago he was merely a fan, at Gym Warz. Ramirez thanked Deadrich & Alexander for the oppertunity he was giving them, and he promised to give the fans what they wanted. Ramirez also announced that the Honky Tonk Man would not be on the show tonight, due to an airplane flight being canceled. However, Gabe questioned whether it was a canceled plane, or a double booking that kept HTM away from APW. The fans yelled obscenities about Honky's workrate, and called him a "no-show" for dissing the APW fans. Commisioner Ramirez then announced that the fans would not be let down, and they would be seeing the Universal Championship being defended tonight. He was stripping Honky of the title, and he would put together a championship match for later in the night.

Ma'och vs. "Smooth Daddy" Chris Cassanova

Ma'och went right after Cassanova, who was wearing a t-shirt that read "Smooth Daddy". However, Cassanova wasn't too smooth on this night. The former Universal champion beat Cassanova from pilar to post, and chopped him to pieces. Only 1 minute into the match, it was a russian leg-sweep into a cobra clutch/boston crab submission hold. Cassanova tapped out and Ma'och was victorious...or was he?!?! The referee had called for the bell, and declared the match a no-contest, saying it never even got started. Ma'och kept his man in the hold for another good 20 seconds or so before releasing it, and then got the mic. He let the entire APW locker room know that he means business, and he is now on a warpath to the top of the APW ladder. He asked Cassanova how it feels to not be given a "fair chance"...something he feels he hasn't got during his time in APW.

Winner: No Contest in 1:05 ( * )

The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa) vs. The Snott Brothers (with Betty Beefcake)

The Ballards jumped the Snotts as they put their American flag away, which they brought to mock The Ballards Canadian flag. The action was fast right off the bat, with Melissa getting involved and hitting a legdrop on one of the Snotts. However, the Snotts came back, and double-teamed their opponents, who were obviously frustrated. Cheerleader Melissa had to break them apart from fighting with each other at one point. The tide of the match went back and forth, with both teams getting some licks in. However, The Snotts outsmarted The Ballards on many occasions, proving that all the studying and computer work they do, pays off. This was a pretty good tag team match, with The Ballards drawing some good heat. Lots of "USA" chants for the popular Snotts as well. One of the best spots in the match featured Melissa locking Seymour Snott in a boston crab, while The Ballards had him in a double camel clutch all at the same looked very painfull!

About 7 minutes into it, Seymour made a big comeback, and hit a double DDT on the Ballards. He crawled to his corner and tagged his brother George, who came in with a flurry of right hands and dropkicks. It was wild action, with all four men in the ring. The Ballards were each slumped over in opposing corners, and Snott Brothers Fan Club President Betty Beefcake got in the ring, and was going for "Biscuits & Gravy". However, Melissa got in the ring, and saved her men, kicking Betty, and sending her into the turnbuckle. She then went to the top rope, but the ropes were shook and Melissa fell off the top rope, and onto the mat. Betty went for the "B&G" once again, but this time it was Shane Ballard who stopped it, by grabbing her by the hair.

George C. wasn't going to have any of that, and set Ballard up for his finisher, "The Snott Drop"...but he didn't get the move off, and was caught in a double press slam by the Canadian's, and pinned for the three count. The Ballards were victorious! However, The Snotts didn't take too kindly to this, and grabbed Melissa, and put her in the corner. After Seymour Snott got a big wet "smooch" in, it was finally time for Betty Beefcake to serve up a hot plate of "Biscuits & Gravy". She rubbed it in Melissas face, until the Ballards made the save, and ran off to the locker room.

Winners: The Ballard Brothers in 10:42 ( * * 1/2)

Interview with Shane Dynasty & The Shoot Club

Dynasty came out to the ring accompanied by Tony Jones, Frank Murdoch, Hardcore Comini & Moondog Moretti. Dynasty argued that Moretti should be crowned the new Universal Champion, since he is the #1 contender, and Honky Tonk Man has vacated the title. He also mentioned Tony Jones mystery partner for later in the night, and said he was going to be a "giant" of "maximum" proportions. Jones got the mic and badmouthed SF State Coach Jensen, who cost him the APW Internet Title last year against Michael Modest. Dynasty then started talking about the mystery partner again. He said he needed someone with "behind the scenes stroke" to get the partner he wanted, and introduced Jason Deadrich as the man he did business with. Deadrich came out, accompanied by Terri Nicole Ash, and made a deal with Dynasty. They were going to start off from a fresh slate, and work together tonight because they both have a common enemy, The Westside Playaz 2000! Dynasty & Deadrich decided to make the fans wait to see who the mystery partner was going to be, until later in the night.

"Innovator" Vinny Massaro (with Buddy Cotello) vs. "KC" Kid Chrome

Two of the brightest young stars on APW's roster going one on one here. This match started off quickly with KC using the flying headscissors to toss Vinny to the outside, and then nail a suicide dive over the top rope, onto the floor knocking him down. The two exchanged blows, with Vinny having the more power of the two, but Chrome was the quickest. He kept using a headlock takedown, keeping Vinny grounded. Vinny would escape, and use his stiff forearms, chops & suplexes to take the advantage. Vinny went for a moonsault but missed, and allowed KC to take charge again. A few near pinfalls by both men was enough for the fans to start to get into this match, and see just how evenly matched these two were. KC hit a swinging DDT but only got a two count. He then hit a flying elbow drop, but once again only got a two count.

Another swinging DDT knocked Vinny to the outside, and allowed KC the chance to hit a suicide somersault splash from the top rope to the floor! The fans chantd "Holy Sh*t", as KC even knocked out Buddy Cotello with the move. Buddy had been very vocal at ringside already, and the fans were happy to hear him quieted for at least a couple of minutes.

Once back in the ring, the match continued back and forth. Vinny hit a new version of the powerbomb, which started in reverse-splash mountain position, and he flipped KC over into a big slam...Very impressive move. KC was tough though, and kicked out at two and a half. KC hit a swinging stunner, but only got a two count as well. The action was wild at this point, with both men scoring many nearfalls. KC climbed to the top rope, and went for a somersault splash, but he was met with Vinny's knee, in what looked like a very sick move. Vinny once again only got two. KC even hit a swinging slop drop coming off the ropes! These guys were pouring their hearts out in this great match. Just then, about 8 minutes into it, a humongous mysterious masked man ran into the ring, and while Buddy Cotello distracted the referee, the masked man nailed KC with a "heart punch". He rolled Massaro on top for the pin, and the referee counted to three. Vinny was the winner thanks to this huge masked man, dressed in black & white.

Winner: Vinny Massaro in 8:58 ( * * * 1/2)

Massaro/Chrome Aftermath...

After the match, the masked man tossed KC out of the ring, and Buddy Cotello got the mic. Cotello celebrated his cousin Vinny's win over KC, and introduced us to the newest member of his stable...The Super Destroyer 2000! The guy was about 6' 5", and 300 pounds of muscle...and was labeled by Cotello as a "throwback to the 70's style of wrestling". Super Destroyer 2000 would be the newest hitman for Cotello, and he was really going to bring some strength to the team. Cotello, Massaro & SD2K mean business, and you can bet that we hadn't heard the last of them for tonight.

Worldwide Internet Championship - "Funboy" Donovan Morgan vs. "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz

Just as expected, this match was going to be a doozie. Morgan defending the title against a young, hungry, high-flyer, that is willing to put his body on the line to win the title. The match started off slowly, with Frantz/Morgan gaining a feel for each other. Each of them tried some armbars, but the other would find a way out of it. Morgan knocked Frantz to the outside, and hit a dive through the ropes, sending him into the guardrail. The two of them got back in the ring, and put on a wrestling clinic. Frantz' highflying was amazing. He twisted, turned, jumped & flew through the air with ease, while trying to keep Morgan on the ground, working over the left arm. Frantz worked on the arm for a few minutes, until Morgan was able to escape with a sitdown powerbomb, and follow it up with a boston crab. It was obvious Frantz was going for the arm, while Morgan was going for the back. The two of them exchanged a series of stiff and violent chops to the chest. The slapping rang throughout the entire arena, as fans yelled "Whoo" after each one.

About 5 minutes into it, Morgan locked on another Crab hold, but Frantz was able to roll out of it and escape. The match was getting hotter by the minute. Morgan powerbombed his opponent, and locked the crab in again...this time, after about 15 seconds in the hold, Jardi reached the ropes to cause a break. Jardi got back on offense, and locked on a fujiwara armbar. It took Morgan a good 30 seconds to escape the hold, and by this time, his arm was in serious pain. Morgan rolled to the outside, and caught a somersault dive over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor. Jardi tossed Donovan around, into the guardrail, and up against the steel posts, hurting his arm even more.

The action spilled out into the crowd, and the two of them fought to the back of the arena. Jardi ran up the wall, flipped off it, and hit a spin-kick on Donovan! The fans started another "Holy Sh*t" chant. Jardi then ran up the wall again, this time he crawled up to the top of the exit door like Spider-Man, and leaped off the doorway, about 9 feet up, down onto Morgan with an amazing flying bodypress! "APW...APW...APW" Jardi was tearing the house down. The action went back into the ring, and Jardi went for a rana off the top rope...however, Morgan caught him and nailed a sick powerbomb off the 2nd rope. Both men were down on the mat...but they were up by the count of 8. Morgan sprung to his feet, and with a burst of energy, he came back with a flurry of punches, followed by a bodyslam, a hip-toss and a lion-sault., Frantz kicked out! More and more nearfalls for the both of them...a total of 8 near pin's in the course of 1 exciting minute. The fans were really into this match too.

About 12 minutes into the match, Vinny Massaro, Buddy Cotello & Super Destroyer 2000 came out to ringside to get a closer look at the action. Nobody was sure what they were doing there, but you can be sure they are up to no good. Frantz hit a hurricarana off the top rope, and then he missed a spin-kick coming off the top. Morgan grabbed the fallen Fly Daddy, and locked on the Boston Crab. Massaro got on the ring apron, and distracted the attention of the referee. Morgan released the hold to have a word with Massaro, he then climbed on the top rope, and dove down onto both SD2K and The Innovator! Morgan got back in the ring, but was once again distracted, this time by Cotello. It was like Morgan was competing against 4 different men all in the same match...very unfair! Frantz hit a slop-drop, and then made a signal at Massaro. Vinny grabbed a steel chair, hauled back, and accidently hit Frantz! Morgan had reversed the whip and Massaro accidently hit the guy he was trying to help, right in the back! Morgan locked the boston crab on once again, and due to the already tender back, Frantz was forced to tap out. What a fantastic match!

After the match, Massaro & SD2K jumped in the ring and attacked Morgan. The save was made by a chair weilding Kid Chrome, who is the usual tag team partner of Morgan. Donovan is still the Internet Champion, after this dynamite title defense.

Winner: Donovan Morgan in 14:10 ( * * * * )

APW Tag Team Championship - Westside Playaz 2000 (with ICEBOX) vs. "Shooter" Tony Jones & "Mystery Man" (with Shoot Club & Style/Substance)

Deadrich & Dynatsy working together again! I never would have believed it. Dynasty grabbed the mic..."Let's bring out the big man". "Rammstein" played over the loudspeakers, was it going to be who we think??? Nope. It wasn't him...but someone...BIGGER!?!?!?! Yes, a huge 7 foot tall, 400 pounder stepped through the curtain. Brand new to APW, someone we had never seen before! This guy was a monster! He was a GIANT!!! He was announced by ring announcer Jim Cooley, but i didn't catch the name very well...something along the lines of Dalip Singh??? Anyway, the guy was huge. He was pure muscle too...he was built like a 7 foot tall Lex Luger. Bomber & Boyce would have to compete with this!?!?! As if Tony Jones, at 6' 3" 270lbs. isn't big enough...this guy was almost twice his size!

Bomber started off against the big man, but had no effect on him. Boyce tried to lock-up, but just got shoved to the ground like a sack of flour. The Playaz even tried to double team him, but even together, he would simply throw them all the way across the ring! The first few minutes were slow, with WSP2K trying to get a feel for this monster they were going up against. Singh locked up with Boyce, and picked him up by the throat, and tossed him down to the mat. Nobody had ever seen the Playaz at anyones mercy like this. Singh was done toying with them, and once Bomber got back in, he wanted to beat someone up. He pounded and chopped on Bombers chest with some right hands & stiff chops. Singh was nasty & vicious, as he choked Bomber with his boot, and threatened the referee when asked to break the hold.

Finally Tony Jones tagged in, and Boyce/Bomber had someone their size to match up against. This is when it turned into a more even wrestling match. The Playaz double teamed Jones, working on his arms, trying to break him down. But it wasn't going to happen for long, as Tony hit a belly-to-back suplex, that knocked Boyce back on defense. Jones tossed the Bad Boy to the floor, where he was triple teamed by Comini, Murdoch & Dynasty. This was definatley the biggest odds WSP2K have ever been up against. Once tagged back in, the big man hoised LeGrande up for a backbreaker, and then a bearhug, which he almost squeezed the life out of Boyce with. Jones & Singh worked well together, tagging in and out at the right time...really punishing Boyce. Finally, about 10 minutes into the match, a superkick by Boyce cleared the way for a hot tag to Robert Thompson. Bomber came in and wiped the mat with Tony Jones, while Singh stayed put in the corner, seemingly waiting for Jason Deadrich to command him to do something.

Jones then suprised Thompson by locking on the shoot-club armbar! This was the move that won him and his teammates so many matches. However, Singh suddenly snapped, and got in the ring to prevent Boyce from making the save, and chokeslammed him to the mat. Once the referee got in Singh's face, he got a huge chokeslam for his troubles as well. This was enough for the bell to ring, and disqualify the team of Jones/Singh for the uncalled-for actions of the big man.

The referee awarded the win to the Playaz, via DQ. They would retain the titles, after facing their scariest title defense yet. After the match, Dynasty was in a rage that Singh's wildness is what costed them the match. Dynasty yelled at the referee, and he even yelled at Deadrich for allowing his man to get out of hand, and the Shoot Club left in a rage...without the tag team titles. Those still belong to the Westside Playaz, who's winning streak has now reached 14 in a row.

Winners: Westside Playaz 2000 in 12:18 ( * * 1/2)

Universal Championship Decision...

Moretti made his way to the ring, accompanied by The Shoot Club. Shane Dynasty called out Commisioner Gabe Ramirez, and made his case that Moretti should be crowned the new Universal Champion. Ramirez suprisingly agreed with Dynasty, and named the new APW Universal Champion, as a result of Honky Tonk Man's no-show...Ed "Moondog" Moretti! Moretti & The Shooters were pleased with this news, and they were ready to go out and party. Dynasty and his crew began to walk down the aisle, with their hands raised in victory...until...Ramirez called them back. Ramirez said he handed over the title, but he also said the fans would see a title match tonight. Being true to his word, Gabe announced that Moretti would have to defend the title tonight, or be stripped of the title. Moretti was outraged at this, and even more so, when it was announced that the Shoot Club was banned from ringside for this match! The opponent was then was going to be a match for the Universal Title...Moondog Moretti, defending against...Donovan Morgan!!! APW Universal Championship - Ed "Moondog" Moretti (with Shoot Club) vs. "Funboy" Donovan Morgan

Moretti complained that Morgan wasn't the #1 contender, and he had prepared for Honky Tonk. However, the match was going to take place, no matter how much complaining he did. It took Moondog quite awhile to settle down, and actually wrestle. He chased fans around the arena, spat in the air and caught it in his mouth, and even stole a baby bottle and chewed on it for a few minutes. Moondog is definatley a character, but Donovan Morgan wasn't too impressed with his antics. I think Morgan sees it as Moretti trying to throw Donovan off, and make him lose his concentration...but Morgan kept his cool, and waited for Moretti to finally get in the ring and wrestle him.

Moretti used a lot of cheating and heel tactics to gain an advantage. He used foriegn objects, biting & low blows on the Funboy. The fans were behind Morgan in this one, as they chanted "Lard Ass" for Moretti. Morgan tried to overpower the veteran, but Moondog is just too unpredictable.

About 10 minutes into the match, Moretti hit a DDT, and then went for a piledriver...Morgan swiped Moondogs feet out from under him, and locked on the Boston Crab! It only took about 4 seconds in the painfull submission hold for Moretti to submit. Donovan Morgan had done it! He had become the APW Universal Champion for the 2nd time in his career!

Winner: Donovan Morgan in 12:05 ( * * 1/2)

Morgan/Moretti Aftermath...

Morgan grabbed the gold belt and proudly held it high in the air. However, The Shoot Club was quick to come to the ring, and surround the new champ. Dynasty got the mic and told Morgan he was a marked man. It was then APW Commisioner Gabe Ramirez who's music played, and he came out to tell the Shooters they better leave Morgan alone. He congratulated Morgan on winning the title...and then told the Shoot Club to leave the ring. "Who is going to make us" yelled Dynasty...and Ramriez signaled for the APW locker room to come out. Out came the Westside Playaz, The Snott Brothers & Kid Chrome to clear the ring, and chase The Shoot Club away.

Morgan got in the ring and celebrated with all his friends. He was once again the APW Universal Champion, and he was still the Worldwide Internet Champion. Morgan got the mic and told the fans that he never thought that in just 4 years of being a wrestler, he would have had tryouts with WWF & WCW, and he would be wearing APW gold. Morgan thanked everyone for their support, and left the ring to the applause of the SF State fans.

Editor's Note: In this issue we present another of our Solie's Classics Reprint series, from the Washington Post in 1932! Thanks as usual to J. Michael Kenyon and the guys at WAWLI.


from the Washington Post, December 9, 1932

In one of the most thrilling finishes the rassling boys have been able to concoct this semester, Jim McMillen, the old Illinois football player who took the Curley cure, defeated handsome Frank Judson, formerly of Harvard, last night at the Washington Auditorium at the conclusion of 41 minutes of orthodox wrestling.

Getting rough all of a sudden, after about 35 minutes of straight and conservative grappling, in which science took the place of sock, the boys warmed up with the end in sight and enacted a little tableau that brought a crowd of 3,000 to its feet and sent hundreds to the ringside to heckle the winner.

The final action started when Judson, after a couple of easy flying mares, pinned McMillen to the mat with a crash near the ropes and flopped on his shoulders. Cyclone Burns dropped on his tummy near the scene of the prostrate men, jabbed his fingertips under McMillen's shoulders and began to count. He got up to two, within one of the fatal number, hesitated a fraction of a second, and McMillen squirmed under the ropes.

He came back with a good right to Judson's jaw, followed up with a series of thor-hammers and a butt or two in the stomach. Then he threw Judson out of the ring three times. On the second trip out Judson landed off the mat, on the nude wood of the ring flanges. The third time he got stuck in the ropes and McMillen helped him along with a couple of nice kicks in the teeth, and when Judson was climbing back hit him with a flying butt before he got back in the ring. Judson was easy meat after that.

One preliminary stole the show. It was a bloody, 30-minute draw amongst Joe Cox, Ernie Dusek and Bennah Bortnick, the umpire. It was tough going all the time, and it was uncertain to the end which of the three would be thrown, although the popular selection was Bortnick. It ended in a draw after most of the time had been spent down in the audience trading makeshift rights. One of the funniest things in this strange out-of-the-ring act was when Cox stood in the middle of the ring and Dusek, standing outside the ropes, looked so mad and made so many threatening gestures that it seemed for a moment as if he were going in the ring and wrestle.

Joe Savoldi had to hit Jim Heslyn with the Auditorium mortgage to make him give up in twelve minutes, after Heslyn had weathered four of the reformed Notre Dame fullback's tackles. George McLeod destroyed Frank Brunowicz in sixteen minutes or so with some hold or other, while Joe Stecher and Renato Gardini drew.

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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

First, right off the bat, will somebody in WCW tell me what the logic is in turning Kronic heel just when they are really starting to get over with the fans as faces... And what was that line that Brian Adams used in his interview on Thunder? "After we take that last hit, and the smoke clears..." On the other hand, they seem to be trying to make Team Canada look like good guys all of a sudden, and yet keep them heelish in their statements and the fact that they still hold Major Gunns against her will.

I missed the first few minutes of Thunder (on tape from Long Beach, CA) this week because TBS announced the program as starting at 6:35 PM - only to start the program early. I got there at 6:30 and the show was already on. Fortunately they showed the replay directly following the original broadcast so I was able to find out that I hadn't really missed anything.

I have definite problems with this Goldberg streak angle. The outcome is so painfully obvious, I mean we know that he's not going anywhere, therefore, he has to win the next 170 odd what? I foresee a vast number of more and more outragious gimmick matches, beginning with his upcoming handicap match against Kronic at the next PPV.

How galling does it have to be for Sting to refer to a loser like Shane Douglas as "the Franchise"? Then to have to lose to him later in the show..?

A new tag team, "Those 70's Guys", or was it "The Wild and Crazy Guys"? Anyway, they debuted Wednesday night in the persons of Mike Awesome and his new protege, Crowbar (Devon Storm). They challenged the new Tag Champs, Jindrak and O'Haire, and gave them a run for their money. Of course the rookie team (J&O, I mean) made every mistake in the book, failing to cut off the ring, for instance. Later, Jindrak runs in to make the save for his partner but then withholds the shot because his partner kicks out before he gets there. Still later, Awesome has Jindrak pinned but then has to release him because O'Haire can't get into the ring fast enough to make the planned save. Despite this comedy of errors, the Tag Champ managed to retain their titles.

Apparently, Buff Bagwell owned up to his paternity on Thunder. He first agreed to a DNA test, then knocked both David and the doctor out and left with a sneer and a laugh. I suppose the next witness will be Miss Hancock herself...

I heard a rumor today that Vince Russo may end up being the announced culprit in the Steve Austin automobile incident! Now if they could just get Vince McMahon to own up to being the father of Stacy's baby...

SmackDown came to us on tape from the Baltimore Arena with questions hanging in the air - what will Commissioner Foley do about Steve Austin?..are the Helmsley's about to break up their marriage?..what country will Al Snow represent this week?..does anybody care at this point?, etc. Well, maybe about that last question...and the answer is...Transylvania!

Of course, HHH and Steph had the inevitable backstage argument (he wants her to stay away from ringside) and she stormed out. Its interesting that the WWF spent the better part of several years building Hunter up as a monster heel...and now they are trying desparately to make people care about him - in this case, by making Stephanie the unreasonable one. Later in the evening she showed up help Kurt Angle win his match.

Does anyone else find it fascinating that Raven made his return to ECW last September by running in and attacking the Dudley Boyz...then made his debut in the WWF this September and was thrown right into a feud with...the Dudley Boyz?

To answer that first question (three paragraphs back...), towards the end of the first hour, Foley showed up in the ring surrounded by a phalanx of police officers and was immediately confronted by Steve Austin and told him he was suspended indefinitely. Austin's answer was another stunner - really? Imagine that. The officers escorted Austin out of the arena.

Where does the WWF find these trash can lids that don't have handles?

Chris (the Whiner) Benoit did his usual bit - complaining that he doesn't get yet another World Title shot. This guy is worse then Bret Hart, for criminy sake! Leave it to the Millennium Bug to call him on it in the most entertaining way. They had a spirited match...then HHH ran in and attacked Benoit (apparently in retaliation for the Crippler's attacks on Stephanie).

Kane got his shot at the WWF Title...and blew it again. In this case, he took the referee out odf action at the wrong time, thus spoiling his own pinfall attempt. In another massive burst of illogic, the Big Red Machine, who could only talk using an artificial vocal chord device just a few months ago, suddenly has become downright eloquent - even the King finds it inexplicable, and comments on that fact constantly. The match ended when Rikishi came down and interfered - giving Kane the victory... but not the title.

ECW on TNN opens with scenes from the Anarchy Rules PPV - Jerry Lynn wins the ECW World Title - thanks to some help from New Jack. Then they cut to commercial. I keep wondering how much longer this show is going to last on TNN...

It looks like crooked referee, Danny Daniels had himself a banner evening, trying to steel Jerry Lynn's victory and succeeding in thwarting Rob Van Dam in his challenge for the TV title.

I just have to pose this query...Bilvus Wesley??

The highlight of Friday's show was the scenes from Joel Gertner's match against Cyrus. After the Sandman "coaxed" him into the ring, Cyrus became a victim of "the Ugandan Giant" Joel Gertner. Gertner delivered a spear to start the fight that put Edge's wimpy maneuver to shame (i've noticed he hardly ever does it these days...) Cyrus, who, to give him his due, was in much better shape then his opponent, eventually took over but then Sandman sprayed beer in his face and gave Gertner the pinfall.

How strange is it these days that Dawn Marie and Francine have switched roles..?

That opening match on
(live from Brisbane, Australia) was the bomb! "Primetime" Elix Skipper finally actually showed me something in his win over Rey Misterio. The other surprises were Jeff Jarrett's Sting-of-yore impression (that certainly brought back some pleasant memories...sigh...)

How about Stacy showing some cleavage for a change? On the other hand, as usual in WCW, the ladies match between Tigress and Torrie Wilson was just silly. Just when they are starting to turn the heat up a little over at the competition (with Lita as the Champ and all), WCW decides to go the other direction...go figure.

So Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the new Carl Oulette?? How soon before he shows up in a Mountie uniform..? No wait...that was Jacque Rougeau...

Not much else to say about Nitro. I thought it was an entertaining show, but don't recall anything particularly earth shaking. Oh yeah, the Dancin' Fools (I don't care what they call themselves...) almost won the Tag Straps...but they didn't because Below Average Mike whats-his-name reversed the decision and restarted the match.

RAW was live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA - where they finally revealed the culprit in the Steve Austin auto incident, producing Shawn Michaels for a rare TV appearance in the opening segment.

The opening match was a Hardcore contest for the Womens' Title - another barn burner between Lita and Jacquie, who used a number of "international" objects, including a hair dryer and a fire extinguisher, For her part, the Champ brought in a ladder and used it to retain her title.

Oh, and Debra came back tonight! She found Commissioner Foley in his office (tonight - in the laundry room), only to be accused of the crime against her husband! She denied it, but Foley told her to stick around in the arena. In the following segment, he managed to accuse Linda McMahon!! He also questioned several other "blond" suspects, Scott Taylor, Edge and Christian, etc.

JR missed his lines somewhat as he substituted the name Chris Jericho for Chris Benoit, saying, " my opinion, nobody in the WWF has ever been a better technical wrestler than Chris Jericho." He repeated this twice before correcting himself without acknowledging his mistake. The match, by the way, inexplicably featured Jericho/HHH against Benoit/X-Pac, another of those strange gimmick matches that the WWF has become so good at mounting.

The surprise on RAW tonight was Eddie G being caught inflagrante delecto with two lovelies in the shower! This was shown on the TitanTron (courtesy of GTV) during Guerrero and Chyna's match against RTC. Needless to say, Chyna abandoned the ring to sit on the steps and left Eddie G to his fate... Moments later, as the victors sought to take advantage of her vulnerability, Billy Gunn ran to the rescue.

Meanwhile, the sad saga of the Helmsley-McMahons has degenerated into a weird storyline where she want to go to the ring, but he doesn't want her too - so she has started helping out Kurt Angle again... Wait a minute - didn't she just figure out a week or so back that Angle really isn't her friend? The way she watched from backstage tonight as Angle got squashed by Rikishi indicates that angle (no pun intended) is far from over...unfortunately...

Oh was Rikishi, by the way, who did the dirty deed...for alledged racial reasons? That what he says...

Thursday should be interesting.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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