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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WCW Greed Report

Booker T wins the US Title

Action is hot and heavy at what could be the last WCW PPV

Skipper/Romeo are the first
WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champ

Shane Helms takes the Cruiserweight Gold

McMahon Embarrasses Himself on HBO

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Volume 6, Issue 624 - March 18, 2001

WCW Greed Report

Editor's Note: Because of the potential historical nature of this program, I decided to report on it live, on the web. Below is the transcript of that report

Tony and Scott Hudson are on hand to call the action and we open with a special added attraction: KweeWee vs Jason Jett in a one-on-one match. Jet defeated Alex Wright on Thunder the other night.

Jason Jett vs. KweeWee - this match got started very quickly with Jett dominating the action from the get-go. Shortly into the bout, he used a move I have never seen - a pendulum surfboard, suspending his opponent between his legs in a surfboard stretch maneuver. But the moments later KweeWee gets loose and goes to the outside, Jett goes for an inside to out splash that...misses... But he is right back up and pulls off another unique move when he springboards off the outside of the ropes into a flying DDT. Back in the ring, KweeWee catapults his opponent over the top rope and crashes him to the floor. On the outside, KweeWee maintains control, slamming his Jett into the timekeeper's chair and then into the railing. back in the ring he puts the boots to his now helpless opponent. For a couple of minutes the bizarre one beats mercilessly on Jett. He sits him on the top corner and loses control. Jett goes dfor a super powerbomb, but KweeWee shifts his weight and both competitors crash to the mat. KweeWee recovers first and puts a face-jam on his opponent. He then goes for a piledriver but Jett blocks it with a low blow. Jett comes back with shockwave maneuver and goes for his Crsh Landing move but KweeWee lands on his feet then goes for the piledriver again. Jett blocks it but KweeWee gets some of it and a two count. Moments later KweeWee is knocked to the floor. While he is out Jett asks the crowd to keep his secret then pretend to be out cold in the ring. KweeWee returns and goes for a splash...and misses. Jet hits the Crash Landing (a fall away suplex) and takes the pin.

Rey Misterio, Jr./Billy Kidman vs. "PrimeTime" Elix Skipper/Kid Romeo - WCW World Cruiserweight Tag Team Title match - Kidman and Romeo started the match and Kidman quickly took the advantage over his rookie opponent. Romeo is a powerhouse and turned the table on a power move, then tagged in PrimeTime. Skipper couldn't hold the initiative more than a moment. Kidman tagged i n Misterio who laid in a guillotine legdrop across Kidman's knee. He then used a body scissors to throw Skipper to the floor then whipped Kidman at him for a baseball slide. The fight went up the ramp, where the rookie team was flung to the floor and then double splashed. Back in the ring PrimeTime is still the legal man and is almost pinned by Kidman. The next moment Kidman is knocked to the floor where Romeo attacks him then throws him back in. Romeo tags in to continue his assault. Romeo is a showboat and that gets him in trouble time after time, and yet he manages to dominate Kidman for quite some time at this point. Kidman is isolated as his opponents take turns working him over. They concentrate on his ribcage. Then Skipper makes the mistake of taking Kidman to the top corner and loses control of him. Skipper is powerbombed from the top then both sides make the tag. Misterio dominates Romeo and then suckers him shoulder firat into the corner post. But PrimeTime manages to eject Misterio then Romeo finds it in him to hit a double ax-handle on him. Three are out together on the floor when Kidman hits a Shooting Star from the inside out! Back in the ring, its Skipper and Misterio and PrimeTime is dominating his opponent. He uses a fisherman's suplex to hold Misterio down while Romeo hits a guillotine from the top rope. Kidman makes the save. Now we get a series of near falls with the victim's partner continually making the save. Romeo and Misterio are left in the ring. Misterio goes for an Asahi Moonsault but Romeo catches him and hits a DVD to take the pin. PrimeTime and Romeo are the first Cruiserweight Tag Champs!

Backstage, Biff has found a cameraman to handle the documentary camera. He is trailed into the CEO's office where the "Elite Crew" are gathered to gloat over the victories they haven't won yet. We hear from Animal that Scott Steiner is out tyring to get to the bottom of the attacks that took place on their faction during the week.

Sean Stasiak (w/Stacey Kiebler) vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - challenge match - the Sean and Stacey show starts with the "Mecca of Manhood" insulting the crowd and then handing out photos of himself. Bam Bam makes his entrance and Stasiak bails. On the outside, his lady comforts him as Bigalow crushes one of the publicity photos. Stasiak enters the ring cautiously and avoids the lock up until Bigalow traps him in the corner. A whip and Stasiak is flattened. Another whip and a shot to the jaw - he goes down again. He rolls out for more comfort. Back inside he shies away from contact again and calls for a time out. Right... Bigalow traps him in the opposite corner, so Stasiak thumbs his eye. As Bigalow recovers Stasiak is preening. he is caught unawares and jammed in the corner then whipped piller-to-post. Stasiak bails again then catches Bigalow coming out after him and runs him into the steps. Back in the ring, Stasiak hits a splash from the top and then fails to go for a pin. Bigalow comes back so Stasiak hits a low blow then follows up with a bootlace rake to the face. Bigalow goes down, but then comes back with a low blow of his own, followed by a headbutt - then a second one from the top rope. he goes for the pin but Stacey distracts. Going back to his victim, Bigalow signals for the Greetings from Asbury park but Stacey throws something to Sean. Stasiak sprays whatever it is - hairspray maybe?, into Bigalow's eyes then hits a suplex and gets the pin.

Hugh Morrus/Konnan vs. Team Canada - the match starts with Lance Storm and Hugh Morrus in the ring. Morrus dominates by dint of pure power for a bit but Storm finesses him then tags in Mike Awesome. Awesome dominates Morrus then turns to taunt Konnan. Konnan threatens to enter the ring and distracts the referee so that Team Canada can get in a double team on Morrus. Morrus is isolated for a moment but then crashes head-to-head with Awesome. Both are down then each team gets the tag. Konnan has the initiative at first but is also finessed and isolated. Awesome and Storm takes turns working over Konnan, each distracting the referee so that each can take Konnan to the floor for more punishment. Konnan eventually forces Storm over so he can tag his partner, but Awesome is distracting the referee so that the tag is disallowed. Moments later, Storm goes for a top rope splash but meets an upraised boot. Morrus gets the tag and comes in a house afire. He downs Storm and gets a two count. Awesome comes in illegally but is crushed in the corner. Storm uses the distraction to back jump Morrus then hits then hits his top rope splash. There are a few moments of chaos in the ring, then Awesome ets the Running Aweesome bomb and the pin.

Backstage, Dusty is filling up on Mexican food to give his butt some seasoning...

Shane Helms vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - World Cruiserweight Title match - this is pretty evenly fought from the opening bell, but Chavo uses his guile to gain the upper hand and hold it. His strategy appears to be to ground his high-flying opponent. He is largely successful, by attacking the left knee. He also wisely varies his attack, going after the small of the back between attacks on the knee. Helms tries desparately to make a comeback but Guerrero is one step ahead of him at each juncture. The fight goes out to the floor momentarily, but Chavo still retains the advantage. Finally, Helms knocks Guerrero out to the floor and takes control for the first time in the match. But Chavo almost immediately turns the tables. Clearly they are building up to some knid of sudden, desparation move finally to give Helms the win. Helms hits the Nightmare on Helms Street - but Chavo gets a foot on the rope. Chavo is knocked to the floor again, then Helms frog splashes him from the top. Back in the ring, he hitsanother top rope splash and gets a two count. He goes up again but Guerrero knocks him off the ropes. He fails to go for the pin - a critical mistake possibly. Back to the top corner where Helms knocks Guerrero to the mat but Chavo jumps right back up then maneuvers Helms into position for a Vertabreaker! Helms reverses it by flipping them both over then hits the move and gets the pin. Shane Helms is the new Cruiserweight Champ (duh...)

More documentary footage backstage. Flair and Jarret are still gloating about their expected victory. Why do I think they are kidding themselves..? Booker T delivers a cliche ridden rant...

Totally Buff vs. Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire - World Tag Team Title match - before the match we get a little trash talk from the challengers, who are a bit over-confident for my money. On the other hand their opponents are relative rookies despite their current status in the promotion. Buff and Flex brag about putting Goldberg out of the game. I wonder if they will contrive to get him back on TV before the hiatus? But I digress. Back in the ring the Buff twins are not able to remember their opponents correct names. Lex warns the fans not to go for a beer - probably giving them ideas - because this match won't last long, according to him. The Champs charge the ring and clean house, then O'Haire connects with a Seanton Bomb on each of them in turn. After a double pin, the Champs retain. Whattayuh know? Luger was right...

It is time for the next match, but Buff Bagwell is still down and out in the ring. The announcers are worried about his previously injured neck. But he is all right and is helped to the back by Luger.

Kanyon vs. the Cat (w/Miss Jones) - grudge match - Miller gave up his Commissionership to get this match. As the Cat is going to the ring, Kanyon runs out and attacks...Miss Jones! The Cat stops him in his tracks and drags him back to the ring. Kanyon is wearing a wrist brace from his encounter with IM Smooth on Thursday. His tendency is to showboat and it gets him in trouble in this one. The Cat is all over him. He turns the tables momentarily but then slugs the Cat in the top of his head using the injured hand. He backs off and bails then goes after Miss Jones again. Miller cuts him off and whips him into the railing, then the steps. Back in the ring, kanyon hits a clothesline off the top rope and goes for a pin but can't even get one. His wrist is still hurting him and now he appears to have hurt his knee as well. Still he uses his patented innovative offense to regain the initiative. He grabs a reverse chinlock but Miller gets away. Kanyon goes for a sleeper on the rebound but Miller suplexes him then goes into his karate offense. Kanyon rebounds with a swinging neck breaker but then goes to the top and gets caught. Miller suplexes him from the second rope. Both are a little woozy for a moment. The next exchange sees Kanyon hit a sunset flip but Miller keeps his balance anbd hits a double thrust to the throat. Now Kanyon is repeatedly trying to come back but Miller keeps knocking him down. Kanyon gets a roll up and a three count - but Miller is in the ropes and escapes. Kanyon gets a Boston Crab but Miler fights to the ropes and escapes again. He comes back with the Feliner and goes for the cover, but now Kanyon gets his foot on the rope. He then ejects Miller from the ring but fails to follow up. Miller re-enters the ring and gets hit with a foreign object. Miss Jones objects, thus distracting the referee who goes down to a shot from behind. She takes a swing at Kany0on but connects with the Cat by mistake. She then stands up to Kanyon and gets a thrust kick on him. Miller hits the Feliner again and it is over. Kanyon comes back and hits a Flatliner on the Cat after the match but then Smooth appears and chases him away.

Totally Buff are experiencing a case of "finger pointing". Meanwhile Dusty is "holding in" his gas. How he expects to do that during a match I don't know...

Booker T vs. Rick Steiner - WCW United States Title match - the betting on this one is that Steiner will retain so that Booker can go ahead and concentrate on the World Title, but with the current situation regarding the viability of the company, I think all bets are off. Steiner dominates the opening moments using his superior power and wrestling abiltity to their best advantage. he aklso cheats with face rakes and other cheap shots, but it is his suplex attack which really tells the story. He grounds Booker with a reverse chinlock then hits another suplex. He stops to intimidate the referee for a moment then goes back to work with a bow and arrow. Booker fights to his feet then gets a forearm shot to the back for his trouble. Moments later Booker comes back with a suplex of his own but Steiner turns right around and hits a big belly-to-belly. He goes for a pin and gets two. Booker kicks out and bounds to his feet, but Steiner hits amassive Steinerline to down the challenger once again. I'm happy to see Steiner get this push - he has been under-used for some time now. Booker suddenly escapes and hits the Ghetto Blaster to take control for the first time in the match. But then he knocks the referee down and then is back jumped by Steiner, who goes for the pin - but the referee is down. Suddenly, Shane Douglas shows up at ringside. he upsets Steiner, who is at the top ready to fly. Booker hits the Bookend and takes the pin Booker T is the US Champ!

More documentary - Buff is lying face down and the Animal is standing over him when Luger shows up and accuses him of being the attacker.

Ric Flair/Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin and Dusty Rhodes - Flair comes to the ring in his street clothes and accompanied by the Animal. Something is up... An amazing stat here - this is the very first time that Dusty and Flair have ever met on a PPV program! They have faced each other at Starrcade over the years - but those were all on broadcast TV. As Dusty makes his entrance to a new theme song - Flair grabs the mic and states that he isn't wrestling - he offers Jarret to them in a handicap situation! On the floor outside, Flair decides to wrestle after all but then is appalled when referee "Little Natche" Charles Robinson orders the Animal to clear out! Apparently Flair will wrestle in his Hawaiin shirt and dress slacks. The fight begins between Jarrett and Dustin, who goes on the offensive immediately. He seems to have jarrett's number as he thwarts every try at a comeback. He is finally caught re-entering the ring after a corner crunch and Flair is tagged in. He punishes the younger Rhodes with cheap shots then hammers him in the corner. He whips Rhodes, who puts on the breaks then tags in his dad. Dusty takes his timje locking up then downs Flair. Ric jumps up but backs off when Dusty threatens the bionic elbow. They finally tangle and Dusty lays it in. Flair goes down, Jarrett runs in and he goes down to the elbow as well. The bad guys try a double team but Dustin breaks that up and then sets Jarrett up for the Dust Buster (Shattered Dreams). Flair hits a low blow from behind and Dustin is suddenly on the receiving end and isolated. Dustin reverses a sleeper but Jarrett gets a shot to his knee and starts setting up for a Figure Four. Jarrett goes for it but Dustin refusdes to submit. He turns it over. Jarrett escapes and goes for it again but Dustin kicks him off. They collide head-to-head and both go down for the count. Both are up at 5 and make the tag. Dusty comes in and cleans house. He is moving like the American Dream of old! he gets a blind tag and a double clothesline then Dustin downs both bad guys. But then the Rhodes' are downed and a double Figure Four is in the offing. But it doesn't happen. Jarrett is ejected and Dustin rolls Flair up for the pin. Dusty wants his stio fulfilled at this point. Jarrett tries to interfere but Dustin cuts him off then holds him in the corner for the Stinky Face. Flair flees the scene.

"Big Papa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page - WCW World Heavyweight Title match - DDP takes a run through the crowd before entering the ring. He goes right on the attack on the bell and actually hits a Diamond Cutter almost immediately! But Steiner kicks out. he continues his assault and then they fall to the outside where Steiner turns the tables. He holds DDP on the apron and goes for a chest smash - but Page snaps his head off the top rope. Steiner no sells the move, however, and goes back on the attack. They brawl over to the Spanish broadcast table where Pedro Morales is holding court. This is a take off on what always seems to happen in the WWF, obviously. But they don't disturb the announcers as Page regains the initiative. Remember, this is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Steiner gets into an altercation with a fan at ringside and is surprised by the challenger. Back in the ring, Steiner comes back with a rather anemic Steinerline. He turns to the camera and shows us that his forehead is bleeding. I can't remember the last time I saw blood in a WCW match. Actually, I can - it was a match between Chris Benoit and Stephen Regal in which the camers pulled back and showed long shots until the match was over. This was two or three years ago! But I digress once again. Back in the ring, Steiner is in control but Page is still gamely keeping up. Page takes th advantage for a moment but then runs int a boot in the corner and is suplexed. Steiner grabs a bow and arrow - didn't we already see this exchange earlier between Rick Steiner and Booker T? Page gets a DDT and then hits a short clothesline. He pummels Steiner with rights and lefts then smashes his forehead into the corner pad. Steiner recovers and almost gets a pin on a roll up but the referee sees his feet on the ropes. Page spins Steiner around for a backslide but Steiner hits a mule kick. Page comes right back and hits the Diamond Cutter - he goes for the pin but Rick Steiner is there and drags him out to the floor. Page downs Rick and goes back to confront Scott. He misses another pinfall then is distracted by Rick. Scott hits Page with the title belt but fails to get the pin. he applies a Boston Crab but Page, his face a mask of blood, gets to the ropes and escapes. Steiner applies the Recliner - but Page gets to the ropes again! Midasia distracts the ref while Steiner hits Page with his steel pipe then applies the recliner once more and the unconsious Page is declred unable to continue. Steiner retains the Title, then drapes a U of Michigan flag over his vanquished opponent then huts him a couple of more times with the pipe.

That's it folks...

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

I caught Vince McMahon's interview on HBO the other night. It was coincidental that this interview just happened to take place at a time when the burning controversey over at Solie's Readers' Forum revolved around the character (or lack of same) of the legendary WWF owner.

One faction sees McMahon as a brilliant showman, who single-handidly brought the wrestling business to it's current heights. A "genius" whose ruthless business tactics are justified by the fact that he makes more money than any wrestling promoter in the history of the business. The measure of his success is that more of the "mainstream" audience watches his product. These folks would say that McMahon's controversial personal style is all an act, meant to pique people's curiosity and spur interest in his programs.

The other faction (including myself), sees Vinnie Mac as an arrogant, misogynist slimeball, who uses people to achieve his ends, which includes eventually destroying the wrestling business so that he can finally realize his dream of being a producer of "Adventure Programming" on TV. From this point of view, McMahon is so interested in being an entertainment mogul that he is willing to pander to the basest instincts of his core audience of 14-to-21 year old males, presenting a thinly disguised form of soft core pornography, getting further and further away from what wrestling once was. The part sporting event, part morality play that draws the interest of the true wrestling fan is apparently beneath this third generation wrestling promoter. In fact, McMahon has been quoted as saying that he would like to eventually remove the word wrestling altogether from his on-air product. The problem with that, as we see it, is that Vince has no compunction about tarring the entire wrestling industry on his way out the door.

This brings us back to the subject at hand.

The interview with Bob Costas, a well known and very respected sports journalist, seemed to demonstrate that "what you see is what you get" with McMahon. He isn't putting on an act - he really is a jerk. When Costas asked McMahon about the plunge in the ratings suffered by his latest attempt to move out of the wrestling sphere, the fledgling XFL football league, McMahon's response was to blame the press, blame his announcers, blame the audience that failed to come back for a second look... When Costas asked McMahon to consider if his own rather unsavory reputation might have contributed to the public's inability to take him seriously, Vince's response was to call Costas and other sports journalists "elitists". From that point on the interview took an ugly turn as McMahon continued to throw out personal insults, abandoning any attempt to respond reasonably to Costas' questions. Leaning threateningly into the diminuitive Costas, McMahon at times seemed to be doing a strange impression of former presidential candidate, Ross Perot, repeatedly demanding that Costas (who was barely getting a word in edgewise) allow him to make his points, "...can I finish please?" Ironically, when Costas turned the tables and threw some of McMahon's tactics back at him, even telling him to his face that that was what he was doing, McMahon was indignant. At the end of the interview, McMahon almost gleefully declared that he enjoyed the talk, assuring Costas that he, "...likes to fight."

This digusting show of macho bravado was a performance that seemed almost calculated to embarrass those of us who call ourselves wrestling fans and will undoubtedly further serve to damage the interests of the industry at large. But then, Vince McMahon doesn't really care about that, because he really doesn't want to be a wrestling promoter.

The problem is that other people do...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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