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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

4 Titles Change Hands on RAW!

WWF No Mercy Report

Edge Regains the IC Title

Jericho takes the WCW Title at PPV
Then Wins the WWF Tag Straps with the Rock!!

Tajiri the new WCW Cruiserweight Champ

Kurt Angle takes the WCW US Title

Bradshaw the European Champ

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

King Of Indies Shocker!!!
Modest Out Of Tournament!!!

All Pro Wrestling News by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 653 - October 22, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have some APW News, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jeremy "Jermz" Medeiros
APW Senior Media Editor

King Of Indies Shocker!!! Modest Out Of Tournament!!!


In what is being considered perhaps the biggest news story of the year for All Pro Wrestling, the man who is widely recognized as the #1 wrestler in the indies today has withdrawn his name from the King Of Indies 2001 Tournament just 1 week before the show. "Natural One" Michael Modest, as reported by "The Voice Of APW" Joseph Lee and APW Vice President Jason Deadrich, has stated "personal reasons" for not participating in the tournament. APW fully supports this decision and appreciates the many demands placed on a superstar of his caliber.

APW is fortunate enough to be in a position where many of the top indie wrestlers have applied to compete in the King Of Indies 2001 next weekend in Vallejo. "I am confident we can provide a suitable replacement to entertain our many loyal APW fans as well as the many fans traveling to King of Indies this week." stated Deadrich.

It is also being reported that with only 1 week remaining, Modest's replacement will be announced very soon. Check and for the latest information surrounding this shocking announcement.


Earlier in the week it was announced that APW Universal Heavyweight Champion "Natural One" Michael Modest had withdrew his name from this weekends KOI Tournament for personal reasons. A suitable replacement has been officially announced, and that man is "Shooter" Tony Jones. Jones will be taking on Bison Smith in the opening round of the tournament on Friday night. Here is a look at the profile for Tony Jones...

Known as the "Shooter", Tony Jones has been one of the major players in APW over the last four years. With his amateur background as one of the top collegiate wrestlers at San Francisco State University, he is a very accomplished mat technician who tosses some of the meanest suplexes in the indies today. Jones has held the APW Tag Team Championship on 5 different occasions with 4 different partners. In 1999, he made his debut overseas, working a tour in Japan for the BATTLEARTS promotion. You may also recognize him as one of the stars in Barry Blausteins documentary on Pro-Wrestling, "Beyond The Mat", in which they followed his WWF tryout along with fellow APW superstar Michael Modest. In the past year he has been traveling back and forth between APW & So-Cal's UPW, where he held the So-Cal Heavyweight Title. He has quickly become one of the top names on the indy scene. He doesn't talk a lot of trash, and he isn't too flashy either. Tony Jones lets his wrestling do the talking for him, and his wrestling speaks volumes. Jones has been accepted to compete at the 2001 King Of Indies Tournament, and he is setting out to prove that he has earned his spot through hard work and dedication.


Here is the final look at this week's agenda for the 2001 King Of Indies: Week Of Legends...

WHEN: Thursday October 25th 7:00pm
WHERE: The APW Garage in Hayward, Ca.

WHEN: Friday October 26th 7:00pm
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.

Opening Round Matches
-"Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews vs. "Future Legend" Donovan Morgan
-"Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz vs. AJ Styles
-"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Super Dragon
-"Anarchist" Doug Williams vs. "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce
-Frankie "The Future" Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe
-"Shooter" Tony Jones vs. "Baby Bull" Bison Smith
-The American Dragon vs. Spanky
-Low'Ki vs. "Innovator" Vincenzo Massaro

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 10:30am
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.
This clinic is FREE and open to the general public.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 12:15pm
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.
This session will be FREE and open to the general public.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 1:45pm
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.
This camp is FREE and open to the general public.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 5:00pm
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.
This session is FREE and open to the general public.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 7:00pm
WHERE: Pacific Sports Center on Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca.

WHEN: Saturday October 27th 11:00pm
WHERE: Chevy's Restaurant in Vallejo (Located in King Of Indies Village, right next to the Ramada Inn)
You will have had to purchase the VIP Week Of Legends package to attend this private event.

WHEN: Sunday October 28th 12:00pm
WHERE: Ramada Inn in Vallejo (Located in King Of Indies Village)
You will have had to purchase the VIP Week Of Legends package to attend this private event.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Well, I waited until after the PPV to write the Connection this week, and I am sure glad I did. It helped me figure out a very important, salient fact that I have somewhat grasped, yet never understood. Now, it is crystal clear in my somewhat worn-down mind.

PPV shows have ceased solving any storyline issues.....they are basically episodes of RAW that I pay for.

To prove this, let us make that journey down ol' Memory Lane....The big match, the Angle/Austin/RVD match, solved nothing. Austin retained, Vince was there to cheer against Austin and for RVD and Angle, and RVD was still over with the fans, staying smack down in-between face and heel. Hmmm....same as at the end of Smackdown. Wasn't Vince there, at Smackdown, supporting RVD and mocking Austin, with Angle acting as the third wheel (an INCREDIBLE waste of his talents, and that is a FACT...not an opinion)? Gee, I am sure glad that I dropped $35 to see that again.

What else? Oh, the Hardyz retained, Big Show got racked (yep....this guy gets hit in the testicles so much that they might have to be examined with a dental mirror), Undertaker won, Kane lost, and the women looked sexy. Edge won, but I didn't know anyone that thought Christian would win, especially after putting the beat down on Edge two times last week (remember that the Rule of PPV's says that the winner of the last match or physical altercation before the PPV will lose at the PPV)

Oh, and that Kane thing? I am pleased that Test got the win, but it isn't that surprising that Kane lost...heck, he jobbed to X-Pac.....

Rock lost, but we all saw that coming, as Solie's Radio was talking about Jericho becoming a "tweener", which is a heel-ish character getting face pops and reaction. Sure enough, Jericho used a chair and won the match, and ol' Rocky held it up for him to see afterward. Yep, the thrill of discovery was sorely lacking in this PPV. However, I am not surprised.

Why not? Well, since you asked....

One of the reoccurring themes in this column is the fact that the storylines are more important than the in-ring action. Let us suppose that the storylines are the most important feature of the Sports Entertainment venue. People get wrapped up in the story, and bringing it to a complete and clean conclusion would cause people, satisfied that they saw the epic to the end, would put it down like a finished book. Therefore, the best thing to do, if ratings are paramount and the goal is to keep viewers tuning in, is to never solve the storyline, at least in a clean-cut, well-defined manner.

I have an example....HHH/Stephanie. This angle, which started with The Corporation and with the UNION, has continued, more or less, until now. It could be tapped, at any time, into action when HHH returns. For example, if Steph and Jericho hook up (which I think could and should happen, but that is for later discussion), HHH will come back like gangbusters, talking-uhh and fighting-uhh, for his wife (or against her). Another good example is Kane/Undertaker.....even after the Dead Man turned from evil cult-boy to bike-riding Badass, he still teams up with, and often feuds with, his little(?) brother.

Remember the time when a PPV would solve a feud? I think the last time the WWF allowed that to happen was the Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior Wrestlemania (VI).

Are people getting tired of the continual lack of (God, I hate this word) closure? Is this formula, that has worked brilliantly for the last half-decade, starting to falter? Will we have to start moving back towards the primacy of in-ring action? Or, will the storylines get more obtuse, and more wild and hairbrained?

OK...back to the PPV.

I don't know if there was anything that surprised me last night. I guess that one thing that sticks out in my mind is the fact that I heard a lot of booing for the Rock. I even heard "Rocky Sucks" chants, and Jericho was getting bigger pops through the match. He even got pops when and after he won. This turn will take a couple shows, it appears, and it shows the depth of fan support for Jericho, and how ready the fans are for Rocky to turn heel, or otherwise change.

I think I offered that in one of my columns, albeit possibly not here. We can talk about that later, too.

See you next week, with another Connection.

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and NYCPPI - New York City aid to families of Police, Fire, EMS on line

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown was taped Tuesday at Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and opened, as usual with a video recap of the finish of Monday's program. Rob Van Dam won Steve Austin's match for what? Tonight's main event was RVD vs. Kurt Angle - two contestants from the Three Way Dance for the WWF Title at the No Mercy PPV. But first, we got a visit to the ring by Chris Jericho. Jericho started by saying that he's heard people say that he isn't capable of winning a World Title, but this weekend he will get his chance to prove otherwise. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley showed up (using Jericho's music) to interrupt his rant - also using his own "...shut the Hell up!" line. Apparently she wishes him ill...judging from her rant that is... She claimed that if the Rock was there he would approve of her taunting. So the Rock decided to come down and correct that notion. As he started to lay into her, she interrupted him and tried to deflect his ire at Jericho. She pulled out the video of Jericho's WWF debut two years ago - during which he interrupted one of Maivia's catch phrase laden speeches. This set off a segment where the two guys took turns putting her down until she fled the ring. The Rock and Jericho then trade some barbs on each other and then Maivia interrupted Jericho in mid exclamation. Jericho put a hand in his face...then signaled the Rock to, "...just bring it". So Rocky put the Rock Bottom on him!

Backstage, Steve Austin and the Alliance were celebrating the apparent fact of RVD proving that he was on the Rattlesnake's side on Monday. Party pooper Tazz then reminded Austin that if Van Dam hit that frog splash on Angle, he could end up winning the WWF title without having to pin the Champ. Austin told him to leave...

After the break a black limousine pulled up out back...but nobody got out.

Next up a 6 person match featuring Hurricane, Mighty Molly and Lance Storm (w/Ivory) against the Hardey Boyz and Lita. Throughout this match, Molly occupied herself delivering illegal cheap shots whenever the referee was distracted. About six minutes into the fight, Matt took a nasty spill out to the floor, then Lita was knocked out as well, leaving Jeff to be triple teamed and pinned. Backstage, the APA stole the Hurri-Cycle as Hurricane and Molly watched on the OvalTron in horror.

The party continued backstage, as Austin was bragging on himself, Stephanie, Willy Regal and Christian showed up to announce that Christian has jumped over to the Alliance. Steve himself welcomed him aboard. Out back, the limo door opened...then closed again.

Tazz was back to face Maven...yet again/ Nidia accompanied Maven this time. I had heard that Maven was gone from TV for a while - but I guess not. Tazz was taking no chances this time, lighting right into the rookie from the get-go. He could have gotten the pin early on, but pulled his opponent up with an evil grin. Moments later as Tazz went for the pin again, Nidia grabbed his foot from outside. Tazz turned his attention to her...then Maven took advantage of the distraction to pull a school boy move and rolled Tazz up for a surprise pinfall.

Out back the limo finally opened up and RVD stepped out. He leaned back in and spoke to someone saying, "It was good to meet you, dude." Of course, we didn't see who it was...

Backstage, Commissioner Foley was interviewed by Lillian Garcia, who asked him why he decided to team the Rock and Chris Jericho for a match tonight. He alluded to back when he and Maivia teamed together, then switched gears to announce that he has booked a match pitting the Dudleys against the Big Show and Tajiri for the WWF Ta Team Titles. Back to the party, where RVD has finally arrived at the party. Austin was all over him, congratulating him for doing the "right thing" on Monday. Then he presented him with...his watch??

In the back, the mysterious limo was still parked in the same spot - and we still didn't know who was in it.

The Scarey Brothers took on Booker T and test in a preview of their upcoming PPV match. As expected, this was a real barn burner - with a wealth of heavy shots flying back and forth. Near the end, Kane was down on the outside. As the Undertaker chokeslammed Test, Booker threw a chair into the ring then tried to use it. UT booted him in the face and then out him up for the Last Ride - only to have Test return the favor with a boot to the face of UT. Booker took the pin.

Out back, Vince McMahon stepped out of the limo!

Backstage, Steve Austin is looking at RVD with new eyes - having seen Vince McMahon emerge from the limo. Austin wanted to know what he and Van Dam were talking about in the car. He took his watch back...

For a (sort of) preview of the Tag Team Title match on Sunday - we got D-Von Dudley against Tajiri. Toward the end, Stacy distracted the referee while the Dudleys pulled a 3-D on Tajiri. But then the Big Show grabbed D-Von and chokeslammed him from the apron back into the ring! Tajiri got the pin. Afterward, Torrie ran down and pantsed Stacy then kicked her out of the ring.

In a pre-recorded segment, Linda McMahon presented a check for $1 million to New York Mayor Gullianni for relief efforts targeted toward police and firefighter's families. Nice gesture.

Jericho and the Rock look ready to tear into each other as they assemble in the ring to take on Raven and Justin Credible. Poor Raven, stuck with the loser with the dorky name for a partner against the two most charismatic personalities in the WWF. Who, by the way, actually did tear into each other right after the bell rang! The Rock was being punked in the ring a moment later when Jericho returned to the ring, chair in hand and took all three of the other competitors out!! Then he dropped a people's Elbow on the Rock!!! Great finish for a screwjob match...

Edge promised the Coach in a backstage interview that tonight, Christian was going to have "a little accident of his own." A little later he burst into a room looking for his brother, but encountered Stephanie instead. he menaced her until a bunch of Alliance bully boys showed up and punked him - then Christian used a chair on him.

The main event was the aforementioned RVD vs. Kurt Angle match. This is a "2/3 preview" of the World Title match on Sunday. This was the first time we saw Angle all evening. Van Dam was clearly at a disadvantage from the opening bell. But then they went out to the floor where he turned the tables, slamming Angle's shoulder into a corner post. Van Dam started to return to the ring, but Angle grabbed him off the apron and threw him onto the safety railing. back in the ring, RVD tried some of his fancy flight work - but Angle thwarted the move. Van Dam came back with a spin kick and the battle see-sawed once again. In moments Angle is bleeding from his injury under the eye again. The announcers assure us that it is a new injury to his nose - but the blood clearly streams from the same place it has been coming from during his last two matches. Angle had the ankle lock in place when Steve Austin ran in and attacked him. He broke his attack for a moment to kick Van Dam out of the ring - then turned around and walked right into an Angle Slam. RVD recovered and went to the top - hesitated a moment - then threw his frog splash...on Austin!!! At that point, Vince McMahon appeared on the platform and aped RVD's self-congratulatory gesture.

Should be some PPV. I might even watch it...

WWF No Mercy came to us live from Savvis Center, St. Louis, Missouri and opened with a WCW Tag Team Title match pitting the Hardey Boyz against the challengers, Hurricane and Lance Storm. It's hard to see how the challengers can actually work well together when you consider Storm's apparent antipathy for his goofy partner. Of course the girls, including Ivory, managed to get involved in this one as well before it was over. After a few really confusing moments, when there were up to seven people all in the ring at once (not including the referee), the Hardeyz retained.

Backstage, RVD assured Commissioner Regal that he was only looking out for himself - not following any instructions from Vince McMahon - who then showed up out back. He ducked questions from Mike Cole - saying only that he was here to make "an impact".

Next up - Kane vs. Test - two monsters throwing their weight around. Test has come a long way from that rock n' roll bodyguard that made his first appearance in the WWF a few years ago. A few minutes into the match, Test grabbed the ring bell on the otuside and bashed Kane in the face with it. Referee Nick patrick appeared not to notice. Back in the ring, the two traded heavy shots with neither seeming to hold any advantage until Kane slipped in a chokeslam. He only got a two count, but Test seemed definitely on the ropes until he came back suddenly with a pump handle slam. He followed up with an elbow smash off the top and it looked bad for Kane. Test went out and brought in a chair only to have it drop-kicked back into his face. Kane was ready to use the chair but Patrick stopped him. Kane turned his attention away to confront the official, then turned back and walked right into a boot to the face. Test got the pin. Patrick got two chokeslams for his trouble.

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman knocked on the dressing room door of Stone Cold, who refused to talk to him, but did allows as how Kurt Angle is an SOB and RVD is a piece of trash, and Vince Mcmahon an even bigger piece of trash - all of this relayed by his wife, although we (and, I assume Coach) could hear him loud and clear. In another hallway, Matt Hardey was waylaid by Stacy, who flashed him a gander at her lingerie. Moments later, Matt was super sweet to his girlfriend, Lita, telling her how great she looked (the dog...)

This led to the Lingerie match between Torrie and Stacy. This would be soooo stupid...if these girls weren't both so very gorgeous... As could be expected, Torrie showed herself to be the more athletic of the two (she is the former body builder, after all), but Stacy has made some impressive strides since her WWF debut, so this was actually not a bad match. Torrie took it with a reverse roll-up. There was no follow-up fireworks, at least not in the ring.

In the middle of an Kurt Angle interview, Vince interrupted to wish him luck. Angle declared that it wouldn't be a matter of luck. Lillian Garcia interviewed Christian, who has his match coming up next.

In their Ladder Match for the IC Title, Christian was the first to try and bring the ladder into the ring against is brother, IC Champ, Edge. He failed as Edge came to the floor and caught him in the act, then threw him, head first, into the security railing. The ladder first came into play as Edge set it up as a bridge between the ring apron and that railing, then knocked his brother down so that he landed straddling a rung (ouch!!) Moments later, Christian got some back by levering the ladder up under his brother's chin and knocking him for a loop. Next, the ladder was moved into the ring, where Christian was flipped off of the top corner onto the ladder, which was propped at a shallow angle in the corner. Edge then set the ladder across the second rope in a corner, only to be reversed and whipped into his own trap. So far they were 2 for 2 with ladder shots. Pulling the ladder a little farther out from the corner, the champ then levered his opponent face first into the ladder, making it 3 for 2. Grabbing a second ladder, Christian made his first attempt to retrieve the title belt. But Edge set up the original ladder next to him and then delivered a modified reverse DDT from about midway up. Edge next started crawling up the ladder, only to have Christian follow him up and return the favor with a reverse DDT of his own. He tried to follow up with a "one-man Con-Chair-Tow" but Edge broke that up. Edge then set up a third ladder across two chairs, placed Christian on it and splashed him off one of the other ladders. This time, Edge almost got to the top of a ladder before his brother recovered and used the third ladder to knock him off. Christian attempted the climb, but Edge climbed the corner and then launched a spear from the top to take Christian back to the mat. Again, both started to climb. Near the top, they exchanged blows, toppling themselves out to the floor. For several moments, both just laid there, then Christian crawled back inside. Once again, he struggled to make the climb - but Edge ran in with a chair and delivered a low blow, failing to knock his brother to the floor. So brought the chair up, along with a second one. He positioned Christian lying across the two remaining ladders, then climbed the third (after righting it) and delivered the "one-man Con-Chair-Tow". Christian collapsed to the floor as Edge retrieved the title.

Spike Dudley was interviewed at WWF New York, where he was enjoying a beer and watching the show. He had a gorgeous piece of arm candy in tow.

Back at the arena, the Dudleys prepared to defend their WWF Tag Team Titles against the challenge of the the Big Show and Tajiri. Naturally, the champs worked to keep Tajiri isolated in the ring from the get-go, even managing to distract the referee when the challengers finally got their first tag. The referee kept the big guy out but Tajiri hit a DDT on Bubba and made the tag moments later. The giant's participation was minimal, within moments he was knocked to the floor and out of it again. He finally got back into the fight, but the referee was blinded by an accidental blast of green mist and failed to make the count. While he was thus distracted, Rhyno ran in and gored the big guy! In the end, a 3D on Tajiri ended the match.

Backstage, Rhyno told Regal that he gored the Big Show to make people stop thinking of the Alliance as a joke...okay... In another room, Shane was with Booker T and Test, pumping them up for Booker's big match against the Undertaker - which is next.

Booker got an early start by tackling UT on the ramp. Once inside the ring, he continued his initial assault, pounding his opponent into the corner. Then he rushed in just a little too quick and ran his shoulder into the buckle. That was UT's opening and he took immediate steps to exploit his advantage, working relentlessly on the injured limb. Booker finally managed to knock his opponent to the floor then grabbed the bell - but the referee was there to stop him. Booker turned around and found himself being pummeled once again. He moved away and around the ring, suckering UT in and then surprising him with a back kick. Back in the ring, Booker hit a flying lariat off the top but failed to get the pin. Now, Booker was on the move. What followed was a series of pin attempts until Booker missed an off the top move. The two ended up slugging it out toe-to-toe. Then they began exchanging pinfall attempts. Neither man seemed able to put the other away. After a hard fought battle, UT finally delivered the Last Ride out if the corner and took the pin.

Next up - Chris Jericho vs. The Rock for the WCW World Title. This is Jericho's first shot at this title, although he spent several years in WCW before coming to the WWF. For the opening exchanges, Maivia showed a little grappling expertise as he traded wrestling holds with the challenger. The Rock then destroyed the scientific feel of the match by delivering a contemptuous slap. Thus the fisticuffs got started and they never looked back. From then on it was a pure brawl, at which both men excel. Jericho's most effective move appeared to be a flying forearm shot, which he delivered repeatedly. He managed to dominate the Champion throughout most of the match. After one collision, both men were down for a 9 count. From there, the action shifted more in the Rock's favor. The fight went out to the floor, then the two battled on and around the announce table. Back in the ring, the Rock started working on a reverse chin lock. Jericho almost went out on this sleeper-like maneuver - but of course, he fought his way back to his feet. Maivia quickly used a catapult maneuver to down his opponent once again. He placed Jericho on the top corner and attempted to set up a super-plex (his second of the match) - but Jericho broke it up and another long count ensued. They were both up at 7 this time. A few moments later Jericho hit a Rock Bottom on Mavia! He followed with a Lionsault, but only got two. Jericho threw in a bulldog to keep his momentum then went for a People's Elbow - but missed. The Rock came back with a Sharpshooter - but Jericho struggled to the ropes and forced the break. Jericho fell out to the floor and Rocky followed him, tearing the Spanish announce table apart before putting Jericho through it with a Rock Bottom of his own. Back in the ring, Jericho blocked another Rock Bottom but succumbed to a Sidewalk Slam. But then, he came back with the Walls of Jericho. The Rock was struggling to escape when Stephanie McMahon ran in with a chair and threw it into the ring. Stephanie was dragged into the ring by Maivia. ut that distracted him. He turned back and was dropped face first onto the chair. Jericho took the pin and the title. After the match, the Rock presented Jericho with the chair, pointing out to him that he needed a weapon to take the title.

The main event for tonight was a Triple Threat battle for the WWF World Heavyweight Title featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin defending his championship against Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. Angle started the battle with a series of suplexes on both of his opponents in turn. The two Alliance members double teamed Angle to remove him from the ring, then Austin turned his attention on RVD. Before they could come to blows, however, Angle was back and the battle was again three way. Moments later, Austin went for his gut kick set up but Angle turned it into an ankle lock. Van Dam hit Angle with a drop kick to the chest to break it up. As usual in these matches, it was almost impossible for any one guy to pull off a pinfall, because there was always the third guy there to break it up. Austin concentrated on handicapping RVD by attacking his legs while fighting off Angle's assaults. At one point, Austin and Angle were battling on the outside when Van Dam threw a Cannonball foreword roll over the top rope and downed all three of them for several moments. Angle successfully completed a moonsault on RVD moments later. The first time I can remember him ever pulling that off. Later Angle and Austin traded chops in front of the announce table. Austin cleared off the table and then went for a piledriver - but Angle blocked it with a back drop. At that moment, Vince McMahon showed up. Van Dam and Angle rolled back into the ring to continue the battle as Austin lay out on the floor. Angle was knocked down and RVD went to the top. But Angle leaped in under him and used a release German suplex to crash him to the mat. Austin then returned and hit a Stunner on Angle. He turned his attention on Van Dam, but McMahon entered the ring and clobbered him with a chair (did I mention that this was a no DQ match?) Van Dam hit the frog splash, but Angle was back to block the pin. Now Austin was really out of it and bleeding. Angle began to assert himself with suplexes again - but Shane ran in and tossed Angle to the floor. Vince lost it and attacked Shane. Back in the ring, Austin hit the Stunner on RVD and took the pin to retain the title.

Raw was live (on tape here on the Left coast) from Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri and to the surprise of all of us, the show opened with Vince and Linda McMahon coming to the ring together! Vince explained that he has been taking stock of his life and undergoing mental therapy and physical training - and now he is ready to come back and take care of some business. He is about to enter into a passionate embrace with his wife...when Shane and Stephanie show up looking disgusted at the display in the ring. They suggested that the McMahons should just "...move on down to Florida and retire." Vince replies that he has decided to take a calculated risk. He has had enough of this "Alliance" crap, this invasion stuff. He proposed a "winner-take-all" match at Survivor Series to determine which wrestling promotion will continue to exist. Shane agreed to the proposition. Vince started to outline what he wants to happen with the various WWF Titles, but he was cut off by Shane who declared that Austin won't be here tonight because he was injured last night by Vince. Shane started to propose that Jericho defend the WCW Title, but Vince said, "No" because jericho is going to be in a tag team match with the Rock (!!) to take on the Dudleys for the WWF tag Team Titles. Shane threatened to go to the ring an kick Vince's butt - but Commissioner Regal runs out and talks him out of it.

A ladies tag match saw Molly and Ivory take on the unlikely team of Trish Stratus and Lita. Trish actually gave a surprising account of herself considering the line up of real wrestlers in the ring with her. The faces won this one handily.

Backstage, Vince introduced Linda to RVD then offered to make him a part of the WWF roster. Van Dam was hesitant, but insisted that he is fine just being himself. Vince then told him, "fine" - and booked him to defend his Hardcore title against the Big Show.

In the ladies' locker room, Matt Hardey barged in on Trish and caught her half dressed. Then had to do some fast talking to explain his presence there when Lita showed up. He steered her out of there in a hurry, to keep her from discovering his "indiscretion". In another part of the building, Kurt Angle was congratulating Edge on his ladder match on Sunday when Rhyno suddenly gored the new IC Champ.

Tajiri challenged Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Title and won it after a great, surprisingly low-flying battle, with a kick to the side of the face.. In a series of backstage vignettes, Mick Foley invaded and the proposed to share Commissioner Regal's office.

Diamond Dallas Page made his first appearance in the ring since his return to TV...but not as a wrestler. This "motivational speaker" character is so weird...but he seems to be getting over with it. I noticed that some of the crowd was trying to join in with his catch phrases. kane showed up in the middle of the spiel. DDP stood right up to him and tried to sweet talk him while insulting him. He suggested that Kane should be happy to have to wear a mask with Halloween coming up. Kane listened to his ridiculous rant for about 15 seconds...then he chokeslammed the idiot.

Kurt Angle challenged Rhyno for the WCW US Title. It was a very physical battle, with Rhyno working on the injured neck of the Olympian besides going after the ribs in his usual set up for the gore. Meanwhile, Angle played his regular finesse cards, managing to hold his own in a see-saw matchup. Angle showed that he has learned his brawling technique as well, pummeling the former ECW Champion in his best hardcore style. Angle slapped on an ankle lock about six minutes in - but his opponent made it to the ropes to force the break. Rhyno then managed to beat his opponent to the punch, reversing a belly-to-belly suplex to one of his own. Moments later, Angle delivered a series of three German suplexes to get back into the fight. Angle then came close to winning after an Angle slam found it's mark. But then he tried for his moonsault...and missed, as usual. Rhyno readied the gore and delivered it - tumbling them both out to the floor. back in the ring. Rhyno went for the pin but failed! In the next exchange, Angle got the ankle lock and forced the tap out. Angle is the new US Champ!

Next up - another title change. Bradshaw defeated the Hurricane to take the WWF European Title in a lopsided battle that was short and sweet. About halfway through the match, Helms got his first offensive success with a drop-kick to the knee. But then he went for a suplex, like the moron he apparently is. Then Molly tried to interfere but was caught in mid flight and thrown to the mat. Shortly thereafter, a clothesline from hell put the Champ down and took away his title.

Kane and the Undertaker took on Test and Booker T...once again. A typical, high-impact match for these monsters. The highlight had to be when UT tackled Booker and sent him flying in a 360 spin, head over heels in the layout position, as we used to say on the gymnastic team. After a brutal battle, Kane defeated test with a tombstone piledriver.

RVD encountered the Big Show backstage - but they didn't come to blows.

After the break, the two met in the ring for the Hardcore Title. It was almost certainly a measure of Van Dam's push that he went into this match severely outgunned, on a night when Alliance members were losing titles right and left, and still managed to retain his championship. His first real offense came about 4 minutes into the ring when he hit a reverse kick off the apron as his opponent stood out on the floor. Van Dam then started throwing weapons (chairs, a trash can, a fire extinguisher, etc.) into the ring. The Big Show recovered in time to prevent Van Dam returning to the ring and had his way with him for a moment. Once back inside, the Show fended off RVD's weapons shots easily, until the latter shot him in the face with the fire extinguisher then hit him with the Vandaminator. A frog splash finished off the big guy. Van dam was the only champion who retained his title all evening.

Mavin made a statement from WWF New York, telling his intention of going to the WWF farm system to further his education, when Tazz decided to slap a Tazzmission on him.

The next match was the WWF Tag Team Title challenge - the Rock and Chris Jericho vs the Dudleys. They had an encounter in the locker room, seemingly burying their differences for the evening in order to join forces against the Dudleys - but not really... At 10:57 PM - just before this match was supposed to start - the TV suddenly switched to an episode of Bay Watch!!! Then it switched back and the match was in progress and JR was saying, "If you've just joined us for some odd reason..." How strange! Anyway, the match was a barn burner, Jericho and Maivia working together smoothly with little seeming animosity. Meanwhile, Stacy Kiebler was there to provide a distraction for the referee as the Dudleys pursued their heelish strategies. Towards the end, Jericho "accidentally" hit the Rock with a drop-kick, but the latter came back almost immediately with a Rock Bottom on D-Von and took the pin. Afterward, the Rock grabbed all three title belts, threw one of the Tag belts to Jericho and then lingered over returning the WCW Title as well.

Backstage, Vince and Linda are celebrating with that passionate embrace they started to engage in earlier.


At least that's the way I see it...

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