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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

DDP and Kanyon are the new
WWF Tag Champs

Scarey Brothers take the
WCW Tag Titles

Jeff Hardey wins the
Hardcore Title Again

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Parallel Lives: The Story Of
Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

Part 12 by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Volume 6, Issue 646 - August 13, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have some APA News, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, a new installment of the DDP/Kimberly Biography from Solie's house historian, Ervin Griffin, and my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

Next week, for the first time in several months, I will be traveling on business, to Boston on Sunday through Tuesday, then back home for a day or so, then off to Phoenix on Friday through Monday. I don't expect to see much wrestling for the next week and a half or so. Consequently there will be no Solie's Newsletter on August 20 or August 27. I will be doing the Radio Show this week on Wednesday, and again next week, for those who just have to get their Solie's fix, and of course the Readers' Forum will be up and running for lively discussion. The newsletter will be back on September 3.

Parallel Lives: The Story Of Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 12: A Freak, A World Title, A Triad

After defeating The Giant, DDP should've been on cloud 9 but, once again, his beautiful wife Kimberly Page became the target of another wrestler. This time, it was then-WCW World TV Champion "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. He began to harass and almost stalk Kimberly everywhere (kind of ironic since DDP has used that tactic recently as it relates to The Undertaker/more on that later in the series). These escapades resulted in both DDP and Kimberly being hurt physically as Kimberly was pushed by Steiner during a Nitro Girl rehearsal AND was pushed out of a moving limo when Page tried to save her. DDP demanded a match with Steiner at WCW SuperBrawl '98. Steiner, with help from "Buff" Bagwell, retained his title and put DDP on the shelf for two months as a result.

When DDP returned, it was a more aggressive and angry Page as he returned to find "Hollywood" Hogan being cheered and Flair being the WCW Commissioner (and a corrupt one at that)! Page was then signed to be in a four way match at WCW Spring Stampede with then WCW Champion Flair, Hogan and Sting with "Macho Man" Randy Savage as the referee! Page made wrestling news that night in April when he put Hogan out by busting up his knee with the "HartBreaker" and pinning Flair to win the WCW World Title. In case you are wondering, the "HartBreaker" is my nickname for the ringpost figure four made famous by Bret "HitMan" Hart.

The next night on WCW Monday Nitro, DDP requested a title match against the man that both stalked his wife and put him on the shelf......."Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. Steiner, surprisingly, was cheered while DDP got a mixed reaction (though his wife DEFINITELY got a positive reaction). It was a heated contest and the first world singles title match that Steiner had been in since 1991 against Ric Flair. The ending was poetic as Kimberly aided her husband with a whack of a steel chair upside Scott's head! This enabled DDP to get the "DC" hooked in for the win and retribution.

Over the next month and a half, DDP would use loopholes and everything to keep the WCW World Title. In fact, on one WCW Nitro broadcast, DDP lost the WCW World Title to Sting but regained it ON THE SAME PROGRAM IN A FOUR WAY MATCH! DDP would finally lose the championship to "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash at WCW Slamboree. After that loss, DDP hooked up with his old friends Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon to form the New Jersey Triad. This trio would win the WCW World Tag Team Championship. And, in a eyebrow raising move, WCW ALLOWED any two members of the Triad to defend the titles! This move is not unprecedented in wrestling as long time wrestling fans may remember the old NWA used to let the trio of Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff and Krusher Krushev defend the NWA World Tag Team Championship in the mid 80's as well as the WWF allowing Demolition (Ax, Smash and Crush) defend the WWF World Tag Team Championship in the same manner in the early 90's.

The trio would remain champions until August '99 as repeated attacks on both Booker T and Stevie Ray forced the two estranged brothers to reform Harlem Heat! At the same time, DDP began a feud with "The Crippler" Chris Benoit for the WCW U.S. Title (ironically the same title that DDP once DEFENDED against Benoit). At WCW Road Wild '99, the combo of Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon dropped the straps to Harlem Heat while DDP lost his challenge to Benoit for the United States strap.

DDP, meanwhile, restarted his feud with Goldberg. The two met again at WCW Fall Brawl' 99 with Goldberg taking the win again! Then, unexspectedly, he began to target Flair again when Hogan, Bret Hart and Flair feuded with Page as well as Sting and Lex Luger when the latter two turned heel for a time. During this feud, Kimberly tried to help her hubby by trying to trick David Flair (Ric's son) into coming to her hotel room with her! Personally, I don't think he would know what to do with her but that's another story for another time/LOL! Anyway, Kimberly was tricked as she got a Flair but Ric Flair instead! Thankfully, what Mr. Flair described never made TV though he bragged about it several times on TV. DDP wanted revenge and got it at Halloween Havoc '99 in an Indian Strap Match! Now, I am a big admirer of Ric Flair but I also give credit where credit is due and try to tell it like it is. No offense to Flair fans but DDP WHIPPED HIS AZZ THAT NIGHT! "Space Mountain" got closed down that night as DDP gave a beating that I can't even begin to describe here! He also put one on the son as well as David Flair, who tried to come to the defense of his father, got a knee "south of the border" from Kimberly plus two "DC's" from Page as well as an elbow to his already tender "jewels" from Page! Ouch!

Maybe Page should've took out David as well as his old man because on WCW Monday Nitro the next night, DDP was matched up with David Flair in the WCW World Title Tournament. What should've been an easy match turned into a near tragedy as Page made a rare mistake and turned his back on his very inexperienced opponent to escort Kimberly out of the ring. David Flair snuck in a crowbar under his robe and beat DDP like a dog in the back and the ribs! This nearly caused injury to Kimberly as well as she was knocked down by DDP when he was struck by the crowbar! She was almost assaulted by David with the crowbar as well. Over the next few weeks, Kimberly was stalked by David Flair who wanted revenge for his father. During that time, she tried to reason with him and even was chased while she served as a competitor in a match against Asya. Finally, she faced David in a one on one match at WCW Mayhem '99 which ended with both Kanyon and a still injured DDP rescuing Kimberly. DDP, feeling that he should end this, wanted a match with David at Starrcade '99 in a Crowbar On A Pole match. DDP, surprisingly, had a tough bout as David showed more than he ever showed in the ring! Still, DDP emerged victorious but now another feud over his wife was looming.....only this time, Kimberly may have been a WILLING PARTICIPANT! That and more next time.

NEXT: The Affair & The Betrayal

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and formerly contributed to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz


This Saturday night, APW returns to the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, Ca. for the 5th show of the year at this great venue. The Sports Center is located at 785 Walnut Ave. on Mare Island in Vallejo, and the show begins at 7:00pm, with doors opening at 6:00pm.

There is a great lineup so far for this show, which includes a Universal Heavyweight Championship defense by "Natural One" Michael Modest, as he takes on "Bison" Mark Smith. "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan defends the Internet title against "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro, and The Ballard Brothers will make their first Tag Team Championship defense since they won the belts last month.

Other wrestlers on the card include Sheik Ali Boom Boom, The Snott Brothers, Jardi Frantz, The Original Westside Playaz & APW's 7-foot giant, Dalip Singh! You will see lots of action packed matches, and great surprises are in store for this weekends huge show in Vallejo. Don't miss your chance to see APW live!

Tickets are available at all Bass Ticket outlets, and through the internet at . Tickets are also available at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo. Prices are as follows...

VIP (front row only) = $25

RINGSIDE (all other seats) = $16 ($8 for students with ID's, kids & seniors who purchase their ringside tickets at the door)

*Note* Anyone presenting an APW COLOR POSTCARD/FLYER will receive a $2 discount at the door also. (Only one discount per ticket).

ZACH ARNOLD COMMENTS ON MORGAN MATCH FROM NOAH's Zach Arnold recently wrote a review on Donovan Morgan's GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title match against Yoshinobu Kanemaru last month in Japan. Here is what Arnold had to say about the match...

"Both guys have weaknesses and strengths. Morgan's offense is very potent and has the ability to spark a crowd, and he seems to know how to keep the crowd involved in the match. His problem from based on what I saw was his ability to string a bunch of spots together when he's on offense, as opposed to when he's on defense in which he actually does a very good job of selling moves. Kanemaru, on the other hand, has a very weak offense excluding the moonsault and the brainbuster. At times, he looked a little lost and disjointed having to play the role of the native. He's not ready to carry anyone yet on a full-time basis, although he is having a good string of matches and learning a lot about how to work with foreigners given his experience on 6/24 against Juventud Guerrera in Nagoya and now on 7/27 against Morgan in Budokan. The match could have been a little better, but given that this was Morgan's first trip to Japan, it was good.

Rating: ***


Here are some recent results involving APW wrestlers who found work elsewhere around the country...

Midwest Championship Wrestling - Saturday August 4th in Chicago, Illinois @ St. Rita's High School
-"Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro defeated Michael Synn
-Chris Chetti successfully defended the MCW TV Title against "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan
-Simon Diamond defeated "Natural One" Michael Modest
-MCW Champion Acid defeated "Ice Pick" Vic Capri in a 2-of-3 Falls Tables Match for the MCW Title


This past week, APW Universal Champion "Natural One" Michael Modest made a call-in appearance on WWBA AM 1040's wrestling talk show called "Pro Wrestling Weekly". This is a very informative radio show hosted by Shannon Rose & Barry Horowitz, which comes from Tampa, Florida. Modest joined Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Florida Marlins pitcher Tony Saunders as guests on the show. Here are some of the things Modest had to say during his brief appearance on the show...

-While wrestling for Pro Wrestling NOAH last month, Modest recognizes Japan as "Wrestling Heaven", and says "Good wrestling is still appreciated over there." He also called it "refreshing and fun", and noted how appreciative and respectful all of the fans are overseas.

-Modest says that in the U.S., a road agent is just another name for a "babysitter", while in NOAH, you are completely responsible for everything you have to do. "All the guys in Japan are extremely hardworking and nobody complains about it. It's the same down in UPW, but in comparison to WWF & WCW, the guys in NOAH are much more responsible."

-Barry Horowitz mentions that from watching Modets wrestle, he is very technical and looks good in the ring. The two of them have met a few times, and Horowitz says "any friend of Donovan Morgan's is a friend of mine". He also brought up what a shame it is that Modest was always getting caught between "booker switches" during his brief stints with WCW.

-Modest says during his short time with WCW, he noticed that there were a lot of factions. When he first came in, it was ran by Kevin Sullivan's crew, in which he notes that Sullivan was going to push the lightweights (like himself). Then, Russo came in, and he was out of the picture. Ed Ferrera then got him back in, and the mood seemed upbeat. Then, the "rug was pulled out from everyone's feet."

-When asked "What is next for Michael Modest?" He says he will be going back to Japan on August 22nd, and he hopes to work for NOAH on a regular basis. He mentions that both sides are mutually happy, and says Donovan Morgan also did a great job in Japan.


An update on a few APW wrestlers who have been MIA over the past few shows was posted on the message boards at by APW President Roland Alexander. Here is what Roland had to say about some of the wrestlers that have been absent from recent action...


"George C. Snott has given his notice and left APW to try to expand his career. We wish him the best of luck but I have a fear in my heart because everyone that has tried to expand themselves by leaving APW has not made any progress, the list is long...Joe Applebaumer, Steve Rizzono, Super Diablo, Chris Ward etc.

I know there have been more but I can't think of them off hand. I wish him the best anyhow, because I have some respect for someone that joins the camp, and actually completes it. I just can't understand when they aren't that good, and feel like they aren't getting a push, and leave to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond...when in reality, if they can't make it in APW, they aren't going to make it elsewhere as far as a career goes. They might become a more prolific main event hobby wrestler than they would in APW and if that is the case, they certainly have the right to do so. Good Luck George C.!


He has the worst luck. That same shoulder has acted up again and this might be the end of the career of Flame. It certainly doesn't look good with that shoulder problem and we wish him all the best.


We still have huge plans for him. He has been filming an independent film that was to end at the end of July but has extended into August. We should see him back in APW rings soon and will likely debut at the Sept 29th Vallejo show.

Miyaki had the worse timing he could have. He is a much better flyer than Jardi due to his natural gymnastic ability. He also possesses some natural charismatic abilities which is difficult to teach wrestlers. He has a long ways to go before he understands psychology the way Jardi Frantz does, and he has even further to go before he becomes the mat wrestler Jardi has become. I don't know if he has been working on his body but I can tell you that since Miyaki has been gone, Jardi has made tremendous strides with his body and looks impressive.

Had Miyaki been available when NOAH hit town for the tryouts, he might have participated in that tournament. As it is, NOAH is fully aware of him and we will be preparing footage upon his return to send to NOAH. Before it is said and done, trust me, Miyaki Frantz will debut somewhere in Japan.


Boyce had a personal commitment for the August 18th show and will not be on that card. The opponents for the Ballards have not been named yet and should be this coming week.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

My brother and I sit for three hours every Saturday night and write the Crossface report, which is posted on on Sundays. During the time in which we are working on the Report, sometimes he says things that stick in my mind, and make me think.

Now, I don't figure that you all have a good idea about how Mike and his personality. He is the kind of guy who will give you anything you need, then get pissed off when you get more somewhere else. He is happy not getting a birthday present, but will give you a hard time if you get him a cheap gift. Mike is funny that way, and it is why I simultaneously want to beat the heck out of him and be his best friend.

I guess brothers are like that, huh? Well, let's move on....

Mike gave me two great ideas for this column during the time we were working on the Report, and I wanted to relate them to you.

First, Mike was filled with consternation that the Rock was out of character when he interacted with Kurt Angle last week. Remember the whole "Milk" thing? Mike said that the rock seemed different than he was before his departure for the movies and Hollywood. And, he's right, the Rock is a little different.

Lo and behold, the Rock is the #2 face.

I know, I know, it is hard to believe that such a thing could possibly occur, especially when the #1 face is.....Kurt Angle!

However, in the large scheme of things, there are easy reasons that describe the current situation.

First off, and most simply, Kurt was the #1 face for a short time before Rocky returned, and got over (with Austin's and even Booker T's help) enough to carry that load. He had to, with all the injuries and with the way the storylines have played out. Now, enter the Rock. Even with the immense popularity of The People's Champion, it would not make sense (and that is a FACT....not an opinion) to thrust Rock into Kurt's position right away. It is better to let Kurt feud with Austin, go to the PPV, get the shaft, and then open the #1 face role up to Rock and let Kurt revert to the #2 face role again.

Also, and in that same vein, Rock put Kurt over with the fans with the whole "Milk" segment. Kurt needed that, especially now that he has entered into a feud with Austin, who is arguably the wrestler in the whole Alliance faction with the most heat in the whole Alliance faction. I think that Rock throwing his support behind Angle on Raw helped get Angle over sufficiently to make the finishing segment on Smackdown appealing to the fans.

Lastly, what Rock did was set himself up for a heel turn. I figure that Rocky will turn heel after HHH returns, for a couple reasons. HHH will return as a huge know that, and I know that. He was so over with the fans as a heel that there is no way he can avoid coming back as a face (I call it the Piper effect.....remember when he returned to the WWF after his acting stint in the mid-late 80's?). That being said, it will also depend on whether Austin stays with the Alliance, which I think wouldn't be a dumb move. If Austin stays with the Alliance, Rock turns heel, probably in late October, after the spitting off of the WCW into it's own time slot. He then faces Angle in a program, and then HHH in another, leading up to WM 18. If Austin returns, then a similar scenario will develop, with Rock and Austin running facing of against UT(?) and Angle, until HHH's return. Then, Angle and HHH will team up against Austin and Rocky in the early part of next year. !

Add to that the return of Benoit (3-2002, I hear), and the cheese could really get binding.

However, let me put the zircon ball away...I could be way, way off here.

The other point Mike made to me (although we didn't really discuss it) was the fact that I call Rock the #2 face, Angle the #1, and Jericho the #3.

Where is the Undertaker?

Well, it is apparent to me that the DDP/UT feud is not an Invasion feud. It is running parallel to it, and involves a WWF wrestler and a WCW wrestler, but that is incidental in this situation. In fact, Undertaker is only a peripheral force in the WWF counter strike against the Alliance, even considering the victory over the WCW Tag-Team champions. That was subjugated under the fact that DDP will have to enter a steel cage against the Undertaker at Sumerslam....a match I predicted...didn't I? well, so i said it would be a Hell in a Cell match...I was close, OK?

If you all would be so kind, please re-read the Connection for 7-23 (you too, Earl, if ya' got the time) and note that I also said that Jericho had to start feuding with Rhyno. Yep...I want that raise now. Or, a good job with Cleo and the Psychic Network.

Just kidding. I'd take the money, though.....

Remember, for this and more stunning and prophetic divinations, along with all your wrestling needs, come over to Stay here, though, for every thing the little mark in you desires in the way of history, topical rants, and A-List links. Solie's is the BEST on the 'Net.

And, see you next week with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown came to us on tape from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA and opens wit Steve Austin giving a pep talk to the Alliance troops. Then we went to the ring for a WWF Tag Team Title match featuring APA against Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon. This one was going generally in the favor of the APA when Test ran out...and attacked Faarooq! Test has switched sides. The result: DDP and Kanyon are the new WWF Tag Champs.

Next up, Perry Saturn and "Moppy" take on Raven...with Terri. Perry seemed a little upset about Terri showing up with his opponent - but not enough to keep him from winning the match. Terri took off the with the mop - so Perry spent the rest of the evening looking for it. He even got the cops involved at one point.

Backstage, Test congratulated his new buds, then went to go reserve a table at Vipers. Commissioner Regal then showed up and informed the new Champs that they would be facing the Undertaker and Kane at SummerSlam.

As usual, Rob Van Dam got more face reaction then his opponent for the WWF Hardcore Title, Edge. This was almost certainly the match of the night with the usual compliment of amazing moves from the Champ and daredevil use of ladders and such from the challenger. Lance Storm ran in to help Van Dam but seemed to cause more trouble then anything else, at least at first. As the match continued, however the numbers began to tell. At the crucial moment, Storm and van Dam stole the con-chair-tow and put it on Edge to put him down. All perfectly legal, of course...

X-Pac and Albert took on Tajiri and the returning Spike Dudley (in his first match since coming off the shelf) in what was likely to be the only WWF vs. WWF match on the program. It was classic brawn against...well...little guys. The highlight saw poor Spike pressed over Albert's head and dropped onto the apron face first (ouch!!) The ending was predictable. Albert took the pin over Tajiri with a Baldo Bomb.

Shane and Booker T came to the ring for a rant fest. He boasted about his big finishing move on the Rock on Monday. Then Booker took the mic and challenged the Rock again for a match at SummerSlam. This brought Maivia out to the platform to lay the smack down (on his program...) He accepted the match and then went on for a while, insulting the WCW Champ. Booker countered by inviting Maivia into the ring for a handicap match here and now. Rock threw his mic down and headed for the ring. Booker got the drop on the Rock as soon as he entered the ring. In fact, this was hardly handicap action, since Shane stood by and watched, until Booker went for a chair. Shane tried to hold Maivia but couldn't constrain him. The Rock came roaring back and cleared the ring, then he started clearing the announce table of equipment. Shane recovered and tried to hightail it, but the Rock caught him and dragged him back to the table, dragged him to his feet on top and hit the Rock Bottom, destroying the table, and apparently hurting his own ribs in the process.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defended their WCW Tag Team Titles against...Undertaker and Kane. The Scarey Brothers have already been set for a WWF Tag Team Title match for the next PPV - so maybe that match will be title vs. title? Yup. That's the fact, Jack. The Scarey Brothers won the WCW tag Titles after Undertaker blew a DDT spot on O'Haire and had to repeat it (the tape was altered pretty well, you couldn't have seen it if you didn't know what actually happened). A double Chokeslam told the tale.

Stephanie sent Hugh Morrus out to get revenge for her on Chris Jericho. Morrus used his size advantage to take the early initiative but Jericho was too quick for him and turned the tables almost immediately. He was stymied for a moment when he went for the Lionsault and met Morrus's knees - but then Jericho cut in the afterburners and literally outran his larger opponent. The Wall of Jericho won him the match. After the match, Rhyno attacked Jericho on the ramp then gored him right through the OvalTron!

A big six man tag elimination match was next. The Hardey Boyz and Kurt Angle vs. the Dudleys and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Right off the bat, Angle wanted Austin, but Stone Cold refused to start with him. He took on Matt Hardey instead. In no time. Austin had raised the ire of Angle, thus causing him to foolishly enter the ring and distract the referee so that Matt could be triple teamed. matt was isolated temporarily and then managed to tag in his brother for a little double teaming of their own. At the end of that exchange, Jeff was caught in the ring and isolated by the Dudleys. Matt turned the tables with a quick top rope move but was unable to follow up. He managed to tag in Angle who cleaned house then faced Devon. he quickly slapped on the ankle lock, Devon tapped and was eliminated. Now it was two on three - advantage WWF. But moments later Bubba slammed Matt on his face and took the pin, making it two on two as we headed into a commercial.

As we returned, Bubba had the pin on Jeff, but Angle saved him. Moments later, Jeff was eliminated by Bubba and now it was Angle on his own against the remaining Dudley and Austin. We finally get a face off between Angle and that Angle is knocked silly. They end up trading blows in the center of the ring, then Austin hits his Thesz press and turns the advantage to his side. But he is sucking wind now and moving a little slow, so it goes into see saw mode for a while until Austin grabs a Boston Crab. But Angle reverses it to an ankle lock, which Bubba immediately broke up. The next moment, Angle sent Bubba careening into his partner, knocking Austin to the floor then Angle hit the Angle Slams. Both guys were out on their feet for a moment, and then they were back up Now Angle seemed to get his second wind. He tossed Austin to the floor then Angel slammed Bubba for the pin. Austin returned to the ring and immediately fell into the ankle lock. But Devon ran back in with a chair and broke it up. Austin appeared to be hurt, he was limping, favoring his left foot. Even so, he wedged Angle's ankle into a chair and jumped on it from the second rope. Ankle was yelling that his ankle was broken, but it was Austin who appeared to be legit hurt. They stretchered Angle away as Austin ranted in the ring, gripping the ropes to keep hikself upright. He left the ring and limped up the ramp and gamely continued to attack his foe, until Angle again slapped an ankle lock on him! The Dudleys saved him, but you could see that Austin was really hurt.

Raw comes to us live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL, and opens with what appears to be the entire Alliance roster coming to the ring and surrounding it. They are followed to the ring by the WWF Champion, who enters the ring, mic in hand. He claims that under his leadership, every man surrounding the ring has the chance to become as famous as he is. He claims that he leads by example. He demonstrates this by showing footage of himself trying to break Kurt Angle's ankle. At ringside, Tommy Dreamer wears an "Austin 3:16" t-shirt. He then invites one of the Alliance members to take on Kurt Angle tonight. Paul Heyman stands up and volunteers Rob Van Dam. RVD climbs on the apron and accepts the match. Austin then turns to Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon, congratulating them on their winning the WWF tag Team Title. He then singles out Test for special recognition for coming over the fence last week, then Rhyno for that spectacular gore he laid on Chris Jericho. Next he mentions that there were some members of the alliance who didn't perform to his expectations. He singles out Hugh Morrus, Tazz, Raven and Tommy Dreamer in this category. First implies to Morrus that he needs to change his name. Raven gets castigated for losing to a guy who drags around a mop (Saturn). Tazz gets to watch tape of himself standing by while Shane McMahon got Rock Bottomed on the announce table. Austin takes off his belt as he tells Tazz they are going to have a little "come to Jesus" meeting. He demands that Tazz remove his shirt so that he can whip him. Tazz is visibly upset as Steve hits him lightly with the belt. Tazz controls himself with sheer effort of will until Austin knees him in the gut, then tells various Alliance members to attack him. Finally, Austin has them all hold Tazz down while he administers the whipping. They all leave Tazz laying in the ring as we cut to commercial.

Edge and Christian have some words backstage about Christian's absence from SmackDown, then Tajiri comes to the ring accompanied by Commissioner Regal to take on Albert (w/X-Pac). Again, for the second program in a row, this could very well be the only WWF vs. WWF match on the show. Apparently this is the only interpromotional feud happening at the moment. Early on, Tajiri attempted to put a Tarantula on his opponent, but X-Pac was there to interfere. Out on the floor, Tajiri fended off the attack with a whif of green mist. Back in the ring, he is beaten into the corner by Albert, but comes back with the red mist this time. Albert is blinded and pinned.

Backstage, Mike Cole interviews Kurt Angle concerning the condition of his ankle and whether or not he will accept the challenge of RVD. In the middle of his rant, Hugh Morrus showed up and attacked him. Angle took it for a few moments, but then turned the tables and slapped on an ankle lock. Morrus was tapping as we cut to commercial.

Next up, E&C vs. Lance Storm and Justin Stupidhead...uh...Credible. Nobody seems to remember that Credible and Storm were Tag Team Champs in ECW - at least I didn't hear it mentioned during the commentary for this match. Christian was attacked in the knee before the match got started, thus taking him out of the picture. This one ends suddenly when Justin accidentally kicks Storm in the chest. Edge, who ducked out of the way, hit Justin hard and then pinned him. Storm ran in and chop blocked Edge then pout the Boston crab on him. But Christian recovered and chased Storm away with a chair. Backstage, Austin is giving RVD a pep talk when Sean Stasiak comes in and tells him he has been inspired by Austin and plans to do something tonight that will make Austin never forget him again.

Oh, he did something all right... As we returned from the break, Kurt Angle was talking to the Commissioner in his office. Suddenly, Sean Stasiak came barreling in to attack Angle. Angkle stepped aside and Stasiak crated headlong into the shield of the suit of armor in the corner of the room!! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on WWF TV! They replayed it and it was just as funny the second time...

In a cage, tag team match, the Scarey Brothers defended their WCW Tag belts against the former WCW Tag Team champs, Palumbo and O'Haire, as DDP and Kanyon stood watching from the safety of the platform. This is a topless cage, so one way to win is to go out over the top. As the match neared it's inevitable end, Page and Kanyon came to ringside and started to menace Sara. She climbed to the top of the cage to escape them as her "brother-in-law" finished the match with a pinfall.

Stephanie McMahon (looking very busty in a low cut camouflage sun dress) came to the ring with Rhyno and congratulated him on what he did to Y2J on SmackDown last week. She shows video footage of the incident. She reveals that Chris Jericho has accepted a grudge match with Rhyno for the PPV. Then she calls for the footage once more, but Jericho's music blairs forth and the Millennium Bug himself appears on the platform. He vows to take care of that, "..smelly, greasy animal...and I'm going to get you too, Rhyno!" He shows some still shots of Stephanie that seem to imply that she has had a little breast augmentation. He refers to them as "foreign objects". Steph is nonplused, to say the least. Jericho then offers to take her out to Hooters! At that point, Rhyno grabs the mic and demands that Jericho show his boss some respect...then Booker T shows up and passes Jericho on his way to the ring. The crowd takes up a "Rocky" chant. He is offended that Jericho is "dissin'" the boss, and suggests that Jericho should check out the opening in the Backstreet Boys. Jericho responds by suggesting that Booker look for an opening on the "A"Team. Booker is further offended, but goes on to diss the Rock, which brings Maivia to the platform for a rant of his own, suggesting some lack of intelligence on the part of the WCW Champion. Jericho then throws in a few quips of his own. This all leads to a tag match being booked for the main event tonight.

"Hurricane" Helms talked to the Austins backstage about his Green lateen tattoo. They didn't seem too impressed - especially Debra.

In the mismatch of the night, little Spike Dudley (w/Molly Holly) takes on Test. He is immediately tossed to the floor where he may have re-injured his leg. Test follows him out and roughs him up then they return to the ring, where Spike gets in a shot or two but soon succumbs to a powerbomb. After the match, Test lays another powerbomb on the little guy, then starts to set up a third one. But Holly interferes and almost is bombed herself. The APA run in and rescue her, then the Dudleys showed up only to get their butts kicked.

In the middle of a conversation among Kurt Angle, Matt Hardey and Lita, "Hurricane" Helms walks up and picks a fight with Angle. He knocks Angle's glass of milk out of his hand. Kurt hands "Hurricane" his head, slamming him on the caterer's table then smashing him in the face with a cookie tray. Helms has nothing else to say...

Next up, Kurt Angle challenges Rob Van Dam for the WWF Hardcore Title. The highlight of this match happens early on when Van Dam sets Angle up laying over the security railing then hits a spinning leg drop off the apron to almost put his opponent out. Back in the ring, Van Dam continues to dominate until he goes for a rolling chair shot and gets clotheslined out of mid-air. Ankle...uh...Angle is about to get the submission victory when Alliance thugs hit the ring. But Jeff Hardey follows Tommy Dreamer and Raven into the ring. While Angle slaps the ankle lock on Dreamer, Jeff grabs RVD and pins him! Jeff Hardey is the Hardcore Champ again! Backstage, Stasiak is in the mood to apologize to Steve Austin for making a fool of himself, but as he waits outside the door of the bathroom, Steve comes slamming in and hits Stasiak with the door, knocking him out again!

The big tag team main event featured the Rock and Chris Jericho against Rhyno and Booker T. Jericho started the match against Rhyno, of course, because they don't want to give us any much of the Maivia/Booker match up before the PPV. In fact, it is Rhyno who is isolated throughtout the early going, while Booker stands on the apron waiting for a tag. When Booker finally gets in it is against Jericho. Soon they are both down after a collision, so that when the tag is made, it is made on both sides and the Rock faces Rhyno. Booker is finally tagged in as the Rock seems winded, but as he runs in, the Rock comes alive and blocks his first shot. But Booker comes back with a back kick. He hits the ax kick moments later and "spineroonie" to his feet, wasting time, basically, so the Rock can recover. Still he almost gets the pin, but Jericho interferes. Finally it is Jericho in again against Rhyno. He comes close to getting a pin, but Booker breaks it up and then clocks the referee! Rhyno gores Jericho and Nick Patrick runs in to make the count. But Maivia drags him to the floor and knocks him out. In the ring, Jericho has Rhyno in the Walls of Jericho but Stephanie attacks Y2J. He lets Rhyno go to grab the move on Stephanie - which gives Rhyno the chance to hit Jericho from behind and get the pin from a fast count by the suddenly appearing Charles Robinson. The match is over but the fight goes on. Maivia returns to the ring, Rock Bottoms Robinson and beats on Rhyno then Booker runs back in and hit a Rock Bottom (Bookend) on the Rock! Shane brings in a chair and Booker repeats the move, dropping Maivia on the chair! Jericho and the Rock were both down and out as Booker posed for the jeering crowd,

Well, that was a better show then SmackDown for sure.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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