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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Kane Wins the IC Title

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

All Pro Wrestling news

by Jermz

Volume 7, Issue 703 - September 30, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, some APW News, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz (APW's Senior Media Editor & Webmaster at


Here are results of the APW Gym Warz show from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. on Friday September 27th 2002

The show started off with an interview with four of the most despised men in APW today. Larry Blackwell, James Watkins, Kryptonite & the man who had just turned his back on the fans at the last show...Kafu. The four of them trash-talked to the fans, and said they were going to get rid of Robert Thompson once and for all tonight. The heat was awesome for these guys! Just then, Thompsons voice came over the PA system interrupting the heels promo. The Bomb appeared up in the balcony of the GARAGE. Thompson talked about some old APW history, and let them know that history shows that he has been stabbed in the back before, and has come back to get revenge each and every time. Thompson let Kafu know that it was nothing new to him, and he would not be safe tonight. Thompson said he would pick his surprise partner later tonight to take on Blackwell & Krytponite, and ended by saying that none of them will be safe tonight.

Armageddon vs. "Trendsetter" Adam Thornstowe
WINNER: Armageddon ( * * * )

"IBM" Cameron Clyburn vs. Mr. Primetime
WINNER: Mr. Primetime ( * * 3/4)

"Smooth Daddy" Chris Cassanova vs. "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz
WINNER: Jardi Frantz ( * * 1/2)

James Watkins vs. Nikki
WINNER: James Watkins ( * * 1/4)

Kafu vs. "Shooting Star" Bobby Quance - One of the best matches of the night, as Kafu wrestled his first match as a heel for APW. The fans were on his case all night long, and I hadn't heard heat like that since the days of Maxx Justice or Steve Rizzono. Kafu's offense was impressive, as he tossed Quance around like a rag doll. This was a very exciting match, as two of APW's young guns tore into each other. The chops in this one were off the page! I really like Kafu's new attitude, and hope he continues to be one of the most hated men in APW (along with Blackwell). A good 10 minutes into the match, Robert Thompson (who said Kafu would not be safe tonight), charged the ring and jumped Kafu. Thompson beat him down and kicked him out of the ring. Referee Max Marquez called for the bell, and declared the match a No Contest, as Thompson's interference caused the match to be thrown out the window.

Probably the best match of the night in my opinion, and could have been much better with a better ending. But what can you say? The GARAGE is "Bomber's House", and he is obviously so upset at Kafu, that he couldn't stay in the back any longer.
WINNER: NO CONTEST ( * * * 1/4)

Larry Blackwell & Kryptonite vs. "The Bomb" Robert Thompson & PsYcHo Seth - This was it! It was now time for the main event that everyone had been looking forward to. Thompson came to the ring and announced that his mystery partner would be PsYcHo Seth! The fans have really taken a liking to Seth over the last couple of shows, and the announcement of him as the partner was a very good surprise. Thompson said that they would be in for a fight, and now with Seth as his partner, it was looking that way. Thompson also brought out a lot of wrestlers to stand guard at ringside. The ring was surrounded with some of Thompson's friends like Bobby Quance, James Choi, Jardi Frantz, Nikki and more! They were obviously there to watch Bombers back, and keep an eye out for Kafu or James Watkins.

The match began, and it was wild from the start. It was every man for themselves, and the place went wild. The action spilled out to the floor, and weapons were being used. Seth had brought some kendo sticks to the ring, and was hammering his opponents with them. The fans in the WAR ZONE had to go running for cover a few times, as the action was going all over the place. Thompson even dragged Kryptonite half-way up the stairs as they fought all over the GARAGE. It was a wild brawl that we hadn't seen around these parts for years! Bomber lifted Kryptonite over his head, and shot him head-first into the GARAGE door like a dart! Just as his head hit, the GARAGE door flew was 'the heels'!!! James Watkins...Kafu...IBM...etc. Now, EVERYONE was involved. The action got even crazier here, as everyone was battling all over the GARAGE, and now action was even spilling out into the parking lot.

Fans were scrambling, and running for cover. GYM WARZ was back!!! :P Weapons and chairs were flying everywhere, it was one of the wildest things I had ever seen. APW officials and security were trying to restore order, but the wrestlers were even fighting them! It was total mayhem!!!

Thompson cleared the ring, and at one point, everyone was in the WAR ZONE battling it out. Just then...out of the dressing room came Armageddon! He turned Thompson around, and the two of them had a staredown. This was Bomber's house, and the fans were cheering him on. He wasn't going to let this man come in and take him out. Thompson ran to the ropes, but Armageddon hit a backdrop, sending Bomber over the top rope and down onto everyone on the outside. Thompson took out every single wrestler on the outside in one amazing swoop! Armageddon pumped his fist in the air in celebration, as Thompson got back in the ring and gave him a high five! They were in this together!!! Thompson & Armageddon had planned this out, and had knocked everyone out. The bell was ringing, as there was no way any sort of order could have been restored here. Carnage all over the WAR ZONE, bodies laying everywhere! The fans gave out a huge "APW" chant, and even started jumping into the ring. It was total chaos at the APW GARAGE!

APW Official Gabe Ramirez got into the ring and started yelling at Thompson, and the two of them got into an argument. All of the fans jumped out of the ring, and some even began to run away to get away from this disaster area. Ramirez & Thompson got into a shouting match right in the middle of the ring, which caused Thompson to go back to the dressing room, yelling that the GARAGE was "my house". I am sure that there will be some sort of fine or something for a lot of the people involved in this situation. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

This was total chaos! One of the craziest GYM WARZ scenes I have ever seen. The match was ruled a No Contest, and was very crazy. It was just an all out brawl, but was still very exciting.
WINNER: NO CONTEST ( * * * 1/4)

The show ends with Bomber walking to the back in a huff after arguing with Ramirez in the middle of the ring. What an awesome show this was. So much heat all throughout the entire night. I loved the ending with the Armageddon/Bomber staredown that turned into teamwork. I am so looking forward to the next show, they are getting bigger and better every week. As much as I am looking forward to the October 11th show, who knows how crazy things will get by October 25th ;)

Very impressed with all 4 of the new guys (MPT, IBM, Thornstowe & Armageddon)...and I would like to see them come back, and even see some more PCW talent used in the near future. A working agreement with these two promotions could benefit both in a huge way. APW delivers another winning show, with lots of great angles and lots of great wrestling action. The heat caused by Kafu, Blackwell, Kryptonite & Watkins reminds me of the good old WSP days. GYM WARZ is back, and it is once again re-claiming it's spot as the top show in Bay Area Wrestling today!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I would hope that the people reading this article (and that does mean you) know that most of the wrestling stuff on the internet is crap.

Oh, it's true.

The only reason I would write for Solie's is because it is, bar none, the best site of the web. Hands down, don't argue. You'll be wrong.

Now, remember that I am telling you this, and I co-founded an existing wrestling, which is a sharp little site, thank you very much. However, I am not past giving credit where credit is due. Solie's is the exemplar of professional wrestling web sites.

But, good news, I have found another good site, so put this next one on your list, along with, Solie's Vintage Wrestling,, and Dory Funk's page.

Fox Sports has decided to sponsor a professional wrestling web page, and it looks like they have done a pretty nice job doing so. There was one (1) pop-up, and that was to the page's own newsboard. The board, and the page itself, was well kept, neat, and easy to read. I think that they did a pretty good job on it.

The real reason I am telling you about this is because it reminded me of Joe Wolfe.

If you don't know who Joe Wolfe is, you ought to go to the Joe Wolfe Scrapbook, right here ar Solie's, and take a look. When you go, at least today, look at the articles.

The articles are written my reporters that treated wrestling like a sport, and not like a soap opera.

Why is this important? Well, it speaks to the way people, in general, look at professional wrestling. I cannot remember, at any time in my life (I'm 33), when wrestling was reported as if it were a sport. The one time I saw the WWF on the television news was for the first Wrestlemania, and that was in the format of the "Can You Believe It?" segments found at the end of the news show. Never have I seen pro wrestling portrayed as anything other than a game, or a spectacle, or a sham.

I guess the word that I am looking for is legitimacy. Wrestling is suffering from a problem of legitimacy.

Now, I think that this is obvious. When you can list Lou Thesz and David Arquette in the same breath as World Champions, I think that my point is made. I also tend to think, like I discussed a couple times before in this forum, that the loss of kayfabe added to the fall; if you act like you are important, people will eventually believe you are so. Consequently, if you have high standing, but you act like a bum, people will eventually start to think that you are a bum. Professional Wrestling has done just that....once the home of respected athletes, and great, fighting champions, it has now become a highlight reel for scripted violence, artificial breasts, and half-baked storylines. Who would, in their right mind, take the present day WWE seriously?

There is no more glory in it. There isn't even the presumption that Sports Entertainment is a legitimate sport anymore. Now, at one time, it was reported like a sport, the wrestlers were treated as athletes, and the whole genre was treated with a respect....if you want to see how pro wrestling was treated in the United States thirty or forty years ago, look at the way they treat it in Canada. Canadian fans treat wrestling, though they know it is scripted, with a respect and legitimacy that we don't give it in the U.S.

Dusty Rhodes was on the radio with Shannon Moore (WWBA) recently, and he said that wrestling fans think that they are smart, but we really aren't. That is a very true statement. Why? We have been informed that our WWE stars are great actors, that it is all scripted, and what are favorite wrestlers are like 'in real life'. We know all about the drug problems, the steroid use, the criminal activity, the sexual harassment, and all the dirt and grime on every worker we wish to see torn down in the public eye. We know a lot about the wrestlers, and the WWE, but is that really smart? Is that the best way to enjoy pro wrestling? it the quickest way to ruin the experience? What is better....enjoying an episode of JAG, or finding out that one of the stars had an abortion in 1967?

We enjoy wrestling because it is a departure from the regular hum-drum of reality. We watch the wrestlers do their magic, work their storylines, and the like. The serious columnists and op-ed writers lend to the credibility of it by, as the good Mr. Benaka and Mr. Will, invest time and effort into Title Histories and serious discussions on who is good, bad, skilled, and scary. When you tear down the kayfabe, and work pro wrestling from the standpoint that it is all fake, then it completely loses that magic, and that legitimacy, that we give it. The fans are the true, and only, source of legitimacy for professional wrestling. When a fed (or it's wrestlers and/or promoter) comes out and tells you it is scripted, and that their wrestlers are 'performers', how can you even maintain the thought that wrestling is a sport?

That is why, to come full circle, I told you about the Fox Sports website. Not to promote them, but to promote that way of thinking, because that 'legitimacy' given pro wrestling by Fox Sports is welcome, and sorely needed.

OK...since I already told you how good Solie's and are, you should be already going there, ready to get your fill of the best the Web has to offer.

See you next week, for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California and opened with a replay of the highlights of the "HLA" on the PPV Sunday night, then went directly to the ring for a match featuring Rikishi against Chavo Guerrero. Rikishi was a bit peeved at Chavo, to say the least, after the latter smashed him in the face with a TV camera during their last encounter. Toward the end of the match, Chavo actually thought he had the big Samoan set up for his own version of the stink face - but it didn't come off as planned. He then grabbed another camera - but Rikishi bounced it off his noggin with a side kick, then butt-splashed him and took the pin.

Next up - a bikini contest, Torrie Wilson facing (?) off against Nidia. The judges were Upchuck and Billy. Personally, I don't see any contest here... Apparently the judges didn't either. Torrie won it - 10-10 to 9-6. Nidia stormed off up the ramp where she encountered her boyfriend and Tajiri, who challenged the judges to a match. Noble and Tajiri initially took control of the match with an attack on the knee of Billy Gunn. They continued to isolate Billy through most of the match. Eventually, Chuck got the tag and cleaned house, then they laid the Code-Red on Noble to get the win - then Torrie dragged Nidia into the ring and administered a spanking.

Funaki interviewed Brock Lesnar outside his dressing room, asking him if he will give Undertaker a rematch for the WWE title. Lesnar told him he would answer the question, but out in the ring. Meanwhile, Kurt Angle went to Stephanie's office to ask for a rematch against Chris Benoit tonight. But Stephanie had other ideas - a Triple Threat match pitting Angle vs. Benoit vs. Rey Misterio. Misterio was on hand for this announcement and the two of them had words...

Funaki came to the ring carrying the chair that Undertaker used to clobber Lesnar with last Sunday as we cut to commercial.

After the break, Funaki invited the WWE Champ to join him in the ring. Lesnar examined the chair, threw it away, then slapped the mic out of Funaki's hand before he destroyed him. Backstage, Dawn Marie paid Torrie a backhanded compliment concerning her win in the bikini contest - then implied a challenge of her own.

The next match had the potential to be the match of the night, and for my money, it succeeded. Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge in a No DQ contest. It was a wild and woolly match with not one, but two ladders involved before it was over. In the end, Edge hit the Edgecution off one of the ladders and took the pin over a thoroughly exhausted Guerrero.

During a backstage interview, Chris Benoit admitted that Kurt Angle is a great wrestler and one tough SOB. In another area of the building, Matt Hardy bragged to Shannon Moore that he would defeat the Undertaker again tonight. Moore countered that in his opinion, Brock Lesnar had something to do with that outcome. Matt denied it. After he left the scene, we discovered that Brock Lesnar was listening to the exchange.

Most of the next segment was taken up by a promo for this year's WrestleMania (XIX), including footage from a recent press conference on the subject. This was followed by a rather abbreviated match between Matt Hardy and the Undertaker - Hardy didn't win, by the way. After the match, Lesnar ran in and brained UT with his title belt - twice...leaving UT bloody and staggered.

The main event was the aforementioned Triple Threat contest - Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rey Misterio. Angle came out and jawed for a while before the match, inciting Misterio's hometown crowd. Then we went to commercial.

Benoit and Misterio made their entrances after the break. Misterio entered the ring to find his two opponents ignoring him - so he helped get things started with a flying head scissors on Angle. Throughout the opening moments of the match, the two arch rivals continued to concentrate on each other, to their detriment, as the latin star continually got between them. Eventually, Misterio was tossed to the floor and knocked out for several minutes while the other two went on with the fight. Then he was back in it again, disrupting their personal feud. Misterio hit the 619 on both of them toward the end of the match. Angle was knocked to the floor, then Misterio hit the Frankensteiner on Benoit and pinned him!

Raw came to us live from the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas and opened with Eric Bischoff coming to the ring and announcing three title matches for the evening. Then he turned to Lita - who was in the ring with him - and quizzed her about a previous statement saying that SmackDown! is a better show then RAW. Her counter was that Eric's employees don't respect him because he doesn't show his wrestlers any respect - then called in his "Three Minute" Island Boyz... Fortunately, Jeff Hardy showed up to help her - then Booker T and Goldust arrived to even the odds. This enraged Bischoff, who decided to hold the tag team challenge match scheduled for later, right here and now. The Boyz stormed the ring and it was on. Unfortunately, soon after the match got started, Goldust was knocked out and incapacitated, leaving Booker to face the Boyz on his own. needless to say, Uncle Eric's bully boys won their first official WWE match.

Backstage, after the break, Rico declared that his team were on their way to dominating the WWE and becoming the Tag Team Champions. Back in their dressing room, there were signs of dissension between the former Tag Team Champs. Test and Willy Regal tried to calm them down - reminding Christian that Lance Storm has a match next with Randy Orton and needs to concentrate on that. Finally, Terri interviewed Chris Jericho, who has to face the challenge of Kane for his IC title later. "Mild Mannered Reporter" Gregory Helms showed up to question Jericho's veracity. Then Kane showed up to add his two cents. Jericho stalked away. Terri turned to Kane and reminded him about the kiss he laid on her after winning the Tag Title last week. She motioned him closer, and then laid a big wet one of her own on him! Kane's comment to Helms - "Chicks dig the mask..."

Lance Storm took on Randy Orton, as promised, in the next match. The ending of this one was a short surprise. At about the 5 minute mark, Storm tried to roll up Orton and grabbed a handful of tights. Orton turned the table by grabbing Storm's tights and getting reversing the roll up for the pinfall. Christian appeared ringside, grabbed JR's hat, put it on, lambasted his tag partner again and then challenged Orton to face him in the ring right here right now (a lot of that going on tonight). Lance stood by and watched as Christian took it right to the rookie sensation - but it didn't work out for him as Orton went on to pin him in a matter of minutes. Orton then grabbed JR's hat and gave it back to him.

Backstage, Bischoff teed off on Jeff Hardy for trying to help his girlfriend earlier, then assigned him to face the Big Show yet again. Ric Flair showed up and tried to get Bischoff to agree that Rob Van Dam wouldn't be granted his request to face Flair on the program. Bischoff refused to give and assurances, and then changed the subject, asking Flair about the "RAW talent" he was working on. Flair said he was trying, Eric said "Trying isn't good enough" - he wants results. Flair promised to deliver...whatever it is they were talking about...

The aforementioned Hardy/Big Show match was next - with Jacqui as the referee. As expected, the giant was all over his smaller opponent throughout the contest, until they went out to the floor. Show first ran himself into the corner post, then picked up a chair only to have it kicked in his face. The Big Show fell over the safety railing and lay there while Jacqui counted him out!

Booker took Jericho to task for calling him a "loser" earlier, promising to whip his butt. Jericho reminded him that he already has a match scheduled with Kane tonight.

Bubba Ray Dudley came to the ring to challenge HHH for the "World Title". Before the match, he propped a table in the corner and "reserved" it for his opponent - spray painting "HHH" on it. He made a speech about the arrogance of Triple H and the fact that he "didn't earn" the title he wears (the George W. Bush of the wrestling world...) But first, we cut to commercial.

The champion made his entrance with Ric Flair after the break and the match was on. Of course, at his first opportunity, Flair got physically involved. So Bubba was facing two opponents, but managed to make a good showing, getting several near falls before allowing Flair to distract him one too many times. Triple H hit him with the Pedigree and it was all over.

Backstage, Trish Stratus' challenger for the Womens' Title, the personna-less Victoria, attacked the champ and left her laying.

The match was next. Victoria entered first, then Trish ran out and attacked the challenger at ringside. Victoria managed to dominate the already battered champion through much of the match, but then Trish came back with a vengeance. Out on the floor again, Trish took a chair shot, which got the challenger disqualified

Backstage, Bischoff showed off his "RAW Roulette Wheel" - which featured a cardboard cut-out of Uncle Eric's face in the center of the wheel - to Stacy Keibler. His idea is to use the wheel on next week's show (from Las Vegas) to randomly select stipulations for each match.

After the match, Christian and Storm were still bickering. Regal tried to calm them down, but Test didn't help by calling them both "losers". In Triple H's dressing room, Coach tried to get an interview with HHH, but kept getting interrupted, first by Flair, then by the two women waiting for Hunter in the shower, then by Chris Jericho, who wanted to discuss a deal involving his match against Kane later tonight. The winner of that match gets a title shot at the next PPV. Coach got shunted out of the room and never did get a chance to ask his questions.

After the break, Test and Willy Regal took on Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer. Naturally, the first chance they got, the heels went after RVD's injured ribs and isolated him. That didn't last long, however. Soon enough, Dreamer was back in the fight. After a lot of confusion, Dreamer maneuvered test into the way of a back kick from RVD then took the pin. The other Whiners ran in, but fell to fighting among themselves and were vanquished.

Kane got his shot at the IC title in the next match and won it with a chokeslam in spite of Ric Flair's and Triple H's attempts to interfere. So Kane will get a chance to take Triple H's title at No Mercy.

That will be a fun match...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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