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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Vince to Linda
"I want a divorce!!

Edge and Christian Regain the Gold

Benoit is the IC Champ Again

Terry Funk Comes Back on Nitro!

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

APW On Line News

by Jermz

Volume 5, Issue 610 - December 12, 2000
Editor's Note: Since Nitro is being postponed to Tuesday, I have decided to change the publication date for this issue in order to cover the program.

This issue opens with a little All Pro Wrestling news courtesy of our man Jermz and includes the latest Crossface Connection from Solie's regular John Cross, as well as my own comments on this weeks happenings. Enjoy.

APW Online Newsletter

Midgets & Giants & Straps...Oh My!!!

All Pro Wrestling will be returning to the great city of Vallejo, Ca. on December 16th for the Y2K edition of Kristmas Kaos. The lineup for this show has already been announced, and it looks like it may wind up being one of APW's most exciting nights this year! The triple main event will feature a rematch for the APW Tag Team Titles, as the Westside Playaz 2000 (undefeated for over a year at 18-0!), will defend the tag titles against "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels & a partner to be named. Also, "Funboy" Donovan Morgan will have his hands full on this night, as he meets the challenge of the near-300 pound Super Destroyer 2000! And the third part of the triple main event, will see 7 foot 3 inch Dalip Singh take on 330-pound Boom Boom Comini in a Lumberjack With Straps Match!!! Lumberjacks will surround the ring carrying leather straps, and will be allowed to whip the combatants into shape, if they should try to escape.

Also...the MIGHTY MIDGETS will be on the card as a special attraction. The mighty midgets title will be on the line, as the champion "Beautiful" Bobby Dean will meet his arch rival Little Kato!

Other matches on this great card include... will also see Betty Beefcake, Shane Dynasty, Cheerleader Melissa, Style & Substance, ICEBOX & Buddy Cotello Esquire!

Keep checking for all the latest developments on the big Vallejo show, or visit the message boards to post your thoughts or predictions on the show.


Bass Ticket outlets including Warehouse Records
Pacific Sports Center - Mare Island - Vallejo
Alexander Names Capri As 8th Spot In King Of The Indies...

All Pro Wrestling President Roland Alexander recently announced (via, that East Coast independent superstar Vic Capri has been named as the eight spot in this months King Of The Indies Tournament. "We considered many names for the biggest tournament in indy wrestling history", said Alexander. "I wanted to find someone that has the toughness, someone that was well trained, someone that can mat wrestle, someone that will lend the tournament credibility, and someone that might even surprise you with a high risk move from time-to-time." Alexander went on to say he also took into consideration the fact that Capri fears none of the other seven wrestlers involved in the tournament, and definitely possess the "confidence to win it all."

Capri, who was trained by Sam decree and has held many different titles in the WCW, comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada. He competed in the 2000 ECOA Super 8 Tournament, and was on the losing end of a first round match against Christopher Daniels. Going into his third pro year, Capri lists Dynamite Kid, Jun Akyiama & Chris Benoit as his inspirations, and likes to finish off opponents with his "Viagra Driver".

The eight men have now been officially announced, and there is no more room in the tournament. The names are...

"Now we even have a tougher task. The booking of the tournament and the Seeding of the entries." says Alexander. Feel free to e-mail or visit's message boards and voice your opinion about who you think should be seeded where for the tournament.

The 1st Annual King Of The Indies tournament takes place on Saturday, December 30th at 8:00pm in Galt, Ca. at the Breakaway Sports Center (104 Industrial Court). So now that all eight participants have been named, this is definitely a night of wrestling you will not want to miss.

Jermz APW History Page Is Coming Soon...

All Pro Wrestling's Senior Media Editor, Jermz, has let us know that he will be opening his very own website at the beginning of the new year. "Over a year in the making, and i am finally coming up on the completion of my APW History Page.", says Jermz. He tell us his page will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the history of APW. Whether you are a new fan, trying to learn about APW, or an old fan who likes to look back on the good old days of Gym Warz, this page should be very informative. "It will be an easy place to check results, title changes, awards, tv appearances etc., just about anything or anyone who has ever had a spot in APW has a spot on this site."

We will keep you updated as to when the site will officially open it's doors, and we look forward to seeing what information APW historian Jermz will bring us.

Upcoming APW Shows... All shows start at 8:00pm...for more information be sure to check

Finally!! The Rock's and Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I am going to keep it relatively light this week.

I know you are probably wondering why, and I will not hold the truth from you. I am strung out on this election.

I love this stuff. I can't turn these court cases off. I watch, until my wife warns me about going blind. I then go to bed, as it is usually 11:30 pm when she can drag me away from the television set.

I will say now that I am a Bush fan, and want him to win, but the law must prevail....and that is a good way to transition this article from a political rant to a slightly humorous wrestling column.

I know you all have gotten the wrestling Pay-Per-View (PPV) shows to watch. I get them about once every 2 months or so. I would get them more, but the cost of these events ($35 in my area) makes it a once-in-a-while proposition at best. However, the same things occur every time I do. I want to share these things with you now, as they will probably sound very familiar to you.

About 10:00 am on a Saturday preceding a WWF PPV, my brother Mike calls me. He asks me The Question, which goes like this:

"Hey, are you getting the PPV tomorrow night?"

I say yes, if I plan on getting the show. This call occurs every time he thinks we should watch the PPV. Even though we will be sitting together writing the Crossface Report that evening (and that takes 3 or 4 hours), he always calls me about the show. He is funny that way.

That day will pass, and it becomes Sunday. In the morning, while doing something mundane, like wiping off my youngest child after she ate her breakfast, I casually ask my wife if she wants to watch the PPV. She will say "Why?". Now, she knows why, and I know why, and the kids, my Aunt Pat, and the Pope know why, but I answer her, nonetheless. "Mike called, and he wants to watch it. I kinda do.." is my response, brilliantly pegging blame on my brother for initiating this thought process, and at the same time showing that I am much too weak and stupid to have the idea individually. She then does all the prescribed things, like complain about the money, that the house is dirty, and that all I do is work and work on wrestling stuff. However, at that point, I know that victory is mine, as she did not immediately say "NO."

After the beginning of the NFL games, I begin calling the friends. They are the ones who will help pay for this event, therefore I have to get them to come. Part of the deal, you know. If it was just my brother and I, we would quickly cease watching these things, as it would cost too much. I call until I get 5 or 6 people to come over. I have 3 friends who are good WWF fans, and a sister-in-law that comes over every time, and I can usually depend on them to come.

After 3 pm or so, my family rolls into the car for the PPV Shopping Run. We buy pretzels, pop, and other goodies for our co-investors to consume. This is also a tradition, as we still have the pretzels, pop, and other goodies from 1987 that we bought for that PPV. I have come to believe that it is an amnesia of sorts, because we get home with our treasures, open up the cupboard, and send the kids in the other room while we curse. Our cupboard is in line to become a National Historical Marker.

Around 7:30, my guests start to roll into the house for the show. My brother arrives first, to see the kids and play with them before my wife takes them to bed. Speaking of my wife, she takes over all the parenting duties at this point, as she knows I would be totally useless as a parent while the PPV is on. For their part, the kids are priceless, bumbling overeach other, laughing, and babbling about whatever, and providing the pre-wrestling show for the fans. Mommy then swoops in and gathers them upstairs for bed. This signals the start of the PPV.

For the duration of the PPV, the scene is like this. I am sitting on the floor. The guests are on the furniture. There are large bowls of the aforementioned pretzels and goodies on the front table (largely untouched). A match will occur, and the guys will ooh and ahh, yell out (Sshhhh, remember the kids!), and note every broken table and blood sighting. The women will talk about how this wrestler should do this, how this one is wrong for doing that, and how good looking Steve Blackman is. This goes on all night, and only two things occur to break this up.

The first is the delivery of the food. Usually, enough pizza to feed Patton's Fourth Armored Division is delivered to my house, and it is gone within 25 minutes. The scene is rather reminds me of the old National Geographic shows, that showed the pride of lions feeding on a water buffalo. Pepperoni fly through the air. A partially eaten jalepeno pepper skitters along the floor as it is discarded. A scene of carbohydrate abandon.

Second is the Mark Statement of the Night. My sister-in-law is usually the perpetrator. She will ask an honest question, like, "Why does HHH hate the Rock? Rocky hasn't done anything to him.", or " Why didn't Stone Cold just walk away? He couldn't beat all of them." My brother's reaction to the Mark Question is priceless. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and goes out for a smoke. Every time. Now, I laugh when it happens.....not because the question is funny, but because of my brother's reaction.

Every PPV has built in "smoke break" matches. In my house, they usually involve old members of DX or Pat Patterson. My brother will take the other smokers out for Industrial Hour, and the rest of us will use the rest room or check on the kids.

After the PPV comes the Collection. Everybody is asked to pay up, and they do. Does the money pay for their share? Usually not, but at least they pay. I then pocket the money and, after they leave, give it all to my wife (hey, at least I got to HOLD it for a bit....that is better than my direct deposited paycheck, and that is a FACT, not an opinion). Then, the pizza boxes, the cups, the napkins, towels, and other trash are taken into the kitchen, where they are placed in the over-flowing trash can for daddy to take out tomorrow morning.

Thus endeth my story. Sound familiar?

Use the links below to see the best place for news, rumors, and results on the Web, at Stay at Solie's for all the Wrestling info you could possibly want and need.

Thanks again, and we will see you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

I missed Thunder last week because I was traveling on Wednesday. I saw a little bit of SmackDown including Vince McMahon asking his (much) better half for a divorce. It looks like Vince has been cognizant of his product's downturn lately and decided to spice things up with a little personal humiliation...he knows how much we all love it when he does that.

The feature match at the Armageddon PPV (live from Birmingham, Alabama) was, of course, the Hell in the Cell 6 man match for the WWF Title. A late breaking development was Commissioner Foley on WWF Heat declaring that he would retire from office if any of the participants in that match were seriously injured. Enter Vince McMahon who had his own declaration - he was determined to make sure that the HITC didn't take place. Of course, he failed, and then he vanished from the scene. The match did take place, and frankly, it sort of sucked (but more on that later).

In other WWF title news, Edge and Christian regained the Tag Team Titles for the fourth time in a somewhat short four-way elimination match against the Dudleys, Road Dogg and K-Kwik and the then Champs, RTC, when Edge pinned Bubba Ray Dudley. Also, Chris Benoit became the three-time Intercontinental Champ, defeating Billy Gunn with a rather sudden Crippler Crossface after a better then average match.

In the Woman's Title three-way-dance we saw the return of APA, right after the end of the match, which Ivory won to retain her championship. The Acolytes ran in to attack T&A and saved Molly Holly's very attractive butt (along with her cousin's).

The main event was a bit disappointing. The whole Hell-in-the-Cell concept was somewhat compromised by having too many participants. It went on forever but the fact is that, although all six athletes put forth admirable effort under the circumstances, Austin and HHH were really not up to it physically and Rikishi simply has no place in a main event contest. This left Angle, the Undertaker and the Rock to carry the match - unfortunately most of their heat involved the other three combatants. So basically we had three separate matches going on: Austin vs. HHH, the Rock vs. Rikishi and Undertaker vs. Angle. At one point they all traded opponents for about 10 seconds, but then paired off back to the original configurations. Moments later, HHH bladed himself then Austin made a big show of supposedly dragging HHH's forehead around the cage wall, but an unfortunate close-up shot inadvertently revealed that Hunter was using his padded forearm take the brunt of the scraping action, as his face never touched the steel. The best moments of the match came when Vince reappeared with a flatbed truck, which he chained up to cage and threatened to tear it down. Foley showed up and put a stop to that, then had Vince hauled away by the cops. The action then continued on and around the truck and the junk cars that littered the set, with the same pairings for the most part. All of them except the Rock made it to the top of the cage, but HHH and Austin almost immediately returned to the floor. Rikishi took the high fall that is part of every HITC match, but it was into a deep pile of sawdust in the back of the truck. It wasn't much of a bump (although to hear JR call it you would've thought he was killed). Meanwhile HHH, Rock and Austin were back in the ring. Angle had disappeared but then reappeared suddenly only to be immediately Rock-Bottomed. Austin hit the Stunner on Maivia, then was distracted by HHH. The part that really sucked was that Angle then rolled over and took the pin on Rock to retain his title.

On RAW (live from Jerry Lawler country, Memphis, Tennessee) we have the "non-results" of last night's PPV to deal with. Kurt Angle is still the Champ, the McMahons are still getting a divorce, the Rock still hates Rikishi, Steve Austin still hates HHH, the Undertaker is still there as the sort of "fifth wheel" in all of this.

Somehow these circumstances devolved into a 6-man "Tag Team Testicle Table Match" pitting the Rock/Dudleys vs. Angle, Edge & Christian - who woulda thunk..? The match itself was a barn burner that took place at the end of the first hour. In the predictable ending, the Rock Rock-Bottomed Edge through a table to win the match.

Billy Gunn got a rematch against Chris Benoit...and was thwarted when Eddie Guerrero (who seems to have nothing else to do these days) interfered. Look for that feud to continue.

The Acolytes returned to action tonight and renewed their feud with T&A, who I hear are about to be broken up as a team in the not to distant future.

The only important development from the PPV was the possibility that Mick Foley might have to resign his commissionership. In fact this was the major storyline of the entire episode with Vince running around backstage all during the program, urging people to support his position that Foley should resign, while out front, Foley's friends Chyna and Al Snow were hauled off on stretchers after taking ill advised matches. I hoped they wouldn't make the mistake of actually having Foley resign...and they didn't.

Nitro came to us on tape from Bossier City (Shreveport), LA at the CenturyTel Center and opened with an appearance by the CEO who declared that both Scott Steiner and Sid Vicious are set to appear tonight but they will not face each other inside the arena either inside or outside of the ring. He also announced a World Title match for Steiner vs. Sgt. A-Wall. Less-than-Adequate Mike Sanders then showed up to make some announcement of his own - a three-way tag team dance pitting the Insiders vs. Jindrak & O'Haire vs. The Perfect Event. This prompted Flair to order a match for Sid...against Sanders! At the cost of his (Sanders') job if he doesn't comply - and without any assistance from his the risk of their jobs.

A Hardcore match between Meng and Norman Smiley featured an appearance by Terry Funk dressed as Santa Claus, who devestated everyone in the ring (including Paisley, who had accompanied Meng, and Kwee-Wee, who came down to rescue her) then challanged Crowbar to a Title match at Starrcade before bopping him with a chair!

The funniest moment of the night was watching the Harris Twins running to the back because of having their food spiked with a laxative! This left Jeff Jarrett to face the Filthy Animals in an elimination match on his own. Jarrett held his own and managed to eliminate Konnan - but the remaining two were one too many for him.

At the end of the show, Sid got around the ban on physical contact with Steiner by challenging him to a the parking lot. They were going at it as the program faded.

All in all, WCW continued on a somewhat steady course while the WWF continued it's slide.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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