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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

King of the Ring 2002

Brock Lesnar wins KOR

Molly Holly the new Womens' Champ

Jamie Noble takes Cruiserweight Gold

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jeremy "Jermz" Medeiros

Volume 7, Issue 689 - June 24, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, some APW News from Jermz plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

You can get more of the latest news and rumors by listening to this week's Solie's Wrestling Radio report.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jeremy "Jermz" Medeiros


In shocking news, the APW Worldwide Internet Championship changed hands this past weekend at the EPIC Pro Wrestling show in Southern California. Super Dragon dropped the title to American Dragon in what was said to be the best match of the night. APW fans around the nation were pleased to hear that APW's Head Camp Instructor had taken the title from the diabolical Super Dragon. American Dragon has vowed to be the best champion that he can be, and bring honor and prestige to the title from here on out.

Congratulations are in order to American Dragon, the NEW APW Worldwide Internet Champion.


APW has always been known for having some of their best shows during the hot Summer months of July and August. Well, it looks like in 2002, they will continue the trend, by heating up the Summer nights with a scorching hot weekend of wrestling on July 5th & 6th.

On Friday night July 5th, APW will hold an 8:00pm Invite Only "Gym Warz" show at the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. And the following night, APW will hold an 8:00pm house show at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga.

Not a lot of information has been released on this huge weekend of wrestling, however APW has let it slip out that the 2000 King Of Indies "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will be at the July 6th show, and he will be going on-one-on with APW Worldwide Internet Champion, The American Dragon! This is truly going to be a wrestling fans dream-match! There are 7 other big matches scheduled for the June 6th show, including the Mighty Midgets, Prince Cheezy and Joe Kidd. Keep an eye on's message board, as well as this online newsletter, for more information on this amazing weekend of wrestling.


Lots of great news coming out of Japan concerning APW's own Cheerleader Melissa, who recently signed a contract with ARSION. ARSION president, Hiroshi Ogawa & ARSION superstar Bionic J picked up Melissa & Taylor Matheny (from MTV's Tough Enough) at the Narita Airport in Japan last week, as they stepped foot on foreign soil for the first time.

Melissa (along with Taylor & Bionic J) appeared on the live news/talk show SAMURAI TV, which is a 24-hour pro-wrestling channel this past Friday night.

Melissa's first ARSION match took place on Sunday June 23rd in Tokyo at Karokuen Hall. She teamed up with Taylor & Bionic J to defeat the team of Mariko Yoshida, Baby A & Kaori Yoneyama in 10:01 when Bionic J pinned Baby A.

We are very proud of Melissa, and wish her the best on the rest of her tour with ARSION. Keep checking this newsletter weekly for the latest news on Melissa's stay in Japan.


The biggest event in independent wrestling is still a few months away, but it is never too early to begin making plans for the 2002 King Of Indies! None of the 16 participants have been named for the tournament, nor has a location been announced, however talk is just starting to heat up on the APW message boards. People are already making their "wish lists" about what wrestlers they would like to see compete in this years tournament. Just visit the message boards and let us know what independent superstars you would like to see compete in the 2002 edition of the greatest tournament in wrestling today, the KING OF INDIES!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I went to the PPV last night.

Yeah...I actually plunked the President Grant down on the table and got myself a ticket. They weren't bad seats, but they weren't the best in the house.

You could see everything. That was the good thing.

I'm not going to share every feeling, every nuance, or every little happening with you.....most of you probably saw the darn thing anyways.

I am going to dedicate a rather short column to praising Hulk Hogan.

He did a very clean job to Kurt Angle last night, and I am deeply impressed by the way he did it. He didn't just let Angle win, he put Angle over with style.....he truly sold Kurt's win.

Hogan didn't grub for glory, he didn't lose dirty....he tapped out to the Ankle Lock. That is something I haven't seen HHH do yet (doesn't mean he hasn't). I think that what Hogan did was completely selfless, my opinion of him may have just changed.

I was actually humbled, and didn't even cheer for Angle (ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES....) when Hogan tapped out...I just kind of sat there, warmed and changed by the act.

What he did was needed, and was what the WWE needed....a long-time vet, a legend, willing to do what was requested for the good of the company.

I wonder if Hogan thought of that as he prepared to face Angle last night. I wonder if he thought that what he was doing was setting an example for the rest of the people in the back. Or, was he approaching it from the workman's point of view, that he was just doing his job, as he has for 27 years.

Either way, Angle's character gets a HUGE boost from this. He beat Hogan straight-up, and sets himself up for either a face turn, or a monster heel push, maybe against the Rock, or HHH. It was something Kurt Angle needed in order to resume his main-event march.

Angle took this energy from Hogan, who purposefully takes a step back, away from the front and center. His energy, as physics demands, has been transferred to the younger Kurt Angle.

Thanks, Hulk. I was wrong.

Brief, yes, but necessarily so. After being up until all hours last night, I am faced with a cruel choice, and I made it. Short column, work project done by 10:00 AM. So it goes.

I will try to beef it up a bit next week. No....I'll beef it up next week. No doubt.

See you next week, with another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped on Tuesday at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA and opened with an appearance by Kurt Angle, who tearfully admitted to the crowd that he....IS BALD!!! Strangely, he is still wearing the rug... He accused Hulk Hogan and Triple H of trying to make him into a joke..? What? They wouldn't do that...would they..? He tried desparately to mock Hogan for being old and slow - but the crowd wasn't buying it. He went on to say that he's going to make Hogan cry at the PPV on Sunday - that he's going to make Hogan tap - that he's going to break the Hulkster's ankle. Hogan let the pathetic loser say his piece before he crashed the party. Hogan came right to the ring and faced Angle down, telling him that he was going to take the wig off again tonight. Angle was incensed and dared him to try it - then called him an "old man". Hogan went for it, but Angle escaped after delivering a quick low blow.

Backstage, Stacy was checking out some lingerie, when Dawn Marie strolled up. They engaged in some catty verbal sparring, and then Torrie showed up wearing a trench coat. Torrie stripped of the coat to show her "assets"...uh...and...uh...I don't remember anything after that...

Rikishi took on Christian in the next match. I wouldn't have believed that Christian could actually win this one...and I was right. Christian had his foot on the ropes, but the referee didn't see it. As Rikishi was doing his victory dance, Lance Storm came down and apprised the referee of his error. The ref seemed disinclined to reverse the decision...but I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this controversy.

Sure enough, when we returned from the break, Storm and Christian were in the ring and whining about bad officiating in WWE. Storm was convinced that it is a conspiracy against Canadian wrestlers, based on prejudice...right... As he continued, he broadened his accusation to include the crowd and the rest of the American people. The scene switched to the backstage area where Triple H was being interviewed by nervous new guy, Mark Lloyd. HHH helped him out by asking the questions for him. In another part of the building, Nidia was all over her boyfriend Jamie Noble - gosh, kids...get a room... By the way, she was wearing Hurricane's mask as if they are kidding...I don't make this stuff up...really...

The next match pitted Jamie Noble against Billy Kidman. Noble's SmackDown debut was a pretty good match. He won it by dropping Kidman on his head after Nidia interfered with his climb to the top corner. Afterward, Nidia took the mask off and put it on Noble. Then the lights went out. When they came back on, the Hurricane was in the ring. He chokeslammed Noble and took back his mask.

Triple H took on Billy Gunn in the next match and won it with a Pedigree despite concerted outside interference from Upchuck and Rico. As he was fending off another attack from Rico, Kurt Angle and the Undertaker ran in and attacked him. Kurt Angle came back to join the party and with a chair and clobbered...the Undertaker! Triple H left, then Angle slunk away from UT who had murder in his eyes.

The Undertaker stormed into the boss' office after the break and demanded a match tonight against Kurt Angle. Mr. McMahon wasn't happy about it but he agreed and booked the match.

Chris Jericho faced Val Venis in a KOR Quarterfinal match. After almost losing the match, Jericho came back with the Walls of Jericho and took the submission victory. Jericho will face Rob Van Dam in the semi-finals.

The next segment was a replay of the Rock's rant from RAW. Still no word about what the Rock's role will be at the PPV.

Backstage, Test and Hardcore Holly had words concerning their KOR Quarterfinal later tonight. Meanwhile, Kurt Angle was trying to weasel out of his match with the Undertaker. In his usual smarmy style, McMahon flattered Angle into taking the match. In fact, Angle pledged to break UT's leg, like he plans to do to Hogan at KOR. He stormed out, with Vince trying to call him back and reason with him.

After a brutal match, Test won his battle with Hardcore Holly and advanced to the semi-finals of King of the Ring. This means that Test will face Brock Lesnar in the semis.

Vince sent Johnny Ace and Fit Finley out to round up the Undertaker and Kurt Angle so he could talk to them about their match tonight - maybe calm them down a little. Chris Jericho gave an interview and vowed to beat RVD so he could go on and be the King of the Ring, and get a shot at the World Title. Back in Vince's office, Ut and Angle arrived and Vince pitched his idea to them. They didn't buy it, got into an argument, and then came to blows with Vince in the middle! They had to be separated by officials.

In their match, the Undertaker and Angle went at it with a vengence. Indeed, Angle really did seem to be trying to break his opponent's ankle. In fact after holding him in an ankle lock for a second time, he won the match with a surprise roll-up after Triple H ran in and distracted UT. Hogan then ran in and beat down Angle, and put him into the ankle lock until UT chokeslammed Hogan. Then Triple H caught UT in the Pedigree. As the program ended, Triple H was the only one left standing.

King of the Ring 2002 results from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The show opened with Chris Jericho taking on Rob Van Dam in a KOR semi-final match. It seems to me like this was the only KOR match in dispute tonight. It just seems logical that Brock Lesnar will win his match against Test, and then will defeat whichever of these guys go up against him. I mean, isn't that what Lesnar's push has been all about...about being invincible? The highlight of this match was Jericho going for one of his trademark spring board planche's, only to have Van Dam duck him so that Jericho ended up sprawled on the floor. This was obviously an exhausting encounter, as both these speed demons ended up sucking wind before it was over. After a great match, with many false endings. Van Dam took it with a Five Star and advanced.

After the match, Jerry Lawler interviewed Van Dam in the ring, until Jericho came back and punked him.

Test and Brock Lesnar went at it in the next match - the second KOR semi-final. Test, being one of the few in WWE who can match up physically with Lesnar, made this an interesting contest, but there was never, ever, any question about who would win in the end. Especially with Paul Heyman to add some distraction at the critical moment.

Hurricane and Jamie Noble had their long anticipated (sort of) Cruiserweight Title match. Nidia was fairly effective in the interfering "Jezabel" role, but her interference directly in the match didn't really have much affect. Noble took a pretty bad bump towards the end, falling out of the ring snd hyper extending his knee - but continued. Nidia then switched her tactic to distracting the referee, which proved more helpful to her partner. Noble won it with a powerbomb. Nidia knocked Helms' foot of the rope to insure the three count. Janie Noble is the new champ.

Next up Eddie Guerrero vs, Rick Flair. This one was dominated Guerrero early on - but as the match went on it became obvious that Flair held the upper hand as Eddie G abandoned the ring several times to regroup. Guerrero finally established his dominance in the ring and even managed to get Flair into his own finisher. The Champ escaped by reaching the ropes then continued on the receiving end until Guerrero rushed him and was levered over the top rope. Eddie came back and attempted the Frog Splash...and missed. Flair was slapping on the Figure Four when Chris Benoit headed to the ring, but didn't interfere right away. Guerrero escaped a lot easier than Flair did. Soon Flair was knocked to the outside, and Benoit attacked him - but then Bubba Dudley ran in and attacked Guerrero Flair re-entered the ring and pinned Guerrero.

Molly Holly got her promised title shot and made the most of it. Trish was feisty and all...but Molly was the wrestler with the killer instinct in this one. Eventually she won on a reverse roll-up with help from the champ's tights.

Hulk Hogan had his grudge match with Kurt Angle. Hogan took the ring first, which seemed to presage how things were going to go. Excepts for occassional come backs, Hogan was on a downhill slide from the get go. In the end he was clamped into the ankle lock and forced to tap out. So - was that the passing of the torch..?? John Cross seems to think so (see his column above).

The Rock, Booker T and Goldust ran down a little comedy skit in the backstage interview area. They seemed to have reached a meeting of minds concerning the nWo.

The KOR Final was next, Brock Lesnar against Rob Van there was ever any question about how this one would come out. Van Dam gave Lesnar a run for his money, even taking him off his feet and hitting the Frog Splash for a two count, but the big guy was too much for him. As expected, Brock Lesnar won the KOR Tournament, and a shot at the WWE Title at SummerSlam.

Backstage, Triple H ran into the nWo. It was a friendly meeting - since most of the stable are long time pals of the Game.

The main event was the Undertaker vs. Triple H for the WWE Title. After a brutal, if rather pedestrian match, the Rock came in (his excuse being that Paul Heyman was sitting ringside and making snide remarks about him). In a flash, UT had attacked the People's Champ out at the table - they go into a fight and the Rock was punked. UT returned to the ring and knocked out the referee so that he could use a chair on the challenger. Then the Rock came back and delivered a Rock Bottom on UT. Ut managed to come back and defeated HHH by the skin of his teeth, then eventually left both men lying in the ring.

Raw came to us live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio and opened to the entire roster of RAW surrounding the ring. Vince McMahon came down to make a speech. He started by declaring himself an "unqualified success". Then he said he was going to share the secret of his success with all of us. His secret quality, "ruthless aggression". Then he started asking the wrestlers which of them has that quality. He stated that the one wrestler who wasn't there, Brock Lesnar, has the quality. He then started making matches, going around the ring. As he was winding that up, the nWo showed up. Shawn Michaels was the spokesman, first apologizing for their tardiness, then stated that there are no bigger superstars then the nWo. Shawn further stated that they were available to "take out some of the trash" in the ring. Booker T snatched McMahon's mic and threw his hat in the ring - which prompted Goldust to make some uncomfortable suggestions about their relationship. McMahon took his mic back and made a tag team match for X-Pac/Big Show vs. Booker/Goldust.

The first match was a tag team grudge match pitting Chris Nowinski and Willy Regal against Bradshaw and Spike Dudley. This was a silly match. Bradshaw blasted everyone in sight for several minutes, then fell victim to a roll up and a pull of the tights by Nowinski.

Backstage, Vince sent Sgt. Slaughter off to tell Tommy Dreamer and Raven that they're having a match tonight to decide which of them will stay on with the company. Then he had a little tete-e-tete with Tough Enough Champ Jackie, before having to face up to the Undertaker's ire at being interfered with by the Rock last night. He agreed to the match that Vince made earlier for him against Jeff Hardy.

Eddie Guerrero had a match against Bubba Ray Dudley next on the program. Dudley grabbed a table out from under the ring before the match, but he never got a chance to use it. Early on, Guerrero rolled him up then grabbed some tights to get the pinfall. Afterward, Guerrero pretended to leave, but then came back and attacked Bubba, putting him down. Then pulled the table into the ring and set it up - only to turn around and run right into Bubba's powerbomb...through the table. Chris Benoit ran in and slapped a Crippler Crossface on Bubba, then he and Eddie G split.

In the next segment, Goldust put on a "Crodadile Hunter" personna and invaded the "jungle" of the nWo locker room until X-Pac chased him out. The Hardy Boyz discussed Jeff's pending match against the Undertaker, then re rejoined the Crock hunt. Goldust led X-Pac around a corner and right into a sneak attack by Booker with what looked like a pizza pan...

The Raven/Dreamer match was next. This was an okay match - nothing to write home about. Dreamer won it with a Death Valley Driver. Raven was escorted out of the building immediately after the match. Matt Hardy attacked him on his way out the door.

Next up - the official KOR Coronation Ceremony. Jim Ross was in the ring to do the honors, but Paul Heyman grabbed the mic and send JR packing. Lesnar came down and joined Heyman in the ring, while the latter sang the praises of his man. Heyman tried to get a standing ovation for his guy, but the crowd wasn't buying it. Suddenly, Rob Van Dam exploded into the ring and attack Lesnar, forcing him from the ring. Gosh, do you think these two might have another match..? Backstage, after the break - Vince made a match for Lesnar against RVD for the Intercontinental Title.

Jeff Hardy took on the Undertaker in a non-title match. This was another silly contest. After administering a beating for a few minutes, UT delivered a Last Ride on Hardy's battered carcass and took him out of his misery. As UT was driving off, Jeff called him back to demand a ladder match next week for the title. It appeared that the Undertaker took the challenge, though it was hard to tell since we couldn't hear him.

New Womens' Champ, Molly Holly and Jackie vs. Trish Stratus and Linda (also from Tough Enough). It's kind of funny that during the Tough Enough program, it was Linda who was more or less the heel candidate, while Jackie was more of an "inspirational" character. Now it is Linda playing the straight arrow, while Jackie gets to be a villain. The point is that Jackie has the personality and the drive to do it right. Trish and Linda won this one when Trish hit Stratus-faction on Molly and took the pin.

In the next match, Goldust and Booker T took on nWo members X-pac and the Big Show. In the course of this match, X-Pac was bronco busted by Goldust, then later he tried to get h=it back only to miss and do anumber on himself in the corner. Nevertheless, Goldust was isolated during the bulk of the battle until Booker got back into the match in the late moments. The highlight was Goldust going for the giant's "family jewels" only to be stopped short and choke slammed, then pinned.

The main event was Brock lesnar challenging Rob Van Dam for the IC Title. This was a tough match for both competitors. Lesnar really seemed to be tested for a change. In the end, Heyman got physically involved and caused a disqualification. Van Dam retained his title. Afterward, Lesnar powerbombed RVD through the announce table. This is an interesting little fued growing - with both of these guys on the fast track.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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