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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Stephanie Lied About Being Pregnant!

Linda informed her son-in-law of her daughter's trick

Maven takes the Hardcore Title?

You heard me...the Rock helped...a little bit

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver


Part 1 from Look Magazine, circa 1965 by Myron Cope

Reader's House Show Report

Saturday, February 9, 2002 at Rolla, MO
by Mike Rawlings

Volume 7, Issue 671 - February 11, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have part 1 of a Solie's Classics Article about the legendary "Cowboy" Bill Watts from Look Magazine circa 1965, a Readers' House Show Report from Mike WRawlings, our weekly Crossface Connection column from John Cross, and my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

2002 Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame
Weekend Induction Set For May 4th and 5th

The first annual Induction Ceremony to be held on May 5th

The weekend kicks off with a Trading Card Show at the Ramada Inn, Schenectady, New York. The Card show is from 10:00am - 3:00pm, Saturday May 4th. An entrance fee of $5.00 per person will be collected at the door. Anyone interested in renting a table at the card show should contact Mike Capano-email or telephone (518) 725-5272.

Also on the 4th of May, a Golf Outing is to take place at the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course, Schenectady, New York. The format for the Golf Outing will be Captain and Crew. The event will include celebrity appearances, food and awards. Tee Time is 11:00am. Cost is $85.00 Per Person and we have a 144 player limit, so call and reserve your Tee Time. For further information contact Ryan Smith-email or telephone (518) 456-6663.

The Inaugural Induction Dinner will be held at the Ramada Inn, Schenectady, New York the evening of May 4th. Cocktail hour will begin at 6:30pm with dinner being served at 7:30pm. The cost for the dinner is $50.00 per person. The evening will be capped off with stories from wrestling legends and autograph opportunities. After dinner, everyone is invited to party and dance, with a live band playing in the Ramada's lounge. For further information contact Tony Vellano-email or telephone (518)356-3473 ,

The Main Event of the weekend is the Induction Ceremony on Sunday, May 5th at Proctors Theater, Schenectady, New York. Ticket Prices for the Induction Ceremony are $15.00 for adults, and $10.00 for senior citizen and children 12 and under. Each of the living inductees is to receive a Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Ring. For ticket information contact Bob McCarthy-email or telephone (518) 785-5537x 6026, or call the Proctors Theater at (518) 382-3884 ask about Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame tickets.

An All Exclusive Ticket to all events, is available for $145.00 per person.


From Look Magazine, circa 1965

By Myron Cope

Part 1

Only a few months before, Cowboy Bill Watts had been one of the most beloved performers on the eastern professional wrestling "wheel." Now he was parking his car six blocks from the arena where he was to do battle, hoping that no one would identify him and slash his tires in his absence. "In Scranton I got three tires knifed," he said. "Itís hell on your insurance."

Just 26, boyishly handsome in his crewcut, Cowboy Bill had met and defeated scores of scowling, villainous opponents. He was one of the leading good guys on the circuit, and while legitimate athletes might dismiss his vocation as theater rather than sports, he found solace in his income. The year before, he had grossed almost $40,000 in a business that, by conservative estimates, takes in $20 million a year.

Despite his success, Cowboy Bill felt that his prospects as a good guy were limited. The current world heavyweight champion, or, at least, the one recognized as such by the eastern promoters, was a squat, hatched-nosed opera lover named Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino was firmly established as the leading paragon of humility and clean living, and the Cowboy knew that he could not hope to dent the affection in which the wrestling public held him. Nor could he hope to dethrone the champion, for promoters rarely match one good guy against another good guy.

He and Sammartino had been working together in a series of tag-team matches-bouts that pit two-man teams against each other. One night, with treacherous suddenness, the Cowboy had converted to a bad guy; in a televised match he abruptly turned on the champion, stamping on him and swearing at him. Then he had seized the microphone and shouted at the audience, "In my estimation youíre nothing but a bunch of pigs!"

Up and down the Eastern Seaboard wrestling fans had been stunned and angered by the Cowboyís betrayal, and almost overnight he had become a box-office attraction second only to Sammartino himself. Fans spat at him, stoned him with chunks of ice and mailed him death threats. Old ladies jabbed him with hatpins. Old men burned their cigars into his flesh. "Iíve had some narrow escapes," said the Cowboy, "but if I donít get a crowd reaction. Iím not going anywhere."

Now, on this Monday evening in Washington, the Cowboy stood on the threshold of fulfillment. He would wrestle seven times in six days (twice on Saturday), and the following Monday take on Sammartino himself-in Madison Square Garden.

The Cowboyís opponent at the Washington Coliseum, a one-time ice plant in the cityís heavily Negro northeast section, would be Bobo Brazil, a black giant of 315 pounds. "Boboís a big favorite here," said the Cowboy, apprehensively pondering the reception he would get as a white Oklahoman in a Negro stronghold. Not match is dearer to the hearts of wrestling promoters than one that has overtones of ethnic warfare, and there is a fairly brisk demand for Negro wrestlers, virtually all of whom are good guys. Although promoters prefer their crowds intense, to employ Negroes as villains before white audiences would be to invite a lynching. In Canada, a nation less conscious of a distinction between races, a bleached-blond Negro named Sweet Daddy Siki is able to work as a villain, but when he crosses into the States he is transformed into a good guy.

Cowboy Billís dressing room was already occupied by eight other villains; the good guys dress separately. While waiting for their matches to start, the bad guys slumped on benches, wearing only their undershorts, their bellies big and their mouths clenching cigars. A short man in a purple polo shirt that announced in gold letters, I AM RIGHT, stood in the center of the room, decrying the increasingly homicidal mood of the wrestling crowds.

"They see so damn many idiotic imbeciles picketing these days, thatís the trouble," he shouted. Fifty-five, his ears thick with cauliflower from his days as a wrestler, his name is Wild Red Berry, and he is said to have become a near-millionaire by shrewdly investing his ring earnings. He keeps his hand in the game by seconding Waldo Von Erich, a villain billed as the champion of Germany, and Gorilla Monsoon, allegedly a Manchurian emigrant.

"I read Spinoza and Kant," Berry went on. "Weíre outspoken men but not raucous. We have to be fit for ourselves to know. I donít want to walk out there and face the setting sun and hate myself for the things Iíve done."

"Knock it off," said one of the bad guys.

A mustachioed, walnut-colored Puerto Rican named Frank Martinez departed from the dressing room for the first bout, making his way up a ramp overhung by chicken wire, which intercepts thrown objects. A handful of "specials"-house cops-flanked Martinez. Although the crowd was 80 percent Negro and Martinezí opponent was a fair-skinned Carolinian, his reputation as a villain canceled any possibility that his skin would win him sympathy.

Martinez, though destined to be pinned in a matter of 17 minutes, quickly goaded the crowd to life by lifting the Carolinian by his ears and dashing him to the canvas. En route back to his dressing room, he also threatened to punch a vituperative old lady in a purple print dress.

The Cowboy left for his match a short time later-the main event often takes place midway in the show, thus giving the principal villain a chance to escape the arena ahead of the crowd. Behind a flying wedge of 15 policemen, Watts plowed up the ramp toward the ring. On all sides the fans rose in waves, shaking their fists and railing at him with a wild-eyed savagery.

Solie's wishes to thank J. Michael Kenyon of the WAWLI Papers for unearthing this article. Watch for part 2 in the next issue...

Reader's House Show Report

Saturday, February 9, 2002 at the University of Missouri-Rolla Gale Bullman Building, Rolla, Missouri

by Mike Rawlings

Hey I went to the live show in Rolla and here it is. Great crowd. The place was packed and people were standing and sitting in the aisles. Here are the results:

Spike Dudley over Funaki

Jacqueline over Victoria

Mr. Perfect over Brock Lesner ( Mr. Perfect took a bad spill over the top rope by not catching the top rope and landed hard but finished the match.)

Christian over Randy Orton

Tajiri over Billy Kidman

Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert over Billy and Chuck

Rob Van Dam over Test

William Regal over Edge (before the match Howard Finkel announced that Ric Flair had at the last minute called in to put a no disqualification stipulation on the match. The mention of the Nature Boy's name got a huge pop from the crowd.)

Bradshaw over Undertaker (Yes I wrote that correctly) - The night started with Howard Finkel announcing that Big Show was unable to perform due to injury but a replacement for the Undertaker match was here and out came Bradshaw. The crowd was needless to say shocked when Bradshaw won. Faarooq came out and distracted Taker so Bradshaw could get the rollup and pin. The Undertaker put on an incredible show from the time he hit the building until he left.

The second best job of working the crowd goes to Scotty 2 Hotty who had the place in the palm of his hand. It also helped that Billy and Chuck took a lot of heat.

Also the fake Stone Cold (from Monday night) was working security and was noticed and heckled by the crowd but gave no reaction.

This was the first time I had saw Randy Orton and Brock Lesner wrestle. They both did well but I was especially impressed with Lesner, this guy is huge. I think we will be seeing more of him in the future.

I hope this helps and wanted to let you know I really enjoy the newsletter

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Now....where to begin this week?

Oh...I first have to put on a napkin, get a set of good silverware out, and have a seat at the Solie's Wrestling supper table.

It is time for ol' John to eat some crow.

Now, only a true man, and a true fan of Professional Wrestling (as opposed to Sports Entertainment), would come to all of you, and admit that I was wrong about something that relates to the squared circle. And, it doesn't matter that a lot of you will tell me when I screwed up yourselves....sometimes, a man has to just take the burden of responsibility onto his own shoulders.

I like mine medium-rare, if you please. Wine? A semi-sweet red, if you will.

Last year, when the rumors of the Undertaker pulling a Hogan-like stance in the locker room started bouncing around, I jumped on the bandwagon. I had already been complaining that the Dead Man was much so that he was trapped in an angle that hampered his ability to challenge for the then-WWF Title. I called it the "Andre the Giant" syndrome, and said that the man was being pushed as being so superior to everyone he was matched up against, there was no way the bookers could let him have the Title----who'd beat him? So, then, rumors started floating out that he was refusing to job cleanly to people, and refusing to work with RVD, or others, that he saw as beneath his level of 'stardom', for lack of a better term.

I blasted him.....unbelievable, huh? Me, blasting anyone....

I said that he was getting near the end of his career, and he was refusing to do the job for these younger guys. I said he was becoming selfish, and that he was putting himself ahead of the fed he was in, thus endangering the locker room community that had been one of the biggest reasons that the WWF won the Monday Night Wars. I said that he was acting just like Hogan, Luger, Bagwell, and Kevin Nash.....all people that contributed to the downfall of the WCW.

Well, Ms. Pamela sent me a happy note a couple days later (*BOOM* went the heavy guns), and I gritted my teeth and pressed on, even though I am a mark for 'Taker. I mused that the problem might be because wrestlers can stay healthy for a longer time, thus increasing the time they can effectively work a least in their own opinion. I figured that the younger guys would come off as much more pushy to a guy who was still in good shape, than a guy that could no longer support a push, when they asked for their turn.

Well, I was wrong about most everything.....and I got proof. One word....Maven.

Maven is the Hardcore Champ.

Now, everyone, I will politely ask you all to listen to my explanation....right after these disclaimers:

I know that Rock interfered. I know that Tough Enough II is starting soon. I know that 'Taker needed to drop that Title, in order to be able to move on towards other levels of competition, and that this is probably an attempt to move him into the Main event again. I know all these things.


You still can't deny that the Undertaker really did something great for Maven. Maven is the lowest of the low, and he hadn't really had a good couple of weeks. 'Taker had been destroying him (Uh, yeah, I'd like the Beef Tartar, with, hold on...let me continue ordering after I rip Maven's limbs off.) without mercy, or forethought, and that was good for Maven, because it made Maven look like he was all heart, and brave, and enthusiastic. So, 'Taker, with really nothing tangible to gain, laid down for him.

I bet Maven was absolutely jacked up when he heard that the Undertaker would job to him. If he wasn't (and I hear that he was, but let's advance the argument), he had better be, for the simple fact that he was given a victory that even HHH hasn't been allowed to have.

So, Undertaker goes out there and jobs to Maven. Good. And, I was wrong about him. He is a company man, after all. My apologies....' are greater than the legend allows.

Hmmm....tastes like chicken.

So, the Connection is a little shorter than normal....I have a sick kid. Our house has been ravaged with Black Death twice this year, and my oldest child (who turned 4 years old last week) wanted to show me her birthday hour after she ate it. Yuck. So, I am otherwise involved. I will make sure that I make next week's Connection a real filibuster.

OK...Solie's is so good, that I don't have to prop them up....but I will, anyways. Best site on the web, no matter what anyone else says. Of course, isn't a slouch, so come over and see our little site, with the big-time columnists, and the news, rumors, and results.

See you next week, for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown was taped Tuesday at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California and opened with a recap of Stephanie's big announcement and then the Rock coming down to the ring and demanding that the Undertaker come out and take his lumps. He got Booker T he kicked his butt! Booker took a little too long with his Spinarooni - and the Rock nailed him with his elbow and took the pin. Right after this match they played the first nWo promo of the evening. It mixed images of Hitler and WWII devastation with shots of Hogan, Hall and Nash...

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie met with their obstetrician, an English gentlemen who showed HHH a sosgram and told him that his wife is 8 weeks along. Apparently (as far as the storyline is concerned) Stephanie really is pregnant...unless the doctor is an actor or something... So I guess the next question is..."whose baby is it?" I mean, its got to be something...right??

We came back from break to another nWo promo - this one featured scenes from classic WCW nWo moments and also the nWo theme music. Then Kurt Angle headed to the ring wheeling a baby carriage. He declared, rather prematurely, that he is going to WrestleMania to take on the Undisputed Champion. His complaint now is that his big announcement was overshadowed by the Helmsleys' blessed event. He heaped all of his scorn on the idea of HHH as a father, comparing him to some kind of primate. He then pulled a stuffed gorilla with a fake nose strapped on! He then presented the stuffed animal with a bunch of miniature bananas. Triple HHH showed up without fanfare and marched to the ring with a big grin on his face, stepped into the ring and punched Angle, then smashed him with the baby carriage before putting the boots to him.

Next up the Dudleys and Willy Regal took on Edge, Rob Van dam and Rikishi in a 6 man match. In this one there seemed to be a conspiracy to isolate Edge. But Rikishi got in eventually and cleaned house, then tagged in RVD. Regardless of who wins these days, Rikishi always gets in the stink face - on Bubba this time. A 3D put Rikishi down for the three count - then Edge got a brass knucks shot up on the ramp.

The Millennium Bug came to the ring for a rant - he whining about not getting any respect again - what else is new..? Then he tossed out a challenge for Austin to face him tonight. Austin's music blared and...Will Sasso (dressed like Austin right down to his leg braces) came out. he and Jericho went through a little "What?", "Where?", "Why?" comedy routine. Sasso's impression was spot on. Then the real Austin showed up. Jericho abandoned Sasso to his fate, of course. Austin toyed with the phony Rattlesnake, then turned and addressed Jericho, who was still standing at ringside. he turned back to Sasso, at which point Jericho tried to sneak up on him from behind. Austin turned around and beat him down - Jericho retreated. Austin then turned to Sasso again and offered him a beer! They had a beer moment...then Austin stunned the fool.

Backstage, Al Snow gave Maven a pep talk leading up to his challenge for the Hardcore Title tonight.

That match happened right after the break. Al Snow acted as Maven's second for this one. Interestingly, Snow was one of the early champs. Snow helped out early on by throwing a trash can lid to the rookie so he could get some licks in with it. later he handed a trash can to Maven, who was downed before he had a chance to use it. The fight went to the floor and Maven was all on the receiving end. Back inside, UT grabbed the trash can, then after being distracted for a moment by Snow, laid the kid out with it. Maven was starting to bleed. UT was setting up the last ride when Snow ran in and hit him with the ring bell. UT recovered in time, however, and took control of things once more. UT was riding high when the Rock ran down with a chair and delivered a big shot - and then the Rock Bottom!! Maven came to before UT, rolled over onto him and took the pin. Maven is the new Hardcore Champ!

Next up - the pose down. Torrie and Stacy vs. Billy and Chuck. This bit of silliness was MC'd by the King, of course. There was no question who the crowd favorites were. The poses were seemingly designed to make the two guys look like homosexuals...I tell you - these guys are the new Lenny and Lodi. Afterwards, Stacy found a reason to get mad at Torrie, so Lawler found himself in the middle of a cat fight (the dog...)

After the break, McMahon was on the phone talking to someone when Triple H showed up and told him that he hates his guts. He complained that McMahon turned his back on him when he was injured. He said that he came back to go to WrestleMania and now Vince is trying to spoil it. But that isn't what he was there to talk about. Stephanie wants her dad to walk her down the aisle next week when they renew their vows. Vince said he would think about it. HHH then told Vince that whether he does it or not, he is never going to get anywhere near his grandchild if HHH has anything to say about it. Vince then shot back that he has decided to change terms of Helmsley's match with Chris Jericho - not it will be a handicap match, with Kurt Angle thrown in for good measure.

The "Classic nWo" spots continued to roll at approximately every other break.

Coach caught the Rock leaving and delayed him just long enough so that the Undertaker could attack him then hit a Tombstone on top of the Rock's limosine. After the breaks, we saw the EMT's and officials tendig to the Rock. Bracing his neck and hauling him away on a stretcher.

The main event was the aforementioned handicap match pitting Triple H against Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. I was surprised the two heels stayed out of the ring while HHH did his pose-spit thing. Of course, once the match was underway, they completely ignred the idea fo taggng in and out - preferring instead to gang up on the Game. Out on the floor, they both put the boots to him until the referee broke that up. Back inside, Angle beat Helmsley back into the corner where his partner waited and they double-teamed some more. It seemed like every time HHH started to get it back, Angle would upset him with a suplex. Angle went for the ankle lock - but HHH just threw him right off with a big kick of his leg. Jericho ran into the corner post and finally HHH gained some ground. Now he was able to face them one at a time. He turned Jericho over and got a Boston Crab on him (Walls of Jericho) - then Angle attacked - HHH grabbed his leg and had him in an ankle lock for a moment. After that he fought each one off in succession but eventually they overwhelmed him. Angle got the Angle Slam onto a chair and HHH was pinned. Stephanie came down to tend her husband and ended up being menaced by Jericho. As they took their eyes off Helmsley - he retrieved the chair and laid them both out. They were embracing in the ring when Angle came back in and struck from behind! Triple H fell right onto Stephanie! Apparently she was alright after the fact and the program ended on that note.

Raw came to us live from the ASU Convocation Center, Jonesboro, Arkansas. Does anyone else find it funny as hell that the WWF is using footage from Stephanie's abortive wedding to Test to promo this "renewal of vows" tonight? Do they really think the fans have forgotten that Stephanie was unconscious in Triple H's car when they were married? I wonder if she'll get drunk and pass out for the occasion...

The Undertaker came to the ring at the top of the program and said that he could hear that the fans really respect the fact that he is the man who finally shut the Rock's mouth. At this, the ovation turned considerably colder. He went on the insult the local crowd as a bunch of hillbillies, as they went into a rather half-hearted "Rocky!" chant. He showed the footage of the Rock causing him to lose his Hardcore Title to Maven. Then he showed the consequence - the Rock being attacked and Tombstoned on the top of his limo. In the midst of his rant, UT was suddenly interrupted by an appearance by Ric Flair who came right into the ring, and declared that Ut was possibly the most respected wrestler of all time, in the ring and out. But last week he lost a lot of respect by virtue of his actions toward the Rock. UT delivered some threatening language - then Flair booked him into a one-on-one match against Steve Austin! This was followed by the first of what, I'm sure. will be many nWo promo spots.

A word, if I may, about some of these spots. The one we just saw showed what appeared to be scenes from a nuclear test blast interspersed with shots of Hogan, Hall and Nash. Fair enough - I have no problem with that - a little vainglorious, perhaps, but not necessarily objectionable. There have been some spots, however, that have been disgusting and completely inappropriate. I am referring to those promos that showed shots of Joseph Stalin - a documented mass murderer of his own people - and those that actually showed shots of Adolph Hitler along with images of the skulls and bones of concentration camp victims. I have to wonder if Hogan, Hall and Nash were aware that they were going to be compared to such horrific people and events...

The next match featured Edge taking on Chris Jericho in a non-title contest. Edge was all taped up from his previous encounters with Willy Regal and "the power of the brass knucks...uh...punch...", so of course Jericho went right to work on his opponent's injured ribs. But it didn't seem to slow Edge down much. In fact the bigger man dominated the match from beginning to end. But at the end, a rabbit punch to the ribs doubled Edge over, then Jericho hit his face jam and took the pinfall. Backstage, Mr. McMahon showed up and was waylaid by Mike Cole for a short interview. When asked what brought him to Arkansas tonight, Vince pointed out that this is the final RAW before the nWo shows up on Sunday. He also allowed as how he might be there to walk his daughter down the aisle for her renewal of vows.

Backstage, Triple H was contemplating the fact that Kurt Angle is in the building when Steph arrived and begged him not to start any fights tonight. HHH said that he would "keep his promise", but somehow I don't he is being completely ingenuous about that. He told her needed to "take care of something" and left her.

Goldust made his way to the ring...on letterbox take on Rikishi. He tried to attack as soon as the big guy entered the ring, and after a quick response from his opponent, Goldust managed to turn the tables. But Rikishi came right back with a Samoan drop then dragged him to the corner for his bomb. But Goldust got his knees in the way then set him up for his "assault on the family jewels". Unfortunately for him, his plans were upset by a surprise attack by Rob van Dam, who hit him with a swift kick from the top corner and forced him out of the ring.

Backstage, Triple H ran into Arn Anderson, who congratulated him on his big event, and then gave him a package from Ric Flair. In another part of the building, Steve Austin revealed that he was a little put off at being in a dry county - but said that he went to a liquor store and loaded up on booze so he can drink all night. He then said that he was looking forward to disrespecting the Undertaker later tonight, and doing the same to Chris Jericho on Sunday.

After the break, the wedding singers were warming up and the minister was studying the vows. A perfect time for an appearance by the Godfather and his escorts, who came down to face Kurt Angle this evening. Angle attacked brutally right from the get-go and then started working on his opponent's knee. In no time he slapped on the ankle lock and the Godfather tapped out. Angle held onto the hold a little longer then necessary, then turned it loose in order to deliver a rant on Triple H. He couched his threats in the form of of a mock wedding vow. This was followed by a second nWo promo. This one featured the infamous incident wherein Hogan won the WCW title from Nash by simply touching him on the chest. Of course, Nash went down and allowed himself to be pinned.

Backstage after the break, Stephanie was primping with her bridesmaids when Triple H returned and presented her with a "rock" that would sink a battleship.

The Undertaker took on Steve Austin in the next match. Actually, what happened is that as the Undetaker waited in the ring, Austin started to make his entrance, when Chris Jericho suddenly attacked him from behind and beat him to the bottom of the ramp. Jericho was escorted away, but the damage was done. UT took over as Jericho left, beating up on Austin then dragging him to the ring. The bell sounded and we were officially underway. UT dominated the opening moments by virtue of his earlier attack, but then Austin came back and had UT reeling. The action went back and forth for a few minutes then out to the floor, where UT at first was in charge, but Austin soon reversed the field. This went on, more see saw battle with UT seemingly mostly in control, until Austin suddenly hit a stunner. At that moment, Jericho reappeared and renewed his attack. UT seemed willing to let Jericho take over and just split. Jericho hit Austin with the old WCW belt and then went out and grabbed Austin's cooler full of beer. He smashed two cans against Austin's forehead and then bashed him with the cooler itself. He then cracked a couple of Steveweisers and poured them all over his unconscious opponent.

During the break, Jericho was shown heading out to the parking lot and being driven away.

Next up, Booker T (accompanied by Test) going up against Tazz (w/Spike). Booker dominated this contest from the opening bell - then Tazz came through with a series of suplexes. Booker turned the tables and set up for his finisher - but he hesitated too long and got the Tazzmission slapped on him. Test suckered Spike into the ring then used the distraction of the referee to get a boot into Tazz's face so that Booker could take the pin.

The Dudleys were shown at WWF New York, where they made threatening noises directed toward the Tag Champs.

A bikini match featuring Stacy and Torri was the next on the program. What ensued was a rather clumsy fight which ended quickly after Torrie ran her shoulder into the bottom corner buckle. Stacy rolled her up and that was that. Backstage, Stephanie lamented the apparent fact that her father wasn't going to walk her down the aisle. Triple H told her to forget about it, that tonight is their night (awwww...)

Backstage, after yet another nWo promo - Mr. Perfect was contemplating a chess move against the 1999 National Chess Champion. When it appeared that he was going to lose - Hennig "accidently" dropped a piece, then moved a piece on the board as his opponent bent down to retrieve the dropped man. He declared checkmate, as thw chess champ protested.

Ron Van Dam took on Christian in the next match. Christian's underhanded tactics put him in control early on, and he managed to stay in that position throughout the match. Then RVD came back towards the end with his fancy flying moves. Christian thought he had the pin moments later, and when RVD kicked out - Christian went into a temoer tantrum - during which RVD hit a frog splash and took the pin. Immediately Goldust appeared on the TitanTron and challenged Van Dam to a match at No Way Out. Backstage, Arn Anderson delivered a message from Ric Flair to Triple H. Something about Linda McMahon looking for him.

When we returned from the break, Hunter was on the phone with Linda McMahon, who told him to open the package he received from Flair and play the video inside. On the tape is the guy who claimed to be Stephanie's obstetrician - who it turns out is an actor! Linda told HHH that Stephanie lied to him - that she is NOT pregnant! Meanwhile, in another room, Vince showed up in a monkey suit and agreed to walk Stephanie down the aisle. Howard Finkel ran up at that moment and tried to tell Vince something, but McMahon sent him away without hearing his news.

After the break, HHH made his way to the ring in his mourning coat, a big smile on his face. The ring was decked out with a wedding bower and flowers, and the minister waiting. Hunter was playing his part to the hilt. Vince walked Stephanie down the aisle as promised. The minister started his shpiel. The crowd chanted "What?" at every pause. Vince stopped the ceremony to demand that the crowd be respectful of the occasion. They didn't respond well to that. The minister finished his speech, and then the wedding singers did their thing. She wasn't a bad singer - he was awful...stupid sounding vibrato - like a chipmunk or something. Stephanie looked radiant, if a little goofy, while Hunter stood there with a smile frozen on his face that slowly disappeared as he covertly watched her. When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he plastered that grin back on his face. Stephanie recited her rather syrupy vows, and then it was Hunter's turn. He complimented her on her speech, talked about their life together and then let her have it with both barrels. He told her that he wanted to tell her how he felt about her - then he called her a low down conniving b*tch! He called her on the carpet for her duplicity, and then told her that their marriage is over. Vince tried to interfere and Hunter popped him - then destroyed the set before putting the Pedigree on Vince. Stephanie went wild and got in his face - so he pie faced her to the ground, tore off his own wedding ring and threw it at her before he walked away. Stephanie looked like a harridan, screaming at him as he retreated.

Best moment in the WWF for a long, long time.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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