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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Dusty and Dustin Rhodes back in WCW!!

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

XPW Report

By Shawn Stanford

Volume 6, Issue 617 - January 28, 2001
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Tonight's edition includes the latest Crossface Connection from Solie's regular John Cross, APW News from Jermz and then my own usual rambles and reflections. But first we have a new feature. This is the first installment of the XPW Report from Shawn Stanford.

XPW Report

Airdate: January 20, 2001

By Shawn Stanford

The show started off with a clip of the main event from New Years Revolution. It showed Sabu pinning Messiah to retain the XPW World Title. After Sabu won Rob Black and the Dark Army charged the ring and jumped Lazie and Sabu. The Dark Army had Sabu and Lazie right where they wanted them and then all of a sudden New Jack's music hit. He came out with his garbage can and whipped everyone in the Dark Army, after that he and Sabu hugged and New Jack started playing his guitar. Jack then turned and smashed it over Sabu's head and then beat down Lazie. Jack then cut a long promo.

Then XPW intro then plays...

The show goes to a segment with Kevin Kleinrock and Rob Black, they are discussing how they once again dropped the ball and failed to win the XPW title. Then went on to speak about how they are going to figure out a way to get the title, and put it on the Messiah's waste.

Kris Kloss then comes on and goes over the full results of New Years Revolution.

It now goes to the opening segment from New Years Revolution. They show Kris come out and work the crowd, then Big Dick Dudley comes out and gives reasons as to why he should get a title shot at the show. While Dick is giving his reasons the music hit and out came Tool with Cypher. Cypher spoke about how Tool has never lost a match and how he should be the one getting the title shot. Tool and Dick then went at it and it was set that them two would have a match with the winner being the number one contender for the XPW title.

Kris Kloss goes over the history between White Trash Johnny Webb, and Supreme. They show how Supreme beat Messiah at Go Funk Yourself and then gets jumped and put through the table of barb wire and light bulbs. They show how Kristi got hit with 2 Godsmacks at Metalfest and injured. They show Messiah beating Supreme for the King of the Deathmatch title. They go to a scene with Kris in a bar with Supreme, Supreme was speaking about how he is no longer Supreme, but how he is now Lester. He said he has lost his love for being HARDCORE and now just does it to pay the bills. He then gets pissy with Kris and tells him to leave his bar and to leave him alone.

They pan off and show Webb in Kevin Kleinrock's office saying how he deserves a shot at both the King of the Deatchmatch title, and the XPW Title. Kevin blows Webb off, and he appears to be mad, Webb says that he should be the XPW champ and says he wants to face Supreme.

They show Webb inside the ring at New Years Revolution and he is saying that if he does not get a match with Messiah that he will piss in the ring. Kleinrock comes out and tells Webb that if he beats Supreme that he can have his shot, Supreme comes out and Webb wins the match.

They show Webb and Jessica talking about how he is going to be the XPW champion. Webb was making up a list of weapons that he plans to use for his match with Messiah for the title.

Kloss goes over the Juvi and Kaos feud, talking about how Kaos beat Juvi at Metalfest, and Kaos is shown asking for a rematch with Juvi at New Years Revolution.

Kloss is shown in the ring and is doing an intro to the Juvi Kid Kaos match at New Years Revolution. As Kaos is making his way to the ring Juvi jumps him causing an injury.

They show Kloss doing the intro to the Dick vs Tool match. Tool wins the match and is now the Number 1 contender for the XPW title...

Overall it was one of the best shows of XPW TV. Leaves a lot of open questions as to what is in store for XPW. XPW'S PAYBACK'S A BITCH TICKETS NOW ON SALE

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All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Set To Do Battle With UPW

After weeks of anticipation, and jaw-jacking back and forth between each other, the big day is just around the corner. APW will travel down south to do battle with some of the biggest and brightest young stars UPW has to offer. This Wednesday night, January 31st, UPW presents "California Collision". A Six-Man Tag Team Match hilights the show, as UPW's "Smooth" Billy D, "Outlaw" Mike Knox and Frankie "The Future" Kazarian, do battle with APW's "Natural One" Michael Modest, "Shooter" Tony Jones and the current APW Universal Champion, "Funboy" Donovan Morgan. Team APW will have Roland Alexander in their corner, while Team UPW will be brining an entire entourage consisting of Looney Lane, Savvy, The Power Twins and Rick Bassman! Bassman and Alexander have both done little to hide the fact that they don't like each other over the past two weeks. Now, it's time to put up, or shut up!

This fantastic show will be headlined by what should definatley be a 4-Star match, as "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will defend his UPW title against Rob Van Dam. Also on the show..."Miracle" Mikey Henderson, The Ballard Brothers, The Prototype and MORE! Check for more information on this event.

APW's Next Show...

*February 17th 2001 at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. 7:30pm*

*Universal Title*
-Donovan Morgan vs. Christopher Daniels

*Tag Team Titles*
-Westside Playaz 2000 vs. Michael Modest & Tony Jones

*Internet Title*
-Vinny Massaro vs. Myaki Frantz

-16-Man Battle Royal!

-Jardi Frantz vs. Kid Chrome

-Boom Boom Comini & Super Destroyer 2000 vs. The Ballard Brothers

-A special announcement from Boyce Legrande that will change the face of APW!

For more information on ticket prices be sure to check

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Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Have you ever been told that math is an "exact science"?

Well, maybe it is, but wrestling ain't. Not even close. Missed spots, injuries, back-stage egos and the unpredictable fans make it as unexact as you could wish it to be. Anyone that can predict the step-by-step future of an angle or program is either on the inside or really lucky.

Of course, many people like it that way. It adds a little spice to their lives, and the unpredictability in that universe counters the boredom in ours. I mean, how many times in our lives does the employee get to throw the owner of the company down on the floor, and stay employed? Also, when does our neighbor, in the next cube, make a 180-degree personality turn and go from a soft-spoken nice guy to a SOB? Wrestling had moved into a niche where it becomes an escape from this world into a not-so believable world, where fighting is encouraged and morality is clouded.

To construct such uncertainty, you gotta know that the planners and bookers must have a set of barometers to measure prospective angles, characters, and pairings. Who will be the next to go heel? Who will get screwed? How can we find out what the fans will react to? How long can this or that angle go until it gets stale?

I think they have a plan and a procedure to do this. I will call it fishing for now.

Fishing entails floating prospective angles to the live crowds of their shows and judging crowd reaction. After putting hints to the angles and/or programs out there, the bookers get together and discuss the crowd reaction, then decide how to construct the angle, and how it will be worked.

I watched a good example of this on Smackdown, with Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle. Vince called out Kurt, and when the music hit, the crowd popped. However, it was a half cheer-half boo kind of pop. Kurt came out and basically sucked up to Vince, which recieved a plethera of boos. Then, when Kane was announced as Angles opponent, the crowd had another mixed reaction. Now, there were three angles that were reviewed during this segment, but there were a lot of hints.

There was a hint of an Angle face turn, which got a mixed response. The Kane match, which was made to reinforce the Kane face turn (via his alliance with the Undertaker) drew a positive response. Angle's heel hint when kissing Vince's butt was loudly booed, as I mentioned before, but that was more in reaction to Kurt's agreement with Vince, as opposed to Kurt himself. The crowd was relatively neutral when Angle was talking to Vince, other than the suck-up part (they were waiting to hear what he was saying, which is a situation ripe for swerves). In short, the crowd's reaction to Kane was positive, to Vince was negative, and it was mixed when it came to Kurt.

So, what do the planners and "fishers" do now? Well, they can make a couple assumptions: 1) Angle has moved from heel to middle, based upon his recent alliance with Trish and his feud with the top heel, HHH.
2) Vince is a solid heel.
3) The Kane/UT reunion has turned Kane face, rather than the Undertaker heel.

So, what do they do? Well, they have some options. Kurt can go either way, and probably get quickly over no matter what way they want him to go. Since Rikishi and Haku (Meng) are solidly heels, then Kane and UT will probably stay on a sustained heel push as a tag team...however, Kane and UT have been known for quick swerves (Kane more so than Undertaker). Either way, it takes both of them away from the Singles Title scene. Vince, as he has been for most of the last three years, is a solid heel, and gets great crowd reaction being a heel. He will be the pivot for any major heel or face turns, like he has been in the recent past.

Now, if Kurt would have gotten a big face pop, he might have had a seperate script, being more defiant of Vince and therefore getting over as a face. This would have occurred as well if Kane had remained a heel, and brought UT to the Dark Side again. As it happened, the situation did not change much, with Haku and Rikishi's run-in at the end serving to maintain the status quo. Kane stays a face, Angle doesn't have to cheat to win, and all remains right in the world of the WWF.

I think that credit should go to Vince, not just for his business genius (and that is a FACT....not an opinion), but for his ability to surround himself with bookers and script writers and creators that are highly talented. These guys have managed to hold off the staleness and natural decline that decimated the WCW after 80 weeks of dominance. The challenge for the fishers now is to guess where the WCW is going, grab the fans interest again, and keep it through the inevitable WCW push.

I did say that they should turn Angle face. Remember? HUH? Yeah, I am soooo smart.

Oh, incidentally, they shelved my transfer that I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I think I will give some of my supervisors a running powerbomb. Would that be a good swerve? Or, should I use a foreign object? What do you say?

Oh, and here is some exact science.....Solie's = Best Wrestling info on the 'Net. = Best news, rumors, and results. Solie's + = Another Connection next week.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Thunder opened with a spectacular Cruiserweight Challenge match featuring ten men who battled in round robin style. The first two entrants battled until one was eliminated, then the next competitor entered the ring and the battle continued until one was left standing. A great concept. The competitors were (in order of appearance): Shane Helms, Elix Skipper, Evan Karagias, Kidman, Yang, Jamie Noble, Rey Jr., Lash Leroux, Shannon Moore and Kaz Hayashi. The match went about 20 minutes and was top drawer from start to finish. This was one of those fast paced, hold and counter hold contests that would have had an ECW audience cheering and yelling "EE-CEE-DUBB!!" every few seconds, if such were to take place in ECW Arena. Rey Misterio took the duke, by the way, and will face Chavo Guerrero, Jr. at SuperBrawl.

Kwee-Wee was back tonight, still trying to impress the Flair faction. For his demonstration on this program he grabbed a "fan" at ringside and beat the tar out of him!

The new Glacier storyline is apparently going to be played for laughs. In this incarnation he is Norman Smiley's backup who never quite shows up in time to do any good.

Mike Tenay interviewed Sid's orthopedic surgeon who estimated that the big guy will be out anywhere from four months to a year.

Rick Steiner and Bam Bam Bigalow had a great match on the program. This is the first time I can remember in quite some time that Steiner has been given any competition to speak of. Steiner won the hard fought victory decisively.

During a backstage segment we saw the Cat laid out by the bad guys and then peeked into a locker room to see DDP and Kevin Nash also out cold. Rick Steiner ran in to check on them and was himself laid low by Shane Douglas with a chain wrapped fist.

The main event featured Kronik, who are on the rise again in popularity, against Scott Steiner and Animal. Animal looked surprisingly good in this one, matching his opponents power-for-power throughout the match. The contest went back and forth until Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell appeared. The Cat came down, but Luger, Buff and Steiner beat up The Cat outside of the ring while Kronik worked over Animal inside of the ring. Kronik eventually won the match but the thugs ran in and did a beat down on them as the program ended.

SmackDown gave us a recap of the HHH/Stephanie vs. Kurt Angle/Trish action on RAW to open the show. A harbinger of things to come, no doubt. The program came to us on tape from Mobile, Alabama. The Undertaker then came to the ring for the first feature match of the evening, against Rikishi. This moved along pretty good until Haku lumbered out and interfered. Kane showed up to rescue his brother's butt - they stood shoulder in the ring while the Samoan contingent pointed back at them from the ramp as they retreated. Apparently the Scarey Brothers are an item again...

At 13 minutes after the hour, Vince McMahon showed up in a limo and proceeded to fire his driver for making him "20 minutes late". Hmmmm...lets see - so that means that Vince's intention was to arrive just 7 minutes before the broadcast began...oh right, we believe that... After the break, in the ring, Vince heaped abuse on the hometown Alabama crowd then launched into a rant about how fair he is, and has been. Here comes the weekly 15 minute promo, folks. You just knew we wouldn't get away without it. He shared some of the blame for what happened on Monday with all of the participants and then singled out Kurt Angle to come out and have his head handed to him. Angle put on his best brown nosed personna and charmed McMahon out of his pique. But that didn't keep McMahon from booking a "punishment" match for Angle - defending his World Title against Kane in the main event. was 10 minutes anyway... Vince spent the rest of the evening apparently trying to make up for literally "phoning in" his performances over the last several weeks. HHH also showed up unexpectedly after Vince told Angle that Hunter had been given the night off. He spent the evening spotting Steve Austin on backstage monitors, running to wherever the Rattlesnake was last seen, and finding his elusive prey always somewhere else.

The next match was an example of McMahon's "fairness". It pitted Matt Hardey and Bradshaw against Jeff Hardey and Faarooq. The first one for the highlight reel was Jeff throwing a springboard splash from the inside out and eating concrete when his brother sidestepped the move. Later Faarooq and Bradshaw beat the hell out of each other out on the floor. In the end, the Hardey Boyz decided to recombine and took Faarooq out - no logic to it of course.

What's with HHH in that Weider Sports Supplements commercial? The ad seems to suggest that Mr. McMahon-Helmsley is making time (now there's an ancient expression) with a woman who isn't his "wife" Stephanie.

Chris Jericho had his first IC Title defense against the Big Show. This was complicated by the presence of the Rock doing commentary at ringside. In fact, we might have seen a title change except that Chris Benoit decided to interfere, causing a DQ and then Maivia decided to get into the act as well, delivering a Rock Bottom on the big guy out on the floor.

Towards the end of the evening, HHH and Vince were lured into Vince's dressing room and both of them were punked. Austin 2 - Vince/HHH 0.

The main event looked like another slam dunk for the challenger on paper, but of course Rikishi and Haku were around to make sure that there wasn't any semblance of a fair fight.

On Nitro, (live from Winston-Salem, NC at the Lawrence Joel Coliseum) after a barn burning Four Corner Cruiserweight match to open the show (Shane Helms defeated Yang, Prime Time and Jamie Noble), the Nature-CEO came out and laid another condition on Kevin Nash's coming World Title challenge at SuperBrawl. Nash must take on "Totally Buff" in a handicap match tonight. He also mentions that a new "big time player" will join WCW tonight.

I may have to add the WCW Commissionership to Solie's Title Histories since the Cat seems to be defending it in every match these days. Tonight he took on Sean Stasiak, who seemed close to winning until he missed a top rope splash.

In a backstage skit, we see an over enthusiastic fan try to cut into line where Diamond Dallas Page was signing autographs. The kid slipped and fell down and then was hauled away by security. Later in the show, Jeff Jarrett called DDP out to the ring for a match, only to have him arrested for assaulting a fan!

Flair's surprise "big time player" turned out to be Dustin Rhodes! But thats not all - when Dustin refuses to sign Flair's contract, Flair and Animal attack him - then they are sent reeling when Dusty Rhodes arrives to rescue his son!! Dusty cut a pretty fair promo, telling Flair to watch out because he may find that he has been kissing the butts of the wrong people when the new owners take over.

Crowbar gave us another top flight match - tonight against Lance Storm, who won eventually, but not until after his opponent gave him all he could handle. It was kind of funny at one point when Storm fell out to the floor a little too far away from the ring - the camera focused on him as he inched his way back into proper position for Crowbar's splash off the apron.

Rick Steiner was supposed to have a US Title match against Shane Douglas, but the latter spoke to the CEO and had it changed to a non-title match, which Steiner then won. I like Steiner's push - he is a legit tough guy and one of the most accomplished wrestlers on the planet.

In the main event, Kevin Nash was handicapped further when Buff took out the referee then had Alex Wright come in as a substitute. Big Sexy should have had the win, but Wright refused to count the pinfall - so Nash destroyed him! The Cat took his place in the ring as referee. As the Cat was about to count the pin, Wright recovered and dragged him out to the floor. The Cat clocked Her Berlyn and then finished the count. Nash still has his title shot. The show ended with a Nash/Steiner brawl.

RAW was live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, and opened with a rant from World Champ Kurt Angle, who managed to take credit for Mario Lemieux's comeback! The Rock had something to say about that (of course) and came out to the platform to say it. In the middle of his rant, the Big Show arrived and attacked him from behind.

The Dudleys retained their Tag Team Titles against Kaientai despite Edge and Christian's attempte to influence the outcome.

At the top of the second hour, Vince, HHH and Steve Austin gathered in the ring for their PPV contract signing. Vince stressed that their would be severe penalties for either wrestler if they committed any kind of physical aggression against the other except in a sanctioned match. For HHH it would be a six month suspension, for Austin it would be the loss of his title shot at WrestleMania. They agreed and signed (or at least we thought so...) Then HHH attacked Austin and laid him out. Vince was livid and told Hunter he was suspended for six months. "No, I'm not suspended from anything..." said HHH as he revealed that he had not actually signed the contract! He then signed it and left after telling Austin (who was still unconscious) that he (Austin) couldn't touch him (HHH). Pretty clever...

The Hardey Boyz won a shot at the Dudleys by defeating RTC and the Acolytes in a Triple Threat Tag match while a cat fight ensued between Lita and Jacqueline up on the ramp. Actually, they took advantage of an Acolytes move on Bull Buchanan to get the pin off of a Swanton Bomb.

Crash Holly tried for his 13th Hardcore Title reign in a wild contest that went to the backstage area and then right outside into the Pennsylvania snows. Raven's masked lady friend interefered again to help him retain his title.

Haku took on the Undertaker in a match that was more like a tag team contest since both Rikishi and Kane were present at ringside. The Undertaker won it when Haku allowed himself to be distracted by the brawl going on out on the floor.

In a match that resulted from the earlier cat fight, Lita took on Jacqueline in a really exciting match. This was enlivened somewhat by having Ivory at ringside for commentary, especially when both combatants suddenly decided to attack her simultaneously! The match was thrown out - but it was fun to watch while it lasted.

The main event was a Fatal Fourway among Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, the Big Show and the Rock to determine a contender to face Kurt Angle for the WWF Title on SmackDown later this week. The Big Show dominated most of the action, concentrating his fury on the Rock, until the three smaller guys cooperated to throw him out of the ring. As the Show started going after the other competitors, he found himself continually frustrated as his opponents came at him from all directions. The Rock finally took the pin on Jericho after hitting a Rock Bottom on him.

I'm glad to see that the WWF is tightening up their product again.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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