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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WWE No Mercy Report

Lesnar Retains his Title
in Hell in the Cell

Benoit & Angle the first
SmackDown Tag Champs

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Volume 7, Issue 706 - October 21, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I HATE TO SAY THAT I AM HAPPY ABOUT Brock Lesnar winning against the Undertaker, but I am....really, I am. I would have wanted the Undertaker to win in any situation other than this one, even though I tend towards being a slave where faces and heels are concerned. However, seeing 'Taker do the clean job to the Next Big Thing, especially after the last PPV's debacle, was warming. He re-established himself, at least to me, as an asset to the WWE. If he would have refused again, it would have been a crippling blow to the locker room, as well as the leadership position within the WWE he enjoys.

Obviously, it is important that they do this (have Lesnar win clean against the Undertaker), so the re-vamping of the venue can continue. Last week, they threw John Cena and Randy Orton over into the heel camp, and are moving Bautista over to the Raw roster. I also see that the Women's Division has a new force, as Victoria (my mother-in-law's name, as well as my sister-in-law' she isn't a 'Jr.') keeps impressing with her ability and in-ring moves.

And, like Ivory, when she isn't putting a sneer on her face, she's kinda cute...(insert 70's lounge music here).

While going over the State of the WWE, is anyone else gratified to see Al Snow back in the ring on a regular basis? He's a riot, and there is no doubt that the man works his butt off in the ring. It also looks like he will be getting into a sort-of alliance with his Tough Enough trainee, Chris Nowinski. Does that mean that MENSA-boy will be turning face? Well, as Yoda (of Star Wars fame) would say, "Doubt it I do." Nowinski is pretty over as a heel, and Al plays a very good neurotic. Think ol' Head will make a return to the active service? Think I will? Go to active service, I mean? Ah, forget it....both items might be too old to bring back to active duty....

Now, The next subject I've covered aplenty in my other columns, so I'll say it in one sentence here, and move hurridly on: Semen, necrophilia, rape, and drunk driving deaths have no, no, NO place in professional wrestling.

Time to state the obvious:

Is there anyone else on the 'Net that thinks that HHH gets way, WAY too much camera time?

Is anyone troubled that Nidia would allow herself to play such a character? It troubles me that she would allow herself to be so debased.

How about the Montreal show? Injuring Pat Patterson, playing Bret Hart's old theme music, and the like. Ever since I began writing this column, I have spoken about the size of Vince McMahon's ego, and that he doesn't compete to win, he competes to dominate and humiliate. Look at Bischoff, WCW, Paul Heyman, and the way he treated the WCW characters when they came over.....this is still evident. Do you think that it was a tribute to Hart and to Canada that Vince OK'ed, or another reminder that he is still in wrestling, and the Canadian Hero isn't? And, even in the best-case scenario, that scenario being that Vince meant it as a tribute of sorts, isn't that like me showing highlights of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson as a tribute to White Sox fans? Or, as a Columbus, Ohio native, showing Woody Hayes punching that unfortunate Clemson player as a tribute to the Buckeyes? Not in good taste, boys and girls. I think that this, along with the entire post-Wrestlemania Hogan push, shows that Vince has a fundamental disconnect with the Canadian fan base. He doesn't get what they like, dislike, and though it seems really simple to me (they like PRO WRESTLING, VINCE, NOT SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT), he either can't understand that, or believes that he knows better what they like then they do. Canadian readers, let me know that you think about that.....

Oh, another storyline....Torrie Wilson's dad? C'mon......

I don't know if Earl considered a boycott of the Kane/HHH storyline (I know, I said I was done with this subject, but something popped into my head), but I did. I have been disgusted by this storyline, and I will, WILL stop watching Raw if it continues tonight (10-21). Like the Bossman/Big Show storyline of a few years back, this is way beyond the pale, and I detest it. In fact, if I didn't have to write a weekly review column (the Crossface Report) about it, I would have stopped watching it two weeks ago. It isn't fun watching that show anymore.

Mike and I will be going to Smackdown on the 12th of November. We got great seats, about 20 rows up opposite the camera position. If I get really motivated, maybe I'll make a sign. I'll be the short, blond guy shaking his head at the bigger, dark-haired guy sitting next to him. That'll be Mike, my baby brother....who outweighs me by 70 pounds.

OK....The weather has turned cold, the leaves are changing to a celebratory color.....time tio start hitting up Soie's Storefront for Christmas gifts. After you order, you can peruse the website for all the wrestling info and links you could ever imagine. Also, you can go to for biting columns and commentary, and news/rumors.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and opened with a tag team title tournament semi-final match pitting Rey Misterio and Edge vs. D'Von and Ron Simmons. Towards the end of the match it looked like Misterio may have injured his knee, but his partner went on to finish the match (and D'Von) with an Edgecution. The Guerreros ran in afterward and attacked the winners.

Backstage, SmackDown's #1 announcer interviewed Tajiri in pidgin English. Tajiri came back in Japanese. Then Nidia walked up and carried on a conversation with Spanish! She wanted to talk about her match later, but her boyfriend walked up and interrupted - so she walloped him!

Next up - a commercial showing college age guys playing with wrestling, McMahon doesn't market his product to children - what would make you think that??

After the break, Jamie Noble was in the ring screaming, "Come on out here, girl! Lets get naked and wrestle!" Tajiri did the referee bit as Nidia basically beat the hell out of the Cruiserweight champ. You know, she does look almost as muscular as him...and she fights dirty! Every time he tried to stop the fight, she would use a cheapshot to start it up again. Finally he just sat on her and pinned her. After the match, Tajiri made the mistake of trying to get between the star crossed lovers - who turned on him and punked his butt! Then they kissed and made up (for cryin' out loud, get a trailer...)

After the break, the Undertaker addressed the accusations made against him on last week's show. He admitted that he did know the woman - but it was long before he ever met his wife. He said that he hadn't seen her in about seven years. Then he vowed to turn the tables on Brock and Heyman. Backstage, the Guerreros came back to their dressing room to find the light off. They turned it on and found Chris Benoit standing there staring at them. Eddie tried to deny that he was the one who jumped Benoit, referring to their longtime friendship, even pretending to cry. Chris just stood their staring, not saying a word. Eddie was ready to start a fight, but Chavo calmed him down and led him away. Benoit never said anything.

After the break, Heyman, Lesnar, and "that" woman were headed to Stephanie's office.

Billy Kidman was in the ring for a match against his partner from last week, John Cena, who was shown making some disparaging remarks about Kidman before the match. First Randy Orton and now this guy. I guess we aren't allowed any heroes anymore (sigh...) This was a pretty good match, and the first one where I didn't root for the rookie. Cena finally used the ropes for leverage to win.

Heyman and Co. arrived at Stephanie's office. Stephanie immediately ordered "that" woman out of the building Heyman appealed to the GM, saying that it would be in the best interest of SmackDown for UT not to be allowed to wear his cast in the ring during the hell in the Cell match. Stephanie thanked him for patronizing her (good one, Steph) and then told them she would render a decision later.

After the break, the Undertaker was in Stephanie's office, again denying the story. He reminded her that it was Brock that broke his hand. When she referred to his cast as "an offensive weapon" - he showed her what offensive was by smashing a lamp and walking out.

Brock Lesnar faced Chuck Palumbo in the next match. We are told that Billy Gunn was injured during a match over the weekend. Palumbo is pretty close to Lesnar's size...but not quite. He started strong but was then almost immediately overwhelmed. His mouth bleeding, Upchuck tried to make a come back, in fact it was a good effort. First time I have ever seen Lesnar grab the rope to avoid being pinned - but it was futile. The F5 told the tale... As soon as the match was over, the Undertaker attacked and stomped a mud hole in the Champion. lesnar fled with blood flowing from his forehead.

Backstage, Al Wilson showed up again. Torrie mentioned this time that he is newly divorced - oh ho! She warned him about Dawn Marie being a predator, then headed for the ring. The next match was a mixed tag contest. Dawn/Matt Hardy vs. Torrie/Rikishi. As far as I can remember, this is Dawn's first TV match - in fact, I don't remember ever seeing hewr in wrestling boots in ECW either - but then I didn't see much of that. At first Dawn and Matt kept tagging back and forth - when Torrie was in, Dawn tagged out, then Rikishi came in on the other side, so Matt tagged out. Eventually it got underway and Torrie immediately showed her superior ring skills. The men tagged in and Rikishi similarly dominated his opponent. Rikishi caught both of them in the corner, and Matt shoved Dawns face in to take the stink face. Torrie then pinned Dawn for the win. Matt tried to attack Torrie - but she hit a low blow. Rikishi slammed him back into the corner and prepared finish the job - but Torrie stopped him and begged him to let her administer the stink face. Matt was all for that and sat back with his eyes closed. Rikishi then took Torrie's place and disappointed Mr. Mattitude.

Now Benoit is staring at Kurt Angle - who assumes it has to do with his gold medals (of course). Angle finally makes the connection, and denies that he had any involvement in the the sneak attack last week. he reminds Benoit that they have to face the Guerreros in the semi-final round of the tag team tournament - next.

Torrie went looking for her dad backstage and found him in the shower with a naked Dawn Marie!

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit faced the Guerreros for a birth in the tag team title tournament. As they waited for their opponents, Angle was still jabbering at Benoit, who stood silent as a stone. As the Guerreros approached the ring, they were attacked from behind by Misterio and Edge, who then went into the ring and beat up with Benoit and Angle! Then we cut to commercial.

When we returned, the Guerreros were tearing up their opponents, who were still trying to recover from the attack before the break. That turned around soon enough, however., and the match went into see-saw mode. After about 17 false endings (including at least three times that Chavo saved his uncle from being pinned). In the end, the referee was out cold and Benoit had the chance to attack his partner with a chair, but made the decision to hit the Guerreros instead. An Angle slam on Eddie G ended the match. It appears Benoit and Angle have buried the hatchet - at least for now.

Backstage, Stephanie refused to comment about her decision - preferring to make that announcement publicly, in the ring... After the break, Stephanie walked to the ring. She called heyman and Lesnar to the ring for the announcement. Her decision was to allow UT to wear the cast. Brock tried to intimidate the General Manager, backing her into the corner and pushing his face close to hers. UT ran out and charged the ring - but it was a set-up. Brock was ready for him and caught UT coming in. He stomped the broken hand then left the ring. heyman couldn't resist going back and taunting the Dead Man. he paid for that. UT pummeled him with the cast, then caught Lesnar coming back in and struck another blow to the already bloody head of the Champion. Brock fled, leaving his agent to get hit some more.

I watched the first episode of Tough Enough III tonight. You know, this show has the potential to be more interesting then the wrestling shows this season...

WWE No Mercy Report

Editor's Note: This report was written in real time, during the PPV, and originally published on the Readers' Forum.

The PPV opened with a shot of the Undertaker in the locker room area, examining his bandaged hand. Kane walked in and sat down next to him, then turned to his brother and said, "So - how was your week?" Cut to the usual hype and other crap...

The pyro blasts, the camera scans the crowd, and No Mercy was on the air live from the AllTel Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. The opening match featured the Millennium Bug and Christian defending their newly won WWE Tag Team Titles against the challenge of Booker T and Goldust (who entered the arena on film, in letterbox format... One of the highlights happened early on when Goldust felled both of his opponents with a "butt butt" (or a Gold-butt - as Lawler called it). Christian fell out to the floor, then Jericho was levered over the top rope and inadvertently splashed his own partner out on the floor. A little later, Goldust was isolated for a while. When Booker finally got into the fight, he got to lay into Jericho and came very close to pinning him after a spine buster. Moments later Goldust got a blind tag and was back in and hitting Shattered Dreams on Christian. Then Jericho, who was the legal man, slapped on the Walls of Jericho - but Booker saved his partner. Jericho caught the scissors kick on the back of his neck and was down as Booker did the Spineroonie. But then Christian got onto the apron with a title belt and distracted him before he could finish off Jericho. Booker and Christian ended up out on the floor while Jericho (who was still the legal man) bulldogged Goldust onto the belt, then hit a moonsault and pinned him to retain the titles.

Funaki interviewed Al Wilson, asking him embarrassing questions about his relationship with Dawn Marie. Al was pretty much tongue tied...the quoted Bill Clinton's famous denial of an affair with "that woman"...

Next up, the ladies match between Torrie and Dawn Marie. Torrie attacked her opponent as the latter entered the ring, knocked her to the floor and roughed her up before tossing her back inside. Neither of these girls is really a wrestler - but Torrie is definitely the more athletic (and the bigger) of the two. Consequently, Dawn took it in the opening moments of the match, then turned the tables through guile, thus managing to dominate the next few minutes or so. There was a comical moment when the two combatants and the referee ended up rolling around on the mat together. Torrie finally won it with a swinging neck breaker. Cut to a Survivor Series commercial.

Coach interviewed Rob Van Dam backstage and asked him about his coming match with Ric Flair. RVD compared his own style to that of the legendary Nature Boy - and seemed happy with himself, as usual. He walked away as Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walked by. Coach tried to get them to talk to him but they refused. he did get a statement from Stacy - who called UT a liar and a cheat.

Flair vs. RVD was next. As could be expected, the younger, stronger, Van Dam dominated the opening moments, but then Flair turned the tables and started working on his opponent's knee. For the next several minutes Flair was in control, then he went to the top - always a mistake for the Nature Boy. From there on out it was all down him for Flair, who eventually finished off his opponent with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Backstage, the Big Show was in conversation with Stephanie as Eric Bischoff walked you and demanded to know why he was talking to her. Stephanie backed away, then TBS demanded to know why he wasn't wrestling on the PPV tonight. Bischoff came on in his usual arrogant fashion, which angered the giant (of course). TBS threatened his boss with physical harm if he doesn't do something to correct the situation soon. As he stalked away, Bischoff's expression turned from fearful to vengeful...

Tajiri challenged Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight title in the next match. This was a fairly competitive match. Despite the differences in their styles, both are basically mat wrestlers (Tajiri is more martial arts oriented, of course), which is unusual in guys this size. Noble more or less dominated it from the get go. But once Tajiri turned the tables, it didn't look good for the champion as his opponent pummeled him with kicks seemingly from all directions. When tajiri seemed to have the title won, Nidia distracted the referee, and then Tajiri, thus saving her boyfriend. Noble then resumed his initial assault. In the end, Nidia got involved once more, grabbing Noble's leg so that Tajiri was unable to complete a victory roll. Tajiri was pinned under his opponent and lost the match. Afterward, Tajiri grabbed Nidia and kissed her! Noble pulled him away and then planted his own big wet one - Tajiri delivered a kick to the back of Noble's head ands split.

Backstage, Chris Benoit pulled the same number on Eddie Guerrero that Chavo pulled on him a week or so back, telling him that his newphew was being punked out by Kurt Angle in a room nearby. Eddie thought he was too smart to be fooled that way, and refused to go into the room. Then the door flew open and Chavo came flying out, followed by Kurt Angle. Eddie wanted to attack Benoit, but was restrained.

The World Title match was next - Kane vs. Triple H for the old WCW/NWA belt. It was obvious from the beginning that Triple H could not match up to his opponent, size or power wise. And, as we have seen many times, Kane also has an unbelievable resilience, popping up again and again after seemingly being vanquished. So this match was touch and go for the champion. When things started to look bad for Hunter, Ric Flair ran in and distracted the referee. The ref was shoved aside and knocked out for a bit. meanwhile, HHH hit Kane with the title belt. The referee recovered for the count but Kane kicked out. Hurricane ran in to even the odds, taking out Flair, then was himself Pedigreed on the floor. The match continued in see-saw mode with things looking worse and worse for the Champion. Note: at this point JR referred to Kane as "..the LAST Intercontinental Champion in this company's history" - apparently he agrees with my assessment in that regard. The fight went to the floor, where HHH was chokeslammed through the announce table! Flair tried to attack Kane but was easily dispatched. Back in the ring, the referee was knocked down again. Kane was attacking HHH again when Flair ran in with a sledge hammer. Kane beat him to the punch, and sent Flair flying again. HHH got the hammer, but Kane had him by the throat. He lifted the champion up, then Hunter used the hammer on his opponent's ribs. HHH was still out of it and Flair ran in yet again and was chokeslammed. HHH recovered and speared Kane in the corner, then got the pin on a roll-up.

Backstage, Stephanie got Stacy to admit that her story about sleeping with UT in the last ten days was a lie. Then UT appeared from the next room and thanked Stephanie before leaving. Stephanie banished Stacy from the arena.

The WWE Tag Team Title (SmackDown version) tournament final was next. Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle vs. Rey Misterio/Edge. Right away, Angle showed his lack of intelligence by underestimating Rey Rey. He paid for that immediately, then both competitors tagged in their partners. Benoit then dominated Edge with his superior mat wrestling ability for the opening exchanges, but soon Edge turned the tables and seemed to be working on the ribs of his opponent. Edge took control of the action and managed a couple of two counts. Benoit finally tagged Angle in and the Olympian was able to turn the tables. So now Edge was isolated for several minutes. This culminated in a series of three German suplexes by Benoit. Benoit then went to the top rope for his headbutt - but Edge got up and stymied him, and then superplexed the Crippler off the top rope. Misterio was tagged in and out maneuvered Benoit, knocked Angle to the floor when he tried to interfere, then continued his assault on a weakened Benoit. Benoit was able to turn the tables and grabbed the Crippler Crossface, but Edge broke it up. Rey went for 619, but Benoit caught him and tried to turn it into a powerslam. Edge hit a missile drop kick, again frustrating Benoit. Angle knocked Edge to the floor then the two heels ganged up on Misterio, but couldn't put him away. Angle got a series of two counts, but Rey kept kicking out. Benoit tagged back and continued the assault, but Misterio managed to run him into the post then tagged in Edge, who cleaned house. All four were in for a while, Benoit got speared by Edge in the corner then treated to a bronco buster by Misterio. Angle suffered the same fate, but his move was a Frankensteiner from Misterio as he sat on the top rope. Benoit came back and got the crossface, but Edge made it to the ropes where Misterio hit Benoit with the 619. What followed were a series of two counts, by both sides. Then Angle and Edge traded ankle locks. Eventually, Angle got it sunk in and Edge tapped. Benoit and Angle are the Smackdown Tag Team Champs.

Backstage, UT intimidated the trainer into giving him a shot for pain before his Hell in the Cell match.

Trish Stratus put her Womens' Title on the line against "Miss personality" Victoria. Victoria used her superior size and strength to dominate the champ in the early going. But eventually Trish turned it around and won on a roll-up. Victoria kicked Trish in the face after the match, insuring that this feud is far from over.

Rikishi joined the broadcast live from the World in NYC to reminisce about his own Hell in the Cell match, two years ago. When asked for his prediction regarding tonight's match, he called it for the Undertaker.

The main event was next - Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) - Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Heavyweight Title. The deck seems stacked against Lesnar in this match, which makes me think that he will probably retain his title after a horrendous battle. UT is wearing what looks like a brand new - somewhat beefed up cast. Early on, Lesnar decided to try and avoid his opponent, leaving the ring to lure UT out then returning in order to catch him coming back in. As soon as he had the upper hand he went right to work on UT's broken hand. UT then used the cast to turn things around. Heyman was screaming his lungs out as Brock's head wound reopened. Moments later, UT actually stomped on the champ's face out on the floor! Lesnar was then thrown into the steel fence and then was dragged against the chain link as his face became a crimson mask. Moments later, Heyman got too close to the fence and UT booted him in the face through the chain link, thus busting his forehead open as well! This distraction was enough to give Lesnar and opening (although he missed his first shot and managed to down Heyman a second time). Brock took control of things, then heyman handed him his belt through the fence. Lesnar used it to tie UT's hands then handed it back to Heyman, who held UT with his full weight while Lesnar used a chair, first to hit UT in the face, then to pound his broken hand repeatedly until he broke the belt!! Amazingly, UT made a come back, but only for a moment. Lesnar struck the hand again then started tearing the cast apart. UT used a couple of kicks to the face to stop the process for a moment. Then slid into the ring to avoid the champion. Lesnar followed him and got the rest of the cats off. He started working on the naked hand, the Undertaker seemed unable to protect himself. Lesnar placed his opponent on the top corner then suspended himself from the roof of the cage and kicked his opponent about the head. UT delivered a low blow to knock Lesnar to the mat. He swayed on the top rope then dropped an elbow on his opponent. Lesnar tried to renew his attack, but UT knocked him through the ropes and into the cage wall, then came flying through the ropes to splash his opponent. He was trying to lift the ring steps when Lesnar attacked him again from behind. Heyman was prone on the outside but still urging his boy on. Lesnar picked up the steps and smashed UT in the face - opening up his forehead. Lesnar then grabbed the steps again and hit him a second time. Lesnar went to the fence to confer with Heyman as UT rolled back into the ring. Lesnar followed him in only to meet a series of punches from UT's broken hand!! Lesnar went down and UT started stomping on Brock's right hand!! He walked the ropes, but Lesnar dragged him off. The blood was just flowing from UT's face and head. Lesnar recovered and tried to get the F5 - but UT countered and then hit a chokeslam! Lesnar kicked out!! UT stood his opponent in the corner and clotheslined him. Lesnar came right back at him and tried to go for a powerbomb - but UT back dropped him instead. Lesnar was reeling as UT set up the Last Ride - but Lesnar bulled him into the corner and pummeled him while standing above him on the second rope. UT countered this position into the last Ride and almost got the pin - but Lesnar grabbed the ropes and escaped. UT went for the Tombstone, but Lesnar countered and then reversed it into an F5 and took the pinfall. What an amazing match!!!

Raw came to us live from the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, Tennessee and opened with Triple H coming to the ring with Ric Flair to gloat about his victory last night. Then he produced a video tape, which he declared would reveal the truth about Kane's "relationship" with Katie Vick. Hurricane ran out and tried to grab the tape but was caught and stopped. HHH bent over Hurricane as he lay on the floor and said that he was going to show the tape before the evening is over. So what is the point of this? Come to think of it, what is the point of this entire angle??

Jeff Hardy was up next, taking on Chris Nowinski. The line of the night went to JR during this match. As the King went on and on about seeing the tape - he was convinced that we were going to see Kane having sex with a corpse - he mentioned the word "semen". JR immediately stated, "There is no semen in wrestling..." Anyway, back to the match. After an initial strong start, old Mr. Harvard proved to be no match at all for the high flying Hardy. He resorted to bringing in a chair - but Al Snow made an appearance and wrestled with him for it. Nowinski managed to get control of the chair, only to have it kicked in his face. Harvard collapsed onto the chair as Hardy got ready to launch himself off the top in a swanton. At the last moment, Snow reached in and pulled Nowinski out of harms way - causing Hardy to do his splash onto the chair. He was easy pickings for his opponent after that. What is up with Al Snow?

Backstage, Eric Bischoff was watching a tape of his encounter with the Big Show when Stacy came in and asked to referee a match. Bischoff was pre-occupied and told her, "Sure, any match except the main event - knock yourself out." The Big Show then arrived and was informed that he would face Rico tonight...and Rosie, and Jamal. Al Snow met Tommy Dreamer backstage, and was told off for helping Nowinski beat him the week before. Snow tried to assure him that it was a mistake - but Dreamer had his own idea - a Singapore Cane match later tonight. Nowinski then came out and more or less told Snow to mind his own business.

The Dudleys took on what is left of the International Whiners is a #1 contender match for a shot against the new Tag Team champs. During this match, Kane was seen arriving out back. Meanwhile, the Dudleys won the match handily. Afterward, Storm delivered a kick to Bubba's head to knock him out then held Spike while Regal hit him three times in the abdomen. Spike was spitting blood as we cut to commercial.

We came back to Bischoff out on the platform announcing that he would be presenting a new kind of match at Survivor Series - an Elimination Chamber match - whateer that is...

The next match was Test vs. D-Lo Brown with Stacy as the referee. Stacy showed her bias from the beginning, first slapping Brown during the instructions, and then repeatedly finding ways to keep from counting Test out. In the end, she turned away from the match to tie her boot. D-Lo confronted her - which was just the distraction Test needed to take a cheap shot and win the match with a fast count from his new best friend. Stacy and Test left the arena together, arm in arm...

"Miss Personality" Victoria was interviewed by Terri backstage. She griped about Trish "sleeping her way to the top" in WWE until she was interrupted by first Goldust and then Booker T, neither of whom was too impressed with her story.

In the next match Trish Stratus joined Booker and Goldust in a 6 person inter gender tag team match against Victoria, Chris Jericho and Christian. This was a great match and way too short. It ended when Jericho got Trish into the Walls of Jericho and held her in it a little longer then necessary.

Terri stood outside Kane's dressing room door saying that she would try to get a word with her friend after we see whatever is on Triple H's tape. They then cut to the tape, purported to be from 1992, showing Kane, going into the funeral parlor and talking to, and arguing with and doing other things with the supposed dead Katie Vick in her coffin. The rest of this sad, sick scene need not be described. It would have been worse, of course, if it wasn't so obviously staged with a dummy in the coffin...and if the principle actor in the scene hadn't been so obviously Triple H dressed up to resemble Kane... After the footage, HHH had a good laugh and we cut to commercial.

Tommy Dreamer took on Al Snow in the afore mentioned Singapore Cane match. Dreamer dominated things as long as he had a cane in his hands, but was no match for Snow in a wrestling match. Unfortunately for Snow, this was a cane match - plus Chris Nowinski came out and hit Snow with a cane to give Dreamer the win. It sort of like they were trying to suggest that Nowinski was trying to hit Dreamer - but his ineptitude showed as he concentrated too hard on hitting Snow.

The Big Show took on the Island Boyz and Rico in a handicap match. The three of him tried to gang up on him, but the big guy just swatted them away for the most part. They tried various stratagems but he kept overwhelming them. After clearing the ring of the other two, the giant chokeslammed Rosie to win the match.

Backstage after the break, the Big Show was being interviewed by Coach when Bischoff interrupted to tell him he's been traded. In the background, as Show walked away, Hurricane backed a car up through the garage door and popped the trunk...

The scene switched to the World in New York, where Shawn Michaels was in a wheelchair. He talked about his recovery, saying that it was going slowly but he is feeling better. He talked about Triple H thinking he has ended HBK's career, then he said he wanted to show how much progress he's made. He struggled for a moment, trying to get out of the chair - then he popped up to his feet! He looked into the camera and told HHH to watch his back because HBK is coming for him...

The main event was a tag team grudge match - Ric Flair and Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam and Kane. Yep - that's right - Kane and HHH in the same ring. Of course, they went right after each other, leaving RVD and lair to punch it out in the opposite corner of the ring. Almost immediately, Kane and HHH went out to the floor to continue their brawl. Back in the ring at last, the four exchanged opponents for a moment, then went right back to the original pairing. Eventually, kane and HHH left the ring again and brawled right to the back of the building. Meanwhile, back in the ring, RVD finished Flair off with Rolling Thunder and frog splash to win the match. Out back, the two brawlers had fought their way to where Hurricane parked the car earlier. After some back and forth action, Kane chokeslammed his opponent on the car hood then picked him up and dropped him into the open trunk, which Hurricane then closes. Kane told Hurricane to split so that he wouldn't have any further involvement in what was going to happen, then he addressed HHH in the trunk, telling him that he is going to screw him - but the only question is, "Will you still be alive, or will I just wait until after you're dead?"

Seems fitting...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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