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February 27, 1999--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Hisaharu Tanabe

1.Michael Modest
02/27/99-Pinole, CA
Defeated Tony Jones in the finals of the APW Cup Tournament on February at Pinole Valley High School in Pinole, California to win the vacant APW Internet Championship.

2.Christopher Daniels
01/22/2000-Lompoc, CA

Title Vacant

3.Donovan Morgan
04/15/2000-Livingston, CA
Defeated Boyce LeGrande in a tournament final to win the vacant title
Donovan Morgan held the following Title is conjunction with the APW Internet Championship

Title Vacant
APW Commissioner Gabe Ramirez stripped Morgan of the title because he also held the Universal Title, and declared a one-night tournament to name a new champion
10/28/2000-Galt, CA

4.Vinny Massaro
10/28/2000-Galt, CA
Defeated Christopher Daniels in a tournment final

5.Donovan Morgan [2]
05/19/2001-King City, CA (Salinas Valley Fairgrounds)

Title Vacant

6.Jardi Frantz
03/15/2002-Hayward, CA (APW Garage)
Won Battle Royal to determine new champion

7.Super Dragon
05/10/2002-Hayward, CA

8.American Dragon
06/16/2002-Los Angeles, CA
EPIC debut show


12/27/2002-Hayward, CA
Kryptonite was stripped of the title due to an injury.

10.Super Dragon [2]
12/27/2002-Hayward, CA
Defeats Bobby Quance and Jardi Frantz in a Three Way 60:00 Iron Man match.

11.James Choi
02/22/2003-Hayward, CA
Defeated Excalibur who substituted for Super Dragon who was in Japan

08/16/2003-Newhall, CA

13.J.J. Perez
03/13/2004-Hayward, CA

12/04/2004-Hayward, CA

15.J.J. Perez [2]
07/09/2005-Hayward, CA

16.Mr. Prime Time
09/02/2006-Hayward, CA

03/24/2007-Hayward, CA

18.Mr. Prime Time [2]
06/23/2007-Hayward, CA
Defeated Psicosis in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the title.

19.Adam Thornstowe
08/11/2007-Hayward, CA
Defeated Mr. Prime Time in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the title.

20.Tito Aquino
10/13/2007-Hayward, CA
Defeated Thornstowe, Mr. Prime Time & Oliver John in a Falls County Anywhere, Anything Goes Match to win the title

21.Dana Lee
10/13/2007-Hayward, CA

Title Vacant
Lee unable to wrestle.

22.Brian Cage
02/16/2008-Hayward, CA

23.Derek Sanders
06/14/2008-Hayward, CA
Defeated Nathan Rulez in a tournament final to win the vacant title

24.Jeckles the Jester
11/01/2008-Hayward, CA

25.Timothy Thatcher
01/03/2009-Hayward, CS

26.David Dutra
01/16/2010-Hayward, CA

27.Mr. Wrestling #4
08/14/2010-Hayward, CA

28.Matt Carlos
10/16/2010-Hayward, CA

29.Rik Luxury
05/06/2011-Hayward, CA

30.Colt Cabana
10/15/2011-Hayward, CA

31.Rik Luxury [2]
02/18/2012-Hayward, CA

32.Will Rood
04/14/2012-Hayward, CA

33.Rik Luxury [3]
05/05/2012-Hayward, CA

34.Will Rood [2]
11/03/2012-Hayward, CA

Title Vacant
Stripped when Dutra could not make a scheduled defense

35.Drake Younger
07/06/2013-Hayward, CA
Defeated Timothy Thatcher.

36.Billy Blade
11/02/2013-Hayward, CA

11/08/2013-Hayward, CA
Defeated Blade, Drake Younger, and Vinny Massaro in 4-way match.

38.Chris Hero
06/13/2014-Daly City, CA

39.Virgil Flynn
09/06/2014-Daly City, CA
Defeated Chris Hero (c) and Jeckles the Jester in 3-way match.

40.Boyce LeGrande
03/13/2015-Daly City, CA
Defeate Virgil Flynn (c), Marcus Lewis, and Truex in 4-way match.

41.Will Cuevas
09/11/2015-Daly City, CA

42.Rik Luxury [5]
09/16/2016-Daly City, CA

43.Will Cuevas [2]
11/11/2016-Pacifica, CA

44.Karl Fredericks
05/06/2017- San Francisco, CA

45.Jacob Fatu
11/10/2017-San Francisco, CA
Won from Will Cuevas.

46.J.R. Kratos
06/22/2018-Daly City, CA

47.Will Hobbs
11/02/2018-Daly City, CA

48.Levi Shapiro
06/15/2019-Daly City, CA

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