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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Rick Steiner takes the WCW US Title
Then Reunites with his Brother!!

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

XPW Report

By Shawn Stanford

Jerry Lawler on "No Holds Barred" Radio Show

Volume 6, Issue 618 - February 5, 2001


It's official wrestling fans, the hottest new wrestling talk show in the NY area, No Holds Barred made it's debut on 1110AM WTBQ Radio in Orange County, NY as well as throughout the world on the internet at Saturday February 3, 2001 at 2PM EST time. The show is hosted by Jason Barrett & Joseph "SA" Miller and covers the recent happenings in the WWF, WCW, ECW, Indy's and the brand new XFL.

Joining us live on our very first show was WWF/XFL announcer and former wrestling great Jerry "The King" Lawler, who took calls on the air. Here is some of what he had to say:

Regarding the XFL:

On the topic of the XFL Cheerleaders:

Regarding the WWF Title Picture and latest rumors:

Advise on how to get a wife like The Kat:

Regarding Steven Richards:

Jason Barrett
WTBQ Radio

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Tonight's edition includes some All Pro Wrestling news from Jermz, the latest Crossface Connection from Solie's regular John Cross, and then my own usual rambles and reflections. But first the next installment of the XPW Report from Shawn Stanford.

XPW Report

Airdate: January 20, 2001

By Shawn Stanford

BREAKING NEWS This Saturday night, February 3, XPW presents Payback's A Bitch, live from Patriot Hall on the campus of Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, CA. At New Year's Revolution Sabu successfully defended the XPW World Title against the Messiah despite the plot by Black and his army to dethrone the champ. This Saturday night, Black has plans for Sabu and his manager Josh Lazie. Even more important, New Year's Revolution saw the XPW debut of New Jack who laid out the entire army including Black and his wife Lizzy Borden. Now, Black has vowed to avenge the attack, but no one knows exactly how. Could it be another of Black's famous surprises? Also in action will be Big Dick Dudley, Kronus, The Messiah, "White Trash" Johnny Webb, TOOL, Juventud Guerrera, Homeless Jimmy, Lester (the former Supreme), "Gigolo" Steve Rizzono w/ Playboy Buddy Rose, "Mr. 80s" Dynamite D, Gurentai (Nozawa and Kikuzawa), and more! While ringside is sold out, floor and bleacher seats remain. For tickets log on to or call (818) 779-6479. This Saturday night, payback will indeed be a bitch! (Birmingham High is located at 17000 Haynes St. in Van Nuys, Calif. at the corner of Victory and Balboa in the San Fernando Valley. This event is in now way sponsored or endorsed by BHS or the LAUSD)

XPW TV REPORT - January 27, 2001

The show started off with some strong words from the newest member of XPW New Jack. We was saying how XPW should be scared to have him there, that he was there to kill people. He said that XPW just gave him a license to do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted You Understand! He stated that he was not here to win a belt and that it was not Sabu, Lazie, Rob Black, or Kevin Kleinrock who brought him into XPW, that it was someone else.

The intro to the show then played and it cut into a segment with Kris Kloss. He hyped up the February 3rd show up a bit, then spoke about what we would be seeing on the show.

It cuts into a small history segment showing the heat between Pogo the Clown and Kraq and Angel. It shows how Pogo jumped Angel at Metalfest and how that set up a match between them to at New Years Revolution.

It cuts into New Years Revolution and shows the entire match between Pogo, Kraq, and Angel in what was called a Manage a Trios match. It was a good match with a lot of good spots, but in the end Pogo got the victory over both Kraq and Angel.

It cuts into a segment with Kevin and Rob speaking about the next show and what will happen. What will New Jack do, how they were going to get Patrick Hernandez for screwing them for the title, and how they were going to get Sabu and Lazie?

It then goes into a standoff segment between NC and Sulu. This was a very comical segment, and it showed how both NC and Sulu were upset with each other.

Kris then goes over a small history segment about Kid Kaos and Juvi and it then cuts to there would be match at New Years Revolution. Kaos was on his way to the ring when Juvi came from behind and cut his knee out from under him. Juvi tossed Kaos into the ring and beat on his knee with a chair which injured the knee of Kaos. Juvi got on the mic and said that all the fans were just to Juicy.

Kloss comes back on and builds up what's being called the most controversial match in XPW history, the Messiah w/Lizzy Borden and Rob Black vs. Sabu and Lazie for the XPW title. This was a great match with both guys hitting all of their spots. Messiah was busted open pretty bad. Messiah took out Patrick Hernandez and Kevin Kleinrock came out in a ref jersey. Messiah hit Sabu with the Godsmack and Kevin counted 123. Messiah was then the champion, but Sabu woke up Patrick and showed how they cheated, Patrick took the belt away from Messiah and restarted the match. Messiah was confused and Sabu hit a move through a table and pinned Messiah to regain his title. The Black Army charged the ring and took out both Sabu and Lazie. During the best down the music hit and New Jack made his debut. He came to the ring took out the Black Army and then turned and took out Sabu and Lazie.

The show went back to Kris and he cut a promo about the next show entitled Payback's a Bitch. He gave out ticket info. Saying that you can log onto or call the offices at 818 779 6479.

The show ended with another promo from New Jack. He was saying that he had other brothers from the streets that were going to help him take over XPW. He said he is going to put a hurtin on whoever got in his way.


All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

APW Online Newsletter

February 4th - February 10th 2001

APW Wins Round One Of Civil War

This past Wednesday night down in Southern California, APW was victorious at UPW's "California Collision".

"Natural One" Michael Modest, "Shooter" Tony Jones & "Funboy" Donovan Morgan chalked up a win for Northern California, as they defeated the team of Frankie "The Future" Kazarian, "Smooth" Billy D & "Outlaw" Mike Knox. Jones forced Kazarian to tap-out to his Camel Clutch/Full Nelson submission hold, and picked up the victory for Team APW. Not only did the APW boys walk out of the arena with their heads held high, but Jones was also awarded the So-Cal Championship belt, since he recorded the victory.

After the match, APW President Roland Alexander cut a promo in which he trashed UPW and all of Southern Cali, claiming that APW proved they are the top indy in all of California now. UPW President Rick Bassman disagreed, and showed up at ringside with a new challenge for Team APW.

Bassman brought to the ring, the team of "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, "Miracle" Mikey Henderson & Tom Howard. Bassman and Alexander have agreed on a match for February 21st in Southern California that will pit the two teams of three against one another. If Team UPW comes out on top, Bassman will get Alexander in the ring to himself.

The UPW fans went wild when the match was announced, as they can't wait to see Alexander's mouth shut. But hey, the guy tells it like it is, and APW proved they are the number one indy in California when they defeated Team UPW in the middle of the ring.

Mardi Gras Mayhem Shaping Up To Be Huge!

February 17th marks the first show of the year for APW, and after almost a two month break, this show is going to be a great way to bring in the 2001 season of APW wrestling. This solid lineup epitomizes the chosen slogan for 2001, "King Of The Indies". You won't find a more solid indie wrestling show anywhere in the nation! The Main Event features the 2000 King Of The Indies himself, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels against the KOTI Finalist and current APW Universal Champion, "Funboy" Donovan Morgan. This match will prove who the better man really is. Was Daniels win in Galt just a fluke, or was it for real? Then the undefeated (19-0) APW Tag Team Champions, The Westside Playaz 2000, will defend their tag team gold against another undefeated (4-0) team, and former tag team champ's themselves, Michael Modest & Tony Jones - "Wrestling Inc." The Worldwide Internet Championship will also be on the line, as Vincenzo Massaro will be bringing his innovative style to Vallejo, to meet the challenge of the high-flying rookie "Kamikaze Kid" Myaki Frantz. Other matches include Super Destroyer 2000 teaming with Boom Boom Comini to meet The Ballard Brothers...Kid Chrome against "Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz and a 16-Man Battle Royal. Also, special interviews with "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande, Terri Nicole Ash & Shane Dynasty. This is a show you will not want to miss. Ticket prices and more information on the show is available at

Finally!! The Rock's and Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I wrote in a Crossface Corner that I had a concern with the WWF.

My brother and I were in the middle of a discussion about Vince, Trish, HHH, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie (right before the last PPV) when the ever mysterious Something struck me....*wham*

Trish......Stephanie.....Vince.....Linda McMahon.....the storyline revolves around Vince's supposedly mentally ill wife being shelved, by Vince, so he can go after young, buxom Trish while Steph, though willing to shelve Mom herself, is frustrated by the attention Trish is getting. Vince, for his part, put the wife in the hospital to screw the Commissioner, who wasn't doing what Vince wanted.

I must be missing something here, and I want you to tell me if I am wrong. Maybe, if it was a snake, it would have bitten me by now. Maybe my fatigue-induced haze (and that is a FACT.....not an opinion) precludes me from discerning the item I am looking for.

Or, more likely, I am right on the nose.

Where, in the aforementioned angle, is the wrestling?

Now, don't get me wrong...I like the angle. It can spawn numerous funny situations and spin-off angles of its own, and the participants are effective in their roles (Linda is effective by just not being offense). However, up to this point, the wrestling has been an afterthought. The attack of Foley was just to put Vince and Steph over as heels (remember, Foley avoided confrontation...that is why he became Commissioner, wasn't it?). Since then, the other matches have been kind of incidental....the PPV match between HHH and Kurt Angle featured a fight between Steph and Trish, but that fight, while it lasted, stopped the true wrestling match between HHH and Kurt. The funniest and most popular segments have occurred away from the ring. In fact, the people I have talked to have told me that the backstage stuff is much better than what they have seen in the ring.

This serves to trouble me. I could take an hour of comp-time, drive home, and watch Guiding Light, if I wanted to see older men sexually cavort with young, busty women, and see their spoiled daughters react by throwing veggies and dip at a TV. Thing is, the WWF still stands for World WRESTLING Federation, doesn't it? Is the WRESTLING the most important part of it anymore? Has the backstage opera taken over? Is the wrestling now just window dressing? I would say that it is moving that way.

And the market supports this move. I was of the opinion that there would be a backlash against the WWF for the hyperbole, the sex, the opera over the storyline, and it hasn't happened. People are eating it up, and the increase in viewership over the past few years proves that out. Even the WCW was hoping people would get back into the wrestling part of wrestling, and erred in judgement...thus their problems of the last 24 months. The audience of the present wants the soap opera...they know it is all acting, so bring in the whole show.

Maybe next there will be balloons and clowns....oh, they already had that.

Maybe a porn star will get together with a female body builder....whoops!

Maybe some guy will assault his SOB of a boss and.....well, well, well.

Maybe someone will get trapped in a car, then dropped 40 feet, and, my.

Call me when there is a match. I will be watching All My Children on the TV upstairs. If I am not there, I will be on the computer, checking out Solie's website or

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Before you ask - No, I didn't watch the XFL over the weekend. I have no interest whatsoever in football (besides, I hear its all fake...)

Thunder opened with another great Cruiserweight match match featuring Shane Helms vs. Kidman which Helms won in somewhat of an upset. This was followed by an appearance of the World Champ, who taunted his enemies. This caused Kronik to come out and lay in a challenge. Steiner then revealed that he wasn't alone as Totally Buffed attacked Kronic. Rick Steiner then appeared to even the odds, but was immediately trailed by Jeff Jarrett who delivered a couple of guitar shots. The good guys were left laying. This lead to the booking of a Kronik/Totally Buffed main event match.

Tonight it was Bam Bam Bigalow's turn to destroy "Screamin" Norman while Glacier "watched his back". This has got to lead to a Smiley/Glacier feud, or else its pointless...

Undaunted by his beat down at the top of the program, Rick Steiner continued with his current push by getting a surprising upset win over Jeff Jarrett, despite Shane Douglas's attempt to thwart him. Steiner is in line now for a US Title shot against Douglas at SuperBrawl. Do I see a brother vs. brother World Title match on the horizon?

Meanwhile, it appears that the Natural Born Idiots are coming apart at the seams as Stasiak and Jindrack continue to agitate for a World Tag Team Titles against their supposed mates, Palumbo and O'Haire. Tonight it resulted in a challenge made and accepted then a short brawl in the ring.

You know, I've been watching those SuperBrawl commercials and I have had a thought. The tag line on the PPV is "Revenge" and the announcer says, "You won't believe who gets revenge and how he gets it!" Could that be a hint of the return of Hulk Hogan..?

In the Tag Team main event, Kronik dominated until Animal ran out and downed Brian Clarke with a chair. Adams was destroyed, two on one. The program was capped by Flair, Jarrett and Scott Steiner going down to the jail to do a number on Diamond Dallas Page. They were surprised to find that DDP had flown the coop and then were even more surprised to find themselves locked in the slammer, compliments of the man they called "the jailbird"...

SmackDown was advertised as being "an extreme" edition this week - probably not coincidental that it coincided with the start of the February sweeps... The show opened with a Tag Team Table match for the WWF tag Team Titles. The Hardeys challenging the Dudleys. This mostly consisted of a series of reverses over uses of the same set of tables. At one point, Jeff Hardey put himself through a table in order to prevent his brother from being put through one by Bubba. At another point both Devon and Matt bounced off of a table, thus continuing the match. In the end, Bubba put Jeff through 2 tables off the platform to win the match.

A Triple Threat contest for the Womens' Title was more like a handicap match as Lita and Jacqueline attacked Ivory in concert. This state of affairs only lasted until Lita came close to winning - then Jacquie and Lita went at it while Ivory sat out. After Lita hit a springboard moonsault on Jacquie, Ivory knocked her aside and took the pin to retain her title.

Did I hear Vince right? Did he say, "Nothings up yet, but it may soon be..."?

An hour and ten minutes into the program and I'm still waiting for something extreme to happen...

At 9:35 PM they started a First Blood tag team match pitting the Scarey Brothers vs. Haku and Rikishi. At last, something extreme. Both Haku and Rikishi wore the crimson mask as Kane and the Undertaker took the duke.

The main event was supposed to be a World Title shot for the Rock - but HHH wormed his way into the match and had ot turned into a Triple Threat. Of course, as usual in these matches, nobody could get a pinfall because there was always that third man there to prevent it. This was complicated by Steve Austin sitting ringside, beer in hand. About the time Maivia caught Angle in a Rock Bottom, there was Stephanie up on the apron to distract the referee. He knocked her off and went after HHH, but she was up again and thwarted him a second time. When HHH had the advantage, he let himself be distracted by Austin, who must have missed his cue because he was just calmly sipping his beer. Angle hit a low blow and rolled HHH up - but the referee was out of it momentarily. So Austin rolled in and slapped the referee's limp arm on the mat - 1-2-3. That's all she wrote folks.

On Nitro, which was live from Tupelo, MS, opened in the middle of a showdown between Ric Flair and Kevin Nash. The former sent the Animal out to deal with Big Sexy - but Animal was no match for the big guy. Nash assaulted Flair as the thug troups arrived out back and then headed for the ring. Meanwhile, Nash was threatening to strip Flair naked in the ring! And he starts to do it, tearing off his suit and short. Nash was taking his time getting around to a Jack Knife as the troups finally show up. To hold them off, Nash threatened to break Flair's neck. Flair is convinced to "negotiate" so Nash summons the Cat to the ring. Miller declared that he was in charge and proceeded to book the show - he booked Rick Steiner into three matches! Steiner had to face four cruiserweights in his first match, then he got Diamond Dallas Page for his second match, then he had to face Nash and a mystery partner for the World Title in the main event! He futher stipulated that Flair would resign if the Nash team wins! Through all of this, the Cat constantly requested the CEO's permission at each step, with Nash twisting Flair's neck to make him answer the way they wanted.

The first match with the Cruiserweights was a tour de force for the World Champion. He basically wiped the mat with the lot of them and then stacked three of them up and made them submit to a Steiner Recliner.

Cat also booked a US Title challenge for Rick Steiner. The champ showed up with his left arm in a cast but made nio claims concerning an injury. After the referee chacked the cast, the match was on. A great moment happened on the outside when Douglas brained the challenger with a chair. He lined up for a second shot but the referee plucked the weapon out of his hands as he passed the apron. After a hard fought match, Steiner took the gold!

DDP's mission was, of course, to soften Steiner up with a Diamond Cutter. And at that he succeeded. He even won the match by disqualification - but as he left the ring area through the stands he was set upon by Jeffe Jarrett and...Kanyon, making a surprise return.

Newcomer El Nino was Rick Flair's hand picked challenger for the Cruiserweight Champion. This guy was so covered up that it was impossible to tell much about his face, or even his body type. He is very small - actually about Rey Misterio's size...hmmmm...flies pretty good too...hmmmm... The match is very competitive, although the challenger betrays some inexperience from time to time. Suddenly, the challenger comes alive and starts to look very much like Misterio. In fact afater a classic Misterio combination of springboard moves, he wins the match and unmasks to reveal...Misterio.

In the main event, Nash revealed his mystery partner as Rick Steiner! I forgot to mention earlier that there was a "no interference" rule imposed for this match, so Steiner was really on his own. After a pretty one-sided match (naturally, since it was a handicap event), Nash was ready to take the pin when Rick Steiner suddenly attacked Nash! Together, the Steiner Brothers beat Nash down then started to leave but met DDP on the ramp with a chair. The program ended as DDP started toward trhe ring. The Steiner Brothers are back - and between them they hold the World and US titles!

RAW was live from Atlanta, Georgia, and opened with an Intercontinental Title match with Matt Hardey as the challenger. Almost immediately, Dean Malenko made his return to lend some distraction for the Champion. Then Eddie Guerrero showed up and Chris Jericho really found himself on the defensive. Saturn showed up to complete the Radicalz contingent (they were all there except Benoit). Despite the odds, or more accurately, because of them, Jericho won the DQ...and got his butt kicked.

The Weekly Interminable Promo is next. This one is a little more interesting then the average WIP because the Rock is in the ring and ragging on the Helmsley-McMahons and Kurt Angle. The end result of all this is typical - Vince appears and makes a gimmick tag match for the Rock and Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin and HHH. And this program showed such promise at the beginning...

Edge and Christian took on Kaientai and started the segment with their own hilarious take-off on Kaientai's version of the WCW "dubbed-in-English" gimmick. They, quite predictably, were dubbed in Japanese. Kaientai then appeared and translated E&C's Japanese to have something to do with having sexual relations with a camel. How quaint. This one was quite fast paced and entertaining. E&C win it walking away.

At one point, Stephanie thought she had the evidence of Vince's dalliance with Trish Stratus, an ear ring that was found in his room. But as she was confronting her father, Regal showed up and claimed that the ear ring belonged to a lady friend of his, and thanked Vince for the use of his room.

The Scarey Brothers took on the Dudleys for the Tag Titles but were surprisingly unable to get the job done. Actually, E&C tried to interefere but the Undertaker turned the tables on their attempt a a "Con-chair-to" then got DQ'd because the referee mistakenly thought he had hit Devon with the chair.

The Kat tried to do her strip tease thing again tonight with the APA to run interference for her. She proposed a new group called, "The Right to Nudity" and started to do her thing. RTC showed up and, while Bull and the rest kept APA occupied, Steven Richards slipped past them int o the ring to try and censor Kat. For her part, Kat listened to about one sentence and then grabbed Richards and planetd a lip-lock on him with an excess of tongue (eeewww!!!) Bradshaw returned to the ring and laid Richards out, then Kat got back down to business. But Ivory attacked her from behind, then the Kat abandoned her plans (drat!) to chase Ivory from the ring area.

Rikishi finally severed all ties to Too Cool by teaming against them with his new partner, Haku, tonight. They trounced the littler guys pretty thoroughly for a while. Then Too Coool made a brief comeback before the Samoans finished the job.

Chris Benoit and Al Snow had an unusually scientific match, very competitive, which ended predictably in a Crippler Crossface.

In the main event, things went pretty much as expected. Austin concentrated on Kurt Angle while HHH and the Rock tended to mix it up. Everybody had it in for Angle, of course. Occasionally, Austin would "accidently" get in HHH's way, or otherwise cause him some grief (like "tagging" him upside the head, for instance). The Big Show decided to make his presence felt right in the middle of this "No DQ" match and attacked the Rock out on the floor then split. The Rock was hauled away, leaving Angle on his own. Austin stepped up his aggravation of HHH by "accidently" pulling the rope down so HHH fell to the floor. Then he went and stood at the wrong corner when HHH was looking for a tag. At the end of it, HHH was all bent out of shape and took a swing at Austin - thus giving Angle the opening to get a surprise chairshot and take the pin.

That last match, like the show, was okay - but, like the rest of the program, this whole situation was way too predictable.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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