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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WWF Survivor Series delivers few surprises

Best moment was right at the very end

WCW Tag Titles Change Hands Twice

Boogie Knights win in Germany, then lose to Main Event on Nitro

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 5, Issue 607 - November 20, 2000

All Pro Wrestling at Livingston High School

Livingston, Ca. November 18th 2000

Results by Jermz

APW returned to Livingston, Ca. after a six month absence with a fantastic card jam-packed with wrestling action. The show was highlighted by a Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan main event, as well as The Westside Playaz 2000 defending their tag titles against The Kamikaze Kids. A good crowd of around 400 fans were in attendance to see what the independent wrestling world is buzzing about...APW. After the new APW Girls strutted their stuff in the middle of the ring, the show was ready to begin...

"Fighting Irish" Patrick O'Doul vs. Seymour Snott (with Betty Beefcake)- Winner: Patrick O'Doul in 2:47 ( * * )

Snott/O'Doul Aftermath - After the tough loss to O'Doul, Snott and Beefcake were a little upset that Dynasty had distracted their attention. Shane got in the ring and let them know that he had big plans for Betty & The Snotts. He asked them to trust him, so he could take The Snotts under his wing and make them champions. Remember, Dynasty has held or managed a total of nine APW Championships in his career, a record no other wrestler or manager has ever come close to. Dynasty noted that Seymour's brother George was not able to come to the show tonight, because he was training hard, getting ready for their next tag match together. Dynasty then said that he went out of his way to go find Seymour Snott's long lost family members.

Dynasty introduced us to Malik Snott, who looked nothing like Seymour or George, other than the glasses and clothes. He also brought out Scotty 2 Snotty and Chief Running Snott, claiming they were also long lost relatives of The Snotts. This was looking like some kind of joke Dynasty was trying to play, to get over with Betty Beefcake. He claimed he wanted to have "Snotts all over APW". Betty got the mic and let Shane know she was sick of him stalking her, and she pushed him. Seymour then nailed all three 'fake snotts' with his briefcase, sending them to the mat. They were all three set up in the corner, and Betty Beefcake 'backed that thang up', and hit Biscuits and Gravy on all three of the phony Snott's. Then, Dynasty sat in the corner on his own, and begged Betty to do the same to him...and she did!!! Dynasty was loving it! Betty and Seymour left together, while Dynasty just yelled "What a woman!"

Shane Ballard (with Cheerleader Melissa) vs. Kid Chrome - Winner: Kid Chrome in 10:20 ( * * 1/2)

Interview with Christopher Daniels - Daniels came to the ring to tell the fans of Livingston why he should still be the APW Worldwide Internet Champion, and about how he will take the title back tonight when he beats Donovan Morgan. He also put down the APW Tag Team Champions, Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande, saying if The Kamikaze Kids win the titles tonight, they should thank Vinny Massaro and himself for beating them within an inch of their lives at the last show in San Leandro. Just then, Donovan Morgan hit the ring, carrying the Internet Title. Morgan let Daniels know that since he left for WCW, he lost his spot in APW. He also said that tonight Daniels will see why Morgan should be in WCW, and not him.

Dalip Singh's Challenge - After the 7' 3" Dalip Singh made his way to the ring, along with Jason Deadrich & Terri Nicole Ash...out came APW Commissioner Gabe Ramirez. Ramirez first let the fans know that Donovan Morgan would be fined for coming out to challenge Singh at the last show in San Leandro. Ramirez said he will not let the wrestlers do whatever they want to do, and has taken action against Morgan, and fined him. He then moved onto Singh. Ramirez reminded Deadrich how he has been asking for any three opponents for the past few shows, and tonight he would get his wish. Ramirez announced that Dalip Singh's three opponents tonight would be Ma'och, Chris Cassanova and Super Destroyer 2000. This would be an elimination match, and to earn an APW Universal Championship match against Donovan Morgan at a later date, Singh would have to pin all three of these men.


Dalip Singh (with Style & Substance) vs. "Smooth Daddy" Chris Cassanova, Ma'och & Super Destroyer 2000 - Winner: Dalip Singh in 4:54 ( * * )

Handicap Match Aftermath - Deadrich got the mic and called the Commissioner back out. He stated that they deserve a shot against the Universal Champion at the next show. However, Ramirez had other plans, and said since SD2K walked out of the match, and Dalip never really pinned him, he did not PIN all three men. Ramirez now says that Dalip Singh will take on SD2K next week in Antioch, and just to make sure the Destroyer stays in the ring this will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH!!! Deadrich also stated that Terri Nicole Ash and Jason Deadrich will be banned from ringside during this match. This made Deadrich furious, and he shoved Gabe to the mat. Terri Nicole stepped on Gabe's chest, and held him in the corner, while Jason and Dalip set up a table in the middle of the ring! Dalip grabbed Gabe and was going to chokeslam him through the table!!! However, Gabe played it smart, and as fast as he could, slipped out of Singh's clutch, and ran out of the ring. Ramirez got away, and you can be sure Style & Substance will be fined or suspended for their actions here in Livingston.


"Innovator" Vinny Massaro vs. Shannon Ballard (with Cheerleader Melissa) - Winner: Vinny Massaro in 11:55 to retain the APW Worldwide Internet Championship ( * * * * )


"Funboy" Donovan Morgan vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels - Winner: Donovan Morgan in 20:43 to retain the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship ( * * * * 1/2)


WESTSIDE PLAYAZ 2000 ("Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson & "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande) vs. THE KAMIKAZE KIDS ("Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz & Myaki Frantz) - Winners: WSP2K in 13:37 to retain the APW Universal Heavyweight Tag Team Championship ( * * * * )

WSP2K/Frantz' Aftermath - After this hard fought tag team title match, the Playaz and the Frantz brothers showed their respect to one another, by shaking each others hands. The fans applauded all four men, who busted their butts in the middle of the ring for 13 plus minutes. Westside got into the audience and celebrated with the fans of Livingston, holding their titles above their heads, victorious. The same way they have been doing for the past 18 matches now. Once they got back into the ring, Boyce LeGrande got the mic and thanked all the fans for supporting them and giving them the strength to remain undefeated for the past year. Thompson got on the mic, and talked about their winning streak as well.

However, the celebration was once again cut short, as Vinny Massaro & Christopher Daniels came out, impersonating the Playaz, and making fun of their theme music. Daniels and Massaro did an imitation of Bomber and Boyce. Daniels then all of a sudden, got serious, and told WSP2K they were there to kick the Playaz ass, and take the titles. Boyce and Bomber accepted the challenge, right then and there!!!

Daniels and Massaro walked to the ring, however they were pretty hesitant about getting in the ring, so Westside made the decision for them, and Bomber catapulted Boyce over the top rope, and to the outside, onto Daniels & Massaro! All four men were going at it, and Westside was taking it to Vinny & Chris Daniels. Bomber went to the outside, and got the ringside table, and brought it into the ring! They placed Daniels onto the table...and Bomber flipped Boyce from the top rope and down onto Daniels, sending him crashing through the table!!!! This was amazing! And the fans were going crazy!!! The fans struck up a huge "APW...APW...APW..." chant. Westside celebrated in the ring once again, as all the fans went absolutely nuts, and stormed the ring!!! About 100 fans got into the ring, to party with the Playaz, as their music played, and Daniels & Massaro went running for cover.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I had the opportunity (and the forty bucks) to go to the Raw is War event in Columbus, Ohio. As my brother is adept enough on the Internet to slip into the Ticketmaster site and get good seats, we sat opposite the cameras about 25 rows off of the floor. Primo seats, my good friend.

I documented the differences between dark and live shows in my Crossface Corner column (at, so I don't need to list them here. However, there was something I noticed at the show that I wanted to share. Something that was much more sublime, yet will make sense to you in this article.

I really like smart fans more than the 'mark' fan. I really do.

The rabid 'mark' (and this is not an insulting term, just a descriptive one) does things a little different than I would feel proper. In fact, the 'mark' does some rather irritating and, well, dumb things.

Now, listen, before everybody gets all bricked up, hear my explanation. I sat with 14,000 people during this show. I booed the heels, and cheered the faces, and oohed and aahed like everyone else. I flinched when the pyros went off, just like everyone else. I am aware that there is an atmosphere at such an event, much like the atmosphere at a college football game. However, just like you will have the drunk idiots at a football game, you will have idiots (drunk or not) at a wrestling show.

Really, there are three things that these fans do that I find irritating...I will explain them here, and why they drive me to call for another trip from the icy-cold-beverage man.

ONE: The signs. People make these signs that are larger than some European countries and wave them madly overhead, as if they will take flight at some point. Other than the fact that they are violating several laws of physics, these people hold their signs up FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH. Yeah, I can understand that these people are clamoring for their 5 seconds on TV..they will be the people that millions of watchers will be forgetting about a half-second after the wrestler in that match steps into the ring. However, my good friends, these people somehow grit their teeth and heroically hold these 10 pound signs up over their heads (so they can see, for the love of life) for 10 minutes at a time. If they were observant, they would realize that the crowd shots stop immediately after the workers are in the ring. That would indicate to a keen observer that it was time to rest, save your strength, and put your ^&(%* sign down so the short guy behind you can see.

TWO: The comments. I want to find the 2000 or so people that live in this country that still believe that these guys and gals are really fighting in the ring. It should be easy, as they all must live close to Columbus, because they were all sitting within earshot of me on Monday. It is scripted, my enduring compatriots, and it is an accident when one gets hurt. It is one thing to say, " What a move!", and another to say, "How can you think it's not real?" Yes, I actually heard two people having this conversation. One of them actually thought Kane was doing the fire thing adult, as a matter of fact. I hope that person didn't use a punch ballot.

THREE: The IWEM Syndrome. IWEM means I Will Enjoy Myself. Usually, you can add " No matter what anyone else does, feels, or thinks about it." IWEM is a condition that strikes the 'mark' around three hours before the arena opens. It causes rash and abrupt changes in behavior that affect the ability of others within a certain radius to fully enjoy the show. Studies show that the condition can, like cold medicine, be greatly augmented by consumption of alcohol, and copious quantities of alcohol can make the condition untreatable. Usually, the symptoms include:

All kidding aside, this drove me batty (and that is a FACT, not an opinion). People just screaming out whatever was on their mind, without thought of the thousand persons within an irritating earshot. Belching, throwing drinks and food, and the rest. Yeah, it happens everywhere, but no-one I went with did those things. We respected the fact that everyone around us probably paid a good chunk to get in there, just like us, and was entitled to enjoy the show as well. We did not rate a better show just because we were there. In short, these stupid individuals with IWEM worked hard to ruin it for other people.

I had a good time, mostly because of the company I kept. The show was OK, and I think it is good to go to a live show once in a while...maybe 3 or 4 times a year. However, like I said in the Corner, I am vastly more comfortable when I can sit in my sweats and ripped t-shirt on my chair and watch on my TV. I can use the bathroom without waiting for other people to use (miss) the facilities, I can get a Zebra Cake (if my wife and kids leave me one) and a Diet Coke and watch like I want to. Also, the food doesn't cost 13 bucks.

Great time. Remember to come to for the latest news, rumors, and results, and stay here on Solie's for all the professional wrestling history, info, and links you could ever dream of.

Thanks again, and see you next week for another Connection.

Finally!! The Rock's and Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

In what appears to becoming a pattern in WCW this week, Crowbar had himself another spectacular match on Thunder (this time against Bam Bam Bigalow) which ended when a third party (this time Mike Awesome) intervened to allow him to retain his title.

How strange is this Kwee-wee/Meng connection..? And who would have thunk that Allen Funk could put on such a great show.

I keep remembering all those internet pundits who were saying that Scott Steiner was "past it" and could never be a major heel in this business again. I'm also gratified that Sting is getting a chance to be a player again by winning over Steiner on several occasions - including the #1 contender match on Thunder this week.

Well, I have to admit that HHH has come a long, long way. His promo Thursday night on SmackDown was brilliant - regardless of the fact that I still find his entrance into the Austin/auto incident angle completely illogical for reasons I enumerated in the last edition. But I have to give it to him, he has improved vastly over the stumbling personality we were seeing just a little over a year ago at the height of the DX II period.

I must say it was a hoot the way Austin outflanked the Radicalz with the old forklift gambit...

The only thing I have to say about the Road Dogg as a rapper is, "Where is PN News when we need him..?" He raps on about the same level K-Mart (or whatever his name is) wrestles.

Speaking of patterns, as seems to be their pattern lately, the WWF mounted a fairly lackluster program (except for the HHH spot) ending with a fairly spectacular main event. It's too bad, in my opinion that they tout Chris Benoit as being such a great "wrestler" but his main feud has to be with a straight brawler like the Rock. Still, they manage to put on a great show just about every time.

Survivor Series came to us live from the Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida. The first match involved APW graduate, Crash Holly, who has been cutting quite a swath in the WWF lately. Could you believe the convoluted storyline that got us to this match? T&A took out TAPA, then put Crash in charge of their office, etc., etc. Somebody let the pyro smoke get away from them again on this one. I thought is was WCW that went to London...this scene definitely looked foggy...

This is so sad. The nearly talentless Jesse James worked so hard to build a reputation using the limited tools at his disposal only to get seduced into a doomed partnership with the rapper of the week (K-Mart...whatever...). And they even dragged Chyna and the Radicals into it. Tsk, tsk...

"He's the One" Billy Gunn..? Hold my head while I ralph! At least he's reduced the size of the lip marks on his trunks.

Has anyone else noticed that Saturn and Dean Malenko didn't really do themselves any favors by absconding to the WWF last year? We know they're making less money, and neither of them have had a viable character to portray since they made the jump. Saturn's current character is located somewhere in the neighborhood of "Terri's boyfriend", while Malenko has no current angle going at all. It seems like a desperation ploy to resurrect the Radicalz just to give the two of them something to do... Everyone in this contest was wasted except for the rapper... This was a classic Survivor Series elimination match, by the way - Radicalz vs. Chyna/Gunn/Dogg/the wrapper. It ended up with "The One" aptly all on his own against Benoit and Saturn. He was defeated, but put up a good fight for his first PPV appearance since coming back this month.

I hope they are building towards some kind of a face turn for Kane. I can see where he could battle with Chris Jericho until they start to form a mutual respect for each other. The next thing you know they're friends and tag team partners...lets hope so anyway, because this current feud is booooring.... I was surprised to notice during this match that the ring ropes tonight er just that. They appear to be hemp rope, covered in rubber or plastic tubing.

The Rock's match with Rikishi happened at the top of the second hour, perhaps saying something about the relative importance of this particular match. When you think about it, these guys have been more-or-less dealt out of the main event action and fobbed off on each other. Of course we never expected Rikishi to win this encounter, but he definitely got a chance to put a heck of a hurtin' on the Great One on his way to defeat. He even got the opportunity to administer the Stink Face! But you knew, when Rikishi tapped that sledge against the corner post to prove it was real, that he would never get a chance to use the weapon. They battled right down to the wire - but in the end, the Rock took the pin. Of course, he suffered some serious punishment after the match as well.

They tell us that the Undertaker made his WWF debut at Survivor Series in 1990 - exactly ten years ago tonight. Not true, actually. That PPV was on November 22nd. So if he made his debut exactly ten years ago - it wasn't at Survivor Series. It became obvious about five minutes into the match when UT chose to pick Angle up instead of taking the pin, that UT would not be walking away with the gold this night. Of course, we had a pretty good inkling of the situation because of the fact that JR kept harping on the trivia that each of the last six Survivor Series cards have produced a new World Champ. When UT started to make a comeback, Edge and Christian arrived to provide comic relief and not a little distraction. The denouement on this one came about when Angle pulled a switch, causing the Undertaker to almost pin a lookalike! (The lookalike was later revealed to be Eric Angle - Kurt's older brother) Angle slid into the ring from behind and surprised him with a roll-up for the pin.

A second Survivor Series elimination match featured the Hardeys/Dudleys vs. RTC/Edge & Christian. Val Venis lurked about ringside and caused the first elimination of Matt Hardey. Devon was next one out, leaving Jeff and Bubba to face all four of their opponents. In the end it got down to Jeff vs. Christian and the Goodfather. Christian bit the duct next on a swanton bomb, then Val Venis accidentally took out the Goodfather, giving Jeff the victory. Jeff was squashed afterward until his pals reused him then put table shots on Val and Stevie Richards.

The main event was the subject of much speculation because of the fact that neither competitors is really quite up to snuff tonight. HHH has been avoiding action to try and heel an injured back while, Austin is just returned from a long time on the shelf and known to be working at less than 90%. In fact they played up HHH's injury by having Austin's strategy appear to be to deliver punishment to his opponent's back. This match had a further stip added to it at the last minute - it was made no disqualification. This allowed the fight to take place all over the arena and into the backstage area and then back out to the Spanish announce table (which was torn up). Austin grabbed a monitor and clocked his opponent with it - busting his forehead open. He next grabbed a cooler of beer and alternately guzzled it and used the cans as weapons. Back in the ring, he was ready to use the ring bell but the Game made his comeback at that point. Moments later he managed to reverse a stunner into a neck breaker and reclaimed the initiative. In the end, they took another trip out to the backstage area, where the Radicalz got involved. HHH slipped out to the parking lot and waited in a car, apparently ready to run Austin down again as soon as his cronies lured him into range. Only it didn't turn out that way. Austin disappeared, and as Chris Benoit returned to the arena, a forklift suddenly appeared with Austin at the helm! As HHH pleaded with him to stop. Austin lifted the car up off the ground to about the thirty-foot level and then dropped it upside down on the concrete! Something tells me we won't see HHH for the next little while...

Nitro opened with a lie. The Boogie Knights were declared as the new Tag Team Champs - Tony stated that Disgo was injured "during the match" (in Obernhausen, Germany during a Germany-only PPV) but that Alex Wright had pulled it off on his own and won the tag titles. The truth is that Disgo wasn't even in the match! He was injured earlier in the evening during a Battle Royal and General Rection substituted for him in the Tag Team Title bout. It was Wright and Rection who won the titles - but WCW has chosen to cover that fact up. Meanwhile, Commissioner "Less than Adequate" Mike Sanders announced a Tag Strap match for tonight's program - the Main Event vs. Wright and a partner to be named by Sanders. The "mystery partner" turned out to be Elix Skipper. The Main Event took the titles.

Lex Luger appears to be playing both sides of the fence as he is shown first buttering up Sanders to gain a World Title shot against Booker T on the program, then, at the end of the segment, is shown leaving a meeting with CEO Ric Flair - both of them grinning and shaking hands. In the next segment, Flair came to the ring and announced his own stip for the match. If Luger wins, he would defend the title at Mayhem against Goldberg (despite the edict from Vince Russo regarding the G-man's streak). In the middle of this rant, Jeff Jarrett interrupted to state that he is the father of Stacy's baby! This brought Master Flair out to demand details. Jarrett declares that it happened at a Marriot Hotel a while back...but in the end admitted that it was all a lie...just before laying young Flair out with a guitar shot. Buff Bagwell came out and a brawl ensued. In the end, Jarret fell off the platform and it appeared that it was a mistake. I noticed Bagwell trying to conceal his concern as he looked over the edge to see how Jarrett was.

Somebody tell the Battle Dome guys to just go home...

Kevin Nash came to the ring to demand Tag Title match at Mayhem along with an unnamed partner - an "old friend", he said. Sanders agreed to the match and then sent in his thugs in to pound on Nash. At that point Nash's "mystery partner" revealed himself - Diamond Dallas Page!! DDP ran to the ring and together the former partners kicked butt.

Goldberg got Kwee-Wee for his semi-weekly squash opponent tonight. Mike Sanders trying to eliminate his competition for the PPV...this brought the CEO back out to book an immediate match for Sanders against Goldberg - who got two squash victories in the space of about three minutes.

In the main event, Goldberg interfered in the match and ended up killing his proposed title shot.

RAW came to us from the Waterhouse Center in Orlando, Florida and opened with the return of Stephanie, who claimed that she and HHH are trying to have a baby and seemed quite distraught. She invited Steve Austin out to accept her apology for her husband's actions. Austin appeared, but didn't accept any apologies. In fact he apologized himself...for not killing HHH!

So now they're telling us that HHH went through that amazing stunt last night and came away without any broken bones...right... Anyone going through that 30-40 foot fall inside an automobile wouldn't just have broken bones - he would be dead, or close to it.

At the top of the second hour, the Rock and Chris Jericho combined their efforts to take on Rikishi and Kane with predictable results. After some furious action, Maivia and Jericho had their respective nemesii in submission holds (the Wall for Jericho - a Sharpshooter for the Rock).

Kurt Angle introduced his big brother Eric as the lookalike who caused the Undertaker to lose the title match last night. The Undertaker came out and destroyed both Angles - after which he tossed Kurt off the platform and through a table. The Dead Man then went to the commissioner and demanded a handicap match against the Angles for later in the program. Unfortunately he had just rendered the Angles non-competitive for the Foley gave him Edge and Christian to squash instead.

Chris Benoit got his shot at the Rattlesnake in the main event tonight. For the first time in years (no exaggeration, really...) Austin actually wrestled! He applied hold after hold on the self-proclaimed "finest technical wrestler in the WWF". The match eventually degenerated into the usual brawl, then Austin hit a Stunner out of nowhere and took the pin.

I'll be in LA next on business next Monday, so there may or may not be a column from me - but there will be a newsletter...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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