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1960'S--May 1976

Compiled by Manuel O. Gonzalez

1.Jose Lotario
05/25/68-San Juan, PR
On March 16, 1968, promoter Cowboy Lutrall began a tournament for the title. The rule was that a wrestler would be eliminatd after losing two matches during the tournament. The last three men were Jose Lothario, Red Bastien and Johnny Valentine. NWA President Sam Muchnik was there to gave the title to the winner. Since there were three wrestlers, two of them had to wrestle each other and the winner would face the third, who received a bye in the first round. Red Bastien defeated Johnny Valentine but ended in such a bad shape that he could not continue, so Sam Muchnik handed the title to the first champion, by forfeit, Jose Lothario.

2.Johnny Valentine
0608/68-San Juan, PR

3.Jose Lotario [2]
10/24/68-Freeport, BAHAMAS

4.The Gladiator
01/18/69-San Juan, PR
Three fall match
Gladiator won the first fall at 18:00 and Lotario won the second at 1:00. Gladiaton won the third fall at 3:00.

5.Hans Mortier
04/05/69-San Juan, PR (Country Club Basketball Place)

6.Ciclón Negro
04/19/69-San Juan, PR (Country Club Basketball Place)

7.Missouri Mauler
01/31/70-San Juan

6.Jack Brisco
?/70-San Juan, PR

8.Mefistofeles (The Great Mephisto)
09/05/70-San Juan

9.Toru Tanaka
03/01/75-San Juan
Won tournament

10.Jose Lothario
03/22/75-San Juan)
Lothario also defended the title at the World Promotions

11.Huracan Castillo
07/31/76-San Juan
Castillo jumped to WWC on May 1977 and became the firstWWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion.

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