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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Rikishi says he ran down Austin!

Says he did it for the Rock - Austin gets Rikishi at No Mercy

WCW Tag Straps Traded on Thunder

Regal takes the WWF European Title

MIA win them briefly then lose an immediate rematch

All Pro Wrestling at The Pacific Sports Center

by Jermz

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 602 - October 16, 2000

All Pro Wrestling at The Pacific Sports Center

Vallejo, Ca. October 14th 2000

By Jermz

APW made their debut at the Mare Island Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. This highly anticipated event turned out a great crowd of around 500 fans who were loud all night long, and really loved the action they saw. They would witness International Superstar Barry Horowitz going for the gold in his match against Donovan Morgan...they were ready to see The Westside Playaz 2000 defending their tag team gold...and they would see the newest member of the APW roster, 7-foot 408 pound Dalip Singh. Overall, a spectacular night of wrestling...let's get to the results...

Interview with The Shoot Club...

Ring Announcer Allan Bolte introduced the most controversial group in APW, Shane Dynasty's Shoot Club. Dynasty was accompanied by Frank Murdoch, Boom Boom Comini and a man APW fans had not seen in quite a long time, Ty Dalton. Dalton was now sporting a bald head, fitting in perfectly with the Shoot Club. Dynasty said he was disappointed that Moondog Moretti could not beat Donovan Morgan last week in San Francisco, and he was disappointed that Dalip Singh cost his man Tony Jones the tag titles in last weeks match against WSP2K. Dynasty went out and got Dalton from Missouri to get the job done tonight, and put them back on a winning streak.

Shoot Club (with Shane Dynasty) vs. Snott Brothers & Chris Cassanova (with Betty Beefcake)

The Snott Brothers & Chris Cassanova hit the ring while Dynasty was still talking, and went to work on the Shooters right away. They cleared the ring, and the match was on. The tide of the match went back and forth, and the fans were really behind Snotts/Cassanova. Ty Dalton showed that he is worthy of a spot with the "SC", as he held his own and more in the match. The ruthless Shooters tore into the Snotts, and their experience really showed in this match. About 8 minutes into the match, Dalton slammed George C. Snott in the corner and tagged in Comini. Big Boom Boom hit a 2nd rope splash that shook the entire arena! That was enough to finish off Snott, and give the Shoot Club the victory.

After the match, "SC" cleared the ring, but Snotts & Cassanova grabbed their briefcases, and nailed Comini, Dalton & Murdoch with them. Murdoch slumped over in the corner, and Snott Brothers Fan Club President Betty Beefcake "backed that thang up", and hit "Bisquits & Gravy" on Frank Murdoch! The fans went wild, and the Snotts left to the cheers of the audience. Winners: The Shoot Club in 8:03 ( * * 1/2)

Special Announcement By Commissioner Ramirez...

New Commissioner Gabriel Ramirez came to the ring to make an announcement regarding the referees of APW. Many fans complained about the ref's not doing a good job at the past two shows, and they would like to see some better officiating in there. Ramirez announced that he has hired a man to come to APW and train the referees, and bring back some respectability to the position. The man he introduced was none other than "Mack Daddy" Jimmy Ripp!!!

Ripp came to the ring, to his old theme song "Mack Daddy", and walked with his usual cocky strut. Ramirez let Ripp know that he would need to leave his "Mack Daddy" persona out of the ring while he was officiating in APW. Ripp got the mic and reminded the fans what he was about back in his days as a wrestler/manager with the Mack Daddy XXXPress, but in the end, he agreed to call the matches right down the middle, and do the great job that we all know he can do as a referee, now that he is back in APW.

Super Destroyer 2000 (with Buddy Cotello) vs. Kid Chrome*

Super Destoryer came to the ring with no ring-music, just an old-school style ring enterance. KC hit the ring and went to work on Super-D. Chrome is quick and he was outsmarting the big man from the get-go. Destoyer was knocked to the ringside floor, and KC hit a very impressive flip over the ropes and down onto his opponent. The fans started an "APW" chant for this great move. Super Destroyer was trying to slow the pace of the match down, and get a handle of the much faster KC. SD2K used his brute force to muscle his opponent around the ring. He laid some stiff chops in and even recieved some help from Cotello at ringside, as he got a few good kicks in. Super-D had the advantage for a good 5 minutes while KC kept trying a comeback, but it would be killed off by SD's power.

Chrome went for a swinging DDT, but was caught and tossed over the top rope to the floor. This took a lot out of the youngster, and things were looking bleak for him. Finally KC gathered up enough strength to climb to the top rope, and hit a hurricarana, and follow it with a swinging DDT to knock SD2K off his feet. Chrome ran up the ropes with the greatest of ease, and delivered a flying elbow drop, however it was only enough for a 2 count. He then hit a hurricarana off the top rope. The fans were behind KC, as he was getting his strength up, and was back on offense. He went for an irish-whip, but Super-D reversed it, and locked KC's arm behind his head. He whaled back, and WHAM!!!...nailed the dreaded Heart Punch. Super Destroyer 2000 was victorious in his APW debut match...which was a very exciting one. Winner: Super Destroyer 2000 in 9:07 ( * * * )

7 Team Battle Royal

The 7 teams were introduced and the match began. The only man without a partner was Donovan Morgan, who was supposed to be teaming with Kid Chrome...but after the beating at the hands of SD2K, Chrome was nowhere to be found. Barry Horowitz was supposed to be teamed up with Ty Dalton, however Horowitz got the mic and said he would not be fighting in a Battle Royal, because he came to wrestle Donovan Morgan for the Internet Title. Horowitz wanted nothing to do with the tag team Battle Royal, and he walked out, leaving Dalton to fight for himself. One suprise came before the match began, when Chris Cassanova came to the ring with his partner Ma'och. The two of them wrestled each other just last week, so fans weren't too suprised when Ma'ochs true colors showed, and he nailed Cassanova from behind on his way to the ring. Ma'och eliminated Cassanova, and then jumped out of the ring, to purposely eliminate himself.

The Battle Royal was wild, as people were being eliminated left and right. Seymour Snott was gone 3 minutes in, a minute later Myaki Frantz was eliminated. George C. Snott was gone in 5 minutes, and another minute later Ty Dalton & Frank Murdoch were gone. The Westside Playaz 2000 were watching the action from the crowd, as they took a great interest in this match. The winning team would meet them for the titles at Halloween Hell 4 in Galt. SD2K tossed Jardi Frantz over the top rope, and Vinny Massaro was eliminated, leaving just 3 men left. However, Kid Chrome hit the ring, and started helping his partner Donovan Morgan, who was in the ring with Boom Boom Comini & Super Destroyer. KC backdropped Boom Boom, and eliminated the "Mad Mosher". This left 3 men left. Super D & Morgan were wrestling on the ropes, and KC tossed them over the top and gained the victory! Thanks to him showing up late in the Battle Royal, Kid Chrome had gotten himself and his partner Donovan Morgan a tag team title shot for HH4 in Galt on October 28th. After the match, KC & Morgan got into a scuffle with SD2K and they had to be seperated by APW security.Winners: Kid Chrome & Donovan Morgan in 8:09 ( * * 1/2)

"Innovator" Vinny Massaro (with Buddy Cotello) vs. "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz

This was a match between two of the hottest young stars in the indy's today. Massaro & Frantz are definatley the future of the sport. They started off exchanging holds, while Massaro worked on the arm, Frantz used his lucha-skills, bouncing off the ropes with ease, to escape. Frantz's style of rope-walking is much like WWF's Essay Rios, he bounces off the, walks on them etc. with the greatest of ease...truly amazing! However, he may have done too much high-flying, as Vinny caught him going for a head-scissor takedown, and hit him with a face-eraser. The match went back and forth, very exciting action throughout the first 5 minutes or so.

Jardi hit a nice swinging stunner, that sent Vinny to the outside, trying to collect his thoughts. The Fly Daddy then suprised the whole arena, hitting a sick Asai-moonsault from the top rope to the floor (ala Taka Michinoku). Back in the ring, Vinny was using his power to overcome Jardi's agility advantage. One cool spot was when Jardi jumped over Vinny, onto the top rope, and then jumped back onto Vinny's shoulders and hit a hurricarana on looked great. These guys really impressed me in this match! Jardi was in control, and he went for a high-risk move...he went for a Hayabusa style Phoenix-press, but Vinny rolled out of the way...however, Jardi landed on his feet (this guy is quick as a cat)...he turned around, and Vinny laid him out with a rolling forearm (ala Masato Tanaka). Vinny went for the pin, but only got a two count. Jardi regained his senses, and delivered a swinging neckbreaker (with Vinny's head under Jardi's leg...just like Elix Skipper...sorry, don't know the name of this move)...but only got a 2-count.

The match continued at a very quick pace, very exciting match. Vinny then hit the sickest move of the night, the One Night Stand (Sit Down Pedigree), off the 2nd rope! This practically killed Frantz, and Vinny, being the "innovator" that he is, went for another one! However, Frantz reversed it, and hooked Vinny for the B*tch Slap! He nailed it, and covered him for the 1...2...3!!! Jardi Frantz had beaten Vinny Massaro with his own move! I thought Buddy Cotello won't be too happy about that, and he wasn't. Super Destroyer 2000 came out with Cotello, and started hammering on Frantz for stealing the move. Kid Chrome came to the rescue, and cleared the ring. Frantz & KC hit double flips over the ropes down onto Vinny & SD2K on the floor. The heels retreated to the dressing room, while the fans cheered for KC & The Fly Daddy. Winner: Jardi Frantz in 7:34 ( * * * 1/2)

APW Worldwide Internet Championship

"Funboy" Donovan Morgan vs. Barry Horowitz

The Vallejo crowd was already wanting to kill Horowitz because of the speech he made before the Battle Royal, but now he was just making it worse. He talked bad about California, and their football teams, and made fun of just about everyone in the audience. The fans were behind Donovan on this match, which turned out to be a very good match.

This was old-school wrestling at it's finest. If you are a fan of guys who can work a hold, guys who can work a crowd and guys who can work a mic...this match was for you...and Morgan impressed a lot of people, as he hung right there with him. For someone so young as Donovan, you wouldn't think he would be into wrestling this style, but he did it as good as you could ever do it. He played the best babyface, while Horowitz played a great heel. Old-school grappling, submission holds, old-school cheating tactics etc. You name it, it was all here. Horowitz worked on Morgan for a few minutes, and then would leave the ring to take a rest...this really got the fans riled-up.

Horowitz had control for pretty much the entire match, but couldn't find that last move that would put Morgan away. He worked on the arm, he worked on the back, he worked on the head, he worked on the leg, he even worked on the abdomin, but he couldn't keep Donovan down for the 3-count. Referee Jimmy Ripp also did a good job calling this match down the middle. He had a lot to compete with, the way the fans were yelling at him everytime they would see Horowitz cheating...but Ripp was steady in his actions.

Horowitz worked the match like a veteran, nice and slow. Finally, after taking the beating of his life, and coming within a hair of losing his title, Donovan Morgan shocked everyone, and came back with one last ounce of energy. Morgan went to work with some stiff forearms, followed by a hiptoss & a backdrop. A 2nd rope moonsault got him a 2-count. Horowitz tried for a comeback, going for a sunset-flip, but Morgan sat on Barry, and got the suprising victory! 1...2...3! Morgan had pinned Horowitz, to retain his Internet Title in a very entertaining match. After all the back-patting and all the put-downs the fans were tired of Horowtiz' antics, and they were overjoyed to see Donovan Morgan pin him for a count of 3. Horowitz got the mic and let the fans know that "Once again, the politics of pro wrestling have ripped-off Barry Horowitz". Winner: Donovan Morgan in 24:26 ( * * * 1/2)

7-Foot Challenge

Jason Deadrich & Terri Nicole Ash made their way to the ring. After a few minutes of putting down the fans, Deadrich asked why his 7-foot Giant, Dalip Singh, did not have a challenger. Commissioner Gabe Ramirez came out, and asked anyone in the back to come to the ring and accept the challenge. Everyone had wrestled already, and it looked like the challenge would not be answered...however, out of the curtain came Myaki Frantz! Frantz said he had only wrestled two pro matches so far, and he would love to get some experience wrestling someone like Singh.

The 7-foot monster came to the ring, towering over Frantz. Referee Jimmy Ripp called for the bell, and the challenge was on. Frantz showed his agility, dancing around the giant, trying to get him confused. Once Dalip caught up to Myaki, he shoved him to the mat with ease. Remember, this was a man who man-handled the greatest team in APW history, just one week ago. He should have no problem with this rookie. Dalip was tired of playing about 1 minute into it, and he grabbed Frantz in the corner, and chopped him to hell! Singh's fists were like bowling balls coming down on Frantz' back. Deadrich had unleashed a 408 pound monster on someone less than half his size. Anytime Frantz would come up with some offense, it was no effect on Dalip. Singh took it to the outside, and slammed Frantz into the guardrail, and then pressed him over his head, and tossed him over the top rope, and back into the ring. It was like he was playing with a doll.

Myaki took one of the most powerful powerbombs, followed by one of the most powerful chokeslams we had ever seen! He covered Myaki for the pin, and got the victory. The Giant got his first singles win in his career, by manhandling the rookie, Myaki Frantz. It was fun watching Dalip toss Frantz around. After the match, "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz came to the ring to carry his brother back to the dressing room. A valiant effort, was killed within a matter of minutes by the man who should definatley be considered the "substance", of Style & Substance. Winner: Dalip Singh in 4:13 ( * * )

APW Tag Team Championship

Westside Playaz 2000 (with ICEBOX) vs. The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa)

This was a match for the APW Tag Team title, between two of the best tag teams on the West Coast. The Ballards are always a threat to take the titles back to Southern California with them. The match started off fast and furious. All four men were going at it, but WSP2K got the best of that exchange, hitting 3-D on The Ballards, and sending them scrambling to make a plan. The Playaz dominated for the first 4 minutes or so, working over the left arm of Shane Ballard. Their quick tags & precise double-teaming was showing the fans why people consider them the best tag team in indy wrestling today. The Ballards soon took control and showed some of their offense. They used their valet, Cheerleader Melissa, a lot during this match. ICEBOX tried his best to keep her out of the ring, but these wily Canadian's are just too sneaky.

Ballards were on offense, and they were pounding away on the Playaz. I'm not really sure what team has more double team moves out of these two...they both work so well together. Ballards were trying everything they could to keep the champs down, but Thompson & LeGrande were fighting it with all they had. Remember, just a week ago, they were in the ring with the 408-pound Giant, and now they were finally back to wrestling someone their size. So the Ballards were going to have to do everything they could to take the titles on this night.

The Ballards were doing everything they could to keep the Playaz from tagging, the fans were on their feet, cheering as loud as they could for their hometown boys. Finally, a hot-tag was made, and The Playaz started back up on offense. They double suplexed Shane Ballard from the top rope, but only got a 2-count as his brother made the save. They then hit a double blockbuster off the top rope onto Shane Ballard, and followed it up with a Robert Thompson frog-splash! 1...2...No! Save by Shannon Ballard. The Canadians retreated, trying to catch their breath, but Bocye LeGrande hit an amazing flip over the ropes and onto both brothers. Robert Thompson then followed with one of his own! Another "APW" chant rang throughout the arena. Back in the ring, Thompson backdropped Shannon Ballard, and then called for the Double Blockbuster. Boyce got on-top, and they hit the finisher that has won them so many big matches. The Double Blockbuster put The Ballards down for the count of 3, and the Playaz were victorious again! The record moves up to 15-0 now, as Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande remain undefeated, and they retain their tag team championship. Winners: Westside Playaz 2000 in 14:47 ( * * * )

Tag Match Aftermath...

Afterwards, The Playaz celebrated with the fans of Vallejo after their hard-fought victory. The Ballards went back to the dressing room, with their heads down, as they have now fallen to 0-4 against WSP2K since coming to APW. Who will beat the Playaz, if anyone ever can!?!? That is something we will have to wait and find out. The 15-0 record is becoming very impressive, and next show, Halloween Hell 4, they will have to face Donvan Morgan & Kid Chrome, in a battle between two of the most popular teams in APW.

Finally!! The Rock's and Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Thunder (from Sydney, Australia) this week featured a double Tag Team Title change as Lt. Loco and Cpl. Cajun won then in a classic little guys vs. big guys contest only to have the re-match granted immediately by faux Commissioner, Less than Adequate Mike Sanders. Jindrak and O'Haire then eked out a victory by the skin of their teeth to recapture the straps.

Goldberg took the night off and beat up on Chuck Palumbo for the sixth win in his current streak (yawn...) Later, we expected Sting to performed similarly in his vacation match against Mike Sanders...except that it wasn't Sting, it was Jarrett doing his version of Sting, until the real Sting did arrive to take the both of them on. Sander layed out for a moment while Jarrett took Sting's shots, and then Sanders delivered a couple of baseball bat shots to grab the advantage. His ascendancy lasted all of about 45 seconds...

How great was it to see "Those Seventies Guys" get a legit win over the Harris Brothers? And watch Rey Misterio drop his springboard guillotine on Scott Steiner as the latter did his push-up schtick and then take him down a moment later with a Frankensteiner (a move that Scotty invented, as most people know).

Thursday on SmackDown we got the Rock's perspective on Rikishi's revelation on Monday night. He says that the whole affaire "sickens" him and it "scares" him that the culprit claims to have done it for the Rock. He denies the allegation that the WWF is a racist organization, citing the successes of his father and grandfather, and has no problem with Steve Austin dealing out whatever kind of punishment he cares too. Meanwhile, Auston sat in the back in his truck, waiting to repay the favor, as it were. later in the show, Commissioner Foley called Austin to the ring and booked him into a no holds barred match against Rikishi...for the No Mercy PPV in ten days!

My friend Blassie wrote me recently to opine that Steve Austin is probably headed for a heel turn. I have to agree - in fact his action since his return, despite JR and others trying to justify them, seem calculated to move him over to the heel side of the equation. It seems to me that the Rock has pretty effectively co-opted the "tough guy face" position in the company - so Austin has nowhere else to go. And actually, Austin may be just what Maivia needs - a monster heel to focus his attention.

Now Kurt Angle is making an alliance with RTC - counciling them to challenge the Rock while he is down emotionally with the hope that one of them will become the WWF Champion and therefore give the fans a more "upstanding" contest for the title at the next PPV. Some logic...Angle is, of course, slated to challenge for the World Title that night.

Tonight's developement in the continuing (and continuing...and continuing...) McMahon-Helmsley soap opera was Stephanie's seemingly inevitable shift over to accompanying Kurt Angle to the ring on a "permanent" basis.

For my money, the best thing on Heat this week was Steven Regal giving Chris Jericho a wrestling lesson. I certainly can't say the same for the new Heat format, which leaves me singularly unimpressed. I can't imagine it will last long. I mean, who gives a rats a$$ about Cyprus Hill - they're not even a good rap group - let alone a rock band.

I wish Michael Cole would learn the difference between a takedown and a knockdown. Jericho takes Regal off his feet with a shoulder block and Cole calls it a "takedown"... By the way, did I actually see Mike Cole sitting ringside at the arena during the program...I think I did.

Nitro came to us again on tape from Australia (from Melbourne this time) and featured a lumberjack match between Sting and Kevin Nash. Speaking of Nash - was he sly or what..? His line about putting everything on tape for Sean Stasiak, so he can listen to it "over and over..." This refers to some problems that Stasiak had over in the WWF - the story is that he left a tape recorder running in his flight bag so he could find out what people were saying about him behind his back in the locker room.

It looked like Johnny the Bull seriously injured his ankle during his match against Kweewee on the program. The latter took a quick pin to end it when it became obvious that Johnny couldn't continue. Johnny was hauled out on a stretcher. This is really a shame, considering the fact that he has been out recently for months because of a previous injury.

Ric Flair made an appearance on the show to provide commetary during his son's match against Goldberg. You'll never guess who won the about 6 seconds... Mark Madden got in his best line of the night as this match began. Tony stated that David had Ric Flair's blood running through his veins - Madden ammended that to say that, in a minute, David would have Flair's blood running down his forehead!

Jeff Jarrett went back to hitting women with his guitar on Nitro - at least this time it was an "accident".

The afore mentioned main event between Sting and Nash was a real barn burner with action all over the arena as the lumberjacks got into it out on the floor.

Over on RAW (live from Detroit, MI), Steve Austin took center stage at the top of the second hour to rail against his assailant, who claims to be banned from the building for Stone Cold's protection. Earlier in the evening, Rikishi had an interview in which he opined that the Rock was just "confused" about where his best interests lay, then he made a second appearance on the TitanTron and invited Austin out to the parking lot (the same one where Austin was run down) then tried to run him down again!!

We finally got the argument between HHH and Stephanie over her "business arrangement" with Kurt Angle, then a few moments later the Mr. broke in on the Mrs. during her strategy session with the former Olympian. Later she got physically involved in the main event, which featured Angle with Edge and Christian against the Rock and the Hardeys, first pulling the Rock off of Angle when the former went for a pin then hitting Jeff hardey with a tire iron as he prepared to execute a swanton bomb on Angle. Angle replied with an Olympic slam to take the pinfall.

And William (Steven) Regal finally got a chance to take on Al Snow for the European Title. Not surprisingly, the vastly superior Regal took the title after a rather slow-paced match.

So what do you think? Are Los Conquistadors really Edge and Christian, or aren't they?

The program started with a match for a change, by the way. Chris Jericho challenged Eddie Guerrero for the IC Title in a pretty good match. I hope this is the beginning of as trend...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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