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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

Rey Misterio and Edge take
the SmackDown Tag Titles

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Volume 7, Issue 709 - November 11, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have a tour update from Roddy Piper, our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.


November 11, 2002: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper continues his book tour dubbed “The Tour the Fan’s Demanded”, at Hollywood Book and Poster Company on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA this Tuesday, November 12 from 7-9pm. In addition, that afternoon, from 4-6pm, the official book debut party will take place at Club 1650 on N. Schrader Ave. This party will be ‘by invitation only” and the celebrities scheduled to appear read like a “who’s who” list of film stars, producers, directors, and wrestling legends. Michael Buffer, Alex Karras, Billy Baldwin, Quenton Tarrantino, Marc and Rena Mero, Noah Blake (Robert Blake’s son), Sage Stallone, Roger Daltrey, Lorenzo Lamas, “Judo” Gene LaBell, Steve Borden (Sting), John Schnieder, Rick Bassman, John Landis, Mando Guerrero, John Tolos, Keith David, and John Carpenter have been invited and are expected to attend. Carpenter, currently directing a movie in Europe, is attempting to change his schedule and fly in on a Lear Jet for this special occasion.

Both Local Los Angeles and National Press will be on hand for this star studded event.

Although not open to the public, there will be a red carpet with a special area where the fans can come out and meet their favorite stars. Immediately following the party, Roddy will signing copies of “In The Pit With Piper” at Hollywood Book and Poster Company on Hollywood Blvd. from 7-9pm. All fans are invited to come meet Roddy Piper, get their book signed, hear his take on the state of Pro Wrestling and stories from his controversial 35 year career.

If you are a fan looking for a copy of “In The Pit With Piper” and your local bookstore is sold out, you can go to to order through paypal an personalized and autographed copy of the book. If you purchase the book through, you will receive absolutely free, the videotape “Blackballed”. This tape, never before released to the public, is full of highlights and special moments from the Cauliflower Alley Club Parties. This amazing tape features many of the wrestlers that are mentioned in the book. To find out even more specific information about this tape, go to www.inthe

Roddy Piper has also created “PiperVision” only available on Through streaming video, “PiperVision” takes you behind the scenes as Roddy tours America. You will have a chance to see Roddy as you have never seen him before, hear him tell stories about his life and career, answer fan questions, reflect on the memories that have been sent to him at , and see the media and book signing appearances as they happen. The first installment of “PiperVision” is up on and shows Roddy and his entourage getting ready to embark on his final tour. The streaming video will be updated daily through Roddy’s new creation “PiperVision”. It will allow the fans throughout the world that have made this incredible journey with him to continue to interact with him personally from his tour bus.

To purchase an personalized & autographed copy of In The Pit With Piper, See the complete Tour Schedule, Read Memories of Roddy Piper, or follow the tour in streaming video on “PiperVision”, go to

Send all Media Requests for the cities Roddy will be touring in or from anywhere around the world to

To add your memories of Roddy's career to be posted and answered by Roddy Piper, send them to

To join Roddy's Personal Mailing List with daily updates to be sent while on the road, send your e-mail address to

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

Well, if you think that this column will reflect on the fact that today is Veteran's day.... may be right, but only in part.

On November 11th, 1918, the guns in Europe fell quiet, in The War to End All Wars. 65 million soldiers had been mobilized, and 8 million died, with another 21 million maimed, or otherwise wounded. The War sealed the fate of two historically great empires, the Austrian (Hapsburg) and Ottoman (Osman), and utterly destroyed the monarchy in the German Empire. Add to that the collapse of the centuries-old Russian Empire (and subsequent fall into anarchy and Communist totalitarianism), and the world changed in those brief four years.

So, to memorialize this epic war,and the sacrifice of those people (including the 262,000 American casualties), Armistice Day was created. Congress, on June 4, 1926, passed a resolution asking for such a day, and an Act was passed on May 13, 1938. Armistice day became Veterans Day in 1954, because of the millions of soldiers who fought in the Second World War.

Thank the veterans around you for their service to protect the Republic. Remember that 70,000 of their present-day active duty brothers and sisters are positioned and fighting Enduring Freedom's battles. the soap box. Guess what I'm doing tonight? Watching Raw! First time in three weeks.

I can't really tell you that I've missed it.....more along the lines of finding more productive things to do. Add to that the fact that my brother likes that low-handed humor and storyline type, and he acts as a very effective surrogate where Raw watching is concerned.

However, and this is a biggie, I am going to the Smackdown tapings tomorrow night, in Columbus. Anyone else going? Well....I'll be the guy in the neat-looking New Orleans Saints sweatshirt, fifteen rows off of the floor, opposite the cameras. Nice seats. I don't have to tell you that I have been looking forward to this for a while.....Columbus is a very wrestling-friendly town. Even the last Nitro that was there got a full house.

As I said, Columbus is a VERY friendly city where wrestling is concerned.

If any of you are going, I would like to give John's 10 Rules of Wrestling Fan Conduct, so you can print them up, and distribute them freely to your friends and co-smarks., since it's November, you should start thinking about gifts....yeah, this is a plug for Solie's Storefront. Use it is probably the only thing I do that's liberal.....and often. Same for hitting this website for all your historical info and wrestling links. Come over to as well, for the news, rumors, and results you need and want.

Send me feedback as well....hit the e-mail link at the top of the column, and send me your opinion on my columns. The only way to get better in this literary endeavor is to get beat down once in a while.

See you next week, for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and opened with a mixed tag match - Torrie and Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble and Nidia. The good guys won it.

Backstage, after the break, Al Wilson told Torrie he planned to do something "for himself" tonight.

John Cena took on Rikishi in the next match after the two of them had a "rap face-off" in an interview before the break. Cena put up a pretty good fight, but he was never really in control of this fight. Rikishi stink faced him before sitting on him for the pin.

Mr. Mattitude has picked up a protege in Shannon Moore. After cautioning him about the dangers of processed sugar, he went off to have a word with Brock Lesnar. Meanwhile, the Guerreros conmfronted Stephanie again about getting a tag team title match. Steph reminded them that they lost the #1 contenders match last week. Then she gave Eddie a match...with Brock Lesnar...

Al Wilson met with Dawn Marie backstage and told her that he was going to "ask her the question" in the ring tonight.

Matt caught up with Paul Heyman and told him was going to see Stephanie and demand a match against the Big Show, in order to "soften him up" for Brock Lesnar...just like he did with the Undertaker... Heyman agreed whole heartedly.

Al Wilson went to the ring and then invited Dawn to join him. He then dropped to one knee and proposed to her! When Dawn didn't answer him right away - she is too busy strutting areound the ring to draw it out - he declared that he would kill himself if she says "no". She said "yes". After the break, Torrie left the building in tears.

Matt Hardy "softened up" the Big Show in the next match. Matt's best move was biting his opponent's nose! He still lost... After the match, TBS declared his intention to take the title at Survovor Series. backstaqge, an enraged Brock Lesnar smashed a TV set.

Next up - the Tag Team Titles were on the line as Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle accepted the challenge of Rey Misterio and Edge. At last the inevitable happened. With the tag champ's out-of-the-ring feud growing day by day - it was only a matter of time before they lost these titles. This was a three-fall match. The challengers won the first one. The champs won the next one, after Benoit clobbered Edge with one of the title belts then Angle slapped on an ankle lock. Then we cut to commercial. The fight was going great guns when we returned from the break. After some furious action, Misterio pinned Angle after a double reverse roll-up. But Angle claimed that his foot was under the rope - and things were still up in the air as we went to another break.

We came back to find that the referee had restarted the match with a fourth fall. The problem I see here is that oif the Champs win this fall - they would have to go to a fifth fall. During this one, Benoit managed to hit his flying headbutt...on his partner. It gave Edge the pinfall - and Rey/Edge the titles.

Backstage, the Guerreros taunted Paul Heyman in the hall outside Lesnar's dressing room until the next big thing came rushing out. The Guerreros split in a hurry, leaving Heyman to try and restrain Lesnar. Heyman showed his frustration with Lesnar's hot-headed ways, lecturing him on keepoing his temper - then told him to go ahead anmd face Eddie in the ring...without Heyman at ringside. Are we going to see the finalization of the face turn of Lesnar tonight?

Eddie G was the victim of Brock Lesnar's ire in the main event. Guerrero did manage to put Lesnar on his back using a low blow,and then rained blows on him before locking in a modified Indian Death Lock on him. lesnar kicked him off easily, but Guerrero stayed on his - and his nephew was ringside to add his interference. Lesnar finally got back to his feet and then all hell broke loose for a while. Then Brock ran his shoulder into a corner post and Eddie came back for a bit. Eventually though, Guerrero was put out with an F5. Afterward, the Big Show attacked Lesnar on the platform and gave him the same treatment he gave the Undertaker a while back.

Raw came to us live from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio and opened with a Tag Team Title match featuring the Tag Champs (Chris Jericho and Christian) vs. Kane and Rob Van Dam. Shawn Michaels was revealed backstage reading a newspaper just before this match started, so I guess HHH is in for it again tonight. From the get go the challengers seemed to have the Champions number(s), but as the match progressed, Jericho and Christian started to come back from the brink. The highlight if the match was van Dam throwing a Frog Splash to hit Christian, who was clear on the opposite side of the ring. he had to leap over his own partner who was also flat on his back in the center of the ring. In the end, Jericho used a chair on Kane to end the match in a DQ and retained the Tag Titles for his team.

Backstage, Jericho told Terri in an interview that he is intent on softening up every other competitor in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. He left, then Christian took his place, declaring that Eric Bischoff has told him that if any of the original competitors has to drop out, that he will get their spot. He then stated that he would do anything, including beating his own partner, to win the World Title. This spurred Jericho to come back and use his chair on Christian as well. In another room, mild mannered reporter, Gregory Helms, interviewed Goldust, who told him to look out for the "family jewels", so to speak...

Lance Storm brought his partner Willy Regal down for his one-on-one match up against Jeff Hardy. Of course Regal managed to interfere at the right time to give his partner the win.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff told Terri that she has to face Victoria in the ring tonight, or else she will be fired...

Terri went down to the ring to try and talk her way out of the match. Victoria agreed to cancel the match, then proceeded to beat up on her anyway. Victoria roughed her opponent up pretty bad, although Terri showed some spunk at least for a little while, using a shoe to get in some licks. It was all for naught, as the amazon came back and dominated Terri, then pulled a ladder out from under the ring. Trish Stratus ran in at that moment and saved Terri's butt.

Backstage, Ric Flair accosted Batista in a hallway and tried to talk him up. He only got one word out of him. When Flair wished the rookie luck in his match against D'Lo Brown tonight, Batista muttered, "...thanks..."

That match was next. D'Lo never got any offense in this "match".

Backstage, HBK was headed to the ring as we cut to commercial. He arrived right after the break (fancy that...) and declared his intention of thwarting any ambitions that HHH has to walk out of Survivor Series as the WWE Champ. He further stated that he intends to become the Champ and that "God is on his side". This brought HHH to the platform to dispute his claims (gosh! really?) He went so far as to say that in the wrestling ring, he (Hunter) is God. He then headed to the ring as if to attack - then hesitated - then he did attack. HBK dominated the first exchange of fisticuffs, but HHH came back and put a Pedigree on his former friend. He then slapped an evil grin on his face and retrieved his old trusty sledge hammer from under the ring. A phalanx of officials ran in and rescued Shawn.

The Dudleys faced the Three Minute Boyz in the next match. Unfortunately, Spike was taken out of action early, leaving Bubba to fight a valiant, if losing, battle. Even Jeff Hardy coming to ringside failed to make a difference. Hardy went after the Boyz and Rico afterwards but was overwhelmed and punked. In the end, he was placed on a table next to Spike and both were splashed through it.

Chris Nowinski came out to talk up the idea of getting Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame (what?) Oh, I see, it was "manipulation" of the audience to get a cheer out of them. His opponent for this match was Al Snow, of course... Harvard declared that he was going to give Snow a wrestling lesson - then proceeded to be out wrestled for several minutes. Nowinski started trying to use shortcuts, but Snow was all over him until he splashed his old pupil. Nowinski rolled through it and then got his feet entangled in the ropes, thus having the leverage to get the pin. Afterwards, he pearl harbored Snow, but then Maven ran in and ran him off.

Uncle Eric came to the ring to run a promo showing the construction of his Elimination Chamber. He then laid out the rules. Six men will be introduced into the cage one at a time and will fight until one man is left standing. Backstage, (as seen on F-View), Steven Richards tried to talk Stacy into promoting him as she has been doing for Test. She turned him down, so he asked her to use a singapore cane to "motivate him". He turned his back on her and invited her to strike him on the butt. test walked in at that moment, took the cane, and laid the idiot out with a crack on the back.

Test came to the ring next with Stacy, and trailed by Steven Richards. Turns out they were teamed for a tag match against the Hurricane and Goldust. Toward the end of the contest, Hurricane came close to getting the pin on Test after his partner hit him by mistake. Moments later, Test hit a face-buster variation and took the pin. Richards immediately started hugging Stacy, which got him laid out again by his partner.

Backstage, Booker T and HHH had a little verbal battle of wits...neither of them won...

The main event was HHH vs. Booker T in a non-title match. Of course, Shawn Michaels was still in the building...somewhere... Toward the end of the match, Booker started to take over. Ric Flair tried to interfere but was thwarted...twice. The second time, however, he provided the distraction that allowed HHH to get in a low blow then put the Pedigree on him for the pin. HBK ran in (of course) and attacked, but then Chris Jericho joined the frey. Shawn was in for it, but then RVD and Kane showed up. All six men in the Elimination Chamber were now either in or near the ring. This was good for several minutes of mayhem which ended with HBK and HHH alone in the ring. Shawn went for the super-kick but HHH caught his foot then reversed into a Pedigree. HBK turned it into a backdrop then delivered his own Pedigree!!...then Jericho hit him with a chair. Thus ended the program.

Good buildup for the PPV.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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