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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

SmackDown! Begins a
Tag Team Title Tournament

Stephanie introduces the WWE "World" Tag Team Titles

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Q&A with Roddy Piper

Volume 7, Issue 704 - October 7, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have a press release from Roddy Piper, our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, some APW News, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.

Press Release...Q&A with Roddy Piper

Recently, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper sat down and answered some questions in preparation for the release of his book "In The Pit With Piper" and subsequent Book Tour of the United States. Here is some insight on Roddy's book, health, and future plans from Roddy himself.

To pre-order your personally autographed copy of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's book via the internet, go to

To book Roddy Piper for a Media Appearance, please e-mail all requests to

Q & A with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Q: Since leaving WCW many years ago, you have, for the most part, been out of the public eye. What have you been doing the last few years, both in Pro Wrestling and out?

A: 18 months ago, I began writing my book, at which time I had to deal with getting a lifetime stalking order against a man who spent three years in prison, got out, and then began stalking my family. He is a 33 year old male named Michael Feil. During the time while writing this book, I had to fire six different people along the way for various reasons hindering me from completing the book. I must admit, I have always prided myself in “no retreat and no surrender,” however, three individual times, I almost gave this book up. I moved down to Los Angeles to continue finishing the book until January 31, 2002, when being a passenger in a car with a wrestling fan, this fan tried to kill me by slamming my side of the car into a steel guard rail, two SUV’s, and uprooted a lamp post. Dazed and confused, I came home where I collapsed and I can only tell you what I heard from the man who saved my life, Lewis Rach, that I had passed out, began spitting blood out of my mouth, and when the paramedics arrived, my blood pressure was 80/40 and I was close to clinically dead. I spent 13 days in intensive care at Cedars-Sanai Hospital, recovering from a shattered ankle, ruptured spleen, broken back in two places, and four broken ribs, one of which went into my liver four inches and caused severe internal bleeding. This tended to slow the book writing down a bit for me, however, I finally got the damn thing done. There is a God!

Q: There have been many books released by Wrestling Personalities in the last several years. What makes yours different from the rest?

A: I am very proud of the profession of wrestling as it not only saved my life as

Q: On your website,, there is an article written by Lewis Rach that talks about your health problems stemming from an auto accident early this year. How is the recuperation going?

A: In asking Rod this question, he simply said, “I am a box of fluffy ducks.”

Q: Will you be touring in association with the release of your book and if so, when will the details and cities be released?

A: Billy Ray Cyrus, a friend of mine, cut his tour a week short in order that I may have the bus that I desired for my book tour, NiteTrain Coach’s “Crazy Train.” The tour begins November 4, the same day that “In the Pit With Piper” will be released, and will encompass all of North America, the exact cities I will let you know as soon as I do, however, I must tell you, I am very proud of one I do know of: Planet Hollywood in Times Square, New York, New York. The New York Fire Department Pipe Band will be playing a key role in my appearance in what is planned to be a HUGE affair where I plan to see a lot of old acquaintances.

Q: After 35 years, what does the future look like for Roddy Piper?

A: Well Folks, they have told me my whole career that I have been the most unpredictable personality in history. So, I am gonna make this simple. These are my choices:

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Good morning! Tuesday Morning, usually boring and unsure, is again needfully brightened by the Tuesday Morning Report.

What bad news do we have to review here...oh....the WWE.

First thing I wanted to go over was a bit of a rehash of the Undertaker/Lesnar situation that erupted at the last PPV. For those of you that have decided to ignore the crap, here's a thumbnail of the situation: Rumor has it that Undertaker (a favorite of mine) declined to put Lesnar over clean, and a ruckus erupted in the locker that was mimicked by the crowd in attendance later that evening. If true, this is another example of the back-stage politics that led to the death of the WCW wrestling empire.

Now, I have seen ol' Taker be lambasted with this charge before. It occurred last year, when he was in a program with Albert, and the Dead Man allegedly refused to do the job then as well. After the charge was levied, The Undertaker hurriedly changed his ways, the best example being his jobbing to Raven at the Royal Rumble. Because both Mick Foley and Rocky told us about how consummate of a pro The Phenom was in their books, I attributed it to either a one-time refusal, or a real problem with the storyline that Undertaker might have had. This time, however, I am not so sure.

IF Undertaker was guilty of back-dooring both men, thus killing their respective pushes, he needs to be called out on this by both the locker room, and by Vince. It is so painfully obvious to me (and, hopefully, to a lot of people) that these shenanigans are part and parcel of the downfall of pro wrestling federations. Anyone that looks at Luger, Bagwell, Hogan, Nash, Hall, and the rest of the egos that floated and demanded their way through the WCW locker room can see that, and since I have beaten that dead (and I mean DEAD) horse enough in this venue, I won't belabor it further; it is painfully obvious. The dreadful malaise that has gripped the WWE, both creatively and ratings-wise, is exacerbated by these ulterior motivations and in-office booking.

However, all that being said, I truly think that they have picked the best way to fix the situation.

Imagine the kudos that the Undertaker would get from his peers when he puts Lesnar over clean in a Hell in a Cell match...a match created for and by the Undertaker. As much as he has been identified by this type of match, Undertaker can really offer up a huge push to Lesnar by jobbing to him in such a match. It would be akin to Kurt Angle putting over Rey Jr. via a submission tap-out......Lesnar would get incomparable momentum from it. Talk about Goldberg being thought of as invincible; Lesnar would approach that level.

So, to pay Lesnar back for being treated like he was not the pushed wrestler (which is what it turned out to be; Undertaker took a lot of his momentum), Undertaker goes ahead and postulates to the booking people that if he can 'get over' on Lesnar at the September PPV, he will do the job in the Cell in October, thus doing two things: He maintains his position as the American Badass, and then increases Lesnar's character by jobbing in his own signature match.

OK...that sounds pretty good, doesn't it......but, what if Undertaker doesn't do the job?

Well, in addition to falling off of my list of favorite workers (SORRY, Ms. Pamela), Undertaker will go from a huge plus in the locker room to a liability. Someone in the Forum said that HHH was "...a locker room cancer...", and I wouldn't dare argue that. However, if Undertaker balks at putting the younger talent (personified in Lesnar) over, just to maintain his character's standing to the fans, he goes from benign to malignant. For all the work HHH did while 'Taker, Rock, and Austin were injured, and for all the effort he put into returning and obvious heat, he is problematic in the locker room, and may be a long term detriment to the fed. The Undertaker could join that small, exclusive, but extremely negative club by doing the wrong thing at No Mercy.

Um...sorry. In addition to the first thing I wanted to talk about, that is the only thing I wanted to talk about. Except the fact that Solie's Vintage is the wrestling site that sets the standard on the 'Net, and is waiting for you to come over for the news, rumors, and results we post every weekday.

See you next week for another Connection

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana and opened with Stephanie running down the card for tonight. A rematch for Edge vs. Kurt Angle - another for Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy - Chris Benoit vs. Rey Misterio for the first time ever - and a tag team title tournament...

...the first round of which happened immediately - the Guerreros vs. Rikishi and Mark Henry. The highlight of this one happened early on when Eddie went to slip between Rikishi's legs from behind, but then changed his mind as he found himself approaching the big guy's...uh...behind. All kidding aside, however, the Guerreros' superior teamwork is evident from the get go. They started working on Henry's left knee, isolated him for several minutes, then sealed the deal with a chair shot to the injured limb. The Guerreros advanced.

Backstage, Torrie and her father run into Upchuck and Billy - who are much friendlier now then they were a few months ago. Dawn Marie showed up and wished Torrie luck in their bikini contest set for later in the program. Dawn walked away as father and daughter looked at each other like, "What..?"

Next up - UT vs. Matt Hardy in a falls-count-anywhere match. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Hardy has lost his mind... Or so it seemed, as the Undertaker beat the tar out of him for several minutes. But then Brock lesnar ran in at the last moment as the match had moved back into the loading area. Lesnar delivered an F5 on what looked like a stack of bags of peanuts (the packing material kind). Hardy took the pin. Then Lesnar got in one more shot...on UT's hand...with a helium tank!

Mark Lloyd tried to get an interview with UT after the break, but the wrestler was too busy nursing his injured hand. he interviewed the trainer instead, who said he thought the hand was probably broken. They were on their way to the hospital...

Jamie Noble defended his Cruiserweight strap against Crash Holly. Holly has been on a winning streak lately (he beat Kidman just last week on the show). In this case, however, Noble's girlfriend Nidia was a mitigating factor, interfering and/or providing distraction at every opportunity. In the end, Noble grabbed a handful of rope to steal the pinfall.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was being interviewed when his opponent for tonight, Edge, walked up. They had words...duh...and then Angle sucker punched his opponent.

That match came up after the break. Early on, Angle went to work and re-injured his opponent's ribs, thus dominating the action pretty much throughout the entire contest. Edge made a big comeback towards the end, but he was still grasping his rib cage. He went for a somewhat high spear. Angle caught him low and threw Edge over his head...right into the referee. With the ref down, Edge hit the Edgecution, but there was nobody to administer the count. Angle came back and down his opponent. A new referee ran in and Angle got the two count. Angle then applied the ankle lock - but Edge crawled to the ropes, but took too long getting there. Kurt tried his "run-up suplex" but Edge threw him off. Kurt came back with a punch then delivered a super-plex to take the pinfall. He was declared the winner by the new referee - but then the original ref woke up and said that Edge was the winner. They had words and then the original ref cold docked the new ref!! Two more refs arrived and they were still trying to sort it all out when we cut to commercial.

After the break, Angle had Edge tied up in the ropes and ran his shoulder into the injured ribs twice. The third time he tried it, Edge got loose and Angle went to the floor. The announcers informed us that the original referee had restarted the match! What followed was a lot of see-saw action - several false endings from both directions. As Angle started to take the lead, Chris Benoit made his way down to the ring, distracting Angle severely. Meanwhile, edge continued to resist defeat. Angle was knocked to the floor and came back with a chair. He raised it to swing, but Benoit jumped onto the apron and grabbed it away. Angle was distracted, then tried to hit Benoit only to take it on the head when the chair bounced back off the ropes, then turned around and took a spear from Edge, who then took the pin.

Backstage, Benoit and Angle were about to come to blows when Stephanie showed up and told them they have to get along because next week they will be partners in the tag title tournament, and because she threatened to suspend them both for a year if they don't... Meanwhile, Matt Hardy turned up in Lesnar's dressing room, claiming that he defeated the Undertaker (again) due to "pure Mattitude" (right...) He figures that makes him the guy to replace the injured UT in the title match at the PPV. Heyman, of course, encouraged him in this folly.

Upchuck and Billy took on Faarooq and D-Von in the next first round tournament match. D-Von was supposed to have Batista as his partner, so Faarooq was a surprise, especially considering the history between the APA and the Dudleys. In any case, they looked pretty good as a team. Faarooq seemed to be enjoying returning to his heel roots as he happily took cheap shots. They tried to set up the "Whazzup?" maneuver but it backfired and Faarooq took the shot. Moments later, however, he showed that he'd been paying attention in those match against the Dudleys as he fell right into Bubba's role and they took the duke to advance.

Backstage, Dawn Marie showed Mr. Wilson her bikini - he told her to call him "Al"...

The bikini contest was next. Both ladies looked delicious - but Torrie was the face (and she actually does have a slightly better body) - so she won. Dawn offered her left hand to shake, then used the right to slap the taste out of her opponent's mouth. Then she shoved her to the floor.

Backstage, Stephanie caught Brock and Paul leaving and informed them that the Undertaker's hand is broken - but UT insists on wrestling his rematch at the PPV. Stephanie then named the stipulation - the match will be a Hell in the Cell!

Rey Misterio took on Chris Benoit as promised at the top of the program. Benoit came on in his usual "Rabid Wolverine" fashion and dominated the early going. As soon as Misterio got a chance to take the air, however, he began to gain some ground. After a while, Benoit seemed to get his opponents number, and Misterio was back on the receiving end again. But try as he might, Benoit was unable to finish the match. Misterio went for the 619. Benoit caught him and reversed the move into a back breaker, then went for the pin. No cigar. The second attempt at the 619 was successful, then Misterio followed up with his flying Frankensteiner and took the pin. Kurt Angle ran in (appropos of nothing...), got in Benoit's face, and the two of them had to be separated by a phalanx of officials.

Raw came to us live from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and featured a series of gimmick matches picked by the spin of the "RAW Roulette" wheel. It opened with Eric Bischoff, backed by a couple of showgirls, explaining the RR concept, then spinning the wheel to choose the stip for the opening match...

...which was a cage match featuring Booker T vs. the Big Show. I wonder what would happen if it came up with a steel cage match every time he spun the wheel... During this match, the King announced that he wanted to have a match tonight - no doubt Uncle Eric will find a way to accommodate him. Anyway - this was a brutal contest, which ended when Booker T made it over the top of the cage to the floor. He started to do his Spineroonie out on the floor but was attacked by Chris Jericho (for some reason). Jericho pulled the padding off the safety railing then rammed Booker's forehead into it, busting him open. I guess this had something to do with Booker laughing at Jericho last week.

In the next scene, Bischoff confronted the Tag Team Champs (?) Kane and Hurricane - Hey wait a minute! Didn't Stephanie just start a WWE Tag Title tournament over on SmackDown!? That proves it - these GM don't actually watch each other's programs... Bischoff spun the wheel and came up with a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for their title defense. Well, I'm certainly confused... ( a later review of what happened on SmackDown! reveals that Stephain called her tag Team titles the WWE "World" Tag Team Titles - so perhaps the "World" designation is the distinguishing factor. By the way - for those on other sites who are claiming that the IC title going away, I would just point out that both Bischoff and Kane talked about the idea tonight that Kane might just end up holding the Tag Team, IC and the "World" titles simultaneously.

After the break, Jericho explained his actions - he blames Booker for losing the IC Title by calling him a "sucka!" last week (huh?) Meanwhile, Bischoff spun the wheel again and came up with a blindfold match for Triple H vs...well...actually they didn't say... Goldust and Willy Regal were on hand for the spin to determine their pending match-up - a Vegas Showgirl match. Regal was appalled to discover that means he has to dress up like a showgirl!

Triple H's match was next - his opponent - D'Lo Brown. The two of them were issued black hoods to wear over their heads and then the hilarity began. Being blind, they walked right by each other. Then they finally locked up and HHH forced Brown into the corner. D'Lo strayed away from the corner while HHH stood there talking trash to the air. Hunter finally got his hands on his opponent and went right for the Pedigree - but D'Lo turned it into a backdrop and then hit a Sky High. HHH scooted to the apron where his companion Ric Flair whispered something to him. Flair then jumped on the apron and distracted the referee while Triple H uncovered his eyes and finished the the match.

Backstage, Bischoff told Christian, Bubba and Jeff Hardy that they would all be involved in the TLC Tag Title match - and told them each to go get a partner.

Goldust was delighted to come to the ring dressed as a showgirl (including feathered head dress and tail feathers, but Regal was mortified (of course). Interestingly, Goldy got to wear wrestling boots while Regal came to the ring in spike heels! (He actually shed them on his way down the ramp). The fight barely got started when Lance Storm ran down to distract Goldust so that Regal could unload with his brass knuckles and take the duke.

Bischoff spun the wheel for Trish and Stacy - coming up with a Bra & Panties/Paddle on a Pole match. Meanwhile Chris Jericho volunteered to be Christian's partner for TLC - then Bubba picked Spike as his partner (after initially offering the spot to Tommy Dreamer, who stepped aside when Spike suggested that maybe it should be him instead).

Stacy and Trish met in the ring next. The stip for this one was that the first woman to strip her opponent to bra and panties would win the Womens' Title and would get to paddle the loser with a paddle which was suspended on a pole. Trish won the match, but Stacy knocked her down and retrieved the paddle - only to have it snatched away. Stacy was paddles until she fled - at which point Victoria ran down and attacked (and trashed) Trish.

Backstage, Coach asked Jeff Hardy who he would get for his partner - and produced Rob Van Dam.

After the break, Victoria professed some un-named past grudge against Trish. More to come, I suppose...

Al Snow made his RAW debut (since the roster split) in a Street Match against Test. They started by pulling trash cans, road signs, big dice, etc. out from under the ring then went to town. Both of these guys are former Hardcore Champs - but I'm sure Snow is the more experienced, hardcore style or otherwise. In fact, Snow dominated the action for the most part, mostly by making judicious use of trash cans and trash can lids. Then he pulled out a bowling bag, donned a load bowling shirt then tried to use the ball as a weapon, but failed at first. Moments later, he got the bowling ball back and beaned Test with it to win the match.

Lawler was up next in a match against Stevie Richards. Their stip - an "It's legal in Nevada". The Godfather came out with a passle of feminine pulchritude and declared that the winner of the match would get to "take a ride on the H* train." This was right up Lawler's alley - so his motivation was pretty strong (to say the least). he won it (of course...) and got smothered in womankind, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

In the middle of an interview with Terri, Kane was informed that Triple H and Hurricane were beating up the Hurricane in another part of the building. Kane arrived with some officials but was too late to prevent them from taking his partner out of action.

In the main event, Kane (w/o Hurricane) defended the Tag Titles against Christian/Chris Jericho, Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley and Jeff Hardy/Rob Van Dam in a TLC match. The determining factor in this match was the ladder itself. With so many bodies in the ring, it was literally impossible for anyone to make it to the top of it. Anytime anyone tried, they were attacked from several directions at once. The funniest moment had to be when Kane slammed Bubba and caused the upright ladder to jump about three feet straight up in the air before settling back on the mat. A second ladder was introduced shortly after that. Jeff hardy then set two more, larger, ladders up out on the floor and used one of them to drop a leg on Kane and put him through a table. A minute later, we broke for a commercial.

As we returned, Spike came close to getting the belts, but was foiled at the last moment. Tere were bodies all over the place at this point. Then Jericho introduced the first chair - but it was Hardy and Van Dam who made the best use of it. Hardy held the chair in front of Kane, who was slumped in a corner, then RVD lept from an adjoining corner the length of the ring to smash it into the big guy's face. After another six minutes or so of inspired carnage, including Jericho putting a modified surfboard on RVD at the top of a ladder, Kane cleared the ring and climbed to the top, grabbed the belts and retained the titles.

Then Triple H appeared on the platform and accused Kane of being a murderer! Of someone named Katie Fick? Oh my...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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