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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Tajiri Wins the
WWF Light Heavyweight Title

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Starting Your Own Federation

By Ric Drasin

Volume 6, Issue 645 - August 6, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have some APA News, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, a new article from pro wrestler and trainer to the stars, Ric Drasin, and my own TV recaps and commentary.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

Starting Your Own Federation

By Ric Drasin

So you've decided to become a Wrestling Promoter and start your own Federation. Well, where do you begin? It's not as easy as it looks or more people would be successful at it. First of all, there is NOT a whole lot of money in it. Most promoters loose money and some if lucky, just break even.

I'm sure your have heard the horror stories about wrestlers not getting paid after a show, or the Promoter ducking out before anyone can find him or the plane tickets never arrived. This is so common in this business that it ruins it for everyone involved.

Being a Wrestler is easy. You just have to show up. Many of the boys ask me when I'm going to run another show. Well, a few years ago, I had many and they were easier to line up. Lately I think that Wrestling has become over saturated and the interest on the Indy level has declined. Going into a building and putting up a ring and hoping people show, is way too risky. If you draw 100 people you are really lucky. The biggest problem is ‘promotion'. Letting people know you are there, is so important. If no one knows, no one shows! You need a good plan.

First of all, you must have access to Wrestlers. You need to have at least 30 on a list in case some can't show and you need stand by matches. Plus, you should find out the reputation of your talent and see if they are reliable. You don't want someone to commit to being there and then not show after you have advertised them.

You will need a Ring obviously. If you don't have one, you can rent one and the price should be fair. No more than $350 for the night. You will also want to list all the people that you need to work the event.

These are basics and mostly you can get friends to do it for ‘free' admission. The building if you rent it, should cost, no more than $500.

Liability Insurance is another thing. You don't want to get sued by someone who gets hurt. I carry 2 Million Dollar liability. I have a blanket coverage that costs me $180.00 a year for show, training people, etc. If I have to additionally insure a venue, it's an added $35 for the night. That is very reasonable and necessary.

Now your overhead with paying 12 wrestlers ($50) each will be around the $1200.00 mark, give or take. I haven't figured in publicity at this point. I always make posters and flyers and leave them all over the area where I am running a show. I will also get our radio stations here to plug it. Sometimes that's difficult but in my case I have a lot of friends that are DJs. Same with some of the local News Channels. This is just an added plus.

In order to make a profit at this point, you will need in attendance 120 people at $10 a head. Ok, it goes up from there. Also figure in that kids prices will be cheaper at maybe $6. This increases the number you need to attend.

Now, the best way to do this rather than taking a risk on a building is to find a club or charity or in my case I use a high school and get the PE Dept. to sponsor it. I ask for a $2,000 dollar deposit and then we do a 50/50 split on profits at the door. My $2000 is deducted on my 50% at that point. Having the club or school involved assures me that they will help promote by giving flyers out to every student (1000 or 2000) and that a good number of those kids will show up and bring their family and friends. Last time I did this, I had 600 people show up and it was a big success.

I give the school concessions as part of the incentive. I also tell the wrestlers to bring photos , t shirts, and anything that they want to sell.

Having that deposit also guarantees me payment for the ring, wrestlers and all other expenses and includes my profit.

At the show, I already have everyone's payment, (in cash) in an envelope with his or her name on it. I want everyone to go home happy! I send out booking agreements and after the show I include with payment a letter of thanks for their participation. I feel it's important to treat everyone as a professional and with respect. Having wrestled for years, I have been on all ends of that and I want everyone to know that I respect him or her.

One week prior to a show, I do a personal appearance at the school and bring a few wrestlers to a pep rally to get the school charged up to attend the event. This works really well.

I also will send a letter of thanks to the School or charity that we worked for thanking them for the help and asking to schedule another show for the following year. After doing this quite a few times, you can usually keep yourself booked throughout the whole next year.

This is a good formula to follow and it works. Remember, you just don't throw up a ring in a building like a ‘backyard fed' and expect it to work.

Think it through, plan it out and then work your plan.

Much success to you all!

Ric Drasin, who is currently an actor, wrestling coach, promoter and personal trainer, created the bald bodybuilder logo for Gold's Gyms. His web site, Ric Drasin's BIG BOY Page features articles on wresting, training and fitness, and his own line of BIG BOYS clothing and other merchandise.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz


Wrestling fans all across the country are anticipating what will be the biggest night in independent wrestling history. The 2001 King Of Indies Tournament is now less than three months away, and you can cut the anticipation with a knife. Fans are gobbling up rooms at Vallejo's Ramada Inn (host of 2001 KOI), as they make their reservations to be a part of this historical night.

Even though only half of the tournament participants have been announced, fans still know this will be a night of wrestling they will not want to miss. The names who have been let out so far read like a who's-who of indie wrestling. If this had been only an eight man tournament, the first eight men would have made up an explosive show. However, we still have eight more wrestlers to go, and fans can't wait to hear who the next name is going to be. Over at the message boards, fans are talking about who they would like to see be thrown into the tournament. What indie wrestlers would you like to see join the list of wrestlers already announced? Who do you recommend APW President Roland Alexander take a look at when he travels to Japan later in the month?

And what about the legends? Oh, don't let us forget about the legends that will be there. APW has hooked up with the Cauliflower Alley Club to bring you the best in wrestling history. This will be a night for the fans to recognize the men who paved the way for the athletes we see in the ring today. Names like Don Manoukian, Pepper Gomez, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Dick Beyer, Nick Bockwinkle & Red Bastein are all officially confirmed to be a part of this exciting week, which spans from October 24th - October 28th, and takes place in Vallejo, Ca. Autograph signings, bar-b-q's, story-telling, wrestling matches, mini-boot camp's, wrestling clinics etc. will all be a part of this magical week. It's a wrestling fan's dream week, and you can be a part of it!

Check out the official King Of Indies website at You can also check out the Cauliflower Alley Club and their fantastic website, at Don't miss this exciting event that will have the entire wrestling world buzzing!


This years Brian Pillman memorial show will showcase a lot of great talent from across the country. Current big names such as Dallas Page, Booker T, The Hardy Boyz and X-Pac will be on the show, as will legendary wrestlers from the sports past, like Ricky Steamboat, Terry Taylor & Bobby Eaton. The first half of this show will feature an Independent Showcase, in which eight matches between some of the best young up and coming talent in the world will be involved. Hot youngsters like Randy Orton, Steve Bradley & JR Ryder will all be involved in this part of the show, as will APW's very own Head Boot Camp Instructor, "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan. Morgan will work against Chad Collyer, who has made a pretty good name for himself in APW.

This should be an outstanding contest between two great talents. This match will definitely do APW proud, as these wrestlers will strive to put on a match that will meet the standards set by wrestling on a show as important as the Pillman Memorial. Congratulations go out to Chad & Donovan for being selected amongst a crowd of indie talent, and chose to represent APW during the show.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I work in an office where my co-workers and I are split up into teams, and these teams are responsible for certain geographical areas of the city in which I work. Over each of these teams, there is a supervisor, and he or she is in charge of these people and their work assignments, disciplinary matters, and other office related stuff. I have worked for two of these supervisors...let me share with you my experience.

The supervisor I have now is a very laid-back individual. You know, the kind of guy who could either fall asleep in a bowling alley or who, when properly agitated, may actually say, "John, that probably isn't the best thing to do in this situation,", while drinking a cup of coffee. I guess the best adjective is unflappable, and that is probably a great characteristic when being forced to work with me.

My first supervisor is another case entirely. This person was, and is, a vindictive, vengeful, bitter, sadistic, close-minded egotist who would like nothing better than to see me choke to death on my own spinal fluid. This individual developed a very intense, personal, and immense dislike for me very early in my career, and it hasn't abated one iota.

The supervisor in question has a favorite person, a "pet", if you will. Recently, there was a situation where this individual had been rumored to have put the bad-mouth of the ol' Johnster, because of a situation involving the creation of some new resource material that this peer of mine and the supervisor didn't like. When I let the supervisor know about it, it was like I had run over the pet puppy. I was slandering them, I was playing games, etc. I would share with you the exact wording, but it would not be proper to do so here. Standard work-place hatred, mistrust, and close-mindedness. You all have seen it before, although not with this supervisor's visceral hatred and dripping contempt.

Either way, there is no middle ground here, as you can plainly see. In the terms of this debate, there is a clear irrational, intolerable, "heel" side, and a rational, calm, "face" side (and that is a FACT...not an opinion). People, this is real life here!

However, there is a relation between this and pro wrestling (you knew there would be one, didn't you?). Let me explain.....

This old supervisor of mine is obviously opposed to me, and the rumored mouthy subordinate is as well. And, obviously, the supervisor protects the subordinate from trouble. However, I get along with other people that are lucky enough to be assigned to this supervisor, and they, for their part, recognize that this vengeful individual is kind of off-kilter. So, a dichotomy is created, where the people in the enemy camp may or may not be the bad guy, but they work for the group run by the bad guy. And, if they do what the bad guy tells them to, it is not as bad as if they were heels themselves....they, like all of us, are doing something they may not personally want to do because they were told to.

This is why we will be able to get face roles out of the WCW group after this is all over. People understand circumstances like this, because they see them every day, and see people get favorable treatment, just because of who they know, and they also see people who don't like their situation, but are stuck because of the problems inherent in their role, or position. There is a kind of victimization that occurs, and we really respond positively when the victim (or the person we see as the victim) stands up, breaks the chains, and stands up to the evil aggressor. Like Mankind, when he kicked out from under Vince's control (the Dude Love scenario, part 2), or Hogans FUNB angle, in his waning days with the WCW. People love that, and it will fuel the rise of the faces of the WCW.

Now, the opposite will be true in the WWF, after the split. All the WWF guys are faces now, but there will be some behind-the-back, irrational, vengeful, shortsighted movements in those ranks (just the opposite of what I described above) that will move certain workers back into heel-dom.

I figure we will see such moves after the next PPV. The cracks in the facades will start to appear in the early weeks of September, and by the October PPV, there will be WWF heels and WCW faces again. Also, hopefully, there will be two independently operating federations at that point.

Thanks for letting me vent. I am sure this will all be repaired when Earl hires me to work for him full time....I only need $45,000/year, plus per diem and all the corned beef I can eat.

I will be over at, with all the rumors, results, and news, so give me a holler if ya' need me. However, if you need all the Wrestling Resources anyone could dream up on any hot summer's night, stay here at Solie's Vintage Wrestling.

See you next week with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown came to us on tape from MCI Center in Washington, DC. After a drawn out video examination of the Rock's return on Monday, we got a personal appearance from Kurt Angle. It's funny how, even as a newly minted mega-face, Angle is still a bonifide dork and not very likable. Fortunately, his opponent for this evening was even less of a crowd pleaser. Lance Storm came to the platform and ran down America, earning himself a match against Angle later tonight.

The first match pitted the WCW Tag Champs, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire took on the Hardey Boyz in a high-flying tag team contest. This was a very competitive match, and Palumbo and O'Haire only just managed to eke out a victory. Backstage, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian took turns razzing Stephanie about a nonexistent zit on her chin.

Backstage, Stacy Kiebler offered Steve Austin some of her home baked cookies (there is a pun in there somewhere). Steve tried them and was impressed. He stared scarfing them down as Stacy walked replaced by Debra, who took a dim view of his dietary habits. In another vignette, Diamond Dallas Page sat in a seedy hotel room and worshiped at his alter to Sara Calloway. He actually licked her photograph!

Kanyon defended his WCW US Title against Kane with the evil Nick Patrick as the referee. I am stressing the evil because after Kane essentially squashed his opponent, Patrick proceeded to disqualify Kanyon! Patrick received a chokeslam for his excellent work. Backstage, the Rock was taking a power walk.

After the break, Stephanie assigned the Dudleyz and Rhino to take care of Jericho and E&C tonight.

Meanwhile the Rock made his way to the ring for a rant fest. The Rock explained his reasons for returning to the WWF instead of jumping to the Alliance. He laid it all at the door of "the People". Maivia vowed to never leave the WWF, and to always be "the Peoples' Champion". He says he came back mainly for payback against Steve Austin. He called Austin out but got Booker T instead. Booker stood on the platform and had to wait while the crowd chanted, "You Suck!" He told Maivia that he wasn't in Stone Cold's league, or in his (Booker's) league, for that matter. Maivia interrupted him to ask him who he was! Booker responded that he is, "...the WCW Champion, Sucka!" The Rock interrupted again, "Did you say you are the WCW Champion Sucker?" Then inquired again about Booker's name. Booker started to respond, which allowed the Rock to say, " doesn't matter...etc., etc." Booker challenged Mavia to a match at SummerSlam, but Maivia continued to diss him. They were ready to come to blows when Shane came out and held back his star. He ranted at Maivia then challenged him to a Street Fight on RAW next week! Maivia agreed.

Backstage Debra and Steve were still discussing cookies when Lance Storm barged in and stated that he was going to take Kurt Angle out tonight. Debra had something to say but Steve shushed her.

Edge and Christian teamed up with Y2J (the Canadian Connection?) to take on Rhyno and the Dudleyz in a fairly brutal match that saw Edge isolated through much of the battle until he managed to hit one of his so-so spears on Rhyno. This got Jericho in to kick some butt with Christian lending a hand. It all ended rather abruptly when Devon distracted the referee so that Rhyno could gore Jericho and give Devon the pinfall.

Backstage, the Steve and Debra show continued. Steve was complaining that he was hungry but refused to eat the cookie (which Debra baked) in his hand. Debra kept harping on his to eat the cookie until he told her to take her tray and leave!

After the break, Debra made her way to the ring with her tray of cookies. She made a short speech concerning her cookies, then she proceeded to pass them out to members of the audience. She returned to the ring and asked the crowd to indicate who, "really, really like my cookies." This brought Steve to the ring. He started to rant about his troubles, but she grabbed the mic from him to continue her own speech, only to have him grab it back. After a second and third round of the grabbing contest, Debra hit him with her cookie tray! For a moment, Austin almost seemed contrite - but then he went back to his rant against Kurt Angle. Eventually he accepted Angle's challenge for the WWF Title at SummerSlam.

In his office, the Commissioner and Tajiri were trying to puzzle out just where the Undertaker is.

Lance Storm took on Kurt Angle in a match with an International flavor (Canada vs. US). The match proceeded apace as Steve Austin watched from the back holding an ice pack to his head. Speaking of heads, Angle managed to get his busted open early on in the match. The highlight of this contest was a mid-air collision which took place when both competitors decided to throw cross body blocks at the same moment. Storm seemed to recover quicker after that and took control of the action, throwing his opponent out to the floor and brutalizing him, all the time talking trash. Angle suddenly snapped out of his lethargy and took back the advantage. Back in the ring, he had Storm reeling then planted him with an Angle Slam. He grabbed the ankle lock and Storm submitted.

Backstage, Undertaker finally showed up. He wasn't happy about the fact that his main event match with Booker T wasn't for the WCW Title. Regal told him that is he could pursued Booker to put the title up, then he would get his title match. UT said he would.

After the break, in his locker room, Booker T let Shane know that he had accepted the Undertaker's challenge to make their match for the title. He said he has something to prove to the Rock, who was watching this all on a backstage monitor.

Booker T put his WCW Title on the line against the Undertaker in the main event. UT attacked the Champ from behind just as the bell rang and managed to beat Booker down pretty effectively. Shane McMahon was lurking about ringside. As UT tossed his opponent to the outside and then put him into position for a tombstone, Shane got in his face and was able to distract him so that Booker escaped. Back in the ring, UT took over again and slapped a cross arm breaker for a moment. Then he forced booker to his feet and started his top rope walk - but Shane shook the rope and thwarted that move. UT fell to the floor where Shane applied the boots until Booker came out and took over. After a couple of heavy shots, UT came back with a couple of massive chops and then returned to the ring. Booker followed him in and booted him in the corner. Booker continued is assault, which was punctuated by UT fighting back. Booker was trapped in the corner, but as UT rushed him, Shane jumped to the apron and shoved the referee between them. The ref went down and Booker escaped to the floor. Meanwhile, Shane grabbed Sara and tried to use her a shield - but Sara back elbowed him and then took turns with her husband putting the boots to him. UT returned to the ring and was knocked down. Booker had a chair ready to use when the Rock came running down and Rock Bottomed him. As he rose to his feet, Shane came flying across the ring and hit him with the chair. UT recovered and went after Shane but then Booker recovered and hit UT with his title belt. A WCW referee ran out and made the count, but UT kicked out. Then the Alliance locker room ran out only to be fought off by UT and the Rock. No title change this time, folks.

Raw comes to us live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. After more rehash of the Rock's return, we get Kane headed for the ring to face the Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, for the title. RVD gets no chance to pose for the crowd as Kane is on him as soon as he enters the ring. The fight goes immediately to the floor where Kane tires to set up a powerbomb but fails. In a flash, Kane is run onto the security railing then RVD drops a leg on him of the apron. Back in the ring, Van Dam is on the ascendancy...but Kane is bringing in the ring steps! A drop toe hold gives Van Dam the chance to use his opponent's weapon against him. But then Kane comes back with a running powerbomb and RVD is on the receiving end of the Big Red Machine. As Kane starts to gain ground, Diamond Dallas Page runs in and uses the chair on Kane. Van Dam follows up with a Frog Splash and gets the pin to retain his title.

Next a rehash of the cookies fiasco - is this the dumbest thing they've done lately, or is it just me? Backstage, the Austins arrive and she is smiling...

After the break we get a skit wherein Booker T goes to Paramount Studios to audition for a movie. The oriental girl he speaks to is wearing a platinum blonde wig over her black hair, which shows pretty obviously around her ears. back at the arena, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley comes to the ring and starts to rant. This brings the Millennium Bug out to insult her. She listens to his rant with a calm demeanor, and then spits it right back at him. Jericho comes back with the suggestion that Stephanie is making it with every guy on the staffs of both promotions, so, he says, he has decided to set her up with some Planet of the Apes species. With that some monkey suited actors make their way to the ring bearing gifts. A bouquet of flowers, and a wrapped package, which Jericho opens then tosses the contents...a cream Stephanie's face! Funny...he didn't tell her to "shut the hell up"... By the way, I saw "Planet of the Apes" this weekend and it was excellent. The ending is kind of confusing, but still it was a very entertaining flick.

Backstage, Lita is having a cup of coffee when Debra walks up. Lita congratulates Debra on giving her husband what for, but then makes a comment about Steve not being the perfect gentleman. This seems to piss Debra off. She tells Lita to finish her coffee and stalks away. If Paul Heyman is a member of the opposition, how come he is reading the WWF advertising copy?

Backstage, X-Pac barges into the Commissioner's office and demands some competition. He wants to know why he doesn't get more TV exposure. Tajiri suggests (according to Regal) that it is because X-Pac sucks! That sets up an X-Pac vs. Tajiri match for later tonight.

Next up, a ladies match of sorts...Stacy and Torrie vs. Jacqueline in a handicap match. This seems grossly unfair...the two WCW babes don't have a prayer... As Debra is about to win the match, Ivory runs in (the first time we have seen her since the demise of RTC) and DDT's Jacquie, giving the WCW girls the win. Backstage, DDP is worshiping at his shrine to Sara again...

After the break, Debra tells Steve a slightly exaggerated version of what Lita said about him. She ends the recitation by stating that Lita said her boyfriend could beat the WWF Champ. Something she didn't say, by the way. Next up, Tajiri challenges X-pac for his WWF Light Heavyweight Title. X-pac wears both of his title belts to the ring. This is just one of the traits that causes people to chant that "X-Pac Sucks!" If any wrestler has better educated feet then Sean Waltman, it is undoubtedly Tajiri. He shows some of his fancy footwork to great advantage throughout this match. Within two minutes he has the Champ reeling, despite some fancy moves of his own. He gets the Tarantula but then is levered out to the floor where X-Pac regains the advantage. Back inside, X-Pac comes off the second rope right into a cloud of green mist. 1-2-3 and he's out. Tajiri has taken the title.

Backstage, Steve Austin confronts Lita and Matt with his wife's tales out of school and ends up challenging Matt to a match (gosh, what a surprise...) What is a surprise is that when Matt and Steve are face to face, Matt actually looks to be pretty close to the same size as the WWF Champ.

More of Booker T at the movie studio. Booker stands there holding his title belt on his shoulder as he reads lines. The actress reading with him wants to know if he is related to "Mr. T". I was wrong...this is even more stupid then the cookie bit...

The Dudley Boyz are sent in once again to defend Stephanie's honor against Chris Jericho and an as yet unknown partner. His partner...Stephanie's jilted swain, Kurt Angle! Angle takes on Devon to start the match and grabs an ankle lock on him almost immediately. Bubba rescues his brother then takes over the fight with Angle at his mercy. Devon tags in for a short tour then tags Bubba back in to get hit with a German suplex. Both sides tag out and now Jericho is all over Devon. He gets a Lionsault and should have the pin, but Bubba hauls him out of the ring and right into the path of a gore by Rhyno who has shown up out of nowhere. Back in the ring, Devon gets a two count, then hangs Jericho up in the tree of woe. The brothers tag in and out as they isolate Jericho. Both sides tag out again and Angle gets the drop on Bubba. Moments later he goes for the moonsault on Devon and catches a belly full of knees (ouch!) But he comes right back and catches Bubba in the ankle lock for the submission victory.

Back stage after the break, Austin has another confrontation with Lita. She tries to talk sense to him but he isn't listening, as usual.

Christian comes to the ring carrying his brother's KOR trophy and asks Lance Storm to come out for some palaver. The two have an IT Title match tonight. Christian reminds Storm that he is also a Canadian. he wants lance to join him in a 5 second pose to show their "Canadian solidarity". Storm agrees but we see it is a set up as Edge runs out and pantses Storm! And the match is on. Christian makes a pretty good showing, but Storm is clearly in control through most of the match. After a lot of good back and forth, Storm rolls up Christian in the corner and bridges him for a pin, holding the ropes for leverage right in front of the referee (Nick Patrick), who counts the pinfall in spite of the obvious chicanery.

Out back, UT rides up with Sara to me met by his brother, who tells him about Pages "shrine" and says he knows where it is. Kane agrees to take Sara down to the APA for protection then meet UT as the "shrine".

After the break, Kurt Angle meets with the Rock. The two bury the hatchet and Angle offers Maivia his "secret" to how he can beat Shane McMahon in his match tonight. What does he offer the Rock...a glass of milk. Maivia pretends to be offended but then takes the milk, turns it sideways...and drinks it down. In another part of the building, now it is Steve who is exaggerating Lita's words about Debra. Meanwhile, UT arrives at the shrine, but Page isn't there. He gazes at one of the photos for a moment, then starts tearing the room up. Page shows up with a smirk on his face - no it isn't Page, it's Kanyon! Page shows up from the other direction and the two of them beat on UT until Kane shows up and chases them away.

The Austin vs. Hardey match is very short but very competitive. Austin ends up stunning both Matt and Lita after Debra provides some distraction.

More Booker T in Hollywood. He keeps speaking the stage directions out load. The director finally tells him it's not working out. He mentions the Rock, which immediately causes the actress to assume that he is the Rock's chauffeur or perhaps his butler! Booker cold cocks the director in response.

The main event is the much touted Street Fight pitting the Rock against Shane McMahon. Is anyone else surprised that Vince McMahon has not put in an appearance tonight? Shane comes to the ring with a kendo stick and looks pretty confident. They keep harping on the fact that he lasted 29 minutes in a Street Fight against Kurt Angle. Shane's argument is that the Rock has been away from the ring for four months. Maivia is obviously not impressed as he puts Shane down via the TitanTron from a camera position backstage. We go to commercial with the clock standing at 8 minutes before the hour. Something tells me this Street Fight won't be lasting 29 minutes...

We're back and uit is 10:55. The Rock is introduced rather hurridly, but he takes his time, posing on the outside of the ropes before entering the ring. Shane gets a little too enthusiastic in twirling his stick and losses his grip on it just as Maivia finally enters the ring. The Rock clobbers his opponent and then tosses him to the floor. But Shane comes back with a low blow and turns the tables...for about 3 seconds. Maivia knocks him over the security railing and batters him through the crowd and up the stairs toward the arena concourse. Shane climbs into the stands to escape, but the Rock takes a detour through the concourse and comes up behind him. He starts kicking Shane back down toward the ring, then tosses him back into the ringside area. Shane turns the tables again then hits his opponent with a clothesline off the railing. He fishes a trash can out from under the ring and clobbers maivia with it. He follows maivia up the ramp continuously basjhng him with the trash can. But on the platform, the Rock grabs it away and now Shane is getting bashed. Mavia puts anew trash can over Shane's upper body then disappears backstage for a moment. He returns with a chair and uses it to ring Shane's bell. He forces Shane back into the ring then uses two trashcan lids like a set of Zildians (cymbals)on Shame's head. Moments later, hane regains control of his kendo stick and turns the tables...again for about 3 seconds. The Rock roars back to life and has things well in hand when Booker T runs in and attacks, but gets DDT'd for his trouble. Maivia gets the Rock Bottom and wins the match. Afterward, the Rock is ready for Booker to recover, but Shane grabs his ankle and Booker manages to down Maivia with a round kick. The Rock falls to the floor where Booker puts the boots to him then lays him out on the announce table. Shane climbs to the top corner and throws a fantastic flying elbow. That leap had to be 15 feet!

As Heyman puts it, the Rock won the match, but the Alliance won the war...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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