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August 22, 1997--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Terik the Great
08/22/97 Harveysburg, OH
Defeats Shark Boy in tournament final to become the first champion.

2."Bad Boy" Bobby Kane
02/27/99-Hamilton, OH
Defeats Terik the Great and Shark Boy in a Three Way Dance.

3.Shark Boy
05/26/99-Fort Mitchell, KY

Shark Boy leaves the promotion.

4.Todd Morton
08/25/99-Fort Mitchell, KY
Defeats "Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox in a tournament final to win vacant title.

Morton stripped of title due to no-show.

5.Shark Boy [2]
02/19/2000-Hamilton, OH
Defeats Matt Stryker to win vacant title. Earlier in the card, Matt
Stryker had won a battle royal to face Shark Boy.

6."Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox
10/07/2000-Blanchester, OH
Wins Ladder match.

7.Shark Boy [3]
11/04/2000-Blanchester, OH
Pins Rory Fox in a tag team match while teaming with Race Steele.
Fox teamed with Chip Fairway.

Shark Boy surrenders the title after winning the HWA Heavyweight Title.

8.Matt Stryker
03/16/2001-Rising Sun, IN
Defeated Pepper Parks for the vacant title

9.Pepper Parks
06/26/2001-Cincinnati, OH

10.Matt Stryker [2]
08/09/2001 Cincinnati, OH (Oak Hills High School)
2001 Brian Pillman Memorial Show
Defeats Pepper Parks, Shark Boy and Chad Collyer (subbing for Reckless Youth) in a Four Way Dance match.

11.Jamie Knoble
09/02/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (HWA TV Taping)

12.Shannon Moore
01/09/2002-Dayton, OH

13.Chad Collyer
02/13/2002-Dayton, OH
Defeated Shannon Moore and Matt Stryker in a Three Way match.

14.Shannon Moore [2]
03/24/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
HWA TV Taping

15.B.J. Whitmer
05/08/2002-Dayton, OH
Defeated Jamie Knoble, Matt Stryker and Shannon Moore in a Four Way Elimination match.


16.Rory Fox [2]
10/08/2002-Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Quinten to win vacant title.

17.The Hussla
11/13/2002-Englewood, OH

18.Rory Fox [3]
02/01/2003-Batavia, OH

19. J.T. Stahr and T.J. Dalton 05/23/2003-Dayton, OH
Become co-champions in 4-way match which also include Fox.

20.Rory Fox [4]
05/25/2003-Cincinnati, OH
Pins both TJ and JT.

21.Quinten Lee
09/06/2003-Batavia, OH

22.Rory Fox [5]
10/28/2003-Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Quinten under the El Temor mask

23.Quinten Lee [2]
10/28/03-Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Rory later on the same night.

HWA Cruiserweight Title is renamed the HWA Television Title
01/06/2004-Cincinnati, OH
Quentin Lee named first champion as the reigning Cruiserweight Champ

24.Mike Desire
02/10/2004-Cincinnati, OH
HWA TV Taping

25.Quinten Lee
03/16/2004-Cincinnati, OH

05/04/2004-Cincinnati, OH

06/15/2004-Cincinnati, OH

28.Rory Fox
07/27/2004-Cincinnati, OH
Pins Tack in a 6-man Tag Team match.

08/17/2004-Cincinnati, OH

30.JT Stahr
10/12/2004-Cincinnati, OH

11/09/2004-Cincinnati, OH

32.Brian Beech
01/04/2005-Cincinnati, OH

33.Chad Collyer
01/11/2005-Cincinnati, OH

34.Quinten Lee
01/18/2005-Cincinnati, OH

35.Ala Hussein
03/15/2005-Cincinnati, OH

36.Super Zeta
03/29/2005-Cincinnati, OH

37.The Hussla
04/26/2005-Cincinnati, OH

38.Scottie Murray
09/19/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Pinned J.T. Stahr in 6-man tag match with stip that title could change hands if Murray's team won to win the title.

39.J.T. StahrDefeated Scottie Murray in a three way match that also included Tarek The Great to win the title

11/07/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated J.T. Stahr in a four way match that also included Scottie Murray and Tarek The Great to win the title

41.Brian Jennings
11/21/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Gotti to win the title. Later vacated the title in order to compete for the HWA Heavyweight Title

12/19/2006-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Scottie Murray on to win the vacant title

43.Quinten Lee [2]
05/15/2007-Cincinnati, OH

44.Ganger [2]
06/05/2007-Cincinnati, OH

Cruiserweight Title revived by HWA
HWA Television Title retired.

45.Aaron Williams
08/30/2008-Cincinnati, OH
Defeated Alan Wasylychyn, Dustin Rayz, Johnny Gargano and Dave Crist in a 5 way elimination match to win the revived title

46.Tim Donst
03/20/2009-Middletown, OH

Title Vacant
Donst stripped for not defending it within 30 days.

47.Aaron Williams [2]
05/20/2009-Middletown, OH
Defeated Andre Hart, V-Rad, and Mr. Jacko in a 4-man elimination match

Title renamed American Luchacore Title on this day.

48.Ron Mathis
05/26/2010-Middletown, OH

49.Sid Fabulous
12/18/2010-Norwood, OH

50.Ron Mathis [2]
06/03/2011-Hamilton, OH

51.Dave Crist
07/16/2011-Hamilton, OH

52.Ron Mathis [3]
08/27/2011-Norwood, OH

53.Dave Crist [2]
12/17/2011-Hamilton, OH

54.Gerome Phillips
02/25/2012-Hamilton, OH

55.Nick Cutler
04/03/2012-Hamilton, OH

56.Alex Colon
05/22/2012-Hamilton, OH
Defeated Nick Cutler (c), Dave Crist, and Trevor Court in a 4-way match.

57.Trevor Court
07/31/2012-Hamilton, OH
Defeated Colon and Dave Crist in a 3-way match.

58.Remi Wilkins
10/02/2012-Hamilton, OH

Title Retired on 04/19/2013

59.Remi Wilkins
10/02/2012-Hamilton, OH
Won the title from Trevor Court; recognition withdrawn by the Heartland Wrestling Association on 04/19/2013
Recognized by Rockstar Pro Wrestling afterwards.

60.Matt Taylor
06/28/2014-Dayton, OH
Defeated Wilkins and Alex Colon in 3-way match.

61.Nate Wings
09/05/2014-Dayton, OH
Defeated Taylor and Alex Colon in 3-way match.

62.Alex Colon [2]
10/03/2014-Dayton, OH Nevaeh
11/07/2014-Dayton, OH
Female wrestler.

63.Alex Colon [3]
12/17/2014-Dayton, OH
Awarded when Navaeh could not defend the title due to injury.

12/31/2014-Dayton, OH

65.Alex Colon (4)

66.Zakk Spadez
01/07/2015-Dayton, OH

67.Nate Wings
01/21/2015-Dayton, OH

68.Zakk Spadez [2]
01/28/2015-Dayton, OH

69.Dave Crist [3]
02/06/2015-Dayton, OH
Won 11-man scramble match in which Zakk Spadez (c) also participated.

70.Alex Colon
03/30/2015-Dayton, OH

71.Dave Crist [4]
04/29/2015-Dayton, OH

72.Kyle Maverick
06/10/2015-Dayton, OH

73.Pompano Joe
09/04/2015-Dayton, OH

11/04/2015-Dayton, OH

75.Pompano Joe [2]
11/06/2015-Dayton, OH
Defeated Mikael, Ganger, and Tim Donst in 4-way match.

76.Ron Mathis [4]
11/06/2015-Dayton, OH

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