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January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

A Gentleman of the Ring
The Chris Adams Story


All Pro Wrestling News by Jermz

Volume 6, Issue 660 - December 3, 2001
Editor's Note: In this edition we have a biography of Gentleman Chris Adams, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

A Gentleman of the Ring
The Chris Adams Story

Editors Note: The shooting death of Chris Adams on October 8th was a shock to the entire wrestling community. It seems only fitting that Solie's should reprint this biography from Chris Adams' web site

Chris was born in Rugby Warwickshire, England, which is located 15 miles from Stratford upon Avon, a town which claims fame from not only Chris Adams, but well known writer, William Shakespeare.

Growing up in an active sports family, Chris acquired an admiration for all types of sports. He attended school in Stratford upon Avon where he excelled in such events as soccer, cycling, and rugby.

It was during these early years, beginning at the age of 11, that Chris began Judo. Serious training for 14 years brought Chris numerous honors, such as: three years as National Champion for his age and weight, European Champion, and being a member of Great Britain's Olympic Judo Squad for four years.

Chris' brother Neil is still actively involved in Judo. Neil was the silver medallist in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He has twice been the holder of the World Judo Middleweight Championship.

Continuing his education, Chris studied architecture for four years. But the architecture field did not provide the excitement that Chris was looking for, so he decided to begin a part-time career in Professional Wrestling.

With his athletic abilities and Judo training, Chris' popularity became fast growing throughout the British Isles. His rising fame and outstanding Professional Wrestling ability convinced Chris to travel to America to seek his fame and fortune. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1981 where he made his first American wrestling debut.

Alas, being from a small town in England did not prepare Chris Adams for the fast paced culture he encountered when he arrived. But working throughout California and holding the American Tag Team Title with Tom Pritchard gave him the stamina it takes to be the champion he is today.

While residing in California, Chris was invited to wrestle in Mexico. While in Mexico, he wrestled in every major city and without any major experience, but because of his Judo and athletic ability, he won the WWF World Light Heavyweight Championship from Perro Aguayo, one of the most famous and notorious rule breakers on the Mexican circuit.

After making his mark in Mexico, Chris continued on to the Far East. It was in Japan that Chris learned the secret of his famous "Super Kick." The maneuver that has rendered thousands of his opponents helpless, Chris' "Super Kick" is now recognized as one of the most outstanding maneuvers in the wrestling world today.

Chris has had a tough battle to the top in Japan, as there were so many outstanding competitors. But wrestling names like Fuginami and Antonio Inoki, the famous fighter who fought Muhammed Ali in the worldwide telecast boxer vs. wrestler match, Chris was well on his way to becoming a household name in the art of Professional Wrestling.

In 1982, Chris returned to the United States and made his home in the pacific Northwest. Together with the little experience and knowledge he had picked up in Mexico and Japan, he soon became a popular favorite throughout this area, with memorable battles against such stars as Rick Martell, Rip "The Crippler" Oliver and former NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski, just to name a few.

Progressing further into his professional career, Chris Adams joined World Class Wrestling in 1983. He quickly became a close friend and ally of the Von Erichs.

During this time Chris' infamous battle with Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin developed. This feud was destined to become one of the most publicized battles in the wrestling world. When Garvin hooked up with his new valet, Precious, his former valet Sunshine, became Chris' valet and thus the feud erupted. The Adams and Garvin matches sold out arenas throughout the United States. But it was the mixed tag team events between these two ever-popular wrestlers and their valets that will always be remembered.

After Garvin left World Class Wrestling, Chris decided he was fed up living in the Von Erich's shadow and decided to do something to remedy this. He hired Gary Hart as his manager and advisor.

Mr. Hart, who is a shrewd and cunning master of ring mayhem, arranged a match between Kevin Von Erich and Chris at the Cotton Bowl in October of 1984. This is the battle remembered by all. The match that ended with a ride to the hospital for Kevin to receive several stitches to the head. It also ended a close friendship and was the beginning of probably the most famous duel known to all wrestling fans.

These bouts between Chris Adams and the Von Erich family received the most publicity and notoriety of any Professional Wrestling matches in the world. It was at this time Chris was voted "The Most Hated Wrestler" by the official ratings system due to his association with Hart and Chris' newly developed attitude.

Continuing on as "Bad to the Bone," Chris decided to team up with the flamboyant and extravagant Gino Hernandez. Known as "The Dynamic Duo," Chris and Gino became a very controversial and hated tag team all over the world. But the revered team went on the win the American Tag Team Championship, while continually battling the ever-present Von Erich family.

In 1985 the Dynamic Duo decided to humiliate each of their opponents by clipping bits of hair from them with the famous "golden scissors," after the duo had defeated them. Some opponents that were clipped included Kevin Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Bryan Adias, Scott Casey, and "Ice Man" King Parsons.

But the Dynamic Duo's luck was to run out at the Cotton Bowl in October of 1985. In front of 35,000 people, the Duo lost their belts and their hair to the Von Erichs. This was the first ever tag team hair match and the Duo were the ones left "Bald to the Bone." But it only took one month and the Duo were back on top again. Regaining their belts, the Chris and Gino team were once again on the prowl!

Due to the various differences and points of view, Chris and Gino began to drift apart, which led to the most memorable match in Chris' career. At the end of January 1986, Chris and Gino wrestled against each other for the first time since their partnership began. The match was a fierce and intense battle with Chris making most of the moves until Gino picked up a bottle of acetone based hair remover sitting on the announcer's table and tossed the contents into Chris' face, causing him to be completely blind in both eyes. This allegedly was to be the end of Gentleman Chris Adams Professional Wrestling career.

Chris publicly announced an early retirement from this unpredictable profession and was seen leaving for the airport with his eves bandaged in what he thought was his last video to be seen on international syndicated TV.

A long painful flight was next in line for Chris Adams as he was led to his seat on the DC-10 bound for London, England. "What is going to happen?" "Where will I go?" "What will I do?" "Will I every see again?" were just some of the questions going through Chris' confused mind on this eventful flight home.

At 11:15 a.m. on February 2, 1986, Chris Adams arrived at London's Gatwick International Airport greeted by his worried parents and close family. Ther experience was traumatic. Over the next few weeks Gentleman Chris Adams was to re-evaluate his whole life. He began to realize that he had done wrong and had let his family, friends, and fans down. But it was too late, Chris allegedly would never see again. "It's funny how things in life re-evaluate themselves when circumstances change," Chris said. This was Chris' biggest lesson in life.

The main issue in Chris' life at this time was to be able to see again. "If I could just see my family or the town where I was born. If I could just see anything. I promise I would be a different person from now on," Chris said.

The days went slowly by while adjusted top feeling his way around his parents' home in Stratford upon Avon. Suddenly one cold, frosty morning, a surprising flash of light filled his head when his mother pulled the curtains in his bedroom as she brought him breakfast. "Mom, I can see the light, I can see the light!" from that day on, Chris slowly began to regain his eyesight in one eye. God had answered his prayers.

With 95% vision in his right eye and about 20% in his left, Chris returned to Dallas to try and pick up with life where he had left off. At Texas Stadium on May 4, 1986, with consistent persuasion and pleading from friends and acquaintances, Chris entered the wrestling ring for the first time since his mishap, wearing a patch over his left eye. The response of the crowd to his return was overwhelming.

With daily visits to his doctor, through workouts and incredible tenacity Chris slowly regained the strength and stamina that enabled him to continue his career. Day by day Chris' eyesight became stronger. Then, ironically, during a match with Rick Rood, Rood executed a move he calls the "Rood Awakening" to Chris at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth. Chris' sight was totally restored from the otherwise damaging blow!

After a seemingly never ending uphill struggle, Chris was allowed to enter the "Contract on a Pole" Battle Royale. The winner of this match would win the rights to a title bout against Ravishing Rick Rood, the current WCW Heavyweight World Champion. After a long fought battle, tearing tendons and ligaments in his hand on the jagged metal edges of the pole, Chris grabbed the contract as if it were the last hope of survival. Chris' determination had come through once again.

With his eyesight restored, his hand completely recovered and a new outlook on life, Chris trained religiously every day for the remainder of time left before the title match. On July 4, 1986, at Reunion Arena in Dallas, this short, bloody match took place in front of 25,000 fans. The crowd was ecstatic, yet Chris was bleeding badly and the bout seemed hopeless for him to win. But with gut wrenching fortitude and courage, Chris turned the match around, pinned Rood to the canvas and won the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

Chris successfully defended his title against the Japanese Fuginami, a foe from earlier years, Mad Dog "Buzz" Sawyer, one of the toughest men in wrestling, former champion Ravishing Rick Rood and many others.

Bio Update

1986 Mid South Wrestling - Tag Team Champion (Feud with Terry Taylor)
1987 N.W.A.
1988 World Class -- TV. Champ 6 months Texas Heavyweight Champion
1989 Independent -- started promotion company and wrestling school
1990 U.S.W.A. Feud with Steve Austin and Jeanie
1991- Independent
1993 Global December 25, 1993 World Heavyweight Champ
1994 Overseas promotion -- Nigeria, Japan, Middle East
1995 American Wrestling Federation -- World Wide Syndication. Independent.
1996 to 1997 Executive director of Freestyle Wrestling Federation -- world-wide syndication.


All Pro Wrestling News by Jermz HAYWARD, Calif. -- November 30, 2001 -- All Pro Wrestling is pleased to announce that Bryan "American Dragon" Danielson has selected APW as his new home to continue his career and has accepted a position on the APW Boot Camp Coaching Staff.

Danielson made his APW debut in October at the two-day King of Indies 2001 tournament defeating Low-Ki' in the finals after advancing past Spanky, Doug Williams and Donovan Morgan in earlier bouts to capture the prestigious title of King of Indies 2001. A graduate of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy and former WWF developmental wrestler, Danielson has been trained by some of wrestling's best, including Shawn Michaels, Masato Tanaka, Steven Regal and Tracy Smothers. This wealth of knowledge will now be passed down to future superstars attending APW Boot Camp.

"We're very pleased that Bryan has decided to re-locate to the San Francisco Bay Area and join the APW team. Bryan's youthful energy and positive attitude are the type of values we're looking for as APW heads into it's eleventh year of operation. Bryan showed the legends in attendance and all APW and wrestling fans alike that he has the heart and determination to become a superstar in this business. We look forward to helping him achieve that goal." said Jason Deadrich, Vice President of All Pro Wrestling.

Danielson commented that he is looking forward to joining the APW Coaching Team not only as an instructor but as a willing student of the APW style philosophy as he has plans of continuing to learn the talented wrestlers and trainers at APW Boot Camp. "It will be an honor to be a part of the school that has produced such great talents as Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan, Crash Holly, Spike Dudley and others." said Danielson.

APW President, Roland Alexander commented, "I am elated to have him join the APW team. Our doors are always open for a student of the game and someone whom I feel is the number one independent wrestler without a contract."

This marks the first time in APW Boot Camp history that APW has offered a coalition of coaches. The assistant coaching team will consist of Jardi Frantz and Vincenzo Massaro. The head coaches will consist of American Dragon and Robert Thompson. What does this all mean? This means APW Boot Camp students will be taught by graduates of the two top training schools in the nation.

APW's Boot Camp Holiday Special continues throughout the month of December and is good for any future APW Boot Camp. Classes are filling up quickly, so get your space reserved now for up to 40% off and be instructed by the amazing team of Robert Thompson, Vincenzo Massaro, Jardi Frantz and the newest member of the APW Boot Camp Coaching Staff..... AMERICAN DRAGON!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Hmmm....what to talk about....

What to talk about...what to talk about...what to talk about...

Oh, I know! The Undertaker! Anyone named Pamela, in the audience.....please listen up...

Well, I am not really going to talk about Undertaker, but more his turn.

I have heard nothing good about this turn. Even though he needed to go over to the Dark Side, at least in order to even the sides up, nobody has reacted positively to the heel turn. The major complaint is that it was predictable....and the excuse for him to turn was flimsy.

Well, I think the turn was done well (read my Crossface Corner, over on, as it was done in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people involved. Now, I think Vince galloping around the ring with his hindquarters hanging out smacks of desperation, but I don't want to talk about that right now...I blasted Vince last week, and, besides, I think he brought this necessity on himself.

I want to talk about us, the smart fans, the people who sit and think about wrestling at length. I have thought about this, and I want to say the following:


I have mentioned, in this very column, that people like us make TERRIBLE wrestling fans. We go to the matches, speak about the superiority of the ECW (the REAL breakthrough federation, I have heard), boo performers that have no wrestling skills (but are great on the mic), and, generally, look down on the regular fan. Why? Oh, that is simple, too: The fan is there to ENJOY his-or-herself, and not pick at the wrestling show like it was a scab from roller-skating on the sidewalk.

I go to shows, and the people who are only half watching the show, while discussing the crispness of the last suplex, absolutely frost me. Heck, people, you could do that at HOME, and hide your absolute lack of real enthusiasm behind closed doors. Wrestling, as it is found in the WWF (with some exceptions) is 50% in-ring, 50% storylines...that is a FACT, not an opinion, and, therefore, should be accepted.

We can lament the fact that the WWF has only head-locks to separate it from Guiding Light, but our power to influence the genre is somewhat limited. We can also blast the weakness of the storylines and the lack of real wrestling technique in today's biggest players. However, to get on this heel turn by Mr. Calloway is a symptom of our arrogance in our intellect, because the FANS got it, immediately.

Look back, through the mists of memory, and picture the scene.....Jim Ross, telling that Undertaker that he did not want to kiss Vince's posterior, and the Undertaker asking him if he was better than him....the arena was confused silence. Then, when UT popped ol'JR, and took his hat, the crowd went nuts. They GOT IT, they UNDERSTOOD, immediately, and reacted, just as they should have. Another thing that should tell all of us that the heel turn was effective....the Smackdown crowd had no reservations to booing the holy crap out of the Undertaker when he arrived. He was a full-fledged heel, in two days, after being the #2 face in the fed for months.

Of COURSE we saw it coming...we read about wrestling every day. We find rumors, results, and insider info on the WWF. We know what they have done, and we can predict what they will do, in the world of the storyline. Not a big thing, huh? I tell, you, I knew that UT was going over to the baddies as soon as he hit the ring, and didn't pop Vince and Angle. Sure, it was as predictable as "..and that is a FACT..", but that does not mean it wasn't good, or effective.

The turn did exactly what Vince wanted it to, and did it well. Undertaker is now allied with Jericho and Angle, and that makes the sides more even, as the other side (Flair) has RVD, Rocky, and Austin. Undertaker was instantly a heel, with no Austin-like fan confusion, and he could instantly get into a feud with a quite-over RVD. And, for his part, Undertaker played it well. This angle has some possibilities, you know....but we, the 'smarks' fail to see past the lack of depth inherent in the initial turn.

If we took the time to ENJOY and EXPERIENCE the WWF, we could see that. The fans sure saw it. However, it is too much to assume that we could just sit and enjoy the 'Sports Entertainment' that we watch. We are ruined...we got smart. Or, as Micky said to Rocky in ROCKY III, "..ya got civilized."

Oh, well. It had to happen. Just try and turn off the brain during RAW once in a makes the show better. Sounds stupid, but it is true.

OH, what's this? A Christmas tune? Here it is:

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Buying gifts for Paul and Molly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Where's a wrestling fan to go?
Fa la la , la la la, la la la
Solie's Storefront, don't you know!
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

OK...don't make fun...just go there, and support Earl's site, the best on the web.

And, make sure you come to, for news, rumors, results, and great columns.

See you next week, with another Connection.

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The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown was taped Tuesday night at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, Kansas where partners Vince McMahon and Ric Flair had a little tiff over the Butt Kissing segments as the lead in, then we went to the ring to listen to Stone Cold Steve Austin run his mouth. To me it seemed like the crowd was coming off pretty pathetic, yelling "What?" every time Austin paused for breath, then helping him quote Ric Flair ("Too be the man...etc.") As Austin was coming to his tag line, Kurt Angle's music started up. Angle went into his rant, which was also punctuated by shouts of, "What?" much to the Olympic hero's chagrin.

Test made his way to the ring after the break and joined the broadcast team. The match featured Scotty-Too-Hotty (w/Albert) challenging Christian for the European Title. Of course, Test provided the distraction that allowed Christian to retain his title, then he laid Scotty out with a boot to the face after the pinfall.

Backstage, Jeff Hardey and Lita were discussing the "situation" with Matt when, speak of the devil, Matt showed up with the news that the Hardeys have a #1 contender match against Kane and the Big Show...

Vince met Rob Van Dam backstage and reminded him that he did ask RVD to join the McMahon team, more then once. RVD is still holding out. Vince informed Van Dam that he will be defending his title against the Undertaker at the next PPV. RVD was unfazed... In another part of the building, Edge came upon Kurt Angle and Willy Regal. Angle got into his face and was put down verbally, then Edge attacked both of them. Of course he was punked, (Regal was carrying the strap he is going to use for his strap match against Steve Austin later) until some officials (including Tony Garea) appeared to break it up.

RVD defended his Hardcore Title against Bubba Ray Dudley in the next contest. Van Dam used a Vandaminator to end it in under 6 minutes. Then the Undertaker rode in on his motorbike and attacked Van Dam, leaving him trashed in the corner while he grabbed a trash can from under the ring. RVD took the last ride onto the can.

Backstage, Ric Flair suggested that someone should step up to the plate tonight and take UT on in a match.

Kurt Angle faced Edge in a non-title match and dominated the contest with his suplex machine style. But when he went for his ankle lock, Edge kicked him off. Moments later, Edge hit the spear and went for the pin, but Regal arrived and broke up the pinfall. As the referee was arguing with Regal, Edge tossed Angle onto Regal then went out and rolled Angle back into the ring. As Edge tried to climb back inside, Regal hit him in the kidney with his brass knucks. Angle took the pin.

Trish Stratus accepted the challenge of Jacqueline for her Womens' Title, but after she made her way to the ring, Vince McMahon's music started up and the owner walked down to the ring to let the crowd know that he would be getting another chance to parade around the ring with his butt hanging out tonight. He turned to Trish and reminded her that she once told him that he has a "nice a$$", and that he had returned the compliment. He started harassing her in a manner that would get him sued in most states. Then he named her as the next "member of the club", threatening her with forfeiting her title if she doesn't go through with it. Trish sank to her knees reluctantly, then Vince started doing his little strip tease bit.

Editor'Note: At this point I became so disgusted that I almost turned off the TV set. What followed was degrading and an embarrassment to watch. I have decided that I am simply not going to cover this angle any more. Vince McMahon is the worst thing that ever happened to professional wrestling, and now he has figured out a way to literally "moon" the audience and his critics on National TV in prime time. It is disgusting, and I won't have any part in promoting it.

The Hardeys took on Kane and the Big Show for a shot at the Tag Team Titles at the next PPV. The fact that the two big guys have never teamed together before didn't seem to have much affect on the Hardeys' chances in this one. A blind tag on Kane and some fancy double team work finally gained them some ground. Lita tried to throw a Lita-ranna but Kane just caught her then put her back on the corner buckle. Jeff attacked Kane from behind and knocked Lita for a pretty serious floor bump. Matt actually showed some concern for her and was trying to crawl to her when Jeff used hi as a springboard...and got clobbered. The big guys will take on the Dudleys...

The fight backstage after the break resulted in a match between the brothers at Vengeance...

Tazz and Ric Flair met backstage and Tazz volunteered to take on the Undertaker.

That match was next. Of course there was never any question about who would win this one (Tazz lost to Maven, for Gods sake!) Tazz started strong with a preemptive attack, but then a single boot to the face slowed his momentum. Moments later he was caught straddling the top rope. UT proceeded to "take him to school", only to get snatched off the top rope for the first time in years. Tazz slapped on the Tazzmission out on the floor. but was rammed to the corner post twice to break it up. Back in the ring, Tazz was chokeslammed and pinned. Afterward, UT threw the ring steps into the ring then dropped them on his opponent.

The main event was the afore mentioned strap match pitting Steve Austin against Willy Regal which started with Austin stomping on his opponent then tossing him to the floor before he even got the strap tied to his arm. Austin forced regal into the crowd and whipped him all over the arena. As they returned to the ring area, Regal made his move and turned the tables briefly. But then Austin used the strap to ram Regal into the corner post a couple of times to retake control of the action. He and Earl Hebner paused to share a brewsky, then Austin went back to work. He took Regal to the top of the Spanish announce table and went for a pile driver - but Regal thwarted the move and turned the tables once more. Back in the ring Regal consolidated his lead and then started going for the corners. He touched two before Austin stopped him and went for the corners himself. He got two as well, before being halted and forced to start over. Regal and Austin traded strap shots, then Regal retook the advantage with some well chosen wrestling maneuvers. Again he went for the corners and got three, then was halted. Austin went for the corners, got three, then hit a stunner before touching the forth. Austin won the match but was losing the war to a run-in by Kurt Angle until Edge ran in to save his butt. I see a tag match coming on Monday...

Raw came to us live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and opened with an appearance by Y2J who made a very egotistic speech (what else??) He disputed the idea that the World Title unification match will naturally take place between the Rock and Steve Austin, pointing out that he has defeated the Rock on a couple of occasions in the past. Declaring himself "larger than life", he was interrupted by the appearance of Ric Flair, who joined him in the ring. Flair delivered his own rant, telling Jericho that he has a problem with his lack of respect for Steve Austin, so he set up a match between the two of them - non title - challenging him to "beat the man..."

Meanwhile, the Rock arrived in the back as we went to commercial.

Kane made his way to the ring to face off against Bubba Ray Dudley (accompanied by Stacy and D-Von). As the match got underway, with Kane in control, Stacy reached through the rings to grab the big guy's leg. This brought him out to the floor to confront her, thus providing distraction for an attack by D-Von. Back in the ring, Kane picked right back up where he left off - Bubba appeared to be going down - so Stacy tried to interfere again, but this time Kane was way ahead of them and dispatched both before finishing off his opponent. The Dudleys tried to gang up on Kane afterward, but the Big Show ran in and changed the odds.

Backstage, Vince McMahon was on the phone with the Undertaker, telling him he didn't need to be here tonight, as long as he made it to Vengeance, when Kurt Angle came in complaining about the embarrassment that Vince suffered on Thursday. He told Vince that he had a plan for the Rock, and they sat down to discuss it as we cut to commercial.

The absurd team of Albert and Scotty-Too-Hotty came to the ring - but then Scotty joined the announce crew. Thai match pitted Albert against Test, who was outweighed for a change. No finesse in this one, folks. Just pure power and size. Test surprised us all by going to the top corner, but then was himself surprised when Albert caught him there and tossed him to the mat. JR seemed a little too fond of his "government mule" allegory tonight. Scotty got involved, giving his partner a chance to recover then deliver a scissor kick which almost ended the match. Test recovered then went out for chair, but Scotty grabbed it away from him as he re-entered the ring, leaving Test distracted and vulnerable to a big boot when he turned around.

Mike Cole interviewed Rob Van Dam backstage. RVD professed to not know what UT's problem with him is. Christian interrupted his tirade to challenge him for the Hardcore Title. Van Dam suggested a title vs. title match, but Christian wanted none of that. Trish Stratus went to the Rock's dressing room to thank her for saving her from a fate worse then death last week. She gave him a little kiss - he responded with a big one!

The Hardey Boyz (w/Lita) were up next in a tag match against Tajiri and Spike Dudley. Torrie looked fetching in short-shorts and a lot of cleavage. As could be expected, this was a fast paced match with a lot of flying around. Signs of dissension continued to surface between the two brothers as Tajiri had a field day taking them both apart. As Spike entered the fray, the Hardeys actually halted the match to have an argument. Still they pulled off the win, and were still arguing after the match was over.

In the back, Willy Regal had a run in with APA which resulted in a match being booked for him against Bradshaw.

After the break, the Hardey's fight continued in the back. Lita claimed to not be on anyone's side, so Matt challenged her to be the referee for their PPV match coming up.

Steve Austin took on Chris Jericho in a non-title match up which saw the Canadian star dominate the Rattlesnake for a good part of the match including one sequence where Austin was rammed repeatedly shoulder first into the ring post while out on the floor. In fact, shortly after that exchange, back in the ring, Jericho snuck in the Walls of Jericho, from which Austin escaped. Moments later, Austin caught the Stunner and ended the fight rather abruptly. Right after the match was over, we caught a glimpse of Booker T, hot wiring Austin's truck and driving it away.

After the break we watched as Austin commandeered a vehicle and started off in pursuit of his purloined pick up.

Kurt Angle came out with Vince McMahon and replayed the video of Vince being thwarted by the Rock last Thursday, vowing that he will never let anything like that happen again. I suppose it is too much to wish for that he would convince Vince to just drop this ridiculous and disgusting angle (dream on, commentator boy...) But...noooo - he expected Maivia to issue an apology. Fat chance. The Rock appeared on the platform an went through his usual litany before turning to the subject at hand. His suggestion was that the two of them should give him a little of the same treatment that McMahon has been demanding of others. As Vince started a rant of his own, Mavia told him to stop beating around the bush and spit it out. Vince then set up a tag team match - himself and Kurt angle vs. the Rock and...Trish Stratus - with the proviso that if Maivia loses - he has to infamous join the club. Vince threatened to strip Mavia of the title if he didn't comply. This brought 50% WWF owner, Ric Flair out to add some stips of his own. He turned the tables on Vince by demanding that if Vince and Angle lose, then the opposite would obtain - with Angle's World Title shot at Vengeance at stake.

Next up, Rob Van Dam taking on Christian in a defense of his Hardcore Title. RVD easily dominated the early going as the match went immediately to the floor. Back in the ring, however, Christian turned the tables by slamming Van Dam's shoulder into the corner post. Christian then became the first one to introduce a chair, as he left the ring and grabbed one to wedge into a corner. Van Dam avoided the blow, then slipped in a Vandaminator with the same weapon. Then he went for Rolling Thunder and missed the mark. Christian grabbed a second chair and went for a one-man Con-Chair-Tow...but also missed. Van Dam hit a second Vandaminator then the 5 Star Frog Splash to take the pin and retain the title.

After the break, Willy Regal defeated Bradshaw using brass knucks. As he was leaving, Tazz appeared on the Titantron and razzed Regal concerning his feud with Edge, who suddenly appeared on the platform and delivered a spear.

Backstage, Vince and Kurt were trying desperately to convince themselves that they would win the match tonight against the Rock and Trish...I don't think they were completely successful.

That match was next - the main event. Vince strutted to the ring, so proud of his physique... JR wondered out loud when he was going to going to take a breath. As Trish approached the ring, Vince broke into a stupid dance. As the fight got started, Maivia was actually the first one to use a suplex on Angle, but the Olympic Hero still dominated the early going - even though Maivia then managed to get the first pinfall attempt. McMahon had to save his partner. As the match progressed, the Rock continued in the fight, keeping his female partner out of it. When McMahon got into the match, he immediately went for a choke and came close to being DQ'd - then he turned and knocked Trish off the apron. This fired her up, so she demanded a tag and was all over Vince, pummeling him mercilessly then planting a low blow before Angle cheapshotted her from behind. She managed to get some back on him, however then tagged the Rock back in. Moments later, Angle hit his signature move, then Chris Jericho ran in and hit a Lionsault on the Rock, while Vince kept the referee distracted. It didn't work, however, as the Rock kicked out. Vince then chased Trish from the arena, but then was shocked to see Steve Austin coming down to do a number on him then set Angle up for a pin by snapping his neck off the top rope. The ref was still tied up and saw none of this. The upshot - Vince and Angle lost. The program ended with the two of them arguing in the ring.

I can't believe that McMahon won't find some way to get out of this...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the memory of the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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