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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Foley in the ring on RAW!

All Pro Wrestling Gets Monthly Home

by Jermz

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Heartland Wrestling News

Volume 6, Issue 633 - May 7, 2001
Editor's Note: In tonight's edition, we present some Heartland and All Pro Wrestling news, our weekly Crossface Connection editorial from Solie's regular, John Cross, and as always, my own topical rant.

By the way, I will be going on vacation next week (May 14 - 18) and will be out of touch for a while, so there will be no newsletter edition on May 14. I will be back with a Solie's Wrestling Radio update on Saturday, May 19 and the next regular edition of the newsletter on Monday night, May 21.

Solie's 5th Anniversary Newsletter Has been posponed until May 21

When I scheduled the Anniversary Issue I forgot that Lonna and I will be on vacation next week. So I have rescheduled it until a week from Monday. This means you still have time to contribute some memories, about Solie's Vintage Wrestling or whatever else has happened during the last 5 years in the wrestling communities. Charlie Harvell has just contributed a list of wrestlers who passed on since Solie's was launched in May 1996.

What do you want to say? Email your contributions to me at

HWA News

Two Big HWA Shows

The HWA is happy to announce their return to Eagles Hall in Blanchester next Saturday, May 5th with an all-star line up. Some of the matches already signed include: BJ Whitmer vs. newcomer Ash Parker to determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title, HWA Tag Team Champions The Jablonski's with Brock Guffman defend against The Ice Cream Man Tony B and Derek Neikirk, and the HWA Cruiserweight Title is up for grabs when Champion Matt Stryker squares off with Pepper Parks. In the main event, GQ Masters III and his corporation, Bobby Casanova and Race Steele will wrestle Shark Boy and Surfer Cody Hawk. Tickets are available at the door, bell time is 7:30.

The HWA also returns to the Grand Victoria Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana on May 11th with a huge main event. HWA Heavyweight Champion Race Steele, with GQ Masters III, will wrestle former WWF Intercontinental Champion CHRIS BENOIT for the HWA Heavyweight Title. Also in action that night, several OVW superstars including Nick Dinsmore, Trailer Park Trash, Kenny Bolin, Donna Derring, Flash, and others! Representing the HWA will be Matt Stryker, The A Squad, Nigel McGuinness, Shark Boy and others. Tickets are available by calling the HWA offices at (513) 771-1650.

Don't forget to check out for all the latest event information about the HWA!


by: Senior Media Editor, Jermz
(May 6th - May 12th 2001)


All Pro Wrestling is proud to announce that they have signed a new working agreement with the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo. Starting with the July 9th show, APW will be doing monthly shows on the last Saturday of every month at this venue. This is great news, as APW can build a better fan base for each show, now that they have a place to call home. APW President Roland Alexander made this announcement earlier in the week, and would like to encourage all APW fans to send the Pacific Sports Center an e-mail, and thank them for signing APW to do monthly shows. They can be reached at The head man in charge at the PSC is Michael Boyle, who Roland describes as one of the easiest going guys he has ever had the pleasure of working with. Mr. Boyle enjoys the wrestling shows and is looking to be a part of the team that makes APW grow.

Once again, e-mail your thoughts on the APW/PSC relationship to:


The 2nd Annual APW Shooters Cup has been switched. It will now take place on Friday night, May 18th at 7:30pm. It will still be held at the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca., and you can still attend for free with a banquet ticket. If you don't have a banquet ticket, it will cost you a $20 donation at the door.


It was just announced that as a special treat for any out-of-towners who are coming to the Bay Area for the October 26th-28th Halloween Hell/King Of The Indies weekend, can take part in a Free Mini Boot Camp! This would take place just before an actual session of the real APW BOOT CAMP, on Saturday afternoon (before the Saturday night show). You will be able to bring your gear and participate in the Free Mini Camp, and check out if pro wrestling is for you or not. That will be proceeded by an actual session of the APW BOOT CAMP. Then, you can check out the Championship Round of the 2001 KING OF THE INDIES Tournament on Saturday night. Anyone from anywhere will be able to attend this FREE MINI CAMP as long as they have a ticket for the event. Naturally, those with a package ticket for the entire weekend, will be given first crack at entry to the FREE MINI CAMP. Due to liability reasons, you'll have to be 18 years of age and provide photo I.D. to enter the FREE MINI CAMP. When asked for comments, one APW employee stated: "This weekend is going to have so many things going on, fans from all over can come and get a taste of every aspect of APW. Whether it's a live event, a boot camp session or the family atmosphere APW is known for. It's going to be a lot of fun."


-After missing a couple years with various injures, we are happy to announce the return of Chicano Flame to the APW Roster. Flame was one of APW's most popular superstars from 1997-1999. He was last seen on July 10th 1999 in a match against Jardi Frantz. Flame will be making his return on May 19th in King City against Sheik Ali Boom Boom.

-APW is hoping that some of their talent will get some work when WWF comes to the California Bay Area. WWF will come to town on Sunday, May 20th (Sacramento) and Monday, May 21st (San Jose). Be sure to check those shows out, because you never know when an APW superstar is going to get to work a match for the World Wrestling Federation. Last time they were in town, Boyce LeGrande, Robert Thompson, Donovan Morgan & Mark Smith were all used.

-APW President Roland Alexander recently announced on, that APW's 2000 Rookie Of The Year, Kid Chrome, has left APW. Chrome is moving down to Southern California to pursue music interests. Everyone at APW would like to wish KC the best, and we want him to know that the door will always be open for him to return to APW. He was a very loyal student, and his presence at the APW live events will be missed greatly.


The full lineup for the June 2nd Pacifica show at Terra Nova High School has been released, and it looks like it could be one of APW's best cards of the year. The lineup is as solid as APW has ever had, here is a quick look at it.

-Vic Capri returns to APW to defend his newly won APW Universal Champion against the APW Franchise Player, 4-time Universal Champ, "Natural One" Michael Modest!

-2000 King Of The Indies participant, "Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews, returns to APW to challenge "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro for the APW Worldwide Internet Title!

-The Original Westside Playaz (Robert Thompson & Tony Jones - with Jimmy Ripp) will defend their Tag Team Titles against The Snott Brothers (Big Peter & Seymour - with Betty Beefcake)

-In a Battle Of The Giants, 6'5" 302-pound "Big" Maxx Justice (with Shane Dynasty) will meet his biggest challenge ever, 7'0" 406-pound "Next Big Thing" Dalip Singh!

Other matches include...
-Miyaki Frantz vs. Boyce LeGrande
-Jardi Frantz vs. Donovan Morgan
-Sean Patrick O'Doule vs. Tommy Blaze
-Sheik Ali Boom Boom & Super Destroyer 2000 vs. The Ballard Brothers

Tickets for this big show are available through BASS TICKET outlets, and online at You may also purchase them from Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, Ca.

WWW.APWGARAGE.COM is your #1 source for APW History and facts. Check it out if you need to know who beat who when and where, what is the winning percentage of your favorite superstar, or how many titles someone has held. It has in depth bio's of any wrestler to ever step foot in an APW ring, from the relatively unknown, such as Koko Samoa or X-Man Jones, up to the franchise players, like Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest. There are also plenty of photos, polls, and a message board to keep you occupied. It's the ultimate APW fan-site!!! If you want to become an APW History buff, visit Jermz' and study up! :)

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I am sitting here in front of the computer and just thinking about the complete dearth of wrestling topics to write about.

I have really pounded the WCW/WWF/WWFJr. thing into the ground. I have blasted Mr. McMahon. I have even resorted to talking about the most irritating character since the Repo Man, Z-Pac.

So, as I am going to write a really decent article next week for the Solie's 5th Anniversary, I will go ahead and relax a bit this week.

So......what do I talk about? Is there anything you want to discuss?

Hmmmm? It's really quiet out there. So, you all aren't really excited with wrestling either, huh? Many people, a good percentage of whom watched wrestling on a weekly basis, feel the same way. If has been better, they tell me. Where is Foley? How about The Rock? What about this guy, or that guy, or whoever sparked their interest when they were enticed to watch the Monday night Wars.

WWF marks, I told you the WCW was worth something. I TOLD you. I was right (and that is a FACT, not an opinion), and I am all-too happy to tell you why.

An old naval term is "..making them stand to." It means, simply, to stop another ship from aggressive action by a show of power, or force. A shot across the bow, so to speak. I said many months ago that the WCW was just popular enough to make the WWF stand to, and stay at the ready to keep their edge. So, when the WCW pulled a 2.5, and the WWF pulled a 6.5, the WWF stayed on its toes, because a 1-point drop in the WWF and a 1-point gain for the WCW makes that a 3.5 to 5.5, and that is close. That means something in industry, and in private enterprise. The chase to beat the WCW made the WWF strong, lean, and aggressive. The WCW, be they self-destructing or not, had a core of fans that kept them over a 2.0, until the bitter end. Even that kept the WWF on alert. A 30% swing is two million viewers, and that is money, folks. It also makes the ratings a tie.

So, having a WCW that limped along was much better for the WWF than having no WCW at all. All the people who hoped that the WCW would lose, and get beaten, or assimilated, or humiliated, or whatever, you got your wish. Now, the WWF isn't fighting for it's life, so it is on cruise. What, you WWF-philles still aren't happy? What a darn shame! Now, what is the problem?

Could it be that you needed the WCW?

Deep down, you had a soft spot for Tank Abbott? You have a poster of Sid under your bed? Maybe, when no one is home, you practice Rey Jr.'s leg-drop?

Probably not, but you needed the independent WCW. They made the WWF strong. Now, you WCW-haters are looking at the sticky, ruined remains of your frantic drive to ruin WCW.

A big WWF mark wrote at another website that Austin was stale, and had no in-the-ring talent. OH MY GOD, an epiphany. He has always been like that, my compatriot. He showed that he can wrestle (against Benoit, a few months ago), but the WWF main-eventers are all like this. 6 good moves and/or spots, between 6-3 and 6-10, between 230 and 320, and with good mic skills. Wrestling skills are not least until now.

WWF=better storylines, and WCW=better wrestlers. This is what the WCW hoped and prayed for, that WWF fans would start looking for Pro Wrestling again. Too late. Now, since people are seeing the one side of the industry all the time, there is a need for the return to a big two.

We need another national fed to compete with the WWF.

I will be watching. I know you will, too. Where have you gone, Sting and Kevin Nash?

OK...short and to the point. Solie's keeps posting these articles, so you had better prowl around his website for awhile. See all the good stuff he has, then get the latest news, rumors, and results from

See you next week with a special Connection.

Watch for Solie's Special
5 Year Anniversary Edition.
Coming May 21st!!

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Smackdown was taped Tuesday at the Conseco Fieldhouse in my home town of Indianapolis, Indiana, and opened with an appearance by the Undertaker, carrying a heavy stainless steel chain. He exults in the fact that he has a title shot coming up at the next PPV, but says he has some concerns about what is going to happen tonight. He talks about the beat down he and Kane took on Monday and swears revenge, allowing as how he warned those dudes not to mess with him and his family. He promises to make Austin and HHH "famous". He calls them out - but gets Vince McMahon instead. Vince stands on the platform and asks, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Vince says he's booking UT against a mystery opponent and then orders him to leave the ring. UT replies - "come make me..." Strangely enough, Vince doesn't try.

HHH put his IC title on the line against Jeff Hardey once again. Steve Austin came to the ring to provide commentary for his partner's match. Actually he spent the whole time talking about his own agenda while the match plods along in the ring. HHH was working on the left knee of his challenger and basically taking him apart. As Jeff was making his comeback...

What a great piece of theater! The Undertaker caught Austin in the middle of his commentary and attacked him with a chain! Moments later "the Game" proved that Hardey's previous win over him was a fluke. Later, Austin attacked UT backstage but the dead man made a come back and tossed Austin through a candyglass window. Great stuff!!

Albert and his sidemen came to the ring so that X-Pac could take on Raven in a one-on-one that threatened not to be at any moment. Raven, who wrestled and managed in the WWF back when the Lightning Kid was still the Light Weight Champ in the GWF, dominated the early going. But then the younger man made his comeback and slapped on a sleeper to work for several minutes. Raven went the distance with that bit then powered his way out only to be hit by a spin heel kick. Raven made another comeback with his famous knee lift, then hit a big DDT and got the pin. Albert ran in and put a powerbomb (Baldobomb?) on the victor after the match was over.

Stone Cold was taken to the ambulance where HHH decided to ride along. He threw out the attendants then banged on the back of the cab to get the driver underway. The driver turned around and it was the Undertaker. UT chased off HHH and then attacked Austin on his stretcher. Once more the forces of evil were vanquished - Austin eventually did go to the hospital.

After bringing us up to date on the Bemoit/Angle feud then show Angle stalking the halls looking for Benoit and his missing gold medals. Backstage, Debra caught up with the McMahons and demanded to know what happened to her husband. Vince tried to soft pedal it, but Stephanie insisted on telling her all the gory details.

We get a video promo about the Rock's appearance in the Mummy sequel. Then Debra confronted the Undertaker and slapped him when he refused to have any sympathy for her hubby. He told her to tell Austin that Debra hits just like her old man!

Kurt Angle took on Hardcore (Steroid Bob) Holly, who paused at the top of the ramp to ask, "Got medals?" Angle could hardly have been said to have dominated Holly, but eventually he grabbed the initiative...and then Chris Benoit showed up to distract him. Angle lost the advantage for a moment but then bounced back. But then he turned his attention on Benoit. Repeatedly he was attacked from behind because he was distracted by the Crippler. Holly gets several two counts then goes for a submission hold - but Angle gets to the ropes. Angle had the ankle lock in a matter of moments...but Benoit decided at that moment to put the medals around his own neck. Holly got a roll-up and took the pin.

Jonathan Coachman tried to interview HHH at the hospital but HHH was getting loud. The hospital administrator told him to keep his voice down- so HHH attacked him then told him to bring the police...all of the police...

The commercial break pushes dolls and push pops - someone tell me again how the WWF doesn't market to kids...

Mr. McMahon came down to berate the local crowd about 8 minutes into the second hour. He was angry that his dear little daughter got booted in the face the other night and crowd cheered. That Steve Austin was thrown through a window, "...and you cheer??" He rants about an unnamed opponent for the Undertaker tonight as UT himself strolls to the ring. McMahon orders him to stay away but he walks right into the ring. Vince shouted at him and said, "I'm Vince McMahon, damnit!!" UT clocked him and knocked him cold with one punch. Then he told Stephanie to tell her dad, "when he wakes up..." that the Undertaker, "had taken back his yard..."

Chris Jericho and Matt Hardey teamed up for the first time in the WWF against Edge, Christian and Rhyno in a handicap "punishment" match. After a fairly strong start, the distaff team started to crumble under the onslaught, with Matt taking the bulk of the punishment. When Matt had a chance to tag out, the referee was conveniently distracted and disallowed the tag. Finally Matt managed to escape from Rhyno and tagged in Jericho who came in a house afire. He was good for about ten seconds and then the bad guys again gained the ascendancy. But then Eddie Guerrero headed to the ring. He called Edge over and then attacked him. Matt got the pin on Edge as Eddie sauntered away looking pleased with himself. Out back we saw Austin arriving back at the arena - he's got an eyepatch on and he's pissed!

Grand Masta Sexay gotta shot for the Light Heavyweight title against newcomer Jerry Lynn who went right into his match with the Title belt around his waist! Lynn's opponent (who was groomed to be the original LH Champ, but shunted aside when International Star Taka Michinoku agreed to wrestle for the WWF) is a formidable wrestler and gave Lynn all he could handle. Lynn, in desperation, started taking shortcuts. Tazz professed surprise as Lynn used the ropes for leverage to get the pin and retain his championship.

Backstage, Steve Austin paces like a cat, hurling imprecations at the Undertaker and then storms out with a folding chair (I guess, so that he'll have a place to sit down when he gets to wherever it is he's going...) Meanwhile HHH has been arrested at the hospital for his belligerent attitude.

After the break, the Undertaker made his entrance in the usual fashion, still with a chain draped around his neck. He awaits his "mystery opponent" in the ring. It turns out to be Rikishi, making his return to the WWF. My question is - how does Austin like being aligned with Rikishi (didn't he run Austin down in a car or something..?) But then, HHH (supposedly) planned the run down - so go figure... In the match, Rikishi showed that he is back 100%, pretty much having his way with the dead man. Ten he went for the Bonsai drop but UT sat up. Now it was all UT for a bit. He had his opponent right in position and clapped a chokeslam on him. Stone Cold showed up then and rushed the ring with his chair but UT held him off with the chain and managed to get hold of the chair besides. Rikishi recovered only to get a chair shot, then several more as Austin back away up the ramp.

This show was so much better then that awful RAW program earlier this week.

Speaking of RAW, the program comes to us this week from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York.

The big story tonight involves Steve Austin and HHH, of course. They beat up the Undertaker...or he beat them up...whatever. UT is said to "have the night off"...right... That's okay, we get Mick Foley in his place! The crowd breaks into a Foley chant well before the music ends. He encourages them by asking them to do it some more after they stop. Then he steals some cheap heat plugging his home town of Long Island, NY. He recites some of the terrible things that have happened to the bad guys this week and sheds a rhetorical tear. It is touching... He shamelessly plugs his new book as a Mothers' Day Gift. At that moment the boss and his daughter showed up and tried to wrest control of the ring from the former Commissioner. They marched toward the ring as Foley displayed a genially bemused expression. A fan jumped onto the apron. Vince said something to him and then he was hauled off. Vince turned to Foley and compared him to an "unwanted house guest". He goes on to expound on the history of the storylines since Foley was the Commissioner. He sites Willy Regal as an ideal Commissioner then invites Foley to leave. He summons Rikishi to be his bully boy against Foley. This is a set-up...Rikishi is about to turn face. Foley starts in on him right away, poisoning his mind against Vince by reminding him that Vince let Steve Austin beat him up with a chair the other night. Stephanie then seals the deal by trying to intimidate Rikishi into putting the stink face on Foley. When Rikishi stands mute, she slaps him! Regal closes in and gets booted to the mat. The bad guys flee and Foley invites Rikishi to dance...and he does. Until Vince interrupts to threaten Foley with arrest if he doesn't leave and Rikishi with a non-title match against Steve Austin as "punishment". 20 minutes even.

After the break we watched Foley being escorted out of the building by security personnel. Backstage, Kurt Angle enlists Edge and Christian in his quest to get his medals back from Chris Benoit.

Next up, Bradshaw gets his single's push. I wonder how Ron Simmons is with this... Tonight he faces our Olympic Pain-in-the Butt. Bradshaw gets to show a few wrestling holds in this one - but basically, he brawls. Angle starts working on his old knee injury within a few minutes into the match. Bradshaw comes back when Angle makes the mistake of coming off the ropes and get caught in mid-air. About this time Chris Benoit appears on the TitanTron at the WWF New York restaurant about to use Kurt's medals to pay for a meal! Angle is distracted and easily pinned. Bradshaw is pushed. So then Angle goes out to the parking lot and steals a car!!

In a scene taped earlier in the day, Eddie G and the Hardeys expressed their mutual distrust. The Hardeys and Guerrero partnered in the next match, naturally... Their opponents, the aforementioned E&C plus Rhyno. Right away, Matt is distracted by Guerrero and falls the first victim E&C's concerted attack. This was a fast match which ended suddenly when Guerrero took the bullet of a Rhyno gore to save Lita and was pinned.

The Undertaker is shown fidgeting in a studio in Connecticut, waiting to be interviewed later in the program.

Jerry Lawler's little boy got a shot at the belt that was originally brought back into the WWF to be a vehicle for him. Crash, Taka Michinoku and current Light Heavyweight champ Jerry Lynn were the other participants in this Fatal Fourway Title match. This one immediately turned into Taka vs. Crash and Lynn vs. the Gran Masta. But soon dissolved into random mayhem. Lynn took the pin on Crash to retain his title.

UT is interviewed right after the match. He claims that Vince is barring him from the arena tonight to "protect his investment" in Steve Austin. UT tells Austin to watch his back and then expresses his intention to make a pair of shoes out of the Rattlesnake.

Chris Jericho demands satisfaction from Willy Regal for all the things he has done to him (you can read that either way - it works either way...) This presages the big cage match 10PM main event - Jericho and Regal in a cage. But first...a commercial for a Hip Hop CD collection. This is an escape to win cage match with a referee on the outside to guard the latched, but not locked, door. Regal immediately headed straight to the door and had to be prevented from leaving by Jericho. After subduing his opponent, Jericho headed for the top of the cell but was caught and smashed. Regal demonstrates that he can escape any time he wants before going back to to work on Jericho. He rubs Jericho's face against the cage wall and then pounds on him unmercifully. Jericho keeps refusing to fight and instead just heads over the top every time he gets away from his tormentor. Finally he gets some room and takes control of things. With Jericho, he doesn't even bother to demonstrate that he can leave. He just gets into punishing Regal and so ignores the opportunities. He is over the wall in a flash and hanging on the outside as Regal tried to go through the door - only to have it slammed in his face by a side kick from his opponent. Jericho prevails.

I saw the Mummy Returns on Saturday. The Rock's part was about 3 minutes at the beginning and an 8 minute fight at the end of the movie. I am told that the strategy here is to give the Rock just enough exposure to spark interest in the coming prequel "The Scorpion King" - which is being shot as we speak. Well, I hope it works.

Steve Austin is interviewed back stage and claims that UT is out tonight because he fears the wrath of the Rattlesnake. He also promises to teach Rikishi a lesson tonight.

Chyna continued her turn with her subtly heelish commentary concerning the match between Molly Holly and Lita that was next on the program. Lita dominated the action but the two of them are both excellent wrestlers so it was a spirited competition. After Lita took the fall, Chyna came to the ring and congratulated her, then helped Molly to her feet. As she bent over, Lita took the opportunity to paddle Chyna's behind. She giggled about it as she headed back up the ramp. Chyna grinned wickedly... They have a PPV Title match next week.

I wonder if X-Pac and That's Incredible (or whatever) realize that their function is as bookends for their big guy partner. In this one against the Dudleys, Albert spent the entire match out on the floor pummeling Spike Dudley while Spike's brothers destroyed the bookends. As Albert re-entered the ring, Raven ran out of the crowd and hit him with a 2x4. Spike dragged him onto the apron and then dropped him on his head on the floor to get the win.

Angle arrived at WWF New York just as Chris Benoit showed up at the arena! Benoit says he wants to keep the medals because they make him feel like an Olympic hero. He offers Angle a match for the medals at Judgment Day. He then shows his concern for the safety of the medals by hiding them in his pants...

In a backstage altercation, E&C tried to rescue the medals but then stumbled into the training room where Chris Jericho was waiting to rescue his friend. Mick Foley shows up again ringside with a ticket in his hand - and has a seat.

Next up, Rikishi vs Stone Cold - with Foley sitting ringside to provide distraction. Rikishi came to the ring, but instead of Austin we got the McMahon's strolling down to the ring. Vince spots Foley who waves his ticket stub at him. Austin arrives and displays his two title belts for the fans. Vince takes them and swaggers over to show them to Foley. In the ring, Steve is having his problems with his rather large opponent. He is forced to leave the ring but then catches his opponent's leg and drags him to the corner for a posting. Rikishi comes back and has the rattlesnake propped in the corner for his move when Vince pops onto the apron and distracts him so that Austin can hit a low blow to turn the tables. He pounds on the big guy until Rikishi catches him on his shoulders and drops him on his back. He follows up with power moves and a smash in the corner. Austin escapes and grabs a chair but is caught coming in and floored. He fights back and takes a Samoan Drop. McMahon tries to interfere and is booted to the mat and then leg dropped. Rikishi then bombed Austin and almost got the pin. Rikishi has Austin set up for a big bomb in the corner when he notices Stephanie trying to help her dad. Rikishi is distracted long enough for Austin to come back with a stunner and take the pin. He then drags Foley over the rail and starts beating on him. He throws Foley into the ring where Rikishi is waiting with a chair. Austin is driven off and Stephanie gets Stinked.

I'm actually gratefull for the reappearance of Rikishi to push this main storyline off in a new direction. I just hope he doesn't suffer from Jeff Hardey-itis...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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