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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Jericho and Christian take the Tag Belts

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

All Pro Wrestling news

by Jermz

Volume 7, Issue 705 - October 14, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have a press release from Roddy Piper, our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, some APW News, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.


In his 35 plus year career, Roddy Piper has never backed down from a challenge and as he embarks on his most important project of his career, the book release of "In The Pit With Piper" and subsequent U.S. Book Tour, he is not about to start. There have been some fans and historians in the wrestling community that questioned some items in the Press Release for the book. Roddy Piper has sat down with to set the record straight on these items and issue a challenge of his own.

Item #1-"Roddy Piper created Starrcade, the first Wrestling Pay-Per-View": At Starrcade, Roddy Piper was featured in the double main event in one of the undisputed toughest matches ever against Greg Valentine. It is generally remembered by most as the match that stands out on the show because of the brutality of the contest. As far as Starrcade being the first Pay-Per-View, while it was not offered on what today is called Pay-Per-View, it was the first "Supercard" offered in a large area on Closed Circuit TV. To see it, you had to pay to get in the buildings, so technically it was a "Pay-Per-View", just not exactly what Pay-Per-View has evolved into in 2002.

Item #2-"Roddy Piper is the Founding Father of the WWF": As you will read in his book, Roddy Piper was also the main player involved in a National startup promotion in 1982 that preceded the WWF Expansion. The link between the two companies was Jim Barnett. (More on that will be in the book). With that said, Vince McMahon has publicly stated that if WrestleMania 1 was not successful, he would have been broke as he banked his entire empire on that show. The key figures behind the buildup to WM1 were Cyndi Lauper, Lou Albano, and Roddy Piper. In Piper's Pit, Albano and Lauper had their confrontations in which Roddy Piper became involved and subsequently led to "The War to Settle The Score" on MTV between Roddy Piper and Hogan which led to WrestleMania. In the promotion of WrestleMania 1, many female celebrities including Dr. Ruth, Geraldine Ferraro (the Vice Presidential Candidate at the time), and even Lauper herself, live on the American Music Awards said that Roddy Piper "would get his", "wasn't fit to wear a dress", etc. In addition, it was Roddy Piper, in a conversation with Vince McMahon that laid out the match where Mr. T, to save credibility, would not punch and kick but wrestle a more basic amateur style and then tag in Hogan for the big pop. If you look at the match, that's how it happened. If you know wrestling at all, how can you disagree with actual film footage you can still rent at Blockbuster?

The point is, taking nothing away from the other participants, the key to the buildup was that people would not pay to see the hero (Hogan) flex his muscles and the celebrity (Mr. T) but the people paid to see Roddy Piper get his ass kicked. WrestleMania was a success and the WWF Expansion as well, because of this angle that revolved for months around Piper, not to mention the coconut.

Item #3-"Roddy Piperís Recent Car Accident": This recent wreck had nothing to do with the hip replacement that took place years ago. The fact is that Roddy Piper was involved in an extremely serious wreck in January of this year. Only a few in the XWF and his closest friends knew the severity. The reason that it is being brought up now is to let the fan's know that when they come to see Roddy Piper on his book tour, he is still recuperating from these near fatal injuries and fans may see a different Roddy Piper from the "larger than life" figure he appears as on TV.

Item #4-"RoddyPiper claims that when he was stabbed in Raleigh, NC, he was saving small children": This one is easy-the "so called" historians should go look at the police report. Roddy Piper was confronting a fan with a knife and let his guard down when a young girl, who ended up being the perpetrators daughter, was tugging at his leg. When he was distracted, Roddy Piper was stabbed an inch away from his heart and followed the "fan" who ran right into a police officer. That is how the world "children" came into the story as the Charlotte News said it on their newscast and everyone followed their vernacular.

Item #5-"Roddy Piper lives, sleeps, and breaths kayfabe": Piper didn't even know how to spell kayfabe, not because he flunked spelling, but because it is a carny word that was never written, just a phrase used in the Carnival World. Nevertheless, if one joins the American Military and takes an oath and then breaks that oath he is a traitor. Roddy Piper took an oath in the wrestling business when "breaking in" and unlike many, has kept that oath. The interesting fact is that this book is the first time in his career that he breaks so called "kayfabe" and tells the absolute truth about his career and his feelings on the wrestling business. By the way, whoever the Einstein is that spelled "kayfabe" should know that it is not a word, but a lifestyle, and was never intended to be written. In addition, Roddy Piper was not there when Bruiser Brody died nor did he witness the event?!

Piper Issues A Challenge

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper stands 100% behind everything that is written in both the Press Release and his life story, "In The Pit With Piper". Any wrestling fan, writer, or historian who would like to challenge anything written in either can go to and hit the media relations link at the bottom of the page. Roddy Piper will respond on the website either in writing or on live streaming video as only he can. is the official website of both the book and tour. You can purchase an advanced personalized and autographed copy of the book or visit often for tour updates and streaming video of Roddy Piper as he gets ready to embark on his book tour.

In the spring of 2001, Roddy Piper was honored with a lifetime achievement award given by The Cauliflower Alley Club at their annual meeting in Las Vegas.

In his speech, Piper discussed his concern and commitment to helping retired Boxers and Wrestlers get the proper medical care that they all so desperately need for injuries and years of the physical pounding that their bodies have endured. He explained how legend Johnny Valentine was very ill and could not afford to seek the proper medical treatment due to not having medical insurance. A check was donated to Valentine's wife to assist the family in getting him the urgent attention he needed. But, it was too late, the world lost Johnny Valentine two days later.

Piper vowed at this time, to donate 5% of all of his future earnings to a fund which will provide assistance to these retired athletes, who have no insurance and sometimes not even a place to call home. Father Jason Sanderson of St Judes Liberal Catholic Church in Nashua, New Hampshire, was so moved by Piper's speech that he has donated 44 acres in Vermont to the cause. Father Sanderson had recently won the second largest Powerball lottery drawing in the United States and received an unprecedented 66 million dollars!

Roddy Piper is closely working with Father Sanderson coordinating the building of a Medical Care Center for retired Boxers and Wrestlers who cannot afford medical benefits or decent housing.

Roddy Piper has generously invited all of his old friends and comrades to join him on his national promotional tour for "In The Pit With Piper." He wants to share his book signing events with these men and women who have shared in his blood, sweat and tears, and share with the world the stories and the wrestling matches that have made them all household names.

Roddy Piper will announce, with these local athletes, his plan for the Retirement Care Center. Please join him in spreading the word and the need for helping these retired athletes, who may have no where else to turn. This tragedy has been going on far too long.

Roddy Piper invites all of the Local Legends and Frat Brothers to join him as his Special Guest in each of the cities he will be appearing. If you would like to be a part of this special occasion, contact The complete Tour Schedule will be released shortly.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz (APW's Senior Media Editor & Webmaster at


Here are results of the APW Gym Warz show from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. on Friday October 11th 2002

The final Gym Warz before the huge return of Halloween Hell began with "The Bomb Squad" coming to the ring for an interview. The members of "The Bomb Squad" were Robert Thompson, Nikki, Melissa & Psycho Seth. They each talked about tonight's Handicap Elimination Match against Team Blackout. Nikki made a big announcement, that she will be touring to Japan to work for ARSION in January 2003, along with Melissa. The crowd gave her a big pop for the announcement. "The Bomb Squad" then talked about how they are going to tear the Garage down tonight when they meet Blackwell, Kafu & Kryptonite. Thompson ended the promo with his favorite saying..."This is MY HOUSE". Congratulations to Nikki for making it to Japan!

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH - Joey Ryan vs. Vennis The Menace vs. JoJo Fantastico
Winner: Joey Ryan ( * * )

James Watkins (with Larry Blackwell) vs. "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz (with Robert Thompson)
Winner: James Watkins ( * * )

HANDICAP ELIMINATION MATCH - THE BLACKOUT ARMY: Larry Blackwell, Kafu & Kryptonite vs. THE BOMB SQUAD: "The Bomb" Robert Thompson, Nikki, Melissa & Psycho Seth
Winners: The Blackout Army ( * * 3/4)

Blackout/Bomb Aftermath - After the match, the Blackout Army continued to work over Bomber, as the Gym Warz fans could only stand and watch, not believing what they had just seen. Melissa had joined Blackwell, and they were beating and taunting Bomber & Nikki. Melissa got the mic and screamed about how she knew that Nikki was trash-talking behind her back, while she was gone. She then said that Kryptonite was the one who called her, and got her to come back and take care of Nikki. Melissa and Kryptonite embraced like a boy/girlfriend, which REALLY drew some major heat from the crowd. The Blackout Army walked out together, leaving Robert Thompson & Nikki laying in the ring. Finally they were able to help each other limp back to the dressing room, but the damage had been done. The Blackout Army had spoken volumes tonight.

Super Dragon vs. "Shooting Star" Bobby Quance
Winner: 20-Minute Time Limit Draw ( * * * * )

Dragon/Quance Aftermath - After the match was over, while the fans gave a standing ovation to both men, Quance extended his hand. Super Dragon hesitated for a moment, but then he reached out and shook hands. The two hugged and raised each others hand, as the fans cheered. Just then, Larry Blackwell's music hit, and out came his Army. They yelled at Super Dragon, saying that he is with them, and they don't shake hands. They started to bully Super Dragon around for shaking hands with Bobby Quance, saying that he wasn't with them anymore if he was going to be friends with Quance. Watkins, Blackwell, Kafu & Kryptonite then slapped SD, and then began to pummel him into the ground! They grabbed Quance and started on him too. The Blackout Army were beating on both Bobby Quance and Super Dragon, after they had just wrestled a 20-minute match, and were too tired to defend themselves.

Just then, Robert Thompson, Psycho Seth & Nikki hit the ring, and chased The Army away. Thompson grabbed Kryptonite and hit him with a belly-to-back superplex from the top rope, totally knocking the wind out of him. Then Thompson tossed Kryptonite over the top rope and down onto The Army. A staredown was on, as The Bomb Squad stood in the ring, helping Quance and Super Dragon...and The Blackout Army stood in the War Zone, vowing that they would rid APW of Thompson once and for all at Halloween Hell.

Thompson began to celebrate, and invited all of the APW fans into the ring with him, and said it was just like 1997 again. The fans let out a HUGE chat of "APW...APW...APW", as the show came to a close. However...just as things were ending, APW Official Gabe Ramirez jumped into the ring and began screaming at Thompson that the Garage was NOT "his house". Ramirez talked about how it was EVERYONE'S house, and Thompson shouldn't take credit for it, especially since he doesn't even stay after the shows and help clean the place up. Gabe was great on the mic, screaming at Thompson and making the fans get out of the ring. The Bomb then told Gabe that he has never even taken a bump in that ring, and he had no right to tell Bomber it wasn't his house. Just then, Robert shoved Gabe into the turnbuckle, knocking him over, and then charged him. The other wrestlers in the ring grabbed Bomber, while fans scrambled to get out of the ring. Other APW Officials rushed to get Gabe out of the ring, and get Thompson back to the dressing room before things got more heated.

The show ends with Bomber being escorted to the back, while APW Official Gabe Ramirez recovered from being assaulted by the champ...and helped out of the ring. Fans weren't sure what had just went down, as many of them rushed out of the ring. It will be very interesting seeing what happens, as we go into the final stages before the return of HALLOWEEN HELL!!!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

You know that I have spent a lot of time talking about what the WWF (and for that matter the now defunct WCW) has done wrong over the past five or six years. I have been guilty of resoundingly blasting Vince and his kin for the sad state of the wrestling world. As Mr. Benaka told us so vividly on the Forum, there isn't much fun in watching wrestling, or reading about it on the Web. It has become a plethora of negative opinion, satirical op-ed, and results and news tainted with the casualties of kayfabe.

However, I havenít spent a lot of time talking about what the new wrestling scene has done right.

What is that? Cross is telling us that the WWF/E did something right? Sure am...just sit back, and listen for a bit.

First off, they made the in-ring action far more exciting. How? Well, steroids excluded, the athletes are in far better physical shape. Gone are the times when wrestlers could work a 25 minute match with 15-minutes of resting holds and two falls. Now, you have guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels who can work 60 minute marathons with less than a third of the time spent in resting holds. You have guys like Rocky Maivia, who, though he isnít a technical genius, can go, and go, and go. Same for Austin, HHH, and many of the top stars in the ring. Gone are the days when guys that had huge muscles were few and far between, like Billy Graham and Jesse Ventura, the cut bodies are the norm. Take a good look at Steven Richards, if you havenít done so before....the guy is ripped.

Add to that the fact that the technical wrestlers (the ones that are so) are better at their craft. Bret Hart is a good example, but better ones are Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guererro. There isn't anything better than watching a good in-ring general work a great match. Crisp moves, nice bumps, and proper selling of the other workers moves. A great worker can make a bad opponent look good, and excellent technique can make a mid card match steal the show. I think the wrestlers are in better shape, and are, if allowed to be, better in the ring.

Second, the matches are done better. Who keeps saying that the match ought to tell a story.....Jim Ross? Well, whoever it is, the stories are being told better in a lot of the matches that I have seen. Good wrestlers or not, the matches are scripted better. Be it punch-kick-throw (a la the Rock), or a Beniot masterpiece, there are few times in a match that there is nothing going on. There are lots of false endings, close calls, and drama in the ring, and matches, though sometimes not as long as they used to be, hop along as they should. Heck, if it wasn't for the crap outside the ring (over-the-top storylines, run-ins, and the like), we would marvel over what these athletes do.

The production of the tv shows has been improved so much, that the comparison shouldn't even be made. After seeing the old USA shows (1983-6?), and then seeing a Nitro or a Smackdown, you should be astounded about what they have done to the watchablility of the professional wrestling shows. The wrestling ĎWar to End All Warsí gave us all some of the best directed and original live programming ever shown on none. This is probably the greatest advance that I can see that professional wrestling has made.....the production of live shows. These people worked around deaths (Owen Hart), injuries, rabid fans, drops in ratings, and staff fluctuations (the Russo/Ferarra defection, for example). No fact, I would even say that the production level of the shows themselves have continually improved, just that the writing and acting has slackened off as the competition waned.

Well, you can't ever say that I never said anything good about the professional wrestling industry. For the casual watcher, the product is better, smoother, and more inviting. For the regular fans, though, the creativity has lessened. We are used to the steady improvements that I mentioned, there has to be the other step...the resumption of the improvements that the wrestling world made during the late 90ís.

I think itís possible.

Thanks for reading. Sending me feedback, coming to Solieís often, and visiting are the best ways to thank me, and I accept all such actions.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona and opened with the Undertaker out in the parking lot waiting for Brock Lesnar then Matt Hardy coming to the ring to brag about his tainted victory against the Dead Man last week. This brought UT back into the arena to teach the youngster a lesson. UT used his cast for a weapon to great affect, although he obviously suffered with each blow he struck. Before long the advocate of "Mattitude" was bleeding and battered out on the floor. Then UT missed a shot and smashed his broken hand into a corner post. Hardy used that mishap to make his escape.

After the break, Rikishi came to the ring as we looked in on UT with a trainer telling him that e needed to get an x-ray - because he may have broken his hand in another spot. Eddie Guerrero was Rikishi's opponent, with Chavo in his corner to provide distraction and interference. Both of the Guerreros ended up getting stink faced - simultaneously! But then Rikishi turned his attention to Chavo allowing his uncle to bring a chair into the ring. A chair shot and an El Paso Burrito leg lock later and Eddie G was the winner.

Backstage, Torrie was sorting lingerie for a "match" against Dawn Marie later when her dad showed up again. This guy must be retired...

Backstage after the break, the worst idea in the history of tag team wrestling (Angle and Benoit) are staring at each other with murder in their eyes. Stephanie steps between them and reminds them they have to cooperate in a tournament match tonight. They have a rather quiet argument, then go back to staring...

Rey Misterio is interrupted during his interview by Nidia, who speaks fluent Spanish to him. They end up arguing in Spanish. She stalks off and runs into her boyfriend, and ends up in a loud argument with him as well. They get so loud that some Security guys tell them to leave. Meanwhile, the Guerreros meet Chris Benoit leaving Stephanie's office. They mention that they have heard that Angle is getting ready to take some time off to compete in the Olympics. They imply that it means Angle won't really care about winning the Tag Titles. Benoit takes this all in, and is even more suspicious of his partner.

John Cena and Billy Kidman were the opponents for Benoit/Angle in their first round tournament match. The graphic for this match read, "Tag Team Tournament Round 1"- so they are still not being clear about what distinguishes this title from the one held by the team of Kane/Hurricane (besides the belts looking different). It's like they're deliberately trying to muddy the waters or something. I guess this is the WWE Tag Team Titles (SmackDown! version). The match was a pretty good one, with the two antagonists tripping each other up from time to time but still managing to be effective. In the end, Benoit got Kidman to tap with the Crippler Crossface.

Backstage, Paul heyman and Brock Lesnar are seen heading into the arena accompanied by a lovely lady.

After the break, Heyman and Co. came to the ring so that Heyman could air his complaints about the coming Hell in the Cell match. He introduced the lady, named Tracy, to reveal something about the Undertaker. But before she could speak up, the Dead Man showed. She got in his face, called him Mark, accused him of having an affair with her! Claims she didn't know he was married. Claimed she promised him that she would never take their relationship public (so much for that promise). UT grabbed the mic and said he didn't know the woman - who slapped him then left the ring. Heyman and Lesnar backed out of the arena, smiling...

Heyman and Co. were leaving when Stephanie stopped them. Since Jamie Noble has been run out of the building, she needs Lesnar to be Tajiri's partner in the Tag Team Title Tournament (huh?)

Billy Gunn was up next (accompanied by Upchuck), to take on D-Von (accompanied by Ron Simmons - Faarooq, going under his real name). Simmons and D-Von played the heels against Upchuck and Billy's' new face status. Despite Simmons' interference, Billy won it with a Fame-asser.

Backstage, UT was on the phone with his wife, who was reading him the riot act while he tried to tell her that he didn't know the lady in question. She hung up on him.

After the break, Chavo lured Benoit into a room where he was assaulted by Eddie, who bashed him with a chair, then set it up to look like Kurt Angle had attacked him. Meanwhile, Torrie asked her dad not to come into the arena during her lingerie competition later. She left, then Dawn Marie showed up and continued her seduction of the old fool.

That competition was next, with Tazz again as the host. Each girl was given 30 seconds to strut her stuff...then Torrie was judged the winner. Her outfit, again, was sexier, with an opening right down the middle! This time Torrie refused to shake the competition's hand and split, keeping a sharp eye over her shoulder as she left.

Backstage after the break, Dawn Marie gave Al Wilson the key to her hotel room. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar called Sarah Calloway on Heyman's cell phone to rub it in about her husband's supposed indiscretions. Now this is real weird. In the graphic for the promo of the Tag Tournament match coming up after the break - it looked like they used an image of the original WWE Tag belt behind the photos of the combatants.

Brock Lesnar and Tajiri took on Rey Misterio and Edge in the main event, and the second Tag Team Title Tournament match of the evening. After feeling Lesnar's power in the first two exchanges, Edge got smart and side stepped the monster, causing him to fall out to the floor. Misterio tagged in and outmaneuvered his opponent for about 3 seconds before being grounded. Tajiri tagged himself in and we had more of a match. But Rey Rey was still weakened from his encounter with Brock, so he continued on the receiving end. Edge tagged back in and cleaned house, even putting Lesnar down (on the third try). Rey got back into it and things were pretty confused for a while. Then Edge hit Tajiri with a spear and took the pin. Afterward, Lesnar threw Edge out of the ring then attacked both Misterio and Tajiri. UT ran in and knocked Lesnar out of the ring with his cast.

Raw came to us live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and opened with Kane arriving at the building and refusing to comment on Triple H's accusation. We then went to the ring for a Tag Team Title defense by kane and Hurricane against Chris Jericho and Christian. Jericho had a little trouble getting to the ring, after Booker T ran out and attacked him on the ramp. Poor Jericho couldn't seem to get anything going as he is first pummeled by Booker, then gets knocked off the apron when Kane shoves his partner across the ring early in the match. Eventually, however, Jericho made a comeback, dragging Hurricane and putting him out of action for a while. None of this really slowed the match down at all. Soon all four men were back in the fight. Hurricane was knocked to the floor once more, leaving his partner to go it alone for several minutes. By the time he got back into things, Kane and Christian were brawling up on the ramp. A roll-up and a reversal later, and Jericho had won the match (with some leverage help from the ropes).

Willy Regal joined the announce team for the next match until JR insulted him. Then he went to ringside to run interference for his partner Lance Storm, who was facing Al Snow in a one-on-one match up. At one point he tried to hand off the brass knuckles, but Snow beat Storm to the punch. So then Regal got up on the apron and distracted Snow so that Storm could lay in a side kick and take the duke.

Backstage, Trish interrupted an interview in which Victoria accused of spoiling her chance to get into wrestling years ago - her use of the word "languishing" was laughable - looked like she didn't know what it meant. Somebody get this girl into an acting class...please!

After the break, Spike, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam were in conversation when Eric Bischoff walked up and offered to show them a highlight reel he had assembled from the footage of the TLC match last week. Bischoff then sent Jeff and Spike away so he could talk to RVD about a match with Ric Flair for the PPV...oh and also his match for tonight - a Canadian Lumberjack match against Triple H!

Backstage, Triple H and Ric Flair were commiserating with each other over their coming matches at the PPV. Triple H declared that he would be going out after the next match and spilling the beans on Kane.

Hardy faced Rico in the next match. Jeff was showing some of his aches and pains from the TLC match last week, and Rico took advantage wherever he could. Among the things we learned from JR during this match was that Rico is a former Las Vegas police officer, and also that he competed on the American Gladiators tv show a few years ago. Jeff beat him with a swanton bomb about 6 minutes into the match.

Terri talked to Kane just before the break and convinced him that he needed to go out and tell his side of this "murder story" - whatever that means. He said, "You're right - thanks." - and headed out as we cut to commercial.

After the break, kane came to the ring and explained that he was driving with the girl in question after a party and had an accident, and she was killed. He declared that it was an accident, not a murder. HHH then came out and spun it his own way, implying that Kane had either forced her to have sex before...or after she was killed. Gosh - this is so uplifting.

After the break, Kane was on his way out of the arena. Hurricane tried to stop him, but Kane said that if he didn't leave he was liable to do something he would regret for the rest of his life.

Stacy came down to be the referee for a ladies tag team match pitting Molly and Victoria against Trish Stratus and Jacqueline. Well this could be interesting - when you consider that Jacquie could mop the floor with all four of her companions in this match - probably all at the same time. Sure enough, Jacquie had Molly down for the count, when Stacy faked a shoulder injury to halt the count. Se tried it a second time and got knocked to the floor for her trouble. Another referee ( a guy) then rolled into the ring and made the count. Victoria then knocked Jacquie out of the ring. She and Trish brawled out to the floor.

Backstage, Booker, Tommy Dreamer, Spike and Goldust were trying out some leather straps for the lumberjack match coming up.

Bischoff was in the ring as we returned. He made the announcement that the Intercontinental Title will be retired at No Mercy (yes Gavin, that means no matter what happens, Kane will be the last IC Champ), then introduced the first IC Champ, Pat Patterson. Sounds like an excuse to get the "three minute boyz" into action. Patterson proceeded to address the crowd in French, until Bischoff stopped him and told him to speak in English. Patterson expressed his reservations about coming out and facing a possible Pearl Harbor attack. Bischoff assured him he was on the up and up and then showed a tribute video of IC champs - then he sent in the Island Boyz in. They destroyed Patterson, then did in Jerry Brisco, who came to help his fellow "Stooge". But then the Big Show arrived with a leather strap and started to take the hide off the two thugs. Jeff Hardy and D'Lo Brown joined the frey with straps of their own and sent the bad guys packing.

Backstage, Al Snow and Chris Nowinski reminisced about Tough Enough until Harvard revealed his bitterness about the fact that he didn't win the contest. He then went to the ring to face Tommy Dreamer. A few minutes into the fight, Harvard retrieved a Singapore Cane from under the ring. Dreamer knocked him down before he could use it, but then Al Snow, who had come to the ringside area during the match, distracted Dreamer, causing him to lose the match.

Backstage, HHH was interviewed by Terri. Hunter stuck to his story and went on to warn the interviewer about getting close to a "dangerous man" like Kane. They're just making this up night by night...right..?

JR brought Randy Orton out to the platform, who tells us that he tore his shoulder last week and will be out of action for three-to-four months. His attitude has taken a major turn South - apparently he is starting to believe his own hype.

Booker T faced the Big Show in a falls-count-anywhere match. The fight soon headed to the backstage area. In the background, we saw Ric Flair directing trafiic as Triple H rode by on a forklift. Meanwhile the the combatants were finding weapons (funny, I never heard anyone say this was a no DQ match - or a no holds barred contest). They fought right into the womens' shower, where Trish hid behind a towel. In the middle of it, Chris Jericho ran in with a chair and clobbered Booker to end the match.

Meanwhile, Triple H used the forklift to block the face wrestlers' dressing room doorway, thus trapping about half of the propective lumberjacks away from the arena.

So Triple H came to the ring with only his friends surrounding the ring to face RVD. Repeatedly, RVD was whipped as Hunter threw him to the wolves again and again. Of course, when Hunter went to the floor, nobody laid a strap on him. Right at the end of the show, the good guys broke free and rushed the ring to attack the lumberjacks. Meanwhile, RVD knocked HHH down and hit his frogsplash. But he went to the top again and was knocked to the floor by Jericho. RVD was punked -but then Kane reappeared to clean house. He fell under the weight of an attack by the Island Boyz for just amoment, then came back and was standing tall as the program ended.

It's too bad they had to stoop to such a stupid angle for the PPV main event...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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