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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WWF Backlash on ScrambleVision

Wrestling Legend Johnny Valentine Dead at 72

Father of Greg "the Hammer" succumbs after long illness

Matt Hardey the New Euro Champ

Parallel Lives: The Story Of
Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

Part 7 by Ervin Griffin

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 632 - April 30, 2001

Wrestling Legend Johnny Valentine Dead at 72

The wrestling world was saddened to hear of the passing of Johnny Valentine after a long illness on April 23rd in a hospital near his home in River Oaks, TX. He was 72.

"Sunday evening John had developed a temperature that escalated really high," explained Valentine's sister-in-law Brenda"(The hospital) called us up early in the morning and told us he was having problems breathing. They were going to move him to the critical care unit. Then they called us a little while later and said his heart had stopped. They were trying to work on him for 45 minutes but they couldn't do anything. I believe they called the official time of death at 3:07 AM." Brenda said that Sharon Valentine is taking the loss of her beloved husband very hard.

Brenda told a reporter the day after his passing that funeral arrangements haven't been made yet. "We believe we're going to do a cremation and have a memorial service in a week or so." Later in the week we learned that there will be a Memorial service for Johnny Valentine on May 1st at 3:00 p.m. at the Castleberry Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Valentine was one of the all time greats before his career was cut short by a plane crash in October of 1975. Ric Flair suffered a broken back in the same plane crash. Those amazing chops that Greg "the Hammer" Valentine uses were learned from his dad. With his cocky attitude, long blond hair, the tanned, athletically-built Valentine was one of the most hated men of the 'Golden Era' of wrestling. Former NWA World champion Lou Thesz called Valentine "the most courageous guy I ever saw."

I personally saw Valentine in the flesh only once. It was around 1972 in Los Angeles, and he wasn't wrestling. He was attending an LA Lakers basketball game and was introduced from his seat in the stands. I have seen a few of his matches on videotape and he was one amazing performer, so intense, and his right hand was thunderous. Johnny Valentine earned his formidible reputation.

Solie's would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this true wrestling legend.

Fans who want to send condolences or donations to the family can do so at:

Editor's Note: In tonight's edition, we present Part 7 of Ervin Griffin's multi-part article on the careers of Diamond Dallas and Kimberly Page, plus our weekly Crossface Connection editorial from Solie's regular, John Cross, and as always, my own topical rant.

APW News

by Jermz


In a stunning upset during his tour of Midwest Championship Wrestling, "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan was de-throned as the APW Universal Heavyweight Champion. "Ice Pick" Vic Capri came out on top of a 2-of-3-Falls Ladder Match, to defeat Morgan, and become the NEW APW UNIVERSAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! The match was said to have been very exciting, with Capri pulling out a tough victory to win the title. This puts APW in a tough position now, as Morgan was scheduled to defend the title June 2nd in Pacifica against Michael Modest and June 9th in Vallejo against Maxx Justice. Now, fans are wondering if Capri will take over the bookings, or does he have other commitments for MCW on those dates?

APW President Roland Alexander says he has not yet had a chance to speak with either Morgan or Capri about the title situation. However, he did send his congratulations out to both men for a well fought match, and bringing prestige to the APW Title. "I hope Capri continues to get bookings throughout the U.S. and if he does, this should get APW much more exposure." says Alexander.

More news on this story as it develops.


This past week APW Superstars worked a couple of dates outside of California. On Wednesday, April 25th APW invaded Southern California's UPW, in what was said to be a fantastic show. Roland Alexander, Donovan Morgan, Super Destroyer 2000 & Tony Jones all worked the UPW show. Morgan and SD2K defeated Big Time, while Jones retained his So-Cal Title in a match against Smelly. In another match on this show, The Ballard Brothers were victorious in their match with the Urban Outlaws.

Just three days later, Michael Modest and Vincenzo Massaro worked the big MCW show in which Vic Capri was crowned the new APW Universal Champion. Massaro defeated "State Of The Art" Jayson Reign, and Modest defeated "Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews.

Overall, it was a pretty good week for APW wrestlers, as they got some exposure outside of the California Bay Area. MCW and UPW are two up and coming promotions, and if you would like to visit them on the net you can find them at: and

Parallel Lives: The Story Of Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 7: Broken Bones & Redemption." It goes:

After his tough loss to Curt Hennig at WCW Road Wild '97, Diamond Dallas Page kept plugging on. He teamed with "The Total Package" Lex Luger at the next PPV called WCW Fall Brawl '97 against Scott Hall and Randy "Macho Man" Savage! Page and Luger went on to win the match but the issue between Savage and Page wasn't over.

At Halloween Havoc '97 from Las Vegas, Page and Savage hooked it up one more time in a "Last Man Standing" bout! Simply put, the man that couldn't answer the 10 count losses, though in the case of these two, Last Man Standing could've been literally! As with their previous one on one encounters, this was a brutal match that saw even the respective ladies of the combatants get into it. I speak, of course, of Kimberly Page and Ms. Elizabeth! In the end, Savage managed to pull out a victory with some help from the nWo. I don't remember who interfered in the bout but I do know that Savage didn't win it cleanly.

After the bout, Page pressed forward and was on a bit of a roll. He even started feuding with Curt Hennig again who, by this time, had the WCW United States Title around his waist. In November '97, Page once again participated in WCW World War 3. He even met a future opponent in Chris "The Crippler" Benoit during this 60 man battle royal. In the end, however, it was Scott Hall from the nWo that ended up being the winner of the bout. Undaunted, Page trudged forward and at Starrcade '97 in Washington D.C., he upended rival Curt Hennig for the WCW U.S. Championship, gaining revenge for Hennig's betrayal six months earlier!

At this point, one would think that Page would be coasting and enjoying his title but things would get more interesting for Page.

NEXT: The Bird Of Prey/The Wolverine

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and formerly contributed to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Hey, are there any other X-Pac haters out there?

Hey, HEY, not so loud! I am too! Geez....

Actually, I hate the character of X-Pac. Always have. I never got into him, even when he made his short face run with Kane. That says a lot, since I am a good ol' fashioned face lover/heel hater. His character, which is a pretty close approximation of a punk 15 year old, has grown old and stale.

Yeah, I hate him. I cheer for everyone he wrestles. I repeatedly hope he gets a stiff shot in the crotch when he does his Bronco Buster. I just about go mad when he wins at a PPV. He won again last night at Backlash, so I had a fit, and had to be sedated. The foaming at the mouth thing was a bit much for the wife.

This guy has been put over by so many people....let's see, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, all the Dudleyz, Kane, HHH, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Albert, The Rock, and probably others. From the time he entered the scene as the 1-2-3 Kid, he has been one-dimensional and unable to hold his own character wise for extended periods of time. In the Crossface Report, we talked about this, and Mike pointed out that he hasn't really changes since he arrived in the WWF as the 1-2-3 Kid. From there, to Syxx-Pac, then X-Pac, he has always had to be associated with a group, like DX or the nWo. That is a problem, if you want to have any sort of stand-out career in pro wrestling.

Now, some people would opine, why don't they change his character? How? If there is anyone who is locked into a character, it is X-Pac. I mean, he was gone for several months, and they could (or just didn't) change his persona at all. They turned the Undertaker inside-out while he was gone, but not Mr. Waltman. In fact, they created DX Jr. (X-Factor) around X-Pac as opposed to putting him in another, different angle. Tying Albert and Justin Credible hurts both of them....DX died a slow, boring, stale death, and all of its members (save HHH and Chyna) are on the outs. So, sayeth the booking committee, let us make DX come back, so the fans can continue to have something on Raw that allows them time to get their chips and hit the bathroom. Man, this is stupid.

Justin Credible is in the standard new guy process, which means being arbitrarily put in the WWF job squad. However, the non-reaction to him is magnified because of his immediate tie to X-Pac. Couple it with Credible's lack of mic skills, lack of following because of his newness (ECW fans, don't know that only one out of 10 WWF fans even knew who Justin Credible was), and the lack of opportunity to show his in-ring skills, he is starting in a hole.

Although I could feel more sorry for Credible, I feel really sorry for Albert. Here is a guy who is obviously talented, huge, and has a singular look. However, he has been in some dud angles (T&A, w/Droz) that have led him down the road to Jabroni-ville. He has jobbed more than Viscera, and that says a lot. They had all sorts of opportunities to have him enter into another angle (like against Test, or against D-Lo, back after Drox was injured.....hey, this is Vince now), but they kept him in dud angles to put over other workers, like Test, the Dudleyz, and the Hardyz. Waste of talent, if you ask me.

I figure the best thing they could do, since they have committed to the X-Factor, is let it limp along for a while, and have the two little guys screw Albert at some future time. They could, if they do it right, put Albert over as a mid-card face, since that is what is needed (because they have to push a mid-card face into the main-event, as the Undertaker is the only one right now). If they wait too long, however, the lukewarm heat that X-Factor generates could dry up, and all three of these guys will be stuck in a dead end program. At least X-Pac has been there before.

And that is a shame. I think that the WCW, if it survives (and that is a FACT, not an opinion), could use him. He has name recognition, he could draw some initial heat and put over some other workers, and then get a makeover.

Shoot....have him go over to RTC. Just kidding.

OK. You Know the drill. Come back to Solie's, if you have any sense, and come to for the latest news, rumors, and results.

See you next week for another Connection.

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5 Year Anniversary Edition.
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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Smackdown was taped Tuesday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Which means that the WWF held two live events on successive nights in the same arena. Willy Regal came to the ring at the top of the program to team with Kurt Angle against the Chris's (Benoit and Jericho) for the second time in as many days. This one was fought under Regal's mysterious "Duchess of Queensbury" rules. The Chris's made separate entrances but Benoit was wise enough to hang out on the ramp until his partner joined him. The match got underway and we still didn't know what the rules were. The highlight of this match was Jericho hiptossing Angle right onto Regal's back! I'm not sure if that was a missed spot or what. This was a long, grueling match which ended when the referee declared a DQ because Angle and Regal were both applying their submission holds simultaneously. At that point Regal grabbed the mic and declared that the rules allow them to both apply their submission holds at one - therefore Regal and Angle are the winners. Right... We still don't know what the rules actually are...

Vince met his daughter and son-in-law as they disembarked from their limo, saying that he had Austin in his office and they needed to have a meeting because he has "big plans" for tonight.

Ever eager to shove the basically boring team of Steve Austin and Triple Haitch down our throats, they devote about 8 minutes to a promo video. Then they go to the backstage meeting for another few minutes. Vince...I think you're blowing it here...

Lets see if I've got it straight. Saturn's current gimmick is that he wears funny hats and interferes in Eddie Guerrero's matches... As a sop, no doubt, to the short-sighted booking if the Hardeys of late, Matt was given a European Title match against Guerrero. The match was pretty good - lots of fast paced action, hold and counter-hold stuff. There is no question that both of these guys can go. Guerrero hit a great Frankensteiner off the top as a battle erupted on the outside between the two non-combatants. Terri entered the ring to distract the referee but only succeeded in giving Lita a chance to hit Guerrero with a flying Frankensteiner. Matt hit the Twist of Fate and got the pin and the title. So how long will this reign last..?

Backstage, the Helmsley-McMahon and her husband send Debra off on a coffee run.

Hey - how about those WWF Action figure commercials? Vince can't admit that he markets to children, so he tries to make us believe that young adult males like to play with his dolls. Right...

The second stupid gimmick match of the evening featured Kane in a handicap match against Edge and Christian. Naturally they went right to work on the big guy's injured elbow while the Helmsleys and Austin watched on their backstage monitor. As usual, nothing the bad guys could do really had that much affect on the Big Red Machine. They had to hit him with a Con-chair-to double chairshot to hurt him - and that just got them DQ'd. Debra returned with coffee - not the way Steph wanted it then threw her husband's coffee in his face! She was banished to Steve's truck.

Test challenged Rhyno for the Hardcore Title. I have heard it said that the WWF buys there trash cans at K-Mart - but don't believe it. These are obviously specially made - thin metal with very shallow (almost non-existent) ridges. The ridges are what gives a galvanized steel trash can it's rigidity, folks. These cans are made to collapse under pressure. The match went out to the floor soon after the bell and headed to the backstage area. The highlight was Rhyno perched in a shopping cart and being flung into the side of the bleachers. The fight ended up in the loading dock area where the Big Show appeared and got involved on the side of the Champion, who took the pin rather easily before TBS went back to work on the former Champ.

Albert and Midget Twins came to the ring where That's Incredible (or whatever) managed to once more slip in the term "Impact Players" during his opening rant. X-Pac made a statement in which he seemed to be challenging the three Dudleys to take on Albert by himself. The Dudleys showed up and basically cleaned there clocks one at a time. X-Pac got the 3D to end this brawl.

The third stupid gimmick match was the entire RTC crew against the Undertaker. It was a silly match. Not even as good as the silly match involving Kane earlier. When it looked like RTC might be making some headway, Stevie Richard's crew suddenly abandoned him to his fate. A chokeslam put him away. So it looks like UT goes into the PPV without a scratch. Kane could be a different story - but as we know, nothing seems to affect him for any length of time. he has three days to recover...

Backstage, Willy Regal told Austin and HHH who there opponents would be for the main event tag team match that Vince booked at the top of the show. Triple Haitch told Stephanie to stay backstage because, "...this is going to be dangerous." I figure it's got to be Kaientai...

Shane McMahon read us his version of "Shane and the Beanstalk" about his match with the Big Show on Sunday.

In the main event we had the interesting picture of the World Champ coming out and waiting in the ring for his partner the IC Champ. How far the mighty have fallen... As I expected from the build up - the opponents we're Kaientai. By the time we found this out there were less than three minutes left in the show. As the Japanese faction entered the ring, kane and UT snuck in from behind and the bad guys bailed.

Hmmmmm...except for the Euro Title match - this show rather sucked...

WWF Backlash in ScrambleVision

I am warning you right at the top of this column that I decided not to buy this one. I am listening to it on the TV audio channel, which isn't scrambled if I use the Tuner in my TV instead of the cable box. This is ScrambleVision, folks. My blind friend, Jeremy Hartley says that the real test of a wrestling announcer is how well you can make out the action based on just the announcer's description. The show was live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

Albert and his Midget friends...uh...X-Factor are first up against the Dudleys (all three of them). They started this with the match I wanted to see - Spike vs. Albert - but then moved on to Barely Credible who really doesn't ring my chimes at all - never did. I am always put off by having to call him by his full moniker because "Credible" is just such a stupid name. X-Factor won the match but apparently the Dudleys won the war with a post-match 3D on X-Pac.

Willy Regal greets "her ladyship" the Duchess of Queensbury, backstage. Can't tell if it was anyone I know. Kurt Angle calmly breaks off an interview with, "I have to go polish my medals."

Earlier on Heat, Jerry Lynn made his debut in the WWF by taking on Crash Holly for the Light Heavyweight Title and winning it.

Raven challenged for the Hardcore Title against the former "Rookie Monster" in a long, grueling match that never left the ring. Raven should have had an advantage in this match but apparently he didn't. He was not successful...

28 minutes into the show we get a live show promo and a Corn Nuts endorsement spot, and WWF Divas video ad. Then they re-played Shane's fairy tale reading bit from SmackDown.

Jonathen Coachman tried to question the Duchess but Regal got between them. This leads to another promo and then the MOQ Rules match which opens with Regal intorducing the Duchess then Jericho comes out and insults them both. Actually his comments directed toward the woman were rather crude and stupid. In the match, the Commissioner took the early advantage and then they went to the floor where Jericho took control for a few moments. Back in the ring, he is quickly relieved of the advantage by the ever astute British mat grappler. Regal again dominates for a minute or two then it goes into see saw action. Jericho hit a Lionsault and suddenly the bell was rung and "round one" was said to be over! Regal again assumed control as the "second round" started. Jericho came back and got his Walls of Jericho backbreaker submission move, Regal was tapping out and then the bell rang...and we were told that there will be no winning by submission! Later we found out there was no DQ either when the referee tried to DQ Regal. Jericho gt frustrated and attacked the Duchess - put his submission hold on her. Regal used a chair to beat him off and get the pin.

Jeez, watchen a WWF PPV is getting to be like going to There's a little promo spot for every turn in the program.

The probable sleeper match of this show is next. The 30 Minute Ultimate Submission match between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in which Angle basically gave Chris Benoit a wrestling lesson for thirty minutes. Benoit, as intense and tough as he is - is a one trick pony. He goes for his Crippler Crossface early on in the match but Angle is next to the ropes and escapes. From then on Benoit is on the defensive for the most part. He counter wrestles to Angle's repeated take downs. Benoit was the first one to submit to an ankle lock - and then the match went on after a 30 second rest period. Minutes later Benoit scored a submission with an arm breaker hold. After the rest, he went right back to the hold and took over the offense, working on Angle's shoulder and building momentum. Angle suddenly turned the tables and got another submission - then moments later used Benoit's own submission hold to make him tap a third time! Benoit was way behind at around 13 minutes into the match. At one point Angle was made to tap out on the floor but that didn't count, of course. The match continued with Angle dominant but with an injured shoulder. Benoit suddenly caught Angle in a Sharpshooter but couldn't hold hid opponent in it. He switched to a Half Crab and took another submission over Angle. Now Angle was on the defensive, using a back pedaling strategy to wait out the clock. With about six minutes left in the match, Benioit rashly threw a flying headbutt and missed his target. Angle dominated the next four minutes of the match then Benoit hit a belly to back suplex then a second one. Angle countered the next one - then Benoit grabbed an ankle lock and tied the score - 3 to 3. With thirty seconds remaining Angle was desparately trying for an Ankle Lock after hitting a low blow, and finally got it but the time expired before he could get Benoit to the referee demanded a sudden death finish! Benoit won it with a Crippler Crossface by countering a Guillotine.

More promo crap...then a really lame spot with Stephanine and HHH dismissing brother Shane and his upcoming match against the Big Show. Maybe it just sounded lame... Another promo for the match with part of the fairy tale spot once more. Shane's gotten himself a new theme song with a "Money, Money, Money" chorus. Shane went right to work with a kendo stick to gain a quick advantage. He enforced his will with repeated chair shots and then used what appeared to be an anesthetic to knock TBS out. As the referee was counting the Big Sow out, Mr. McMahon showed up and attacked Shane with a chair. That turned the tables at last and the big guy took over. After he manhandled Shane for a while, Test showed up to interfere. He was ejected but he distracted the giant from his real task. The battle between the Show and test left the ring and headed to the stands and then behind them where Shane reappeared then started scaling the lighting framework from what I could tell. With the Big Show positioned on a table or desk of some sort, Shane dropped a huge elbow on him from the tower and got the duke. Backstage, Vince denounced Shane and named HHH as is only true son.

Next up, a Triple Threat match for the European Title. Current Champ Matt Hardey vs. Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero. This one was impossible to follow without being able to see it. But even I could tell that it was going as these matches usually do - with the third, unoccupied man forever preventing any kind of pinfall. Matt finally got a Twist of fate and the pin over Christian after Jeff Hardey interefered in the match.

The main event hoopla started up with about 45 minutes left in the program, which means the main event is going to be a long one or else they plan to end the show real early. From what I could tell, Steve Austin seemed to be the goat in this one, being pulverized by the Undertaker during the early going. But then Kane insisted in getting into the match and sufferred for it. He got back out in a hurry. The remaining Scarey Brother kind of carried the ball while his brother recovered - from there Kane was back in it as if he had not been injured previously but only for a moment - then UT was back in and going down under the combined assault of his adversaries. The two bad guys isolated UT for several minutes while Kane languished on the sidelines. The Kane was back in holding both of them off with one arm until Austin came back and hit it with a chair shot. HHH also got in a chairshot of his own and Kane looked to be for it. Austin and HHH traded off, taking turns beating on the Big Red Machine, but the big guy kept trying to come back from the brink. Stephanie tried to interfere and was shoved down by the referee. Kane started to make a comeback and knocked the referee down by accident. UT tagged back in and was in the middle of an assault when the referee, who hadn't seen the tag, forced him out. Meanwhile, HHH was handed a title belt by Stephanie but got it kicked back in his face. Stephanie was downed by UT then Vince ran out with a sledgehammer and clocked Kane to give his team the win. Austin and Helmsley are the Tag Champs as well as the WWF and Intercontinental Champs respectively. This gives HHH the distinction of being only the second man to hold the World, IC, European and Tag Team straps in the WWF. The first was HBK.

Was that predictable or what..? It seems like to me that the highlights were the Benoit/Angle match and the ending of the Shane/Big Show battle. The main event was pretty intense but I had a hard time working up any enthusiasm for either team. Steve Austin has got to be faking it just to get back at HHH somehow...that's the only explanation I can come up with...

RAW opened with Kurt Angle in a rant fest against Chris Benoit. RAW was live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Kurt Angle is just sure that he was cheated during the main event last night. He shows video of Benoit tapping out after the buzzer sounded...but before the sudden death was called. He claims that should have counted as the sudden death submission. Mid-rant he is interrupted by Benoit's music. Benoit comes down and stands there like a stone while Angle continues to rant about being an Olympic Gold Medalist until Benoit grabs the mic and tells him that after all of Angle's achievments, "...I beat you." That restarts the fight from last week until Angle is thrown out of the ring and hurts his head. Angle lies face down on the floor outside the ring while Benoit walks off with his gallant...

After the break, Angle was shown searching the building for Benoit...who has left the building.

Edge and Christian come to the ring. Edge has a European Title challenge for Matt Hardey, who comes with his brother to defend his belt. The crisis hits for Edge when Matt goes for a superplex but is diverted onto the top rope astraddle (ouch!) The match goes into firm see-saw action - an all out brawl. Edge was about to get the pin by foul means when Christian rolls into the ring and runs right into the referee...which can go a long ways toward stopping a count...Matt striles back and takes a surprise pin to retain his title.

Backstage, the Commissioner summons Jonathan Coachman to his office to announce that Chris Jericho will face Rhyno in a Hardcore Title match. He also puts Trish Stratus in a match against Chyna for the Womens' Title as "punishment".

Albert and his loser Bookends come to the ring to face the Dudleys. Actually it is Spike against X-Pac. Not a bad light heavyweight pairing - if the rest of those idiots don't get involved. Waltman dominates the match but Spike gets his shots in, mostly out of nowhere, as he slowly succumbs to his larger opponent. Backstage, Stephanie arrives at the arena. She has a faky looking bruise on her cheek and vows revenge against...Test...

Kane is shown having his black and blue arm taped up so he can keep on fighting. Crash Holly is getting skinned in a backstage card game against the APA guys. Steph finds Test backstage and informs him that he has a match against Triple punishment. Right.

Crash is guzzling beer when his cousin (the steroid using one) barges in and starts an argument. Leads to a tag match.

Willy Regal makes his way to the announce table for the Hardcore Title defense. Rhyno puts his belt on the line against Chris Jericho. The ring was littered with trash cans before the match is over. In fact, Jericho arranged some detrius (two folding chairs and a trash can lid) into a landing pad for a Rhyno on a Frankensteiner off the top corner. Edge and Christian ran in to spoil it afterward but were only effective in distracting Jericho so that Rhyno could gore him and retain his title.

MisterMcMahon escorts his daughter to the ring and starts his rant. Insulting the crowd as "living lives of mediocrity" while Austin and HHH win everything. He gets focused on Test, who is facing Vince's son-in-law tonight then switches to Kane who fed his boot to Stephanie last night. Vince rants for a while while about punishing Kane by putting him into a World title match as Austin and HHH join them in the ring - then Linda shows up on the TitanTron from WWF New York and starts talking about speaking to her lawyers...then gets to the business at hand. She declares Kane unable to compete and substitutes his Scarey Brother as the challenger for the World Title.

Austin is intimidating Vince over his coming Title defense. Threatening that he better do something.

The Hollys face APA in a fit of madness... First they beat up Bob for a while, using the steps as weapons and keeping up the pressure with tandem power moves. As Holly made his comeback, Crash tottered to the top corner and let fly with a missle drop kick...right in cousin Bob's face! Bob is pinned. Afterward, Bob punches his cousin for being drunk then drags him to the ring for some "tough love".

HHH did one of his horrific heel numbers on Test, beating him against the ring steps, pedigreeing him on the announce table to collapse it then leaving him laying. At ringside, Ross and Heyman are working at their collapsed table. They send us to Trish's dressing room to see her warming up for her match with Chyna - it's next.

I've heard a rumor that Chyna is going to turn heel soon. Trish has a lot of "spunk" as Paul Heyman puts it - but her matched against any real wrestler - especially Chyna is mindless. Chyna defeats her without breaking a sweat. Aftreward she states that froim now on she plans to just spank her opponents. This brings Lita to the platform to challange for the Title. Chyna says, "Sure...but I'm going to spank you heiny." The beginning of THE attitude...

Has anyone else noticed that the Rock doesn't figure in most of the ads we keep seeing for the Mummy Returns?

The main event had the Undertaker subbing for his Scarey Brother to challenge Stone Cold for his WWF Heavyweight Title. UT is in the ring but where is Austin? Oh, there he is with HHH - dismantling Kane in his dressing room. UT left the ring and ran back to engage Austin. They fought back out to the ramp and headed for the ring. At the foot of the ramp, Austin tried to run UT into his own bike - but UT resisted. In the ring and the bell rings for the first time. Moments later HHH was in the ring with his sledge hammer. UT was wasted then Kane showed up. He took a beating with a chair on his bad arm. They positioned his arm on the ring steps then Austin assaulted it with a chair. They then trapped his arm in a chair and jumped on it as the Undertaker tried to drag himself over to intervene. The bad guys celebrated in the ring as the show ended.

Eh...a mediocre RAW to follow a mediocre PPV show...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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