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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Hugh Morrus and Jesse Ventura Appear on RAW

Parallel Lives: The Story Of
Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

Part 8 by Ervin Griffin

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 636 - June 4, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have some All Pro Wrestling news, another installment of Ervin Griffin's biography of Diamond Dallas and Kimberley Page, the latest Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and as usual, my own topical rant.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this weeks Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz


All Pro Wrestling "Land Of The Giants"
Terra Nova High School - Pacifica, Ca.
Saturday, June 2nd 2001

APW returned to the site of so many great shows over the past years, Pacifica's Terra Nova High School. The show started off on a somber note, as it was announced that Boot Camp student Brian Ong had passed away earlier in the week. Ong was acknowledged with a ten-bell-salute, as well as a red bandage wore by all of the wrestlers. After paying tribute to Brian, the show was ready to begin...

Sean Patrick O'Doule vs. Chicano Flame - Winner: No Contest in 1:44 ( * )

Interview with The Original Westside Playaz
Jimmy Ripp grabbed the mic, and talked trash to just about everyone in APW, including the Pacifica fans, and their opponents tonight, The Snott Brothers. Ripp has the mouth, and he has Jones & Thompson to back him up. They are a lethal combination! The Snotts and Betty Beefcake had about enough of this tirade, and decided to come to ringside. Beefcake let it be known that she would have no problem giving Ripp the Biscuits & Gravy if he got involved in the match tonight, and she also made a promise that her men would leave Pacifica wearing the tag team titles.

Super Destroyer 2000 & Sheik Ali Boom Boom (with Buddy Cotello Esq.) vs. The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa) - Winners: Super Destroyer 2000 & Sheik Ali Boom Boom in 11:31 ( * * * )

"Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro vs. Tommy Blaze - Winner: Vincenzo Massaro in 8:47 ( * * * )

"Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz vs. "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande (with Xtacy)- Winner: Boyce LeGrande in 8:18 ( * * * 1/2)

LeGrande/Frantz Aftermath...
After the match, LeGrande & Xtacy's celebration was cut short when The Original Playaz once again jumped in the ring. The tore into both Jardi Frantz & Boyce LeGrande. Bomber went after Boyce, hitting his new finisher, the inverted fisherman's buster. The Playaz then tied Boyce up in the ropes, and went after Xtacy! Thankfully, Boyce was able to free himself before the Playaz could put their hands on her. Boyce got them away from her, but took more of a beating himself, as he was thrown through the air by Tony Jones with an amazing german suplex. They weren't done yet, as they hit the Drive-By (yes, Thompson & LeGrande's old finisher) on him. This team of Thompson, Jones & Ripp are unstoppable! Just then, The Snott Brothers ran to the ring to make the save. They were able to put up a fight with The Playaz, and keep their attention off Boyce & Xtacy. As the two of them went back to the dressing room, it was announced that the tag team championship match would happen right now! The Playaz vs. The Snotts!!!

APW Tag Team Championship

The Original Westside Playaz (with Jimmy Ripp) vs. The Snott Brothers (with Betty Beefcake) - Winners: The Original Westside Playaz in 5:22 ( * * * )

Battle Of The Giants
"Big" Maxx Justice (with Shane Dynasty) vs. "Next Big Thing" Dalip Singh - Winner: Maxx Justice in 9:10 ( * * 1/2)

Battle Of The Giants Aftermath...
Dalip Singh argued with Mario Long that he didn't use the chair, but Mario had already made his decision final. So, Dalip decided that arguing with the referee would get him nowhere, and decided to go after Shane Dynasty. With the table still set up in the ring, and Maxx Justice doing his best to keep his distance from the big man, Dalip found it perfect to grab Dynasty by the throat, and chokeslam him straight to hell! SMASH!!! Dalip chokeslammed Dynasty through the table, leaving a huge mess of man and wood laying in the middle of the ring. Maxx Justice still wanted nothing to do with Dalip now that their match was over with.

Worldwide Internet Championship

"Future Legend" Donovan Morgan vs. "Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews - Winner: Donovan Morgan in 17:55 ( * * * * )

APW Universal Championship

"Ice Pick" Vic Capri vs. "Natural One" Michael Modest - Before the match started, Modest announced that he was dedicating the match to the memory of the late Brian Ong. The fans applauded Modest for this, and the match was ready to go. The opening period had both men feeling each other out, both scoring a few takedowns on each other. Modest worked over the arm for a minute, and Capri did the same once he took control. The next few minutes were a great back and forth battle, with not a dull moment at all. Modest hit a sick looking downward spiral, but Capri came back and took things to the floor. Back in the ring, Capri outdid Boyce's rolling suplexes from earlier in the night, and hit some rolling northern lights suplexes...but turning the 3rd one into an X-Factor face slam. This was a great match so far, definitely what you would expect from Modest, maybe one of his finest matches of the year.

Capri's potential is sky-high, as he totally hung in there with Modest for the whole match. His offensive ability reminds me of Christopher Daniels, and you know how good Modest matches up with him. About nine minutes into the grueling contest, Modest hit a great fisherman's superplex (from the 2nd rope!)...into a kicked out, and the match would continue. Back out of the ring, Capri took things into his own hands and got a little hardcore. He nailed Modest in the back with a couple chair shots. You could see how much holding onto the APW Universal Title meant to Capri, as he was doing everything he could to keep Modest at his mercy. Capri has this one great combo, where he hits a flying knee drop, rolls over to the opposite corner, bounces onto the top rope, and hits a beautiful moonsault...all in on motion! Total thing of beauty! This got him a 2 1/2 count on the Natural One, and he was back to the chair. Capri set up the chair in the ropes, and went to hit Modest's head into it, but he was met with a back legsweep, and his own face got rammed into the steel! The fans chanted "Let's Go Modest", as Modest hit a t-bone suplex on Capri...however, being the fighter that he is, the champ promptly got up, and hit a t-bone of his own. But wait...Modest did the exact same thing...and hit a 3rd t-bone suplex in a row. This was amazingly followed by a 4th t-bone suplex!!! Four consecutive t-bones...what a great spot that was!

Both men were down on the the count of nine, Modest springboarded to his feet...but hurt his neck in the process. Capri took advantage and pounded away on Modest, getting a couple of near falls. He went for a suplex, but Modest escaped...ducked a clothesline...and then caught Vic Capri in the B*tch Slap!!! BAM! Modest slapped that B*tch, and put Capri down for the 1...2...3!!! Michael Modest had won the APW Universal Title for the 5th time (tying Maxx Justice's record). The title had come back home to APW! What a great match by Modest & Capri, one of the best matches all year in APW.

Winner: Michael Modest in 13:18 to become the NEW APW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ( * * * * 1/2)

Modest/Capri Aftermath...
After the match, Modest held his Brian Ong armband high in the air, and yelled out "We Did It". Modest dedicated his title victory to Ong, and apologized that Brian would never get a chance to know what it was like to perform in front of all the great APW fans. The fans cheered for Modest's title victory, and they cheered for the late Brian Ong, who we all wish will rest in peace.


It was announced earlier this week that last years King Of The Indies winner, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, will be defending his trophy against the top wrestlers on the indie scene. Daniels has added his name to the list of wrestlers competing in the Fall tournament. Here is some things that APW President Roland Alexander recently posted on, concerning Daniels being in the tournament...

"Daniels title defense will be twice as hard to defend due to the field being doubled to 16 and including the best indy wrestlers in the world. You can rest assured that the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will prepare himself every day for to defend the KING OF INDIES title. We look forward to watching Chris defend his title at the KING OF INDIES 2001. For more information on the KING OF INDIES 2001 tournament and WEEK OF LEGENDS."

Daniels now add's his name to Scoot Andrews as the only two men officially signed up for the tournament, which takes place in Vallejo, Ca. on October 26th & 27th, as part of the King Of Indies & Legends Week.

Parallel Lives: The Story Of Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 8: The Bird Of Prey/The Wolverine

After his victory over Curt Hennig for the WCW U.S. Championship at Starrcade '97, Diamond Dallas Page had the first of two U.S. title reigns. DDP didn't shy away behind the title either, taking on all comers for his new title!

At the beginning of 1998, DDP made a bold move that very few champions ever do! After a tag team bout between Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko Vs. Eddie Gurrerro & Chris Jericho on WCW Thunder, Benoit was doing an interview inside the ring when Page came out of the crowd. He complimented Benoit on being one of the most talented men in the game and offered him a shot at his WCW U.S. title! Stunned at first, Benoit quickly accepted the challenge for the following week on Thunder but one man didn't want to see this bout happen.

That man was Scott Levy, aka The Raven. At this point, Raven surrounded himself with a group of wrestlers called The Flock. This group consisted of Perry Saturn, Billy Kidman, Lodi and Reese and while not as dangerous as The nWo or even The Four Horsemen, they could shake up things when they wanted too. Raven was in the midst of a feud with Benoit when this challenge came up so you know that Raven (who also had a past with DDP) wasn't pleased.

When time for the match at WCW Thunder, Benoit and Page had a brief but spirited contest that was marred by interference from Raven and his gang. "The Wolverine" and "WCW's People's Champion" fought them off but the match was thrown out and rescheduled for WCW SuperBrawl the following month. The two men did get a chance for revenge, however, a few weeks later on WCW Thunder as they teamed up to take on Raven and Saturn! I know a lot of people knocked WCW but this was truly a great tag team bout as Page and Benoit pulled out a win over their rivals!

As for their SuperBrawl match up, it saw Page retain his U.S. strap in a VERY close bout with Benoit! The end came for Benoit when he flipped out of a back suplex only to get caught in DDP's "Diamond Cutter" for the pin! This would not be the last confrontation between the two nor would Raven get out of either man's life!

NEXT: Raven

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and formerly contributed to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Before I really get started, I want to ask a question, as part of a survey that I initiated on my other column, the Crossface Corner, on I asked, Who is the most important and/or influential wrestler of the last 20 years?" I asked who and why, and have gotten a good number of responses. I would like it if you chimed in, as I figure if you are on this site, you have to have some good sense. E-mail me your opinion, as to who and why, at, and put "Wrestler survey" in the subject line.

Now, enough of my asking you for an opinion, it is time to tell you my opinion.

Actually, my brother wanted me to bring up a subject, and though I am loathe to do anything he says (and that is a FACT....not an opinion), I guess the subject has enough merit to bring it up for discussion.

Mike is of the opinion that the ECW isn't dead, it just invaded the WWF.

Let's look at this coolly and objectively. Who are the ex-ECW personnel that work for the WWF now? Well, you got the Dudleys. Then, Rhyno, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guererro, Raven, Lita, Tazz, and Mick Foley. You got Tajiri, Stone Cold (yep, he was in ECW, for a time), Jerry Lynn, and Justin Credible. If you include the WCW workers, you can add Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Bam Bam Bigalow, and Shane Douglas. On the bubble, there is Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam. Sorry if I missed anyone, but I never promised you a rose garden.

That figures out to be around 20 or 21 workers that were employed at ECW that now work for Vinny Mac. In addition to that, add in the backstage direction and weight of Paul Heyman, and you have a rather substantial block of workers and wrestlers. Rumors already abound that Heyman is a leading voice in new angles and programs.....for example, a lot of the E-rags said that Heyman is the main force behind the Jericho/Benoit push, over the Undertaker push. Rumor or not, I wouldn't be so have a guy that ran a popular, national wrestling promotion working with people that have copied, more or less, what he did in the ECW for years. Every extreme match you see on the WWF, and saw on the WCW, was a direct descendant from a Paul Heyman-created ECW match. A hardcore match is a ECW match, in the eyes of many people. Just listen for the chants.

However, the question is about an invasion. Is the ECW guilty of invading the WWF?

No. It just looks like that.

Invasion carries with it an inherent sense of forethought and planning. The presence if these workers is not an organized effort, but rather the payoff of their hard work. To make a name for yourself in the ECW, you had to be exceptional in your effort and dedication...heck, half the time you didn't get paid. All these guys paid their dues, whether or not they have had to pay them again in the Big Two (sorry, Big One and-a-Half). They brought the ECW up to a state of recognition in the national eye, but there were steps left to climb.

I think it is rather a natural progression. If pro wrestling were baseball, the ECW would have been the AAA team, and the WWF the major league. When ECW fell, the cream of the roster migrated to the only place they could, and that was the WWF. Also, with the shift towards extreme matches, whacked-out storylines, and the like, the ECW guys know how to work it, and Heyman has true experience in running such a satchel of programs.

So, figure this isn't an invasion, but a progression. Sorry, Mike, I can't see it.

Changing the subject, wasn't the Canadian swing great? The crowds were jacked, the wrestlers worked pretty good, and Vince really pushed the native wrestlers. He also made a sort of amends with Stu Hart, and some of the Hart family. There were also some other things he did, like the Sharpshooter spots on Raw and Smackdown. It was a good week all-around, with HHH's good surgery and the two good shows. Heck, I even thought Spike Dudley's profession of "like" for Molly was funny. And, finally, a WCW star showed up, and it was Lance Storm. Good for Lance and WCW!

Did I say that should happen? Gee, I should do that more often.....

Oh, another funny spot was the "Calm down.......carrot?" spot, with Vince and Regal.

OK, I am done, for this week. Keep it here at Solie's for the links and data about wrestling you want, and come over to for news, rumors, and results. Remember the survey, and respond early and often. Thanks, and see you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown was taped Tuesday night at the Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, Alberta , Canada and opened with a video recap of what went down for the Chris's on Monday in Toronto. For Benoit, this is a homecoming and the fans were rabid as he and Jericho came to the ring for their opening rant. Jericho took the mic to started to talk about how great it was to beat up on Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon on RAW Monday night. He mentioned that it occurred to them that the former Tag Champs never got a chance for a rematch - but then HHH is out of action. So he proposed that Austin team up with Vince McMahon and go for the titles " the interest of fairness." Benoit took the mic and addressed Austin directly, accusing him of hiding behind the "...power of the owner of this company..." He recited some of the historic events that took place in the Skyreach Centre arena, "the House of Champions", and reiterated the challenge put forth by his partner. McMahon shows up at that point and teases an acceptance...but then turns down the challenge. He said he had plans for the two of them individually. He booked Jericho against Kurt Angle and told Benoit that Austin had the night off...and then Austin showed up! Austin grabbed the mic from McMahon and gave Benoit his shot for the World Title!! McMahon looked decidedly uneasy at this development as they headed backstage arguing. 20 minutes and counting.

After the first break, Edge took on Kane for the Intercontinental Title in a very one-sided squash. Edge's one good move was an arm drag off the top corner followed up with a dropkick against the Champ's broken arm. He worked on the arm for a bit but it was obviously a desperation attack. Kane was back in a flash with a one-armed sidewalk slam. Edge hit one of his wimpy spears as Kane obligingly went down. But moments later he was up and a big powerbomb did the challenger in.

Backstage, the Dudleys told Spike to stay away from the ring during Bubba's match with Hardcore (Steroid Bob) Holly. Crash interfered once - and got his clock cleaned...the first time. Second time was the charm. He held Bubba's foot giving his cousin the pin. Backstage, Willy Regal and Tajiri broke in on Mr. McMahon to inform him that Shane's WCW1 limo has been circling the building.

Before the break, Spike expressed his feeling for Molly in a backstage interview, then Kurt Angle promised to beat Chris Jericho in the next match. The match proceeded as a scientific bout for a moment or two and then Jericho ran Angle's shoulder into a corner post to start the rough stuff. He assaulted Angle on the outside of the ring then threw him back inside, where Angle reversed the field. Now the battle was on as the two of them slugged it out until Jericho caught his opponent in the Walls. Angle escaped but Jericho came right back then missed a Lionsault. Angle grabbed the ankle lock...then Shane McMahon ran in but was hauled away before he could do any damage. As Angle watched him leave, Spike Dudley ran up behind him and clobbered him. Jericho hit the Lionsault again and took the pin.

Raven was given a chance to regain the Hardcore Title from Rhyno - the match featured a great spot where Rhyno set a trash can up in the corner with the open end facing outward. He then went for a gore - but Raven sidestepped him, causing Rhyno to dive headfirst into the can! Raven hit him with everything, including the kitchen sink! But it wasn't enough. The champ put the challenger through a table to retain his title.

We got an update on HHH's condition courtesy of Stephanie, who laid the groundwork for the coming Austin/HHH feud by recalling Austin's disdainful comments on Hunter's injuries. Backstage, Eddie Guerrero broke in on the Hardeys to hustle them to the ring for their 6 man match against X-Factor. During the match we could see the slight hesitation whenever Eddie was tagged in - the hardeys don't trust him...and well they shouldn't. Jeff Hardey tagged in after a few minutes and was cleaning house until he decided to try a splash on Albert out on the floor. He was caught in mid-air and run back first into a corner post (ouch!) Somehow he managed to tag in Matt and then all hell broke loose. Then at the critical moment, Matt noticed Lita trying to help Eddie on the outside - the distraction got him pinned.

After break, the mysterious "peeping tom" narrated a video showing UT and his wife heading out for a ride on their twin ATV's.

The main event was about to get under way when Vince interrupted the introductions to announce that he had assigned himself as the "Special Enforcer" for the match - striped muscle shirt and all. Benoit, who was heavily bandaged around his mid-section, attacked right out of the box and has Stone Cold reeling in a flash. This match was a real barn burner, with Benoit doing his finest buzz saw impression until he went for his big swan dive. Austin got hold of his title belt and held it up so that Benoit headbutted the belt! It was all Austin at that point. He grabbed a sharpshooter as Benoit bled onto the mat from a cut on his forehead. But then Benoit powered his way out of it and reversed the hold. Stone Cold then countered in the same fashion. Benoit almost got to the ropes but Austin dragged him back to the center. Again Benoit reversed the hold but couldn't get all of it. Austin got to the ropes and forced the break. Both were exhausted at this point and struggling to get to their feet. Austin ended up in the corner as Benoit pounded on his back and tried to get a German suplex. Austin knocked his opponent down then went to the top - only to be caught and superplexed back to the mat. Benoit then locked in the Crossface - but Austin again reached the ropes. Outside the ring, Austin tried to walk away, but Benoit caught him - but then was face jammed onto the announce table. After a fist fight, Austin repeated the move, but this time dropped Benoit's ribs onto the table. Benoit was then run into the steps - his bandages unwinding as Austin used them for leverage. Back in the ring, Austin shoved the title belt in his challenger's face to taunt him. Now McMahon was smiling ear-to-ear as Austin grabbed a Boston Crab, but Benoit would not give up. He fought back and Austin went for a stunner - but Benoit ducked it and got a series of German suplexes (5 or 6 I think), then a short rest and yet another one! Then Two more!! And another - and another. Austin was out of it as McMahon jumped on the apron. Benoit was distracted for an instant and Austin attacked - but hit McMahon! Benoit grabbed the Crossface then McMahon came in with a chair. Benoit tripped him and got the chair, then wore McMahon out with it. In the midst of this, Austin rolled him up and took the pin. It looks like the handwriting is on the wall for Austin...

Raw is live from the Target Center in Minneapolis , Minnesota and opens with a video recap of the "Infamous Canadian Screw-Job Redux" which took place on SmackDown last week. Tonight will feature two King of the Ring qualifying matches but the program kicks off with an Intercontinental Title defense for Kane against the challenge of Christian. The match was pretty uneventful until Hugh Morrus ran in and interfered by throwing his moonsault against Christian. Guess who won..?

After the break, Mr. McMahon stalks to the ring - he doesn't look happy...I can't imagine why...he starts with a verbal assault on his son, Shane - but quickly switches to expressing his ire toward Chris Benoit. He declares Benoit is "an animal" because of what Benoit did to himself and Steve Austin on SmackDown and states that the Crippler will never get a World Title shot again. He then books Benoit against the Big Show. At this point Mick Foley shows up...carrying a copy of his book, of course... He says he's out in the ring just to thank his fans...or maybe he wants to talk about his "bookmark"...a contract that states that he can make a main event at any RAW of his choosing...and he is going to make the main event for tonight. He books Steve Austin into a match with Chris Jericho, with Benoit and Vince both banned from ringside. McMahon tries to say that the contract isn't valid because it was signed in Connecticut, and they are in Minnesota. So Mick brings out Governor Ventura! Jesse wears what appears to be an alligator skin jacket, and makes a speech saying that he declares the contract valid by virtue of him being the highest elected official in the State of Minnesota. Then he leaves. Foley tells Vince that he intends to end the night with a big surprise - and then he leaves Vince fuming in the ring.

The first KOR qualifier pits Jeff Hardey against his brother Matt. This starts out as a fast paced scientific match.Of course these guys know each other too the fists start flying after a while. But never to any great degree. Matt won it.

Backstage, Vince lets Austin know that he has to defend his title on the program. Austin complains that his back is out of whack because of Benoit's 10 (count 'em) German suplexes the other night. Vince explains about his wife's deal with Foley. Austin's advice is for him to "give her $500 million dollars and shut her up..."

Mick has a tete-a-tete with Trish backstage and then we cut to Commissioner Regal's office where Kurt Angle learns that Shane McMahon has excepted his challenge at King of the Ring - Kurt also wants to be in the KOR tourney - being the defending champ and all. He wants a match with Spike Dudley - so Regal puts him into a 6 man tag match on the Hollys' team against the Dudleys (all three of them).

And that match is next up. Spike is the immediate target of the Hollys, who seem to be refusing to tag Angle in to the match. Spike is isolated for several minutes. Angle finally gets in and almost loses it to a suddenly revitalized Spike. But eventually he regains control and drags Spike to a neutral corner where he sets his diminutive opponent on the corner. But Spike fights him off and then tags in Bubba, who comes in a house afire and makes short work of the Hollys. Devon distracts the referee however and Angle gets Bubba in a German suplex to turn the tables. But the Dudleys recover for a moment and hit a Three D on Crash. Bob then drags Devon out giving Angle a chance to hit the Olympic Slam on Bubba and take the pin.

Chis Benoit is clearly no match for his 500 lbs. opponent - especially with injured ribs. He manages to get the big guy down at one point but then throws a swan dive head butt and is caught by the throat. The Big Show is about to chokeslam his opponent when Benoit wriggles out of it and slaps on the Crippler Crossface...and makes him submit!

Backstage, the Undertaker rolls up on his motorcycle. After the break he comes to the ring and starts making threats toward whoever it is that has been stalking his wife at home. He threatens Jim Ross and then slaps Paul Heyman out of his chair when he makes an untoward comment. As he is going to find Vince McMahon (at Ross's suggestion) the TitanTron comes to life with yet another video from the stalker is run. UT starts off again as we cut to another break.

The second KOR qualifier sees Rhino taking on Tazz. It looked like Tazz was going to win it as he sidestepped the gore and ran his opponent shoulder first into the ring post. he then tried to grab the Tazzmission but really didn't get enough of it. Rhyno pulled him off his feet as Tazz hung on for dear life. Then Rhyno dumped him and took the pin.

Steve Austin sends his wife looking for Mick Foley to see if she can pry his big secret out of him. He refuses, but gives her an autographed copy of his book. In another part of the building, Edge and Christian are discussing their problems of late. Christian announces that he's going to be the 2001 King of the Ring. This bothers Edge who is already entered in the tournament. Mike Cole interviews Chris Jericho, who vows to win the WWF Title in the main event tonight as only Y2J can.

Next up (and next to last) a Bra and Panties match featuring Trish Stratus against Terri Runnels. Terri starts it with a slap and gets bulldogged in return. Trish gets Terri's top off right away then goes after the very short skirt of her opponent. Terri kicks her off then pulls off her top - so we're even up at this point. Saturn runs in and enters the ring, opens his robe to reveal that he is wearing...bra and panties! This distraction allows Trish to sneak up behind Terri and rip off her skirt.

In the main event, Chris Jericho got his second shot at the WWF Title in as many RAW's. Mick Foley's surprise turned out to be that he is serving as special enforcer referee for the match. Paul Heyman gets in a great line saying, "Verne Gagne is turning over in his grave and he isn't even dead yet!" Jericho slaps on the Walls early on, but Austin makes it to the ropes and escapes. He rolls to the outside to have some words with Foley then returns to the apron only to be drop kicked back to the floor. A brawl ensues on the floor and is punctuated by Austin tossing the challenger headlong into Foley. Jericho comes back and rams Austin's injured knees into the steps. Back in the ring, Austin tries to slip out of harms way but Foley tosses him back inside twice. So Austin goes back and takes control of the match with kicks to the head of his opponent then grabs a bow and arrow. Jericho screams in pain but refuses to give up, then powers back to his feet and reverses the move. But Austin hits a mule kick low blow to escape and goes back to his stomp fest. He is distracted by Foley again and catches a low blow from his opponent. Jericho beats the Champ into the corner, then gets a missile drop kick and a two count. He follows with a Frankensteiner and another two count. The next exchange knocks the referee to the floor. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho as Foley comes in to replace the fallen referee, but Willy Regal drags him out to the floor and beats him down. Foley recovers as Regal turns to face Jericho - he swings a chair but hits Jericho by mistake. back in the ring Austin gets a two count, then follows up with a Stunner for the win. After Austin leaves, Jericho grabs Regal and puts the Walls on him - then Foley pulls Mr. Socko out of his pants and applies the mandible claw on his Commissionership.

Not a bad show...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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