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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
April 27, 1961 - July 16, 2001

InVasion PPV Report

Steve Austin Jumps Ship!

McMahon Reinstates the Rock!

RVD Takes the WWF Hardcore Title

Lance Storm Captures the IC Gold

Terry Gordy: A Freebird Remembered

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 643 - July 23, 2001
Editor's Note:In this edition we have some APA News, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, my own TV recaps (including the InVasion Report) and a special memorial to Terry Gordy by yours truly.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz


This Saturday night on Mare Island at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. APW welcomes three of their top superstars back to the promotion, and says congratulations to Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan and Jardi Frantz on their overseas success. These three men toured Japan's NOAH promotion and left a great impression on the Japanese wrestling fans. APW is very proud to be associated with these three men, and very proud of what they accomplished during their tours. We would like to encourage all the fans who will be attending the show this Saturday night, to bring signs and show support to our boys. Let Jardi, Donovan and Mike know how proud we are of them.

As APW President Roland Alexander said earlier this weekend on "I am glad that Modest and Morgan and Jardi have finally gotten the breaks they have worked so hard and been so loyal to achieve. I am looking forward to welcoming them back as well. It is nice to know that the Japanese press think highly of APW and the APW wrestlers as well. I am again, very thankful of NOAH for giving APW and its great wrestlers the opportunity and equally as thankful for the coverage and respect the Japanese press has given APW as well and I look forward to making my first trip to Japan sometime in August with many more to come after that."

If you have access to bookstores that sell Japanese wrestling magazines (in towns such as San Jose or San Francisco), be sure to pick some up, as there are pictures of Modest, Morgan and Frantz in various issues running throughout the month.


Two of APW's biggest names will be taking a break this weekend, as "Big" Maxx Justice and "Next Big Thing" Dalip Singh will not be at the Vallejo show this Saturday night. Justice is out with a back strain which he sustained during weight-training. Singh will be leaving for India this Wednesday to take care of his visa situation.

The card will not make a very dramatic change though, as the six-man tag team match that was scheduled to take place, will now just be a tag-team match between The Original Westside Playaz and The Snott Brothers.

There is some good news that comes out of this though. The good news is that Dalip Singh is taking care of his visa in order to extend his APW BOOT CAMP training (which tells you something about how good the training is there), and because he is on the verge of signing a major contract. We are not at liberty to discuss the contract until it is signed, but APW fans will be the first to know the moment something breaks on Dalip and you can expect something to break before the end of August.


The King of Indies Tournament Committee announces "The Future Legend" DONOVAN MORGAN as the newest competitor confirmed to participate in this years tournament. Mr. Morgan was an obvious selection for KOI as he battled all the way to the final round of the 2000 tournament, only to lose in an exciting 5 star match to the man crowned King of Indies 2000, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

Donovan is now the Head Camp Instructor at the APW Boot Camp. The future holds many possibilities for Donovan Morgan and he is placing himself in situations to take full advantage of all that is placed in his path. Donovan is now one of the top pro wrestlers on the West Coast, and has been for the past 4 years. He has worked all over the country against some of the top stars in indie wrestling today, even receiving tryouts with WWF & WCW. Currently Donovan is on tour with Michael Modest in Pro-Wrestling NOAH in Japan, fulfilling one of his dreams. He has provided APW fans with hundreds of the most memorable moments in APW history. Morgan is famous for his wrestling impressions, and is a lovable character who really has his head on straight, in and out of the ring. Earlier this year Donovan was awarded one of the most prestigious and respected titles in professional wrestling. In a ceremony held by the Cauliflower Alley Club ( ) at their annual meeting in Las Vegas, Donovan was awarded the "Future Legend" Award. The CAC recognized Donovanís passion and respect for the business he holds so dear to his heart, at the same time recognizing his professional work ethic and talents in the ring - hence christening him a "Future Legend".

The KOI tournament has recently been associated with the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club and plans are under way for a "Wrestlingís Week of Legends" to precede the KOI Tournament. This will be the week where APW honors legends from the past while showcasing future legends. The Cauliflower Alley Club will be involved heavily throughout the entire week spanning from October 24th thru the 28th.

Amateur wrestling clinics, free mini camps, training sessions and more will take place during the day with Ribs-N Wrestling Bar-B-Q, after-parties and other chances to rub shoulders with wrestling legends taking place during the evenings. In addition to all the festivities, picture/autograph sessions with Cauliflower Alley Club legends will make the "Wrestlingís Week of Legends" an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans of all ages. As details become available they will be posted on the official King of Indies website at As well as you can also follow Donovan Morganís career at

We look forward to an exciting KOI Tournament Showing for Donovan Morgan and all of our KOI participants in 2001.


APW's 2001 King Of Indies Tournament is hooking up with The Cauliflower Alley Club to bring you a wrestling fans "dream week". This event will be a fund-raiser for CAC, and you will definitely want to be a part of the Legends Picture/Polaroid/Autograph session that takes place on Saturday October 27th at 5:00pm. You will be able to purchase a picture with your favorite wrestling legend, while raising money for Cauliflower Alley. They will be more than happy to personally autograph their picture and/or Polaroid.

Some of the legends that have already agreed to be attend this event include... -Red Bastein
-Nick Bockwinkle
-Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer
-Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
-Mike Tenay
-Pepper Gomez
-Don Minukian


Seven of the sixteen men who will take part in the 2001 King Of Indies Tournament this October have been officially announced by All Pro Wrestling. This leaves nine spots remaining, and fans all over the country are wondering who will be the next man named for this prestigious two-night-tournament. Here is a rundown of the seven men who have been named thus far...

There is so much great independent wrestling talent out there, that the APW booking committee has had a tough job filing through all of the tapes and portfolios that have been sent to them. Many fans have been posting on the APW message board (which can be found by visiting either or, some of the wrestlers they would like to see in the tournament. Names like AJ Styles, Lo-Ki, Trent Acid, Doug Williams and Vic Capri have all been mentioned, as well as APW talent like Jardi Frantz, Boyce LeGrande and Vincenzo Massaro. Whoever APW picks as the next participant in the tournament, you can bet it will be the right choice. The seven men selected so far are some of the best you will see in the world this year, and you can be sure that the next nine will be just as good.

You won't want to miss the 2001 King Of Indies Tournament this October 24th thru 28th in Vallejo, Ca. visit for more details.


Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest's tour of Japan's top wrestling group NOAH continued this past week. The two current APW champions continued to impress everyone they worked in front of, and are becoming superstars overseas. Continuing the success that Jardi Frantz gained during his stay in Japan last month, Morgan & Modest have had some great matches with some big names this past week.

On July 18th at Matsue City Messe in Shimane, Morgan & Modest defeated the team of Kenta Kobayashi & Naomichi Marufuji in 15:24 when Morgan hit the chicken-wing piledriver on Kobayashi. Then, just two days later at Kochi City Gym, the APW boys were victorious with a win over Makoto Hashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 13:29 when Modest hit the "Reality Check" on Hashi for the win.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, here are the results of their last two matches, which took place this past weekend...

-Superstar Steve, Bull Schmitt & Donovan Morgan defeated Kishin Kawabata, Jun Izumida & Masao Inoue in 14:57.

-Michael Modest & Makoto Hashi defeated Kenta Kobayashi & Naomichi Marufuji in 14:54 when Modest used his "Reality Check" finisher on Kobayashi.

At the same time Morgan and Modest are making names for themselves as some of the top American talent in Japan, Curry Man (Christopher Daniels) has been working matches for Michinoku Pro against Ikudo Hidaka and The Great Sasuke.

It is safe to say that APW's hometown boys are doing very well for themselves in the orient, and we wish them continued success. Everyone back home is very proud of them, and we are really looking forward to NOAH's big show this Friday night, when Modest takes on Ogawa, and Morgan meets Yoshinobu Kanemaru in NOAH's biggest card of the year!

Terry Gordy: A Freebird Remembered

by Earl Oliver

Terry Gordy was born on April 27, 1961 and began wrestling in his early teens in the mid 70's, having lied about his age to get a license. After honing his craft for only a year or two, Gordy joined Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts to form the Fabulous Freebirds. Almost from the beginning, the Freebirds won tag team titles in several territories including Mid-South.

The Freebirds landed in Texas in the early 80's and were a standout team in the Dallas based World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) organization of Fritz Von Erich. Among their many accomplishments, the Freebirds pioneered the use of rock music as their entrance theme. In fact, Hayes even fancied himself as a rock singer, releasing an album of rock music during their tour in WCCW. At one point in December of 1982, Gordy, Hayes, and the late David Von Erich defeated Tom Steele, Mike & Tommy Sharpe to become the first World Class Six Man Tag Team Champions. Later that same night, Gordy slammed the steel cage door on Kerry Von Erich's head during the latter's match with Ric Flair, thus launching the legendary Freebirds/Von Erich feud.

Between 1982 and 1986, the Von Erichs vs. The Fabulous Freebirds became the one of the most intense rivalries in the pro-wrestling history, in WCCW, as well as Mid-South and Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association (AWA). There was also a short stint with the WWF for the Freebirds, but they never really got over and soon returned to their roots in the South and Southwestern United States.

At the same time, Terry Gordy was also building a reputation as a singles wrestler in Japan. Over the many years that he competed there, Gordy's popularity rose to almost mythic proportions, a rare status shared by only a few other American wrestlers such as Terry Funk and Steve Williams.

In 1986, Mid-South promoter, "Cowboy" Bill Watts changed the name of his Mid-South promotion to the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF). In Houston, TX, on May 30th of that year, Gordy defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a tournament final to become the first UWF World Heavyweight Champion. Six months later, in early November, Gordy was injured in an automobile accident and was forced to surrender the title to his #1 contender, the One Man Gang. That same year, Gordy teamed up with "Dr. Death" Steve Williams for the first time, creating yet another legendary tag team that would wreak havoc throughout the world of pro-wrestling for many years to come, especially in Japan.

In 1988 Terry Gordy and Stan Hansen defeated Jumbo Tsuruta and Yoshiaki Yatsu to win the All Japan World Tag Team Titles. Gordy and Hansen would later win the titles a second time, then Gordy, with Steve Williams would hold those titles five times between 1990 and 1993. Gordy also won singles titles in Japan, including the All Japan Triple Crown Titles on two occasions.

In 1990 and 1991, after a brief tour with the Jim Crockett NWA promotion, Gordy returned to Japan to compete again in All Japan Pro Wrestling and on the independent circuit. He also competed in the GWF North American Heavyweight Title tournament in late 1991.

In 1992, Gordy returned to the American big time, Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling, again joining his long time partner Steve Williams. His old mentor, Bill Watts, was in charge of WCW at the time and gave a big push to Gordy and Williams. In July, 1992 Gordy and Williams upset the Steiner Brothers to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles. That reign lasted a little over three months. After that, Gordy and Williams left WCW and returned to All Japan Pro Wrestling.

After suffering a stroke due to a drug overdose in the summer of 1993, Terry Gordy went into a coma. He eventually recovered but never quite regained his full capabilities. A few years later, Gordy and Williams reformed their tag team in ECW for a while, then in December, 1996, Gordy briefly returned to the WWF, where, in the role of the masked Executioner, he lost to The Undertaker in a buried alive match at the Armageddon PPV that year, before vanishing once again.

In recent years, Gordy had divided his time between competing in Japan and on the independent circuit here in the US. Gordy's last Japanese match took place in February of this year at an IWA Japan show in Yokohama. As recently as last weekend Gordy had a match in East Ridge, TN, for a promotion called UEW. Gordy's final match took place on July 14, just two days before his death, in Vincennes, IN. He faced another veteran, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, and fought him to a double countout.

Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy was 40 years old when he died of what was described as a heart attack at his home in Daisy, Tennessee on July 16, although no official cause of death has been released. Ironically, Gordy's death occurred on the 13th anniversary of the death of Bruiser Brody, another celebrated super heavyweight.

Solie's would like to express our sadness and profound condolences to the family and friends of this legendary athlete.

Editor's Note: I want to thank Solie's principle Title Histories contributor, Brian Westcott, for researching the timeline for this article.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I waited until after watching the PPV tonight to write the Connection. I just wanted to respond to my fellow ĎTaker fan (whose name I will not divulge at this time, for fear that my fame may cause her to lose her sanctified privacy)...

We are sooooo good, arenít we?

On the 15th, I wrote in the last Connection that Austin would go to the WCW side, and he did. Not that this works out to be a big surprise or anything, it is just that I am mildly pleased with myself for prognosticating the match so well.

Angle is now over as a face, DDP made a bit of an improved showing against the Undertaker, and Jericho opened a feud with Rhyno. All that happened during that match.

Letís discuss it!

Angle finally started developing the face characteristic of bravery that he has mostly lacked up to this point. His character fought hard, never gave an inch, and made all the WECW (am I allowed to say that?) stand to. His segment with Vince was very well received by the crowd, and he got some very good face pops from the crowd. And, he did not cheat during the match. He has come back to the light, so to speak.

DDP held his own against the Undertaker this time, much more so than in the past. He put together many more moves and didn't run away, save at the end in order to set up Austin's turn. DDP had to become a more formidable opponent for ĎTaker, or the angle between them would die a long, ugly death. He did so, and in doing so gave new life to that whole program.

The Jericho/Rhyno angle has to occur, as neither of them had a crossover feud (Jericho/Storm will also occur, but I think in a while). They have marked contrasts in styles and characterizations, but Rhyno is quick and has some respectable ring savvy, while Jericho has shown the ability to go hardcore when needed. That could be a very good program. WCW, in this turn, has now gotten a very important piece of their puzzle. Austin has given them three things....Instant heat, instant star-power, and an instant legit main-eventer. I see him tagging with Booker T against WWF personnel within the next several weeks.

The question is, now what? Well, remember my e-pal I spoke of at the beginning? We discussed this over keyboards and morning coffee, and I suggested the following: Kurt will wrestle Booker T for one of his belts (probably US, although the Heavyweight Belt would not be out of the question) at the next PPV. The Undertaker will continue to peruse DDP, and I can figure a Hell in a Cell match at Summerslam is likely. Jericho will continue to feud with Rhyno, and probably Lance Storm.

Now, Austin will probably face the returning Rock at some point for the WWF Belt that Austin took with him over to the Dark Side. Rock is still looking for revenge for the post-Wrestlemania beating and cheat-fest that occurred on Raw, and I figure we will see the Rock this week on WWF TV.

Hey, HEY! Before you get on me about it, I know I havenít said anything about Kane. The reason is that I really donít know what he is going to do. He has been involved in the Invasion from the get-go, and I canít see him not being an integral part of the program, but I cant really nail down who he would be working with. Any ideas, let me know, and I will gladly steal them from you and use them as my own. Uh-oh, I let that slip, didnít I?

Seriously, this PPV was very good, and I really feel that the WECW has established themselves in the fanís eyes (and that is a FACT....not an opinion). Now, the next thing they will do is strengthen these individual angles, do the singles match-ups at Summerslam, and fortify the WECW for their independent push.

Write me with your feedback. I answer e-mails, whether positive or negative. Sure, it hurts when you criticize, but I donít cry for very long.

Remember, come to for all your wrestling needs....just do so either before or after perusing the annals of Solieís Vintage Wrestling.

See you next week with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown came to us on tape from the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts and opened with a recap of RAW followed by the WCW/ECW contingents trooping to the ring for a rant fest. Shane talked about the financial risks that he and Stephanie have made. Stephanie made some comments in the same vein, and then Paul Heyman accused Vince of causing his father's death - come on Paul - even I wouldn't think that of Vince... Backstage, told Chris Jericho that he was counting on him to defeat Diamond Dallas Page tonight.

You know, I'm looking at this situation, and the only outcome I can see for Sunday is the WCW/ECW contingent taking it. Otherwise, the whole storyline is pretty much over.

First up - the match just mentioned. DDP took on Chris Jericho. Unless I am mistaken, this is the first time these two have met in a singles match. I don't remember them ever facing each other in WCW. Nick Patrick was the referee and was at his heelish best, cooperating with Page to Jericho's detriment. He eventually called for the bell in and DQ'd Jericho for an alleged infraction in the middle of the action (Hey! That rhymed!), and suffered a Walls of Jericho for his trouble. Page tried to unwind on Jericho with a chair but missed and ended up in the Walls himself. Patrick then went for the chair but Jericho prevented it. DDP fled. Backstage, Paul Heyman tried to recruit Willy Regal, but failed.

The next match involved Christian against Lance Storm. For the first time in quite a while we are seeing E&C as a face team - in fact, we are seeing everyone in the WWF as a face these days. Earl Hebner oversaw this match, and of course, he was the soul of fairness, giving Edge a hard time for getting involved, which distracted him from seeing what Mike Awesome was doing to Christian on the other side of the ring. When he did finally get over there, Edge snuck in one of his wimpy spears to give his brother the win over Storm. Backstage, Sgt. Slaughter pretended to have bad news for Vince, but then told him that, "...Stone Cold Steve Austin is here!" Vince was ecstatic, of course.

Backstage after the break, Vince discovers that the (New) Old Steve Austin, doesn't do hugs anymore.

Kane and the Undertaker (w/Sara) teamed up with Tajiri to take on the Dudleys and Tazz in the next match. Tajiri ran to the ring in his enthusiastic way and got beat down to start the fight. Then the Scarey Brothers arrived and all hell broke loose. Kane basically took on all three of their opponents until he got caught in the corner for a moment. Tazz tagged in and got his clock cleaned, and then Tajiri was in to beat up on his latest worst enemy. As the match progressed, however, it became apparent that the ECW guys were putting forth the better team effort. Tajiri was isolated for quite some time, but the good guys won this one after UT hit a chokslam on Tazz,

In the next installment of "my tag Team Champs are better then your Tag Team Champs" preview, Bradshaw took on Sean O'Haire. At one point during this match, JR pointed out that Faarooq was once the WCW World Champion, "...and I was there when it happened." The match was a classic big man vs. big man brawl which Bradshaw won with the Clothesline from Hell.

Next up, an arm wrestling match between Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. Both Nick Patrick and Earl Hebner showed up to officiate, but Hebner asserted his privelege as the senior WWF referee. Both of these girls are (were) body builders and are deceptively strong. In the middle of the match, Patrick suddenly sucker punched Hebner, and then Stacy interfered to give Torrie the win. Afterward, the two WWF dames ganged up on Patrick and then fed him to Hebner for a sucker punch of his own.

Backstage, Vince was on the phone. He was happy with what he heard - and announced that his divorce proceedings have been put on hold. I guess they don't need that storyline for a while...

In a light heavyweight tag match, Billy Kidman and Rob Van Dam faced off against X-Pac and Jeff Hardy. What was strange here was that during the introductions, X-Pac was booed while RVD was cheered...or maybe that is not so strange... As could be expected, this was a high flying, fast paced match among three really popular face wrestlers and one guy (X-Pac) who can't pull off a face turn to save his life. Even when he prostrated himself to be Jeff's springboard, the crowd was just not impressed. This match had several false endings (as can be expected with all these little guys running around) but Kidman eventually got the fall on Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Vince showed up with Steve's guitar! He proceeded to play his own version of the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme...badly... Austin offered to tune the guitar for him, then ends up doing his best Jeff Jarrett impression!! He and Debra left Vince out cold on the couch.

After the break, a deliriously happy Vince is getting medical attention while, in another part of the building, Shane is giving a pep talk to his troops.

The main event was a tag match pitting Austin and Kurt Angle vs. Booker T and Rhyno. This is Austin's first actual match since the last PPV. Angle came to the ring first for his team, then Austin took his time, which allowed the WCW/ECW guys time to deliver a quick beat down on our Olympic Hero, starting with a gore from Rhyno the moment he stepped into the ring. Austin showed up sporting his full leg braces (a sure sign that he's about to engage in some action) and stunned both opponents inside the first 30 seconds. Then suddenly, DDP appeared on the OvalTron - he had Debra in the trunk of his car! Austin headed out, leaving Angle to get beat some more. Outside, the Undertaker showed up to help Debra and ran right onto a trap. He was overwhelmed by WCW/ECW guys while Page drove off with Debra still in the trunk. Steve waded through the crowd, commandeered a limo and gave chase. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Angle had an ankle lock on Booker - but here comes the Dudleys to the rescue. Angle was 3D'd through a table in the ring, and the Invaders were triumphant.

WWF/WCW/ECW InVasion Report

With an opening promo which recalls the Nazi invasion of Europe, from the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, WWF/WCW/ECW InVasion is on the air live. The entry ramp comes in from both sides of the platform in a "V" shape...imagine that... Our hosts for the program are Jim Ross and Michael Cole.

First up - Lance Storm comes to the ring with Mike Awesome and asks if he can be serious for a moment. But he is interrupted by the arrival of their opponents, Edge and Christian, who are operating as faces for the first time in years... Right away we get a flurry of high impact action. It is apparent from the get-go that E&C have the edge (no pun intended) in the teamwork department. But Awesome and Storm are formidable wrestlers, probably holding the size and power advantage. In no time, they have taken control of the match. Christian is isolated for quite a while - it doesn't look good for the former WWF tag Team Champs. Edge is forced to rescue his brother from a pinfall on several occasions. But then Awesome takes Christian to the top corner and gets dumped to the mat. Edge finally gets the tag and enters the ring a house afire. He gets the first pinfall attempt against Storm but fails to pin him. Storm comes back with a pin attempt of his own - and now it is Christian's turn to save his brother. Awesome is tagged in and gets a two count, but Edge kicks out. Awesome then goes for his running powerbomb - but Christian spears him in mid stride, then Edge takes the pin.

Backstage, Vince and Willy Regal talk over the latters coming match with Raven. Vince, rather gauchly uses a metaphor that recalls the American revolution against...the British...

They are doing promos for the Referees' Match - so I assume that is next...but then Mick Foley's music plays. Oh, I see, he is going to be the special referee for this match. I guess this was announced on Heat. We don't get Heat until 7 PM out here on the Left Coast, so I haven't seen it yet.

Nick Patrick enters first to a healthy chorus of booes, then Hebner comes out flanked by a phalanx of WWF officials. They start with some pushing and shoving - then Nick lays a slap on Earl's face. Hebner springs into action and immediately assumes the initiative. But he is knocked to the floor, where his fellow referees have to protect him from the WCW contingent. Back in the ring, Hebner is again in control until Patrick lays in a low blow then knocks Hebner to the floor where the WCW referees start a beat down. Foley then bans them from the ring area. Not long after that, Hebner knocked Patrick over and pinned him rather suddenly. Afterward Patrick got into a shouting match with Foley, got clobbered and had a sock stuffed down his throat!

The next match features the Tag Team Champs of WCW and WWF in a match for...nothing apparently...

APA comes to the ring first. Then, as the WCW Champs are being introduced - they run to the ring and the match is underway before the intros can finish. As has been seen during previous singles match - this is all about high impact wrestling. Chuck Palumbo gets the first pinfall attempt against Bradshaw - but only gets two. Both are then knocked down and Bradshaw recovers first to tag in Faarooq. The fight goes to the floor for a moment where Palumbo reasserts his control of things. Now Faarooq is being isolated. That doesn't last for long however. Bradshaw gets back into the game and puts Palumbo with the clothesline from Hell...and gets the pin.

Backstage, Vince and Chris Jericho discuss strategy for the main event. Jericho tells Vince that the key to the opposition is the leadership of Paul Heyman. He promises Vince that the WWF will not get mad - they will get even. They end up reciting Jericho's signature tag line in unison. In another part of the building, Heyman tells Billy Kidman that it is up to him to get the WCW/ECW's momentum up and running.

The partisan WWF crowd is again rather lukewarm to their representative in this match. X-Pac just doesn't have much luck when it comes to impressing a crowd with his "faceness". Kidman is all over the Light Heavyweight Champ from the get-go. He dominates the action for several moments, but then over runs his target and plunges to the floor. X-Pac follows up with an inside-to-out cross body and takes the advantage for the first time in the match. Back in the ring, he slaps a sleeper on his opponent and leans on him. Kidman flings him to the ropes and grabs a sleeper of his own. X-Pac levers him over to escape but then goes for a top rope move and misses. X-Pac then plays possum to lure his opponent in and almost gets the pin on a roll-up. Kidman counters with a knockdown, then goes to the top and flies...right into the X-Factor. Kidman kicks out. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster...and misses. Kidman comes back with a Shooting Star press and takes the pin. WCW/ECW has it's first win.

Backstage, DDP tells Shane that the Inaugural Brawl is in the bag. Meanwhile, Stacy and Torrie are comparing their "assets" to those of their opponents in the "Bra and Panties" match, coming up later.

Next up - William Regal takes on Raven. This match was made during Heat earlier tonight. Again we have a switch between the face and the heel wrestler in this contest. Regal is bigger, more experienced, and is arguably the finest scientific wrestler currently competing in the pro ranks. So it is no surprise that he dominates the early going. He eventually is levered to the floor where he falls victim to a baseball slide - the tables are turned. Back in the ring, Raven consolidates his advantage. Raven uses brawling tactics to maintain control for a while - but Regal takes advantage of his first lapse to grab the initiative using wrestling maneuvers. The match goes into see-saw mode - a lot of move and counter move action. Suddenly Tazz runs in as the referee is helping Raven out on the floor. Regal is downed, Raven hits the Raven Effect and takes the pin. That's two and two.

Backstage, Vince is delivering a pep-talk to the Undertaker and Kane - but steps over the line when he reminds UT about DDP's stalking of Mrs. Calloway.

The Big Show comes to the ring to team with Billy Gunn and Albert against Sean Stasiak, Hugh Morrus and Chris Kanyon. This one starts with the three WWF guys doing military presses on their three opponents. Then the ring clears out and Gunn faces Kanyon. The "Innovator of Offense" manages to dominate the proceedings for about 15 seconds, then tags in Stasiak, who is immediately hit with a DDT. This brings all six in for a moment then Stasiak is left in the ring with Albert while the other four brawl on the outside. Stasiak is down by a side kick then receives a Baldobomb - but kicks out. Moments later, the personnel changes and Gunn hits a famasser on Hugh Morrus. Then Morrus somehow managed to come back and pin Gunn. After the match, the Big Show chokeslammed all three WCW guys - to little, too late.

Willy Regal counsels Tajiri to get out there and win one for the WWF over TAZZ.

This match seems bound to go against the WWF. Tajiri just doesn't have the size to stand up to even such a small guy as Tazz. And that seems to be the way it is going from the start. He gets plenty of offense, but then Taz just mows him down time after time. Tajiri locks in a Tarantula at one point, but has to release it because, of course, it is an illegal move. He follows up with a big drop kick to the face as tazz is seated in the ring. Tazz makes a comeback but then gets sprayed in the face with the green mist. Tajiri hits the side kick and takes the pin.

Backstage, Matt Hardey advises Jeff to get his match with Rob Van Dam over in a hurry because, if not the former ECW TV Champ will be all over him. As if to prove the point, RVD shows up and downs Matt with a chair! At WWF New York, Hardcore Holly tears the WCW shirt off of a fan.

This next match is for the Hardcore Title - RVD vs. Jeff Hardey - and it starts out like a classic RVD ECW match, with a whole bunch of quick moves and counter moves - where neither man takes the advantage. As predicted my Matt, RVD does indeed dominate the early going, once they get past the initial encounters. So far this is nothing like a Hardcore match. As RVD goes for a moonsault, he is caught and levered out to the floor. But then, a moment later, Jeff is likewise tossed to the concrete. The match goes out to the floor and then into the crowd, where RVD finally hits his moonsault off of the security railing. He follows it up with a spinning heel kick off the apron but hurts his knee in the process. He is limping as he returns to the fight. They struggle for position on the apron then Jeff hits and inside-to-out Sunset Flip which knocks the air out of Van Dam. Hardey goes after a ladder and sets it up on the floor at ringside. Van Dam recovers and rolls into the ring, then shoves the ladder over toward the ramp. Hardey is the one limping how - he has twisted his ankle. RVD grabs a chair and goes after Jeff - but Jeff grabs the chair away - so Van Dam hits him with the Van Daminator! Both of them fly off the ramp in opposite directions. Van Dam is the first top recover and rolls his opponent back into the ring. He sets Hardey up in the corner and then hits him with another Van Daminator! Jeff is bleeding from the forehead. Van Dam is still not fully recovered and so Jeff actually gets to his feet first. he goes for a Swanton Bomb, but misses. Van Dam places the Hardcore Title on Jeff's chest then hits the 5 Star Frogsplash to get the pin and take the title.

That was the best match so far on the card... Backstage, Kurt Angle enters Vince's office and is subject to one of the Boss's pep talks. He interrupts to say, "Enough of this Americana bullsh*t!" He says he will win the match for himself.

Mick Foley comes to the ring once more - this time to referee the Bra and Panties match...the dog... Stacy "Legs" Kiebler and Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus and Lita. Both of the WCW girls are wearing skin tight pants - which could present a problem for their opponents. Trish and Lita also wear pants - but I notice that they are not quite so skin tight. Well, Lita's aren't, at any rate... As has been demonstrated in previous encounters, the WWF women are definitely the more experienced athletes. Stacy is stripped of her outer top almost immediately. Wrong one, folks! Then Lita is down to her bra as well. Everyone still has their pants on. The match is quite a knock-down drag our affair, by the way. In the midst of one action packed exchange, Torrie loses her pants and Trish loses her top. Then Torrie is stripped of her pants. All that is left to do is to have Trish hit a bulldog on Stacy and then finish the job.

Next we get a commercial for RAW. In the back, Heyman is pumping up his team for the Inaugural Brawl, which is next on the card. Meanwhile, Vince is giving a final talking to too his Champion. Austin says he doesn't need a pep talk, because "that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so..." - or something like that... Then we get a promo for the match. Someone explain this too me...why do we need a commercial for a match that we've already paid for? Do they really think there is anyone watching this who doesn't know what this match is all about? I mean, sure, maybe someone who just happens to be at a sports bar somewhere and doesn't know the WWF from the NBA...but who the heck cares about those people?

Shane comes to the ring first. He is followed by Stephanie and Paul Heyman, and then Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. The Dudley Boyz then arrive, followed by the Scarey Brothers - apparently they don't mean to give either side an edge before the match officially starts. Next comes Rhyno. UT and Kane are occupying the ring at this point - the Dudleys have fallen back. Chris Jericho is next - he joins the Scareys in the ring. Booker T is next, wearing the WCW World belt and carrying the US strap. He starts to enter the ring, but is advised not to by Shane. Kurt Angle is next, getting a huge face pop for the first time in memory. Diamond Dallas Page in the final member of the WCW/ECW team seemingly indicating who really stands at the height of the WCW pantheon. Undertaker goes right after him and the brawl is under way before Stone Cold can even be introduced. The fight goes right to the floor and so the bell doesn't sound immediately. Eventually we get Austin vs. Rhyno in the ring to officially start the match. In a move that is completely out of character for Austin, he drags Rhyno to the top corner and delivers a rather clumsy looking superplex. Chris Jericho is tagged in and Rhyno is being isolated for a moment. Then Rhyno recovers and gets the tag to Booker, who dominates Jericho for only a moment. Jericho reverses the field and gets a pin attempt - Rhyno tries to rescue his partner but drops an elbow on him by mistake. Kurt Angle is tagged in and takes over on Booker. Angle dominates the action, then Devon tags in and also falls prey to the Olympic Hero. Kane tags in and continues the assault on Devon. The latter tries to fight back but he is in against a Mack Truck.

The Dudley employ some double teaming to overcome Kane for a moment or two - but then he escapes and hits a big clothesline off the top on Bubba. The Undertaker tags in and Bubba remains on the receiving end of things. UT walks the ropes in classic style and knocks Bubba to the mat. Page is tagged in and gets the drop on the dead man for a few moves. UT is fighting back, but Page manages to keep him on the defensive. He goes for a pin but gets two - then tags Booker back in. Booker almost immediately loses the advantage - and then Austin is tagged in and explodes all over his WCW counterpart. The fight spills out to the floor where Austin suplexes Booker over the security railing, then drags him back into the ring. Jericho tags in and starts to put the Walls on Page, but is prevented from completing the move by Booker. Devon is tagged in and beats Jericho down in the corner. He tags Bubba back in and the latter continues the assault. The Dudleys double team on Jericho - but Jericho manages to knock them both down. Kurt Angle gets the tag and comes in a house afire, fighting both Dudleys and knocking Page off the apron when he tries to interfere. The crowd starts a "Paul E Sucks!" chant. Rhyno comes in and overpowers Angle, then tags Bubba back in. The WCW/ECW team seems to being a better job of keeping a fresh man in the ring at all times.

Now Booker tags in and almosts gets a pin on Angle after a scissors kick. Page tags in and attempts to finish him off, but Angle is not going down so easy. Austin is straining to get the tag as Page tries again to pin Angle. Bubba tags in and sets up the "Whatzup??" - Angle is clobbered. Page tags back in and grabs a front facelock on Angle, who has been isolated for quite some time now. Angle struggles to his feet and tags Austin, but the referee is being distracted by Booker T and disallows the tag. Kane snaps and enters the ring illegally, which cause a general break down on order. Rhyno gores Page by mistake. The fight goes to the floor as UT is left in the ring with Page. UT gets a chokeslam on Page - but then Charles Robinson tries to interfere and is powerbombed. Outside the ring, kane and Bubba are going at it. Bubba uses a table top to knock kane down, then pins his arms while Devon punches him. Kane is slammed shoulder first into the steps then the Dudleys set up a table. They prop it against the security rail, but then Kane recovers and chokeslams Devon through the announce table before Bubba hits him in the face with a TV monitor. Bubba and Rhyno double team Kane and send him through the Spanish announce table.

Meanwhile, Booker and Angle are the legal men but are both out of it in the ring. Bubba rejoins his partner and they beat Angle down. Angle then recovers and knocks them both out to the floor. Booker returns and downs Angle - all three are down in the ring. Vince enters the ring with a Title belt but Shane does as well and cuts him off. Angle explodes into action again and knocks Shane down then grabs the ankle lock on Booker T.

Suddenly, Austin reappears and...attacks Angle!!! He rolls Booker over onto Angle, and Booker takes the pin to win the match. Austin has joined the opposition! Austin stands in the ring and accepts the congratulations of his new partners. They crack open a brew and drink to each other as the program fades.

Raw comes to us live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York and opens with an appearance by the WWF Champ along with Paul Heyman and the junior members of the McMahon family. Let's see...Austin is...a face?...a heel?...a face? Who the hell knows?? Stephanie comes off heelish as she talks about destroying the WWF, crowing that she and Shane have done just what they set out to do. Paul Heyman thanks God for the fact that the "ECW/WCW Alliance" (emphasis his...) is now the dominant force is sports entertainment. Shane echoes his sentiments and then introduces Austin. Austin has been standing by in "stony" silence since coming to the ring. The crowd starts a rather desultory "Assh*le!" chant which dies before he begins to speak. He blames his turn on the fact that, as he sees it, Vince has been playing up to Kurt Angle lately. He's concerned that Vince has been calling the Rock. He's jealous!! During his rant, Kurt Angle shows up on the platform, so Steve immediately lights into him, then calls him out. Angle runs to the ring and gets the drop on Austin with an Angle Slam. Austin is held back by the McMahon kids and Heyman as he attempts to get back into the ring.

In the WCW/ECW locker room, Rob Van Dam is full of himself, and his compatriots are egging him on. The next match is RVD's first title defense, against the brother of the man he defeated last night, Matt Hardey, who lays a baseball slide on the Champion as he approaches the ring. Hardey immediately brings a ladder into the ring, leans it in the corner and runs Van Dam into it. Hardey then picks up the ladder only to have it kicked in his face. The ladder falls to the floor, so Van Dam goes back out to get it. Back inside the ring, he downs Hardey again, then sets the ladder up and climbs up for a splash. But Hardey has recovered and shakes the ladder. Van Dam wisely retreats back a few steps as Hardey climbs the other side. RVD is knocked to the mat then Matt throws a leg on him. Mat then places RVD between the legs of the ladder and uses it to smash him in the ribs. But Van Dam recovers with a low blow and then places Matt in the spot where he was a moment before. He climbs he corner and throws his 5 Star Frogsplash, which seems to hurt him almost as much as Matt, but he gets the pin and retains his title.

In the hall, the Dudleys meet Edge and Christian. Words are exchanged and they are about to set up a table match when Booker T shows up and says he wants on on the match. He proposes that E&C find a partner and a face them in a 6 man elimination tag match, all three opponents must be put through tables for a team to win. E&C agree after razzing Booker about being related to Mister T.

Backstage after the break, Diamond Dallas page reveals to Kanyon that the whole Debra kidnapping scenario was dreamed up by Mr. and Mrs. Austin!

Next, Lance Storm comes to the ring and starts a rant directed toward securing himself an Intercontinental Title match. This brings Albert to the ring and the match is on (with Nick Patrick as referee). For the most part, Albert dominates due to sheer bulk - but Storm has some great moves and holds his own. In the middle of the match, first Mike Awesome then X-Pac run in and distract Albert to the point that he is side kicked in the face and pinned. At this point all hell breaks loose as about a dozen WWF guys all show up and the beat down in on. But it is too little too late, as Lance Storm is helped to escape with the IC Title.

Kanyon is back stage calling himself the InVasion MPV - and has a T-Shirt to prove it. I wonder is Steve Lombardi knows about this... Steve Austin hears his claim and disputes it. Meanwhile, the WCW girls are discussing how their bodies are so much better then the WWF girls. Talk about a weighty debate... In another part of the building, Kurt Angle is only too happy to be E&C's partner for the big 6 man match.

After the break, Tajiri faced Raven at the behest of Commissioner Regal, who told him to go out and win one for the WWF. At first, Raven dominated - but as the match continued, Tajiri's superior speed and martial arts expertise told the tale. He pinned Raven after holding him in the Tarantula for several seconds.

Backstage, the AP catch up with Kurt Angle and cajole him into drinking a beer with them.

The Undertaker comes to the ring with Sara to take on Rhyno, who has been pumped up for the match by Heyman before the last commercial break. Faced with this bull of a man, UT actually resorts to wrestling moves as he takes Rhyno down with a drop-toe hold. He then walks the ropes (he's been doing that a lot lately) then grabs a chokeslam set up - but Rhyno breaks free and gores him in the corner. They end up exchanging fists in the center of the ring, then Rhyno rakes the eyes to take the advantage. He sets up another gore - but UT boots him in the face and then chokeslams him for the pin. Meanwhile, Page has shown up at ringside and is stalking Sara. UT bails from the ring and catches Page from behind. UT clobbers him around the ringside area and then tosses him back into the ring - where Sara is waiting for him and starts putting the boots to him! UT tries to restrain her but she is going wild on Page! Ut eventually takes over the beating. Page tries to grab a chair which is laying in the ring, but UT beats him too it. The Undertaker swings the chair, but Page pulls Sara into harms way and she takes the chair shot. Page slinks away as UT tends to his wife.

After the break, UT is freaking out and telling everyone to stay away from Sara while out in the parking lot, Page is claiming that he didn't mean to hurt Sara...or maybe he did...he seems confused.

Chris Jericho is up next, to deliver a rant from the ramp. He directs his scorn at Kanyon, stating that every "Jerichoholic" in the building is better than Kanyon. This brings Kanyon down to protest and we have another match. Soon after the opening exchange, Jericho goes into a series of vertical suplexes, reminiscent of Chris Benoit's multiple German suplexes. Kanyon takes off his controversial T-Shirt and uses it as a weapon to turn the tables. Once he is in charge, Kanyos starts showing why he is known as the "Innovator of Offense", using several unique moves as JR comments on them. Jericho eventually comes back with a five arm to take back the advantage, then goes for a Lionsault and misses. Moments later, however he makes a rather sudden comeback after ducking an insiguri and makes Kanyon submit to the Walls of Jericho.

Out back, a limousine pulls up and Vince McMahon emerges with a big scowl on his face.

Vince came to the ring after the break and congratulated the WCW/ECW Alliance on their victory last night - but assured the fans that the WWF will "ultimately win the the war..." He compares the defection of Steve Austin to an atomic bomb, but says he has a little bombshell to drop of his own. He then vows to reinstate the Rock! He admits that it will be up to the Rock whether or not he returns - but he challenges Maivia, asking him if he can still "bring it", can he still "Layeth the smack down", etc. He then says that he knows that the Rock is at home watching, and he tells him, "Don't listen to me...listen to the fans..." They start the Rocky chant, although it seems a bit faint. Vince ends his rant with several more "Rockisms" and then says they want to, "...Smellllllll what the Rock is Cookin'!!"

Backstage, Vince ran into Angle and asked him if he'd been drinking. Angle doesn't want to talk about that. He is more interesting in tooting his own horn as the new leader of the WWF. Vince allows as Kurt might be right, but says, "...actions speak louder then words." Kurt agrees, and demonstrates by backing Vince up against the wall by his collar! Over at WWF New York, we have a hard time hearing the Big Show and Billy Gunn's conversation. Back at the arena, Torrie is trying to sidle up to Jeff Hardey again. She wants to practice her paddling, but Trish shows up and attacks her.

Next up - a Spanking Match pitting (surprise, surprise) Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus. This features a "paddle on a pole" with the usual Coalminer's Glove type stipulations. The winner is the first one to succeed in spanking the other. Each went after the paddle early on but were stymied in turn until Trish finally got it, but then lost control of it right away. The paddle is apparently greased because neither f these girls seems to be able to hold onto it. Eventually, Torrie was able to strike the first blow with the weapon and won the match.

After some backstage pep talking by Shane, and intimidateion from Austin, then a glimpse of the WWF team making their way to the ring, we went to the last commercial.

The main event was the big 6 Man Tag Team Elimination Table match featuring the Dudleys and Booker T vs. Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle. As could be expected this was a real barn burner. Christian was the first one eliminated via a 3D after several minutes of fierce action. Edge was eliminated just moments later, leaving Angle to face the three members of the opposition on his own. After some pretty intense three-on-one action, Angle managed (on the second try) to suplex Devon through a table on the outside. Back in the ring, Booker T went into his "spineroonie" after an ax kick - thus giving Angle the chance to recover and whip him onto a table, which again refused to break. Undaunted, Angle tried again and succeeded, thus evening the odds. At this point, Earl Hebner was knocked out of the ring. Nick Patrick ran down to take over the officiating, and immediately started favoring Bubba. This enraged Angle who slapped an ankle lock on Patrick! Then Steve Austin ran in and started beating on Angle. Thoroughly distracted, Angle was easy picking for Bubba, who drove him through a table with a powerbomb. Austin and Bubba retreated as the WWF locker room emptied out and headed for the ring.

Hmmmm...according to my calculations, Steve Austin's 30 day limit to defend his title is up tomorrow. Makes you wonder what will happen on SmackDown...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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