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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Regal Wins the Commissionership
of the WWF

Old School Wrestling vs. Today's Wrestling

by Ric 'The Equalizer' Drasin

Crossface Connection

Opinion by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 623 - March 12, 2001

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In this issue we are pleased to present a new article by former WWF wrestler and trainer to the stars, Ric Drasin.

Tonight's edition also contains some APW News, our weekly Crossface Connection editorial from Solie's regular, John Cross, and as always, my own topical rant.

APW News


This Saturday night in Pacifica, Ca. APW returns to Terra Nova High School for a night of great wrestling action. The show will begin at 7:30pm, and doors will open at 6:30pm. APW fans have been buzzing about this show for the past month, and this weekend, all the waiting will be over. Lots of great wrestling, lots of surprises and more are in store for you this Saturday night. This will be the final time you can see The Westside Playaz 2000 teaming together...they will defend their APW Tag Team Titles against the King Of The Indies, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, and the Worldwide Internet Champion, "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro. Plus, APW Universal Champion, "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan teams up one last time with WCW-bound, "Natural One" Michael Modest...they will take on the challenge of 7' 3" 410-pound "Next Big Thing" Dalip Singh, and his mystery partner. Also, in an Old Schooler's Dream Match, International Superstar Barry Horowitz will go one on one with the "70's Wrestling Machine" Super Destroyer 2000. Plus, the APW debut of ECW Superstar NOVA! Also on the card, "Shooter" Tony Jones, The Kamikaze Kids, The Ballard Brothers, Kid Chrome and more! Don't miss this show, it is going to be a night of wrestling action you won't soon forget. It all starts this Saturday night at 7:30pm in the Terra Nova High School gym in Pacifica, Ca.


APW will bring it's KING OF THE INDIES TOUR 2001 to Cloverdale, Ca. next weekend. The show will take place Saturday March 24th 7:30pm at the Citrus Fairgrounds. This may be the last time Michael Modest or Christopher Daniels ever step foot in an APW ring again. Come and say goodbye to the "Natural Ones", as Daniels & Modest square off one-on-one, one final time. In addition to that great main event, you will see an 18-Man Battle Royal...Donovan Morgan defend his APW Universal Championship against Dalip Singh...and the Mighty Midgets will be in the house as "Beautiful" Bobby Dean meets Little Kato. Other APW Superstars scheduled to appear include "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro, Boom Boom Comini, The Snott Brothers, and "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande in his first singles match since leaving the Westside Playaz! The show starts at 7:30pm on Saturday night March 24th in Cloverdale. Don't miss it!!!



Hey APW fans out there. I encourage everyone to e-mail KRON (Ch.4 in the Bay Area), they are in charge of BAY-TV, and may be interested in putting APW on the air here in the Bay Area. Let them know that you want to see APW on BAY-TV, and let them know why! APW is the number one indie on the West Coast, and it's a travesty that we have no TV. Send your e-mails to:

Let them hear what you have to say...and let them know you want APW on your television!

Old School Wrestling vs. Today's Wrestling

By Ric 'The Equalizer' Drasin

I remember when I was a kid, my Dad saying to me how much things were better in the old days. I Never quite knew what he meant until I became older and looked back in retrospect. It's true, cars were more classic and built with much more care and detail. Homes were built with real plaster, not drywall. Communities were safer, families were more together, movies had more meaning and left a lot to your imagination, etc., and speaking of imagination, there is not much left in wrestling today.

Today everyone is a critic, knowing what spots are called, the finishes, who's going over and who missed what spot during a match. When I was a kid, we just went to the wrestling matches and enjoyed them and went home. We didn't critique each move and analyze each person and what they did in the ring. We just knew there were bad guys and good guys and had fun.

I was trained 'Old School Style' and to this day believe that it was so much better and much more enjoyable to watch. You had to know how to sell, use holds, actually 'wrestle' and the wrestlers back then were NOT called 'Workers' even though it was a 'work'. They were called Wrestlers and they looked the part. Each guy was unique and if you spotted him on the street, you just knew he was a wrestler! He had the look. Kayfabe was BIG. We couldn't even ride to the matches together and if we did , one of us had to get out of the car 3 blocks away so that the fans wouldn't see us together. We couldn't even socialize in public. Even though people thought it was fake, they weren't sure! Everything in the ring looked solid, and high spots were used sparingly. Maybe 2 or 3 during a match. The rest were submission holds and takedowns. Much more believable than today's wrestling. Ring psychology was very important. Something you don't see today at all. If you were working your opponent's arm, he sold it to the end. You could swear that it was hurt and unusable. Less was 'more'. Too many moves in a match became confusing. It's similar to a movie with nothing but car chases ( high spots) and very little story line. Today when you work someone, they make a comeback and sell nothing. Punches were used sparingly, but when you did use them, they looked like they connected and did the job. Today, punches are mostly openhanded to the head, which does nothing, and you'll see at least 10 to 20 during a match that do nothing and are not sold at all. If you were really going to punch someone, would you punch him in the head?? No, I don't think so, you'd break your hand. You have to think logically what is believable and what isn't. The fans have been re-educated to expect what they see today and the more you give them the more they expect or they get bored.

But, if you are convincing and use 'old school' psychology, you re-educate them and make them believe this is real! That's what we are out there to do! Somehow that notion has been getting lost. Todays younger wrestlers think it's all about risky high spots ( like Mick Foley) and that's what gets them over. Might as well just do movie stunts if you think that way cause there is no skill involved to do that, just plain risky stupidity. That's why there are so many injurys and deaths.

Some of the 'old school' matches were so believable that even the boys in the locker room thought that it was a shoot. We carried it right into the dressing room and let it cool down for 10 min before we even talked. This is what the fans saw also and they were never quite sure if it was real or not. Look at Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler. They pulled off the biggest work of all cause they carried it to the max! That was definitely Old School psychology.

Today, everyone hangs out together with the fans and are buddy buddy, the fans know as much as the guys in the ring as far as what is going on. Most Indy wrestlers look like high school kids, with no builds to speak of and wrestle in jeans and shirts, which cover any exposed flesh that would make them look like an athlete. Old School wrestlers wore trunks and boots and looked the part.

The fans today in the Indy scene especially are what you call 'arm chair critics' and basically 'bash' every wrestler in the ring as if they could do better. Most are overweight little marks that would crumble in the ring if you got them in there. Years ago, if one of them came in the ring during a match, they were literally sent out on a stretcher. Today they get away with being part of the show.

There was no Internet back then which in one way is bad, as it could have helped promoted many shows. But in other ways, everyone has access to message boards and writes obscene reviews of these wrestlers and shows and trashes the 'boys' who work hard in the ring to become something. I even read where one wrestler thanked another on the message board for putting him over and taking all the bumps for him. This is the sort of thing that destroys the business. The sad thing is that some people read this and believe it not knowing that it came from some 16 year old punk sitting behind his computer at home with absolutely no knowledge or skill of wrestling or what it takes to be one. . If you want to people to believe that you are a wrestler, then you better be proud of the fact and not let them think that you are a fake! You have to carry the Kayfaybe around and make them believers. That's what draws an audience. You want people to walk away and say, that was one tough SOB.

I have seen so many movies that I like and have read trash about from so called film critics who didn't like it. I could never understand their power of keeping people from going to a good movie. By the same token these wrestling critics can do the same thing with what they write. In both cases, if all these people are such experts, then why don't they come up with the perfect film or the perfect wrestler and match? Makes sense to me.

But, if you get the average family out there to watch, they don't critique a match, they just sit and enjoy it and go home.

So, in my estimation, if you watch old tapes of wrestling from the 60's and 70', you will see that the matches were much more believable. No, they didn't have the glitz and lighting and modern day tech, but they were a great show and you were never quite sure if it was a shoot or not.

Today, it's mainly mic work, some quick high spots and it's over. It's become basically boring. In many cases, some of the Indy wrestlers want to run their own shows. That's a good idea as it will create more interest in the business, but most of them don't take the time to learn how to promote it. They run a show, very little advertising and end up drawing 20 people. Not enough to even pay expenses let alone the 'boys'. This gets frustrating and pretty soon no one wants to work, as there is no audience. In this case, they should have capital to run, plan out their advertisement, get some TV spots and then build a card.

I've been training some of these people and have demonstrated the use of old school technique along with today's methods and they seem to understand and are having much better matches because of it.

Everything in life goes around full cycle. So, eventually 'Old School' will return and the matches will be much better!

Ric Drasin, who is currently an actor, wrestling coach, promoter and personal trainer, created the bald bodybuilder logo for Gold's Gyms. His web site, Ric Drasin's BIG BOY Page features articles on wresting, training and fitness, and his own line of BIG BOYS clothing and other merchandise.

Finally!! The Rock's and Mankind's Autobiographies are now both available at Solie's Storefront! Check it out for great deals on wrestling books, records and videos. In association with

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

This has got to be the busiest time of my year.

Why? Well.....

I play side drum in a Bagpipe Band. Yessir, a kilt-wearin', snare drum playin, sounds-like yer-killin'-a-cat bagpipe band.

I have had 4 performances in the last 2 weeks, along with all the other mundane tasks I need to perform in order to survive. Time is a premium. Therefore, and again, I am getting this off late, with all due apologies to the Great Poobah of The Tuesday Morning Newsletter, at whose feet I must, from time to time, grovel.

Grovel, grovel.

OK, that sordid business being handled, I can turn back to the subject at hand.....and it won't be the WCW shutdown, like I said last week, because something else occurred that grabbed my attention. Also, the WCW shutdown thing is rapidly becoming a non-issue....if you want my opinion on it, go to, and read my Crossface Corner.

I want to start by asking you all a question. When is the last time you just sat back and let yourself get involved in the pro-wrestling show? I mean, when was the last time you marked out on a wrestler you truly enjoyed?

I write three wrestling columns a week (two alone, and the Crossface Report with my brother Mike), so watching wrestling has become a somewhat clinical affair, with note taking, critical analysis, and, at times, boredom, when storylines are bad or predictable. The same guys do the same moves, the bad guys stay bad (Tank....and that is a FACT, not an opinion), the good guys get stale, and real life is always tugging at your sleeve, asking for attention. It seems like a chore at times.....but there was something that happened this week that threw me back 15 years, when I was in my teens and completely full-up with wrestling.

On Smackdown, HHH and the Undertaker ran a segment that I completely marked out on. I was ALL FIRED UP! HHH was running his mouth (nothing new), Stephanie was out there with that slap-it-off-me smirk, and all of a sudden, "BOOM>>>>BOOM......DEAD MAN WALKIN'", and the "Taker rode out.

My head snapped around to the TV from the Diet Coke I was drinking. The crowd went bananas as The Dead Man entered the ring. After his posturing, the Undertaker set about dressing down the upstart for several minutes. HHH looked quite intimidated and uncomfortable as he was having his position explained to him. HHH made to leave after the humility lesson, but made the critical error of trying to one-up the Undertaker, and was beat down and thrown out.

Now, I was completely marked out. I forgot that it was staged. I was turned to the TV, forgotten drink halfway to my mouth, with the standard "Whoa!" look on my face. I was pumped full on adrenaline, mentally cheering the venerable old Undertaker, who may not be the Champion, but was the one person in the WWF no-one wanted to tangle with. I was simultaneously mocking HHH, who was only a young punk, and got caught bragging too much, and was being made to stand to. When it was over, and I returned to Realsville, I wanted to tell someone about it. Man, was I fired up!

Looking back, I smile and think much more scientifically about it. HHH played his position perfectly. He was our favorite, arrogant heel, until the Undertaker came out, and HHH changed his demeanor completely. He looked scared, intimidated, and unsure. He looked exactly like he should have, like the class bully being caught by an older brother of one of his victims. His eyes got big, he did the Vince-swallow thing, and he shifted on his feet. HHH played it to a T, and that was a HUGE part of the effectiveness of the segment.

Undertaker, for his part, was every bit the ring presence I talked about when I said he was the most intimidating wrestler in the last 25 years. Even more than Andre the Giant, this guy can enter an arena and send a shiver up the collective spine. He doesn't even have to speak to be intimidating.....he just has the presence. Then, his mic work was effective as well, although he isn't at the level of Rocky or HHH. His stalking of HHH was perfect, too. Here was the classic 'Taker, in all his glory, ready to put the punk in his place.

I don't want to forget Stephanie. She has one of the BEST scared-to-death faces in the WWF. Her mouth was open, and her eyes were as big as saucers. Don't discount her reaction from being part of the effective mix.

The icing on the cake was the crowd, who lost their minds when Undertaker rode out. I may have marked out, but I didn't lose my self-control and start screaming. The obtuse crowd reaction made the segment close to perfect. If the crowd hadn't been re-inforcing the Undertaker with their cheers, the whole thing would have been kind of flat, wouldn't you say? This is an intangible characteristic of WWF shows that WCW lacks.

However, I didn't note any of this while I was watching, and that was the magic of the whole thing. I lost touch with reality and was propelled into the WWF-universe for 10 minutes, and with 2 kids who are 37 and 19 months old, that just doesn't happen much. Potty training, work, bagpipes, and financial matters notwithstanding, life is full and harried enough to make every moment full of detail and strain. It was nice to step out for a bit. And, like I said, I was momentarily 15 years old again, with the ability to dive into the play and fully enjoy it for a while.

Ahhh, it was nice.

OK, back to reality. is waiting for your prying eyes to find its news, rumors, and results. Of course, Solie's is worth as much time you have for exploration of pro wrestling history and reference info. Do both, and fulfill your destiny.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Thunder was taped Tuesday in Knoxville, TN and opened with Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore taking on Scotty O and Jason Boyles (the former EZ Money from ECW) and defeated them to advance in the Cruiserweight tag Team Title tournament.

Kanyon had a run in with Smooth back by his limo. He grabbed a hammer lock on the big man and threatened him, but reversed the move and sent him packing. Smooth slipped into the drivers seat and was getting ready to make a phone call when Kanyon showed up with a forklift and turned the car over. Smooth was later seen being driven away in an ambulance - he appeared a bit more injured then what we saw would have warrented.

Sugar Shane made his entrance with fireworks and dancing girls to take on "Prime Time" Elix Skipper. This was apparently a match arranged by the Cruiserweight champ for his #1 contender. It was a real barn burner - Skipper is starting to show us something these days. Of course, the future Champ won the match with his signature "Vertabrator" move. Kid Romeo ran in after the pin (also arranged by Chavo)to attack his Helms, but Kidman and Rey Misterio ran him off before he could do much damage.

Hugh Morrus got a shot at Rick Steiner in a non-title match. He lost - in fact he didn't really put up much of a fight. Disappointing extended squash match with a little flurry by Morrus towards the end. This was apparently "The Filthy Animals Save the World" night, as Konnan ran in to save Morrus' butt from an attack by Team Canada after the match. In fact, as the evening wore on - this seemed to be "Everybody in the World runs in" night as well. Later on, Konnan had a match with Lance Storm, which prompted Mike Awesome to run in - which gave Hugh Morrus a chance to return the favor and rescue his earler benefactor.

In his second job of the week, Lex Luger laid down for Chuck Palumbo. Otherwise a nothing match...

The main event featured the Cat taking on Scott Steiner (and putting forth a pretty good account of himself) in a match which opitomized the apparent theme of the night - "How many people can we get to run in during the fight..." The Cat lost (duh...) as Booker T, Rick Steiner, DDP, and Totally Buff all showed up for a brawl.

A definite step down from recent Thunder programs.

SmackDown was taped on Tuesday in Washington, DC. and opened with a recap of Debra being assigned to manage the Rock. This is, of course, a slight problem for her since her husband is the Rock's current chief rival and #1 contender for the WWF Title. Mike Cole and Tazz were the hosts.

We went right to the ring for a Tag Team Title challenge by former champs, the Dudley Boyz. The Dudleys have a bone to pick, since their opponents won the titles under less-than-savory circumstances earlier in the week. The Hardeys fought a great match, seemingly showing none of the rancor we have observed in recent weeks, but the Dudleys were also right on top of it and almost won the match on several occasions. At one point, Lita got involved by hitting a hurracanrana on Bubba off the top rope. Christian then ran in and interfered, thus splitting up the challengers. Devon left the ring to attack Christian - leaving his brother to face and fall to both of the Champs. The Dudleys gained a measure of revenge against Christian after the match by putting him through a table.

Debra made her first appearance on the show by breaking in on Vince in the middle of a phone call to tell him she disagreed with the way he treated Trish on RAW. McMahon agreed that it was no way to treat a lady, but allowed as how "Trish is trash" and therefore not worthy to be treated as a lady. She let that slide but was also upset that she has been made the Rock's manager. Vince talks her into remaining in the position by telling her, "Well, you could go back to Texas and be a housewife..."

Ivory joined the announce team for an Intercontinental Title challenge by former champ, Val Venis (accompanied by RTC). Of course, the RTC thugs just had to get involved physically - but it didn't help Val - who lost...badly...

When asked if he is upset at all by the fact that he broke Scotty-Too-Hotty's leg, Kurt Angle stated that he was upset that it took so long to break it. Test first held Grand Master Sexay back when he tried to attack Angle, then he went to Angle himeself and challengd him to a match. Gosh...why didn't he just let GMS take the guy on..? At any rate, Test lost the match, but gave Kurt a good beating on the way to his loss. GMS natuarally made an appearance and almost got his leg broken.

Chris Benoit challenged all three members of the Radicalz to have a go at him one at a time. He got past Saturn after a hard fought match and then pinned Dean Malenko, but then the two of them combined to soften Benoit up so that Guerrero could pin him. Benoits face turn is coming soon...

Trish was back in Vince's arms backstage and then the camera shot opened up to reveal that Linda McMahon was also present in her wheelchair. Vince had Trish push Linda to the ring for tonight's humiliation spot. After a long promo, Vince proceeded to French kiss and grope Trish in front of his vegetative wife (who is acting better then ever in her career...) Okay, I admit it...I'm more confused then ever about where they re going with all of this (not to mention a bit creeped out). One thing's for sure...when Linda finally "comes out of it", she is gonna be pissssed!

Al Snow finally got his crack at the Commissionership against Willie Regal. Unfortunately Snow's dwarf companions got in the way and cost him the victory. Regal is now the WWF Commissioner. Backstage after the match, he pledged to always do what the fans want...right...

For a change they waited until the program was winding down to bring HHH out for the WIP. He went on forever (but then when doesn't he) claiming to have beaten everyone in the WWF...then found himself confronted by the Undertaker, who reminds HHH that he has never beaten the Dead Man. He threatens bodily harm and HHH appears to back away - but then goes for a cheap shot and gets knocked out of the ring. Stephanie holds him back as he pretends to try to get back at UT.

After a lot of recaps and a long promo on the Rock's part, we get the main event - Rikishi and Haku vs. the Rock. Against all odds, the Rock somehow wins the match (of course he does...he's the Rock...) In the midst of all this is the back story involving Maivia's new manager, Debra (Mrs. Steve Austin). At the end she is seen kneeling by her charge while her man looks back from the ramp and wonders what it all means (you can tell when Austin is pondering something because he always licks his lips...)

On Heat Sunday we finally got a look at the mysterious Black Ninja and (surprise, surprise...) it was Tori. God! I'm glad to get past that...

Nitro came to us live from Knoxville, TN at the Civic Coliseum and opened with Jeff Jarrett heading for the ring. He was surprised there by Dustin Rhodes, who snuck up behind him and kicked his butt (figuratively speaking, of course). He promised Jarett that he {Jarrett} would be forced to kiss Dustin's father's nether regions at the PPV.

In the backstage area we were treated to some amateur video of Flair and his thugs whoopin' it up. Back in the arena, the annoucers were telling us that the "new owners" were supposed to make an appearance ringside on the program.

In the first semi-final of the Cruiserweight Tag Title touney, whats left of the Jung Dragons took on Prime Time and Kid Romeo. This was a very competitive matchup, but the Dragons clearly dominated it from the get go but in the end, Yang failed to complete his signature move and fell prey to Prime Time's attack.

The next backstage video reveals that the just-returned Midajah has been attacked and laid low. Scotty Steiner is blowing a gasket and the thugs are getting ready to replay the video tape of what happened while they were out of the room, but we go back to the ring instead for a match pitting Team Canada against the Marmalukes. Big Vito and Johnny the Bull show us some of that superb brawling style that took them to the top once upon a time, but a running Awesome Bomb takes out Vito and ends the match. Awesome then delivers the same punishment to Johnny - but Konnan and Hugh Morrus run in to halt any further damage.

Stacy Keibler showed up with a baby carraige (excuse me, but isn't it a little early for this?) She talked about how her life had been changed by her baby, and her new man, Sean Stasiak! (Actually, she referred to him as her "newest baby"). The "baby" in the carraige was revealed to be a handfull of 8x10 golssies of Stasiak. Oooo...kay...

The video playback revealed...nothing. Midajah was left alone, then the cameraman (Buff) went to get a new battery. Whoever beat on the lady, carefully re-aimed the camera before the cowardly deed. Oh well...

I just realized that Booker T is entering to the old Harlem Heat music these days. How did I miss that last week? Tonight he made an open challenge which was answered by the World Champ...sort of...actually it sounded like Steiner was about to propose a different match when Diamond Dallas Page showed up and taunted him. Steiner continued after the taunting and proposed DDP against Rick Steiner and then sent Lex Luger out to attack Booker from behind. Luger racked the former Champ just about the time the referee showed up to start the match. Luger heard the bell and thought the match was over. He dropped his victim. By the time he discovered his error, Booker was recovered enough to continue the match. What followed was about seven minutes of solid see-saw action until Booker managed to et the bookend and win. Rick Steiner ran out and was trashed but this distracted Booker so that Luge could get in a chair shot. The Cat then ran in to save Booker form a further beating. Kris Kanyon showed up and changed the odds again, then DDP cleared the ring with a chair.

Tonight it was Evan Karagias' turn to try and wear down Cruiserweight Champ-to-be Shane Helms. The story here is that Chavo, Jr. has arranged to have Helm's "booked to death" before his Title shot at Greed. Did I hear Scott Hudson correctly? Did he actually use the phrase, "Three Count, just like any great band..."?? I think only Tank Abbot ever thought that. By the way, what ever happened to Talentless Tank? Not that I miss him, you understand...just curious. Oh yeah...Helms won, then Chavo attacked him (duh...)

Smooth (you know, the limo driver?) took Disqo out backstage in order to take over his scheduled match against Kanyon. Try as he might, Kanyon couldn't make a dent in the big guy - even though he was still suffering from his little car wreak last week, and even with four chair shots! Kanyon eventually retreated in the face of Smooth's hobbling rage.

The main event was the Rick Steiner vs DDP match was bound to be anti-climactic (with only a few minutes left in the program after Scott Steiner came down and trash talked his Greed challenger, then we sat through a last round of commercials). Sure enough it barely got going at a pretty good clip before first Animal ran in and then the rest of the Magificent thugs. Weak ending guys...

RAW (live from Los Angeles) opened with a Tag Team Title match which featured X-Pac and Justin Credible as the challengers. The match was going pretty good when Albert ran in and interfered, thus causing a disqualification. The three bad guys then trashed the Tag Champs. The beginnings of a new (if not very interesting) alliance, apparently.

In backstage action, Chris Benoit spent the evening ambushing his former mates. Later he actually had a match with Eddie Guerrero, and defeated him. Benoit's face turns proceeds apace.

Willie's Regal came out for a rant. His first official act as Commissioner was to make a rematch for the World Title between the Rock and Kurt Angle for the main event tonight. He started to spell out his name to the crowd. "R is for respect, E is for Education, G is that moment Chris Jericho showed up and finished his sentence, "...G is for God Regal, shut the hell up!" He accused Regal of being McMahon's puppet and other things. Later in the evening, Regal set up a handicap match for Jericho vs. RTC.

In a match for the #1 contendership to the Tag Titles, D'von Dudley defeated Christian after a spirited match that ended when Bubba came down (while the ref was unconscious) and took a chair away from Christian, and then used it on him. The Three-D finished him off as the referee regained his senses.

Vince and Trish were ready perform some kind of sex act in the ring but Vince changed his mind, saying they would continue in the locker room. This brought Shane McMahon out to administer a beat down on his father! Commissioner Regal came down to make the save but was also decked by the rogue McMahon.

Chris Jericho made a pretty good showing in his handicap match against RTC, but the numbers were against him. He went down to defeat. Shortly after this, Jim Ross made a pathetic plea to the fans to write to sports writers and other sports media types telling them to stop dissing the XFL. Really, JR...give it a rest.

In the main event, Kurt Angle thoroughly trashed the Rock and then put on the ankle lock. But when Maivia got to the ropes, Angle refused to release the hold and got himself disqualified. After the match he grabbed Debra and put the hold on her! Bad move, Kurt. Steve Austin ran out and punked Angle then Stunned the Rock for good measure. That was the end for Monday night.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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