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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Justin Credible Debuts in the WWF

Joins the returning X-Pac to beat down Chris Jericho

K-Kwik, Crash and Bob Holly All Win
...and Lose the Cruiserweight Title

Stylin' and Profilin': The Legend of Ric Flair

Part 45 by Ervin Griffin

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

By Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 619 - February 12, 2001

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Tonight's edition includes has some historical significance, insofar as the Solie's Newsletter is concerned, because it marks the return of, and the conclusion of Ervin Griffin's epic article chronicaling the life and times of the "Nature Boy", Ric Flair. The first installment of this article was published in Issue #291 of the newsletter, way back on March 16, 1998. The latest installment, #44, was published in Issue 530 on December 4, 1999 (over a year ago). Because of this long span of time, I have decided to publish the concluding three chapters, starting in this issue, but I have also set up an index page located at, which has links to all 44 previous chapters. This way, if you want to catch up with the previous chapters, you can.

Tonight's issue also contains our weekly Crossface Connection editorial from Solie's regular, John Cross, some All Pro Wrestling News from Jermz, and as always, my own topical rant.

All Pro Wrestling News

By Jermz


We are now less than a week away from All Pro Wrestling's 2001 debut. After taking a well-deserved 7 week break, APW returns to the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. for an outstanding show that will definitely put some spark in the New Year.

This is a show you will not want to miss. It features a return King Of The Indies match between APW Universal Champion "Funboy" Donovan Morgan and a man who many people are calling the best India wrestler in the business today, the King Of The Indies himself, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

The two other APW titles will be on the line as well, as "Innovator" Vinny Massaro defends his Worldwide Internet Title against "Kamikaze Kid" Myaki Frantz. Also, the undefeated (19-0) Tag Team Champions, The Westside Playaz 2000 (Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande) will defend their titles against the undefeated (4-0) challengers, and former Tag Team Champs themselves, Wrestling Inc. (Michael Modest & Tony Jones).

A whole lot more will be happening on Feb.17th in Vallejo, and other superstars scheduled to appear include Boom Boom Comini, Super Destroyer 2000, The Ballard Brothers, Kid Chrome, Jardi Frantz & MORE!!!

For more information on tickets visit or e-mail


APW is very proud to announce that their very own "Shooter" Tony Jones is the new UPW So-Cal Champion. He won the title a few weeks ago during APW's invasion of Southern California's hottest India, UPW. The team of Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan and Jones, representing APW, took on UPW's trio of Mike Knox, Billy D and Frankie The Future. Not surprisingly, APW came out on top in this match, and President Roland Alexander staked his claim as the greatest promoter in California, as well as having the greatest training camp in California, the APW Boot Camp.

UPW President Rick Bassman had something to say about that, and has now issued another challenge to Team APW. Modest, Jones & Morgan (along with Alexander) will travel down south again to take on another UPW trio, this time it's "Miracle" Mikey Henderson, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and Tom Howard. This is going to be another big challenge for Team APW, and it all takes place on Wednesday Night February 21st.

APW and UPW both want to prove they are the most dominant force in California Indie Wrestling. APW is currently in the lead, 1-0, but UPW has put together quite a team who wants to shut the mouth of Roland Alexander. For more information on the show including location, ticket prices & bell time, visit

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 45: 2000 - 2001 and Beyond

After Halloween Havoc '99, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair dissapeared from the scene for a couple of months. In February 2000, he returned and was immediately challenged by Terry Funk, who still held a grudge from their classic feud in 1989. The two fought in a Texas Death Match at SuperBrawl 2000. Flair won the match and also formed a new alliance with on and off friend Lex Luger called Team Package with the target being Hulk Hogan (who had also returned recently as well at that point). In March 2000, Flair and Hogan took on each other in a strap match which was one of the dullest main events in recent memory! A black mark on Flair's otherwise outstanding career. It made even that terrible Fatal Fourway Match at WrestleMania 2000 look classic in comparison.

On April 10, 2000, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo regained control of the company and launched the "New Blood" team. This was a group of young or seasonably young wrestlers who declared war on WCW's veterans, including Ric Flair! Flair's first encounters with this new group was against "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, a man that in real life made no secret about his dislike for Flair! Their feud went on for about two months and saw Vince Russo turn Flair's own son, David, against him! The father and son had a match at the Great American Bash which saw Ric Flair gain the victory. Still, the last laugh would be on Flair as David and Russo teamed up to cut the hair of the "Nature Boy" on Nitro. After that, Flair dissapeared again until recently when they ran the Stacy Kiebler pregnancy angle. At one point, they were going to make Flair the father but this angle gained so much negative reaction that it was quickly dropped. Flair nowdays is playing at the CEO of WCW and is in a power struggle with Ernest "The Cat" Miller (who plays as the commissoner). Also, there is some question about Flair's future with WCW as Eric Bishoff and a new company is ready to take over WCW.

In any case, I would hope that if Flair was to leave, it would be now before anything happens. If he does stay, I hope he leaves on a good note. This man's career has been too good to have it marred by some terrible angle or something of that nature (no pun intended). To end my opinion of Flair, I say this: My car payment - $250, car insurance - $600, watching Ric Flair - PRICELESS!

Now, here is Matt Benaka with his view on Flair and title history:

What can you say about Ric? I grew up on the Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage WWF product. Occasionally I would channel surf and find the NWA with some Four Horsemen or Road Warriors action, but I clearly saw them as the minor league of wrestling.

Suddenly, around 1991 I discovered they were really just as entertaining as the WWF. With The Four Horsemen comprised of Ric, Arn, Sid, and Windham feuding with Sting and Luger it was great fun. I was also drawn into the drama of a title vs. title match with IWGP Champion Tatsumi "The Dragon" Fujinami. When I rented this tape I watched the match over and over. Both men were great at selling eachother's moves and the odd ending. It was very dramatic and well played out.

Beyond that venture into WCW/NWA, my first real looks at Ric were in the WWF in 1992. In WCW he was a heel and I always cheered for Sting or Luger. In the WWF I suddenly looked at him, smiled, and cheered. I realized he had the old WCW World Title belt on WWF TV and I admired the moxy he had for pulling such a stunt. Knowing that since he was from WCW he should, by all rites, be jobbing to everyone in WWF, I was astonished when he became World Champion. Actually, no I wasn't. For some reason it felt right for Ric to win the Rumble and the title. Vince and the WWF gave Flair more respect in his brief time there than Bischoff ever even dreamed of. The cool thing was that he still jobbed to Savage, Hogan, and Hart, to name a few. That way WWF could always say their guys beat WCW's best. I was sad when Curt Hennig ousted Flair from the WWF. Those were some of my best memories of Ric. I'll never forget the interview he cut with Hennig and Heenan after winning The Royal Rumble. He told everyone "I told you so." in classic Flair fashion.

Another good run was when he won the World Title from Vader and then feuded with Steamboat. That should have been Ric's last run. He hung around just long enough for his career to be trivialized by the Hogan and Bischoff team.

Currently, I don't like Ric as the leader of Steiner and Co. It's not The Four Horsemen. WCW, and wrestling in general, has become a very individual sport. The Horsemen of old would all stand behind Ric and make sure he kept the gold. I don't see Ric's current stable being able to unite behind Steiner when they think they may have a chance at the gold. The nWo tried a faction like The Horsemen, but Hogan came off looking like a coward in his matches rather than a survivor. If Ric could find one young leader and surround him with young supporters and manage them to greatness, I would enjoy it. Instead, Ric is leading a bunch of arrogant primadonnas who know nothing of loyalty. I hope he removes himself from WCW's picture before Bischoff finds a way to make Ric suit up again and job to the likes of Stasiak. I will always hold a place in my wrestling heart for Ric. CBS may show Survivor episdoes til the end of time, but Ric Flair was the ultimate survivor. He survived a plane crash to become multiple time world champion.

He survived the booking strife and behind the seeings back stabbing of the NWA/WCW and emmerged in the WWF as a world champion. He then survived the shark infested waters of enemy territory until it was safe to return home to WCW. There he survived old age to defeat Vader and run the gambit of WCW until Hogan appeared. Even then, he has survived Hogan and Bischoff in WCW.

He may be tattered and torn, but he is still putting asses in seats. I hope Ric can either survive the changes of WCW and prove that he can have a career in this great industry without putting on the tights, or survive by walking away and watching David Flair improve as a father should.

In closing, I want to say thank you to "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair for making me care about wrestling and for shaping young talents like Shawn Michaels by example. You'll always be the man to this fan.

Next: Title History and Awards

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Matt Benaka is the originator of Solie's Title Histories and a major contributor to the site over the years.

Several of their previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's website.

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Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Well, last week's Connection was written under extreme duress.

Yep. Yessiree. Affirmative.

And this week, too. Lots of pain and suffering and pressure.

See, last week my kid was in the hospital while I was writing. She woke up an unbelievable shade of blue. She got croup, which is a viral infection that constricts the airway.

In short, she sounded like a seal when she coughed. "ARF ARF!" She also coughed all the time.

She is 18 months old, and I was scared. Plenty I was when I was in the Service. I can do without that kind of stress. I am sure you all can, too.

See, I wasn't in control of the situation. I could not do anything about my little baby girl choking out her life's breath. I just packed her in the car and my wife took her downtown. I couldn't even be there, because my 3-year old was upstairs, was 5:25 AM. So, I could only do what I could, which was write my article, do laundry, and pray.

Why do I tell you all of this? Well, it is because of Owen Hart.

Yeah, Owen Hart. It's been a while since the death of Owen, and I still get into conversations about how much of a bastard Vince McMahon is for making the show go on. I hear continually about how any real humane being would have pulled the plug and let everyone mourn and vent their anguish.

Yeah, yeah. I am not a mushy individual, and the whole "emotional liberation" thing seems kind of self-serving. Why vent when I don't want to? Anyways, I think that the whole "they shoulda' stopped" argument misses some fundamental points.

Vince, as the head of the show, could not have been positive that Owen died. The Rock's and Foley's books allude to the fact that he found out about it later, and informed everyone after he himself found out. They don't say that word-for-word, but it seems to be understood in both texts. Granted, everyone knew that Owen was gravely wounded, but I maintain, as I have before, that when athletes get severely injured during the game (show), even paralyzed, nine times out of ten the game doesn't stop. Even if they were to die later, away from the arena, that may not lead to the game ending. Now, I know of a case where the game ended, but that was after an obvious death (an umpire at the Reds' Opening Day, 5 or 6 years ago). That was very clear to everyone present. This situation was not as clear cut.

Even so, there is another point. Vince, confronted with this horrific situation, had no control. He couldn't fix it, he couldn't use it to put forward any angle or program. He was absolutely stuck, so he did what I explained earlier.

He did what he knew best. He started the show back up. He had no real alternative, in his mind. He knew that he had 18,000 fans in the arena. He knew his guys were professionals. He knew that he had control of all that, and that is what he did, because he could.

Who likes to be out of control? Nobody, my good friend. Especially someone like Vincent K. McMahon, who created this 'Sports Entertainment' monster. He has been in control of his own destiny for many years, and would loathe and fear not being in control of his situation, wherever or whenever it is. He just did what he could, which is what was in his power and scope to do.

He simply ran his wrestling show. He released responsibility for the reaction to Owen to everyone else, and chose to do what he could do.

Now, be sure that the man went somewhere and buried his head in his hands and asked God why Owen fell. He is not emotionless. Nor did he do it because he feared losing fans or money.....that would be beyond what I think his conscience would allow. For God's sake, the man has kids of his own! I don't think the man would give a worm turd about my welfare, or yours, for that matter, but Owen was an employee and a well known individual to Vince. Assume that McMahon reacted privately, and that there must be a distinction between a man's professional decision and his private reaction, whatever that decision or reaction would be.

There must be a modicum of dispassion when looking back on this episode in wrestling's history. I realize that Owen was loved by fans and family, and I think the loss of any individual of Owen's character lessens us all. However, view Vince's decision to carry on with the PPV as a reaction to do what he knew and was comfortable with. He did what he could to remain in control, in an uncontrollable situation.

I agree with Vince, on this one. I probably would have kept the show going, too. Like it or not, Vince did not personally insult, abuse, deface, or besmirch the Hart's, Owen, or any of his wrestlers by doing it this way.

Oh, and this week's duress, that I mentioned earlier? A 102 F fever and a massive head cold. And the kid is perfectly fine, now.

I am lucky, you know...and that is a FACT, not an opinion. and Solie's are the websites to stay with as you surf the 'Net for wrestling info....Solie's for historic and personal info, and for news, rumors, and results. See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Thunder as usual lately, opened with a Cruiserweight contest. Shane Helms, who for my money is getting an inexplicable push, took on Kaz Hayashi, who is the far superior wrestler (and showed it in this fight), and lost to him after taking it throughout the match, but only because of the intereference of Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Flair and Company came down to gloat about their swerve/victory on Monday, calling his group the "Magnificent 7" with the addition of Rick Steiner. personally, I think WCW missed a bet by not playing the brother vs. brother World Title feud card. After talking some smack, the Wolf Pac music started up and Nash and Company appeared in the stands and delivered some rants of their own. Nash and Page demanded a match against the Steiner Brothers, but Flair was against the idea, so DDP suggested Rick Steiner and Jeff Jarrett - and got it. Flair then booked a "Commissioner's Title match" for the Cat against a challenger of Lance Storm's choosing (pretty weird, huh?) He picked Prime Time, by the way - a poor choice at best. The Cat beat him - then Storm sent Mike Awesome in to continue the process with a beat down.

"You won't believe who will get revenge, and how he'll get it..." I'm telling you - Hulk Hogan is going to reappear at SuperBrawl...or maybe Sting...or maybe Booker T...

The weekly Smiley/Glacier show had a slight twist to it this week, in that Glacier was actually prevented from watching Smiley's back tonight. The Tag Champs attacked him in Norman's dressing room to even the odds during Sean O'Haire's match against Smiley. In fact the storyline in this one revolved around the the feud developing between the Tag Champs and Stasiak/Jindrack and didn't really involve Smiley/Glacier at all.

Brian Adams carried Flexy Lexy to a pretty good match and then surprised us all by getting the win, despite Buff Bagwell's attempt to interfere.

Rey Misterio took on Chavo Guerrero's substitute, the Wall, and once again proved his giant-killer reputation. Chavo was right there, interfering at every opportunity, as the big guy worked Misterio over for several minutes - not attempting to actually win the match. As Misterio attacked Chavo on the outside, Hugh Morrus ran in and toppled the Wall with a moonsault. Misterio then added a moonsault of his own and took the pin.

KweeWee beat up on another "fan" tonight. Probably out of sorts because they fired his girlfriend... Newcomer Johnny Datsun found out that the effeminent wardrobe guy is "all man". What is it with these guys backstage that keep making fun of KweeWee? Don't they watch the show?? I don't know about you all, but I am missing the girls...

Nash/DDP faced Jarrett/Rick Steiner in the main event. Why is it that referees always believe the bad guys when they claim to have tagged behind his back - but the good guys can never get away with it? Jarrett and Steiner showed a lot of tag team continuity in this one - while their opponents did not. Nevertheless, the good guys won it after a Jack Knife powerbomb on Steiner.

SmackDown had the WIP (Weekly Interminable Promo) right at the top of the program as Vince McMahon came out to rant about fairness. He talked about how the Big Show did a number on the Rock on RAW - and that wasn't fair. So he set up Rock vs. the Big Show on tonight's program for a shot at the World Title! He then showed footage of HHH taking a swing at Austin and said, "Its a good thing he missed..." His solution to the situation between the two was to set up a match between representatives of HHH and Austin..? According to who wins this match, a decision will be made concerning the stipulations for Austin and HHH's match at the next PPV...? It seems to me that Vince's restrictions against HHH and Austin only apply to situations not happening during a snctioned why can't they just have a match? I don't know - it was Vince's idea not mine. So anyway, Vince called for a volunteer to draw wrestlers name out of a lottery basket. This brought Willie Regal to the ring accompanied by Trish Stratus. Ole' Will seemed to be trying to convince us all that he was the one fooling around with the buxom beauty, rather then Vince himself. I wasn't convinced...we're you? Anyway, Trish did the actual drawing and came up with Billy Gunn to represent Austin, and Chris Jericho to represent HHH. Before they left the ring, Regal surprised Trish with a kiss on the cheek - Vince looked a little unhappy about that...

The Hardeyz took on the Radicalz, in the persons of Chris Benoit and Saturn in a pretty lively tag team battle. Of course, Dean Malenko came down to harrass Lita. What ever happened to Malenko being the booker of the Light Heavyweight division. Come to think of it, what ever happened to the WWF Light Heavyweight division? I think I answered the first question with the second one... Actually, Malenko didn't didn't make his move until Terri tried to ineterfere and Lita cut her off. Then Malenko grabbed Lita, thus distracting the Hardeys, thus throwing the match to the Radicalz.

In the dressing room, between matches, HHH met with Billy Gunn and tried to get him to throw his match. Billy refused and got slapped upside the head with a fire hydrant!! This changed the situation regarding the "representatives match" so Vince decided to put HHH himself into the match against Jericho with the same stakes.

It looked like Edge and Christian were going to win back the Tag Titles until the Scarey Brothers showed up to spoil their plans. After the Dudley Boyz retained their straps, Undertaker and Kane proved that they were equal opportunity terrorists by laying out both teams brfore they split.

In another of those double reverse Hardcore matches, Steroid Bob took on Raven, beat him, and then was reversed and lost the title immediately back to Raven, with the assistance of his mystery woman (probably Tori). That's four for Bob, five for Raven. In case you're wondering about those numbers, over the weekend they ran a triple reverse Hardcore Title match at two different house shows in Greensboro, NC and Columbia, SC. K-Kwik won the title, then Crash Holly took it from him, then Raven won it back...twice. Of course, you'll never hear about those title changes on TV. (By the way, the title changed hands again over the weekend when they repeated the SmackDown scenerio at a house show in St. Paul, MN. and then again in Boston, where Bob Holly again was the champ for a few seconds before Al Snow took it away then lost it back to Raven - who is now the 7-time champ).

The follow up to the Kat's antics on RAW was an 8 person tag match pitting herself, Jacqueline, and APA against all four members of RTC (Bull, Goodfather, Steven and Ivory). The end came when the Kat was in with Ivory and giving her the old bronco buster. The referee pulled Kat out of the corner then Ivory rolled her up and used the ropes for leverage to take the pin.

In the HHH/Jericho contest, once again, Steve Austin showed up to make trouble toward the end of a great match. He walked out to his theme music and offered HHH a beer! Triple H walked away but Austin spun him back around and got in his face. Jericho hit HHH from behind know the rest.

Predictably, Kurt Angle joined the broadcast team for the main event. Also predictably, the Big Show basically wiped the ring with his opponent for several minutes, then got a big chokeslam - but managed to knock the ref down with Maivia's foot on the way up. He went for the referee. Show went to wake up th official while Angle entered the ring behind him. Angle hit a couple of chair shots on TBS then went after the Rock, who avoided the blow and replied with a Rock Bottom. The Biog Show then came after the Rock and got the same treatment. 1-2-3 amd it was over. The Rock gets the title shot at No Way Out...what? You thought something else would happen?

Nitro opened in the middle of a match between Rick Steiner and Dustin Rhodes which was rudely interrupted by the CEO, telling Rhodes he isn't on the roster and better leave right now. The announcers had told us that the Cat made this match on his own authority. Dustin was escorted away by security forces as Ric Flair, "Barely Adequate" Mike Sanders and the Animule joined the US Champ in the ring. The Cat then put in an appearance to protest but Flair shouted him down and booked another "Commissioner's Title" match for him against Lance Storm with Sanders as the three minutes! The program was live from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS.

The aforementioned match took place right after the first break and broke down almost immediately as the Cat and Sanders started trading punches. After that, Sanders kept getting in Storm's way and was downed so that when Miller got the pin, Sanders wasn't there to make the count. The Cat tried to revive Sanders then got blind sided by Storm, who grabbed the Maple Leaf hold. Sanders immediately declared Storm the winner. The "Magnificent 7" then went to the ring and started to do a beat down on Miller - but Kevin Nash appeared on the big screen and told them to back off - then revealed that he had David Flair tied up. He proceeded to use David for leverage to get the Cat a rematch against Storm at SuperBrawl, and a reinstatement for Dustin Rhodes. Further he wants Dustin to face Rick Steiner, with the stip being that if Rhodes wins, Nash gets a shot at the World Title tonight.

As the program continued, Flair delegated Sanders to get Dustin back for his match - but Dustin was not least not immediately. Eventually, Sanders talked him into it, but had to throw a US Title shot at SuperBrawl into the mix. The match took place just before the top of the second hour and was a very competitive contest. After a few minutes, Steiner began to dominate the action, but he couldn't get enough ahead to put his opponent away. Dustin started a comeback but then the referee got clobbered, thus robbing Rhodes of his victory. Animal ran in to take advantage of there being no official, but Rhodes ejected him from the ring. Then Shane Douglas ran in and hit Steiner with is cast! (huh..?) Rhodes got the pin and started to leave. Back in the ring, the bad guys wedged Douglas' good arm in a steel chair and jumped on it.

Throughout the program they continued the tournament to determine the competitors for a Cruiserweight Four Corners match at SuperBrawl. Yang defeated Lash LeRoux in the first match. Later, Kidman took on Prime Time Elix Skipper and defeated the rookie.

Chuck Palumbo faced Sean Stasiak in a match better left undescribed. Stasiak won.

Before the main event got started, we had some byplay on the platform and in the ring. Diamond Dallas Page faced off with Jeff Jarrett in a verbal battle as Kanyon tried to sneak up behind DDP. Page wasn't surprised but Kanyon but he was by Jarrett, who got him with a guitar shot and then applied the Stroke. Next Nash came to the ring with David Flair and threatened him some more. Flair showed up and begged for his son, Nash seemingly agreed to give him up...but then Jack Knifed him. Scott Steiner ran out and the match was on. Flair hustled his kid out to a car and sent him away - telling the thugs to get Nash. Back in the arena, the "Magnificent 7" were held at bay by the Cat, Dustin Rhodes and Kronik as Nash was on the offensive against the World Champ. Ric Flair then reappeared and entered the ring, causing a DQ. Steiner clipped Nash from behind with his pipe and was going to work on his knee as the program ended.

RAW was live from East Rutherford, New Jersey and opened under the worst possible conditions...with a WIP featuring the Helmsley-McMahons. The Rock also took part and even Rikishi and Steve Austin showed up before it was over. They basically verbally sparred concerning the "match to choose the stipulations" match between Rikishi (representing Austin) and the Rock (representing HHH) - one of the lamest gimmick matches I can remember...and I've been watching wrestling for almost 50 years! In the end the Rock attacked Triple H then Rikishi attacked Austin...perfect...

For his first match back, Eddie Guerrero got an IC Title shot. Imagine that. The short match ended in a DQ when X-Pac made his return to the WWF by running in and attacking Chris Jericho.

Edge and Christian took on the Scarey Brothers for a shot at the Tag Team Titles at the next PPV. Unfortunately there was no decision rendered as the action spun out of control. Look for a Triple Threat match at No Way Out...

The backstage story tonight involved Vince McMahon setting up a "Special Valentines Day" for his wife, Linda, who is reportedly still in the hospital recovering from a nervous breakdown. Vince tells someone on the phone to, "...keep the medication flowing..." and talked about recording her condition then showing it to the world on SmackDown. Real nice...

Billy Gunn got HHH in a match to avenge the attack on him on SmackDown. Predictably, he didn't get his revenge... Later, HHH tried to get Rikishi to take the fall for him but the biog Samoan told him to stick it. HHH was about to get up to his old tricks, but Haku showed up unexpectedly and spolied his plan.

Peter Polaco (aka Justin Credible/Aldo Montoya/PJ Walker, etc.) made his return to the WWF tonight as X-Pac's comrade-in-arms at the end of X-Pac's match against Grand Master Sexay (actually, the match was against Scotty 2 Hotty at first, but then the latter jammed his knee and had to discontinue, so GMS took his place). Surprisingly, he was introduced as Justin Credible. JR even mentioned that he was formerly with ECW. At any rate, Chris Jericho ran out to attack X-Pac after his win only to be beat down by Credible and X-Pac.

Al Snow made an appearance dressed as Mick Foley, leather mask, Mr. Socko and all, to protest Vince's treatment of the former Commissioner. He threatened a sit-down strike and made some pithy comments alluding to Vince's illicit relationship with Trish Stratus. This brought Vince and Wille Regal out to deal with Snow and try to kill the rumors. Vince threatened violence against Snow but Regal decided to "mediate"...upside Snows head! Actually, he distracted Snow with a speech while Vince attacked from behind. The two of them then punked him.

Essa Rios had demanded a rematch against Kurt Angle early on tonight. Angle refused but offered to face Essa and a partner in a tag team match. So Essa went out and got the Big Show to face Angle and Raven. Angle/Raven won the match then attacked the big guy with a number of weapons, but the Show managed to clean Raven's clock before it was all over.

The Rock won the stips match, which means that HHH gets to pick the conditions for his match with Austin at No Way Out. Thank God - that's settled...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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