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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WCW Invasion Has Begun!!

Mike Awesome New Hardcore Champ!

X-Pac Takes the Light Heavyweight Crown

Solie's King of the Ring Report

Edge is the 2001 King of the Ring

Pro wrestler Chris Adams indicted in overdose death

Dudleys take Tag Titles for the 4th Time

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 639 - June 25, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have the Solie's King of the Ring Report, the latest Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and as usual, my own TV recaps and topical rant.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this weeks Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

Pro wrestler Chris Adams indicted in overdose death


By Drake Witham / The Dallas Morning News

A professional wrestler was indicted Friday on manslaughter charges in connection with the April 2000 death of a 30-year-old Dallas woman, police said. A Collin County grand jury indicted Christopher Adams, known as "Gentleman Chris," a day after Dallas police presented the results of an autopsy and its criminal investigation, police said.

Linda Kaphengst of Dallas died of an overdose April 22, 2000. Her death was caused by alcohol and gamma hydroxybutyrate, or GHB, according to the Collin County medical examiner. GHB, a designer drug, is an illegal controlled substance. It causes extreme relaxation and often memory problems. Police department spokesman Sgt. Hollis Edwards said Mr. Adams, 45, also overdosed that morning but recovered. He now faces a second-degree felony charge of causing the death of an individual, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, police said. The offense carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Ms. Kaphengst's family and Mr. Adams could not be reached for comment Friday.

The two were found unconscious in a Far North Dallas apartment in the 18000 block of Gallery Drive by a friend of Mr. Adams about 5:30 a.m., police said.

Ms. Kaphengst was unconscious on the living room floor and Mr. Adams was slumped over in a chair when the friend found them, according to police. The friend, who is not named in the police report, was renting the apartment, but Mr. Adams stayed there at times, police said. The friend told police he had last seen Mr. Adams and Ms. Kaphengst awake at 2:45 a.m. The friend called 911 and began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the woman, according to police. Both were transported to Presbyterian Hospital-Plano, where the woman was pronounced dead.

Mr. Adams, originally from England, wrestled the Von Erich brothers in the Dallas area in the 1980s and later joined World Championship Wrestling, which was based in Atlanta.

He opened his own wrestling school in the Dallas area and trained "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Wrestling promoter Tom Lance said he had spoken with Mr. Adams on Friday. "It was a tragic accident, and he feels terrible about it," Mr. Lance said. "We've been very good friends and business partners for about 14 years."

Mr. Lance said Mr. Adams no longer runs his school but still wrestles on occasion


by: Senior Media Editor, Jermz

(June 24th - June 30th 2001)


The APW King of the Indies Tournament 2001 Committee has announced the nomination of, and confirmation from JAYSON REIGN as the newest competitor for the 16 wrestler field for the King of the Indies 2001 on October 26th and 27th at the Pacific Coast Sports Center on Mare Island, Vallejo, California. Jayson has been selected as one of the 16 very best indie wrestlers in the world today and will compete in the single elimination King of the Indies Tournament over the two day period showcasing his numerous wrestling skills. The KOTI ‘01 roster is slowly taking shape, and with the addition of wrestlers like Jayson Reign, we all know this years tournament will be the best night of indie wrestling ever!

The KOTI tournament has recently been associated with the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club and plans are under way for a “Wrestling’s Week of Legends” to precede the KOTI Tournament. This will be the week where APW honors legends from the past while showcasing future legends. The Cauliflower Alley Club will be involved heavily throughout the entire week spanning from October 24th thru the 28th.

Amateur wrestling clinics, free mini camps, training sessions and more will take place during the day with Ribs-N-Wrestling Bar-B-Q, after-parties and other chances to rub shoulders with wrestling legends taking place during the evenings. In addition to all the festivities, picture/autograph sessions with Cauliflower Alley Club legends will make the “Wrestling’s Week of Legends” an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans of all ages. As details become available they will be posted on the official King of Indies website at As well as you can also follow Jayson Reign’s career at

We look forward to an exciting KOTI Tournament Showing for Jayson Reign and all of our KOTI participants in 2001.


This past week in Canada, Stampede Wrestling put on their "Nightmare Tour", which featured APW's Michael Modest & Christopher Daniels. Modest pulled off a major upset during the first stop of the four-city tour, in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, when he defeated Canadian Legend Bruce Hart for the North American Heavyweight Championship. This was a Double-Titles match, in which Modest came very close to dropping the APW strap to Hart. However, with help from Christopher Daniels, Modest was able to pull off a major upset, and pin Hart to win the title.

The following night, in Calgary, Hart won the title back from Modest, and then held onto it after a grueling 20-minute match the third night, in Medicine Hat. Also on the card, Daniels met WCW/WWF Superstar Lance Storm in what was said to be a great match. Tonight is the final night of the tour, and Modest is said to be involved in some sort of tournament that would crown a new Pacific Champion. Modest promised he would bring gold back to California, and tonight will be his final chance.

For results of tonight's show, check out later in the week. We will also bring you more on Modest's performance in next week's APW ONLINE NEWSLETTER.


A few days ago, Roland Alexander let it be known that he had spoken briefly with Jardi Frantz who is on a tour of Japan with Mitsuharu Misawa's NOAH origination. Here is what was mentioned...

"Jardi is enjoying himself in Japan and learning quite a bit. He was very nervous the first couple of matches and they weren't up to his standards but has now had 3 consecutive excellent matches that has NOAH smiling. In his latest match, he did some sort of springboard something or other (like how I remembered the move?) and went over the barricade upon contact (as they are close in) and received a standing ovation from the Japanese crowd and I don't have to tell you, that is a rare reaction from Japanese fans and usually reserved for U.S. legends.

As much fun as he is having, he is looking forward to returning home and once again, performing in front of APW fans. I am hoping during his next ring entrance, Jardi receives the same sort of appreciation from APW fans because he is a student of the game, a hard worker and is worthy of your accolades."

We look forward to Jardi's return to APW, as he is one of the top young lightweights in the country today.


Pro-Wrestling Legend Randy "Macho Man" Savage stopped by the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. this week on his way through California while on the "SLIM JIM - Rebelli-Ache Tour". A photo of Savage can be seen on the homepage of as he posed with APW President Roland Alexander & APW's 7-foot giant, Dalip Singh. Now, Misawa & Savage have both uncovered pro-wrestling's "best kept secret"...who is next to walk through the garage doors?!?!


Former APW Universal, Internet & Tag Team Champion, "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro worked for IPW-Hardcore Wrestling in Florida this past weekend. His first match was a 3-Way Dance against Buck Quartermaine & Mike Sullivan. This was said to be a fantastic match, which Quartermaine pinned Vinny to win. Then, the next night, he teamed up with "Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews to go for the Tag Team Championship against The Shane Twins. The Shane Twins came out on top of that match. Even though Vinny came up with two losses, it was a very good weekend, as he had a couple of good matches, and impressed a lot of independent wrestling fans in Florida.

Also, this past weekend on WWF Metal, Christopher Daniels & Scoot Andrews made appearances in a match against Kaentai. APW is proud of Scoot & Chris, as they are both APW regulars.


The next APW Live Event is scheduled for Saturday night July 28th at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. (785 Walnut Ave. on Mare Island). No matches have been announced for this show yet, but keep checking the APW website ( and this newsletter for updates.


Evening Magazine will be airing a segment on All Pro Wrestling as the lead story on an upcoming telecast, to be shown this Thursday June 28th at 7:00pm. The Snott Brothers Fan Club President and Manager, Betty Beefcake will be on the show, as she will be taking on "Evening Magazine" host Malou Nubla in a match at the APW Garage! This is great publicity, and APW is very proud to be featured on a highly prestigious show such as Evening Magazine. Don't miss it!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I have been in a writing mood for the last couple of days.

Especially since I got my computer fixed. How sweet it is!

New CD/ROM Rewritable thingyjabob and a processor 3 times faster than what I had. Whew. It's so fast, it makes my socks drop.

On my site (, things have been hopping. I got three new columnists that have all signified their willingness to write columns for us (great), we linked up with the 3rd biggest radio station in our home city (Q-FM-96), and there is a faint, yet real, possibility that I may get a weekly 10-15 minute wrestling spot with their morning team, who are big wrestling fans and great guys and gals. I know this well, even when they don't tell me about it, because I have worked with them before, as we (my bagpipe band) plays with them every St. Patrick's Day morning, at their Breakfast Club.

I share that with you because, as I have said before, I want you to know that the success I have now can be directly traced to the first opportunity in commenting on Pro Wrestling I had, and that was with my brother, Mike, whom I owe a lot to, and to Earl, who gave me a chance to produce for his well-established Solie's Vintage Wrestling. Thanks to both of you.

Now, to the wrestling......before I choke all of you up (and that is a FACT....not an opinion).

Did you notice all the closet WCW fans at Raw?

I think that that 2.0 rating they were getting in the dying days of Turnerland was due to people lovingly looking away.

DDP-DDP-DDP.....I thought WCW didn't matter anymore. AND, I will so graciously add, I told you no-one in the WWF was able to feud with the Dead Man.

You thought I was just good looking....not smart as well, huh?

Well, either way you choose to look at it, Page made an impression. This was the biggest WCW invasion (note, small 'i') segment yet, far out-doing the Lance Storm run-in. This was a stroke of genius, again by Vince and his bookers. I will if you didn't think I would.

To start, I consider myself informed about the Pro Wrestling universe. I check the 'Net every day, gleaning info that I see as fit. Considering that, I was totally surprised by DDP's arrival. I did not expect to see him, of all people, as the Stalker. I figured that, if there was a WCW person involved, it would be Scotty Steiner, or maybe even RVD or another ECW acquisition, but I never would have guessed DDP. I would have said, if money were bet, Shawn Michaels. I am glad I don't bet! And, add to that thought, I am glad it wasn't him....maybe Vince Jr. is getting the idea that Michaels is not so good for the locker room.

In addition to that, I think DDP played it well. He was nervous, I noticed (deer into headlights, like he had never seen 15,000 people at a wrestling venue before), but he carried himself through the segment well. His motives were painted as somewhat heel-ish, but not perverted (he was trying to get the Undertaker's goat, not his wife's dirty panties), and he actually opened the angle up with some very WWF-ish mic work, although I would submit to you that he has never been terrible on the stick. I say there is a good chance that Kimberly will meet Mr. Callaway in the near future...what a way to get her into the WWF, huh?

All in all, very good addition to the storyline. UT will get him, but I can see a WCW run-in to help establish some heel characters in the emerging WCW (everyone, excepting DDP, has been portrayed as a face). Then, the awful revenge of the mighty Undertaker will occur....will he revert to the Dark Side, with Darth Maul and Vader? Or, will this begin his push towards his final Title run, and retirement? We will see soon, young Jedi.

Oh....isn't DDP OLDER than the Undertaker? I will just have to check at Solie's.

You can too!! Best info about wrestling on the 'Net. AND, for the latest results, reports, rumors, and some of the best new columnists on the Web, come to Thanks again, to Earl, and all the readers. Keep those e-mails coming...I answer all of them.

See you next week with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown was taped Tuesday in Orlando, Florida and opened with a rant from our Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle, who referred to himself as a "Super Hero" and talked some trash about his opponent at the PPV, Shane McMahon. He name dropped Shaquille O'Neal (his good friend, according to Angle) and compared the basketball players accomlishment of back-to-back World Championships to his own (not quite yet...) accomplishment of back-to-back King of the Ring. In the process he managed to insult his friends Edge and Chrisyian who appeared on the platform and called him a dork (dorkimus maximus, to be exact). From the the two brothers then got into an argument between them over who exactly would come out on top at the KOR tournament. Meanwhile, in the ring, Angle was coming to some negative conclusions about his (apparently) former friends and demanded an apology. Rhyno then showed up, seemed to be sideing with the brothers - but then gored Edge! A melee broke out with E & C taking the brunt of the punishment. Angle and Rhyno ended the segment in a stare down.

Out in the parking lot, Mr. and Mrs. Calloway waited for Diamond Dallas Page to show up. Meanwhile, backstage, Molly gives Spike a kiss for luck He is about to face the Bog Show in the ring.

Spike's match was punishment for challenging Steve Austin on RAW. Spike was squashed, and then his brothers ran in and laid him out with a 3D. The big guy took the pin.

Out in the parking lot a limo pulled up, but it was only Vince, who swre he knew nothing about DDP's actions. He offered to have security keep Page out of the building, but UT quashed that notion, saying Vince better let Page in, if he knows what is good for him.

Kane and the Hardey Boyz took on X-Factor in a six-man match after it was announced that X-pac would challenge Jeff hardey for the Light Heavyweight title on Sunday. This match was short and...well...short. Kane buried X-Pac with a chokeslam.

VinnieMac was on the phone in his locker room when Steve Austin walked in and asked about how Vince felt about his ultimatum on Monday. Vince was non-commital so Steve gave him a hunting bow and his hat. Somebody get the straight jacket...

Sara and UT continued to wait in the parking lot. Could somebody bring these folks some coffee..? Backstage, Tajiri was watching footage of his match with Rhyno from Monday. Commissioner Regal walked up and said he hoped Tajiri didn't blame him for his loss in the match. Kaientai showed up and wanted matches against Steve Austin and Jeff Hardey - Regal refused their request. Tajiri and Taka came near to blows as we went to commercial.

Austin and Debra showed up as Vince was fooling around with his new hunting weapon. Debra offered Vince a plate of cookies, which Vince sais were delicious, but Austin disagreed.

The next tag team match featured the final four KOR contestants, Edge & Christian vs. Kurt Angle and Rhyno. It was a rout. Rhyno gored both brothers, giving Angle an easy pinfall over Edge. After the match, Shane McMahon ran in and whacked Angle with a kendo stick.

Austin and Vince got positively muchy in their mutual expressions of friendship in the next segment. Pardon me while I barf...

Back in the Commissioer's office, Regal told Saturn that he was going to face Test for the Hardcore Title on the program. Saturn's response..."Doggies eat applesauce to save the ozone layer!" Regal smiled and told Saturn that Test was going around telling people that doggies eat kumquats to save the ozone layer! Saturn got defensive, insisting that doggies eat applesauce! You're welcome!

Steve Austin came to the ring next and confronted Mike Cole over things he has been saying about the Rattlesnake. He also took Cole to task for saying that Austin had "sold his soul to the devil". He wanted to know if that meant that Cole considered Vince to be the devil... He slapped Cole around and the bullied him into saying, "Yessir, Stone Cold." - then he beat him soundly.

After the break we were shown that while they were away, Austin assaulted several techniciaons and camerament then beat up on Cole some more. Cole was stretchered out and Jim Ross took his place at the mic. Austin stalked backstage looking for Vince but couldn't find him.

Next up was the Hardcore Title shot for Perry Saturn. Another short match which test won after a boot to the face. Saturn found a mop under the ring during the match, then refused to let go of it afterward.

Backstage, UT and Sara ran into Kane, who promised to watch his brother's back in case DDP showed up with any of his buddies. Meanwhile, Austin was still looking for Vince, but not finding him. A technician told him that Vince had left the building, but Steve didn't believe it.

The Undertaker and Sara came to the ring to a huge pop. UT questioned DDP's motives for stalking them, and explained that the reason Page isn't famous is that he sucks! UT promised to change all that, and challenged Page to show up at the PPV on Sunday. Page appeared on the OvalTron, "Live" (on tape) from the Calloways' home! He gave us a guided tour of the house, and even laid in UT's bed!

Austin ended up back at the Chairman's locker room, where he found all his gifts, but no sign of Vince. He decided to confiscate them for safe keeping.

Tajiri (w/Regal) took on Taka Michinuko in the next match. After some dubbed-in-English byplay, Tajiri knocked Taka silly with a kick to the head and took the pin.

Lillian garcia interviewed the Dudleys leading up to their Tag Team Title match with the Chris's. They said they don't care about Spike anymore and are concentrating on the Tag Titles. During the match, a drag-out affair, it looked like the Chris's were going to retain their titles. But then Stone Cold ran down and whacked Bubba with his WWF Title belt. Bubba Ray pinned Benoit and the titles changed hands.

As Austin left the ring area, he ran into Vince, who told him that Mike Cole was threatening to sue the WWF! Vince said he talked Cole out of it but that the latter was still seriously considering a suit against Austin. Vince told Austin that if Cole did sue - that it would be on Steve's head...and out of his wallet! Vince sauid that he would not be at the PPV, but Austin better retain his title or else their relationship was at an end. Austin wanted a hug but Vince refused and walked away, leaving Austin to contemplate his naval...

King of the Ring Report

With a flurry of pyro and the roar of the crowd, the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View is on the air live from the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Your hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. The first thing up after the welcome by Ross is DDP coming down out of the stands and right to the ring. Heyman says that Page is a WCW contracted performer and doesn't have any business here this evening. Page says, "No need for security - I'm just here to tell the Undertaker that Diamond Dallas Page is here!" He claims that he has much more explicit footage of Sara, and that he's not afraid of the Undertaker and that he intends to show up at RAW at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. He displays a sign that says "Make Me Famous!" and tells UT to watch for it. He then takes a seat ringside.

Heyman reports a rumor that one of the Chris's has been negotiating with WCW and one or the other plans to announce his jump to the WCW promotion tomorrow night.

First up - Christian vs. Kurt Angle in the first KOR Semi-Final. Christian runs in and attacks immediately, but is soon reversed by Angle. They settle into a see saw battle with neither man really holding an advantage for any length of time. Angle goes for the ankle lock early but his opponent wriggles out of it. The fight goes to the outside, where Angle begins to assert his dominance. But again, Christian reverses the field and slams Angle's head into the ring steps. back in the ring, Christian comes off the top but is sidestepped and crashes to the mat. Now it is all Angle, but Christian still manages to slip in a small package and almost gets the pin. Angle is trying and failing to get the pin repeatedly. In the middle of the match, Shane McMahon starts heading to the ring. He stands out at the foot of the ramp, observing the action. Naturally, Angle is distracted and almost upset by his opponent. Shane back away, and Angle almost immediately turns the tables with the ankle lock - but Christian gets to the ropes and escapes. Now he is going for the Angle slam - but Christian reverses it into a DDT and would have the pin except that Shane is back and interferes again - on the side of Angle! Angle gets the Angle slam and advances.

Steve Austin and Debra are talking in the dressing room when Coach barges in and asks for an interview. Steve says "No", that he is waiting to speak with Vince. Coach reminds him that Vince said he wouldn't be here tonight. Austin claims that Vince was kidding about that. Coach then tells Austin that the rumor is that is one of the Chris's wins tonight, that he will take the belt and jump to WCW.

After a UT/DDP promo, Paul Heyman interviews Page at ringside. As Page is talking - they show a video of Page in a restaurant. Clearly, this is a case of the stalker being stalked. Page isn't amused...or intimidated.

Next up - Edge vs. Rhyno in the final Semi-Final KOR match. This one is a knock-down drag-out battle that takes place out on the floor for the most part in the early going. Edge is on the receiving end of a rib shot on the steps - setting him up for a gore to come. While Edge is recovering out on the floor, Rhyno is uncovering one of the corner pads. He throws his opponent onto it as soon as the latter re-enters the ring. Rhyno knocks him around some more and the applies a body scissors to further wear down the ribs of his opponent. Rhyno throws a splash off the top - more pressure on the ribs. Regardless of how this looks now - I expect Edge to win so that his brother can either spoil things for him later - or surprise us all and help Edge become the King of the Ring. When Rhyno finally goes for the gore - Edge picks that moment to throw a spear - they crash shoulder-to-shoulder. Rhyno recovers quicker and goes for the pin - but fails. He goes for the gore again but is sidestepped and runs right into the exposed turnbuckle. Edge rolls him up and gets an easy pin to advance.

In a pretaped interview on Heat, Spike challenged his brothers to a Tag Team Title match tonight then went to look for a partner. In a live interview, he refuses to name his partner and then is confronted by the Dudleys, who don't seem concerned. Chris Jericho teases his possible jump to WCW - by not really saying anything one way or the other about the subject.

That match is next - the Dudleys defend their titles against little brother Spike and his partner...Kane! I guess Kane has found himself a new "Little Buddy". Spike takes the opening exchange and is manhandled by Bubba, who tries to toss him away - but Spike ends up in the arms of his partner - who tosses him back and knocks Bubba down. Devon is tagged in and also dominates the little guy, then tags Bubba back in for more punishment. Again, Kane saves his diminutive partner from being pinned early on. Spike is having no success in this match at all, as his brothers continue to isolate and pound on him. Kane finally gets into the fight and cleans house, almost getting a pin on Bubba after a neck breaker. After he cleared the ring, Kane tagged Spike in and then tossed him onto their opponents out on the floor! Back in the ring, Spike hits the acid drop on Devon and almost takes the pin. Bubba prevents it then Kane is tagged in and knocked down immediately. The Dudleys hit the Whazzup on him, then finish off Spike with a 3D to retain their titles. They set up a table in the ring, but Kane recovers, powerbombs Bubba then puts Devon through the table, before carrying his partner up the ramp.

Another commercial ensues...what exactly are we paying for here? Backstage, Christian surprises Edge by wishing him luck in his KOR Final match. Meanwhile, we get more footage of DDP in his private life. Page is blowing a gasket at ringside.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring for the KOR Final. Edge makes his entrance holding his mid-section - apparently not feeling to well. Angle stops him long enough to apologize for getting mad at him last week, then goes on to propose that Edge walk away from this losing situation, so that Angle can be "fresh" for his match against Shane. Right, that's going to happen... Edge's answer is to attack... The fight is pretty evenly matched until Angle tosses Edge over the top rope with a belly-to-belly throw! Back in the ring, Edge is not functioning anything like 100% - Angle is all over him. He applies a reverse chin-lock to wear his opponent down. Edge eventually powers back to his feet and escapes with some punches to the stomach - but Angle levers him out to the floor and works him over, dropping his ribs onto the security barrier. Angle goes to the top and is caught there with a drop-kick to turn the tables. The two of them end up on their knees, trading punches. Edge is whipped to the corner and Angle goes for a drop-kick - but Edge hooks his arms in the ropes and Angle kicks air. Edge gets a roll-up and nearly pins his opponent. But Christian has run out and is on the apron distracting the referee!! The ref is knocked down in the next exchange - so when Angle goes for the ankle lock - the refer is not there to accept Edge's submission. Shane then runs in and spears Angle, handing Edge the win. Edge is the 2001 King of the Ring.

Now Taz is asking Chris Benoit about plans he might have for taking the WWF Title to WCW. He also refuses to answer the question, but teases the possibilities.

More commercials - for Tough Enough this time... Backstage, Kurt Angle is fuming over his loss.

X-Pac challenges Jeff Hardey for the Light Heavyweight Title. As the challenger is making his entrance, Jim Ross is plugging the next PPV and calling it "Fully Loaded"... I guess he doesn't visit the internet... The match is very fast paced and features a lot of aerial maneuvers (duh...) It appears that Waltman might just have a little weight advantage in this one. Certainly, as JR points out, he holds the advantage in experience, despite his being not yet 30 years old. He seems to be taking a page from Kurt Angle's playbook, putting the Champion into a reverse chinlock to wear him down. Next he goes for the Bronco Buster...and misses. This sets Hardey up to regain the advantage and run with it. He pins his opponent in the corner and pound on him. X-Pac throws him down and goes for a pin - seems to get it - but then the ref says "No" because Waltman had his foot on the rope for leverage. Hardey bounds to the top rope and is caught there, but he recovers and hits the swanton bomb for the pin.

Backstage, the Commissioner expounds to his protégé, Tajiri until Steve Austin breaks in and demands to use the phone. He calls Vince and tells him about the rumor concerning one or the other of the Chris's taking his title to WCW. He demands that Vince come to the arena, and seems to get a positive response.

Another commercial for RAW Magazine, followed by a shot of DDP looking around the arena fro UT - then more footage of Page - all of these shots have taken place in parking lots for some reason. This time he is arriving at the arena. Page jumps out of his seat and enters the ring again - this time calling UT out. He gets more spy footage of him backstage - then Sara appears on camera and tells Page that it is time for him to become famous...

UT appears and strolls to the ring, taking his time - apparently enjoying himself as Page holds his ground in the ring. he pauses at the foot of the ramp to put on his driving gloves, all the time talking trash at Page in the ring. UT takes the first swing and misses. Page pummels him but then is knocked down. UT sits on his chest and punches him repeatedly - then throws him into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Page comes back with a low-blow to escape then starts pounding on UT in the center of the ring. UT comes back and knocks Page to the floor. here comes Sara, video recorder in hand. She starts tapping as her husband continues to pound on their tormentor. What we need here is a good heel Sara... Back in the ring, Page recovers a little and and gets a few licks in - but he is still on the receiving end a moment later. UT drags him to the floor and has Sara stick the camera right in his face. Back in the ring, Page is knocked out to the floor once again and hightails it through the crowd to escape the beating. UT is triumphant in the ring as Sara tapes his celebration.

Outside the building, Austin instructs an attendant to let him know as soon as Vince arrives.

As the match gets underway, Angle is clearly the dominant wrestler in the early going but then Shane turns the tables and gets in a few very snappy wrestling maneuvers of his own. He rolls out of the ring to escape Angle's fury. Then the latter kneels down in the amateur referee's position - a challenge to his opponent. Shane cautiously re-enters the ring - but isn't cautious enough. Angle drops him and starts pounding him. They exchange a few more amateur moves, then Angle opens up again, pummeling him in the corner and slapping his face. Kurt again "assumes the position" but this time Shane kicks him in the ribs then lays in some more shots of his own. Angle is knocked to the floor. Outside the ring, Shane launches an aerial attack off the barriers, knocking Angle down repeatedly. Then he fishes a kendo stick out from under the ring and smacking his opponent about the head and shoulders before ramming his shoulder into the corner post. Back in the ring, Shane goes for the pin three times as Angle repeatedly bridges to thwart the pin. He rolls Angle back inside and then starts tossing trash cans and a Handicapped Parking placard into the ring. back inside, he uses the placard several times - then he grabs an ankle lock!! Angle escapes with a kick to the face - so Shane goes back to hitting his opponent with weapons then applies a sharpshooter. Angle tries to get to the rope, but Shane drags him back toward the center - and in range of the kendo stick. Angle gets his hands on it and uses it to free himself. Shane comes back with savage punches and again almost gets the pin. He goes back to using a trash can, hitting him a few times, then placing the can on Angles stomach. He goes for a Shooting Star - but Angle gets out from under the trash can, leaving it for Shane to land on. Shane is dumped onto the floor, where Angle starts kicking him around the ring. This is the best match of the card so far - bar none. Angle suplexes Shane out on the floor. Unfortunately for him - this is not a falls count anywhere match. He suplexes Shane a second time into a glass wall and shatters it. Both guys are bleeding from cuts on their arms and head. They fight into the backstage area where Angle tries to do it again from the backside of the wall. He goes for it a fourth time and succeeds. But then he goes for a pin and has to be told that he needs to get back into the ring to win. Angle grabs an Anvil case and puts Shane onto it then rolls him back toward the ring. Shane appears to be completely out of it at this point. Back in the ring, Angle goes for the pin...but fails. Shane comes back with a low blow then uses a trash can lid to pummel Angle, then applies an Angle slam of his own. Angle recovers as Shane climbs to the top and catches him there. He finds a piece of plywood under the ring and uses it to pound Shane in the back. Then he positions the board as a platform in the corner and Angle slams Shane to the mat before taking the pin.

This match could be a match of the year candidate. The ring area is a real mess as Angle is helped back to the backstage area and Shane lies broken and bleeding in the ring. Shane staggers to his feet with help and makes his way slowly out of the arena.

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit are shown preparing for their big Triple Threat WWF Title match. Meanwhile, Steve Austin is out back again looking for Vince, who hasn't appeared yet.

Benoit enters first followed by Benoit. Austin stalks to the ring, still looking over his shoulder for Vince. He pauses outside the ring, stalling, but the Chris's are having none of that and leave the ring to attack him together. They chase him into the crowd and drag him back toward the ring, getting in some shots along the way. Back in the ring, they continue to double team on the Champion, applying knife-edge chops in turn as Austin reels back and forth between them. Austin finally gets some distance and downs Benoit then goes after Jericho - but in moments he is back in the middle and being clobbered. Finally, the Chris's start to fight each other as apparently both of them suddenly wake up to the idea that Austin isn't their only enemy in the ring. Jericho is knocked from the ring, leaving Benoit to battle Austin on his own. Jim Ross is having trouble keeping Benoit and Jericho straight. He keeps calling one the other - Heymen keeps subtly correcting him in his own commentary. Benoit goes for the Crippler Crossface but Austin wriggles free before he can set the hold. Moments later Benoit charges Austin and tumbles to the floor when the latter sidesteps him. Austin drags Benoit back inside and is all over him. Jericho is still hurt on the outside and has not stirred for several minutes now. Jericho finally tries to rise but as he approaches the ring, Austin manages to throw Benoit into him and he is down again. The referee is knocked down in the next exchange then Austin goes for the stunner - but Benoit reverses it and gets the move on Austin! The referee is out of it and misses the count. Benoit downs Austin again and goes for the pin. This time the referee is there - but Jericho makes the save. The Chris's end up in a fist fight out on the floor. Now Benoit is out of it on the outside while Jericho takes on the Rattlesnake in the ring. They are in a see saw battle as Austin uses his leg braces as weapons to try and take Jericho out, then applies a sleeper. Jericho drops to one knee. He escapes and the two are on their knees trading blows as a lone voice in the crowd calls out, "Borrring!" Benoit makes a move to return to the ring - but Jericho catches him out of the corner of his eye and prevents Benoit's re-entry with a boot. Jericho is going for the Walls when Benoit makes it back and hits him with a chair. Austin then stuns Benoit and goes for the pin on Jericho - and fails. He drags Jericho to the corner and up for a superplex. Another pinfall attempt...fails. He goes up for another superplex and hits it. Still Jericho kicks out.

As Austin rises to his feet, Benoit comes up behind him and starts delivering German suplexes. Austin stops that with a back kick low blow. All three are down and the ten count is on. Jericho rises to his feet and goes for the Walls, and gets it. Benoit grabs the Crippler - and Austin starts tapping. The referee breaks that up saying there can only be one champ - he restarts the match with Austin now eliminated!!! Or maybe not - this is getting confusing as Austin grabs a chair on the outside and begins to re-enter the ring. Suddenly - Booker T runs in and attacks Austin!!!! He puts him away, seemingly for good with a toss through the Spanish announce table (naturally) as Benoit and Jericho continue the battle in the ring. Jericho gets the Walls, but Benoit makes it to the ropes and escapes. Both of the challengers end up down and out on the floor, while Austin continues to lie in the wreckage of the announce table. Jericho rises to his feet and pummels Austin with a chair then drags him to the ring. He goes to the top and hits a moonsault. He goes for the pin - but Jericho breaks that up, sending Jericho out to the floor. He throws a swan dive headbutt and goes for the pin. But Jericho drags the referee out of the ring. In a moment all three are lying in the ring as the referee recovers. Austin slowly crawls onto Benoit and gets the pin. Steve Austin has retained the title.

Austin staggers toward the back as his challengers lie beaten in the ring.

Man, the pop for Booker T was huge!!

Raw is live from Madison Square Garden in New York city. Vince McMahon comes to the ring in a snit over what happened with Booker T and Steve Austin last night. He first rants about the rumor that the Chris's were planning to abscond to WCW with the WWF Title belt, and added a sour evaluation of what the "T" in Booker T stands for (Troglodyte? Terrible? Temporarily Employed?). Vince went on to extoll the fact that no WCW wrestler has ever appeared in Madison Square Garden - then showed a video tribute to his father, Vincent J. McMahon, inducting him into the WWF Hall of Fame. Time for the opening montage and Jim Ross' welcome to the fans in the Garden and at home.

First up - a Hardcore Title rematch for Rhyno, who comes on very strong at the opening bell. He gores the Champ (Test) then starts pulling contraband out from under the ring. Unfortunately for him, Test gets his hands on a trash can and uses it first. Moments later, however, the fight goes out to the floor where the challenger asserts control until test suplexes him onto a security rail. Into the backstage area they go, both using whatever comes to hand (chairs, a fire extinguisher, etc.) to bash their opponent. Test throws his opponent into a rolling cart and runs him into a wall then hits him with a handy ladder then backdrops him onto the concrete floor. Rhyno comes back with a gore against the wall then takes the pin and the title...but wait...what the...its Mike Awesome running down the ramp! Awesome hits Rhyno with a pipe, Awesome Bombs Rhyno through a ladder (!) and then intimidates the referee into counting. Mike Awesome is the new Hardcore Champ!!

Another title match follows right on the heels of that one. Jeff Hardey defends his Light heavyweight Title against X-Pac. Right off the bat, Hardey hits a a vicious baseball slide that sends Waltman tumbling to the floor. But then he is drop-kicked off the top corner and smashes his jaw against the security barrier. Back in the ring, X-pac takes control of the match, but then comes off the top and is drop-kicked out of the air by the champ. Hardey executes a series of quick moves that keep the challenger off balance - but then he is knocked down in the corner. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster and misses - then Jeff goes for the swanton...and misses! X-Pac comes right back and rolls up his opponent for the pin and the title.

Backstage, Vince rages at Steve and Debra Austin because of what happened with the Hardcore Title, but Steve rages right back at him, pointing out that Vince was not there when Austin needed him last night. Vince then apologizes and they end up embracing - Steve has that vacant malevolent look in his eye again...

Next up a video tribute to one of the early greats of the WWF and MSG - Bruno Sammartino, followed by footage of Booker invading the KOR PPV last night. meanwhile, backstage, trish has a little tete-e-tete with the Big Show, who shows off a slightly obscene t-shirt with his name on it. He then offers to take Trish on a European vacation after he wins the European Title tonight, if she will accompany him to ringside. She agrees. Back in McMahon's office, Kurt Angle walks in on Vince and the Austins enjoying a vegetable plate. Angle complains about hurting his tailbone last night during his match with Shane, Austin jumps up and puts him down as a whiner. Vince steps in and invites Kurt to share their vegetables...

Another MSG Classic wrestler - Superstar Billy Graham. And then Steven Richards is in the ring insulting the local crowd - until New York boy Tazz shows up and cleans his clock. Backstage, Regal and Tajiri are headed to the ring with the King of the Ring trophy.

Backstage, Steve wants to ditch Kurt, but Vince says, "Let him stay..." and allows as how the poor guy might be traumatized by the KOR Ceremony coming up. In the ring, Willie Regal does the honors, introducing King Edge and handing him a backhanded compliment by saying his win was "tainted" by Shane's interference. He suggests that E&C pose for the folks. Christian then snatches the mic from his brother and makes a speech, saying that Shane cheated him out of his chance to face his brother in the finals, bu he "congratualatates" his brother anyway. Edge starts to make a speech, but is interrupted by 1999 KOR the "One" Billy Gunn, up on the platform, who calls Edge a talentless joke, before congratulating him on his win. Edge is unfazed and manages to put Billy down pretty effectively. Billy comes back with a challenge for a match tonight. Edge agrees, with the permission of the Commissioner, and vows to make beating Billy "B*tch Case" as his first official kingly act.

Another MSG classic - Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter in a Boot camp match - then right to a Tag Team Title match - the Scarey Brothers against the Dudleys. DDP is barely mentioned - apparently that feud has been "nipped in the bud", although Sara does come to the ring with her husband. The Dudleys jump the challengers right out of the chute and are ejected from the ring almost as quickly. The fight continues on the floor for a moment, then it is Bubba vs. Undertaker in the ring. UT, practicing a little "old school", walks the ropes for the first time in some time - probably a tribute to the famous venue. He is all over Bubba then takes on Devon with similar results. Kane tags in and continues the assault on Devon. Bubba has to rescue his brother from being pinned. Kane continues to work on Devon, then Albert comes running in and Baldo Bombs the Big Red Machine. Devon takes a groggy pin to retain the titles for his team. Kane takes off looking for Albert while UT is attacked in the ring by Bubba. UT turns the tables and chokeslams his adversary. As he is making his exit, he pauses with his back to the audience, Diamond dallas Page suddenly appears on the ramp with a chair and smacks UT in the back. Then he menaces Sara, who takes some punches at him - but he catches her by the hair and then (supposedly) yanks out a lock of it. So much for "nipping"...

To "punish" Chris Jericho, Regal gave Tajiri a match against him. Meanwhile, the Big Show challenged for the European Title, but won by DQ because of Trish's interference. Switch the scene to WWF new York, where Shane has commandeered the joint. He declares that since Vince has managed to keep WCW off "any TV network", he has decided that WCW will have to start appearing on WWF television - the Invasion is officially on! He introduces Booker T, who issues a challenge to Steve Austin. back at the arena, Austin is fit to be tied. Vince tells him to go on over to the restaurant (which is just a few blocks away) and kick Booker's butt. Steve wants Vince to go - but he demurs, suggesting that Kurt Angle might be a better choice. Angle reluctantly agrees and they take off.

Backstage after the break, the APA is organizing a defense against the WCW invasion among the lower tier wrestlers in the WWF locker room. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn and E&C are on their way to the ring.

Another Classic moment - Jimmy Snuka flying off the top of a cage in MSG as Mick Foley looked on in Awe. Then to the ring for Edge's challenge match against Billy Gunn. Billy is very aggressive at the outset but then rushes in and is run into the corner buckle. Edge turns the tables with a big suplex ten knocks his opponent to the floor. Edge goes right out after him and drags him back inside. Billy regains the advantage and lays in some punches before throwing Edge to the floor. It appears that Edge has hurt his leg during that bump. Billy brings his opponent back in and then chokes him in front of the referee, allowing a 4 count to elapse several times before turning the hold loose. Edge comes back with spear and both guys are down. The match goes into see-saw mode as both competitors regain their vertical bases. Finally, Edge distracts the referee while Christian slaps on a reverse DDT on Billy. Edge then takes the pin.

Debra and Vince are talking backstage when her phone rings. It is Steve, stuck in traffic and going nuts because he has to share his ride with that "dork" Kurt Angle. Vince agrees that Kurt is a dork, but tells Austin he is a "dangerous dork" and "our dork" and he is "your back-up dork" tonight.

Tajiri gave the Millennium Bug everything he could handle, including an Octopus submission hold. But Jericho managed to dominate the match nevertheless. Near the end, it looked like he would get the pin, but Regal dragged the referee out to the floor to break that up. Regal then grabbed Jericho from behind, but Jericho ducked and Regal received the green mist treatment in his eyes. Jericho hit the moonsault and Tajiri was defeated.

Back in the office, the phone rang again. It was Austin, outside the restaurant. He and Vince formulated a plan for Vince to go to the ring and deliver some kind of signal for Austin and Angle to attack Booker T and Shane at WWF New York.

After the break, Vince came to the ring with Debra and started his second rant of the night as Austin and Angle entered the restaurant. Inside, a security guard informed Austin that Booker and Shane had left some time ago. Austin got on the mic and crowed about his nemesii being cowards - as Vince pretty much concurred with that back at the Garden...then Booker and Shane showed up in the arena. Vince stood his ground as Shane and Booker entered the ring. He turned and slapped Booker, who answered wioth an ax kick on the WWF owner. As he prepared to finish Vince off, the locker room emptied as WWF wrestlers ran in to rescue the boss. Booker T and Shane retreated through the crowd.

No doubt about it - the invasion has begun...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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