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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy Dead at 40

Steve Austin Returns!!!

Jeff Hardey takes back the Hardcore Title

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 642 - July 16, 2001
Editor's Note: I have just received the sad news from his cousin, Kay Lewis, that Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy died today at his home in Daisy, Tennessee. The cause of death is not known at this time, but we will bring them to you as soon as we find out anything. Gordy was 40 years old.

Terry Gordy's funeral will be held at the Lane Funeral Home in Rossville, Georgia, Thursday morning at 11:00 am. There will be services Wednesday from 1:00-4:00 pm and 6:00-8:00 pm for friends of Gordy.

Solie's wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this legendary athlete.

In this edition we have the latest news from All Pro Wrestling, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and as usual, my own TV recaps and topical rant.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this weeks Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

First up, in this edition, I received the following, very interesting letter from my friend Miss Pamela, including some editorial opinion and some news from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Hi, Earl! My, my, my -- how things have changed, huh? Whoever would have thought that Vince McMahon's WWF would end up being like the General Motors of the pro wrestling industry (assume there's no Ford or Chrysler company) - and who'd ever have thought you'd say this about Vince McMahon?? ;-)

Seriously, though, I had always thought in the back of my mind as WCW was sadly on its last legs earlier this year, that if no one else was going to step up and take over that company, Vince McMahon MIGHT be the only one who COULD rescue them.

Of course I think that rather than everyone whining about "we must have the old 'Stone Cold' back as our leader to win the Invasion and save the WWF", they already have their leader as evidenced yet once more so strongly last week on Smackdown: Undertaker! Who needs Austin? Is his one-man addition really gonna stave off the mass numbers of WCW and ECW invaders? Uh-huh. Where's the rest of the WWF, too - out drinking beers with the APA while their company goes up in flames?

Anyway, there's my brief opinion rant - what I really wanted to let you know about is some exciting new things happening in Ohio Valley Wrestling that I think will appeal to many of your readers and perhaps to you as well.

The bottom line is if you haven't seen Ohio Valley Wrestling or OVWRESTLING.COM recently, then you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Many changes due to our growth and increasing recognition have been occurring rapidly over the past few weeks, and yours truly has been in the midst of it. It's been an exciting time for OVW, and of course there have been the growing pains - particularly where our internet presence is concerned - but these are 'good' problems to have, and it's all attributed to the hard work and dedication of the OVW talent and staff.

We're getting lots of new talent - at least 4 to 6 new people just this month alone including possibly a couple of current WWF superstars in for some brief rehab - and we're also being supplemented by more experienced talent to help with training. For example, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, perhaps best-known as one-half of Jim Cornette's most famous tag team The Midnight Express, joined the OVW staff as a trainer last month and, thanks to some goading by former OVW Champion Rico "The Role Model" Costantino, Eaton also soon found himself back as a full-time wrestler as well! Then last Friday night at a joint OVW-HWA event at the Grand Victoria Casino in Rising Sun, IN, Bobby faced off against no less than the current WCW Champion Booker T.!

In addition to our weekly TV shows and local house shows, OVW talent will be participating again this year in the annual Brian Pillman Memorial Card next month in Cincinnati.

And for those who know of the pro wrestling legacy of the Louisville Gardens, "The Last Dance", the final pro wrestling card at the historic Louisville Gardens, was a huge success for OVW, and we thank all the legends and WWF superstars who helped make it such a wonderful, memorable night. It also helped further the careers of some OVW talent, the superstars of tomorrow.

OVW matchmaker and WWF talent coordinator Jim Cornette will be out of action and off TV for several weeks, and there've been some dramatic new developments to THIS story as reported in our July 14th TV results, which includes a VERY RARE interview with OVW owner and head trainer "Nightmare" Danny Davis conducted by Cornette himself before he was unwittingly taken out of action! The WWF's Kevin Kelly is currently taking over Cornette's other duties as OVW TV color commentator.

People will find details on these and other news items at - speaking of which...


I'm also very proud to announce that thanks once again to OVWebmaster Clark Patterson, a brand-new internet presence for Ohio Valley Wrestling was launched just in time for "The Last Dance"! It has a whole new sleek look and feel from the old site (which Clark also designed), and we invite everyone to visit us and enjoy the new features. One thing that has NOT changed, however, is our link to the "Solie's" website!

We're also kicking off the new site with an awesome opportunity for someone to "BE MADE FAMOUS" by owning a VERY SPECIAL ARTICLE of pro wrestling history and by helping a worthy charity at the same time! What fan perhaps wouldn't like to own a t-shirt autographed by the following WWF Superstars and Living Legends of pro wrestling:

This month only, we're offering this one-of-a-kind t-shirt in an online charity auction for the 2002 WHAS Crusade for Children. The shirt itself is also a collector's item - it's one of the last remaining from another historic OVW event, the 2000 "Rockin' Rumble". It's happening only at - this and so much more.

To better serve our online fans, we now offer:

  • A new multi-level menu system for quicker navigation
  • Dozens of new exclusive pictures from recent Louisville Gardens shows with more action photos
  • New talent profiles and photos
  • Backstage interviews with legends like Paul Bearer, Jackie Fargo, Rocky Johnson, and Superstar Bill Dundee
  • FAQ sections
  • New weekly polls
  • A new calendar display for upcoming events
  • Commentary by OVWebmaster Clark Patterson
  • An entirely revamped SHOP OVW area - now featuring a full blown SHOPPING CART system, there's also some great exclusive new merchandise and freebies: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

    I know there are many people out there who claim to still love professional wrestling but aren't big fans of today's "sports entertainment". Those who especially don't like Vince McMahon are really hurting now with the WWF's acquisition of WCW and (in whatever capacity) ECW, and therefore they may have sworn off watching wrestling altogether. There are those who want something truly different or to see "wrasslin' as it was". Some people just enjoy seeing new superstars develop into mega-stars. Maybe some folks can't see major-league pro wrestling cards where they live. To any of these people, I would just bring some good news - there are still alternatives. I would urge them to put their fandom back into action and support their local indy wrestling federations - among them, OVW.

    While OVW is an official training camp of the WWF, it is a contractual agreement and we are still independent of and therefore quite different from the WWF in many ways we do things. We have a partnership WITH the WWF but we are not THE WWF. Some liken our shows quite fondly to those of the old USWA days, with a little more emphasis on "sports" than on just "entertainment". With Jim Cornette as our head booker, would one expect anything less? ;-) But still our superstars and trainees experience many things they would experience in the WWF, and are held to very high standards of performance. The WWF is very interested in our talent and watches them very closely. All sides involved know that the WWF may call up any of their developmental talent at a moment's notice! So check out OVW as an option - we think we have the best of all things both old and new in professional wrestling.

    Thanks Earl, for letting me share this with you - and as always and ever, please keep up the great work.

    All the best to you and Solie's,

    Miss Pamela -

    All Pro Wrestling News

    by: Senior Media Editor, Jermz


    The All Pro Wrestling King of Indies Tournament 2001 committee announced early last week that the next indie wrestling star nominated and confirmed to compete in this years tournament will be...RECKLESS YOUTH!!! Youth has been nominated and confirmed to participate in the King of Indies Tournament 2001 on October 26th and 27th at the Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island, Vallejo, California. This well traveled and highly respected indie wrestling star has wrestled across the country gaining more and more fans everywhere he competes. This professional is very representative of the caliber of wrestler the King of Indies is all about. The 16 very best that indie wrestling has to offer giving it everything they have over a 2 day period in hopes to be crowned King.


    The APW King of Indies Tournament 2001 committee has confirmed another competitor participating in this years contest. "The Natural One" MICHAEL MODEST, current APW Universal Heavyweight Champion and Stampede Wrestling Pacific Heavyweight Champion, was a “natural” selection for the King of Indies selection committee. Modest is now the sixth man to be named for the tournament, with ten remaining slots. He joins Scoot Andrews, Christopher Daniels, Adam Pearce, Jayson Reign and Reckless Youth as the participants who have been announced so far.

    Modest has been a superstar for APW since its inception. Recently winning his record tying 5th APW Universal title. With his successful tours of North America and Europe over the last decade, and now Japan, Modest has been one of the most prolific and highly regarded wrestlers on the indie circuit for many years.

    Last years King of Indies saw Modest advance to the semi-finals, this year it will be twice as hard to make it to the same spot as the tournament has been doubled in size to 16 of the very best independent wrestlers in the world today competing in a single elimination tournament over a two day period on October 26th and 27th, 2001 at the Pacific Coast Sports Center on Mare Island, Vallejo, California.

    Week of Legends" will precede the KOTI Tournament. This will be the week where APW honors legends from the past while showcasing future legends. The Cauliflower Alley Club will be involved heavily throughout the entire week spanning from October 24th thru the 28th. All of the activities will be held in and around the Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island, in Vallejo, California. Amateur wrestling clinics, free mini camps, training sessions and more will take place during the day with Ribs-N-Wrestling Bar-B-Q, after-parties and other chances to rub shoulders with wrestling legends taking place during the evenings. In addition to all the festivities, picture/autograph sessions with Cauliflower Alley Club legends will make the "Wrestling’s Week of Legends" an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans of all ages.

    As even more details become available they will be posted on the official King of Indies website at As well as and also be sure to visit our friends and colleagues at


    So far, so good. Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest are in Japan as we speak, working for Misawa's NOAH promotion. With their first two Tokyo matches under their belts, the APW boys are making a name for themselves overseas. On July 14th, the two of them teamed up to defeat the team of Kentaro Shiga & Akitoshi Saito in 12:03, and then the following night they teamed up again, and defeated Naomichi Marufuji & Naoki Sano in 11:08. Both matches were won with a move that Modest is calling the "Reality Check" (better known to us APW fans as the "B*tch Slap").

    Congratulations to Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest. APW and it's fans are very proud of everything they have accomplished, and we look forward to hearing more results about their matches in the coming weeks. The two of them will be in Japan until July 27th, when they will be working NOAH's huge show in which Morgan will meet Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and Modest will take on Ogawa.

    Crossface Connection

    by John Cross

    You know, I might not be able to avoid talking about the ECW/WCW invasion angle this week.

    Surprise, huh?

    Well, I think all the 'Net surfers out there have received a ton of opinion and info from the various sites about it, and only one thing can happen now....Solie's has to weigh in, now that all the amateurs have weighed in.

    Just kidding, although this site will give you the best point of view. As always, I give the props to Mr. Oliver and the Cast of Thousands, whose names will be soon inscribed on the Solie's Memorial, in the South Wing of the future Pro Wrestling on the Internet Hall of Fame.

    I can't wait for Earl's topical rant about the Smackdown that was. I completely marked out for the Undertaker at the end of the show, although the little objective part of my mind (located in the right rear of my head, you know) reminded me that I had said that he was on another level than the other WWF workers.

    I also recited to myself the fact that I had also said recently (in the Crossface Corner, on that Kurt angle would be turning face. Not that the whole Invasion angle hasn't pushed him that way, no matter what he has done, but he is doing face things in the ring now, as opposed to cheating, racking the other wrestler, and running away. Heck, he looked darn good on Smackdown and Raw last week.

    Telling myself these things actually made me feel good about marking out for the 'Taker. I just figured my brain needed a break from all the sharp prognosticating.

    Hey, before you all get pissed and skip over this seemingly egotistical and blatant attempt to make myself look good (and that is a FACT....not an opinion), remember that I do one of these humor filled columns every now and then.

    Moving on, it comes to me that there are a few things that stand out about this Invasion.

    First, I figure that whoever thought of the ECW fragmentation deserves a raise, right now. At least a dozen grand a year.

    That was very, VERY smart, and almost totally unexpected. Raw was the best show in many, many moons, and when I e-mailed Earl about it, he basically agreed. In fact, I think it may be the biggest swerve since the Hulk Hogan/nWo situation. It shames the Austin heel turn of this year. It was clearly what the WWF needed, and if my info is right, it boosted the Smackdown overnight from a 3.8 to a 4.8 in one week. Now, we have the perception of competition between the different federations, and I have always waxed eloquent about that. It is desperately important that the WWF and WCW begin going head to head, in separate arenas, and on separate shows.

    Another little thing that came to my mind about the Invasion is the Smackdown segment when Vince tried to motivate Austin, and Austin pouted and left the arena. What is the chance that the Rattlesnake would depart to the WCW because of Vince's comments?

    What are the odds that Stone Cold would team up with Shane against Vince because of his hurt feelings? Hey! When you are all done rolling your eyes at me, hear me out! Sending Austin over to the WCW is the last thing that the fans expect, and the last thing Smarks expect, because Austin is a cash cow for the WWF, he is still way over, his recent angle with Angle (ha ha...little play on words there) has been wildly successful, and he is the poster child for Attitude and the new WWF. That is why I think that Vince would strongly consider him for a transfer. Sending him over there would be completely unexpected, would be a boon for the new WCW's prospective fans, and would greatly fortify the WCW ranks. Yes, yes, the ECW combination helped, but all it did was add a high mid-carder, a bunch of mid-carders, and a strong tag-team, if you look at it objectively. There is still a need for a high end main-eventer, and Austin would sure fill those shoes...just a thought.

    The last point I want to make is short and sweet. If the whole WWF is getting a face push (and they are), what happens next? Are the bookers and the writers looking to heel-ify some workers in the WWF, even as they are all turning face with the whole federation? What does the scenery look like 6 months down the road? How will they construct the post-Invasion WWF? And, how will they do the same for the WCW/ECW?

    My good friend JDawg (a rather emotionally charged and expressive columnist that I have been communicating with over the last year and a half) has had a heck of a ball this week. He has been enjoying the Invasion fully, and has basically admitted to me that he has marked out uncontrollably several times, and later awoke to find himself in a ditch somewhere with a ECW t-shirt wrapped around his head and the Sandman's theme music playing over and over in his Walkman. He has been a fan of the WWF for a long time (and I have given him a lot of grief over that, but not lately), and he has said, almost verbatim, that this is the best he has seen in as long as he can remember.

    I have to agree.

    If you want to have more of this educational banter, along with great columns (and I mean that seriously...I am lucky to have all these people writing for me) and news, rumors, and results, come over to Of course, do so after you troll around Solie's for a bit, checking out all the info on professional wrestling you could ever use, need, or desire.

    Next week, no self aggrandizement.....I promise.

    OK, so I don't promise.

    See you next week for another Connection.

    The Way I See It...

    by Earl Oliver

    This weeks highly anticipated edition of SmackDown came to us on tape from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center in Birmingham , Alabama and opened with a recap and then went to the boss's office where the Undertaker had struck a deal with Vince to side with the WWF team at Invasion in return for getting Shane and Diamond Dallas Page in the ring tonight. The we went to the ring for a rant from Shane, accompanied by his WCW wrestlers. First he mentioned that the main event tonight will be himself and DDP against Kurt Angle and the Undertaker. He touted his own triumph on Monday and then introduced Stephanie, Paul Heyman and the ECW contingent. Shane then handed the mic over to Heyman, who started his own rant, accusing the WWF of usurping ECW attitudes, style...and talent roster. He pointed out that Vince put the WWF on TNN - which resulted in ECW losing their TV outlet. He revealed that he was the "mole" who fed Shane the information he needed to outwit his dad over WCW and eventually, ECW as well. He then said that he had seduced Stephanie with power - the chance to own her own company (ECW). He handed the mic to Stephanie, who expanded on the theme, stating that she and Shane are now prepared to run Vince out of business. She went so far as to say that she and Shane just couldn't wait for her father to "die and get out of the way" so they plan to run him and the WWF out of business forever. Backstage, Commissioner Regal thanked Tajiri for staying with the WWF by giving him a new commentator??

    Vince was a little depressed after the break, so Steve Austin decided to help cheer him up. He stated that he had something that would solve all of Vince's problems, then left the room as we went back out to the ringside area, where Tajiri was joining the broadcast team as Tazz was making his entrance for a match against Bob Holly. Tazz was busy staring Mike Cole down when Holly attacked him from behind. Holly pressed his advantage as Tajiri provided color commentary in some kind of incomprehensible pidgin English. The fight goes out to the floor, where Tazz begins to make a comeback. But then they return to the ring and Holly is in control again. Tazz continued to take it from his opponent right up to the moment that he slapped on the Tazzmission and took the victory. Afterward, Tazz walked over to Tajiri and started beating on him then put the Tazzmission on him as well.

    Austin returned with a guitar. His solution to Vince's problems? He wants to sing for him! So what does he sing? Kumbyah??? That doesn't go over to well, so he launches into his own version of a Queen song: "I am the Champion..."

    Next up Chris Jericho taking on his former tag team partner from his Japan days, Lance Storm. This match also featured WCW head referee, Nick Patrick. The match was a real barn burner. These two are really well matched in size, speed, level of wrestling expertise, etc. Unfortunately, most of the match consisted of punching and kicking until Jericho ended it with a Walls of Jericho. Storm tapped out. Backstage, Steve was singing Camptown Races as Kurt Angle came in and wanted to try out the guitar. His tune was the Bluetail Fly - of course, he can't play guitar...or sing...any better then Austin. Vince left in disgust as Angle and Austin continued to bicker.

    Backstage, in another part of the building, Trish and Lita agree to settle their differences in the ring tonight to clear the air before their tag team Bra and Panties match at the PPV. Jeff appears to be smitten. In still another part of the building, Vince delivered a pep talk to his disparate WWF team members - Austin, Angle, Undertaker, Kane and Jericho. Austin was right there echoing his words again. UT was getting decidedly annoyed with Austin's antics.

    After the break, Vince was in the ring to introduce Steve Austin as the leader of the WWF Invasion team. At least he didn't bring that infernal guitar with him! One problem I notice right away tonight - with JR and Mike Cole sharing the mic duties - it leaves us without a stooge. Vince talked to Austin, saying that what he needs for the Invasion PPV is not the Stone Cold who gives him hugs and gifts, and sings too him (especially not that one!) He said he needs the "Old Stone Cold" back. He said he wants the guy who would knock Vince down if he parted his hair wrong - then he invited Steve to knock him down! Clearly, Austin doesn't like this kind of talk and turned to leave the ring. Vince called him to come back and give him a Stunner! Steve continued to slink away, looking dejected. Vince was left in the ring looking pretty dejected himself.

    After the break, we see that Austin and Debra left the arena in the meantime. Vince decided to go after him. Angle tried to get him to stay, saying that he could be the leader of Team WWF. But Vince doesn't agree and sets out anyway.

    Kane took on Rhyno in a rather lopsided match. Basically it was an extended squash. Rhyno got a little of his own, throwing Kane off the top rope at one point and holding the advantage for about...20 seconds. Then Kane came back and almost finished him off. But then the WWF referee was disabled and Nick Patrick ran in to deliver a quick count on Kane as he was briefly rolled up. Chalk one up to the ECW/WCW faction (EWCW..?)

    Back in the Commissioner's office, Regal gives Tajiri a match against Tazz at the PPV - and then sends Earl Hebner to go challenge Nick Patrick to a match.

    Lita and Trish went head-to-head (after a manner of speaking) as there respective boyfriends watched on the backstage monitor. Surprisingly, Trish managed to dominate the fight from the get-go. But Lita pulled off the win with a top rope move in the end. As Lita was leaving the ring she watched Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson making goo goo eyes at the Hardeys on the TitanTron. The WCW chicks planted kisses on the brothers before they split - leaving them looking happily bewildered, and Lita looking disgusted and annoyed.

    Earl Hebner delivered his challenge to Nick Patrick and precipitated a referees' brawl back in the locker room.

    Jeff Hardey challenged Mike Awesome for the Hardcore Title. Immediately following the opening bell, Hardey was downed and Awesome started looking for "plunder" under the ring. This presented hardey with a chance to make a comeback and he exploited it for all he was worth. In no time he had a ladder in the ring - but he made the mistake of climbing it and got caught at the top and dumped on his head. Awesome - no stranger to ladder matches, of course, regained the advantage and was ready to end it when Edge and Christian ran down and delivered the "Co-Chair-Tow" to put Awesome down and hand the title to Jeff.

    Backstage, Kurt Angle started to insist that he should lead the WWF tag team for their main event match, but decided to surrender the role when UT stared him down. Undertaker admonished Kane and Jericho to watch the WWF team's backs.

    UT and Angle were waiting in the ring as Shane and Page made their entrance. They conferred for a moment then charged the ring...but Page stopped short leaving Shane to run in on his own! Page took his place on the apron - but when it came time for him to tag in - he refused the tag! Shane was devastated by UT and Angle in turn. Angle had Shane in the ankle lock when Page dragged him to the floor and clobbered him. UT ran over to intervene and Page fled the ring area. UT threw Angle back into the ring, then page tagged in and went to work. Now it was Angle who was isolated. He finally got the tag to UT and then the sparks really flew. Undertaker came in a house afire and manhandled both of his opponents. He hit the chokeslam on Page but Shane interfered...which put him into harm's way. He was powerbombed in a big Last Ride then Angle grabbed the ankle lock on Page. But UT said he wanted Page. Suddenly ECW and WCW wrestlers started running in - where are Kane and Jericho? Angle and UT fought off the hordes for several moments before they were overwhelmed - finally Kane and Jericho arrived and the tide turned for a moment. But then more ECW guys showed up and the ring area was aswarm in turncoats. Paul Heyman watched on in glee as the WWF contingent was beaten down. Finally, the Undertaker was run down and Diamond Cut. The ECW theme blared forth and Stephanie showed up to join her troops.

    Raw is on the air live from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. After showing some footage of Steve Austin crying over his beer in a local pub, the program opens with Spike Dudley coming to the ring and inviting Molly to join him so that he can declare his love for her. He gives her a red rose, and she gives him...a promise... Paul Heyman decides to show up and spoil the moment. He has a chair brought into the ring for Spike - but Spike gives the seat to Molly. Heyman reminds Spike that he gave the diminutive star his start in the business and demands that he rejoin ECW, but Spike says he plans to stay with Molly. Heyman then insults her and comes close to getting his butt kicked. But Bubba and Devon show up and start ranting at their little brother then they attack him as Heyman holds Molly back. Molly gets loose and attacks Bubba with a chair - but Devon defends her off then holds her as they tie Spike up in the ropes. Bubba then puts Molly through a table in the ring. Referee's show up to help...too late, of course...

    The first match of the night is Faarooq taking on Chuck Palumbo. Each has their partners at ringside so it can be expected that it won't stay a singles match for long. This is, of course, a prelim for the match they will have at the PPV on Sunday. In fact, Sean O'Haire's interference proved decisive as he provided the distraction that gave Palumbo the win. Backstage, Kurt Angle and Raven have words, which leads to a match tonight under ECW rules.

    Lance Storm and Mike Awesome come to the ring and demand a match against Edge and Christian. The two appear on the platform and agree to a match at the PPV. Then Edge runs to the ring for a singles match with Awesome. As the action becomes heated, Lance Storm invades the ring and is ejected by the referee (a WCW ref, by the way). This distraction allows Christian to come in with a couple of chairs and they start setting Awesome up for the "Con-Chair-Tow" - but the referee is back and grabs the chair out of Christian's grasp. In the scuffle. Storm re-enters the ring and puts Edge down with a side kick to the jaw. Edge is pinned and the WCW/ECW is three for three.

    Backstage, Stephanie is complimenting her Champion, Booker T, when Chris Jericho shows up and goads Booker into putting his title on the line in a match later tonight. Vince catches up to Austin at the "Friendly Tap". He again begs Steve to come back to his old personality and lead the WWF against their enemies at InVasion. Austin turns his back on the boss, so Vince says he is returning to the arena and hopes to see Austin there later.

    Tazz took on Willie Regal with Tajiri sharing the announcing duties once again. The match was a pretty rough affair with both guys working fairly stiff. In the end, Tajiri left the announce table and entered the ring, taking off his outer shirt to reveal an ECW t-shirt. He offered to shake hands with Tazz, but then attacked him, causing a DQ victory for Tazz. Afterward, Tajiri and Regal continued to doubleteam Tazz and put him into a Tarantula. Then Takjiri spit green mist onto his ECW t-shirt.

    Backstage, Rhyno was lacing up his boots when his partner for tonight's maine event, Diamond Dallas Page, showed up. They will face the Undertaker and Kane later tonight. Page told Rhyno to go gather "some of the boys", for a special event, apparently involving some video footage of Sara Calloway.

    Back to the Friendly Tap - which is owned by WWF referee Tim White. White has closed the place for his old friend Austin and tells him that he knows Steve will make the right decision. He pats Austin on the shoulder as he walks away, which causes Steve to look at him oddly.

    The WCW Title match was a real barn burner. Plenty of back and forth and several false endings. In fact, towards the end, Jericho actually gets Booker into his submission hold and Booker is tapping out - but WCW referee Nick Patrick pretends he has hurt his leg and doesn't see. This brings Earl Hebner running to the ring to attack Patrick then try to declare Jericho the winner. Shane McMahon then gets involved, knocking Hebner down and distracting Jericho so that Booker can hit a low blow and get a fast count from Patrick.

    Backstage, Paul Heyman makes a concerted effort to recruit former ECW Tag Team Champion, Saturn.

    Next up - Kurt Angle vs. Raven under ECW rules - rules at all. This was a strange fight because while Raven brawls to the max, Angle continues to wrestle and keeps coming out on top. Right at the end, Angle changes his strategy and hits Raven with a road sign and then a trash can. Raven tries to come back with a bulldog but misses it. Angle hits an Angle slam then grabs his ankle lock and gets the victory. He then goes out ot the floor to get a chair and starts beating on Raven with it until Chris Kanyon runs out to the rescue. Kanyon also gets brained, which brings more WCW/ECW guys to the ring. Kurt holds them off with the chair.

    Back at the Friendly Tap, Austin has finally left his play pool.

    The Hardeys face off with the Dudleys in what would have been a normal WWF match a week or so ago - but now it is WWF vs. ECW. In this one, the Hardeys manage to dominate the proceedings pretty much throughout the match. In the end, Rob Van Dam ran in to swing the advantage to the Dudleys, who took the win by pinning Matt Hardey after the latter tries to hit a sunset flip. Afterward, the Dudleys and RVD triple teamed the WWF Hardcore Champ then RVD gave Matt the Five Star Frogsplash while the Dudleys held Jeff back.

    Backstage, the APA are upset about what just happened. Vince tells them to get the WWF troops together. Meanwhile, in the WCW/ECW locker room, Stephanie and Shane give their boys a pep talk, telling them that they have taken all of the money out the WWF and now are depending on them to make sure their investment is a sound one. The boys promise to make good on Sunday. Back with the WWF guys, APA and Vince show up in their dressing room and try to rally the troops. But it is the Undertaker who strikes the right note and and convinces them that this is it - they need to fight for the life of their promotion now. He says if Austin isn't willing to fight, then to hell with him! Freddie Blasse is brought out in a wheelchair and further encourages the troops. At the Friendly Tap, Austin has been watching all of this on live TV. He rolls some of the balls a few times then breaks a cue, and stalks out.

    In another attempt to settle their differences, Terri and Trish battled it out. After a strong opening for her opponent, Trish dominated this match, just like she did on SmackDown Thursday against Lita. After she got the pin, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson came to the ring and beat Trish down. Lita ran in to the rescue and chased the WCW women off. Then helped her erstwhile partner to her feet before splitting.

    The main event was the Undertaker and Kane vs. DDP and Rhyno. Of course, we know by now that there is going to be a lot more to this match then just a plain tag team battle. Sure enough, after a knock-down-drag-out brawl, Booker T and the Dudleys ran down to interfere. This was the cue for the two locker rooms to empty out and a monumental battle ensued in the ring. Meanwhile, outside in the parking lot, the Hollys have managed to get caught by some WCW guys who are busy kicking their butts. At this point Austin shows up and starts laying out the WCW guys with a pool cue! Austin battled his way to the ring and joined the fight. He stunned a number of guys, and then Kane and UT chokeslammed a few more. Our last view of the ring is UT shaking Kurt Angle's hand as he helps him to his feet. The WWF team have come together!

    Backstage, Stephanie and Shane tell Freddie Blasse that it doesn't matter what happened in the ring tonight. The WWF and Freddie have something in common, in that they are both dying (Hey! That's pretty cold!) We leave them giving each other evil looks.

    So it is definite that they have decided to change the roles and make WCW the heel promotion at the InVasion PPV...

    At least that's the way I see it...

    Earl Oliver
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