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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Jeff Hardey wins the IC Gold!
Then Loses it Back to HHH on SmackDown

WWF disappoints with short sighted booking

Parallel Lives: The Story Of
Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

Part 6 by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling "Only In California"

House show report by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 630 - April 16, 2001
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In this issue we present the sixth installment of Ervin Griffin's multi-part biography of Diamond Dallas and Kimberley Page.

Tonight's edition also contains our weekly Crossface Connection editorial from Solie's regular, John Cross, and as always, my own topical rant.

All Pro Wrestling "Only In California"

Vallejo, Ca. Saturday April 14th 2001


Interview with Buddy Cotello, Vincenzo Massaro & Super Destroyer 2000
Cotello and company kicked off the show by coming to the ring to cut a promo. Cotello let it be known that he was having a hard time concentrating on managing two wrestlers, and was going to drop down to managing only one. Massaro, who is the cousin of Cotello, didn't want to force his cousin to make the decision, and claimed he hadn't been happy with the way Buddy was handling his career. Vinny decided to step down and allow Cotello to manage only Super Destroyer. However, SD2K then said he wasn't happy with Cotello's managerial performance either. Cotello then said it was ok, because he had another man in mind. Cotello called out Iron Sheik Comini and Shane Dynasty. Cotello had purchased the contract of Comini, and had legally changed his name to Sheik Ali Boom Boom. Massaro & SD2K were left without a manager, and Boom Boom had a new one.

Tommy Blaze vs. Kid Chrome
Winner: Tommy Blaze ( * * )

Interview with Team UPW
Southern California's Team UPW made their way to the ring for an interview. Rick Bassman was followed by a gang of his henchmen, which included Samoa Joe, Prototype, Frankie Kazarian, Seiji Sakoda, B-Boy, Looney Lane, and of course, Shane Dynasty, who decided back in February, that he would jump onto the UPW bandwagon. They talked a lot of trash, about how much better UPW is than APW, and each member of the team had a little something to say to the hardcore APW fans of Vallejo. So-Cal's finest finally left the ring with the crowd in an uproar, chanting profanities at them, and barely being able to wait until Team APW got their hands on them.

Sheik Ali Boom Boom (with Buddy Cotello) vs. Sean Patrick O'Doule
Winner: Sheik Ali Boom Boom ( * * )

Interview with Team APW
Team APW, which consists of Robert Thompson, Donovan Morgan & Vincenzo Massaro, had a lot to say about what Team UPW had said earlier in the evening. Morgan was sporting his new Midwest Championship Wrestling Jr.Heavyweight Title that he had won recently in Chicago. They told the fans of Vallejo not to worry, as they would be fighting strong for APW, and nobody loves APW as much as the three of them. The fans were behind them, as they vowed revenge on UPW, for interfering in the last Vallejo show.

Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match
Samoa Joe & B-Boy (with Rick Bassman & Looney Lane) vs. The Snott Brothers (with Betty Beefcake) vs. The Kamikaze Kids
Winners: Samoa Joe & B-Boy ( * * * )

Super Destroyer 2000 vs. "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande (with Xtacy)
Winner: Boyce LeGrande ( * * )

LeGrande/SD2K Aftermath...
Just as he did in Cloverdale a few weeks back, Thompson was still looking out for his former partner. Boyce and Bomber hugged in the middle of the ring, until...out of nowhere, Robert Thompson hit a vicious clothesline on Boyce! The fans were shocked at what they were seeing, as Thompson put Boyce away with three consecutive Fisherman Busters. Bomber was a man possessed, as he kept up a brual attack on his former partner. He grabbed the beautiful Xtacy, and finally APW security jumped into the ring to break it up. They got Boyce out of the ring, and helped him to the back, while Thompson grabbed the mic and totally trashed APW. He talked all about how he fought for the past 9 years to make APW what it is today, and he talked about how fans on the internet were never fair to him, only calling him fat and old. He talked a lot of trash about Roland Alexander, and really did an entire shoot-style promo, taking some really low blows on APW and everyone associated with it, from the fans to the wrestlers. He badmouthed Boyce LeGrande, Donovan Morgan, Michael Modest, Vinny Massaro, and just about everyone you could think of...unreal!!!

This was definitley Thompson's best promo ever. So good, that the fans in Vallejo chanted his name throughout the whole thing, and cheered for him, because he was such a bad-ass. Thompson put down Team APW, and let it be known that he would not be teaming with Vinny Massaro & Donovan Morgan tonight. This was really a historical moment, as APW's Franchise, Robert Thompson, turned heel, and turned on the entire promotion itself.

Team APW vs. Team UPW - 6-Man Elimination Match
The Prototype, Keiji Sakoda & Frankie "The Future" Kazarian (with Rick Bassman, Looney Lane & Shane Dynasty) vs. "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro, "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan & "Big" Maxx Justice

Before the match got started, Rick Bassman pointed out that Robert Thompson had dumped Team APW, and they were a little short-handed. However, Donovan Morgan & Vincenzo Massaro weren't worried, and they introduced the man who would be their new partner for the night. The garage door flew open, and an APW truck pulled up...out of the truck came...MAXX JUSTICE!!! Justice was going to be the third member of Team APW! This was the big match that everyone had been waiting for. UPW's finest against APW's finest, who was the better promotion??? Massaro, Justice & Morgan vs. Prototype, Sakoda & Kazarian.

The match was very exciting, just what the fans expected. Team UPW didn't seem to happy to get into the ring with Justice, even Prototype didn't want to touch the big monster. It was a very tough battle, and the first man eliminated was Seiji Sakoda. He showed that he has a lot of skills, but Massaro put him out with a Cobra Clutch into a Downward Spiral, and got the pin, leaving it 3 on 2. Chalk up another innovative move for Vinny! Next, Frankie Kazarian hit a Superkick on Vinny, and pinned him for a 3-count, and the sides were even at 2-2. Donovan Morgan promptly came in, and hit Angel Wings on Kazarian, eliminating him. It was now 2 on 1...Prototype was alone, against Maxx Justice and Donovan Morgan. Morgan was tired, and he made the tag to Justice...who Prototype had been hiding from all night long. Justice came to the ring, and suprisingly...shook the hand of Prototype! Justice smirked, turned around, and chokeslamed Morgan back into the ring! Prototype covered Donovan for the 1...2...3! Team UPW was victorious, as Maxx Justice had turned his back on Donovan Morgan and APW.

We should have known! As Shane Dynasty jumped into the ring, and celebrated the fact that Justice had outsmarted the Universal Champion. Justice & Prototype beat Morgan down with a steel chair, hammering him over and over with it. It was a sickening sight to see them double teaming our champ, while Rick Bassman & Shane Dynasty gloat over it. Team UPW was done for the night, and they left Vallejo with another win over Team APW. This was truly a dark day for APW.

Winners: Team UPW ( * * * )

APW Universal Tag Team Championship
The Original Westside Playaz (with Jimmy Ripp) vs. The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa)

The two teams that would battle for the vacant APW Tag Team Titles were The Ballard Brothers, and the newly formed team of "Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson & "Shooter" Tony Jones, managed by the returning "Mack Daddy" Jimmy Ripp. They were calling themselves The Original Westside Playaz. They looked as solid and as sound as any tag team could look, but they got quite a fight from The Ballards, who the fans were totally behind.

It was a great tag team battle, with Jones showing his usual suplexes and amatuer background. Thompson was stiff as hell, and really laid into it with everything he had. I think this new Robert Thompson is going to be something like a rejuvination for his career. He worked hard tonight, and put up an impressive display on the mic and in the ring. The Ballards were great, their teamwork was solid, and Melissa hit a few of her signature moves, like her Hurricarana from the top on Jones.

The end of the match came, when Jones & Thompson had Shannon Ballard in the ring alone, and they were double teaming him. Jones put him up in Powerbomb position, and Thompson came off with an amazing Blockbuster (much like that of Boyce LeGrande), finishing off The Ballards in a fair fashion, and winning the APW Tag Team Titles. APW has new Universal Tag Team Champions, and they are The Original Westside Playaz, Robert Thompson & Tony Jones, managed by Jimmy Ripp.

Winners: Original Westside Playaz ( * * * )

After the match, Ripp & The Playaz talked smack to the fans of Vallejo, who showered the ring with trash, cups, wrappers etc. Jimmy Ripp on the mic, being backed up by a ruthless & heartless team of Tony Jones & Robert Thompson, was just plain scary. The show ends with Thompson & Jones standing in the ring with Ripp, holding their newly won tag team championship belts.

Parallel Lives: The Story Of Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 6: A Savage War & A 'Perfect' Betrayal

After his victory over Randy "Macho Man" Savage at WCW Spring Stampede '97, Diamond Dallas Page should've been celebrating his biggest victory at that point in his in-ring career. Instead, he was drawn deeper into a violent war with not only the former two time WWF World Champion but with the renegade organization known as the nWo as a whole. So, instead of basking in the glory of this win, he was not only fighting for WCW and his wife Kimberly, he was fighting for his professional life!

Over the next few months, Page would have several run-ins with Savage and other nWo members. Page even began to team with WCW fan favorites like "The Total Package" Lex Luger and The Giant (WWF's Big Show) in his battles with the nWo. In June of 1997, Page had another battle with Savage at WCW's Great American Bash '97. This time, it was a falls count anywhere bout. While I have never seen it personally, I have it on good account that it was pretty brutal! Page was on the verge of victory again until Scott Hall interfered and gave Savage the win over Page, thus evening the score for his loss at Spring Stampede.

The next month, Page challenged Hall and Savage to a tag team match at WCW Bash At The Beach (the card also featured the famous/infamous bout with Luger & The Giant Vs. Dennis "The Worm" Rodman & "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan). Most fans thought that Page would bring the then-enigmatic Sting as his partner but Page stunned experts by choosing Curt Hennig as his partner! This would prove to be a big mistake as the former "Mr. Perfect" betrayed Page and left him to get pummled by Savage and Hall. Page lost the bout and was left humiliated.

On August 4, 1997 (had to gleem Earl's Solie's Vintage Wrestling back issues for the date), Page wrestled "Nature Boy" Ric Flair for the first time ever on WCW Monday Nitro. While Flair had the edge in experience, the bout was surprisingly even as Page matched Flair move for move. Even the interference of Curt Hennig did little to help Flair as Page went on win by DQ. This was a significant night for two reason: 1. Luger defeated "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Title and 2. it was one of the first appearances of the WCW Nitro Girls dance team headed up by none other than Kimberly Page! While I don't know who exactly were the original girls in the group, I do know that they evolved into the Nitro Girl team of Kimberly, Chae, Storm (who we knew recently as Paisley), Spice, Tygress (formerly of The Filthy Animals) and Fyre. One known Nitro Girl was nicknamed Whisper. She is now the wife of former WWF World Champion and Grand Slam winner Shawn Michaels.

After this bout, Page would face Curt Hennig at WCW Road Wild '97 in Sturges, North Dakota. DDP lost this bout but the war with Hennig was far from over but reveng would have to wait as the war with Savage was still unsettled.

Next: Broken Bones & Redemption

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and formerly contributed to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

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Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I want to say some good things about my brother, Mike. He is a good guy.

There are a lot of good guys out there, however, and I want to say that Mike is above and beyond all of that rot. Really, he is!

We have been writing the Crossface Report for 16 months now, every week. That ends up being around 70 or so editions. We have gotten into ruts and repeats, and manage to work it out to repair the flaws. We put out an OK product, and I am proud of it.

We may not be famous, but it is a hobby. We haven't made a mint doing this, you know. I think we have actually spent more than we have benefited. We did get some shirts out of it, though. And some bumper stickers, and some business cards.

Well, what'ya expect? We had to find a sponsor or two.

The real reason we do it, though, is the love of the sport.

There are many people that truly feel that pro wrestling is bullcrap. True, unmitigated bull feces, with smell, flies, and all. They look at any mention of the industry as a waste. It is a joke to them, and they would just as soon watch grass grow than watch Smackdown.

I say, fine. They have the right, you know? First Amendment, wave the flag, and all that stuff. Dandy. I am of the opinion, however, that they completely miss the point.

You have beautiful athletes, at the top of their game, doing beautiful things in the ring. You have men and women risking life and limb for the pay, the fans, and the sport. I have said, in the past, that wrestlers put more on the line individually than many pro ball players, whatever the sport. These guys learn how to do violence to the other party in such a way that they aren't injured by it. Find me a man that can hit you in your neck, and you get up and have no ill effects, and I will show you a talented man.

You see these guys choreographing magnificent flying moves, 15 feet off the ground. You see men giving up their bodies for the pop. Most of these guys make less than half of the mandated minimum salary of the pro football, pro baseball, and pro basketball leagues. Yet, they dedicate their lives to pro wrestling.

I think of a Matt Hardy, or a Rey Jr. These people are doing things that would scare many a soldier. Six inches either way would spell disaster. Then, after laying it on the line in Chicago, you gotta get in the rental car and drive to Indianapolis, because there is a dark show to do before we get to Knoxville, and next week's Raw. No union, little retirement, no real ownership for the vast majority of the workers, and no advancement for the majority of them. Dedication is the mainstay for these individuals.

What happens in 30 years, when the muscles cannot function anymore, and the balance is less exact? When retirement is imminent, 75% of the current pro-wrestlers are just done. Read the Rock's book, and see what his dad went through...and he was a multiple champion! What next, pro wrestler? Will you be financially OK, or will you limp on battered knees and broken bones through an impoverished Golden Years? No thought to this, for the great Here and Now asks much, and gives visceral recompense, with the roar of the crowd, the flashbulbs, and the adrenal rush of pulling off another perfect spot.

All this is done to create a universe of dirty heroes, knights in shining armor, unassailable evil juggernauts, and creative characters. Fans can strike their boss, slam that slutty girl, flip off their enemies, and never offend a soul. Also, in this parallel universe, your enemy becomes your friend in 8 months. You can recreate yourself, and get a new hero when you get tired of the old one. The water is cool, sweet, and you can jump in anytime they are on TV. When your life is the same thing over and over, you know the wrestling-verse will give you clarity and unexpectedness. Why do you think people complain when the same guys feud all the time (and that is a FACT....not an opinion)?

This is why we like it. These individuals truly chase a dream, and a way of life like that of the circus, where you move from town to town, showing your talents to warm, rowdy crowds,. When you are done, you move on, and so become, at least to the fans, the circus itself. Eventually, the circus life IS life to the workers, and to the wrestlers also. And, like the trapeze artist who swings without a net, the wrestlers play with no real backup to their mistakes.

So, we watch. And, we deeply enjoy it. We want to be a part of it, too. Therefore, to share it, we write the Crossface Report.

And, I write this. Just so you will understand a little better.

I won't forget to promote Solie's, which is the best place to find all your wrestling info, and, for all your news, rumors, and results.

See you next week with another Connection

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Smackdown (taped at the First Union Center in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania) opened with a WIP (Weekley Interminable Promo) featuring the newest heel stable of HHH and Steve Austin. The two of them came to the ring separately (HHH was accompanied by Stephanie), but were definitely on the same wavelength. It sounded kind of funny hearing HHH say, "...we wanted the WWF Title and we took it." Gosh...I don't remember HHH being involved in that match... In this case, Jeff Hardey ran out and puncuated Austin's heel speech with a couple of chairshots for HHH and the Rattlesnake, and a reverse neckbreaker for Stephanie. Is it me or is their act getting old already? At least they are starting to mine the gold that is the problematic relationship between the "new" Steve Austin and his wife, Debra. As usual, this bit of nonsense took the better part of 20 minutes.

Spike Dudley took on Albert one-on-one...but not really, because both of his partners and both of Albert's partners were on hand to interfere. I think the WWF is missing as bet by burying Spike's old "giant killer" personna. There was something so unlikely about the little guy coming out week after week and taking out the big guys with that one move (The Acid Drop) in record time. In this case he got the move in - but Albert kicked out and then came back and destroyed his opponent. Afterward, the bigger Dudleys made some sport with Albert, hitting him with the Whassup! Then doing trying to do the table number on him. X-Pac and Less-than-Credible spoiled their fun - Spike ended up going through the table.

Jeff Hardey was ordered into an Intercontinental Title match by Commissioner Regal. Hmmm...this is punishment? The Big Show then stormed in and demanded a three-on-two handicap against the Scarey Brothers.

Debra sought out Jim Ross and commiserated with him over her husbands changed personna - until the Rattlesnake showed up and accused JR of trying to make time with his wife. In the next segment, we see Austin muscling his wife out of the arena.

I'm sorry, but for me Chyna doesn't make it as the Womens' Champ. I mean her whole deal is that she is able to compete with the men. Putting her in matches with other women just seems unfair. She has an unfair advantage in every Womens' Title match. Tonight she defended her belt in a rematch against former champ, Ivory...and destroyed both her opponent and Stevie Richards. No surprise there...

The giant is trying to find a couple of partners. APA aren't interested.

Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle and Willy Regal took on the Chris's (Benoit and Jericho) tonight in the usual lopsided handicap match (yawn). Can you guess who won? Come on...guess...

The Big Show finally found some partners to take on the Scarey Brothers...Kaientai. The problem was that shortly after the match began, the big guy decided to abandon his partners - so what was the point of all this again..?

Another segment, another handicap match. Honestly - can't these folks think of anything new to do? This one features RTC, two on one (Val Venis and the Bull Buchanan) against Test. At the last moment, just when it looked like Test would be overwhelmed, Raven ran in and did a number on RTC, giving Test the win. After the match, RTC started disintegrating as Val and Stevie started brawling with Bull and the Goodfather.

HHH defended (and lost!) his Intercontinental Title against Jeff Hardey tonight - this being a result of their earlier run-ins which resulted in both Lita and Matt being injured. I have to give it to Hunter - he really sold Hardey's spectacular aerial manaeuvers. Naturally, at one point, HHH had the match won and chose to pull his opponent up instead of pinning him...always a mistake... I would classify this as the match of the week just for the pure surprise value of having HHH lose to the smaller man.

RAW was live from the Thompson-Boling Arena at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and opened with a video recap of Jeff Hardey's win over HHH for the IC title last week. They will have a rematch later. Then we went to the ring where Vince McMahon commandeered center for his weekly rant. His subject, what else? Linda and her demand for a divorce on last week's RAW program. Vince parades both his misogyny and his hypocracy (the character "Mr. McMahon", I mean...) by saying that he reveres the institution of marraige and then declaring that he will fight any move toward a divorce. This brings Debra to the ring to call him a liar to his face. She claims that Vince has had a negative influence on her husband, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mr. McMahon denies the charge, using his speech to dredge up some of Austin's more heinous actions of late. He ends it with an personal insult which prompts Debra to slap the taste out of his mouth! After the break, we see Vince getting into his limo and leaving with a disgusted, "Women!" Switch to backstage where Stone Cold is leading his wife to a dressing room and ordering her to stay there.

Edge and Christian defended their Tag Team belts against the Hollys. I was surprised that the Hollys were introduced as having a combined weight of 444 lbs...huh? I thought they were super heavyweights... As the cousins made their way to the ring, Steroid Bob was attacked suddenly by Rhyno, seemingly leaving Crash more or less on his own to start the match. Actually it was the knocked-senseless Bob who took the brunt of the Tag Champs' attack as he was isolated from the get go. When Crash finally got into the match, he assayed a valiant effort but then was caught in the middle. Molly had to his a flying move to give him an "edge" (no pun intended). A couple of cheapshots and a blatant pull of the tights later, E&C retained their titles.

Backstage, Mike Cole interviews the Hardeys. Jeff says that his win over HHH was an accomplishment to be savored and allows as how he will be happy to give Hunter a rematch, but he also says that what Austin and HHH did to Lita was wrong and there is some unfinished business that needs to be taken care of.

Has anyone else noticed how much that blue "Lugz" character looks like the Rock?

Backstage a limo pulls up with WCW1 on the license plate. Shane McMahon gets out and heads into the arena.

Is it just me or is X-Pac starting to bulk up? Bubba Ray Dudley took on Barely Credible (whatever) in a rather lopsided match until X-Pac and Albert got involved to turn the tables. Devon was taken out on the floor, leaving Bubba to fight all three of the X-Factor team members. Bubba made a brief comeback toward the end but the odds were overwhelming...then all of a sudden things turned sour for the bad guys as their own interference came back to haunt them. They were so much in the referee's face that the Dudleys managed to lay the Whutsup! on Justin then came away with the pin.

Shane encounters Grand Masta Sexay and then the Big Show backstage. Clever repartee ensues... (Note: This is all the air time Shane got on the what was the point?) Meanwhile, Kurt Angle is bad-mouthing the Commissioner to the Tag Champs who are trying to tell him that Regal is standing right behind him the whole time (Christian fakes a sneeze saying "rightbehindyou" - later, Kurt tells him he ought to get that cold seen too...) In the middle of a backstage interview with Mike Cole, Steve Austin is suddenly attacked and trashed by Matt Hardey. Gosh, d'you think this might lead to a match..? Austin then accosts the Helmsley-McMahons in their dressing room - he wants to take the Hardeys out, but HHH really wants his title re-match. Hunter convinces Austin to leave the building.

Stevie Richards challenges Kane for his Hardcore Title. Right, like this is going to go Richard's way... Repeated shots with a trash can fail to even make Kane flinch. The fight - or should I say - squash - goes right to the floor then heads to the backstage area. Kane is his usual devestating self - meaning that Richards gets creamed. Other members of RTC get involved and Kane is going down when the second Scarey Brother arrives to change the odds. They are smashed and then Richards is speared into a trailer ala Rey Misterio on Nitro a few years ago. UT advices the unconscious Richards to, "...give up the good fight and find a good woman."

During his match with Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle shows that, despite his reputation as an Olympic amateur wrestler, he is quite capable of brawling with the best of them. But when he needs to turn the tables suddenly, it is with an excellent over the head suplex. The "Angle Lock" rears it's ugly head almost immediately after that but Jericho escapes by getting to the ropes. Moments later, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Jericho wriggles out of it. Angle retreats up the aisle chased by Jericho, then Regal shows up to lend a hand. Jericho ia handling both of them as the referee declares the contest a DQ. Jericho succombs then is rescued by the other Chris (Benoit).

After the break Willie Regal decided he wanted his already scheduled match with Benoit, "...right now." Benoit returned to the ring with Jericho in his wake. With the two recent combatants in each corner the fight was on again. I remembering correctly? Wasn't it a match between Regal and Benoit a few years ago in WCW that ended up being broadcast entirely in long shots when Benoit juiced the hard way? Toward the end of the match, Kurt Angle got involved which brought on an assault by Jericho while in the ring, Regal executed his Regal Stretch. The referee left the ring to see to Angle, allowing Jericho to break up the Stretch. Then Benoit grabbed the Cripller Crossface and forced Regal to concede.

Backstage, Raven delivered one of his incomprehensible declarations to his uncomprehending partners in a 6 man match against the Radicalz later tonight, Test and Billy Gunn. I think Raven attended the Ultimate Warrior school of wrestling rants, or something... In the match, the good (?) guys outflanked the bad guys from the get-go. If nothing else, with test and Billy, their team had the power and size advantage by a long shot. Malenko and Guerrero are the superior wrestlers of the six, and Saturn has...well...a funny hat. After the initial assault, the Radicalz superior teamwork began to take its toll. Gunn was isolated for a bit then Raven came in a house-afire. He finally took Guerrero out with an Evenflo (though they didn't call it that.)

The Big Show thought he had a handicap match against Kaientai...but...the whiley Japanese team showed up with APA in tow. The latter beat down the giant then left him to the tender mercies of their employers...who were beaten anyway.

In a rant delivered at WWF New York, Trish Stratus reveals that it was she who took Linda McMahon off her meds.

At 10:46 we were treated to a second airing of the video promo that aired at the top of the program. Backstage, Willie Regal told Matt Hardey that he was barred from ringside during the IC Title re-match between his brother and challenger HHH. Curses...foiled again... The match itself started pretty much as expected with HHH tearing into the Champion with a vengence. Jeff's title reign looked as if it would be a short one. Except for one or two quick flurries, Hardey was on the defensive throughout the match. But try as he might, HHH was unable to get the pinfall. A desparation jawbreaker gave Hardey a late breaking boost and then Lita and Stephanie got into a dust up outside that further distracted the challenger. HHH was felled by a shot in the face with the title belt, then was rammed face first into the ringpost, then into the steps and onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Hardey hit a missle drop-kick and almost got the pin. A roll-up got him another two count. He then countered a Pedigree into a backslide for yet another two count. But then he missed a flying move. HHH went to the second rope where Hardey caught him and Frankensteinered him to the mat. He then went for the Swanton bomb but Hunter rolled out of the way. Meanwhile, backstage, Austin re-appeared and took Matt out. Austin headed toward the arena where he met Lita on the ramp. As he was stalking the lady, HHH was getting a Pedigree and the pin to take back the title.

Too bad...

Lita was thrown into the ring and about to get a repeat beating when the Scarey Brothers showed up to change the bad guys' focus. UT and Kane entered the ring and the heels bailed.

Well, that's unfortunate. One can only hope that this doesn't mean the end of Jeff Hardey's push. Very disappointing finish...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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