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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

WWE Stoops to a New Low

Portrays necrophilia in a tasteless skit

Scott Steiner signs with WWE

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 7, Issue 707 - October 28, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.

Arena Publishing Acquires Pro Wrestling Enterprises - To Revive "Wrestling Revue"

FRASER, MI – October 27, 2002: Arena Publishing, Inc. has acquired the assets and rights of Norman H. Kietzer’s Pro Wrestling Enterprises, including the publications "The Wrestling News," "Ring Wrestling," and "Wrestling Revue."

The Kietzer Collection consists of over 15,000 photographs that span over 35 years. In addition to publishing the national titles "The Wrestling News," "Ring Wrestling" and "Wrestling Revue," Pro Wrestling Enterprises published programs for many different wrestling promotions during the ‘60s, ‘70s and into the ‘80s. The collection is considered to be one of the most complete and thorough in the world.

Arena Publishing began publishing wrestling-related material in the late 1960s, and in conjunction with Pro Wrestling Enterprises, published programs for several different promotions, including "Body Press" for the Detroit NWA promotion, "Super Pro" for Pittsburgh, and "Stranglehold" for the Indiana-based WWA promotion, among others.

Arena has assumed the subscriber base of "The Wrestling News," and will be reviving the "Wrestling Revue" title to fulfill this serve these existing subscribers

Arena president Brian Bukantis states, "Like the later issues of Mr. Kietzer's Wrestling News publicaiton, the primary focus for the refurbished Wrestling Revue will be classic, or, "old school" wrestling. The publication will combine material from the incredible files of Pro Wrestling Enterprises and new material specifically written for us. Of course, we welcome input from any wrestling fans and journalists." The first issue will appear with a cover date of January, 2003.

More information can be found online at:, or by contacting Arena Publishing:

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz (APW's Senior Media Editor & Webmaster at


APW HALLOWEEN HELL from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. Friday October 25th 2002

The return of the original APW "supershow", Halloween Hell, took place on Friday night October 25th, and lived up to HH standards. After being pushed for several weeks by APW and it's fans, you would think the standards were being set pretty hight. But the show did not disappoint on this night, as the return of Halloween Hell was a huge success!

INTERVIEW WITH "THE BOMB" ROBERT THOMPSON & "KAMIKAZE KID" JARDI FRANTZ - Frantz & Thompson came to the ring to cut a promo. They hinted that Jardi was upset Bomber wasn't there to save him at the last show, but they got over it and agreed to form a strong bond tonight in their battle against the Black Army. They would be taking on Larry Blackwell & Kafu in a "Double Jeopardy" match in which both titles would be on the line, and whoever got the pinfall would win the opposing teams belt.

Winner: Psycho Seth ( * * )

INTERVIEW WITH THE BLACK ARMY - All the members of the Black Army came to the ring to talk about how they are going for a sweep tonight. Watkins says he will win his match with Vennis, Kryptonite/Melissa will beat Nikki & her Mystery Partner, and Blackwell/Kafu will beat Bomber/Jardi and take the Universal Title home. Very good interviews by everyone involved, as Watkins is usually pretty good, and Kryptonite gave a really good promo. He really has the fans hating him, especially now that he is with his new girlfriend, Melissa.

Winner: James Watkins ( * * 1/2)

INTERVIEW WITH "SHOOTING STAR" BOBBY QUANCE - Quance came to the ring to a very big "Bobby" chant, proving he may be one of the most popular wrestlers in APW today. He talked about what good competition Super Dragon is for him, and how tonight there would finally be a winner decided.

Winners: Larry Blackwell & Kafu ( * * * ) Blackwell becomes the NEW APW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION!

DOUBLE JEOPARDY AFTERMATH - Security was doing what they could to restore order, when Blackwell got the mic and told them to let the fans go. The fans were then unmasked to reveal...JR BENSON & LADY BRENDA!!! Old school APW fans will remember Benson/Brenda's controverisal past with the promotion. They were two of the most devious minds in APW from 1995 til about 1998. Benson cut a great promo talking about how this was no longer Robert Thompson's "HOUSE", and it was now the Black Army's House. Blackwell was now DOUBLE CROWN Champion, as he held up his Universal & Internet Titles, and his stable was now even more dangerous with the minds of JR Benson & Lady Brenda along for the ride. Both of them had been in the audience the whole time, wearing masks, and nobody suspected a thing. The fans were shocked, and didn't know what to think after this huge suprise.

Winner: Super Dragon ( * * * * )

Winners: Nikki & Vic Grimes ( * * 1/2)

TAG MATCH AFTERMATH - After the match, Nikki/Vic were celebrating their victory, but out comes James Watkins! But Vic catches him and fights back, nailing one of his innovative powerbombs on him. Next out is Kafu, and he gets hit with another one of Vic's crazy moves! JR Benson comes out, but he gets caught in a chokeslam! Vic has totally cleared the ring of the entire Black Army...except one man...LARRY BLACKWELL!

Blackwell comes out and stares Vic down. Face to face, two of the biggest and baddest men in APW today. Vic is a legend, but Blackwell claims that this is now "his house". The rest of the APW locker room comes out to break the two apart, and run off the Black Army. The end of the show comes when Vic & the rest of the locker room (including Robert Thompson), come out and thank the fans for coming to Halloween Hell. Big "APW" chant from the War Zone fans, and it's great to see that the return of Halloween Hell was a tremendous success!

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

I have come to the realization that I am beating my head against the wall. Why? Because I like it? Well, no....not exactly.

Like everyone that has read this column, and that has watched wrestling over the last half-decade, I have gotten tired of watching the WWE, and, especially, Raw. Though I think that the whole idea of the NWA-TNA PPV per week is inherently flawed, and won't watch them until they are on free tv, I'm going to stop watching Raw until this HHH/Kane storyline is brought back up into the realm of normality.

I called for a boycott in my Crossface Corner column last week, and repeated the call in the Crossface Report (both columns over at I recieved just a bit under a dozen letters about the subject ( a lot over one of my columns), all in agreement with my position. Then, I caught a little heat....someone told me that the depraved segment that included the video was the highest rated one of the show.

You know, if you ever read this column, you know I LOVE numbers. They can tell the truth, and they can be used to mislead. Allow me:

The Video Segment (that's what I will call it) pulled a 4.0 rating for the WWE....compared to how bad Raw has been showing lately, that is high, but the fact is that the numbers came against a weak NFL Monday Night football game (one that showcased two small-market teams), and a very weak World Series (two California teams), and should be compared to the previous week, where the same numbers were pulled by the show against better shows. Need numbers? OK..... The good news for Fox: "The 11.0 rating during prime time for Giants-Angels beat the 6.5 for CBS, the 4.2 for NBC, and the 3.8 for ABC." ( That was for the about the week before? "For the night, CBS averaged an 11.2 rating/17 share, coasting to a win over ABC, 8.2/13. NBC, 7.8/12, was third, with FOX at 5.4/8. In the metered markets, The WB scored a 5.9/8 and UPN a 3.4/5." ( let's see...simple math....the Video Segment Raw faced WEAK competition. The Raw rating would have been higher either way, since the other networks' showings were weak. Let's not believe the spin coming from the WWE camp, and especially Vince. This angle has not proven to be anything but a foray into Sports Entertainment Hell.

I have been thinking about Raw, and I have come to the conclusion that it appeals to the 'Jackass' crowd...the same people that watch Jackass, and think that depravity is great TV, are the ones that think that the present storylines are cool and funny. I know I am speaking about my brother now, but I told him last night that I have come to this conclusion, and he agreed. Problem is, that group, as I have shown in this column (read the Connection in Volume 7, Issue 687 to see the facts around that statement), is shrinking, economically strapped, and notoriously fickle. If vince can't produce, they leave.

And they will, if the wrestling doesn't come back. Look at the ratings for Smackdown, compared to its competition, and you'll see the strength in its ratings. It goes against NBC's stunning line-up, and all of the competition that entails. We would all agree that Smackdown is a better PRO WRESTLING show, wouldn't we?

Either way, I'm not watching Raw tonight, but I'll probably read the online updates on the storylines, just so I can be caught up with it. I ask everyone who thinks the same to also boycott the show. One more thought....did you read that when Vince heard that the WWE website poll was showing a huge groundswell of opinion against the storyline, angrily ordered it to continue? Have we seen this before? Maybe....

Make sure you come back to Solie's website for his great store of wrestling info and history, and come to for news, rumors, and results.... As long as you can take the results themselves.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee and opened with Matt Hardy (v. 1.0) taking on Rikishi. This was the usual silliness from "Mr. Mattitude". Basically another extended squash, until Matt suckered his opponent into trying a stink face and hit him a low blow. Matt made an all too brief comeback...and then was squashed with a sit-out piledriver. As the winner was doing his victory dance, the Big Show (newly traded to SmackDown!) came out and did a little squashing of his own. Then he addressed the crowd, stating that he is here to make an impact. He issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar to face him one on one.

As we returned from the break, we saw Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arriving backstage. Then we cut to the ring, where Stephanie was standing beside a huge trophy (which, no doubt, is about to get smashed over somebody's head...) First she complimented the Big Show on making an impressive showing, then she stated that the trophy is to be presented to the new Tag Team Champions, who she then brought to the ring. Angle made the first speech, calling himself the "captain of the team" and saying that he expected to take the trophy home with him. Benoit disputed that, of course. Maybe I was wrong, maybe their going to tear the trophy apart in a tug-of-war... Sure enough, not only dod they break the trophy, but they managed to hit Stephanie with it and knock her down! She then slapped the taste out of both of their mouths. Then she set up a match between them, one on one, with the winner getting to keep the trophy (what's left of it...)

After the break, Jamie Noble came out wearing an Elvis wig! His opponent was Tajiri (again) - this time for the Cruiserweight Title. Tajiri attacked the champ before he could get out of his wig and gold lamme ring jacket. Noble took it for a few minutes, then finally turned the tables and started attacking Tajiri's left leg. The challenger held his opponent off, but his leg was in bad shape as the match continued. Nidia finally inserted herself into the match by adding leverage to a roll up so her boyfriend could retain his title.

Backstage, Dawn Marie tracked Torrie down and apologized to her for her behavior, then said she plans to break things off with Torrie's dad...right... Meanwhile, the Guerreros told Kurt Angle that Chris Benoit had been bragging about breaking Kurt's neck...right...

Next up, a #1 contenders' match for the new Tag Team Titles - Edge and Misterio vs. the Guerreros. This was a great match with the Guerreros really showing us something in terms of teamwork. Toward the middle of the match they took Edge out and then isolated Misterio for quite some time. In the end, Eddie G thought he had the match won when he dropped a splash on Edge then rolled his nephew onto him. Unfortunately for him, he turned his back at that point and didn't see Misterio turn the tables then roll Edge over on top. Eddie was muey surprised to discover that it was Chavo who had been pinned when the bell sounded.

The Undertaker limped to the ring after the break. A few moments ago he had sent a stagehand to find Lesnar and send him to the ring. He demanded that Brock come out and face him. He got Paul Heyman instead, who stated that Lesnar wouldn't come to the ring...then Lesnar himself showed up, tore off his shirt and tossed it to Heyman on his way to the ring. The Dead Man addressed his nemesis, telling him that people have been saying that he could have beat the Champ if his hand hadn't been broken. But he rejects that notion, admitting that lesnar had his number at the PPV - 5 years ago, says he, he would have won the match, but that's not excuse. he then complimented the youngster on his head game and told him that on Sunday, he was the best. Lesnar then took the mic, and admitted that the head games were needed - he needed the edge - because he was fighting the Undertaker. Then he left, pausing on the platform to nod his acknowledgment of UT's class and stature. UT then started another speech, which sounded suspiciously like the beginning of a retirement speech - but he was interrupted by the Big Show, who came out to the ring to claim that it was his fault UT lost - because he has been busting up UT all over the country for the last year. He called Ut a broken down has been. UT replied that he'd rather be "...a broken down has been, then a giant never was". He left the ring and headed up the ramp, but then noticed that TBS was trailing him. He stopped and gestured for the giant to precede him up the ramp. Show did as he was instructed then UT halted at the top of the platform to acknowledge the crowd. The giant then attacked him and tossed him off the platform! Arn Anderson and other officials were attending him as we cut to commercial.

I think it's pretty funny. remember when Booker first joined the WWF and was doing those skits about trying to become an actor? Guess what - he just may be the most visible product spokesman in the WWE these days.

After the break, SmackDown went into Nitro mode (remember the infamous first big nWo attack out in the production truck area? The famous Misterio lawn dart move?) as they took several minutes out of the broadcast to basically watch the Undertaker lie there while people milled around and got him ready to be moved out of the arena. Stephanie was there and a good portion of the locker room boys. As they tried to haul him away, UT started to struggle and had to be held down - he escaped his captors and stumbled off the stretcher to the floor as those around him begged him to let them help him. He struggles to leave the arena under his own power. Interesting that Arn Anderson and Rey Misterio, the principle victims of that nWo attack, were right in the thick of this little scene.

Backstage, Dawn Marie found Al Wilson and spun their break up to make it seem like it was Torrie's fault. She then told Al he was the most passionate man she'd ever been with...and started making out with him...

Next up, a rematch between Kidman and newly minted heel, John Cena. Cena offered to shake hands before the match, but Kidman blew him off then immediately knocked him down twice and got two counts. Cena suckered Kidman out to the floor and roughed him up, then tossed him back inside to take a couple of near falls of his own. Kidman came back and eventually outsmarted Cena - rolling him up and holding the ropes to get the pin. Cena first argued with the referee, then attacked Kidman, roughing him up some more out on the floor before stalking away.

Backstage, the new announcer asked Brock Lesnar for his response to the Big Show's challenge earlier tonight. He changed the tenor of it a bit by saying that the Show had challenged him to a Title match (I didn't hear him say that, did you?) Lesnar made a joke about Funaki, then brushed the question aside, saying that he would answer TBS in person, and that he wasn't hard to find, pointing to the sign on his locker room.

Backstage, the Guerreros were up to no good again. This time he was trying to offer his "friendship" to Benoit, who told him he might be right when he spoke to Angle earlier. Meanwhile, the Big Show went to Lesnar's locker room. Heyman tried to tell him "no way", but Lesnar shoved him out of the way and gave Show the match he wants.

The main event pitted the Tag Team Champions against each other in a battle for possession of a broken trophy. This one started out as a scientific wrestling match, with Angle controlling the action. Then Benoit threw a back elbow and changed the complexion in a hurry. The rest of the match was the usual mix of brawling and wrestling, including a suplex clinic from both competitors. Toward the end, benoit managed to hit his flying headbutt on Angle's shoulder then slapped on the Crippler Crossface. Kurt tried to escape and eventually did, reversing into an ankle lock. But benoit escaped then took the Angle slam, but kicked out. Angle grabbed the ankle lock again, and Benoit reversed it again. Benoit went to the top again, but this time Angle ran to the corner and threw him off. He went for the cover, but Benoit kicked off. The Guerreros ran in and distracted Angle, giving Benoit the win. Benoit didn't seem to realize what had happened as he watched the Guerreros leave the arena. Angle attacked him again and hit the Angle Slam, then went out and destroyed the trophy.

Editor's Note: I have had a lot of email asking me if I will boycott RAW over the HHH necrophilia angle. Let me first say that I support anyone's right to boycott, and even encourage such a move by viewers in an effort to put an end to this disgusting storyline. Unfortunately, I can not join such a boycott, because I have a job to do here in the newsletter. I will continue to watch and report on RAW, but I will not give any space to this angle. As I did with the Giant/Big Boss Man/gravesite angle, which I thoroughly disapproved of a few years ago, I will note that it took place but will not describe it.

A further editorial note. I understand what WWE was trying to accomplish with this storyline, but I am pretty certain they have not succeeded. And that is all for the better in my opinion. I have read that when Vince McMahon was told of the groundswell of protest regarding this stupid storyline - his immediate reaction was to angrily order it continued. This is typical, folks. Sometimes I think McMahon's personality borders on being sociopathic. Certainly pathetic. This goes on, of course, while WWE continues to be supported by sponsors like Hasbro Toys..."

Raw came to us live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and opened with a coffin next to the ring. Great... Triple H came to the ring and mentioned that he had escaped from the trunk last week using the "child safety" latch, then talked about people calling the show last week disgusting and said that he had invited the dead girl to be his guest tonight. He pulled a mannequin out of the coffin and sat her on his knee like a ventriloquist's dummy. The rest of the "conversation" was predictable and not at all funny. It was thankfully interrupted by the appearance of Hurricane. They exchanged words. Then Hurricane said something to the effect, "If you escaped, then explain this...", and played some bogus footage of his own. It showed a guy in a Triple H mask laying on an operating table while a "surgical team" removed a sledge hammer and several other items from his butt (including a gerbil, a gearshift assembly, and a steering wheel!) As this went on, the mask on his face was changed so that there was a different expression on the face each time we saw it. HHH's reaction was to beat up on the mannequin. Kane then ran in and attacked the game. Eric Bischoff showed up with a bunch of security guys to pry them apart. He scheduled a casket match between them to settle the issue (lets hope so...)

WLIW (What's left of the International Whiners: Willie Regal and Lance Storm) faced Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer in the next match. Storm has changed to brief tights and red boots these days, to (sort of) match Regal's style of attire, I guess. A few minutes into the match, RVD took himself out of the match by throwing himself onto the safety railing. Regal then grabbed the UK flag and threatened Dreamer with it in order to distract the referee. Meanwhile, Storm used the Canadian flag to take Dreamer out (I noticed that he very carefully laid the broken flagpole on the ring steps before going about his business.

Backstage, Bischoff tore the Island Boyz and Rico new ones, threatening their livelihood if they don't succeed at whatever it is he wants them to do tonight. Backstage, after the break, Stacy had a little conversation with Test about his "testicles" - don't ask...

The Dudleys got their tag Team Title shot tonight against new Champs Chris Jericho and Christian. Unfortunately for them, the Three Minute guys' mission was made clear when they attacked the Dudleys before the match could get started. Then we cut to commercial.

As it turned out, no Tag Team Title match happened at this time. We went straight to Test vs. Goldust. Test started by saying hello to all of his fans - or "testicles" if you weeeell... Of course, early in this match, Goldust tried to set his opponent up for the "Shattered Dreams" maneuver. Stacy tried to interfere and got put into a similar position herself. Test tried to use her as distraction, which failed, but then he distracted Goldust so that she could deliver a low blow. The rest was predictable.

Backstage, Bubba accosted Bischoff, who denied that he sent Rosie and Jamal out to cause trouble. He then told Bubba to get another partner to replace the ailing Spike. Bubba made sure he meant "any" partner, before taking himself off to do some recruiting.

As they came back from the break, we got our first promo for Scott Steiner, who is due to show up soon. We then went to a replay of some of the footage of Shawn Michaels at the World last week. This was interrupted by "RNN News" - a Randy Orton promo. He appeared wearing a sling on his right arm and doing his new heel schtick. Kane was interviewed backstage and informed that his casket match would be non-title tonight. He didn't care...

The Tag Team Title match was next. Jericho and Christian came to the ring and then Bubba was introduced...followed by his partner - Jeff Hardy! Considering the history between the Hardys and the Dudleys this was...well...predictable... They were bound to be a good team, since they know each other so well. Rosie and Jamal showed up to try and upset things, but they were stymied then sent away from the ring as we cut to commercial.

During the break, Hardy took a pretty horrendous bump and was at Jericho's mercy as we returned. Christian took over and Hardy was being isolated. When Bubba finally got back in, he cleaned house then made a blind tag. Hardy hit his own version of "Whazzup?" Then Bubba went for a table, but was the victim of a baseball slide from Jericho. Hardy continued against Christian - then Rosie and Jamal appeared on the platform with Spike in their grasp. Bubba took off to rescue his brother. back in the ring, Hardy hit the swanton on Jericho and almost had the poin, but Christian dragged him off from outside. Moments later Jericho hit the Lionsault on Hardy and took the pin to retain the titles for his team.

Backstage, Triple H was interviewed - the usual disgusting stuff. HHH also expressed his distain towards HBK's threats. For the second time tonight, a hidden camera scene was shown, this time it seemed to be observing HHH as he talked on the phone to Ric Flair in his dressing room. Earlier tonight a similar scene showed Trish Stratus undressing in her room. The snipe at the top of the frame read, "F-View".

In a taped segment, Al Snow confronted his former student, Chris Nowinski, and upbraided him for his behaviour of late. Snow told him he was glad now that Maven won the Tough Enough I challenge. Nowinski vowed that he would beat anyone long as Snow is at ringside. Eric Bischoff went to the ring next and announced Scott Steiner's signing and promised to ring him to RAW. He also talked about his trading of the Big Show for "an assortment of talent" unnamed. he revealed that he is responsible for the "F-View" cameras. Turns out "F-View" is a take off on "F-You". He then announced that his "Elimination Chamber" match at Survivor Series would have elements of Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and War games, and would be for the World Title. he announced that HHH, Chris Jericho, Booker T, RVD, Kane and Shaw Michaels will be in it. The first six are RAW stars so they have to be there - Shawn Michaels was given one week to accept or not. This was interrupted by Booker T, who took the mic from Bischoff and sent him packing.

Booker T then called Chris Nowinski to the ring - but first we cut to commercial.

Nowinski came down as we returned. Snow was already ringside. Nowinski put up a pretty good fight, but was clearly outclassed. he left the ring several times to try and break Booker's momentum. Finally he goaded Snow into the ring and into beating up on him, thus getting Booker disqualified for outside interference. Booker knocked Snow out afterwards then pummeled Nowinski and sent him flying to the floor with a clothesline.

Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Molly Holly went at it for the Womens' Title triple threat style. This one was short but sweet. Trish managed to hit Stratusfaction on both challengers simultaneously and retaiuned her title.

Kane and Trips had another of their very brutal matches. beforee it was over, HHH got his opponent into the world's cheesiest looking casket, but couldn't get his legs inside so failed in his attempts to close the box. The fight continued with low-blows and chairshots - then Shawn Michaels showed up and hit Sweet Chin Music on HHH. Kane chokeslammed his opponent then threw him into the casket and won the match.

It looks like, despite reports to the contrary, Vince decided to tone down the Kane/HHH angle considerably.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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