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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Chris Benoit is Back!

Rob Van Dam IC Champ Again

Defeats Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder match on RAW

Hogan's Retirement a Swerve

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 7, Issue 685 - May 27, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have my own TV Reports and topical rants. We are also pleased to announce the return of our APW correspondent, Jermz, who has resumed his All Pro Wrestling weekly reports. John Cross is out of town on a family emergency and will return next week with a new Crossface Connection.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

All Pro Wrestling News


Here are quick results of APW's "Gym Warz" show from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. held on Friday May 17th:

Interview with Robert Thompson (with Nikki) "The Bomb" - Robert Thompson came to the ring and thanked all the fans for showing up at the Pacifica show last weekend, and for all their support in his title victory. Thompson is always loved in "his house", the APW Garage.

American Dragon over JoJo Fantastico ( * * ) - This was the debut of Fantastico, and he looked pretty good. No match for American Dragon however, who "mutalated" JoJo and finished him off with his finisher, the Cattle Mutalator. Pretty decent for what was pretty much a squash.

Interview with Spanky - Spanky came to the ring to interview...himself! He talked about the big fair show coming up tomorow night in King City, and how much he loved midgets (LoL). A very funny interview, as Spanky continues to be the best personality in wrestling today.

Interview with Jardi Frantz - Before his match with Bobby Quance, Jardi came to the ring and wanted to know why Disco Machine was getting a shot at the Internet Title, and he wasn't...even though he was the last man to hold the belt. APW Official Gabe Ramirez came to the ring and told Frantz that he would need to beat Quance tonight to earn a shot at the title.

Bobby Quance over "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz ( * * * ) - Two young high-flyers went at it in a very good match. Started off slow, and built to a good finish. In the end, it was Quance's Shooting Star Press (which is one of the most talked about moves on the internet), that did the job, and allowed him to pin Jardi Frantz. Quance became the new number one contender to the Internet Title.

Larry Blackwell & James Watkins over "The Bomb" Robert Thompson & Kafu ( * * ) - The end of this tag team match came with all four men in the ring. Thompson hit a M-Driver on Watkins, while Blackwell hit Kafu with the Blackout...both men made a pin, and referee Max Marquez counted Blackwell's pin, stating that Kafu was the legal man in the ring, and not Thompson.

After the match, Robert Thompson made a rematch for the next Gym Warz show between the same two teams, in which there will be two referees assigned to the match.

Spanky over James Choi ( * * 1/2) - This was an awesome match-up. Choi is going to be very good, given just a little more experience...and Spanky is already one of the best indy wrestlers in the country! Very quick paced match, with Spanky coming out on top in the end. This match recieved a great ovation from the Gym Warz fans

INTERNET CHAMPIONSHIP - Super Dragon over Disco Machine to retain the APW Worldwide Internet Title ( * * * ) - The Internet Champion, Super Dragon, successfully defended his Internet Title against Disco Machine, who was making his APW debut. These two worked well together, and put on a very good match. Dragon has impressed me greatly in his last two APW matches. The finisher was some sort of a pumphandle version of the Psycho Driver...very cool move!


Here are the quick results from APW's King City show Saturday night May 18th at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds...

About 1,000 people in attendance at this show. Extra chairs had to be set up in the very back, and the show was stopped for about 5 minutes while the aisles had to be cleared, because there was such a tremendous turnout for this show

"Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz over Disco Machine with a 450-Splash ( * * 1/2)

"The Bomb" Robert Thompson came to the ring and let everyone know that his partner, "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande, would not be at the show tonight, due to his wife having a baby. Thompson would pick someone from King City to take Boyce's place as his partner later in the show

Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1 - James Watkins & Larry Blackwell over Kafu & Joey Ryan when Blackwell hit a Splash off the top rope to advance to the semi-finals ( * * )

Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1 - Los Cubanitos over B-Boy & Pinoy Boy with the Doomsday Dropkick to advance to the semi-finals ( * * * )

Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1 - The Ballard Brothers (with Cheerleader Melissa) over "The Bomb" Robert Thompson & Samoa Joe (with Nikki) when Joe turned against Thompson to advance to the semi-finals ( * * 1/2)

During the match, Melissa & Nikki got into a catfight in the middle of the ring, and were both escored back to the locker room. A match would then be signed for later in the night for the two to meet one-on-one. After the tag match, Samoa Joe badmouthed King City, and got upset at Thompson for saying he was from King City. Joe told Bomber he was his "worst nightmare" and left Robert laying in the middle of the ring knocked out

Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1 - Bobby Quance & James Choi over American Dragon & Spanky when Quance hit the Shooting 5-Star Press to advance to the semi-finals. ( * * * )

WORLDWIDE INTERNET CHAMPIONSHIP - Super Dragon over Rising Son with a 2nd Rope Psycho Driver to retain the APW Worldwide Internet Championship ( * * * )

Cheerleader Melissa over Nikki with a Downward Spiral ( * * )

Spanky won an 18-Man Battle Royal by eliminating Samoa Joe ( * * 1/2) - After the match, Thompson & Spanky destroyed Samoa Joe, finishing him off with Double Frog Splashes!

US Midgets Championship - "Beautiful" Bobby Dean over Little Kato with a Neckbreaker to retain the US Midgets Championship ( * * )

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped on Tuesday at the BankcorpSouth Center in Tupelo, Mississippi where the big new was that Hulk Hogan was scheduled to deliver his farewell address tonight on the program. An historic occasion...maybe...

But in the meantime, Triple H came down to the ring to open the show with a match against Lance Storm. A lot was made of HHH's condition, after the Hell in the Cell match on Sunday, and Hunter sold those injuries to the hilt...but he still won the match.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was pacing the floor in his locker room, while the camera cleverly failed to reveal what he looks like. Christian gave him a gentle ribbing about what the crowd was going to chant - but quickly backed off from that when Angle got mad about it. Kurt seemed to be convincing himself that going out to the ring tonight would be a courageous thing to do. Whgen the camera finally slewed up to show his head, Kurt was holding a hand mirror up to continue to cionceal his head. After the break, Stacy told Test that Vince wanted him to do a number on Randy Orton tonight. Test agreed then swept Stacy into his arms and gave a big wet sloppy one.

When Angle finally arrived at the ring, he was wearing a wig and a wrestling headpiece to hold it on! He claimed that he used "hair supplements" to grow his hair four days...right. Maven came out and chided Angle for wearing a wig, telling him that there is no shame in being bald. Kurt's initial response was to pretend he didn't know who Maven is. Then he dared Maven to come to the ring and take the wig. He caught Maven coming in, but the latter came back with a drop kick and then tried to take off the headgear. Angle suplexed him then pummeled him before splitting the ring, only to be attacked by Edge on the ramp. Christian ran in and rescued Kurt before he could be "snatched bald".

Stacy was seen dancing on the announce table as we returned. She joined the broadcasters for the Test/Orton match. Orton put up a good fight, but lost to Test.

The Undertaker, asked to comment on the pending retirement of Hulk Hogan, was his usual surly, abusive self. He was shown footage of his various run-ins with Rob Van Dam on Monday night declined to comment except to say that he won the match and he is the Champion. In another part of the building, Rico was admiring his new Tag Team Championship belt when Upchuck and Billy walked in. He quickly covered his butt, telling them that somehow, they would get the titles back. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho ran into Faarooq backstage and complained about having to work tonight after his Hell in the Cell ordeal. He tried to hire the big guy for protection - but Faarooq wasn't interested. Mark Henry walked up and let Jericho know he was looking forward to busting Jericho up in their match later.

Next up - Edge and Maven took on Kurt Angle and Christian. This, of course, was a result of their little set-to earlier this evening. Unfortunately for the good guys, Edge's obsession with getting the wig off of Angle's head worked against them. In the end, Maven took the pin on Christian with a roll-up - but Angle got away still bewigged.

"Reverend" D-Von came to the ring to face off with Rikishi, and started the segment by telling his opponent to go back to the dressing room and "put some clothes on!" This got him clobbered. As the match was getting underway, Rikishi's new tag team title partner, Rico, showed up ringside. Naturally, Deacon Batista got physically involved. But it was Rico who cost him the match. As the big Samoan was about to apply the stink face on his opponent, Rico ran in and hit him with his title belt. D-Von and Batista did a punk job on Rikishi. After the pinfall, Rico rushed in to "aid" his partner - while behind his back, he gestured with a thumbs up to his buddies, the former champs.

Backstage, after the break, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. was watching his uncle attack Steve Austin when Gregory Helms (mild mannered reporter) tried to pin the "mysterious notes" on him. Chavo told to blow it out his ear. They have a match later tonight for Helms' title. Triple H was in the middle of an interview when Lance Storm walked up and distracted him so the Test could put a boot in his face.

The Cruiserweight Title match was next. Chavo is a tough guy, and a great wrestler, so this match held a lot of promise. The challenger managed to dominate the opening moments pretty effectively. Eventually, the Hurricane found his legs and turned it around to see saw battle, until he hit the Overcast and took the pin.

Backstage, Vince was comparing Hogan's upcoming retirement speech to the Gettysburg Address...right...Chris Jericho burst in complaining about having to work. Vince turned his attitude around by challenging him to beat the World's Strongest Man.

That match was next. Jericho entered with his left shoulder wrapped and right wrist bandaged. He has stitches in his forehead - and they were reopened almost immediately. They keep talking about Hogan retiring - why do I smell a set-up? Jericho finally used a chair to win the match.

The last segment was Hulk Hogan's "retirement" speech - which, as I figured, wasn't a retirement speech at all. Oh he said all the right words - talked about getting into the business, about the sacrifices of his family, about how his dad told him he needed to go back the WWF and "straighten out" his career, etc. The Vince came out to spoil the moment, telling Hogan that he (Vince) has a contract and the the Hulkster isn't going anywhere. Hogan clobbered Vince, then the Undertaker ran in and attacked Hogan. Hogan cleaned house and was challenging the two of them to come back to the ring as the program went off the air.


Raw came to us live from the Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where the show opened with a surprise appearance by Chris Benoit! His home town, of course... After the crowd calmed down, Benoit explained that he is still a few weeks away from stepping back into the ring, but he started to explain his reasons for being here tonight. This signaled Eddie G's entrance. Benoit looked dubious as Guerrero welcomed him back. Sure enough, Guerrero started accusing Benoit of being jealous of his talent and his "Latino Heat..." They were about to come to blows when Ric Flair showed up. He chastised Benoit for coming out on Flair's nickel and then starting a fight. He ordered Benoit from the building, and brought in security personnel to escort him out.

Trish Stratus came down to join tag team partner Spike Dudley to take on Molly Holly and Willy Regal. In this mixed tag team match, both the European and the Womens' Titles were on the line. The ring seemed to have an extra level of sound attached to it - like the under-ring mic wasn't placed right or something. Their was an extra dimension added to the match as well, of course, because of Spike and Molly's past relationship + the rivalry between Spike and Regal. "Pure" Molly spent most of the match choking her opponent as Regal lent a hand from outside the ring. To no avail, however, Trish took the pinfall with a roll up. Regal attacked Spike from behind with his brass knuckles ("The only hard thing in his tights...", as JR put it).

During an interview with Terri, Steven Richards was attacked by a series of claimants to the Hardcore Title, leaving him in a weakened state, allowing Terri to pin him and become the Hardcore Champ! He immediately attacked her and pinned her to regain the strap. Back in their dressing room, Kevin Nash challenged his guys to win their matches tonight (without any help) under pain of leaving the nWo and getting their butts kicked by Nash himself. After some verbal sparring, we found out that Goldust was hiding out nearby and heard the entire exchange.

Booker and X-Pac had their match next - facing the Hardy Boyz in a bang up fight. Despite their abysmal teamwork, the nWo team managed to win their match. Surprisingly, Goldust didn't interfere in the match.

Backstage, Paul Heyman attempted to continue his campaign of harassment against Trish, but was cut off by Bubba, who roughed him up and told him to bring his boy, Brock Lesnar, on.

In the next segment, Tommy Dreamer continues his sideshow geek act (a geek, in carny terms, is a person who eats strange things) - in this case a hotdog he's dropped and stepped on - and later the Undertaker's tobacco spit...God help us...can we just do away with this crap??? The Undertaker mercifully kicked his butt after the demonstration. he wrapped a chair around his neck and ran him into the ring post.

Backstage, Heyman urged Brock Lesnar to avenge Bubba's actions. Next, in the ring, the two had a match, which was pretty evenly fought, but Lesnar won it after Heyman interfered by tripping Bubba from the outside.

Outside, Coach was waiting for Steve Austin to show up - but Raven showed up instead and did his classic rambling act, purporting to explain Austin's "problem".

In the second nWo match of the night, the Big Show took on Bradshaw and also won his contest. So I guess the nWo stays together...for now. Backstage after the break, Goldust showed up in nWo colors (including black and white face paint) as the nWo guys were celebrating their victories. X-Pac was outraged, but Booker didn't seem to mind. X-pac ran off to find Nash and tattle...

Out in New York, at the World (formerly WWF New York), Al Snow refereed arm wrestling matches among the four remaining Tough Enough contenders. Linda and Jake won their respective matches. I predict that it will be the other way around when the results of the competition are revealed on Thursday night. While Linda and Jake have the physical attributes, Kenny and Jackie are clearly the ones with the talent and drive.

In another Terri interview, Rob Van Dam commented on his ladder match for the IC Title later tonight. Outside a pick up truck drove up - but it was just Howard Finkel. Howard is such a great ring announcer - and the guy they use a lot now sounds just like him - so why not use the real thing??

In the next match, Goldust (still sporting his nWo get up) took on Crash Holly and beat him. Kevin Nash came to the ring. Goldust slunk away as Nash punked Crash in the ring.

In a pre-ladder match segment, Eddie G was in Flair's office and worrying about getting hurt in his match with RVD. He asked if Flair had heard anything about the possibility of Austin showing up. Flair revealed that he had plans in place for that eventuality. A "welcoming committee", as he put it.

The ladder match itself was a great one, as could be expected from to such steller performers. At one point, after Chris Benoit showed up at ringside, what was apparently a fan, jumped into the ring and knocked the ladder over. Eddie G punked him until the security troops dragged the moron away. Later on, after RVD had won the match and the title, the Rattlesnake did a run in and started beating on Eddie, Flair and Arn Anderson. Benoit entered the ring...then started beating on Austin!! Flair's "welcoming committee for Austin" then - was Guerrero, Benoit...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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