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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Dedicated to Gordon Solie
January 29, 1929 - July 27, 2000

HBK Defends the World Title on RAW

HHH returns, messes up the ending

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz

Volume 7, Issue 711 - November 25, 2002
Editor's Note: In this edition of the newsletter we have our weekly Crossface Connection by Solie's regular, John Cross, some APW News from Jermz, plus my own TV Reports and topical rants.

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

I have just posted a major new image gallery! The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954) contains photographs, newpaper and magazine articles and other memorabilia collected by Ohio wrestler Joe Wolfe, whose career spanned the era of Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers.

All Pro Wrestling News

by Jermz
(APW's Senior Media Editor & Webmaster at


Here are results of the APW Gym Warz show from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. on Friday November 22nd 2002 as reported by APW Senior Media Editor Jeremy "Jermz" Medeiros...

The Black Army came to the ring to open the show up with a promo. JR Benson is still great on the mic! Black Army announces that Blackwell will be defending both titles tonight. The Universal title against Super Dragon...and the Internet title against...KRYPTONITE.

APW Worldwide Internet Championship - Larry Blackwell vs. Kryptonite

Not even a match here, as Kryptonite hits a shoulder tackle on Blackwell and follows that with a big splash for the 1...2...3. Blackwell lays down for Krypto and we have a NEW APW Internet Champion.

Winner: Kryptonite ( 0 )

"The Bomb" Robert Thompson came to the ring and told the fans that they can expect an old-school 1997-style 4-star match tonight when he meets Steve Rizzono. The history behind these two goes back many years, and the old-school fans in attendance were more than ready for this one! Bomber guaranteed the fans a 4-star match, and then said that he would change his style if he doesn't deliver.

PsYcHo Seth vs. Vennis The Menace

Actually this was a pretty solid match...the first "real" match we got so far. Seth & Vennis are both getting better each time out. Seth is a tough S.O.B. who bleeds in some way or another in just about every one of his matches. Vennis is a solid mat worker, who is improving all the time and impresses me with his fundamentals. Seth locked on a submission hold and KO'ed Vennis, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Winner: PsYcHo Seth ( * * 1/2)

Vic Grimes came to the ring with a BUTTERBALL TURKEY, and said it was going to be a present for Larry Blackwell. Blackwell came to the ring, and Vic gave him a few compliments about how he made it from sitting front row in the War Zone years ago, all the way up to winning the Universal Title now. Vic and Blackwell jawed back and forth, until Vic tossed the turkey at Blackwell and knocked him down. Vic left that as a message that Blackwell will be next, after he gets done with James Watkins later tonight.

Steve Rizzono vs. "The Bomb" Robert Thompson

Not the 4-star affair that we were looking for, but still not a bad match. A tad slow at times, but when it picked up, there was tons of action. One of the big bumps happened outside the ring, when Bomber backdropped Rizzono through 2 chairs! In the end, it was Bomber hitting his "old-school Frog Splash" and pinning Rizzono for the victory.

Winner: Robert Thompson ( * * 1/2)

APW Worldwide Internet Championship - Kryptonite vs. Lady Brenda

Yet another joke of a match, as The Black Army came back out and said Krypto would be defending his newly won Internet Title against Lady Brenda. Pretty much the same stuff as the Blackwell match, as Brenda gets rolled up in a small package and allows Krypto to pin her and retain his title.

Winner: Kryptonite ( 0 )

Rising Son & Super Dragon vs. "5hooting 5tar" Bobby Quance & "Kamikaze Kid" Jardi Frantz

Match of the night...easily 4 stars! These guys tore the place apart, and I am sure that everyone in attendance would agree with me, based on the standing ovation that all 4 men got when it was finished. A lot of cool tag team spots in this one that I have never seen before. My favorite was Rising Son's 619 on the back of Bobby's head as he was being held by Super Dragon. Bobby hit an amaing 5hooting 5tar Press for the victory. After the match, Robert Thompson called them all back into the ring for another standing ovation. They all deserved it too...GREAT MATCH!

Winners: Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance ( * * * * )

James Waktins vs. "Vicious" Vic Grimes

Vic is definatley back in APW! The most hardcore & sadistic man in the history of the promotion had vowed to tear Watkins apart! It wasn't going to be easy however, as Vic was spitting up blood halfway through the match after the beating Watkins was giving him. Back & forth this match went, and it got a little hardcore for awhile, when Vic tossed Watkins out into the War Zone. Finally, Vic was able to lock on a submission hold and force James to tap out. Vic Grimes had plowed down another member of the Black Army...and he was now on his way to the man that he wanted the most...Larry Blackwell!

Winner: Vic Grimes ( * * )

APW Universal Championship-Larry Blackwell vs. Super Dragon

Super Dragon didn't look much like the Super Dragon that we had seen earlier in the show. He was a little smaller, and wrestled a little different style. The match only went about 5 minutes, and as all the fans shouted out that it wasn't the REAL Super Dragon...ANOTHER Super Dragon came to the ringside area, and chased the first one away. It was then clear that the first SD was an imposter, and the 2nd one was the REAL one. Who was under the mask and SD gear? Imposter SD got chased out of the building and was counted out. Larry Blackwell squeeked by with a victory, and retained the Universal Title.

Winner: Larry Blackwell ( * 1/2)

Melissa vs. Nikki

Melissa was accompanied by the entire Black Army (except for Blackwell), and Nikki seemed to be on her own. That is, until the Army got involved, and it prompted Vic Grimes to come to ringside to keep an eye on them...and watch Nikki's back. The two best female wrestlers in the indys today went at it tooth & nail, taking each others best shots and putting on quite a show for the fans. Melissa kept getting outside assistance from Watkins, JR Benson & Kryptonite. Finally, the tables had turned, and while the referee was being distracted, Nikki hit a nice bridged-german-suplex on Melissa, and held her for the pin. 1...2...3! Nikki was victorious in her match with Melissa, and the APW fans rejoiced!

After the match, Vic got in the ring and took out the Black Army one by one. He hit Watkins, Benson & Kryptonite all with moves in the middle of the ring, and then carried Krypto all the way up the stairs, and tossed him off the balcony and down into the ring right on top of his partners Watkins & Benson! HUGE APW chant from this crowd which was probably the hottest Gym Warz crowd in 6 years! Vic got the mic and said that at the next show, he would take on the entire Black Army by HIMSELF, and if he wins, he will FINALLY get his shot in the ring one on one with Blackwell.

The show ended with Vic Grimes & Nikki leaving the ringside area together, in celebration.

Winner: Nikki ( * * 1/2)

Crossface Connection

by John Cross

My brother and I always make a point of going to see the old folks (don't tell them I said that) on Sunday night...they tend to stay up late, and they are always welcome to our visitations. We went over, as usual, around 8:30 last night.

My brother grabbed a couple bottles of Guinness (ah, good stuff!) and he brought up Shawn Michaels little tirade on Raw (NEWWWWW!), and why it was like it was, i.e. why bring up the necrophilia thing to Bischoff. Of course, I explained to him that it was all based on the fans reaction, that Michaels was using the censuring of that angle to get himself over as a face ( Michaels used the Katie Vick angle to get heat for Christian of him....but, that is another subject), and he agreed. Then, he asked the Question:

"What would you do to fix the WWE?"

Don't you hate that question? Have any of you been asked that? I have about 5668 times, and it seems that the answer changes a little each time, as the WWE is enough in a state of flux that one's intellectual security on the matter is never sure. However, there are some things that the WWE really messed up, and the answers that I usually give (and gave him last night) all revolve around the following four items (and what I would do differently):

We talked about all these things, and went into more detail, but I'll not bore you with that here. Suffice to say, the whole world would be much better if we were in charge, right?

Well.....if I were in charge, but, again, another subject, for another day.

Since Raw is tightening up as a show, and starting to get some fan interest back, maybe we will get some new angles and, maybe, we will see more bungled opportunities by the booking people at that show. Or, maybe, we will see them do everything right, and the show will return to it's primacy in the ratings.

Either way, we'll have some material for next week....month....year...

Solie's Storefront, people......go there for your Christmas needs. all your wrestling needs. Need anyything else? Surf Solie's.

See you next week for another Connection.

The Way I See It...

by Earl Oliver

SmackDown! was taped Tuesday at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut and opened with a video review of the relationship between Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, then cut to the parking garage, where Lesnar was pacing like a cat. probably waiting for the arrival of his rival...

The opening match featured Rey Misterio taking on the former Cruiserweight champ Jamie Noble (w/Nidia). As usual, Noble fought his standard, solid grappling style against a high flying opponent. Nidia got physically involved by pulling Misterio off the apron when things were going badly for her man. Misterio chased her in and out of the ring, then bounced off the ropes and rolled Noble up for the pin.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar barged into the heel dressing room and was the subject of a somewhat taunting lecture from Matt Hardy. Lesnar then picked up the hapless Hardy and threw him through a wall!! After the break, Stephanie was on the scene, helping tend to Matt. Eddie Guerrero made a speech about having to work in an "unsafe environment". Stephanie asserted that she will take care of Lesnar.

In another part of the building, Jamie Noble and Nidia discussed what to do now that he has lost the title. He proposed calling his "crazy cousin" Nuncio. Nidia was against it... Stephanie found Lesnar and told him that he can't have his rematch for the WWE Title until his ribs heal. She then gave him an ultimatum, telling him that if he lays a hand on Paul Heyman, the Big Show, or any other WWE wrestler, he will be suspended.

Mark Lloyd was waiting in the parking area to get an interview with Heyman and Show as we returned to the ring for a Cruiserweight Title defense (the first) for Billy Kidman against Tajiri. After an exciting match, Kidman took it with a Shooting Star press.

Heyman showed up already knowing what was going on with Brock tonight. Stephanie had apparently called him on his way to the arena.

Chris Benoit was next up, taking on Chavo Guerrero (w/Eddie). Except that Eddie was banned from ringside as soon as he arrived with his nephew. Benoit started out in his usual manic fashion, but soon found himself on the receiving end as Chavo methodically worked on his ribs. Benoit was clearly suffering from pain in his mid-section, but still managed to put on the Crippler Crossface on and win the match.

Back in Stephanie's office, Lesnar was still pacing. Stephanie told him that she wanted him to stay in the back and not watch the monitor because Heyman and Show were on their way to the ring. She again cautioned him that he would be suspended if he perpetrated any more violence tonight.

As we returned, Brock lesnar's music started up...and Paul heyman Went to the ring wearing the WWE Title belt. He was mocking Lesnar, doing take-offs on his usual movements, the double leg jump (onto the bottom step of the ring steps) rolling his shoulders and cocking his head, etc. Heyman tooted his own horn for a while, taking credit for all of Brock Lesnar's accomplishments. Then he called the Big Show to the ring and handed him the belt. Show started out on a serious note, thanking Lesnar for the opportunity to wrestle for the title - then went on to thank Lesnar for being such a hothead that he left the door wide open for him to come in and take the title away. He taunted the former champ about taking his agent and his title. He then addressed Edge, who has a title match with him tonight, saying that there is no way he will win the title. Heyman then took the mic back and officially dumped Lesnar as his client - then revealed that just before Survivor Series, he changed the contract for their match to rule out a rematch!! As Heyman and Show were leaving the ring, Lesnar came rushing out and attacked Show with a chair. Suspension time...

...or not. In a backstage confrontation during the break, Stephanie gave Lesnar one more chance to straighten up and fly right.

Kurt Angle took on Eddie Guerrero in the next match. Angle seemed to be taking out his anger for the loss of the Tag Titles on Eddie, who was pummeled unmercifully until he lured his opponent out to the floor. Guerrero ran Angle into the steps then tossed him back in the ring. Eddie then grabbed two chairs as he returned to the ring. He allowed the referee to take one of them away from him, then used the second one on Angle as the referee was busy disposing of the first one. He slapped a modified Camel Clutch, but Angle powered out of it. As Angle began to make a comeback, Chavo appeared up on the platform. He snuck down toward ringside as the match continued. Meanwhile, Eddie hit a low blow then tossed Angle to the floor into Chavo tender mercies. Chavo didn't see Chris Benoit watching from the platform - not doing anything, just watching. Eventually, Angle won the match under his own steam. Benoit stood on the platform and applauded.

Funaki interviewed Edge after the break, concerning his title match coming later in the program. He reminded us that this is his first ever shot at the WWE Title. He intends to win...duh...

John Cena took on Rikishi in a rematch next. But first Al Wilson and Dawn marie invited us all to their wedding...then we cut to commercial. After the break, we came back to find the match underway. Cena was on the receiving end for the most part...then he got squashed. Afterward, a stranger in a stocking cap came out and attacked Rikishi.

Backstage, the Big Show was feeling the pain from Brock's chair shot. He ordered a reluctant Paul Heyman to go see Stephanie and get him out of his title defense tonight.

Heyman was in Stephanie's office as we returned. He told her that Brock Lesnar is an animal and that the Big Show would not be able to defend his title tonight. Stephanie refused to let them out of it, but guaranteed that Lesnar will be suspended if he gets involved with the title match. Heyman threatened to sue her and the company of anything happens - she threw him out.

The main event was the aforementioned WWE Title match. Edge challenging the Big Show, who came to the ring still suffering from Brock Lesnar's earlier attack. Edge tried to attack the giant's legs right away, in what seemed like a pretty sound game plan. But then the big guy got hold of his opponent and went to work - it was all one sided for the next several minutes. After a bit, Show went over ahd peeled the cover off of one of the turnbuckles. Edge avoided the contact however and forced TBS's head into the steel. He then used a low blow, and a couple of spears to try and soften the champ up. A third spear actually out the giant on his back. But then Edge was distracted by Heyman. Edge was caught and thrown on his head - then Heyman told the champ to treat Edge like he was Brock Lesnar. Show delivered two chokeslams - then Lesnar ran in and hit an F5 on the Big Show, then chased Heyman out of the building.

We were left with the question - will Stephanie suspend Lesnar?

Raw came to us live from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina and opened with a video recap of Shawn Michaels winning the World Title, then Rob Van Dam winning the #1 contendership. Tonight will be HBK's first title defense.

But first, the Dudley Boyz got a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. Defending, of course, Chris Jericho and Christian. This one was over pretty fast with a rather iffy double pin. At that moment, Eric Bischoff appeared on the platform with Sean Morely (aka Val Venis) and announced that Morely has been appointed as the new RAW Chief of Staff. Morely immediately made his first ruling - that the Title match had to restart because both Jericho's and D-Von's shoulders were on the mat. In a matter of minutes, Christian was felled by a 3D and pinned. The Dudleys are the Tag champs again...or not... Morely appeared on the platform once again and said that Bubba wasn't the legal man when he got the pin - so the match was restarted for a second time! Moments later, Jericho was felled and Whuzzup'd - then Bubba told D-Von the "...get the table!!" This was completely illegal, of course, but Christian used a baseball slide to put D-Von down by sliding into the table as D-Von tried to bring it in - so the illegality became moot. Jericho went on to slam the Walls of Jericho on Bubba for the win.

Backstage after the break, Bubba told D-Von that he has a plan to rectify the Tag Team Title situation.

Test took on Steven Richards in the next match. Richards put up a reasonably good fight - but was no match for the Chief "Testicle".

Back in the locker room, Jericho and Christian emerged from the shower (wearing towels - Christian also wore a shower cap) to discover their bags were missing. D-Von then appeared with the bags in hand and ran off. Christian and Jericho followed him out of the room but he was gone. They turned around to go back in - but they were locked out!

Backstage, Stacy sent Test to the showers, then was grabbed by Victoria and intimidated big time.

Chris Nowinski came to the ring with a book in his hand to take on Maven. Before the match, Nowinski made an announcement, that after tonight nobody would be able to say that Maven is better than him. He declared that Maven won the Tough Enough challenge because of sympathy for Maven's sick mother. That brought Maven in with murder on his mind. Nowinski just backed up and then whacked him upside the head with his book. Then he split.

After the break, Jericho was still wandering around undressed, when Christian called him in and showed him Rico's bag. before they can steal any of it, the owner showed up with Three Minute Warning. The Tag Champs split in a hurry.

Trish Stratus took on Victoria in the next match for the Womens' Title. As could be expected, this was a very competitive match. Trish is a real spitfire these days. Eventually, Victoria won it based on raw power. She knew she was in a fight, she went back to the locker room with blood streaming from her mouth and nose.

Shawn Michaels encountered RVD backstage and they conversed for a moment about how Rob reminded Shawn of a younger HBK, but said he was missing something. Then HBK slapped his young rival. Van Dam slapped him right back, hard. "Now you're talking my language," said Shawn.

The Tag Champs were still wandering around naked when they spotted the Dudleys headed to the ring with their bags. Bubba grabbed a mic and announced that they were going to give away the contents - then they promptly started throwing the clothes out to the crowd. Christian and Jericho made it out to the platform as Bubba extracted a jar of "A$$ Cream" from one of the bags. The Dudleys invited them down to the ring, but they weren't about to do that - so the Dudleys threw the bags into the crowd. Meanwhile the Tag Champs didn't notice Spike sneaking up behind them. At the signal, Spike grabbed off the towels and ran to the ring with them, leaving Jericho and Christian to scramble for the back.

Jeff Hardy and Hurricane were next up, taking on Willy Regal and Lance Storm. H&H started the match before their opponents even made it to the ring, attacking them on the floor. They got it sorted out eventually - Hurricane submitted to a Sharpshooter by Storm after being isolated through most of the match. Hardy went for revenge afterward - but fell short and was punked for his trouble.

Kane face Batista in the next contest. This was a result of the latter's attack on the Big Red Machine for no apparent reason last week. Except that Batista didn't show up immediately. Instead, Ric Flair appeared on the platform. Flair started talking trash - taunting Kane, who left the ring to go after the Nature Boy. As Kane was walking up the ramp, Batista attacked him from behind and dragged him back to the ring. Once inside, Batista proved to be no match for Kane on a fair fight. But then kane accidentally knocked the referee down. That gave Flair a chance to do some dirty work with a chair. Batista hit a sit-down powerbomb just as the referee was recovering, and got the pin.

Goldust put Rico away in short order in what was apparently a hastily thrown together match occasioned by the fact that Booker T arrived at the arena earlier today, only to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for dehydration.

The main event was the first match on RAW for Shawn Michaels in five years, against Rob Van Dam for the World Title. RVD dominated this match from the get-go, as Michaels basically fought a defensive battle. He eventually managed to get Van dam tied up in the corner and went to work on his left knee. Once he had van Dam on the defensive, Shawn was relentless. But then he missed a rush into the corner and ran shoulder first into the post. he was down for a bit, but then came back and went for the super-kick...and missed. Van Dam came back with a spin kick and a two count. Michaels hit a DDT then threw an elbow from the top rope and almost got the pin. Van Dam came back with a big back breaker over his knee then mounted the top corner and hit his frog splash. He was about to get the pin when Triple H suddenly appeared ringside and dragged RVD to the floor. After dispatching Van Dam, HHH turned his attention back to HBK, who was still out of it in the ring. He set up a chair then went to pick up the Champ, who suddenly came to life. They engaged in some heavy duty fisticuffs - but then HHH got a hold of his rival and dropped him onto the chair in a massive back breaker. HHH left the ring while HBK continued to lay there.

Another cliff hanger...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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