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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Christian Turns on Edge

Long awaited break up finally happens

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Parallel Lives: The Story Of
Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

Part 13 by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Volume 6, Issue 647 - September 3, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have some APA News, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, a new installment of the DDP/Kimberly Biography from Solie's house historian, Ervin Griffin, and my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

Parallel Lives: The Story Of Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly Page

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 13: Buff & Betrayal

After settling his feud with David Flair at Starrcade '99 in December 1999, DDP was surprisingly quiet for about a week or so. In fact, he didn't resurface until January 2000. Then, on an episode of WCW Thunder, during a bout with Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger, DDP for no reason at the time attacked Bagwell! A week later on Nitro, "Mean" Gene Okerland confronted Bagwell in an in-ring interview about why DDP attacked him. It was because of rumors that Bagwell was having an affair with Page's wife Kimberly!

Bagwell denied ever sleeping with the brunette bombshell but admitted that they did spend some time together hanging out while Page was filming "Ready To Rumble"! He furthered the situation by saying that if "DDP wasn't married to Kimberly, then 'Buff' would spread his 'stuff' all over her!" He also asked Gene jokingly, "would you kick Kimberly out of your bed?", which made the situation even worse! While you have to admire Bagwell's honesty, it was ill advised as DDP rushed to the ring and another fight erupted! A few days later on WCW Thunder, DDP did an interview with Gene saying that "Buff is a great looking guy and the women love him, BUT SO DO THE GUYS!" The obvious reference was that he was calling "Buff" gay. DDP also made references to Bagwell's failed marriage and that he likes to hit on other men's women! This was more than Bagwell could take so he sprinted to the ring for another brawl!

Soon, then WCW Commissioner Terry Funk, ordered a "Last Man Standing" match between Bagwell and DDP for WCW Souled Out. In addition, he also ordered a live verbal confrontation between the two with a "zero-tolerance" type clause that stated if either DDP or Bagwell initiated any physical contact within the first five minutes, that man would be fined $50,000! This was one of the few good spots in an otherwise bad angle. The biggest statement during this "conference" was this:

DDP: What about the birthmark Buff?

BAGWELL: What birthmark? Everyone's seen that one.


BAGWELL: Oh, that?! I definitely seen that, BUT SO HAS ALL THE BOYS IN THE BACK TOO!

Luckily for DDP, it was past the five minute mark because he couldn't take anymore as he pummeled Bagwell to the canvas. Bagwell retaliated by pulling out a nightstick and beating DDP to the canvas, all the while screaming, "I didn't do it!" Meanwhile, Kimberly was in the back watching the whole thing on a monitor in disbelief as her husband and her alleged lover fought each other.

Finally, Souled Out came and the two enemies went at it tooth and nail in definitely one of the better matches on the card! The two pounded the hell out of each other as they fought in the ring, out of the ring, through the crowd and even at the WCW Interactive table! The end came when Buff nailed DDP with his "Blockbuster" neckbreaker to get the 10 count and the win! Meanwhile, Kimberly came down to ringside and made eye contact with Buff. But, before anything could be made of it, DDP nailed Bagwell with his "Diamond Cutter"! Page left with Kimberly before any answers could be revealed. That night, Kevin Nash defeated Terry Funk to take control of WCW as the Commissioner. The next night, Nash ordered a rematch between DDP and Buff with Kimberly as the ref! This bout was a repeat of the night before as they fought all over the place! The end came when Bagwell, once again, hit the "Blockbuster" but inexplicably, Kimberly tried to tackle him but fell down! As Bagwell tried to help Kim up, DDP hit his "DC" and Kim counted the pin! However, she didn't seem to happy as she left the ring quickly with DDP following behind her wondering what was going on?

A week later, Kimberly announced that Buff and DDP had settled their situation and that there was no other problems. Uh? I think the reason it was ended was that Vince Russo was fired from Creative Control of WCW by "The Good Ol' Boys" network and the angle was scrapped! I suspect that if Russo was still in charge at that point, he would've turned Kimberly heel (which ended up happening) and probably would've paired her with Bagwell.

Anyway, DDP and Kimberly came to the ring as a team for a while but in April, WCW would see the return of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff to form "The New Blood" which was made up of WCW's younger stars as well as proven veterans who had yet to get a break. DDP, obviously, was not part of that group.

For WCW Spring Stampede, DDP (by virtue of winning a four man tournament) won a shot at the then vacant WCW World Championship against Jeff Jarrett. On the way to Chicago and Stampede, however, there were noticeable changes between Kim and DDP. First, Kimberly was nailed by Jarrett with his guitar on WCW Monday Nitro a week before the event. Also, Kimberly agreed to a bout with WCW veteran wrestler Madusa on WCW Thunder which was abruptly ended by DDP when he "DC"'ed Madusa to the obvious displeasure of Kimberly!

Finally, WCW Spring Stampede came and the match was closely fought but just as it looked as if Jeff Jarrett was going to fail to win the big one again, Kimberly asked DDP to smash the guitar over Jeff's head! She swung the guitar........AND HIT HER HUSBAND! It was apparent that this was no accident as she celebrated with Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Buff Bagwell, Chris Candido, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff in the center of the ring with DDP laying!

The next night, Kimberly explained that her betrayal of her husband was due to years of neglect and putting his career first over hers. She declared that from that time on, it was all about her! She would make DDP's life a living hell over the next month and a half.

NEXT: Exile

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and formerly contributed to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz


It is being reported all over the internet that 2001 King Of Indies participant, Reckless Youth, has suffered a serious back injury, and could possibly be taken out of this October's tournament...and even worse, may have to consider permanent retirement. Reckless has a tear in one of the discs in his lower back, and is currently seeing a specialist, while doing physical therapy. The fantastic wrestling superstars career is currently in jeopardy.

APW President Roland Alexander recently stated: "I really feel bad for Reckless and I wish him the very best and hope everything works itself out. This is a wrestler who has been one of the top 3 indy wrestlers in pro wrestling over the last 4 or 5 years but can't seem to get a break in this business. I was very much looking forward to having this great talent in the KOI 2001. He has offered for us to replace him in the tournament and I chose to give him the next 30 days to see what transpires with his health. As much as we would miss having him in the tournament, I think it is more important to make sure Reckless is healthy and that the injury does not get worse. I feel only Reckless knows how he feels and only he will be allowed to make that decision."

You can remain posted on the latest information on Reckless Youth on, and right here in the KOI Newsletter. We wish him the best of luck in a full recovery, as do wrestling fans all over the world. A final decision will be made on his future in the KOI tournament within the next month.


All Pro Wrestling's "Hot August Nights"
Pacific Sport Center - Vallejo, Ca.
Saturday, August 18th 2001

-Sean Patrick (with Buddy Cotello) over "Big" Peter Snott

-The Giant Singh over Billy Bricks & Tommy Blaze in a Handicap Match

-"Big" Maxx Justice (with Shane Dynasty) over The Navajo Warrior

-Frankie "The Future" Kazarian & "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz over The Original Westside Playaz (with Jimmy Ripp)

-The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa) over Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakoda to retain the APW Tag Team Titles

-"Future Legend" Donovan Morgan over "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro to retain the APW Internet Title

-"Natural One" Michael Modest over "Bison" Smith to retain the APW Universal Title


The 2001 King Of Indies 2-Day Tournament from Vallejo, Ca. is shaping up to be the biggest event to ever take place in the history of independent wrestling. From Wednesday October 24th through Sunday October 28th will be a wrestling fans dream-week.

Wrestling clinics, mini-BOOT CAMP's, interview & autograph sessions, bbq's & after-parties etc. It is all going to happen in Vallejo this October!

One of the events you will NOT want to miss is going to be the Cauliflower Alley Club Legends Reunion, where such wrestling greats as Red Bastein, Nick Bockwinkle, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mike Tenay, Pepper Gomez & Don Manoukian have all been announced to take part in. There will be a polaroid & autograph session with these greats from the past, on Saturday October 27th at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo at 5:00pm. Money made will help support the CAC (which you can learn more about by visiting

As far as the actual tournament itself goes, here are 10 of the men who have been announced so far:

-"Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews
-"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
-"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce
-"State Of The Art" Jayson Reign
-Reckless Youth
-"Natural One" Michael Modest
-"Future Legend" Donovan Morgan
-"The Anarchist" Doug Williams
-Frankie "The Future" Kazarian

We at APW are crossing our fingers that Reckless Youth's injury will allow him to participate, however, if he cannot be in the tournament, a suitable replacement will be named within the next month.

It has also been announced that King Of Indies 2001 t-shirts will be available at the show as well.

All the information you seek on the 2001 King Of Indies 2-Day Tournament can be found at You can find detailed biography's of each wrestler, as well as an entire schedule of what is happening during the entire week!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I am going to preface this column by telling you all something that is not the most intelligent thing to say, but it is the honest thing to say.

This column may absolutely suck this week.

Why? Well, because I have a daughter in the hospital. She had problems breathing on Sunday (yesterday), and was transported to the ER, where she was admitted. She will probably be there until Tuesday. Before that, the sewer backed up into the basement of my house, ruining objects and costing me enough to raise the Titanic.

All this equals one heck of a weekend. Real winner. Yepperdoodles.

After all the cheering and celebration died down, I found time to write this column...Monday, at 1:45 pm local time.

The subject that I wanted to cover was two-fold, and it has to do with the WCW/WWF split.

The first thing is that the Invasion is starting to age, as an angle, and the WCW really needs to get a move-on with finding a time slot and getting off of WWF television.

Before you all tell me that it IS all WWF TV, no matter where the WCW is shown, I know that. We are talking fan perception here, and that is the most important part of the equation.

See, to be perfectly honest, fans blindly spend money. Fans buy merchandise. Fans invest a substantial part of their take-home income in the pursuit and enjoyment of professional wrestling as a whole. Fans drive wrestling, even though it appears to be the other way around, at times. Vince changes angles around because fans either enjoy or don't enjoy them, and all these angles that Earl notes Vince started that were absolutely terrible (Repo Man, Big Show's mother and Bossman) were both started and killed because of fan interest.

OK, back to subject. Alliance Vs. WWF is starting to lose the luster that it had. The ratings are dipping a smidge. Vince has responded in a proper manner, by slowly introducing same-fed feuds, like Edge and Christian and the shorter-lived Raven and RVD. This will have a good affect, and will hopefully build a little enthusiasm in the Unforgiven PPV, which looks like a Summerslam Part II in the making (and that is a FACT....not an opinion).

Constructing these in-fed angles also prepares the different feds for the leap into individuality. As moving Austin into the fold of the Alliance helps the Alliance with the problem of star-power and gives them a point on which to hinge Alliance-based programs, creating these heels/faces in the Alliance, as well as in the Alliance, gives an expanded character to the feds, as up until 3 weeks ago, there were no heels in the WWF, nor any faces in the WCW. The WCW MUST have a mulit-dimensional look and feel to it if it wishes to succeed.

Well, that is point one. The second point has to do with the Undertaker. Ms. Pamela, please take note...I am gonna put the bad-mouth on the Deadman....kind of.

The Internet rumor mill sent out the message that the Undertaker refused to do the job for Albert, of X-Factor.

I have read, in both Mick Foley's books, and in the Rock's book, that the Undertaker was a consummate professional, and that he would put anyone over, if asked to. I have also heard that he is a decent individual away from character, and is easy to approach. So, I take the rumor with a substantial grain of salt.


If the rumor has truth, there is precedent. I know that there are a great many intelligent fans that read this column, and that visit and Solie's on a regular basis (if you don't, I'll get ya'!). All of you have noted, either with the pen and/or in your mind, another very famous wrestler that refused to job. In fact, there have been several, and they were mostly in the defunct Turner WCW. Think of them, and think about what they all have/had in common.

They were in a dead end, and near the end of their careers. The Undertaker is close to there, now.

Name for me the WCW worker or the WWF worker that the Undertaker is currently feuding with. Yep, NONE! Zero. He is in a mini-feud with Albert, but that has all the look of something cobbled together to get UT's face on camera, as well as get Albert over. Also, as is evident, UT is about 12 months away from retirement. He has done so well, for so long, but he has spent a year out of the last two injured. At over 40, he is in the upper echelon of age for wrestlers, and with the push of the younger guns in the WWF, there is little space for him. Add to that he has basically been put on a level above the other workers (I wrote about that here about 5 or 6 weeks ago), and what is there? He doesn't want to be mis-used, not ignored, nor does the man want to perform badly.....he wants a new push, so he can get some Gold while he can.

I understand that, and I think he deserves it, and I think he could mount such a run, right now, given his current physical shape, but they need to do it soon. And, even if they don't, the Undertaker should take a lesson from Chief Jay Strongbow, Pedro Morales, and Ric Flair, and put these young guys over, like people in the past did for him, and ignore the example set by Hulk Hogan. Hogan's actions, and those actions by other workers like them, contributed largely to the fall of the WCW. I hope UT does what is correct, and right, for the future of this sport is massively dependent on what the WWF does in the next year.

OK. I am done. I have some stuff to do, before returning to the hospital. Pray for the Little One, my little Brigid. I hope she comes home tomorrow.

This is where the normal and Solie's Vintage Wrestling plugs go, but I did them already.

See you next week with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown came to us from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI and kicked off with a 6 Man match featuring the Dudleys and Test for the Alliance taking on the Big Show and the APA of the WWF. This one was definitely a case of brawn vs. brawn. The early going mostly featured the Dudleys and the APA - but then the big guy got into it and cleaned house until all three members of the opposition shot him down with a 3D. Moments later, Bradshaw planted D-Von using the lariat of doom (or whatever) and took the pin.

After the break, Kurt Angle came to the ring and launched into a rant about Steve Austin's lack of appreciation for the many "services" Kurt has done for him, and then demands a World Title match at the Unforgiven PPV. He then called Austin out in hopes of getting his medals back. At that moment, Booker T and Shane showed up and came right to the ring. Booker started his rant to the chant of "You Suck!" He maintains that he was the one who was robbed...of the WCW Title at SummerSlam. He told Kurt that his Olympic medals mean nothing because he (Booker) is the 5 time WCW Champ. They exchange some more words, and then Booker challenged Angle to a match later on the program. Angle started to respond. but then had to wait while Booker demonstrated, "...the most electrifying move in sports entertainment". Angle's answer? He busted Shane in the chops then down Booker as well. The two of them slunk away, then Steve Austin appeared on the big screen, inviting Kurt to come and get his medals back. Angle sprinted toward the back and we went to commercial.

Backstage, during the break, Angle is shown encountering Scotty 2 Hotty, who told him that Austin had left.

The Undertaker rode his bike to the ring to take on Albert (w/X-Pac at ringside). This was classic big-man stuff, with Albert actually outweighing his oversized opponent. Albert dominated the opening tanks to some help from his companion. Then as soon as UT started to make a comeback, X-Pac was in again providing distraction. After being hit with a chair, UT got hold of the weapon and used it...and was DQ'd. UT got his revenge after the match.

After the next break, Sean Stasiak and Stacy brought Debra a plate of cookies by way of apology for what happened to her on Monday night (the sour milk incident). She pretended to appreciate it, and then shoved the cookies in Stacy's face and then beat her with the cookie dish! Meanwhile, Steve Austin was out in the parking lot taunting Angle on camera. After the break, Kurt ran out to the parking lot looking for Austin, but encountered Tommy Dreamer he attacked him. Austin then drove by and away.

Next up: The Millennium Bug and the Rock taking on Rhyno and Rob Van Dam. Jericho dominated RVD in the opening moments but then ran face first into two well placed boots. Rhyno took over against Jericho but soon found himself facing Maivia, who cleaned house then tagged Jericho back in against RVD. The match continued between the two smaller team members, with Booker T putting in an ineffective appearance, then the Rock was back in against Rhyno and about to finish him off when Shane McMahon appeared from nowhere and down Maivia. Rocky fought his way back but then turned around and took a gore for the pin. Backstage, Edge told. Christian to stay away from the ring during his US Title match with Kanyon tonight.

In the Commissioner's office, Torrie Wilson attempted to seduce Regal into giving her a job with the Commissioner's office. She claims to be infatuated with a "man with an accent". Regal is preening until she revealed that the man of her dreams is...Tajiri! At that moment Lance Storm burst in and demanded "respect". He got a match...with Tajiri.

Just as the next match was about to get underway, Christian showed up at ringside against his brother's wishes. In the end, Kanyon brought his title belt into the ring to clobber Edge, Christian took it away from him...and then accidentally clobbered his brother. After the match, Christian claimed to have an idea of how to make it up to Edge. He's going to challenge the Rock for the WCW title...huh?

"Hurricane" was interviewed backstage, in full super hero regalia. He is up next in a mixed gender tag match with Ivory against Spike and Molly. This is the kind of match I prefer, where all four athletes know what they are doing in the ring. Plenty of high-flying action in this one. The highlight was a double reverse piller-to-post in which Ivory and Helms managed to collide with devastating results. The bad guys came back, however, and won the match.

Is Stone Cold funny? What? I said, is Stone Coldd funny? What? No I'm really asking...cause I can't tell. He threatens to toss the gold medals down the sewer, but then relents and dons them instead.

Backstage, we are shown that the Rock was still hanging around the building. Back in the Commissioner's office, Saturn showed up to receive a ransom note for "Moppy". The kidnapper wants $100,000. Gosh...I wonder who the kidnapper is...

Next, Tajiri met Lance Storm. During a missed spot it appeared tat Tajiri injured his ribs. He spent the rest of the match holding his side. Torrie ran down right at the end and provided the distraction that caused Tajiri to walk right in to a side kick, resulting in a pin.

In the main event, Booker T took on the enraged Kurt Angle. This was a real slobberknocker, as JR would say. Both guys were laying in some heavy shots and also doing a fair amount of scientific wrestling. It looked like Angle had the match won after delivering an Angle slam on Booker - but then Shane ran in and put Angle's own move on him! This brought the Rock to the ring to even the odds. While Booker was preoccupied with the Rock, Angle caught him from behind in a belly-to-back and got the pin. There was a brief fight among the four of them, then the two Alliance members were sent away with their tails between their legs. Afterward, Kurt and the Rock went through the "milk ritual" using something that slightly resembled milk...but clearly wasn't. Then Steve Austin showed up on the big screen to taunt Angle again and asked "What will you do to get your gold medals back and get a shot at this..?" holding up the WWF title. He wanted to know if Angle would beg for his medals back. Then he changed his mind and demanded that Kurt cry for him. Then he decided that since Kurt won't cry, it means he doesn't really want the medals or the WWF title.

I had a chance to see WWF Excess on Saturday night. Can you say, "WWF LiveWire retread"? The difference is that LiveWire had Todd Pettingale...and Excess doesn't. I'm sorry, Jonathan Coachman just doesn't cut it. They're trying really hard to build some kind of chemistry between him and Trish Stratus, but the guy is just way too serious - if he says, "...I'll get back to you in a minute" one more time...

Raw comes to us live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and opens with scenes from RAW and SmackDown last week. Steve Austin throwing Angle's Olympic medals into the river, in a move strangely reminiscent of the Rock doing the same thing to Austin's WWF title a few years ago. After the initial introductions, we go right to the ring as the Undertaker rides his motorcycle down to the ring. Of course, last week at SummerSlam (while I was out of town) the Scarey Brothers captured the WWF Tag Team Titles to make them the holders of both feds' tag team gold. His opponent tonight is Test, one of the handful of wrestlers who can match UT size for size. This match is a bit strange to watch as we see UT employing moves like arm drags and an STF to try and subdue his opponent. As the match continues, he uses more submission holds, such as a leg grapevine. What is going on here? As UT is about to deliver the coup de gras with a powerbomb, Stevie Richards runs in and hits him with a side kick to the face! The match ends in a DQ as Test delivers one last heavy lariat shot on his vanquished opponent.

Backstage, Christian is concerned about the amount of "ugly people" who have managed to get ringside seats for this show in his hometown. He is worried that these ugly folks will spoil the photos that he figures will be taken of him after he "beats the Rock for the WWF Title" in the main event.

Backstage, Tajiri is commiserating with the Commissioner over his misadventures with Torrie Wilson last week. He introduces his partner for a tag match with the Dudleys later...the Big Show. In another part of the building, the Austins' arrive, Steve is trying out the Canadian version of his "what?" catchword - "Eh?" He enters the locker room to find the entire alliance crew there to surprise him. Stephanie makes a speech about what a great thing it was when Steve tossed Kurt Angle's medals into the drink. She promises him a further surprise later tonight.

Next up - the Dudleys vs. Tajiri/Big Shows tag match. The winner of this match will be eligible for a match against the Scarey Brothers for their WWF Tag Team Titles. This one is pretty predictable, as the Dudleys spend most of the match isolating Tajiri. TBS finally got into the ring and cleaned house but was eventually overwhelmed. He managed to get a blind tag to his partner who wound up and sprayed green mist...but the "mist missed" as JR described it. Torrie showed up and was immediately knocked off the apron. The Big Show picked her up and carried her back for medical attention while Tajiri was left in the ring to receive a big table shot. TBS then returned and rescued his partner. Chris Kanyon is interviewed at WWF New York. He doesn't say anything of consequence... Austin and his spouse are watching this on TV when Stephanie bursts in to announce that the surprise is coming. That's two people in the last few minutes who haven't said anything... He pops a brew and then looks kind of strange at it as we return to the ring.

Stacy Keibler leads her new charge, Sean Stasiak down the aisle. He is meeting Spike, accompanied by Molly Holly. Naturally Stasiak dominates the opening by dint of sheer superior size and power. As soon as Spike gets loose, he is tripped by Stacy, but that doesn't stop Spike from hitting a Dudley Drop and getting the pin. Afterward, Stacy accosts Spike but then has to deal with Molly, who ejects her from the ring.

Backstage, Christian tells Edge that he wants to handle his title match on his own. He hands back the KOR trophy, hinting that he will soon be holding a title with more prestige - yeah, well...don't hold you breath...

Backstage, Saturn consults Hurricane Helms about helping him find Moppy. Helms suggests that Matt Hardey is the culprit.

Booker T and Shane come down to the ring for the WCW Title match, as promised. In fact, Booker T does the ring announcing for this one, introducing himself first, then Shane as the timekeeper for this match, then Christian as the challenger, and finally the Rock as the "so called" Champion. Maivia's music interrupts this intro, and the WCW World Champ makes his way to the ring to do battle. Booker provides the distraction so that Christian can get in the first licks. The Rock falls out of the ring and is booted a few times by Shane. Back in the ring, the Rock immediately reverses the field but Booker and Shane continue to interfere throughout the contest. Booker goes so far as to drop the Rock on his sternum on the announce table at one point. It has to be said that Christian makes a pretty good account of himself, effectively taking advantage of his hampered opponent, and also getting in some impressive shots under his own steam. Maivia, for his part, spends the entire match throwing right hands in order to fight his way back from adversity. As he slaps on a sharpshooter, Shane drags out the referee so that he can't acknowledge the tap out. As the fight continues, Christian is flung headlong into Booker who is on the apron distracting the referee. This leads to a Rock Bottom and the pin. The Rock retains.

Backstage, apparently the "surprise" has arrived. The girls go off to get...whatever it is... After the break, Stephanie comes to the ring to make her presentation. Heyman is calling her "The Natural" - gosh, I wonder what that means..? She starts out by insulting the hometown crowd for their speech patterns and their celebration of Thanksgiving on the "wrong day" and other things. This leads her to introduce Steve Austin. The surprise is a black custom Ford F150 extra cab 4x4 pick up, which Debra does an absolute abysmal job of showing to him. He is delighted with it, and is demonstrating his pleasure when Kurt Angle suddenly emerges from a trailer parked behind the truck and attacks Austin with a steel pipe! He downs the Rattlesnake, then hauls a cinderblock and chain into the bed of the truck, before taking the wheel and speeding off.

After the break, we get Hurricane Helms and Ivory vs. Matt Hardey and Lita in an inter gender tag match. I expect we'll see Saturn get involved in this one. Sure enough, about the time that Matt is about to turn the tables on Helms, Saturn runs in and interferes, thus giving the Alliance team the win. After the match, Saturn decides he has been duped and attacks Helms - too little, too late. Backstage, Lance Storm tried to humiliate E&C but is no match for the razor wit of Edge (uh...right...)

Out at a bridge over a river, Kurt attaches the cinderblock and threatens to throw Steve into the water. Austin says he's sorry in an attempt to stave off the inevitable. Angle pretends that he has changed his mind...and he has. He has decided to go find a higher bridge!!

Edge defends against Lance Storm for the Intercontinental Title and suffers a lot of damage to his knee before managing to get the pin. Christian runs in to protect his brother from further injury, but then turns and delivers a chair shot on him! He then attacks him with the KOR trophy, then lays his face on a chair and smacks him with a second one! So the split has finally come...

For the main event, we get Rob Van Dam and Rhyno taking on Jeff Hardey and the Millenium Bug. Almost immediately Hardey shows signs of having injured ribs from his fall onto the table a few weeks back. Each time he tries anything that can affect his ribs, he shows the pain he is in. We are told that he is taking part in this match against his doctor's orders. Naturally, the Alliance team contrives to isolate Jeff, who manages to duck out of the way as Rhyno tries to hit him with a gore. Jericho comes in and ejects Rhyno, then tries to put RVD into the Walls, but fails. He finally manages to get the pin on a roll up after Jeff is tumbled to the floor.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle has found a much higher bridge. He proceeds to taunt his foe, who is profusely apologizing to no avail. Angle tells him to think about begging, and about crying, in order to avoid his fate. Then we cut to commercial at 10:59. Is that it? Nope. After the break, Debra is in the ring crying, and begging Angle to relent. Angle can be seen on the bridge, pacing as she begs. He demands that Austin beg, which Austin does, but not to Angle's satisfaction. So he demands that Steve cry. Steve does, calling himself a "jack a$$" and such. Angle demands a return match for the WWF title and wants to set the place and date as at Pittsburgh (Angle's home town) at the Unforgiven PPV. Austin agrees. So Angle agrees not to toss him into the river...but he does shove him into a wading pool he has set up on the bridge, then drives off and leaves him. Nice touch...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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