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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

A Christmas Poem by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 5, Issue 612 - December 25, 2000
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Tonight's edition opens with some APW News, the latest Crossface Connection from Solie's regular John Cross, and then my own traditional Christmas column.

King Of The Indies in 3 more days!

APW News

by Jermz

Only 3 days left until All Pro Wrestling hosts the first annual King Of The Indies tournament. This one night tournament will be the greatest event in Independant Wrestling History. The full lineup has been announced, and here it is...

8-Man Single Elimination Tournament to crown the 1st ever King Of The Indies!

"Shooter" Tony Jones in action!

7' 3" 408-pound giant known as "The Next Big Thing" Dalip Singh will take on "Fighting Irish" Sean Patrick O'Doul

The Ballard Brothers vs. "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz & Kid Chrome

Ma'och vs. "Big" Peter Snott

Boom Boom Comini & Super Destroyer 2000 vs. The Snott Brothers

Speical Interview with Shane Dynasty

Plus an autograph session with all 8 men involved in the tournament, where fans can get souveniers signed by the wrestlers.

The show takes place Saturday Night December 30th at the Breakaway Sports Center in Galt, Ca. All the action starts at 7:00pm.

Visit the APW Web Site for more information

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Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I was hinted at something in the Crossface Corner and in the Crossface Report (at the site via the link below). I am getting steadily more and more frustrated as time goes on with some other on-line rag writers. I know it is probably a stupid thing to waste energy on, and I won't gain anything from the effort, save a little venting of steam.

Oh, rambling again. Sorry. I am just getting worked up again.

The point of my contention is this: The standards for Internet op-ed writers are too low.

When my brother contacted Soie's to inquire about writing a column for the Tuesday Morning Newsletter, Earl e-mailed us several times, explaining what he wanted and expected. One of the things he said was, to paraphrase, don't favor one side over the other, don't say you are going to write and not send in your article, and make sense. See, Earl is intelligent enough to know that the articles that are on the site define the site. I am privileged to write on the site, and I try to live up to those standards.

However, as you know, Solie's is on the top of the e-wrestling mountain. There are a lot of sites and writers that don't do what he does.

The biggest problem is the WCW-bashing. This goes hand-in-hand with WWF-glorifying. A full 80% of e-columnists who write about wrestling are so one-dimensional that it compromises their opinion, to the extent that they cannot see except what they want to see. Most of the time, it sounds like the author makes a conscious decision to ignore any strong points about the WCW and elaborate on the mistakes and shoddiness that they percieve. Most disappointing are the individuals that purport to be "reporting" on the action, who editorialize their reporting with cracks and sarcasm. I don't mind if you give an opinion about the match or show, but don't allow the notion that you are objective to exist if you aren't.

See, on my website, I had a reporter for the WCW. He did a great job reporting for us (he writes the Crossface Shooter now...give it a look on our website). In addition, he reported as I asked him to. I told him to editorialize and comment on the matches and programs. He did so, and quite well. However, he very rarely compared the WCW to the WWF within his report. He only did so to compare individuals in an objective measure (like comparing mic skills, in-ring moves, and the like). He never bashed the WCW in his column, he criticized them, and that is different.

See, the objective statement of fault is much different than stated personal dislike. Since the WWF has moved somewhat away from actual wrestling, one could say that the WWF has changed its emphasis from wrestling to angles, and that the in-ring action has turned into more of a brawling style that lacks traditional wrestling moves. (Don't e-mail me and use the Austin/Benoit match as an example of the opposite...that would be like saying that a crashed plane proves flight is impossible, and that is a FACT, not an opinion.) Or, I could say that the WWF has sold out to the teenagers and to the easy money and let their product slide into sloppiness, while glorifying breasts, wise cracking ego-maniacs, and whacked-out storylines.

Now, did I say the same thing? Sure! I just wrote it differently. However, one is an objective criticism, and the other is a subjective personal opinion. See the difference? I know it was very obvious, but it gets that bad when these aforementioned WCW-haters "report" on the WCW.

Earl was very right in telling me to give proper weight to each federation. For me to do anything else would compromise the integrity of his site. I wonder how many e-sites are compromised today. It makes for bad surfing, and worse reporting. In the end result, the pro-WWF push on the Web ruins the integrity and defaces and debases the effectiveness and believability of these articles.

Thanks for reading. Remember to hit the link below to come over to for the latest news, rumors, OPINION, and results. Of course, stay here for any historical info and the like you could ever consume.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver I decided, since it was such a big hit the last four years, to republish my version of this famous Christmas poem...

A Christmas Poem

(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

'Twas the night before Christmas and all round the ring.
Not a creature was stirring not a dad-blasted thing.
All the ring ropes were hung round the apron with care,
in hopes that the wrestling fans soon would be there.
The tickets were sold, the nachos were hot.
The vendors were ready - there were fights to be fought.
I sat in the office awaiting the action,
with visions of putting on a major attraction.

When out in the lobby there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away up the aisle I flew like a flash,
jumping the barrier, avoiding the trash.
The worklight reflecting the newly washed mat,
gave a eerie pale glowing - or something like that...
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer..?

With a little old driver so lively and quick,
but who was wearing some tights and boots with soles thick.
He was ready for action, at least so it seemed,
he was older than dirt, he would likely get creamed.
But he was determined, a fight he would make,
and I figured he might be a match for the Snake.

Now the wrestlers arrived and before I could shout,
he was right in their faces, he was calling them out!
"Now, Piper! Now, Hogan! Now, Bubba and Benoit! On, Hitman!
On, Stone Cold! On, Nitro and on RAW!
From the top of the heap to the jobber on call,
I'll bust you all up, I'll take every fall!"

So up to the ring like the dickens they flew,
with Hollywood Hogan and Saint Nicolas too!
And then in a twinkling, I heard the bell sound,
the wrestlers went over the ring to surround.
It's a handicap match he shouted with glee,
"...the numbers are even, all of you against me!"

He was dressed in all fur, from his head to his foot,
and his clothes were all covered with ashes and soot.
He was really a mess but it made him look fierce,
as the entire arena his war-cry did pierce.
His movements so fluid, his chops were like lightning
When he bulked-up and posed, it was really quite frightning.

Hogan was up first, his feint was a ploy
as Santa said "You've been a very bad boy!"
Hulk tried to grab him, but his blows didn't land,
as bunches of fur came off in his hand.
Santa just sidestepped the Hulkster's mad rush,
then brought down a forearm, his hopes he did crush.
Then Stone Cold attacked, and was knocked on his can,
the Hitman was pummeled, Benoit turned and ran.
The Undertaker walked on the ropes then fell down,
the King was knocked out to the floor on his crown.

The Giant then slipped as he walked up the stairs,
Randy Savage went flying they were losing in pairs!
Ric Flair went "wooooo..." as he fell on his face
And Santa just laughed as he stepped up the pace.
Scott Hall was edged out, Kevin Nash just got creamed,
there were bodies all over, it was like a bad dream...
He was everywhere at once, he moved like a flash,
he gouged this one's eyes and that one he splashed.

He handled them all with the greatest of ease,
Then he looked at the time, and collected his fees.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
and giving a nod, to the top rope he rose.
He said "Oh goodness! I've got to be gone."
"I've a long night ahead" he said with a yawn.
He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a shout,
the fight was all over, he'd layed them all out!
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all..."

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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